my photoshop -interpretation of the ETwomen he was forced to have sex with, but he really felt abhorrence because he was forced and said she was "ugly"

From the book

UFO-ABDUCTION AT MIRASSOLL – a biogenetic experiment

Part of This book was first published in Portuguese language in Brasil under the title "O CASO DE MIRASSOL" -Livro Branco Dos Discos Voadores, by DrWalter K.Bühler and Guilherme Pereira, in 1984.

The "most important ufo-investigator" in last century, esteemed Wendelle Stevens published it with some more material, later in the 80s. All honour to him!! Book is long ago out of print, but used books may be found.

more on sex-abductions and sex-relations in Brasil in the 80s - from the book UFO Abduction at Botucatu


Antonio Villas Boas: ufo-sex-contact in Brazil  on October 15, 1957.

about this up- VillasBoas -  in audio -Swedish talk-  mp3

Claimed volunteer intimacy with space girl in ca 1973 in book



LINK TO book "a day with an extraterrestrial" of LOU BALDWIN


audio also

in this case- link- mr. Silva claimed he dated an odd, nice lady on a motorcycle i the mid70s who knew a lot of the cosmos and ufo's, and claimed she was really from "out there" -this also as audiobook here

picture right is from one of the many  hypnotic sessions done as some of the investigation on the case.

This is a contact to 2 diff.types of races in south America near the city of Mirason in Brasil. This place is a city of 30thousand people/population, which have also a big furniture production.

This book is primary around the contacts of Antonio Carlos Ferreira (picture up-right), and includes contact to 2 diff.types of races, seemingly operating in southAmerica:

  1. a black skin race with kinky hair
  2. a race of brown-green skin, and straight hair.

Else: similar eyes, ears, and mouth, and body shape else- but they had big ears!

It is to remark that this contactee had no knowledge on ufos or similar before this happening and he could not write or read at this point.

Seemingly much ufo-activity happend in this region in the late 70s, as the book reports. A lot of investigation was done on this and other cases in this area by prof.Ney Matiel Pires.


Antonio Carlos Ferreira (21-then) worked as a night watchman by a plant on 28.june-79. A ufo landed by his workplace, and he was taken into it by small people onboard. They had boxes on chest+back+helmets. He was there for 2hours, and was totally changed after this happening, as his mother remarked. He lived then with his mother, who researched all she could do herself regarding what had happend to her son that night. The watchdog which was with him, was also similar totally changed in behaveior after this happening.(picture of his mother and the dog, some below)

A neighbour watchman, 350 meters away, saw a huge ball of light decend that night,but forgot about it. And tv’s near by, fell out that night at 2.30 oclock.

pictures of the Transmoveis Fafa plant, on the edge of Mirassol, and the shape of the ufo at "v".

Some from CHAPTER 4 (page21)


"A Strange Experience"


The story Antonio Carlos related to his mother, of the incredible experience, was considerably incomplete and lacked certain details. Though elaborated in logical sequence, the narrative lacked specifics such as the dress of the extraterrestrials, their physical appearance and the equipment they carried. He did not mention to his mother, (picture of her below, together with the watchdog) the interior of their ship, how he was immobilized or transported, and the vague sort of communication they used with him. He couldn't remember the instant of leaving or return or how it was done.

In short, his exterior conscious memory did not contain all the details of what had happened. There were fragmented indecisive scenes that seemed incomplete. He could not remember exactly what did happen in all of its details, and this worried his mother even more.

Hypnotic regression back into the incident seemed to present a way to overcome this problem. In fact this form of therapy did break the mental block and then allowed Antonio Carlos to remember consciously. There was an initial sensitivity test conducted on 5 August 1979 to check his receptivity. He proved to be a good subject and it was possible to obtain from him a complete account of the fantastic adventure experienced. We will see the orderly sequence of the account as it progressed in these sessions summarized here, but reported in more complete detail later in this report as questions came up and were further clarified. The word for word transcriptions of this and succeeding sessions may be studied in great detail later in this work.


The basic story is as follows:

At 03:00 in the morning of 28 June 1979, Antonio Carlos Ferreira, a young night guard at the Transmoveis Fafa plant, on the edge of Mirassol, marched his rounds every 15 minutes as was his custom. He was walking with his guard-dog, at the particular moment, from the bath-house of the plant toward his next check-point when, from a position near the bath-house, in mid-stride, he observed the bright light of a strange object that was lowering over the yard of the plant. He wondered what it could be, and what was it doing so low in the sky over the sanitary area?

Then suddenly Antonio, who is 1.75 meters tall, found himself with three human-like beings of very small stature, a little over one meter tall, who were dressed in a strange sort of one-piece coverall jumpsuit in a strangely scintillating white color that covered their whole body. The head was inclosed in a kind of opaque, round reflective helmet that impeded his observation of their faces and features.

Honge, the shepherd dog that routinely acconpanied him on his rounds became aroused and was running ahead near the bath-house when Antonio was confronted by the strange beings. The guard-dog went for the strangers and was immediately subjugated by them in some way, falling as though in death. One of the three small humanoids pointed a red light towards the face of Antonio. It was projected from a small box about 15 centimeters square. It had two small orifices of about 3 centimeters diameter in the front face from which the luminous red ray was projected. At that instant the youth was completely immobilized. In this paralyzed condition he was transported to the ship parked inside the south fence in the yard of the plant. He could not feel his feet touching the ground and seemed to be floating in the air. Later investigation showed that a few meters from the bath-house his steps on the ground disappeared in such a way that it seemed like he went out and evaporated into thin air. There were no other steps besides his.'

As they got closer to the machine, Antonio noticed that it was of circular disc-form around the base with a curved conical upper surface. It was of small size, about two meters diameter at the base by 2.5 meters in height. The color of the exterior surface was light ash grey metallic with some degree of luminosity. ~There it was parked in the yard of the plant, it rested on three legs in a tree-pod arrangement of which he was unable to observe details. He could not see more because a small rectangular port of low height opened and he was passed inside the ship.

The internal part was illuminated by a diffuse reddish light. He could see a control panel covered with many buttons and control apparatus operated by two of t crew. The seats were small stools of circular shape with three legs, all of the same ash metallic color and without cushions.

In a moment the small airship took off. Antonio Car could hear a muffled buzzing - something like a transformer in operation, and a cold chill swept over his body.

The three small beings, who wore a tiny insignia their suits, did not address a single word of commination to him at any time during the ascent. They held him seated on two of the small stools. The youth could not remember how much time it took for this flight nor how this small ship entered the bottom of another larger ship, believed to be a mother-ship with other smaller ones aboard.

He noted that they took him into a large room of sober aspect with different kinds and colors of lights, blue maroon, and fiery color. He now saw that the small transport ship did not sit on the floor of the mother-ship but floated a few centimeters above it. It was in the big room with him. This larger room contained diverse apparatus of many kinds. Antonio Carlos saw various of beings of small stature there. They were all dressed the same type of white shiny jump-suit that covered their bodies to the neck and the hands were covered with white gloves.

This larger ship had two different race-types of crew personnel aboard. They all were about 1.20 meters tall with an abnormally large head, almost double the size of that of an Earth human. Some had skin near the color of light chocolate, eyes large and "pulled up" on the outside, like those of orientals, without eyelashes or eyebrows. They had a large flat nose, a little turned up on the end, like a pug nose. Their nouth was wide and had nore or less thick lips, pointed chin that jutted forward and a short strong neck. Of these the hair was of a light reddish color and was coiled in ringlets and was quite long. They had very large ears that stuck and were pointed, almost double the size of ours. The other race-type aboard had skin of a greenish leaf-color fine straight black hair, large nose also but smaller than the other, green slanted eyes, and a large nouth with finer lips and the same jutting pointed


They also had the large pointed ears that stuck out.

It seemed like this room Antonio was in had various divisions. The walls were shiny metallic and in one of them was set a large panel covered with green and red lights.

In the other wall he could see a small circular window protected by a kind of glass of a reddish color. Twice when Antonio Carlos came near this window, he felt very truthfully horrified to see the Earth "very small and distant" -- where he could make out small lights, very dim, that he thought might be cities. They never told him what this was.

Antonio observed also through this window, a part of this mother-ship he was in, something that rotated at high speed, emitting a greenish glow. He also noticed some pendular notion outside of the ship, and he could see an immense green light rotating above the surface.

The wall opposite the window had an enormous square panel with exquisite desigus in a brilliant green color, something like a large map. They blocked his view when he looked toward it. He wondered why it was so secret. The room was profusely illuminated with what looked like fluorescent light. In the central part of the ceiling he saw a great yellow light. He remembered that the floor of this room was of a dark color in sharp contrast with the white shiny metallic walls.

Of the great quantity of apparatus in the large room, Antonio Carlos paid particular attention to one unit, of rectangular form with five buttons of green color and topped by a round green light from which many colored wires emerged. That aparatus somewhat resembled a TV set except that it had more the characteristics of a projector. Antonio was placed in front of this apparatus to, according to his own words, "take my photograph", though everything indicated that this device detected his thoughts and reactions too, because they always directed it toward him. Two of the beings manipulated the buttons and controls on it.

In another section of this room there was a convenient low rectangular table with various banks of rectangular formations on it and some round ones of a dark maroon color, almost black. They were on a slightly inclined panel.


Near this aparatus there was a kind of divan. Antonio Carlos was taken to this divan by the extraterrestrials and there followed the most unusual of the fates in this strange series of occurrences. The youth saw in front of him, one of these small beings completely nude, clearly demonstrating her intention to take his hand.

According to the information elicited, this young crew member of the spacecship was the taller of the females seen. Her height was between 1.50 and 1.55 meters. She had chocolate colored skin, an inmense head, red hair more or less coiled, black slanted eyes, long turned-up nose and straight large mouth with thick lips and white teeth similar to ours. Her breath had a disagreeable odor. She had a pointed jutting chin, small breasts and red hair in the pubic area, and a very cool skin temperature.

At that moment the nude extraterrestrial woman spoke something to Antonio Carlos. She demonstrated with gestures of affection that she wanted him to kiss her. She did this several times when they were together.

Antonio Carlos considered the female Ufonaut very unattractive and did not like her. When he touched her body it gave him a considerable shock and her skin was cold. (Considerstion must be given to the possibility that this shock could be partly psychological as well as real due to the repulsion felt by the youth over the alien-ness of the' relationship with this woman.)

After taking Antonio Carlos to the divan, three of the extraterrestrials began to pull off his clothes. He resisted. He shoved and struck at the entities but they were strong and treated him with disagreeable roughness and finally subdued him. His clothes were forcibly ripped from him and his body was scraped and scratched in the process.

Later, on cross-examination on this particular aspect of the abduction experience, more light was shed on this peculiar mistreatment. The UFonauts were trying to strip Antonio's clothes off from the top down without bothering to undo the closures such as buttons and zippers, possibly lacking familiarity with these features. This may also tell us something about how they get in and out of the one-piece bodysuits that they wore and the elasticity of the material.

drawing in the book of the ETs in the initial contact- later the contact also included ETs of the eartly/scandinavian apperance - so it is to suppose those/many  races cooperate!

Then the nude young woman tried to come near him again and sought to take hold of his hands. Antonio was violently repelled by what was happening and exclaimed to the woman that she was very ugly, that he did not want her near him. At that point a taller extraterrestrial gave him an injection in his right arm and he lost all his strength and will to resist. On his left arm they placed an apparatus that is difficult to describe and the youth watched them attach it.

Then, following that, the extraterrestrials rubbed a dark ember colored oil all over his body, his legs his sexual organs, his belly and his back and chest. After this operation they held him in position on top of the other party to the experiment and made him consummate a sexual union with her.

It did not take him long with the girl. After that he resolved to get rid of the apparatus on his left arm and get dressed, but they applied the dark-colored oil to his body again before handing him his pants.

During this whole time the crew members conversed between themselves in a language that was completely unknown to him. However, when they directed words to him he could understand perfectly what they said.

They reassured him that he need not be afraid, that nothing bad would happen to him and that they would take him back to Earth. They told him that they came from another planet and that they were here conducting experiments to produce a child of an Eartman for future studies. They said that they would return again to see him so that he could know his child. When they said, "To see him", they marked him with a symbol on his body. They told him that the symbol was their mark. Then they allowed him a moment as he felt out of breath. They gave him a dark, disagreeable, exotic tasting liquid to drink after that.

After these experiences, Antonio Carlos was lifted and carried into a dark room, where he could see nothing for lack of illumination from any source. The room was very dark as the youth was re-positioned in another transport ship for return to Earth.

The next thing he remembered, the small ship had disappeared and he was once more standing outside the bathhouse, in nearly the same place from which he had been captured.

Part of This book was first published in Portuguese language in Brasil under the title "O CASO DE MIRASSOL" -Livro Branco Dos Discos Voadores, by DrWalter K.Bühler and Guilherme Pereira, in 1984.

The "most important ufo-investigator" in last century esteemed Wendelle Stevens published it with some more material, later in the 80s. Book is long ago out of print, but used books may be found.

another drawing in the book of the ET women, done from Antonions descriptions

Some days after this, a flying small green ball of light came near him, and seemingly left him a message; "they fellowed him, and would try to help him improve his life".

In that timeframe, MANY ufos were seen by many people in this region in the fellowing months.

Yes, their mission seem to have been on using this man as a seed-delivery source for a genetic experiment, and out of his sexual interbreeding with this ufo-women, came a child, that he was allowed to see on many of the later visits onboard their ship. Yes, they later came back many times to show him the child he had "made" on the extraterr.women. Remark that Antonio got a garment in the ship, by which he could be "walking" ABOVE the floor apparently. He was shown around on the mothership and guided. And the ET’s knew that he was hypnotized after each contact by the local prof.Ney – to bring forth as much info as possible.

It seems out of the hyp.sess.that he had had more sexual breedings with more women of them, but in hyp.he remarked that he didnt like it- and was not attracted to those women really. Yes, just abhorrence, he seemingly felt. Out of the seems he was "beamed" up into the ufo, when he was walking on the railroadtrack to/from his work. He says (in hyp.)that the ufo was much bigger than a house.


1.abduction 28.6.79 hyp.regression on 5.8.79
2.abduction 8.2.82   hyp.regression on 11.1.83
3.abduction 31.12.82 hyp.regression 11.1.83/ 3.7.88

Else; inside the ufo, he was shown diff.aparatus. fx one "TV" which could focus things at long distances. (just this is also mentioned in the Rampabook; THE HERMIT, (in scandinavian on or english on - but that book was not in spanish at that time, and the man here could not read!rø-rem.)

One day some years later, while at work at another location nearby, he sat for lunch, but suddenly felt an urge to go outside. This was jan82. There – in a wood nearby- he suddenly met one of the spacemen who reminded him of his first contact in –79. And in that passage is written that his ET-child he had given seed to under coercion, was a girl – named AZELINA.


When he was later under hyp.we can see he has really strong reluctance of this sexual relation with this ET woman. Fx – they took of his clothes by force- ripped them of him, seemingly not understanding how the zippers worked. But he resisted, but two of the others there carried him upon this ET lady, which was already naked. He said apart from the "ugly face" he said – her body was like a earth-lady, with small breasts and also hair "down there". Her head-hair had fire-red color.

Antonio did not know how long he had been onboard, as he had also slept there and given injections. Antonio himself was 1,75 m tall – and the "ugly ET women" some smaller.


audio-mp3 - on same theme- listen some out in this audiofile

More on the Mirassol-contact from the 80s -(most of the book is from the hypnotic sessions of Antonio -) here on page260 -from the taperecord  This contact included many  different races, also a "small green race"

so many thanks to the norwegian data-programmer and freelance-ufo-journalist Ole Johnny Brænne for lending out this book from his enormous ufo-book library


up; of the places the up-beaming/and contacts happend in Mirassol- down a newer picture of the industrial park at Mirassol

 from MIRASSOL IN the old days


my (photoshop-)interpertation of this ETwomen that Antonio was forced (with much dislike) - to have sex with onboard the ufo

from the hyp.regr.- and Antonio picture right



THE CASE OF Antonio Vilas Boas 

On October 16th 1957 a 23-year-old Brazilian farmer Antonio Vilas Boas was working on his field, when the engine of his tractor suddenly stopped. In just several minutes the farmer saw a ‘flying disk’ above his head. The spacecraft landed on the field, and Antonio saw three humanoids stepping out. The aliens were approaching the young man. Antonio panicked, he had no idea about the aliens' intention. So made up his mind to fight.

The creatures wore some kind of tight fitting full length outfits and soft helmets which covered all but their eyes. Lenses may have distorted the appearance of their eyes which seemed tiny with a blue tint to them.

His clothing was removed and some kind of liquid was applied to his entire body. He was then led into another room where there appeared to an examining table. Two creatures removed a small amount of blood from his chin and left. From vents in the wall he noticed puffs of smoke or vapour that made him sick to his stomach, after vomiting he felt a little better.

The aliens were stronger in number, they dragged the terrified man into their spaceship. They took the farmer's clothes off, tied him up to a metal table and conducted a meticulous medical examination. They apparently found their captive healthy, injected him an unknown substance and left the room. In quite a long time, Antonio recollects, the door opened and he saw a beautiful naked blond. The girl turned the young man on – the farmer was making love to the extraterrestrial female for several hours without saying a word.

The completely naked woman with hair so blonde it was almost white. She had elongated blue eyes and very pale skin with a concentration of freckles on her arms. She had high cheekbones, normal nose and a mouth with thin, almost non-existent lips, and a very pointed chin. Her underarm and pubic hair was almost blood red. She had the most beautiful body that Boas had ever seen.

She didn't speak, but through body language she let it be known that she was going to have her way with him, he did not seem unwilling. They had sexual intercourse twice and then she pushed him away

She was naked and Antonio was instantly attracted to her. Without speaking or kissing, they had sex, during which she growled like a dog. Despite his strange circumstances – or perhaps because the alien liquid had Viagra-like properties – Antonio was soon ready for a second helping.

Interviewed later, he said: "Before leaving she turned to me, pointed to her belly, and smilingly… pointed to the sky."

After such a remarkable encounter, Antonio started craving for knowledge. A year later he entered the department of law of the local university, successfully graduated from it and became a brilliant lawyer. 

another source:

In October 1957 a young South American farmer called Antonio Villas-Boas came forward with a story that shocked the world of UFOlogy. UFOlogy had only just started to except that people were seeing landed UFO's but this story was to prove the turning point in many ways.
On October 5th, Villas-Boas was in his room after a party and for some reason decided to look out of his window. There he saw a bright fluorescent light hovering just above the tree line of a nearby wood. He called his brother Jaoa who also witnessed this sighting. Neither of the men could explained this sighting and the object soon disappeared.
A few days later, Villas-Boas was working late in his field when he observed a strange circular object coming towards him. He tried to drive away in his tractor but the engine and lights both failed. He felt unable to move as the object started to land just a few feet away from where he was seated.
As the UFO approached the ground, three telescopic legs came from the object and rested on the ground. Suddenly he felt several hands grabbing him and before he knew what was happening he was being led inside the craft. He shouted for help but no one came.
He was led into a large brightly lit room with a metal rod running from the floor to the ceiling. The creatures started to talk amongst themselves in a strange growling language. Soon after this the creature removed his clothes, "washed" him in an oily substance and left the room.
Villas-Boas suddenly became very tired and he rested on a "couch" like object. Soon after that the door opened to a reveal a naked semi-humanoid woman. He soon found himself having intercourse with the creature. After he ejaculated the woman rose up and as she was about to leave the room pointed to her stomach and then to the sky.
He was then taken on a brief "tour" of the craft with the creatures talking amongst themselves and never speaking to him. He was then led out of the craft which soon took off and rose at a tremendous speed.
It was several weeks before he told his mother and brother what had happened and it was a further 2 years before he made it public. He was later interviewed by many UFO researchers, the first of which was Dr. Olavo Fontes of APRO.
Every investigator has reported that Villas-Boas is one of the most genuine people that they have every interviewed. His story never changed and when he could not answer a question he never tried to embellish. He was regarded as a man of low intelligence and this led many investigators to claim that the story that he told was too full of detail and strangeness to be made up by such a simple person.
This case has never been explained and he never made any money from his experience. This case has been looked at again since the spate of abduction reports since the 1980's and large portions of his story still hold true in today's modern "Alien Abduction" stories.



some Youtube light/ufo-videos from Mirassol


so many thanks to the norwegian data-programmer and freelance-ufo-journalist Ole Johnny Brænne for lending out this book from his enormous ufo-book library

more on sex-abductions and sex-relations in Brasil in the 80s - from the book UFO Abduction at Botucatu


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summary from the book, which was once found on - Site of Wendell Stevens:

Stevens (once/in WW2, an usaf-pilot) is one of (or just THE ONE) most serious and important ufo-investigators in the last half a century, and began his own research and collection effort, eventually amassing the largest private collection of UFO photographs in the world. He began to publish reports on the events, and wrote many illustrated articles for many UFO publications. Disenchanted with the dearth of detail on contact events reported in books and journals of the time, he began preparing detailed reports of his own investigations. He has published more than 22 of these extensive reports in book form. He continues his investigations at his own expense, still seeking the elusive answers to the many questions raised by this phenomenon. Wendelle has been a Director of the International UFO Congress since its inception.