Intro on the LYA contacts of prof. Hernandez in the 70s - she said she was from "Andromeda"

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this contact-case have many similarities to the Semjase-contacts, and happend simuultanously

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(and remark it started a new wave of ufo-contacts in those years other sources -triggered from higher levels of consciousness in this local part of the universe)


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this is also from one of the important contact-books of Wendelle Stevens, from more than 20years ago (-88) which he revised from the original of Zitha Rodgiguez and R.N. Hernandez


How this case came into light

This is quated from a letter to Wendelle Stevens from 29dec87 from Zitha Rodgiguez, one of the writers of the spanish manus:

"I suggest you mention that this treats of the experience of University Professor R.N. Hernandez, who from the beginning refused to give it publicity for fear of and because his offspring work for the Mexican government (and still do (in-87), for which he desired not to expose himself to the public.

"I have read over once and then again your translation so exact and so well done on your part and can no less than congratulate you for the magnificent work you have accomplished. The Professor one time had suggested to me the title CONTACTIO CON ANDROMEDA, but in reality later we thought better about it and decided that we would not say anything about the title. Concerning whether anything has been published on this case, I can tell you that only a small part has been published in the manner of a synopsis, an article of three pages titled "Yo Viaje en un OVNIUV (I traveled in a UFO). It was five pages originally but they only published three, a question of space. I worked for the magazina OCULTO in 1979, which was where it was published.

"In our numerous conversations, the professor and I decided on the title, but to him it seemed that it should give emphasis to the most important part which was the message of LYA.

"In 1978-1979 I directed the magazine OVNI. I began to have in my hands a great amount of testimony on UFO sightings. I still have also treatments with another contactee who had long conversations with beings from the planet Mu of the system MIT, but that is another history. Well, at the same time that I directed the magazine I was writing a book on Earthquakes. A friend suggested I talk to a certain person in the Instituto Nacional de Energia Nuclear, el Professor Carlos Graef, who was an experienced siesmologist, and that I should go and see him. I decided to interview him as suggested. I went to his place of work but never could see him. One day, desperate to make contact, I finally gave my card to the secretary, on which I appeared as Director of the magazine OVNI (UFO). I went in to look for swneone and when I came out I passed Professor Hernandez. The professor immediately showed interest in what I was doing, and how was my work. He had an important responsibility at the Institute and was a high executive at the University, travelling constantly to all the symposiums on nuclear energy around the world.

"I went into his office the first time without knowing exactly what was going to happen. He looked at me fixedly as if wanting to know the ultimate of my thoughts. He invited me to sit down and began to question me... how it was that I came to interview him. He asked me also if I was dedicated to the investigation of, or only wrote about UFOs. I told him both. He asked me if I knew any people who had seen UFOs, and I told him yes. He wanted to know if I knew anybody who had affirmed having travelled in a UFO, and again I responded that I had.

"There was a long silence... and then he asked me, 'Do you believe in UFOs?' 'I have never seen one, I answered, 'but yes, I believe same people who have affirmed having seen one. And moreover in those who say they are acquainted with extraterrestrial beings.1 'But you never have seen one - isn't that it?' He asked. 'Yes.' I answered.

"He took out a cigarette and lit it. He got up, walked around his desk, struck the desk with his fist, and made me an unusual confession. 'I have traveled in a ship and have had friendship with a woman who said she came from the Galactic System we call Andromeda. I at first did not believe it', said the Professor, 'not all of it.

"After a brief discussion, because he had much to do, he gave me an appointment for a week later and we talked same more. wreover, he told me that he had kept a diary and he gave me part of it to read. I suggested the possibility of writing a book and he told me that that was impossible. He was sure that nobody would come to believe it.

"Nevertheless I took some notes, against his desires, and commenced to write the book, a little with what he told me and a little more with what he had written, and a little more contaminated by the enthusiasm that overflewed upon narrating his experiences with LYA. 'If you will not tell this to anybody', he told me one time, 'my psyche is overexcited and I lose track of proportion between reality and fiction... I myself do not knew what is happening to me.'

"when the Professor saw the first part, the same that I sent to you, Mr. Stevens, He cried, sinwly cried, not of cowardice, not of fear, but of emotion, of pleasure, of happiness... because, according to him, finally some one had captured his idea and his experience and accepted it for what it was. He had not told anybody of this, but several times he had insinuated to his friends the possibility of the existence of this woman in the life of another friend... a fictitious friend. But most did not want to discuss it and indicated disbelief. For that he cried that day.

"Finally he gave me many pages from which I extracted the most important. The majority of them I obtained from his wife. She would repent having delivered them but I already had written many things, and for that also she gave them. Lamentably, the wife of the Professor had read the copies that she delivered to me. She succeeded in having the Professor committed to a psychiatric sanatorium by order of Jose lopez Portillo. I think that she was jealous, that she did not believe there was an extraterrestrial woman, but a terrestrial one, and moreover that there was nothing for her to do but have him committed for treatment.

"One day he called me from Chihuahua though he did not knew exactly where he was and told me that it was imperative and necessary to publish the book. I took the manuscript to Hugo Stiglitz because he wanted to film it in 1987, but shortly after that his house burned down. I believe that had no connection with the book, because I took it to two publishing houses in Mexico, who did not have the money to print it, and nothing happened to them.

"I have looked incessantly for the Professor. I ran a want ad for a long time which said: LYA LLEGA DE INXTRIA, URGE COMUNICARSE CON ZITHA. It was very important and only he would understand it, but I never received any response. I last saw the Professor in 1981.

"I have come to think that he may have been taken to the planet of LYA, or that he continues living in a psychiatric sanatorium because they consider him crazy and telling lies. But to me I was struck by the impression that he always was a well balanced man. His house in Tecamachalco, Mexico, was sold in 1982 and the new owner does not know the Professor. I have one photograph, apparently the only one there is. He had taken various, trying, unsuccessfully, to capture LYA. In the first of them, nevertheless, one can see a human form of energy that seems to be there, like a luminous phantasm. I am sending it to you but please take good care of it for I have no other like it, and it is possibly the only proof I have, though the "experts" reject it saying it is no proof at all.

"I am also sending the case where the Professor knew a Thomas Haskins of Chicago, though I do not have his address. Tan was in contact with an ET man from Andromeda. The Professor was more worried about the threats that LYA had described to him, that hovered over humanity, and remained profoundly impacted by the existence of life on other planets in other Galaxies. He was fascinated with his encounters with that ET woman, in such a manner that when he came to know Tom, he was disillusioned with him because he said Tom had taken it (his experience) lightly as merely a circumstantial event. And to the Professor the arrival of LYA had been too --- transcendental, too impressive.

"He told me that he did not want his name to appear in the book. But I suggested to him that at least his initials and his second surname be used, and he accepted.

"I worried much at first about the Professor. I put announcements in various periodicals, including UFO REPORT (new defunct) in 1979, asking if anyone knew the words INXTRIA or LYA. I placed an announcement in the Fortean Times of England in 1980, and received a letter response in which I was told that in the book UFO PROPHECY the name INXTRIA could be found as the name of a planet or a planetary system. I obtained the book in 1983, and there I saw that it actually spoke of beings who lived on the planet mentioned. You can imagine, Wendelle, how i felt. Neverthelss, the book did not speak of Andromeda nor of LYA.


Some later in the first pages of the book:

"I must admit that during this long period of sustained talks between LYA and I; aboard a spaceship; was when I came to know many things not only of my world - this great unknown even for it's own inhabitants - but of other planets, of other civilizations.

Some believe.. .others doubt, not only that there are intelligent beings in our solar system besides us, but who exist beyond the Milky Way.

But should I likewise doubt it when I have touched it -- lived it? And, should I be prohibited to partake of my experiences only because I have been perhaps the only man in my country -- if not the world -- to have lived this happening?

Nevertheless, despite the incredibility of my adventure with LYA, I lived it intensely...not only with suspicion, with fear, with dread, with uncertainty or with doubts, but with surprise, with fascination, and with the emotion of an adolescent. I came, in the paroxysm of my experiences, to ask myself -- why me? Is it true that all this is happening or only a fragment of some - insignificant passage? Perhaps my subconscious is playing a joke on me? No... it was another thing whose parallelism could only be found in the word rare.

There came an accumulation of questions in my mind during the length of my conversations with her, however there also came hundreds of answers. It was then that I let myself be conducted through the splendid experience offered me and thus it was that the time passed with its precious circumstantial charge.

After accepting the existence of beings on other planets, I was relieved of the idea that we terrestrials are the only ones in such a sidereal arena. If the dilema was to believe or not believe also, the solution was to disposess myself of all pride, of chronic scepticism which would lead me to doubt even what I saw.

Perhaps in the future they will come to accept the idea that today it seems absurd to us but through the years to come it may seem more logical - and then you and I can believe in the possibility of infinite intergalactic life.


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audiobook on this case made from this texts mp3        f.x part 1
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LYDFILER med samtaler i mp3 om denne kontakten/soundfiles with norwegian discussions on this contact:


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