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"Leading Edge Research Interviews Wendelle C. Stevens"

Question: What information do you have on the subject of Nazi's at the South Pole?

Wendelle: When World War II ended, and Europe was being overrun by the allies,the country in charge of each sector of Europe. In our sector, we backed trucksup to the former production facilities and hauled off all the documents.
Everyone else did the same thing. Some twelve years later the Australians
discovered a 16mm film, a technical report, of the German V-7 research project.

The V-7 weapons research project involved circular disk-shaped craft. Now, we
knew about programs V-1 through V-4, but we had no previous idea about the V-7
program. The information in this documentary seemed to indicate that the Germans
built their first operational disk sometime in the early 1940's in the first
production facility in Prague. Then they proceeded to expand their design,
development and research teams until by the time the Germans were being driven
back into Germany, they had nine research facilities, all with projects under
testing. They successfully evacuated eight of those facilities out of Germany,
along with the scientists and the key people. The ninth facility was blown up.

Now, this 16mm film showed some pictures of flying vehicles in operation. We
also knew through intelligence, where I was working at the end of the war, that
the Germans built eight very large cargo submarines, especially built, and they
were all commissioned, launched and proceeded to disappear without a trace. To
this day, we have no idea where they went. They are not on the bottom of the
ocean or at any port we know of. It's a mystery, but the mystery might have been
solved by this Australian documentary film, which shows large German cargo
submarines in the Antarctic with ice flows all around them, and crews standing
on deck waiting for tie-up at a quay.

We have underground information that some of the research facilities in Germany
were taken to a place called "New Schwabenland". Now, Germany was called
"Schwabenland" before it was called Germany. So, we are talking about "New
Germany", and it is located in an area at the South Pole formerly called Queen
Maude Land. Back around 1937, we convened an international conference under the
League of Nations at the time to decide to restrict new claims to land in
Antarctica. At the time, everyone seemed to have a claim except Germany, who had
not staked out a claim but only had some research going on down there. The whole
thing was designed to keep Germany from making a land claim as the Nazi's were
coming to power. We refused to recognize German claims, which were shown on
German maps. A couple of years ago, National Geographic showed the German claim
on a map for the first time. But, back in 1939, Goering led an expedition to the
Antarctic, including a submarine force, and they took construction and digging
equipment down there and began excavating a tunnel complex, and this activity
might have been going on since that time. If that is the case, it could be a
sizable complex today. That may be where the big cargo submarines are. We
believe that at least one or more of the disk research facilities were taken to
Antarctica. We had information that one was taken to the Amazon, and that
another was taken to the north coast of Norway, where there is a strong German
population. Those were taken into secretly maintained underground facilities.

Before World War II, the Germans had military advisors all over South America,
and when we got into the war we pursuaded countries in South America to give up
German advisors and accept American ones. Down there, they still prefer the
Germans and have never liked us. It is quite possible that some of this material
and some of these research facilities were de-centralized to South America as
the German empire began to collapse. The big companies like I.G. Farben and the
German subsidiary of General Electric opened large subsidiary plants in Rio and
Sao Paulo in Brazil, and some of these new facilities became larger that they
had been in Germany. So, there would have been support capability for disk
research facilities. One has to wonder how much truth there really is to all of
this. It appears that some of the craft we see today are nothing more than
further developments of German disk technology. So, we may in fact be visited
periodically by Germans.

That adds a little bit of interest to the Randy Winters story - the man in Miami
who says that he was told by the "human beings from the Pleiaides" that visit
him that there are many Germans in their spaceport in the Amazon, and that third
and fourth-generation Germans have grown up in that society and have gone to
school with alien children, and have interacted with them from a very young age.

Some of the Germans have been accepted into service with some of the alien
groups and actually fly, operate and live aboard alien spacecraft. Now, this is
getting really exciting and far out. At the same time, it is not improbable. We
know that the decentralization of Germany was designed to provide the basis for
a Fourth Reich, whose original purpose was to return to power and conquer the
allies. That never happened, but it didn't happen. 

The contactee in Florida said that the reason that this didn't happen was that when the old Germans from WW II Germany died off and the children grew up next to alien children, they no longer had the same feeling about ownership and possession of the planet, because they
could travel in space and go elsewhere. They no longer wanted to be responsible
for another country on the surface of the planet when there were bigger things
"out there". 

So the descendents have no urge to do anything with the idea of a
Fourth Reich, but are in fact working with many of these extraterrestrials and
do come up here and interact with our society. So, one has to wonder how much we
are observing is manmade, and how much is truly extraterrestrial technology.
Certainly there is some of both, but we don't know what the percentages are.

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link: information from logical chat- contacts to Taygeta ufo- contacts received in recent years to a group in Spain, and here these are in audio form/ mp3 english -
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Kennedy’s Last Stand: Roots of JFK Assassination lie in what he saw in 1945

Becomes available October 22, 2013

Just before the start of his first term on January 20, 1993, President-Elect Clinton made a strange request to close family friend and lawyer Webster Hubbell: “If I put you over there in justice I want you to find the answer to two questions for me: One, who killed JFK. And two, are there UFOs.”  According to Hubbell, “Clinton was dead serious.”  The key to unlocking the mystery of President Kennedy’s assassination and a possible UFO connection lie in events that occurred 18 years earlier in post-war Germany.

In the summer of 1945, John F. Kennedy was a guest of Navy Secretary James Forrestal in a post-war tour of Germany. Kennedy personally witnessed technological secrets that have still not been disclosed to the general public. These secrets stemmed from technologies that Nazi Germany had acquired from around the world, and were attempting to develop for their weapons programs. The advanced technologies stunned the military government running the U.S. zone of occupied Germany. How did the Nazis develop them? The answer according to the father of German rocket design, Herman Oberth, shocked U.S. military officials. The Nazis had help from “the people of others worlds” – some of the technologies were extraterrestrial in origin.

 In searching for answers to who killed President Kennedy we need to start with the death of his mentor, James Forrestal in 1949. Forrestal became the first Secretary of Defense in 1947, a position he held until March, 1949. Forrestal was a visionary who thought Americans had a right to know about the existence of extraterrestrial life and technologies.  Forrestal was sacked by President Truman because he was revealing the truth to various officials, including Kennedy who was a Congressman at the time. Forrestal’s ideals and vision inspired Kennedy, and laid the seed for what would happen 12 years later.

After winning the 1960 Presidential election, Kennedy learned a shocking truth from President Eisenhower. The control group set up to run highly classified extraterrestrial technologies, Majestic-12, had become a rogue government agency. Eisenhower warned Kennedy that Majestic-12 had to be reined in. It posed a direct threat to American liberties and democratic processes. Kennedy followed Eisenhower’s advice, and set out to realize James Forrestal’s vision. The same forces that orchestrated Forrestal’s death, opposed Kennedy’s efforts at every turn. When Kennedy was on the verge of succeeding, by forcing the CIA to share classified UFO information with other government agencies on November 12, 1963, he was assassinated ten days later.

Kennedy’s Last Stand is a book about how two American Presidents, Eisenhower and Kennedy, confronted “black world” operations outside of the control of “white world” constitutional government representatives. Kennedy’s Last Stand reveals how JFK tried to realize his friend’s and mentor’s vision of a world where humanity openly knows about extraterrestrial life. The book reveals for the first time, the principal government officials responsible for denying that vision, and orchestrating the assassination of President Kennedy.

Kennedy’s Last Stand: Eisenhower, UFOs, MJ-12 and JFK’s Assassination by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D., becomes available at Amazon on October 22, 2013 – one month before the 50th anniversary of the JFK Assassination.



OVERSATT BREV FRA "VRIL-DAMENE" SOM DRO TIL ALDEBARANletter from the Vril-ladies going to Aldebaran?

link: information from logical chat- contacts to Taygeta ufo- contacts received in recent years to a group in Spain, and here these are in audio form/ mp3 english -
similar in videoform
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THE ALDEBARAN MYSTERY…? about german hightech from ETs and Atlantis