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(it is to remark that this case is one of the examples that Semjase | alt |
 said was telepatic transfered from the THE NEGATIVE PLEIADIAN GROUP SHE CALLED 
"THE GIZEH-INTELLIGENCE-GROUP" - in the purpose to hypnotize the religious people
into blind faith. Read and judge yourself - I still find much of interest here. rø)
Source Of Information: The Reinhold O. Schmidt Story. Cosmic
Secrets Exposed. Edge of Tomorrow. The True Account of Experiences
With Visitors From Another Planet.
"My life was a normal one, by average world standards, until November 5, 1957. At that time an experience took place which I never dreamed would happen to me. I was born on February 16, 1897, in Kenesaw, Nebraska, of German-American parents. However, my home and business are now in Bakersfield, California. My daughter and her family live in Livermore, California, and my two sons who are also married, live in Woreland, Wyoming. As a salesman and a grain-buyer, I have spent much time traveling for a Brawley, California firm whose operations also extend to corn-picking and shelling in Wilcox, Arizona. However, my travels have taken me mainly to the middle west, in negotiations with grain-growing farmers. Perhaps all my excursions had something to do with my being contacted by beings from another planet, for certainly there would not have been a similar opportunity if I had worked at a regular office job. Many of you will believe, and others will laugh at, my claims of these contacts. Especially fantastic to some people is the fact that I was subsequently taken for rides in their space craft. Not only are these things true, but also, these wonderful people from another world have taught me more about our own planet Earth than I could possibly have learned through the usual channels of books, newspapers, radio and television. My experiences since 1957 are recorded in the Congressional records of the United States. It may surprise you to know that the Pentagon in Washington, D. C., there are five offices with a personnel of twenty-five men and women who work exclusively on reports concerning Unidentified Flying Objects and allied subjects. Since my first contact with a space ship and its six occupants from another planet, I have lectured all over the United States and Canada. Before that unexpected encounter, I had never been a "Flying Saucer" fan. I had, however, heard and read of people who claimed personal contact with space beings. My reaction was: maybe they're true; maybe not. I kept an open mind. But I had always been a man who kept his feet on solid ground, with little time for delving into subjects that were out of the ordinary. happened to ME!

The Kearney Incident
 On a misty November 5, 1957, I finished my work about 2:30 p.m. It had been a busy day of inspecting fields of milo and corn a few miles from Kearney, Nebraska, which is about thirty miles from Kenesaw, my birthplace. (incidentally, Kearney is the exact center of the United States, being just 1,733 miles from both San Francisco and Boston.) I was driving near an old sand bed on the Platte River, and close by was an abandoned farm house. It seemed like a good place to turn my car around but, as I started to do so, there was a brilliant flash of light a short distance ahead. I drove on to investigate what I thought might be someone blasting trees, although I had heard no noise. Within a hundred feet of the river bank my car engine suddenly stopped. I turned the ignition off and on several times, thinking that perhaps the battery had gone dead or that maybe the rough road had jiggled some wiring loose. As I started to get out of the car to check the engine, I noticed something ahead that appeared to be a large, half-inflated balloon. When I walked toward it, skirting a clump of willow trees and tall grass, it was obvious that it was not a balloon, but great, silvery craft which seemed to be made of some kind of metal, such as polished steel or aluminum. It was resting on what I later found out to be four hydraulic rams serving as landing gear, but it looked like some sort of balloon more than anything else. As I came within about thirty feet of it a thin stream of light, about as big around as a pencil, shot out from it and hit me across the chest. It seemed as if I were suddenly paralyzed; I could not move. Maybe I was only scared stiff but, before I could analyze my feelings, a door in the ship slid open and two men came out of it toward me. They asked if I were armed and, although I said no, they frisked me anyway, but they took nothing from me. After regaining some of my composure and discovering that I could move again, I asked them what they were doing here, what kind of craft they had there, and where they were from. One of the men did the talking. He was evidently the leader and I shall refer to him hereafter as Mr. X. He spoke English with a German accent and said that they couldn't answer those particular questions at that time. However, when I asked to come closer in order to see the ship, Mr. X invited me aboard since, he said, they couldn't leave for a few minutes anyway. He said that I could look around inside but not to touch anything.

Inside The Ship Besides the leader, there were three men and two women in the ship. The women were sitting behind a big desk on which there was a large frame which enclosed what looked like a viewing screen At the same end of the ship were four columns of colored liquid: red, green, blue and orange. These tubes were approximately 4 and one half feet high and 6 inches in diameter. The ladies seemed to be watching the liquid very closely as it moved slowly up and own, like the pistons in an automobile. The three men were working on an instrument panel that filled one side of the room I saw one of them clipped off some short wires. The panel was filled with clocks, dials, buttons and switches. In the center was a large screen which looked like our television screens, but it was not working while I was there. The walls of the ship were about a foot thick and looked glassy. Oddly enough, I could see through them ...the sky, the surrounding scenery, even the weeds and brush beneath us were visible! But, I remembered, looking at the ship from the outside it seemed to be made of solid piece of metal. There were no portholes or windows. The only opening was the doorway. All of these people had dark hair and what looked like sun-tanned skin. The men were about five-feet- eight inches tall and weighed about 170 pounds. I guessed the ladies' weight at about 120 pounds, and they were about the same height as the men. They wore light-colored blouses, dark shirts and shoes with medium heels. Both the men's and women's clothing were similar to what we find here on our streets. Any one of them could have walked unnoticed among our people. The instrument panel had no name or identification which might have disclosed the place of manufacture, but I did notice some Arabic numerals and some Roman numerals on it. However, there were no other figures or letters on any kind on either the inside or the outside of the ship. Another thing that fascinated me was the way the crewmen glided, instead of walking, across the floor when they stepped back from the instrument panels! It seemed as though they were on a moving sidewalk, although I saw no moving parts .... and when I tried it, it didn't work! I wondered if hey had something special on their shoes. When these people spoke among themselves they used high German, which I happen to understand, as I graduated from a school in which both German and English were taught. I could speak read and write German at the time, and I still speak and understand it fairly well. But these people all spoke to me in English with a German accent. Mr. X asked me if I knew anything about the United States' satellite program. When I replied that I did not, he said, "They're planning to send up some satellites, but the first two will never leave the ground. The third will go up, but it won't send back data." This prophecy has since proved true. The results of those flight were printed in newspapers all over the country. After I had been inside the ship for about half an hour, one of the men who had been working on the panel said to another, " "Wir sind fertig," which means "We are finished." Mr. X said to me, "You will have to leave now." I was relieved to hear that because, frankly, I had been a little bit concerned about ever getting off that ship again! As I stepped onto the ground, the motor started. It sounded like a large electrical one, and it became quieter as it worked up momentum. It ran a few seconds and then the ship took off...straight up in the air! About 12 feet off the ground it turned pitch black. Then at about 100 feet it turned a bluish-green and headed southwest. There was a brilliant flash, and then the ship absolutely disappeared before my eyes! I estimated the ceiling of the clouds that day to be only about 800 feet, but the ship had vanished at about 150 feet. A county official told me later that the craft had stalled a tractor, two cars, and a large truck..all of which had been beneath the path of the ship during its takeoff. During my first visit aboard the strange craft I had been told not to try to start my car until the ship was out of sight, and that an attempt to do so would be unsuccessful. Now I realized why my car had stalled earlierwhen I first approached the ship.


A Matter Of Record
It was about 3:15 p.m. when I returned to my car. I turned around and headed for Kearney. Suddenly, the significance of my experience hit me full force. I shook so violently that I had to stop the car and try to pull myself together. Should I report what had happened or just keep quiet about it? I was afraid that no one would believe me and that I might even lose my job. Then I remembered both a radio and a television announcement that the government wanted volunteer skywatchers to report Unidentified Flying Objects. I decided that it was my duty as a citizen to report the whole thing. First, I went to my minister's home to tell him about it and to ask his advice. He wasn't in. Then I drove to the Kearney police station and asked to see the Sheriff, but he was on vacation. The desk clerk called the Deputy Sheriff at the courthouse and made an appointment for me to meet him there. When I finished telling him everything that had happened that afternoon, he said, "Let's get out there." We went in his car. On the way he remarked, "This is quite a coincidence. Did you hear the siren blow at noon today?" "Yes," I said, "I was in my hotel room and thought there was a fire." "No," he replied, "someone called and reported a strange object in the sky, moving toward Kearney." When we reached the place where I had seen the ship, we saw imprints of the four hydraulic rams on the dry bed of the Platte River. We also noticed some oil was a dark green color, fine textured and sweet smelling. However, I could not be positive that it had come from the ship. I suggested to the deputy that we rope off the area and post some guards, but he felt that other officials should first have a chance to investigate the matter. When we returned to Kearney, he reported everything to the Chief of Police. The Chief asked me to accompany him to the site and also requested that the City Attorney and a reporter from the local newspaper go along, too. The next time we went out to the area of the strange ship's landing, the five of us drove in a police car with the siren going full blast all the way! Everyone saw the imprints of the craft and the oil in the sand, and all agreed that there had been some kind of a large object there which had made the impressions. The deputy and I stepped off the distance between the prints and we estimated that the ship had been about 100 feet long and 30 feet wide. I guessed its height to be about 14 feet. When I suggested again that we rope off the area and report to someone in higher authority, they said it would not be necessary since all five of us were convinced that a large ship had landed there. We gathered some of the greenish oil in a small mustard glass which we found on the river bank. The Chief of Police said he would have it tested. Then we drove back to town and they dropped me off at the Fort Kearney Hotel, where I was staying. At last, I thought, I've done my duty...told them everything that happened. Now I can relax. (Little did I realize that this was only the beginning of chain of circumstances which made me almost regret that I had reported the occurrence. Yet, it was to lead to some of the most incredible experiences of my life.) I sat down in the lobby to watch television. Shortly, the local program was cut off for a special news flash: "SPACESHIP LANDS AT KEARNEY, NEBRASKA!! I was very much surprised because nothing had been said to me about making an announcement over the air. In fact, I had not even referred the object as spaceship, because I didn't know what it was. I thought that perhaps it might have come from Russia, and that it was manned by a crew of German scientists getting data on the first Russian Sputnik which had been launched about a week before. Within a half hour or so the Chief of Police called me to ask if I would come over and help answer the deluge of telephone calls. He was swamped! Reporters, photographers, citizens and officials were all asking for information. When I got to the police station, the Chief turned his office over to me. There were two telephones which rang incessantly and I did my best to handle them. The Chief took calls in the outer office. There was absolute bedlam for about sixteen hours! Photographers and newsmen came in from surrounding cities and even form other states. At 9:00 p.m. the Chief of Police and I were interviewed on a local radio station, and at 10:00 a.m. we appeared on a local TV station. These programs were also released on national radio and TV networks. The crowds of curious and interested people who flocked to Kearney caused a traffic jam for blocks around the police station. Inside there was "standing room only." During the night I made several trips with various officials to the ship's landing area. The last time was at 3:00 a.m. and even at that hour, there were about thirty cars there, and groups of people were milling around. There was much activity there all night long.

The Whole Story Changes
Back at the police station we were answering phone calls and trying to keep a semblance of order. I was pretty tired after the long day of unusual events, but I had become aware of change in the manner of the officials as they discussed my experience. Not only that, but the story they were now telling no longer sounded the same at all! Suddenly, about 6:00 a.m. they asked me to say that my experience had not happened at all, and that it was a lie! They even asked that I change my story to match theirs! I was dumbfounded at this turn of events. I told them that they could tell whatever story they wanted to, but that I would not change mine unless the truth would jeopardize the security of the United States They had no answer for that! Then the Chief of Police asked me if I would submit to a test on the lie-detector. "Not now," I said. "I'm hoarse from talking for sixteen hours and I'm very tired. However, I will take a test after I have had a few hours of rest...if the other fellows will take one, too!" There was no reply! When I indicated that I wanted to go back to my hotel room to get some sleep, the Chief of Police said that I couldn't because they were going to hold me. "For what reason?" I asked. They didn't know, they said, but they were just going to hold me, and they did.

To Jail Without a Warrant Finally, I was allowed to go to bed...but it was in a cell in jail. In Kearney, the police station, the jail and the firehouse are all combined in one unit. So I had merely walked from the police station over to a cell in the jail, accompanied by an officer. I was not handcuffed, however, and at all times they were courteous in their dealing with me, although I was jailed without a warrant. When I got up a few hours later, I told them I was ready to take the lie-detector test, but they said then that it wouldn't be necessary. Later, while discussing the situation with Major Wayne Aho, he told me that I had been completely within my right to refuse to take a test while I was in a state of fatigue, stain and hunger. However, I am still willing to take the test if the Kearney officials will do the same. So far, there have been no takers! ****
  About 10 o'clock that same morning, the County
Attorney came to see me.  He said that they had 
evidence which proved that my experience was untrue and 
that I might just as well make up my mind to say so!
He had with him two oil cans, one of which was found
within a few feet of the spot where the ship "supposedly
  The other can, open and half full, was of the 
same lot number and, he said, was found in the trunk of 
my car with the can opener beside it! Now who would
leave an uncovered can half full of oil, standing in the 
trunk of his car?

  I told him he would have to think of a better one
than that.  Either he or I could not see, or else all the 
officials of Kearney were blind, as well as five or six
hundred other people who had walked up and down 
the river bed all the previous afternoon and night.  The 
first oil can was supposed to have been found just that 
morning, within a few feet of the place where the ship
had been standing."  I suggested that the fingerprints
be taken off the cans that were found but, as far as I 
know, nothing was ever done about them.

  I seemed to me that the County Attorney looked a bit 
sheepish.  I brought to his attention the fact that the cans
which he had showed circular holes, and that the can
opener I carried in my car cut a triangular hole.  Also,
the two cans in question were the Veedol brand.  The 
oil cans I carried then, (which are in my car), are
RPM and Skeiiy (JW  Sp?).  A local radio announcer told me 
subsequently that the Veedol Company had announced that 
they sold more than five thousand cans of oil a day, and 
they wanted the public to know that their oil did not 
smell!  Later, I discovered that some of the oil had been 
poured out into the trunk of my car and over my laundry.

  Two Air Force officials had arrived in Kearney during
the night from Colorado.  The next morning about eleven
o'clock, November 6th, I was taken over to the police 
station to talk with them.  They recorded my whole
experience on a tape as I told it to them.  During this 
session, one of the Kearney officials happened  to wonder
out loud just how the ship could go straight up when
it took off.  One of the Air Force men forgot himself for 
a moment and admitted, "Oh, we know all about that."

  Soon after that meeting, some of the local officials
went back on radio and television and announced that 
my experience was a hoax.  I was confined to jail again
and was allowed no telephone calls or outside contacts.
I was told sometime later that my employer had tried to 
reach me for three successive days, via person-to-person
calls, but to no avail.

  On November 7th, two days after my encounter with 
the ship, it was suggested that I have a mental test.
I asked permission to call by brothers so that they could
bring me an attorney, but my request was denied.

  "We have good attorneys here in Kearney." I was
told.  Running through a list of attorneys in the phone
book, an official pointed to one and said, "Here's a 
good fellow."  They called him in and I found out that
he was the Assistant City Attorney.  His first words to 
me were, "We don't believe your story and we want 
you to change it!" (And this was the person they wanted 
to "defend" me!)

  "Well I have news for you," I said to him. "If that's
the way you feel, I don't want you for my lawyer!"
The following day it was announced in the paper that 
I had an attorney of my own choice!

In A Mental Hospital About eleven o'clock that same night, November 7th, I was called to a meeting of a mental-hearing board, consisting of the Chief of Police, the County Attorney, the District Court Clerk, the Deputy Sheriff, and a doctor. The meeting was held behind locked doors in a room above the fire department. (A local radio announcer heard about the meeting and wanted to attend, but he could get no information from anyone until it was all over. Then he had to glean what he could from a policeman who had not even been there) The doctor asked me three questions at the hearing: 1. "How do you feel about the people of Kearney, Nebraska?" I assured him that I had no hard feeling toward anyone. 2. "Do you still maintain that you saw that ship?" I told him I certainly did. 3. "Are you willing to go to a mental hospital and take some tests? I told him no, I didn't not wish to go to the hospital, but if they insisted on my going, they would have to pay the bill! About fifteen minutes later I was on the way to the hospital in Hastings, Nebraska, accompanied by the Chief of Police, The County Attorney and the Deputy Sheriff. They kidded me about the nice rest I was going to have with lots of pretty nurses around! "Well fellows," I said, "you can have your fun now I'll have mine later." I was admitted immediately. The didn't waste any time! During my stay in jail an item had been printed in the local paper to the effect that my wife and my brother had had me committed to a mental hospital. This was entirely untrue, and my family demanded, and got, an immediate retraction. One of the officials had called my brothers, one in Hastings, and the other in Grand Island, and had told them that I was a suicidal risk, and that my tie, belt and shoe strings had been removed from my cell. There was absolutely truth in these statements As for shoe strings, I had been wearing boots which had no strings at all. Not one thing was removed from my cell, not even my razor. My brothers were also told that I had been smoking marijuana! The truth of the matter is that I do not smoke at all. I have never been a smoker. Both of my brothers said they couldn't figure how I could have gotten "mentally ill" so fast, since I was perfectly all right when I had dinner with them and their families the previous Sunday. The officer then admitted that there were no grounds for holding me, and suggested that they (my brother) bring an attorney and a sheriff, and commit me to the mental hospital themselves! My brothers refused to do this, on the advice of their attorney. He said that he had been following the case all along and that it had gotten too big for the authorities to handle and now they wanted to wash their hands of me and the whole thing. "Besides," he added, "if you commit Smitty, the responsibility for such an error will be on you heads. And if I know Smitty, he'll get out this all right." About ten o'clock the first morning of my stay in the hospital, I appeared before a panel of about thirty people, consisting of doctors, nurses and other staff members. After answering questions for twenty minutes, I was invited to ask any questions that I might care to. But I had none to ask. Then I was excused from the session. I went to the recreation room to watch television. The doctor who was assigned to me came in a little later and asked why I thought I was sent to the hospital. "I don't know," I said. "It wasn't my idea in the first place." He said they would have to give me some tests, and I said I thought that was the general reason for my being there. Thereafter, for almost two weeks they tested me thoroughly. During the second week they did an encephalogram, a test made on a machine which records brain waves. Four days later the same test was repeated. Then I learned that the charts had been so regular that they had thought something was wrong with the machine. About the twelfth or thirteenth day I appeared before the board again. The hospital superintendant asked if they wanted to question me further. Only one person had a question. It was: "What would you say if we kept you here for a year or two and gave you treatments?" I replied, "I think you doctors are smarter than that. You know very well that I don't need any treatments." The same day my employer from Brawley, California came to the hospital to see me. Since he had been unable to reach me by phone, after three days of trying, he had finally decided to fly there to find out what was going on. In the hospital, as in jail, I had not been permitted to make any telephone calls, unfortunately for my business activities. Major Wayne Aho, Ret., director of a civilian UFO research group call Washington Saucer Intelligence, told me later that they had called me at the hospital and had been told that "We have to protect Reinhold Schmidt from the public, and the public from him!" My boss vouched for my sanity and stability. My Los Angeles employer sent an affidavit to the hospital, vouching for my business judgement and my honesty, and stating that, in all the time I had bought thousands of dollars worth of grain for his company, there had never been any reason to doubt my ability or question my character. I was released for the hospital that day. In all fairness, I must say that on the whole, my stay there was not too unpleasant. They gave me a private room, and I got along well with the nurses and doctors...except for one psychiatrist. One morning he had come to talk with me. "I'm going to ask you some questions," he said, "and I want you to answer with the first thing that comes into your mind, whether if answers the question or not." "Who was smarter," he asked, "George Washington or Abraham Lincoln?" "I really don't know," I replied. " I wasn't even born then!" The next question was: "If you weren't a human being, what would you rather be?" "I'd rather be a psychiatrist!" I said. With that he slammed his notebook shut. I asked if there were any more questions. "No," he said, "Our records don't stand up in court anyway."

                    I Ride In A Spacehsip!

  Since my first encounter with the people in the strange
metal ship, I have learned that they always keep their
word.  During my first visit aboard  their ship, they had
said that they would see me again.  But I had not the 
slightest thought of another contact with them as I 
drove along a country road outside of Kearney, just
three months to the day after my  first experience.

  It was February 5, 1958.  I had finished looking over 
a field of grain near Elm Creek, and twenty miles
west of Kearney, and was on my way home.  I was 
driving about fifty miles per hour when suddenly my car
stopped as abruptly as if I had jammed on the brakes.
It was the same car I had been driving at the time of 
my first experience, a 1955 Buick Super. Instantly my attention
was drawn to a large silvery object hovering 
just inside the fence that edged the meadow at the side
of the highway.  It looked just like the first ship that I had
seen and I thought, well here we go again!  They've come

  I parked my car and, as I walked towards the fence,
another car approached.  There was a man, woman and 
small child in it.  They looked at me and I waved at them
to stop, hoping to have some witnesses, but hey hurried 
by.  I don't know whether they saw the ship or not.

  As I climbed over the fence, the door of the ship 
slid open and there was Mr. X!

  "Greetings, Reinhold," he said in his pleasant voice.
"It is nice to see you again.  We would like to talk with 
you."  Then he invited me aboard and offered to give me 
a short ride since, he said, it would cause too much commotion 
if they remained by the roadside to converse 
with me. 

  You can imagine how intrigued I was with the prospect 
of a ride in their craft!  My mind was whirling with
a dozen thoughts...They even knew my name!  But 

  Immediately after that the ship rose straight up in the air.
When we were about 150 to 200 feet in the air. Mr. X said,
"If any of your friends are watching now, they will not be
able to see the ship."  Yet, again, I could see the entire
countryside through the walls.

  I asked what power they used to propel their ship and 
he said, "We get our power from the Sun and from the 

  Sitting in the ship was as comfortable as being in my 
own living room.  There was no sensation of movement at 
all during the flight, nor was there nay during the ascent,
or, later, in the descent.

  Presently we landed on the dry sand bed of the Platte
River, about twelve miles west of the place where I had
first seen them.

  Incidentally, both times the ship had landed on what
is called accretion land.  It is ground that cannot be 
privately owned or sold.  It can only be leased by the owner
of the adjoining land.  At one time, this particular area
was part of the river bottom and was filled with water.
Later the river channel was deepened and narrowed by
man, the water was drained off, and the grass, shrubs, and 
trees began to grown on this part of the river bed.  I have
wondered since if, perhaps, these people purposely
chose this land so that they would not be trespassing on
private property.  

                Three Important Questions

  I was puzzled as to what these people could possibly
want with me, Now that we had reached the relative
seclusion of this quiet spot, Mr. X turned to me.

  "Now, Reinhold, we want to asts of people in the 
course of my work, and was able to get opinions from 
people in many works of life.  I hoped that, when Mr.
X and I met again, the answers I had would be acceptable
to him.

               Mr. X Calls On Me!

  In the latter part of April, 1958, Major Aho, John Otto
and I gave a lecture in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Afterwards,
several of us went to the hotel coffee shop to continue
our discussion while we had a bite to eat.

  Suddenly I felt extremely hot, as if i were almost
suffocating.  I excused myself and went outside for some
air. My attention was immediately drawn to a black MG
which was parked at the curb, and who should be sitting
in it but Mr. X and one of the ladies from the Spaceship!
After we greeted each other, Mr. X asked if I would like
to take a little ride with them.  I told him I would be
delighted to and I got into the car.

  We drove about six miles down the main highway, 
then turned off the pavement onto a dirt road.  There
ahead stood a big silver Spaceship!  As we approached
it, a beam of light shot out form it. Mr. X dropped his
hands from the steering wheel, and the car was pulled
up the ramp, via the beam, into the ship.

  We didn't have a flight this time but, instead, 
remained aboard right there where the ship had landed.

  For about two hours we talked.  Mr. X very graciously
accepted the answers I gave him to the questions he had
asked.  We discussed many things, including some 
information which I do not yet have permission to reveal
publicly.  However, I want to mention this contact as a 
matter of record, and I look forward to the time when
I will be allowed to explain the reason for their visit at 
that particular time.

..To The Arctic Circle Part of June, 1958 I spent buying grain in Nebraska and Colorado. While I was in Denver, Mr. X contacted me again. He asked me if I would like to join him and the rest of the crew in a flight to the Arctic Circle, sometime in August. Would I lIKE to go! I would even skip my work for awhile in order to go! When I asked why they had chosen the arctic Circle, he said, "Let's just say it's for an educational purpose." The thought was fascinating and I looked forward to the time with excited interest! By the time August came along, my work had taken me to the West Coast. It would be no problem for my space friends to find me, since they could perceive my whereabouts at any time, merely by tuning in to my brain impulses. I was living, for awhile, in a apartment in Hollywood, California. On August 14th, there was a knock at my door. I opened it to find Mr. X, good as his word. I invited him in and we chatted for a few minutes. Then he asked me if I could be ready by that evening to leave for the Arctic Circle. I told him that I would have to make a few phone calls and then I could meet him. He suggested that I drive to my rock quarry off Highway 6, about forty miles north of Mojave. (Incidentally, my Saturian friends were instrumental in my getting into the quarry business. I have four quarries now, which they pointed out to me and helped me to acquire. They showed me how a valuable metal could be extracted from the rocks of one of the quarries. This metal is similar to that which the Saturians use in the construction of their Spaceships. When certain improvements in our social and economic systems have been made which will qualify us to associate with those people who have already learned how to work and live together in peace and friendship, then we of Earth will be able to use this metal in the construction of Spaceships in which we also can visit other planets. The quarry is in a desolate area and rather than leave my new 1958 Buick car there, I asked Mr. X if I should put it in a garage. But he said, "No, drive your car out there and we will take it aboard the ship." I wondered if the weight of the car, about two tons, would be a problem, but he said that weight was not a problem for them. After finishing my telephone business, I drove out to the quarry. The Spaceship was already there, and it was larger than any I had seen before. It appeared to be about 200 feet long, 40 feet wide, and 14 feet high. Except for it larger size, it looked just like the ship I had been aboard near Kearney. There is a large galvanized steel tank, about 20 feet in diameter, at the edge of the quarry. It was put there by the government to supply water for deer and cattle, and is fed by a nearby spring. The Saturnians had drawn off half the water in the tank, about fourteen or fifteen barrels. They needed it for use in their ship. The moment I arrived, the ramp at the fore end of the ship was lowered and I drove right up onto it. Then it was raised up and into the ship, and off we went! We left the quarry at 4:15 p.m....destination, North Pole! We stopped in Greenland for about thirty minutes, and Alaska, to check on some mineral deposits. At one time during the flight, I asked how fast the ship could go, and they said they could give me a "fast ride." For a few minutes, according to an instrument that looked like a speedometer, we went 40,000 miles per hour! Mr. X told me that the craft could go much faster, but that we would overshoot our destination if we went full speed at that time. There was no vibration at all, and I could tell by the changing appearance of the Earth below that we were really "up in the blue wonder!" The Earth looked a fuzzy blue- green, and was surrounded and almost abscured by rings of silvery haze, similar to those we see around the planet Saturn. The Saturnian space craft was a versatile machine, as I was soon to discover. It could be used not only for space and atmospheric flight, but as a boat or a submarine, on or under the water. In just one hour and twenty minutes we were over the Arctic Circle! Mr. X pointed out many things of interest. I saw a place where there had once been ice-caps over a thousand feet high. Today that area is water. This reversal was caused by the blast of atomic bombs, which so changed the atmosphere that the great ice-caps began to melt. There have been many atmospheric changes in a relatively short time. Because of these changes some of our former vast frozen areas have now become warm and tropical. The Arctic has been extremely cold for thousands of years, but now it is beginning to thaw. Continued testing of the A-bombs could further upset our weather and even our planet's stability on its axis, which unless prevented, could lead to unimaginable destruction. When you have actually seen some of these changes yourself, you realize what is happening to the surface of the Earth, and what more could happen very soon, unless something is done to change the trend of man's folly. Looking down on that boundless and changing Arctic region was an awe-inspiring, thought-provoking experience. Presently we decellerated and came down lightly on the open water. The we plunged straight down beneath the surface and descended to a depth of 350 feet, where we remained for about three hours. (I found out later that the reversible fans, one at each end of the ship, made the straight-angle plunge possible. The fans were about twelve feet in diameter.) We saw two Russian submarines in the distance. They were mapping the ocean floor in order to build bases from which missiles could be fired to any part of the world, without sound or warning. Mr. X told me that our government knew all about it and had stationed three of our submarines in the area. From the Bulletin Board of the Navy Department at Long Beach, California. ROBERT S. ALLEN REPORTS....Jan. 14, 1959 WASHINGTON -- The U. S. and Canadian navies have made a sensational sinister discovery. Off both their Atlantic and Pacific coasts they have found imbedded on the ocean floor, up to depths of 1,000 feet, more than a score of large steel radioactive devices of unmistakable Russian make. In some instances these extraordinary mechanisms were well within both the U. S. and Canadian three-mile limit. Navy authorities are certain these devices are "Position Marker", to be used by Soviet submarines for launching nuclear-armed missile attacks against U. S. and Canadian coastal cities and other targets. While only a relatively small number of these Russian mechanisms have so far been uncovered, both U. S. and Canadian officials are convinced "hundreds" more have been planted off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. It is estimated this has been done by the Soviet "fishing" and "research" vessels, freighters and submarines which have been repeatedly observed off these coasts in the past several years. The grim menace presented by these Red undersea "Position Markers: is now under urgent consideration at the highest levels. In view of the known large number of Russian missile submarines, at least 100, it is being pointed out in these strategy discussions that the submarine "Position Markers" constitute a greater immediate danger to the U. S. and Canada that the International Ballistic Missiles being developed by the Soviets. For this reason it is very possible that finding and neutralizing these sinister Soviet submarine devices may become a top-priorty naval task. Made of special radioactive steel, the Red "Position Markers" emit high-energy rays which can be detected by instruments in submarines. With these underwater devices, Soviet subs would be greatly assisted in launching nuclear missiles at particular targets without having to surface for that purpose. Naval experts point out that a fractional error of the launching point of a missile could mean a wide miss at a target hundreds of miles away. But by using the radioactive markers, Red subs could readily determine their exact postions and be greatly facilitated in executing devastation missile attacks against cities and other targets on U. S. and Canadian coastal areas. * * * Since my flight to the Arctic, the Navy Department has informed me that the Russian missile bases have been destroyed, and that Russia no longer wants an atomic war. ***
  Since my flight to the Arctic, the Navy Department
has informed me tht the Russian missile bases have
been destroyed, and that Russia no longer wants an
atomic war.

  Mr. X said that the Space People would not have
allowed the firing of the missiles, nor would they permit
an atomic war to take place.  He explained that they 
have ways of interfering with such plans, and that they 
do so only when other planets, and indeed, the 
whole galaxy, would be endangered.  Otherwise they 
do not believe in meddling with the will of the Earth
people.  They do not wish to see us destroy ourselves,
he said, but the will to change from our senseless games
of war and destruction must come from our own people.
It saddens them, he added, to see some of the things
that occur here on our beautiful planet but, because
they abide by Universal Laws, they cannot and will not
interfere with our free will, unless, in our foolishness
we also jeopardize other worlds.

  The Saturnians said that they were using a device to 
decrease the amount of radiation in our atmosphere
from atomic and hydrogen bomb explosions.  The mechanism 
is dropped from a high altitude, and it not only 
works to purify the air but it helps to nullify the action
of the bombs themselves.  You may have seen one of 
these objects.  They have ofeless, they do not travel along the ground,
hover and fly.  I couldn't help wondering if our means
of transportation didn't seem as outmoded to the Space
People as horse and buggy carriages do to us!  At least
by driving our cars they manage to get around and not 
to attract unwanted attention to themselves.


  When we reached the parking area near the Great
Pyramid, I noticed a number of small foreign cars.  There
were, apparently, may tourists visiting that day.  I don't
know whether or not there is an admission fee.  If any
of my friends paid, I didn't notice.  I was too busy being
impressed with this great "Wonder of the World,"  
which covers more that thirteen acres.  Each baseline of 
the Pyramid is 750 feet long, and it is 480 feet high,
it is constructed of huge yellow limestone blocks, each
weighing 54 tons!  (JW  The blocks vary quite a bit in 

  The engineering world has long puzzled over the 
question of how those huge blocks were cut so precisely
and lifted and put into place, and I marvelled at how
smoothly they still fitted together, after all these centuries!
Our scientists have already begun to suspect that 
this great edifice was built through the application of 
higher laws than any we have heretofore known.

  Mr. X verified these findings when he told me that 
the stones were lifted by the use of Universal Laws and 
by the forces of nature, which can even cause iron to 
float.  Obviously the ancients could make use of these
laws to neutralize gravity and thus render the stones
weightless.  The Great Pyramids, then, were built by 
levitation of the stones!

  We had only just arrived but, already, my mind was 
buzzing with fascinating new thoughts.

  I saw that tours for visitors were being conducted
through the Pyramid, but we did not join these groups.
Instead we went off in a different direction, and shortly
I realized that we were alone.  We went down through 
many subterranean corridors and made several turns
as we walked along.  In one corridor I notice off-shoot
passages leading into it, but we passed them by.  I am
six feet, two inches tall, and some of the passages were
low enough that it was necessary to stoop in order to 
get through.  There were signs about, warning people 
to watch out for low ceilings.

  As we followed Mr. X, he seemed to have a specific
destination in mind, rather than taking us merely on a 
sight-seeing tour.  I was absorbed in my thoughts, but no
amount of imagination on my part could have prepared
me for the startling revelation which was soon to confront 
us!  I don't know whether or not the ladies knew
what we were going to see, but I suspect they did.

  Presently Mr. X pulled out a small pencil-like light and 
flashed it against a section of blank wall in the corridor.
Imagine my surprise when a heavy stone door, about
three feet thick, opened gradually, just enough to let 
us pass through.  Before it opened its outlines had not 
been perceptible at all.

  As we passed through the secret door and it closed
slowly behind us, we entered a corridor about seven
feet high and five feet wide.  It was very dark and I saw
no signs at all.  As we started to walk two abreast down 
the corridor (approximately 60 feet long), Mr. X flashed 
his light into the darkness and a room at the end
gradually filled with light.  Later I recalled that
there had been no odor of mustiness, which one 
might usually expect in a room which had been closed
for a long time.

  The Mr. X made a statement which completely
dumbfounded me.  He said that this was the first time
the secret door had been opened for over two-thousand
years, and that he, Mr. X, had been the last person to 
close it!  I was faced with the staggering thought that
he was over two thousand years old!  I must have stared
hard at him.  It was difficult for me to comprehend.  he
seemed to be no more that forty or forty-five.

  I really don't know how to describe the feelings that 
overcame me. I was completely awake and more alert
and aware than I have ever been in my life, and I 
knew that this was a true experience!  To say that I felt
awe in the presence of this simple man, who was so
wise, so powerful and yet so unassuming a being
is indeed an understatement.  I do not yet know why
he revealed to an ordinary Earth man a secret that has 
been hidden from the world since the crucifixion of 

  With an effort I force my mind to dwell on our present 
surrounding.  It was then I realized that we stood
in a triangular room, and before us was the smallest
Spaceship I had yet seen.  It was circular and about 60
feet in diameter.  It could best be described as looking
like two saucer-shaped metal plates welded together
at the outer rims.  It was similar in shape to many which
have been reportedly seen by Earth people, although
most of the sightings have been of larger craft.  There
was a door on the curve of the lower plate with two 
steps leading into the ship.  We entered, and again I
was stunned at what I saw.

  There stood a huge wooden cross of what looked like
dark red wood.  The heavy pieces dovetailed into each
other and were held together with wooden spikes.  In
the end of each crosspiece was a spike hole, and down
low on the main beam was a footrest, in which there
were also spike holes. I was overwhelmed with the 
significance of what had happened on that cross, such a 
long time ago. I was thoroughly shaken... and feelings 
of horror and pity swept over me.
  On a table nearby I saw a pair of sandals and a 
robe, which was an eggshell white, linen-like material.  I
winced as I saw a crown of thorns beside it.  My friends
did not need to explain to me Who had worn those garments.
I felt heavy with sadness at the thought of man's
savagery which had taken so many forms through the 
ages, and which, unfortunately, is still rampant.

  The circular room of the sip had a desk in the center,
with what looked like control panels on one side.
There were also several chairs and a small davenport,
all of an antique style.  One large chair, plain wood
without upholstering, had arms and a high back. Mr.
X told me that --sus sat in that chair when He was 
taken to His home planet in that very Spaceship!

  Resting on dark wood tables were several circular 
stone bowls which were filled with precious stones of 
different sizes and shapes.  There were diamonds as big 
around as quarters!  For a moment I though how I'd 
like to have a handful.  Mr. X immediately read my
thought and remarked, "They would only bring you
trouble."  Then he told me that the jewels had been the 
gifts of the Wise Men.

  There were bolts of beautiful silks and linens, along
with objects made of gold, silver, copper and onyx.  I
noticed some long staffs, also, like the ones which are 
used by shepherds as the tend sheep.  Mr. X said that
all of these things will someday day be on display for all
the people of Earth to see.

  He went on to explain that "Jes-- left the Earth in a 
Spaceship, the very one in which you now stand.  He
did ascend into the clouds, as people claimed He did,
and as has been done by many others who understood
the Laws of Levitation and Anti-gravity.  The Spaceships
of old were able, as are those today, to condense the 
moisture in the atmosphere so as to form clouds around
them which would obscure them from view.  This was 
the case with the ship which J--us entered and which
then transported Him to the planet Venus."

  Then, as he continued, I was again startled at the 
disclosure that Mr. X was the man who had accompanied
J--us in his ship on His home flight! Then Mr. X had 
returned the ship to Earth, to be placed in that tomb
until the time when people would be ready to accept
it's astounding significance.  That will be when more 
minds are attuned to Universal Laws and Truths, which
will automatically relegate many false legends and 
ideas to the dark ages.

  In the northeast corner of the little ship stood a desk
on which there were thirty-two tablets of a heavy-quality
paper, rather dark in color.  It looked like papyrus, 
the parchment paper used by the people of olden
times to record important data.  They were about eighteen
inches across, when open.  I had expected to see 
some ancient language or symbols recorded on these
parchments, but imagine my surprise when I found the 
events of the past, present, and future there described
in modern day English, in black ink and written in a 
beautiful longhand.  As I leafed through them, I notice 
that the pages seemed to be sewn together.  Strangely
enough, the records were not musty or even dusty, yet
the room was not a vacuum.  We could breathe easily,
although there was no indication of a source of air.

  The tablets told of events of the past, from the beginning 
of the world to 1958.  From 1958, they stated,
there would be development of an unusual nature in 
many ways, until 1998.  That period would be a "preparation
for the coming of the Master."  The end of this 
present Earth cycle, it was indicated, will be 1998.

  Mr. X went on to tell us that there were other records
buried in different underground areas that have 
never yet been revealed, and which pertain to the time
beyond 1998.  I learned, also, that there was another
door leading from the room in which the Spaceship
stood, but Mr. X didn't say when it would be opened
...or by whom.

  We had been inside the Spaceship for about two
hours when my friends asked me if I wanted to make 
any more notes. (Fortunately, Mr. X had suggested that
I might want to bring along some note paper, and how
right he was)  I had made numerous notes and I replied 
that I thought I had taken down everything I needed
to, and Mr. X said, "Alright, we'll leave then."


  We had been inside the small ship, we stood
again on the crackless stone floor, surrounded by the 
white limestone wall.  I took a last look about me and,
in doing so, I noticed that the ceiling was curved, rather
than flat.  Coming again to the end of the corridor, Mr.
X flashed his little "pencil-light" toward the wall and 
the huge door opened again or us.  As we went through
into the corridor beyond, I looked back just in time to 
see the light within the Spaceship go softly out.  The 
whole room was again in darkness as the great secret 
door closed behind us.

  When we reached the surface again, we blinked for 
a few moments in the bright desert sun.  The shadows
were deepening, and my mind and heart were full.  I
didn't feel like talking and, fortunately, my companions
understood.  We got into the MG and, with a lingering
look at the imposing structure arising from the sand, we
drove back to the waiting Spaceship among the dunes.

Home, By Way of Russia Our homeward route took us over the Soviet Union, where I found out what the Saturians had meant when they had said earlier that that they would interfere, if necessary, with our continued use of atomic bombs. At the time i had remarked that the Earth people are quite stubborn, and asked how they would be able to stop them? They replied that they might have to do the same thing that was necessary with Russia: "just slap one back in your face!" Now I could see most graphically what hey meant. I saw a bomb-devastated area in Siberia. It was a hideous black scar several hundred miles long. There was absolutely nothing left in that desolate waste to indicate that here had recently been human and animal life there...Not a trace remained of former homes and the buildings, nor of trees, birds and flowers. This, then, was what had happened when one of Russia's bombs fell back on her own territory. Heaven forbid that we should bring such disaster upon ourselves! There was nothing in the papers about that colossal catastrophe, but it was shortly after it happened that we quit testing A-Bombs. According to the Space People, Russia had invited representation of all governments to inspect this devastated area. They also told me that if any country tries to use an A-Bomb, it will fall back on the territory from which it is sent. more on

John Winston.

(it seem to be an old pleiadian family-quarrel betveen differnet spiritual views -  and the 
one part run down the other - are these religious talkings from "the other view" really so 
bad as the Erra-people say...?)


Where is it written that the Giza Intelligence was linked with
the Plejarans?

Message From The Pleaides Meier/Stevens Vol 3
Page 249-263

Some of the information is extracted from some of Meier’s German books.
Vol 3 should cover about 95% of the text.

Gizeh Lineage:
Approx. 49,711 B.C.:War in the Plejares homeworld caused 70,000 refugees to flee to Earth under the guidance of JHWH Pelegon. The immigrants made several mistakes during their say. (After the revolt, the Plejaran people had now entered the cycle of final-peace for their homeworld, replacing their merciless government dictators with spiritual leaders. Now at final-peace, the Plejares homeworld and allied nations developed themselves to very high spiritual levels.) The civilization erected on Earth by Pelegon lasted 10,000 years before all was destroyed by war. During the battle, refugees fled into the cosmos, settling on far away worlds. Only a few thousand human beings from the group survived, and they fell into strife and completely degenerated into lawlessness.

38,023 B.C.: Refugees of the Pelegon era fled Earth during revolt, settling in the region of Beta-Centauri where they erected a new culture. The Earth was at peace again, avoided for 7,000 years.

Approx. 15,000 B.C.: A secret group of power-hungry scientists rose up inside the government of Atlantis to seize control, but failed. Their sympathetic allies gave them spaceships to escape, and they fled into the Beta-Centauri region also known as Barnard’s-star. In the span of 2,000 years, the evil-minded scientists built up a degenerate army, and procreated offsprings filled with hate. Semjase: “Their only desire was to gain dominion over the Earth, for which reason every single one was taught wicked intrigues and war treatment.”

Approx. 11,000 B.C.: Descendants of the Pelegon tribe that fled Earth to Beta-Centauri after their Atlantis coup attempt failed, returned with their tyrant leader JHWH Arus, the barbarian, and erected an empire in Hyperborea, the North. The power-hungry group constructed several bases at different locations around the Earth. This was the last decisive colonization by an extraterrestrial race, and the deadliest to the existing humankind. Arus beget three sons, and with his 200 sub leaders, captured regions and slowly conquered nations.

Arus’ overseers procreated Adams, Ledons and Tet-els in Middle-East, Africa 12,900 years ago, counting backwards from the year 1975 when Contact-Report #39 was recorded. After the fact, Arus took credit for himself. Genesis 1:27 (“And God created man to his own image...”) is referring to the three (semitic) races procreated by Arus’ overseers. These procreations were from hybrids (mixed races) and degenerates (depraved, forced back to primitive life) humans who were distant descendants of early settlements from Sirius, Lyra-Vega, Plejares, etc. Each overseer (sub-leader/angel) according to his race created an Adam, Ledon and Tet-el mutated being, including new forms of life that was of dwarf-like stature, giants and animal-like forms. The Earth saw many wars that left societies in ruins. Like thousands of years before, the degenerated people from strife and oppression lived like wild animals and renegade groups.

Arus’ firstborn son, Arus II, deserted from Hyperborea with his many followers and settled in the land he designated Arya, today’s India. The deserters encountered the Sumerians in the region with whom they fought a short and bloody battle.

Approx. 6,500 B.C.: After the destruction of Atlantis and Mu, JHWH Arus in his old age was murdered by his thirdborn son, Jehovan, who then took control of the empire, influencing the three earthly nations, and the Hyperboreans.

Approx. 1,423 B.C.: Jehav murdered his father Jehovan and seize control of the empire.

Approx. 1,380 B.C.: Jehav beget three sons, Asussem, Ptaah and Salam.

Approx. 1,280 B.C.: Arussem fought his father constantly in hopes of one day seizing his empire. He eventually succeeded, but his two younger brothers opposed his merciless government and were exiled.

Approx. 1,183 B.C.: Ptaah and Salam eventually seized the empire from their elder brother Arussem, and forced him and his minions into exile, from Earth, in another star-system. Ptaah and Salam of the reformed Arus Empire guided the races with help from other cosmic-races, peacefully.

Approx. 1,145 B.C.: Arussem secretly returned to Earth with his army and settled beneath the Gizeh Pyramid Complex. He and his 72,000 followers took a “behind the scenes” approach command, secretly interfering and manipulating several Earth governments nefariously. Arussem plans one world domination of governments. These elements from the Arus empire lineage formed the Gizeh Intelligence, commanded by the Bafath people who took their mission to the extreme. In complete secrecy they fulfilled their evil-minded machinations by spreading false religious teachings and deceptions, negatively influencing the mind of everyone who fell under their control.

Approx. 1,033 B.C.: Arussem was eventually forced from his empire by Jehovah, the biblical God. Semjase referred to him as Zabaoth in German, meaning “The Cruel One.”

1500 A.D.: Kamagol I was succeeded by his son Kamagol II who forcefully removed his father from power and imprisoned him, where he died miserably.

1976 A.D.: Kamagol II died on the 27th of December 1976.

1978 A.D. In the 105th Contact Report, Quetzal informed Meier that their Federation had drafted up a plan to destroy the entire Gizeh Intelligence stations on Earth, deprive them of all technology, and transport them to a faraway galaxy left to their own faith, to live out the rest of their wickedness in bondage. But said, before they could carry out the plan, they had to seek the advice of the High Council in Andromeda for approval, and if approved, the attack and seizure of the Gizeh Intelligences would start in the second half of April 1978. The Gizeh Intelligence group was deported off planet on May 17, 1978. Their stations were completely atomized, collapsing structures, filling them with sand and rock.

this last from:



dansk omtale av saken i en noe sarkastisk tone (som er typisk for de som ikke forstår sakens mangedimensjonelle aspekt - som altså tror alt er "fysisk")

utdrag fra "ufo-boken" av willy wegner

I 1957 kom en kornopkøber, Reinhold O. Schmidt fra Californien, ud for en mærkelig oplevelse. Den 60-årige Schmidt var i Kearney, Nebraska, for at besigtige nogle kornmarker nær floden Platte River. Det var midt på eftermiddagen.

Da han skulle til at køre videre, bemærkede han i en afstand på omkring 400 meter, et strålende og opflammende lys. Det så ud, som var det en eksplosion, men alligevel hørte han intet drøn. Schmidt antog trods alt, at det nok var nogle landmænd der var i færd med at sprænge trærødder, så han kørte blot.

Efter lidt tid gik hans bil i stå. Han stod ud for at undersøge den, men inden han kom helt ud af bildøren, så han noget der fik ham til atter at synke ned i sædet. Gennem frontruden så han et mærkeligt fartøj. Det lignede nærmest en oppustet ballon. Nu stod han så alligevel ud for at se på genstanden. Efterhånden som han nærmede sig så han, at det var et metallisk fartøj af en slags. Det så ud som var det fremstillet af poleret stål eller aluminium. Men åbenbart var Schmidt kommet lidt for tæt på, for en stråle skød ud fra fartøjet og lammede ham.

En åbning i fartøjet kom til syne og ud steg to mænd. De gik hen til Schmidt og visiterede ham, hvorefter lammelsen fortog sig.

Schmidt spurgte dem, hvor de kom fra, og hvad de foretog sig i deres fartøj. Det ville de åbenbart ikke svare på, men de inviterede dog Schmidt ombord.

Fartøjet, som udefra lignede metal, så indefra nærmest ud som glas. Det var muligt at se lige durk gennem rumskibets vægge hvorsomhelst. For et rumskib, det var hvad det var.

Rumskibets besætning bestod af seks personer, fire mænd og to kvinder. Schmidt antog at mændene, der var omkring 180 cm høje, vejede okring 80 kg. De to kvinders vægt anslog han til 60 kg og deres alder lå vel omkring de 40 år, mente han.

Deres hud var ret mørk, og de bevægede sig omkring i rumskibet som om de stod på et eller andet der førte dem rundt. De gik ikke på deres ben, således som Schmidt gjorde.

Reinhold Schmidt talte hele tiden med et af besætningsmedlemmerne - på engelsk. Imidlertid mente han at kunne spore en tysk accent. Og ganske rigtigt, indbyrdes talte rumfolkene tysk, et sprog som han udmærket forstod, idet han var af tysk afstamning.

Tre af mændene arbejdede ved en instrumenttavle, der var fyldt med ure, knapper og kontakter. Han kunne konstatere, at der var nogle dels arabiske, dels romerske tal på instrumentpanelet.

De to kvinder opholdt sig ved en pult med noget, der lignede et fjernsynsapparat. I samme ende af fartøjet var der også fire søjler. Søjlerne var omkring 140 cm høje og cirka 15 cm i diameter. Inde i dem var der nogle kulørte vædsker, henholdsvis rød, grøn, blå og orange, der langsomt bevægede sig op og ned.

Rumskibet var delt i tre rum. Det i midten var størst, cirka sytten meter langt og ni meter bredt. Der var fire meter til loftet. I hver ende af fartøjet var der yderligere et rum, hvert anslået til en længde på syv meter - men her måtte Schmidt ikke komme ind. Skillevæggene kunne han ikke se igennem, i modsætning til ydervæggene.

På et tidspunkt lod de ham forstå, at de skulle til at lette. De sagde til ham, at han skulle fortælle andre mennesker om hans oplevelse og deres afskedsord til ham var: - lev vel, vi ses igen!

Reinhold Schmidt stod nu udenfor og så, at rumskibet steg lodret op, ledsaget af en lyd som fra en elektrisk motor. Blot fire meter over jorden blev fartøjet helt mørkt, og skiftede til en blågrøn farve cirka tredive meter oppe. I en lysstråle forsvandt rumskibet mod sydvest.

Et efterspil

Schmidt gik atter tilbage til sin bil, der nu uden besvær kunne starte, og han kørte ind til sit hotel i Kearney. Undervejs kom der dog en reaktion. Han standsede et stykke tid og gennemtænkte hele forløbet og spekulere over, hvad han skulle gøre.

Ville folk tro på det han sagde? Kunne han risikere at miste jobbet?

Imidlertid nåede han frem til, at det var hans simple borgerpligt at indberette sin oplevelse, men agtede dog først at spørge en præst om råd. Men præsten var ikke hjemme. I stedet henvendte han sig til en dommer.

Dommeren fortalte bagefter, at man tidligere havde modtaget en indberetning om, at et mærkeligt objekt var blevet set i retning af Kearney tidligere på dagen. Politiet havde undersøgt sagen, og nu huskede Schmidt, at han havde hørt udrykningssirener da han ved middagstid opholdt sig på hotelværelset. Altså før hans egen oplevelse.

Sammen med dommeren kørte han ud til landingsstedet. Her fandt de fire aftryk efter støtteben samt en grøn olieagtig substans, der havde en behagelig duft. Senere blev området afspærret. Der blev taget prøver af substansen og de vendte tilbage til byen. Schmidt blev sat af ved hotellet. Han mente, at nu var den sag ude af verden - han havde som en god amerikaner gjort sin borgerpligt.

Men Schmidt skulle blive klogere. Det hele var kun lige begyndt!

Da han senere på dagen sad og så fjernsyn i hotellets forhal, blev det normale nyhedsprogram afbrudt, og det blev meddelt at et rumskib var rapporteret landet nær Kearney.

Efter denne tv-udsendelse fik Schmidt noget at tage sig til. Alle rev og sled i ham for at høre, hvad han havde oplevet. Det lokale politi bad ham komme hen på stationen for at besvare telefonforespørgsler. De næste seksten timer tilbragte på politichefens kontor sammen med to tv-medarbejdere for at besvare spørgsmål. I løbet af aftenen optrådte han i både radio og fjernsyn sammen med politichefen.

Folk strømmede til fra nabostaterne, og der var angiveligt nærmest trafikkaos omkring politistationen. Således forløb natten mellem den 5. og 6. november.

Hen under morgen forlangte myndighederne at Schmidt skulle ændre sin forklaring. Det nægtede han. De spurgte så om han var villig til at lade sig undersøge med en løgnedetektor. Det ville han godt, men han ønskede mest af alt at få hvilet ud efter den hårde nat. Da han skulle til at gå over til hotellet, meddelte politichefen, at han kunne betragte sig som anholdt. Nogen begrundelse fik han ikke.

Reinhold Schmidt sov i fængslet i et par timer og om formiddagen den 6. november fik han besøg af en sagfører.

Denne sagfører erklærede, at Schmidt godt kunne ændre forklaring nu, for man havde fundet beviser på, at han løj. Schmidt blev fortalt, at man havde fundet en tom oliekande nær landingsstedet, og at leveringsnummeret på den passede med en oliekande fundet i hans bil. Imidlertid var Schmidt sikker på, at dette "bevis" mod ham var "plantet". Hans kandeåbner lavede trekantede huller, mens hullerne i de kander, man havde vist ham, var runde. Desuden var de ikke af samme mærke som dem han plejede at bruge.

Senere på dagen dukkede der to officerer op i hans celle. De kom fra flyvevåbnet, og ønskede at optage hans beretning på bånd.

Dagen efter, altså den 7. november, begyndte man at snakke om, at Schmidt skulle mentalundersøges. Han bad om tilladelse til at ringe efter sin egen sagfører, men det blev afslået med den begrundelse, at man skam også havde dygtige advokater i Kearney.

Samme aften blev der afholdt et retsmøde bag lukkede døre. Et kvarter efter mødet var slut, og hvor Schmidt havde fastholdt sin forklaring, var han under transport til sindsygehospitalet i Hastings, Nebraska.

Der blev han tilbageholdt i to uger, men man kunne ikke erklære ham sindssyg. Han blev godt nok behandlet, har han fortalt, men han brød sig ikke om den stedlige psykiater.

Schmidts arbejdsgiver dukkede op og garanterede for, at Schmidt var fuldt ud normal og pålidelig. Endelig slap han ud af saksen, og kunne genoptage sit job og daglige liv.

Da han ikke havde gjort sit arbejde i Kearney færdigt, flyttede han atter ind på hotellet. På sin arbejdsgivers foranledning indrykkede han følgende annonce i den lokale avis: "Den forrykte kornopkøber fra Californien er atter i området og vil gerne byde på Deres korn. Det vil blive afhentet på Deres gård i 20 tons lastbiler. Ring til mig på Hotel Fort Kearney. Reinhold O. Schmidt, Brawley, Californien."

Og så skete det igen!

Den 5. februar 1958 var Reinhold Schmidt atter på Kearney-egnen. Denne gang i nærheden af Elm Creek, omkring 32 km vest for Kearney. Igen fik han øje på det fartøj han havde været inde i, og hans huskede så ordene: - lev vel, vi ses igen!

Denne gang blev Schmidt inviteret med ud på en svævetur. Fartøjet steg nemlig bare 50 meter op i luften, og holdt sig svævende der. Han fik at vide, at ingen nede på jorden under dem kunne se fartøjet. Modsat kunne de selv iagttage alt hvad der foregik nede under dem.

Rumfolkene bad nu Schmidt om at finde svar på tre vigtige spørgsmål:

  • Hvad ville man gøre i USA, hvis man fra andre planeter ville sprænge atombomber eller lade kunstige satelliter flyve rundt og gribe forstyrrende ind på radio-, fjernsyns- eller lignende udstyr?
  • Hvilken last medførte det fly der på vej fra San Francisco til Honolulu styrtede ned i Stillehavet?
  • Hvordan ville jordboerne reagere, hvis en flåde af rumskibe landede i en venskabelig mission. Ville de blive modtaget som venner?

De lovede Reinhold Schmidt, at de nok skulle kontakte ham, når han havde svarene. De ville altid kunne finde ham, ved at styre ind på hans hjerneimpulser, blev han fortalt.

Svarene på spørgsmål 1 og 3 sagde sig selv, mente Schmidt. Men med hensyn til det andet spørgsmål, så havde han fået ufo-organisationen NICAP(National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena) til at sende sig nogle udklip om sagen. Heraf fremgik det, at flyet med de 44 passagerer, var styrtet ned af uforklarlige årsager, cirka 1500 km nordøst for Honolulu. Flyet havde i lasten medbragt radioaktivt materiale. Det fremgik, at der var set mærkelige blinkende lys der, hvor flyet var på det formodede ulykkesøjeblik. Om der skulle være en forbindelse mellem flyet og de rumfolk han havde mødt, vidste Schmidt ikke.

Alle gode gange tre, indtil videre!

Sidst i april 1958 var Reinhold Schmidt atter en tur inde i rumskibet. Han var blevet afhentet på et hotel i Tulsa, Oklahoma, og blev kørt i en lille bil af engelsk fabrikat. I bilen forlod de byen og efter et stykke tid nåede de frem til rumskibet. Ad en rampe kørte de dirkete ind i fartøjet - bilen var en del af rumskibets udstyr!

Hvad der skete ved dette møde med rumfolkene har Schmidt dog aldrig fået lov til at berette. Men de har vel spurgt ham om, hvorvidt han havde fundet svarene på deres absurde spørgsmål. Om de så har kunne bruge hans svar til, vides ikke.

Nordpolen tur/retur

Senere på året, den 14. august, var Schmidt hjemme i Hollywood. Her blev han opsøgt af en rummand. Han bad ham om at køre ud til et bestemt sted, omkring 65 km nord for Mojave. Det gjorde Schmidt så.

Da han nåede frem så han et større rumskib end det han var vant til. Det var hele 60 meter langt, 12 meter bredt og fire meter højt. Men besætningen kendte han. De var ifærd med at stjæle vand fra nogle beholdere der ellers var beregnet til kvæg, som så ellers kunne få lov til at tørste. Rumfolkene skulle nemlig bruge cirka fjorten tønder vand til køling i rumskibet!

Schmidts bil, en Buick, blev kørt direkte ind i rumskibet, så den kom også ud på en flyvetur. Kurs Nordpolen!

Ved Nordpolen, under iskappen, så Schmidt mange forunderlige ting, for rumskibet kunne selvfølgelig også dykke. For eksempel så han to sovjetiske ubåde der var ved at anlægge baser på havbunden, hvorfra de kunne affyre raketter. Men dette vidste USA besked med, trøstede rumfolkene. Faktisk havde amerikanerne selv tre ubåde stationeret ved Nordpolen, og udtalte rumfolkene: de ville ikke tillade affyring af raketter, det var nemlig i deres magt at forhindre det. Rumfolkene havde nemlig opfundet noget, der fungerede som en stor paraply, og som ikke blot kunne rense atmosfæren for radioaktivitet, men også ødelægge mekanismen i bomberne. Puha, sikke et held!

Oppe på isoverfalden skete der også ting og sager. Her så Schmidt noget der lignede en hel lille by, indefrosset i isen. Dertil dyr han aldrig tidligere havde set billeder af noget steds.

Men så blev Schmidt afbrudt af en rumkvinde. Hun fortalte, at hun havde brygget ham en kande kaffe, idet de var bekendte med denne amerikanske skik. Han så til sin store glæde, at der endog var tale om kaffe brygget på det kendte amerikanske kaffemærke MJB. Og så var kaffen tilmed lavet på fri energi, samme energiform som drev fartøjet.

Det kan imidlertid undre, at man så skulle bruge så mange tønder vand til køling af rumskibets fri energi-motor. Men det kan selvfølgelig være en misforståelse, og alle fjorten tønder vand være brugt til nyttig kaffebrygning.

I hele fire dage var han ombord på rumskibet. Han blev ikke klar over hvad hans venner spiste, men selv fik han nogle små vafler, to-tre stykker daglig. Det var rigeligt til at han følte sig mæt. En gang T-bone efter amerikansk skik, blev der ikke lavet - det med jordisk kaffe var åbenbart så langt man kunne strække sig!

Nætterne tilbagte de i en højde af ti kilometer - det klarede en automatpilot. Men turen fik da en ende, og efter en sikker landing kunne Schmidt trille ud i sin Buick og sætte kursen mod Hollywood.

Oppe i et moderskib

Den 24 januar 1960 blev den omkringfarende Reinhold Schmidt kontaktet på Padre Hotel i Bakersfield. De ville endnu en gang have ham med på en køretur.

De forlod byen ved ni-tiden om morgenen, men havde kun kørt et øjeblik før køretur blev til flyvetur! Bilen, fabrikatet er desværre ikke oplyst, begyndte pludselig at lette fra vejen!

Rumfolkene slettede Schmidts opfattelsesevne for at undgå at han gik i panik. Hun huskede derfor intet, før han kunne stå ud af bildøren oppe i et rumskib som så i næste omgang landede i et endnu større rumskib - selveste moderskibet.

I moderskibet så Schmidt et antal jordiske missiler, som rumfolkene havde opsnappet, fik han at vide. Dertil så han en kugleformet genstand i hvilken der roterede en klode. Han fik at vide, at det var en slags fjernsynsapparat, der viste billeder af jordens historie.

Udflugten tog ialt syv timer, og da de atter landede var Schmidt klar over, at disse rumvenner ville kunne redde vor klode ud af de ulykkelige forhold vi lever under, med krigs- og atomtrusler.

I den store pyramide

Måneden efter, den 9. februar ved ni-tiden om aftenen, blev der banket på Reinhold Schmidts dør. Atter var det hans utrættelige rumvenner, der høfligt spurgte, om han havde lyst til en tur mere i rumskibet. Det havde han naturligvis.

De kom ombord i rumskibet og denne gang gik turen til Ægypten, hvor rumskibet landede et sted i Cairos omegn. I rumskibets lille "indbyggede" mg sportsvogn kørte de dernæst ud til pyramiderne.

Schmidt så, at der blev arrangeret ture for turister ind i pyramiden - Kheops formodentlig. Men Schmidt og vennerne fulgte ikke disse grupper, men gik i stedet ind på egen hånd. De gik ned gennem de mange gange, forklarer han, og der blev foretaget flere retningsændringer mens de gik. De standsede op ved en blank mur, og rumvennen rettede en lille lysstråle mod muren. Til Schmidts store overraskelse gled en stor dør op, som atter, stille og roligt, lukkede sig bag dem. Han fik at vide, at det var første gang i de sidste totusinde år at den dør var blevet åbnet.

Det Reinhold Schmidt nu fik at se var et stort kors af træ - rigtigt gættet - det kors som Jesus blev korsfæstet på! Desuden så Schmidt ædle metaller og stene. Det blev fortalt ham, at det var fra dette sted Jesus returnerede til sin planet i et rumskib.


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vårt galaktiske naboskap, Positive sivilisasjoner i Melkeveien,
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Dette brevet inneholdt en beskrivelse av utenomjordiske sivilisasjoner
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