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 Puerto Rico contact-case, where the contactee was taken to under-earth/ -seabase.

Amaury Rivera Toro on 1988 Puerto Rico Abduction

A contact to planet "Koshnak" - in the direction of Orion constellation.

In 1971 many UFO sightings were reported on the north side of Puerto Rico Island, so many, in fact, that UFO watch parties were organized by various groups to observe the phenomenon. The activity became common knowledge in the area and everyone seemed to at least know somebody who had seen the strange aerial objects. Scores of sightings of from one to more than a dozen flying, luminous, disc-shaped objects were reported almost nightly. The Baptist mission group, like many others, went to the main UFO activity area near Bayamon and Aguas Buenas to observe. They said that they saw many, even scores, of the low flying luminous objects coming and going. At a point near the intersection of County Roads 879 and 812, from Aguas Buenas to San Juan, they all got out of the cars and watched for many minutes. They saw Puerto Rican Air National Guard jet fighters unsuccessfully trying to chase some of the UFOs. They flew everywhere, hundreds by day and night, during this flap. There were thousands of witnesses to these activities. (but as always; effectively silenced and prevented from being reported in the "BIG-money/ilimunati controlled" west. RÝ-rem.) So many people were on the mountain tops watching that there was no space for more cars or people.

An airline pilot and his crew, flying for a Puerto Rican air passenger line, about that time, observed one of the greenish-blue lens-shaped luminous objects close to the airliner in flight. He called the passenger's attention to the UFO and many others saw it also. Upon landing he reported the experience to his company and to Air Traffic officials. Later he consented to a newspaper interview and the story was published by the paper and subsequently was also picked up by others and re-printed. The airline at this point issued a denial and a short time later dismissed the pilot from service with their company. He has been unable to find airline pilot employment since.

The frequency and intensity of the sharp high-pitched tone increased daily and bothered the witness considerably by this time.

Then came a day late in 1972 when Delmundo heard the beeping sound again, and the loud high pitched tone came every few seconds, and he observed the strange flying machine in the vicinity. Suddenly it seemed to fly off and disappear. Then he became aware of a very strange humanlike creature standing beside him. He did not see him arrive. The being was estimated to be about 5'3" tall and he was dressed in a thin one-piece uniform-like coverall garment which covered him from feet to head. He had thin lips and a small nose and looked very stern. Delmundo could see no teeth when he opened his mouth which was seldom.

 The stranger had wide wrap-around eyes of an elongated oval shape that slanted up on the outer sides. He wore a sort of wrap around turban-like headdress that had a 10 or 12 pointed star set into the front of it. The turban was thin and light weight and of a dark color. The eyes were the most striking thing about the figure. They were a pale bright green, almost the color of new grass or a new leaf shoot and the whole eye was the same color throughout, having no "white" as we are accustomed to. The eyes also had no pupil like ours. At times he thought he detected a ladder of slits in the green color of the eye but he couldn't see them all the time. The green elongated orb of the eye had an uncountable number of flecks of what looked like sliver points of light that appeared and disappeared in the green of the eye that seemed to make them scintillate and gave them radiant light. At times the eyes seemed to flash and the gaze was very intense. The skin was pale gray.

The uniform-like garment was of some very lightweight material and was a pale gray to smokey gray in color. The hands were covered with a long gauntlet and the feet were covered with an extension of the uniform that became a little heavier and formed a kind of boot. The neck of the outfit ended in a narrow band of material sort of like a minister's collar. There was a silvery colored metallic riblike device fastened to the uniform that came over the mid-shoulder from back to front, and below the ending of that in front there was an angled "U" shaped device of the same metallic material that was mounted on the breast with the open part of the "U" pointed toward the center of the waist. They seemed to be emblems of some kind.


The alien being's nose was a small fleshy nub with no bridge structure. It had two nostrils like ours but they turned into the head in a different way. The ears were also small and not much more than a firm ridge but they didn't have any openings. The ear structure seemed to consist externally of a pair of membrane covered pits in the head. There was no jaw development and very little brow or cheekbone giving the head an almost melon-like appearance. The face muscles were also underdeveloped and the face had little mobility, giving the head a stern expressionless appearance. When asked about this later the being said that they had essentially overcome their emotional natures and there was little of that nature to be expressed in the face. The eyes were the center of attention in the face and they seemed to be very alive. They seem to flash and the image is very intense.

only an idea of..

"He took me by the hand and I became totally controlled. He was shorter than I am. That's why I say about 5'3", very thin  with a garment similar to a coverall but tighter fitted... I would say something like a nylon type of fitted overall, grayish white in color. It was completely closed but I couldn't see how it was fastened. The material looked thin because it was right against his body."

"We walked, say like a distance of a couple thousand feet over a hilly type of terrain. All of a sudden there was the craft, waiting. The ship must have been 30 feet or better in diameter-from this point to this point. As soon as we... yes, it was sitting on three legs... and as we got close he used his hand again. That little box he had in his hand showed a thin beam that went straight into the... this was completely dark... the ship was dark... it wasn't shiny or anything... but as soon as he flashed the beam it became bright... this lower part... just this part (indicating the lower half of the ship below the rim)... luminous... radiantly luminous... bright... just this part. And then a part of this came down... like a ramp... and there was a greenish light inside... luminous pale green light throughout. And we walk in ... and as we walk in there are four cushioned seats... just four... all cushioned... two at the controls... just four seats... two in front and two in back. And then I could see that if we were to look behind... it was like in front. It was all transparent... all around and we could look out all around. The whole cabin was enclosed in the same metal. And we could see through it... even sideways and so on . . . The seats were of a leathery type of material... soft... very wide... very comfortable... and very low . . . similar to an airplane, but completely different. It (the material) was a sort of pale... like tan color... pale brown, and as you sat the hind part sort of sank, and something came up and held you this way... holding. It was an automatic thing. There wasn't any seat belt of any sort."

"No word... nothing was communicated to me at that time... I knew as I sat over here... in the seat... I saw the whole panel arrangement... no gages... completely different... all kinds of colors going on and off... yes, colors, colors, colors... every little section had more colors, and there was at one point a lever... right here (indicating), that's all. And this lever moved that way, that way, that way and that way... and here everything was... At one point I did notice that there was something that was... like when you draw a graph . . . You know, when you draw a graph you go this way and this and like this... and that was right on the panel... on the panel. The line changed at first and then it got to a point when it stabilized, and all of a sudden I see myself looking outside and we are above the west northwest side of the island (Puerto Rico) shifting toward the southwest. I remember very distinctly that we came over one of our cities... and that village is called Agua Dia. I remember very distinctly going over Agua Dia. And I looked down and I recognized the village. Ramy Air Force Base was to the right side...

The being said that Delmundo could call him Ohneshto, that his origin was a planet called Koshnak located in our heavens in the direction of Orion. It would be considered about 1,200 light years from Earth. He said that there were many many other beings in our universe, some from Orion, some from the Pleiades and many from other places.

Ohneshto discussed energy briefly and explained that we are limited in time and space, and therefore he could only speak of simple things. He discussed the Law of Parallels. He discussed matter and anti-matter of the universe and why man dies, and why he exists at all. Delmundo suddenly realized that he was now aware of knowledge he never had before, he now had the answers to many things that had vexed him all his life and he was alerted to many many mysteries of our vast universe, unknown to contemporary man. He felt enlightened in many ways.


"All of a sudden we shift at that point south by southwest... and he said, 'We are moving at a very slow, slow speed, and we're not utilizing the normal travel energy that we use for high speed travel through the universe.' There was an alternative propulsion system, like a little motor, for coasting this way. He says, 'Now we are going,' and then is when I saw this graph-like instrument very clearly. And he said... 'Thirty-five miles southwest of your island...,' and they gave me latitude and longitude... And now we're going down, down into the water, and there wasn't any splash... They had enough energy to displace any type of matter because they create their own field around the ship to displace, not only air, but also more solid things like water and even other matter... They came down this way 9,000 feet... and there was a drop... the water was displaced and we went down... and it wasn't dark. There was enough energy around the ship to see where we were headed."

"And then... this is the way they went... and they came this far... in... to a rock formation under water... got this close... and when it was close to the wall here he used exactly the same beam and the water was displaced between the rock and the wall ... and an opening appeared and we went in and it closed back again... and we found ourselves in a very deep cavern... and this was very... there was no water there... just a cavern... and they propelled the ship onto an area... and I could see no less than 25 or more of the same (ships)... Other similar ships... smaller ones and a real big one... but many, many small ones and many similar ones. And we stepped and walked on solid ground... and when that took place it was just like being home.. and we then started talking. There were no lips . . . just an opening... slant... just like that... an opening. When you said teeth it didn't occur to me, you see, because only I spoke... He never opened his mouth. I was so over whelmed by the whole thing... and then he said there are close to 700 (individuals) here in this camp. I saw many of them...

He, Ohneshto, walked into an area that looked similar to an eating place. And there were these small round tables... like transparent... like plastic, and there were sitting stools, like this... like an inverted 'U,' more or less... and someone handed me a platter with a funny looking bowl... and they had a creamy stuff in it. It was a white creamy ... similar to cornmeal... and it was semi-solid... It was given to me... and they each took one and we had chow... we all ate... the three and myself... four... we who had arrived in our spacecraft. The food was like a... something cooked... like a... I've always tried to memorize that taste... because it wasn't sweet... it wasn't salty... it wasn't like anything... it was like something, and it was very nourishing. It was very good. It had everything you needed and it was very good. It was not a matter of flavor... it was just nourishing... that is all you need. That was the way I was feeling in my mind. I was very satisfied."

"Then they took me to another area, which stood from here, and we went into another location where they had a complete panel... similar to the one they had here... and there we could sit like if we were watching the sky... right from there, and we could see the stars and all... People were standing in front of panels... and it was just like a big, big, laboratory."

"At this point we are talking about pretty deep down underground. It is something that just breaks my mind because I just don't know how to think of this. They said we were down 9,000 feet. There were in the vicinity of 700 of them at that time, and that is also when they advised that they were working on six other camps, to make it seven camps throughout the world... and this was just one of them... and that there were 83 contactees, eventually through them for definite reasons, that they were being needed . . . and they were requested by higher forces unknown to us to aid and help at convenient times ... and at that time they said 1976, and that was 1972... and it (the contacts) will continue for the next years. They said, 'You will be hearing from us oftener and in different ways... different people... we cannot be here too long because we cannot be exposed to your environment too long. We are allowed to be only six months here at a time....

The north of Puerto Rico is favorable for our operations because it is highly magnetic and helps trap energy that we need to leave your atmosphere. And that is why we have chosen this point. Also we cannot give you any more than six months (of our own time before we are rotated)... and the most favorable times are usually around the middle of March and the middle of September for leaving and coming. That is when others come and replace those about to leave.' The alien being said, 'We are allowed to operate in our specialized field (space travel) only seven years out of our lifetime. Otherwise it can hurt our civilization... by being exposed for more than that period of time.'


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