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"UFO Abduction At Botucatu"

(in Brasil)

the contactee Joao Valeno da Silva right and(one of the) the original portugese author(s); Rudolfo R. Casellato to the left

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This remarkable case, like so many others, began quite involuntarily and without warning for the abductee/witness. The case then developed along a typical pattern... The witness experienced terror, confusion and amnesia at first. He found the contactors strangely familiar, and slowly began to lose his initial fear and distress. Then these sensations gave way to curiosity as fragmentary scenes of the experience began to be recalled bit by bit. The abductors seem unusually familiar to him and appear to know him. They address him by name. They have become less frightening. His confusion gave way to a kind of knowing.

They return again and he willingly goes to them and aboard their ship again. They are not frightening to him any more and he is drawn to them as though they are family. They treat him kindly and return again and again. He has now been programmed or "awakened" to some kind of mental contact with them and is aware of their presence. He is easily called to contacts and begins to enjoy his special relationship with them.

The contacts continue and even develop more each time and another UFO abduction case is added to the hundreds already on file.

A curiosity in this unusual phenomenon is that the witness abductees are totally unconnected in the many cases on record. One must conclude that either the abductors are exercising some kind of a plan, or that we have a strange psychosis developing that spreads to all countries of the world without contact.

The only thing uniquely different about this case is that written symbols were applied to the skin on the torso of the abductee during the first capture, which have still not been deciphered.

The abductee carried a written note to his captors on a subsequent contact to remind him to ask about the symbols. The answer was written on the back of his note in fluorescent orange letters of the same symbol-form as the marks on his body.

Another feature that is not so unique anymore are the extraterrestrials eventually telling him that he is one of them in an Earth body. But strangely, in this case, he was told that one of his children was also one of them in an Earth body!

In another similar case, the UFO abduction at Maringa, the abductee was also told that he was one of the extra-terrestrials incarnated here, but in that case Jocelino de Mattos was told that his mother was also one of them. The mother was abducted by the same extraterrestrials when she was 9 years old, and on subsequent visits was taken with them to other places and shown strange things where she came to understand that she was in fact of their race and society. This occurred back in the early 1950's when nobody even listened to such wild stories.

This case at Botucatu (picture below- bigger by clicking on it) first came to the attention of the police when Jocelino went to them at the insistence of his wife and reported what they then thought had been an attack on him. A police inspector began an examination of the witness and the evidence in the incident. The Police took him to a clinic for medical treatment. Word got out to the press and a tongue-in-cheek story was published in the local newspaper. This was picked up by a local tabloid, which published a little more extensive report on the developing case. Nobody but the police inspector, the doctor and Jocelino's family really believed the story at this point.

This case is typical of the pattern so let us begin where most of them begin for the researcher/investigator and work both backward and forward from there. We will present this case chronologically as the story and the evidence was pieced together, even as it continued to develop and is still going on today! We shall begin with the tabloid account.

"It is very important that we introduce the study of the UFO phenomenon in our Universities, for it is a consumate fact, the existence of the flying discs must merit in our country, the attention of interested scientists, so that it may be possible to arrive at some logical conclusion with respect to this business, and not classify this phenomenon as hallucinations on the part of those who have observed the objects."

(DISCO VOADOR No. 2. p.41)

Flavio Augusto Pereira

Professor of Genetics and Embryology



In this single case, and there are many like this, we have a number of surprising elements which would be patently impossible for this witness to hoax, while at the same time there are other witnesses who testify to their validity. The abductee has in fact been contacted many times, more than 20, and has been taken away from earth at least 5 times up to now. He has been taken to other planetary bodies in space, and has seen other people from Earth both aboard the spacecraft and on the other planet.

one of the pictures he was allowed to take on another planet of one of the spacepeople - but as normal, the pictures are not to be so good as to be any kind of proof, whereby any unripe should be forced to be convinced before ready to accept the deeper understanding of this.

He has been given artifacts and substances, some of which he has brought back to Earth for us to test - and the analyses by professional laboratories show them to be un-Earthly material, beyond our capability to produce

He has taken photographs of his RT-mentor and has also taken pictures, albeit with a cheap camera, of scenes on the other planet, where trees grow differently. He spent 18 hours there one time and saw 3 of their days pass.

He has acquired extrasensory powers and has watched paranormal phenomena develop around him. The ETs showed him scenes of our future, including catastrophes on our planet, which he is forbidden to discuss.

The witness was told that both he and his oldest son are really one of "them". ¨(picture below) He was told that they contacted him when he was 8 years old. 

This opens a whole new world of prospects such as reincarnation, and incarnation of ETs in earth bodies. It suggests long-term on-going contacts between ETs and our Earth humans. It suggests an actual interrelationship between planetary societies and some kind of a connection. It may provide actual clues to the real origin of Earth humanity and an explanation for 5 different races here on this one planet.

The abductee is sure to be accused of being in league with the devil, and all professed Christians will take a stand against him. But even so, this does not change the actual reality of these contacts. And how, and who are we to judge? We just do not know.

When the extraterrestrial visitors contacting a farmer in Switzerland told him that we were seen as an aberrant society planning and carrying out its own suicidal destruction, and perhaps rightfully so, as that would halt the spread of such madness, we despaired and asked if there was any hope. The answer was, "There is always hope. A change of mass mind could bring one to its senses and the process be reversed," which was one reason for allowing the beautiful and almost indisputable photographs of their disc-shaped ships. They also suggested a "grass roots" movement among the young people of this world, beginning in Brazil, that would gather adherents, first locally and then worldwide, who would force change by their sheer numbers, and may have the desired sobering impact on Earth society. This could be something like the "Peace Movements" of the 1960s.

When we asked, why Brazil, the answer was one we should have thought of ourselves. It is a very tolerant country with no racial color barriers, a long history of peaceful co-existence on this planet, proper humility and a respect for others as a nation and as individuals, and does not seek to dominate the world, or to control anybody else.

When we inquired about divine intervention, we were again dismayed by their answer. They said that there was nobody coming from anywhere to save us from ourselves. We had raised our own monster, and if we did not tame or slay it, it would slay us. It was as simple as that. For anybody else to intervene would deprive us of our lesson in evolution. We would not be helped to overleap our own necessary development. They would advice, which they are doing now, and little else.

When we looked into this situation in Brazil, I found a mass of UFO information the rest of the world knew little about, because they were not reading the accounts in the Portugese language where many were published. I learned to read Portugese and found a greater concentration of excellent UFO reports than anywhere else in the world, and they showed a great increase since 1976, about the time these discussions were taking place. I began translation of several of the more profound cases there, to bring them into English where more of our people could read them for themselves, of which this report is one.

We offer this information in the greatest sincerity and pray that it will be accepted in the same light.


UFO Abduction At Botucatu

During the Police investigation into this case and medical treatment of the victim at a local clinic facility, word leaked out to the city press which attracted interested UFO researchers, but also attracted the interest of a local tabloid newspaper which assigned a reporter to prepare an article on this latest in a series of UFO abductions in the state of Sao Paulo, Brasil. That article appeared in Realidad Fantastica (Fantastic Reality), No. 20, 1982, page 5, as follows:


A scare and aggressive attack and a capture and abduction caused Joao Valeno da Silva to live a highly emotional adventure seldom experienced by any mortal being. A UFO hovering at low altitude in the air, strange occupants speaking an unknown foreign language and a large room profusely illuminated constituted the preamble to the enlighteninq event. An attractive dark complected female occupant of the craft seduced the porter of Santa Casa de Botucatu, Sao Paulo, Brasil.

"Afterward they abandoned the unfortunate porter nude on the patio of his residence in Vila Santana. He was completely soaked and carried painful marks on his body. The Police were called but all they could do was to interrogate Joao and become intrigued by the strange marks on his body, 'A message in the form of hieroglyphics' whose origin could not be determined. The authorities affirmed that the marks were not produced by burning acids or sharp instruments. This was a mystery involving an Earth human and the occupants of a flying-disc.

"Joao Valeno da Silva, who resides at rua 0, No. 275 in Vila Santana, in Botucatu, Sao Paulo, is described to his friends as a man of good stability, a hard worker who neither drinks nor smokes, and is a good family man.

"Joao states that the flying-disc, that he guarantee that he has seen, 'Had the appearance of an elevator' and radiated a jet of light, 'very bright', that struck his thorax leaving "strange marks" that called to mind, in the option of inspector Ferreira Galo. A table of hieroglyphics.'

"The porter affirmed that he had been sleeping, when around 04:00 AM of the Tuesday, the 30th of November,* 1982,(*monday 29 nov. in fact) -he heard a strange noise in the garden and impulsively jumped up and ran to see what was happening. 'In the garden there', related Joao Valeno, 'I was unfortunately struck by a strong beam of colored light (red), followed by a surging and overpowering noise of motors running, that seemed like it would crash on the ground. Suddenly three beings appeared in suits and with equipment like that used by astronauts. (This is near to the happening of the first abduction of the swede Ante Jonsson in -85, who later had many trips together with her "nordic-look" girl from "out-there"- Jenny, including trips where he was shown a money-free society on her homeplanet -link here or  on swedish/norwegian  link).  Slowly they walked in my direction, grabbed me by the arms and lifted me into the elevator of the ship, which ascended to a large rectangular room with natural light.' 

"Before entering the flying-disc, Joao said he heard the two strangers 'conversing' in a foreign language unknown to him, like he had never heard equal in his life.

"'Very shortly following', continued the porter, 'That room to which I was taken was entered by another being, this time of human aspect and quite feminine, a dark complected woman of medium stature and quite attractive. She walked in my direction and, like she put her hands on my face, and I collapsed. After that I was carried to a room or compartment with ambient light and temperature where I remained immobile and practically defenseless. The woman obliged me to have 'intimate relations' with her.'

"After that Joao Valeno remembers nothing until he saw the flying-disc with its occupants, 'Disappearing in a manner as rapidly and strange as their arrival.' The brilliantly radiant mass of red light ascended with a prodigious speed and was lost in the sky above.

Antonio Ferreira Gab, a police inspector of Botucatu, upon hearing of this case, immediately inquired to expedite an investigation of this very strange occurrance', which, according to his own description, 'Involved a humble porter of Santa Casa de Misericordia of that city', a sincere 45 years old family man, married and having two sons and a daughter, a man who affirmed having been captured and abducted by three occupants of a flying-disc - two of masculine sex and the third obvious feminine - who then returned him to the garden of his residence.

Whatever he was taken by them, the porter said, he was obliged to have intimate sexual relations with the female of the extraterrestrials for an indeterminate time!

"Hours later, Joao was found by his wife, nude, in the garden of their home. He was considerably disfigured with strange marks on his thorax, and was completely covered with a strange unknown liquid that had been rubbed over his entire body. Very frightened, Joao did not know what to do and, at the insistance of his wife, called the Police that morning. Antonio Ferreira Gab was an Inspector consultant to the Police.

"A most curious aspect of this case is the scratches and marks, evidently inflicted on the body of Joao Valeno, and particularly the painted message inscribed in the form of hieroglyphics of an alien symbol-form deliberately applied to his skin! This awakened particular interest on the part of the Police in this case. Inspector Ferreira Gab affirmed, 'Never has there been seen anything equal to this occurrance which is really very strange.' The authorities confirmed also that, 'The marks on the skin of the porter display in gravure a veritable table of unknown hieroglyphics.'

"The investigator for the Police explained that the marks on the chest and stomach of the victim, 'Were not made by pointed objects, chemicals or acids, nor were they burns.' The authorities took Joao Valeno to the Instituto Medico Legal for examination of his inscribed body. Sr. Ferreira Gab affirmed, 'Now we are waiting for the results of the tests to help us come to some kind of conclusions. I personally do not accredit this to flying-dics, but there is the story of the porter. This is really something very strange.'

The unusual symbols found on the victim's skin in this case are very similar to strange hieroglyphics in an-other UFO abduction case at Baependi, in Minas Gerais State which was investigated by Ubirajara Franco Rodrigues. In that case very similar strange marks appearec abnormally on a canvas satchel carried by the abductee who also was taken aboard the alien spacecraft. Some of these strange symbols remind us of ancient and forgotten scripts, possibly Hebraic in origin. Could we be confronted by survivors of a civilization from the past, which has not changed its symbols in ages of time?






this is from the book


by Rudolfo R. Casellato, Joao Valerio da Silva and Wendelle C.Stevens

which can be found (but out of print for the paper-edition) on - Site of Wendell Stevens:

Stevens (once/in WW2, an usaf-pilot) is one of (or just THE ONE) most serious and important ufo-investigators in the last half a century, and began his own research and collection effort, eventually amassing the largest private collection of UFO photographs in the world. He began to publish reports on the events, and wrote many illustrated articles for many UFO publications. Disenchanted with the dearth of detail on contact events reported in books and journals of the time, he began preparing detailed reports of his own investigations. He has published more than 22 of these extensive reports in book form. He continues his investigations at his own expense, still seeking the elusive answers to the many questions raised by this phenomenon. Wendelle has been a Director of the International UFO Congress since its inception.



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