Erra-Pleiadians "technical method" making experince of "cosmic bliss" - similar to reported "OUT OF THE BODY EXPERIENCES"

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In the original "Semjase - berichte, block 2" - page 283 is told a method - hyperspacejumps - that this civilisation has developed  to travel in space - outside of our time/space-dimension. In such a way, they "move" in dematerialized state - seemingly both craft and  people onboard - on a frequency-level that is far raised above this level of existence. And at the same time - the "travellers" inside the field (craft/ship) seems to get an adventure that is very close to the reported OUT OF THE BODY EXPERIENCES. A lot of such cases has been discovered in the last 30 years - since Raymond Moody wrote his books about this in the mid 70ths.

"The pleiadians" use this method to demonstrate  for their people that LIFE is not the body/IN the body - but is independent of the coarsebody.     Consequently THAT EVERY BEEING ON THEIR PLANET ERRA MAY HIM/HERSELF  live to see IMMORTALITY.

During those jumps in hyperspace, a certain amount of time actually passes in this fine-matter dimension. This makes it possible for the Pleiadians to actually hold themselves for a period of time in hyperspace, and while they are out of their material bodies, they make a spiritual bonding with eternity and can return to normal space with full cognition of the event. At one time or another almost all of the members of the crew have experienced this, and they have their own truth about the existence of the Creation and the wonders of spirit that are contained within it.

In order to touch eternity, several minutes in the timeless are necessary to make a spiritual connection that will provide a meaningful experience. This will require that time and space be paralyzed while they purposely hold back the rematerialization of the ship for seven minutes while moving in the timeless for only a millionth part of a second. Because of the difference in the speed of time between hyperspace and the three-dimensional world that we live in, the clock in our normal time will advance by 5 times, which is equal to 35 minutes.

One other unusual occurrence that will take place for the crew on the ship is that instead of getting older by 35 minutes, they will actually experience a rejuvenation of 28 minutes. This is because as the ship is in the process of making the leap, it will be held in a state of dematerialization for a period of 7 minutes while not moving in time, so everyone aboard will all have aged 7 minutes. The ability to hold the ship in a dematerialized state for 7 minutes occurs because of very advanced technology which can control the speed effect and keep the ship from slipping in the timeless. Meanwhile in the normal world, the clock is moving 5 times faster, so time will have advanced by 35 minutes when the ship rematerializes. This means, of course, that on Earth 35 minutes will have gone by on their watches, while only 7 minutes will have gone by onboard the ship, so in effect, the aging process has been slowed down by 28 minutes, and the crew have become younger.

Here on Earth we are still wondering about Creation and what spiritual effect it may have on us. If we were allowed to travel onboard the great craft of the Pleiadians while they were holding themselves outside of time to touch the eternal force of Creation, we would for the first time in our brief lives feel the real truth of Creation and be filled with the understanding of the great eternity that controls all things. Once out of our material bodies and into the timeless, our spirits can sense our connection with Creation. By being able to stay there for several minutes, we would slowly become aware of the love and knowledge that is the spiritual force that runs the universe in which we live. Here in Creation is the absolute force and truth of all life, the calm, peaceful, and deeply serene feeling of love and togetherness that we are all part of. Here we can sense our connection to the Creation and know we are spiritual beings that are a part of all that is happening.

For just a few minutes we would only be our spiritual selves without a body, feeling the power and enlightenment of the greatest force of all. There could be no better way to understand who we are and the meaning of our lives than to be in touch with Creation directly as a spirit-form.

 Such a demonstration Meier went into in a travel in one of their big spaceships 17.july 1975 - and we enter the talklog here:

Semjase- 239/ Earth humans still don't know very many things. 240/ But now we have to interrupt our conversation, because my father has finished his preparations for the great leap. 244/ And as I am already speaking of such, then I want to ask you something: In a few minutes, we will jump for seven minutes into the "eternity", as you call it. 245/ The feelings and sensations there are completely otherwise than in normal existence in material life. 246/ For that reason it is also not possible for us to receive your thoughts and feelings with proper concentration. 247/ In consequence of which neither I nor my father, nor any of us, could later repeat for you your feelings and thoughts, so that you could write them down. 248/ If you nevertheless wish to do this, then there is a chance on a technical basis.

Meier- Of course I am interested in remembering my feelings, but, am I not able to do this myself?

Semjase- 249/ But surely... 250/ But you know that your own ability to remember is not developed so highly that you can repeat word for word from memory. 251/ That as well is the case for us, for which we need technical assistance for true word repeats.

Meier- I understand. What do you suggest then? Naturally I am interested in writing everything in detail.

Semjase- 252/ That's not difficult. 253/ The booths, which you can see there, beside the screens, are equipped with all necessary means, to store up feelings and thoughts.(15) 254/ The thought impulses received are stored in a special computer and can later, as may be desired, be repeated word for word from it. 255/ The helmet, shapable and adaptable in size, which you see there, is equipped with very fine sondes and is as well covered by a special, fine-meshed net of sondes which pick up every kind of energy and transforms it into impulses which are then transmitted to the computer where they are registered and stored. 256/ The energy of thoughts and feelings is measured in very high values and can be received only through those instruments.

257/ The energies of feelings and thoughts exist only in very high frequency fields, or hyper-frequencies. 258/ To now be able to register your thoughts and feelings, it is necessary that you place yourself into the chair and lay the head under the helmet cap, which then will adapt itself automatically to your head. Meier- That's all I have to do? Semjase- 259/ No, that is not all. 260/ But now place yourself in the booth. 261/ The great journey starts in just 23 seconds.

Meier- At your service, Miss General. (As Semjase explained to me, I quickly sit down inside one of the three booths, in the extremely comfortable chair. As soon as I have seated myself, the peculiar helmet moves over my head and sinks down silently. It is big enough that it closes around my whole head, and only leaves my face open, thus I can see and watch everything. But the helmet is not touching my head; only lying close around it, keeping about one and a half centimeters distance to the skull, as I can see when I place a forefinger between the helmet and the head. Now I am tense and expectant, for I wonder what is going to happen. Ptaah and Semjase manipulate the apparatus, and now I can see again how the fantastic heavens and stars change. In a fraction of a second they are nothing more than a whitish milky mass, a shining mass, as I have already seen in the other hyper-leaps. But now suddenly as well, this milky whitish shining is gone and there is darkness. But now what is this?

Suddenly all is merging into a golden color, and now everything is like silver. But - my dear this glistening light, this beaming shining splendor! Everything is merged into glistening light - only the glistening light. It is stronger than all the suns of the Universe... Dear, oh dear, this glistening light, and it does not hurt the eyes! Dear, this must be eternity, the glistening light of the eternal... but see, there is nothing besides the eternity; man alive, how marvelous! Marvelous? Man alive, that is itself marvelous. Eternity and marvelousness are one and the same. Only why do I separate it? Why do I put the eternity into terms of time? Time does not exist, and the eternity is marvelous. Man, just what is this? This tranquility, this peace -- what is it? How could I have achieved this?

Love, oh that deep all encompassing love. Nothing is there, but LOVE: wonderful, marvelous. Oh yes, I am, but I am not. Everything is so deep, and full of love. Of course, I am eternity, and I am inside of eternity. How could I ever forget this? Oh yes, I am a human being, how can I... why do I forget that? I am only a guest in eternity - and those loving voices, calling for me, from where is it coming? I can see nothing, only the glistening light, comforting. Who is calling me? I see nothing; man alive, I am nothing any more. I can't see myself. I a eternity, in the eternity. Oh, how is that, but I don't see with my eyes, still I see everything. And I am not listening with my ears, yet I hear everything. Yes, the love, how powerful it is, how immense, infinite and wonderful. Everything is love and splendor; why doesn't the human being understand this? ... The calling comes out of the light. Is it the call of eternity?

Oh how hard it is... to not think that I am only a guest in eternity, that I am only a human being. How painful it is, this being a human. I do no more want to be. I want to remain here as eternity inside of eternity... this deep. Yes, I want to stay here. Never again do I want to return. Here is the existence, the real existence... How can I feel strange having to return to a material world? I belong here................................................. Pain, why are you shaking me? What is it?

Semjase- 262/ Do you still not understand?

 Meier I - - - Oh yes, of course! - - - Pitiful - very much pitiful - why have you brought me back here?

Semjase- 263/ You want to joke, but we have all been inside the timelessness, and would all like to stay there. 264/ But we are not ready to stay, because we have to absolve the way of evolution step-by-step - as you also must do, dear friend. 265/ I know quite well, how painfully your heart aches now, as we all have experienced the same thing. 266/ But we have to adjust ourselves for that and do know, that under no circumstances or conditions are we allowed or able to remain, until we have reached that level of consciousness. 267/ I do regret very much that you feel disturbed inside, as I can see it on your face. 268/ But you will overcome it, because you can think about it realistically. 269/ For that reason we also took responsibility for this equipment...


last of this text- not the art - was Reprinted from the book Message From the Pleiades: at one time in the 90ths available from UFO PHOTO ARCHIVES P.O. Box 17206 Tucson, Arizona 85710

another experiencing such a cosmic glimpse in a spaceship was ORFEO A. - LINK
  and...the danish MARTINUS was almost  "completely illiterate" when he experienced a cosmic glimpse in 1921 - which opend up a whole new spiritual world for him - making him able to  - in retrospect, to write thousands of pages on the subject - link to info on that + video





In 1972 an internationally known Mexican University Professor, a
member of the Mexican Atomic Energy Commission, Dr. R.N. Hernandez (a
pseudonym) became an extraterrestrial contactee. It all began with a
voice in his head leading him to scientific breakthroughs in his own
medical research in immunology which brought him special recognition by
his peers.

   Hernandez knew the ideas were not his own, because he had no
background in developing them. They came to his mind full blown, as
though someone who knew perfectly well what he was talking about had
explained them to him in detail. Later in that year he was approached by
the author of that voice in his head, and it turned out to be a
beautiful extraterrestrial woman who said he could call her Elyense,
which he changed to LYA for short. She met him several times on the
University Campus before she went any further.

   LYA wore a dark pantsuit of some very fine material that the
professor could not quite identify. She had dark eyes and wore dark hair
shoulder length. She walked our streets and breathed our ambient air
with no difficulty. She even drank fruit juice with him at a sidewalk
lunch table as they talked. She was obviously far better educated than
Hernandez, and he was considered one of his country's foremost

   When the professor questioned LYA's extreme intelligence and the
source of her superior knowledge, she took him into her confidence and
told him that she was not from this planet -- that she came from another
world in a group of stars we called Andromeda. He thought she meant the
Andromeda Galaxy at first.

   On a subsequent meeting she guided him to a secluded desert area
outside of Mexico City and took him aboard her disc-shaped spacecraft.
There, she showed him many scientific wonders, and at one point took him
to a viewing screen where she worked some controls and brough up an
image of a star-field in the screen. She showed him some guide stars in
Cassiopeia and in Andromeda Constellation, and then showed him where her
home sun was in relation to those other stars.

   LYA told Hernandez that there were many space-races far more advanced
than men of Earth who were also coming here for exploration,
observation, and study of our humanity about to enter a point where we
would either join others in space travel and exploration, or we would
eliminate ourselves in a suicidal employment of our primitive
technology. We had become a society of some interest to many.

   LYA picked the professor up and took him on trips on her spacecraft
on four occasions. One of them was a small five meter diameter explorer.
Another was a 60 meter intermediate ship that carried a number of the
smaller ones. And one time he was taken to a much larger mother-ship
that was a mobile support base for several of the intermediate class.
She said that they had many teams working in our solar system and here,
and they had many Earth  contactees. She told the professor of another
contactee being used by a different contact team from her society who
lived in Chicago. His name was Thomas Haskins, and he was a black man
who lived in the South Side. Prof. Hernandez ultimately met Haskins and
they compared notes.

   LYA also told the professor of other space-traveling races carrying
out operations on this planet, including, remarkably, some contacts by
"Pliones" with a one -armed man who who lives in Switzerland. This was
mentioned to the professor in 1976, before anything on the Pleiades
contacts in Switzerland had been released outside of a very small local
group of people around that man.

   In 1984, with his contacts still going on, Professor Hernandez just
disappeared -- without a trace -- and nothing of him has been discovered
of him since, though both private and police detectives have continually

   A full 224 page report on these contacts has been published as UFO
                              By Rodriguez-Stevens.
(Note: Elyense also told Prof. Hernandez she thought of our water as a
"liquid of excellence" and that one day in our very near future it would
be more valuable than gold").


must use headphones to hear the sound here on this video above, but I have also uploaded an audio file where the sound from this is amplified on


taken from

Contact from Andromeda: 

Prof R.N.Hernandez and the Billy Meier Cases


comment from Michael Salla, PhD

Aloha All, I've just read Wendelle Stevens Contact from Andromeda
which is a fascinating description of how a tenured professor in
nuclear physics from the University of Mexico became a contactee.
A brief online description of Prof R.N. Hernandez (a pseudonym) and
his experiences can be read at: http://www.beyond-the- .

This is an intriquing case since the Professor was a member of the
Mexican Atomic Energy Commission and had everything to lose by going
public and telling others of his extraterrestrial experiences. The
Mexican journalist who first covered the story, Zitha Rodriguez,
only accidently stumbled onto the case after the Professor confided
in her after discovering that she was familiar with other contactee
stories, and was receptive to what he had to share.

In the extensive conversations he had with Zitha Rodriquez, Prof
Hernandez explained much about extraterrestrials visiting the Earth.
He described them as having very strong concerns over the
environmental degradation on the planet, and as having many
orientations that cover the spectrum from benign assistance to
manipulative subversion. He went as far as to say that the
Andromedans were concerned that humanity was being conditioned for a
takeover by ETs who had a imperialistic attitude towards evolviing
worlds like Earth. Hernandez thus gives some confirmation for what
I've independently discovered to be the span of motivations that
pertain to extraterrestrials visiting the Earth (see: ).

Despite his truly impressive credentials, expertise in nuclear
physics and undoubted sincerity in accurately relating his
experiences, he was not believed. Sadly, as a result of him relating
his experiences with ETs from Andromeda to family members and
others, he was committed to a mental asyslum for four months in 1982
after seeking medical assistance for a burn to his kneee he
experienced after one of his alleged ET flights. Apparently the knee
healed much more quickly than it should have for a man his age and
when the doctors queried him as to how this could have been, he
apparently disclosed some information about his extraterrestrial
experiences. The medical doctors recommended that he be committed to
a mental asylum for treatment and his wife agreed. He disappeared
without a trace in February 1984 and it has been speculated that he
was taken off world by the Andromedans.

Wendelle Stevens conducted a thorough investigation and concluded
the case was authentic. Currently, the Stevens book is out of print
but see here

Hernandez claimed to have met a Thomas Haskins from Chicago who had
a similar experience with the same group of Andromedans. Haskins
supposedly wrote a 50 page book on his experiences. If anyone has
ever heard of Haskins or or seen a copy of his book, I would be grateful
if you could let me know since that would help confirm the veracity
of Hernandez case.

Another aspect of the Hernandez case was that he confirmed the Billy
Meier contact with Pleiadians. Wendelle Stevens was amazed during
his investigation of the Hernandez material that the Andromedans
discussed the Billy Meier case, and mentioned how they actually
monitored 'Pleiadians' working with the one armed man from
Switzerland. This was at a time when the Meier case was not well
known, especially within Mexico. Stevens explored this and found out
that Hernandez had no previous knowledge of Meier. So basically
Hernandez was giving independent confirmation of the validity of the
Meier contacts from another group of ETs, quite amazing really.
Stevens wrote to Meier telling him of this exciting development.

Well I was shocked when I read Meier's response which is found in
Stevens report. In a couple of
letters to Stevens, Meier wrote that there was no way the Hernandez
contact case was real. He claimed that Hernandez was a fraud and
that Stevens risked his reputation (and Meier's) from pursuing the
Hernadez case. Meier even went on to state that his case was well
known in Mexico even before 1973 (this is when Hernadez had his
first contact) and that Hernandez had read his material and was
plagiarizing it to discredit Meier. Stevens researched this and
found it could not have been the case, and went ahead with his
investigation of the Hernandez story, and the eventual publication
of Contact from Andromeda.

Well my conclusions from all this is that Meier was uncritically
dismissive and comes across quite badly for his lack of sympathy
for all that Hernandez went through. Meier promotes himself as one
of the only valid ET contactees and goes to great effort to
discredit other contactees such as Hernandez. Even the great
sacrifice that Herndandez made in telling the truth that cost him
his prestige and position at the University of Mexico did not strike
Meier as significant. Even a thorough competent investigator like
Wendelle Stevens who was a Lt Col in the US Airforce and had the
best research credentials of all those studying contactees was not
enough to dissuade Meier from his opinions on the Hernandez case.
Meier had no basis for his conclusions on the Hernandez case other
than his intuitions/opinions and possibly what the Pleiadians told

If the Pleiadians told Meier that Hernandez was a hoax, then that
would make me suspect the agenda of the Pleiadians he worked with
since I believe that Stevens is correct in his conclusions about the
validity of the Hernandez case. If the Pleiadians didn't tell Meier
anything about Hernandez, then Meier comes across as very biased and
a self-promoter. The truth is probably a combination of both and this
has made me even more suspicious of the ETs that Meier worked with.

Let me say up front so there's no confusion here that I believe that
Meier's contacts were genuine, and that his photographic and other
evidence was not faked. However this doesn't mean that the
Pleiadians he worked with didn't have an agenda in contacting Meier.
We shouldn't just assume that any human looking ET doesn't have a
manipulative agenda , and we need to look closely at their behavior
and the attitudes/beliefs they encourage in their contactees. This is
something Meier didn't consider and shows a certain degree of (exo)
political naivete on his part about ET motivations. Meier's
Pleiadians could have encouraged Meier to be more generous in his
assessments of other contactees but it is clear to me from the Meier
material I've read that they never did this.

In conclusion, both the Hernandez and Meier cases have much to
commend them. I'm convinced after reading Stevens report that the
Hernandez case was real and that Hernandez did have contact with ETs
from Andromeda. Significantly, Hernandez confirmed Meier's contact
experiences. While I believe that Meier had genuine contact
experiences, based on Meier's responses to the Hernandez case, I do
suspect the agenda of the Pleiadians Meier worked with.

In peace

Michael Salla, PhD




Rune Ř.-comment on this, regarding Billy Meiers damation of other contactees like this above

I have come to the conclusion after studying the contactmaterial from the Semjase-contacts. ("all" on the net on english + most of the "old/original german-contact-blocks from FIGU): That he/and seemingly the Erra-people he had contact to, could not "zoom into" the frequency/life-level  that many of the other (of Meier claimed hoaxers-)  contactpersons and space-contact-people are operating on -  and thereby draw the conclusion that it is only invented contacts.

There is hardly any ufo-contact-person being so accused for fraud and deceit as Meier, but there is corresponding not any CONTACTPERSON that as him accuse OTHER alleged such to be just frauds and swindlers ("lüger und betrüger" - yes this is the law of Karma; what you say about others, "they" will label you).

They seem to have no access to more higher, emotional dimensions of Earth and other planets - which is not limited to this coarse-matter level/vibration. Example: that they could not view or visit the REAL lifelevel of the planet Venus. They seem to have some emotional  blockades or lacks to reach such levels, which presuppose DEEP sympathy. They seem to be have some obstructions or blockades here - and seem to be captured in this same "classroom/coarse-learing-room" as "the material scientist on Earth"  - and seem to lack (or at least bad to express) the big view of evolution:

that everything is well/natural/perfect on the prevaling level of consciousness for Earth-human right now, and that the "darkmen" are only ignorant who through their actions now, will make themselves a painfull future - though in the purpose to LEARN to live according to the eternal-cosmic life-rules, which can only be experienced through self-learned pain/practice on this coarce-vibr.level.

 According to some of the text, Meier is the only person who have had contacts with higher forms of life the last 2000 years. This statement is illogical, as also can be red from their own material  (see link) + (257th Contact Monday, February 3rd, 1997, 12:03AM) Many persons on Earth have daily contacts with higher worlds in other dimensions of Earth and on other planets, using their higher bodies for the contacts - either directly or indirectly, by use of the chacrasystem in their bodies.

It look like devas and similar creatures are unknown to Semjase, or they avoided talking about it - because much "astral beliving" is conected with such and the Erra-people contacting Meier seem to be more intellectual.

It's likewise not correct that all "Venus-contacts" is/was  hoaxers. They had - as many of the others of Figu indicated liars - contacts with spacepeople from another natureplane/dimension with a higher dimensionary vibrating frequency. It seems like this dimension is unknown to the Erranians and that some "spritual obstacles" prevents them from reaching them.

 contact notes:


art of rune ř.



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