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THE LEGEND OF ATLANTIS - 2011 Eliah's prophecies on THE LAST DAYS - part 2


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Hitler found the peak of his spiritual ego in the germanic
sagas of the 'Nibelungenlied'. In Vienna his desire already
took shape to free the world from dark forces as Germanic

The first meeting between the Thule Society and Hitler took
place when the Thule Organization, together with the officers
of the volunteers' corps drove the communist out of Munich.

The only evidence that Hitler had formerly worked in the
movement of Thule Society is that his military paybook
from Lech (around 1919) showed Munich
as his residence, I which at this time was Rudolf von Sebottendorf's stronghold together with his esoteric-populistic paper 'Der Volkische Beobachter'. Therefore Hitler lived on Thule Society premises.

Erich Ludendorff, who had already helped him during moblization before World War I. Through a letter of recommendation to get him accepted into the german army as an Austrian citizen. Ludendorff helped him again andguaranteed for him before Thule Society that Hitler had been
known in the circles of the New Templar Order in Vienna and
that he had studied esoteric materials at the meetings
organized by Baroness 'Thaler' .

By Dietrich Eckart he was initiated into his spesific destiny,
and firmly believed himself to be this reincarnated leader
from Atlantis. The aims of this sect were obviously kept secret.

Hitler was worshipped as Elijah. His salute, also called AVE
is a salute of the Gods. The swastika was the reversed symbol
of Atlantis.

The swastika turning counter-clockwise means - the
resurrection of the soul, the ascension into the "Golden Age".
The swastika turning clockwise means - the descent of the
soul into the 'Dark Age'.

The 'Thule Organization' wanted to bring about, by force,
the resurrection of Atlantis and the 1,000 Year Empire, as
it had been foretold by Christ. No wonder they used the
sign of the descent into the Dark Age! Adolf Hitler was adored
as saviour by 50 pseudo-esoteric groups and brought to
power. No-one could imagine that he himself was one of the
last masters of the Dark Brotherhood from Atlantis, who
should lead them to the dark side of power .

For the first time during the modern era, an esoteric sect
came for power, with all of its divisions and various branches.

The sole objective of this sect, who practiced secret
occultism and mass magic and lived in its own reality, was
to topple another esoteric sect, which has held the world
power in its hands until this very day, the Freemasons and

Surely, it is no coincidence that both the Germanic and the
Freemason lodges which both believed themselves to be
chosen by God to lead mankind, were in fact the misleading
seducers, rather than the chosen ones. And looking behind
the scene, one will discover that both forces were in fact
the ancient currents of the occult Atlantean war,
reincarnating once more as opposing brotherhoods, accusing
each other of practizing black magic.

The old spiritual fight between Shambhala and Agartha, the
opposingly poled brotherhood from Atlantis, reached its
climax- on the outside - with the outbreak of the World War

Was this oppositely poled philosophy the Aghartie's attempt to deprive Shambhala of its power?

Was this just an intellectual philosophy, which opposed each
other or was it the polarity of two invisible forces, which
had influenced medially mankind and the Brotherhoods since
a long time?

At this time numerous populstic -esoteric medial publications
surfaced, which represented Intellectual opposition to
Freemason and its esoterics.

And once again mysterious brotherhoods established all this
in Munich through the 'Thule Society'.

Rudolf van Sebottendorf was initiated by Turkish
Freemasony, Karl Haushofer and the Japanese Royal Court
which he had visited before the World War I. Once their
project stepped onto the German political stage and when
the 'occultists' actually held the political power in their hands
the Thule Society was dissolved and a much more secret
Thule circle with managing functions was formed. It was
this circle - which years before the war began - undertook
secret expeditions in search of the mysterious high
civilisations of Shambhala and Aghartie located in the centre
of the Earth.

Even World War II. may have been planned or undermined
by the Freemasons and Illuminati, and possibly the counter-
current had been effected by them through capital
manipulation, thus their plan's success may have been the
second large war. Or were the keepers of world karma from
Shambhala and Aghartie the' leaders of both sides, the
Illuminati and the Nazis, to stage the karma or Atlantis?

In any case, there was one mystery: After the final battle
for Berlin hundreds of Tibetan corpses had been found very
close to the Nazi headquarters.

Another mystery remains the flying saucer technology which
points to inspiration by an extraterrestrial high civilization.
Should the Spear of Destiny, which stands symbolically for
the spiritual leadership role of mankind, be passed on to the
Germans? Why did secret fleets of submarines retreat
towards the South Pole and Argentina which supposedly
included Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun and other secret members
of the Thule Circle?

All witnesses were eliminated. Rudolf von Sebottendorf, of
whom not even a photograph exists, was allegedly
assassinated in Turkey, Haushofer and his family allegedly
committed suicide.

Another trick of the Freemasons always was to undermine
their enemies. There are rumours that Rudolf von
Sebottendorf was educated by the Freemasons to change
the 'Germanic Order' into a militant action group. Because
the Freemason lodge masters knew that the fight against
them would tip over the whole Germanic movement. And
they knew that the dark side can only be overcome by peaceful
opposition and information and never through violence!

And all souls Who were involved with one or the other party
were drawn back into the game of the seducers and the
seduced, of power and powerlessness, of culprits and victims.
Thus all humans are on the inside whait they fight against on
the outside because they have displaced it or because it
was their karma to take part in this game of oppressors

Not much has changed today. All who are nowadays striving
for power are manipulated by the capital lodges through
their need for loans, because they need money to finance
their personal power thirst, their armies, wars a o interests.
The third large war was already predicted in the scripts by
The Wise Men of Zion.

This one too is supposed to take place in Germany and Europe. We are curious to see who will be used as a tool this
time - maybe a Russian or Muslim Dictator who wants to
free the world once again from the Illuminati? Already one
can find an extensive range of books and countless scripts,
especially in Muslim countries like Iraq and Iran, on imperialism
and the Zionistic Freemason conspiracy and Christianity is
branded as 'evil'.

It is only a matter of time until a spiritual leader will be born
or is here already, who has possibly experienced the dubious (first-)
war against Iraq and will try in the near future - through
inspiration by conspiracy literature - to free the world and
the Muslims of evil, the world conspiracy and Christianity
through a final religious war and a nuclear disaster.

(remark- this book was written in the early 90ths - rÝ-rem.)

Mankind could spare itself of this effort by overcoming polarlty. The "ego games' are being repeated as long asthere are humans who believe that the world can be changed on the outside by power, laws and war; until then the "wolf in sheeps clothing will still mislead people- each one of us can only lead himself or herself -

Only if man is able to let go of all his needs for authority
within himself and on the outside, can he take the first step
towards independence. Because all political and religious
leaders are seducers.

To change the World or a person by force is to separate
oneself from life's perfect foundation and to create new

To accuse someone or to allot guilt is karma reprogramming.
A new debt that needs to be paid for in this or the next life.

Therefore it is a sad truth of karmic fate that once the
world will find out that the holocaust on the Jewish people
was indirectly financed by their own lodges.

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