A UFO-MEETING ON NOV. 2 - 1952 where engineer Mr B.met a small "lady" who told him interesting things.

"I was working on a highway construction job, on US. Highway 91, between Las Vegas and Salt Lake City, about 70 miles from Las Vegas, operating for the Engineers' Union. On one of these nights, I asked my boss if I could go out to the Mesa area, to see if I could find any sea-shells, as the Mesa, they said, was covered with sea-shells from pre-historic times.

a lot of direct contacts seemed to happen in the early 50ths around the world - before the coverup was started in full scale.

I fell asleep in my truck and was rudely awakened by voices around me. I was on the Engineering repair work, and I was not a drinking man and had never used narcotics. People wondered if I had taken a cheap kind of marijuana cigarettes, when I told the story. What I saw I thought was a large airplane out of gas. Then a man touched me on the elbow, and took me to the Flying Saucer, and we went into it about 60 feet, and I had the fear and suspicion the men I saw were from Russia. (They were about 4 feet tall.) But my fears were quickly allayed when I saw a woman captain and was assured they would not harm anybody.

I couldn't understand anybody being from another planet. I asked about their power. I said, "You must have tremendous generators to power such a craft as this!" And they said, "We have no reciprocation equipment aboard." I understood they used the gravity of the earth to power their craft.

I talked with the lady captain about 30 minutes. I never talked to the men any more when I found out they were not from Russia. They told me the name of their planet was CLARION, and that it was not distinguishable from Earth, and our planet was not visible from there.

I have heard that many scientists at home have not been the same since this story is generally known. They are people from all walks of life - college professors, astronomers, and scientists. I have the name of a Curator of the Observatory in my guest book, who has been in my home, and who, for 30 years, has been talking, writing, and discussing the possibility and likelihood of people living on another planet. He told me, since my book has come out and the story is known, it has forced every astronomer to re-evaluate everything they have said.


----they told me they have no wars, that they have no strife, and no juvenile delinquency. They said the planet Earth is the only planet that has had strife. They said the planet Earth is the only planet that does not have inter-planetary means of travel-the only one, because of strife. I believe the good Lord Himself is preventing us from having inter-planetary means of travel, as long as there is strife on the planet Earth.

The captain told me there was absolutely no reason to fear anybody from these Flying Saucers. I was on board their craft, and they certainly never harmed me. They convinced me beyond any doubt whatsoever after the second time I saw them that there would be no harm to anybody on Earth. occured

An aviator, Captain Mantell, flew above his height, and that pilot exercised every part of his plane without effect-he simply "blacked out" trying to follow them.

They have speed beyond belief. They can be within 300 or 400 feet, and anyone who has tried to catch one says they can go with the speed of light.

The Government here wants to know how. We are "the government"- the people who are in Washington are only our representatives. The Government itself is the people and the people who fly the planes want to know how to do it. They say they have many, many devices and anti-magnetic devices, that we have not invented nor discovered yet. Scientists are working on many in Los Angeles County.

When I came back I had no intention of writing about my seeing a Flying Saucer. I didn't know they would think my notes were of any value to anyone, as they were to myself; but finally I decided, after many people wanted them that, if they were worth so much to someone else, they were worth something to me and I had a writer to write them into a manuscript.

They told me they live in bountiful plenty on their planet, that there is no strife, and that they live to an extreme old age. Their youthful look was something to behold. The lady captain said she had children at home and that she was a grandmother. She said there was no class distinction on their planet - there were no extreme riches or no poverty, that everyone had everything. She said they have a machine similar to television, and they do not need a sending station, but can sit in the luxury of their homes and view anything from the beginning of time.

The first time I saw this Flying Saucer was on July 29, 1952, and again on November 2, 1952. They told me they would be back and would spend many nights in the desert area.

They can read people's minds from a great, long distance, and they know when it is safe to come, and they have to know whether we will accept them as friends before they come and help us.

I certainly do not believe there will be an atomic or a hydrogen war at any time; but if there is an atomic or hydrogen war, it will bring simultaneous action from Clarion and from other planets, and all the bombs will deteriorate in an instant, if warfare is declared. Those people told me they are tired of hearing the noise and continual rumbling down here on Earth.

While we are still spending millions and millions of dollars for destructive purposes they are not spending a dollar. If they would spend in the United States the millions they spend for war, people could live in happiness. If they would spend in Russia what they are spending on war, people could live in happiness and the life-span would be greater. There is no fear of atomic or hydrogen warfare from any nation. I do not believe the United States will ever use it. I do not know if God Himself will do it.

There is life on every planet; there is strife only on Earth. I believe the strife is an element the same as pouring gasoline on a fire, if it were not for strife we would have inter-planetary travel. They say they live in luxury and there is no class distinction. They have a maid in their home, she said, and the maid is thought as much of as she herself. That was the captain of the ship speaking, and she had a hand in their Government.

I have a friend who owns an airline in Los Angeles County and he told how, in the last two years, he had been encountering the same thing in the air. I had never known him. He knew my wife some 35 years ago, and he came over to our home at her insistence to visit us. After listening to my description of the Flying Saucer, he said, "You are not telling me anything, my pilots have seen the same thing, and it has been seen by Western air pilots." I have received reports also from Canada. My wife is a well-known woman in the South area, and she said, "People will not only think I am crazy, but that I am crazy for allowing you in the home!"

Scientists of the highest caliber have investigated me. The story is on the back of the book. It will set the world to thinking. I think Malenkov will pull at his ears!

There is a power greater than we are, and they have certainly proved it in many ways.

These people of the Flying Saucer from Clarion Planet told me their planet was similar to Planet Earth, and that they live much like we do. They are little. The captain was 4 foot, 6 inches tall. There were about 42 men on the crew, and they were of the Latin type. Flying Saucers have been seen by many people in different locations and have been mistaken for airplanes.

The REDONDO BREEZE sent a reporter to my home, and took some facts which they printed September 25th. There was such a great demand for the information the article contained that it was re-printed on October 3rd as the best story of the year in 1953.

These people of the Flying Saucer told me they worship an Entity that sees all and knows all. They also said their churches are always full; that there are no riches and no poverty, and no strife. We can't drop our guard when some nation holds something over our head.....

extract from book: I WENT ON BOARD A FLYING SAUCER

and much more happend in this early 50ths:

On the contacts of Eugenio Siragusa

The French translation of "The Truth About the
Siragusa Case" has just been released. This is the
third book that Victorino del Pozzo has written about
this customs official of the town of Catane and his
contacts with beings from space. It all began one
morning in March 1952, on his way to work, when a UFO
focused a beam of light on him.

During the days that followed, Eugenio Siragusa began
to receive telepathic messages, which continued for
about ten years before he had his first physical
encounter, which took place on the slopes of Mount
Etna with two extraterrestrials. Since then he has had
18 other close encounters.

During these encounters many different topics were
discussed, such as the history of our planet, biology,
reincarnation, cosmology. Three fundamental themes
persistently recur; justice, peace, and love. It is in
the name of these three qualities that those who
contacted Eugenio Siragusa send a stern warning to
humanity about the ignorant arrogance with which we
are destroying the delicate balance of nature
essential to the survival of Earth's biosphere,
through nuclear energy and other irresponsible
applications of our science. It is a time when
qualitative changes must be made.

The third volume of Victorino del Posso's series
describes the circumstances under which a lawsuit was
brought against Eugenio Siragusa by two former members
of the international movement he had founded to put
into practice and to spread the messages he had
received from the extraterrestrials, the Cosmic
Fraternity Study Center. In November 1978, Kelly and
Lesliie Hooker, an American couple, brought charges
against him, accusing him of rape, mind control, and
fraud. Eugenio Siragusa was immediately locked up in
the prison of Catane. However, the first results of
the investigation showed the evidence to be so dubious
that the judge released himm on provisional liberty
after two months in prison.

Investigations by the Spanish journalist, del Pozzo,
show how dubious and contrived the accusations were.
For example, why did Leslie Hooker wait three years
before bringing charges of rape? Why did psychiatric
examinations indicate that the charge of mind control
was without foundation? How come that out of the
hundred thousand members of the Cosmic Fraternity
during the thirty years of its existence, they were
the only ones to be defrauded, raped and mind
controlled? Also, how come they had the benefit of
unusual protection during the legal procedures?

Victorino del Pozzo suspects that Mr. and Mrs. Hooker
were no more than pawns in a larger game. Upon
reviewing the details of the case, it seems strange
that Siragusa was imprisoned before the charges
against him had been investigated, and the
multiplicity of restrictions imposed on his
provisional liberty were very unusual. There were also
attempts to poison him while he was in prison. Why did
he have to wait three years for the trial that proved
his innocence? Who wanted to shut him up, or failing
that, to publicly discredit him? The statements of a
man who for thirty years has been proclaiming the
qualities which animate civilizations that are
ethically and scientifically more advanced than our
own do not please the political, technological, and
religious leaders of this planet. His difficulties
with certain intelligence organizations didn't start
yesterday, any more than did the way the authorities
manipulate information about UFOs. We now know that
the authorities have scientific evidence that UFOs
exist. Apparently they are reluctant to frighten the

Those to whom Eugenio Siragusa is only a crackpot will
say it is all a bunch of lies. However, this would
definitely not be the opinion of the Catane prison
guards and prisoners, who witnessed a UFO landing
during Siragusa's confinement. The UFO left a
hexagonal burn mark on the prison courtyard before
going back up to the sky at an astonishing velocity.
Shortly before this incident, on the night of January
18, 1979, a prison guard saw on the prison wall "two
individuals wearing luminous cloaks, with elongated
luminous eyes, and long and pointed ears." His
testimony was in writing. The prison directors
transferred the guards involved and reinforced the
surveillance of Eugenio Siragusa.

Those events followed an unprecedented wave of UFO
sightings, witnessed and reported by many police
personnel both in Sicily and on the Italian mainland.
Thirty-five thousand cases were reported during the
two months that Siragusa was in prison. Since then,
almost none.

Several other "coincidences" took place during the
legal procedures. On June 10, 1981, the Italian
constitutional council revoked the section of the
penal code concerning mind control. This automatically
caused the charge of rape to be dropped also. So the
only remaining charge was the accusation of fraud,
which was dropped because of an amnesty decree
announced shortly before the trial. Therefore, the
case appeared to be closed before being brought to
trial. However, Siragusa refused to benefit from these
arrangements, insisting that the trial take place so
that his innocence could be clearly proved.

On April 5, 1982, in the Catane court room, the
prosecutor went over the case point by point and asked
that Eugenio Siragusa be released.

The defense attorneys went along with this, but were
thus prevented from presenting the strong evidence for
his innocence, or any of the 550 character witnesses,
many of who had come from different countries.

After five minutes of deliberations, the court
declared that there had not been any crime, that
Eugenio Siragusa was innocent, and was released.

Justice had been rendered. However, there remained the
damage done by a vicious media campaign of defamation
of character in which many media organizations
participated. Some of them had even attacked him
before the accusations were made. French media
organizations also participated in this defamation of
character, some going so far as to accuse him of being
the chief of a sect of assassins. The day after the
trial an Italian newspaper editorialized that "It was
one of the most vicious legal and journalistic
persecutions ever made against a man who had done
nothing more than to publicly state his beliefs."

It's a completely different type of person revealed to
us today by Victorino del Pozzo of Spanish radio and
TV: a man whose only crime was to say he was in
contact with extraterrestrial beings, and to spread
their messages of justice, peace, love, and fraternity
in a world dominated more each day by injustice, war,
and hate. -- Eric Dosnon.

The three books:

  • Siragusa, Messenger of the Extraterrestrials
  • Siragusa, the forerunner
  • The truth about the Siragusa Case

    "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has!"

    Margaret Mead



The 1965 Brooksville, Florida Case
John Reeves: First Man on the Moon
by Billy J. Rachels,
Director UFO Bureau
From Alternate Perceptions Magazine
Brent Raynes, Editor

Before there was Gulf Breeze there was Brooksville, Florida, known as the UFO Capitol of the world during the 1960s and 1970s. In 1968 I got into radio broadcasting and ended up working the Neal Armstrong landing in 1969, airing the Mutual Network coverage of it on WCNH AM/FM in Quincy, FL. Shortly after that, I heard about a man in Brooksville saying he was the first man to set foot on the moon. In 1970 and 1971 I would go to see him and the landing site, his moon dust and plaster casts of footprints.

Our story begins when a former steelworker from the cold North decided to retire to sunny Central Florida. Born John Frank Reeves -- in 1961 he bought a small house on highway 50 located 10 miles wet of Brooksville and not too far from the Gulf of Mexico. Mr. Reeves, who is one of the most overlooked contactees of all time, is a simple and honest man with a limited education. His favorite form of exercise is taking long walks behind his house in the sandy, hilly countryside. It was on one of these leisure walks that he had his first encounter with beings from outer space. The date was March 2, 1965, and between 1965 and 1971 he would have a number of encounters with the Space People (as he would call them).

On that day back in 1965, it was mid-afternoon, about a half mile from his home. Just as he topped a sand dune he saw an amazing sight. Approximately 100 yards away was a disc-shaped object sitting on the ground with four stilt-like legs. Mr. Reeves described the object as a disc with a dome on top, a dull, silvery-gray color. He estimated the diameter at 40 feet, 8 to 9 feet at its thickest point, and the distance from the edge of the disc to the ground was approximately 3 1/2 feet. John Reeves later would build a full size wood model of the saucer in his back yard. It really grabbed your attention as you drove down the highway.

Now, back to the encounter. John had never seen anything like this before, and he moved with caution. As he approached the strange craft he noticed a figure about 25 feet from the saucer. He said it appeared to have a tight, luminous skin covering the entire body. Later, he thought it may have been a robot. The being turned suddenly around and started moving toward John, pulling from its side a small square object, similar to a camera. The being held the device at chin-level, then pushed a button that caused an extremely bright flash. Mr. Reeves attempted to run away, but tripped over a bush and lost his glasses. Lying on the ground, he watched the being as it picked up the glasses and gave them to him. (!) By this time, John was quite upset. As the being made its way back to the ship, it dropped two pieces of paper onto the ground, then entered the object via a slat-like stairway on the underside. Mr. Reeves then described something that he will never, ever forget. The Saucer began rotating counterclockwise, slowly at first, then faster as it rose gradually and finally left the area at a high rate of speed.

ill. from a case in Sweden i -46 where the  man got information from them that he later could make an industry out of on plant-pollen.

Sometime later, he took the thin papers with what appeared to be writing on it to the local radio station. They interviewed him, and then called the Air Force. The Air Force confiscated the papers, and several weeks returned to him a different type of paper with no writing on it of any kind.

The local sheriff and newspaper editor said they found Mr. Reeves to be a normal, sincere and honest man. After some more sightings were made in the area -- one being very low-level -- the Air Force brought in some high-ranking officers and some special equipment, then closed off the entire area to everyone, including the sheriff and members of his staff. The Air Force later declared the sighting a hoax.

Mr. Reeves would have more sightings and contacts with the Space People. His most outstanding took place on August 6, 1968, almost a full year before Neal Armstrong landed on the Moon. Responding to an unexplainable urge to go to the same part of the woods where he had encountered the saucer, he saw the same type of ship, and met with the Space People for several hours. He asked them all types of questions. He said they spoke English, as well as other languages. They told him their ships were made of a super strong substance, much stronger than steel but lightweight like aluminum. He went on to describe the beings as beautiful, slim, tall, with smooth skin and features similar to Orientals, but only slightly. They wore tight-fitting, one piece jumpsuits, and appeared to be in their 30s, though they claimed to be much older. The Space People asked him if he would like to take a trip to the Moon. John quickly said yes, as he felt he could trust them.

The entire trip (there and back) took a little over six hours. They landed on the dark side of the Moon, where he found their base enclosed in a large, transparent dome, under which he was able to walk comfortably in his short-sleeved shirt. Let me point out that in the last couple of years, Richard Hoagland claims to have found similar structures in NASA Moon photos.

Needless to say, being the first Earthman on the Moon, Mr. Reeves' eyes almost popped out of his head. Realizing he would need proof of his trip, he reached down and scooped up some dark gray lunar dust into a medicine bottle, and picked up an approximately softball-size crystal. Later, when he talked to scientists about his trip, he told them that the Earth was more egg-shaped than round, and that you could see light clouds on the Moon. He did not show them the dust or rock because he feared they would take his samples and never return them.

One year later, as Neal Armstrong stepped onto the surface of the Moon, he said, "The surface of the Moon ranges from chalky gray to much darker. The ground is covered in a gray dust ranging from very finely granulated to larger glasslike beads very much like earth coal." He also said you could see light clouds off in the distance, coming together, but quickly breaking up. On their trip back, they noted that the Earth was more egg-shaped than round.

I saw the dust. It was much finer than coal dust. I also looked in a book on all types of rocks and could not find anything that matched the crystal that John had let me hold, though he would not give me a sample. He kept the dust and the crystal under heavy lock and key. He would show them to almost no one, and I had to beg to see them. He also showed me a duplicate of a flag he had from their world, saying he had the real one in a safe deposit box (I never found out if that was true). The Space People told John that their home planet was called Moniheya. It was 32,000 miles around, with 30 countries, total population 15 billion.

In September 1972, the sandy deserted hills where John loved to walk and meet with the Space People were no more. Developers began removing trees and flattening hills to make way for a mobile home park. And, yes, someone does have that original landing site in their front yard.

Mr. John Reeves is now deceased, but his claim to be the First Earthman on the Moon will live forever in the hearts of researchers like myself.

EDITOR'S NOTE: (Brent Raynes) Back between 1969 and 1975, I made several sojourns to Brooksville. I met with locals, like Ramona Hibner and Eula Lewis, and heard all kinds of fascinating tales of UFOs, aliens, and Bigfoots. And, of course, I met John Reeves at his home. It was a circus. People came by while I was there, and Mr. Reeves told his story to them as he told it to me. He didn't seem to tire of telling his story over and over. He took people around his property to see a curious monument he had constructed to the Space People. Nearby was the Saucer replica that Mr. Reeves had constructed, as mentioned in the above article.

Mr. Reeves was a very nice and open man. He really did seem to believe his own stories. Ramona felt that he had been "programmed" though with certain memories by an alien intelligence, and that his memories and experiences could not be trusted as objective evidence of what actually transpired during his "encounters." And, of course, over the years details might become embellished and distorted with the frequent retelling.

Nevertheless, Brooksville indeed used to be the UFO Capitol of the Saucer World, and John Reeves was its resident Contactee celebrity!

Name:Aileen Garoutte
Location:Auburn, Washington, United States

I am retired as Director of the UFOCCI (Ufo Contact Center International) however I still am very involved in UFO research. I am a hypnotist specializing in missing time cases for the abductees.



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