like this studentgirl - LYA or Elyense was very slender and quite tall - up to 1,9 m which is quite normal for those pleiadian/Lyran girls info thru space-contacts

The LYA contacts of prof. Hernandez in the 70ths - part 2

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Part here;  On the "ufo-trip" with LYA:


Then we reel some fast forward into the trip where she told him of many sci.things, and also on how there are ETbases on some objects in our sunsystem, and how the Mars' moons were "artificial". Just here she talked about how the air/oxygen problem was fixed:


"The oxygen can also be concentrated to a level sufficient for one planet, in which it is indispensable to realize experiences, where, in the scarcity of oxygen, they construct transparent cupolas out of solid titanium imbued with crystallized oxygen, which is then placed in a resupplier of oxygen. In this manner it can obtain for itself an ample supply in a determined place. The superior civilizations continually advance in their scientific plans so much that in actuality it is not necessary to concentrate oxygen in cupolas like we do it, but they transform all of the planet in accordance to it's needs. For this I tell you that it is very important that you know the principal energies of the molecule, at least you should understand - that in space all is controlled to a level of energy by inertia."

"What else have you seen in your crystal ball?" I asked sardonically and amused.

"You are no longer as sceptical as at the beginning of our friendship, and I have no crystal ball nor any other things. I, like many of my cohabitants, do not possess a sphere of crystal, but know many things about your planet because we have studied it consciously.

'You know that upon observing how you use the energy power in your world, we showed surprise and worry, because altogether, such use of that same energy, due to the scarcity of appropriate places to store it, is wasteful. Toward the end of 1986 it will be possible for your scientists to obtain new forms of energy in their laboratories, very rudimentary to be sure. (but as always -if this is so and was found "dangerous" to the money/BIGbank earth-slavery-system, it surely have been represed. R..rem) All this comes to the terrestrials, in their search for new supplies of alimentation, but that is not exactly what impels them, more likely trying to place themselves in the vanguard of knowledge to use this to their own advantage. But all is in vain if they do not possess the true knowledge of the energy that vibrates in every cell. For example, in past years we studied the British who tried to unite the cells of a chicken and yeast. In their turn the American scientists, not desiring to remain behind, tried to fuse human cells with cells of the tobacco plant. It was judged that you were doing this in the way of experiments on the cancer process, nevertheless nobody could achieve the fusion of one human cell with a vegetable cell precisely because these are not in accord in energy...

It is as if you tried to make a new and powerful weapon that would operate utilizing a fusion or combustion of gasoline and Plutonium, speaking in terrestrial terms. Illogical and unnecessary? Thus it is. For that we can also tell you that those cellular unions could be achieved if they used a stabilizer of energy. The terrestrial scientists must take into account the vibrational grade of energy. Carrots do not require such an amount of energy for their propagation as human cells. Nevertheless success will be obtained and they will encounter a protein that can reproduce itself with a minimum of care even in the most rustic of laboratories. At first it will require a minimum of solar energy,' but later those scientists will be surprised at its unusual volw each time it grows and this will be such that there will not remain rown for those scientists in said laboratories. It will be a hopeful step for the hungry. It will be experimented with first in the poor countries such as India and Nigeria, but unfortunately this also will provoke dependency, and the producing country could come to be a manipulator."

"Who will discover it?"

"A group of scientists."

"Can you see through time?"

"Not necessarily." She responded. Perhaps we could discover marvels in space and advance ourselves in time. The same occurs in your world when you travel. If you travel toward the east you gain a day and vice versa. We have discovered that if we align our ships toward the east we run the risk of arriving at a civilization or two before yours. One degree is perhaps sufficient to retard the process of our cycle, or of that which you call time. If we advance toward the north we can fall into the error of arriving beyond the year 2000. The Universe is inscrutable, even for us, if we do not know enough to conduct ourselves in accordance with natural law."





"Cell in Hibernation"

"You said you would tell me a secret." I said, remembering an earlier visit, which at the end of the talk had left me profoundly intrigued.

"Yes, that is true. I shall talk to you of something which perhaps you know of as electronic donation and which in our world is denominated as something that you could translate as 'cell in hibernation'. You, and I refer to your scientists, advance in this field but they still have not had enough time. The system of cloning was initiated as a means of safeguarding those civilizations on their way to extinction. The procedure to follow is to start out precisely to extract living cells and hibernate them. In space there are many races which, for different reasons, have not proliferated normally. The Earth at one time was a paradise in which lived civilizations extinct today. (as also Lobsang Rampa describes.R..rem.) It was then when the communities of superior civilizations decided to salvage some of them. When your planet offered a certain security there began to arrive more and more populations. The first were white (of Nordic type), and tall, but they had to be placed in an optimum level of climate for their survival. Some races developed better in desert climates and others developed better in cold climates. Thus, there arrived whites, blacks, coppers, yellows, etc."

"Was there already one race resident on the Earth?"

"Yes... the Egyptians who were found settled in what is now the Nile River. Each folk has to arrive at being selfsufficient. It was then when they began to train themselves to sow what they ate. Also they gave classes on the quality of alimentation that each group should have to be adequate for it's organic needs. Since all the races are distinct, each one should know it's own metabolism. The Japanese and the Chinese manifested genetic characteristics different from the black races, whose organism is adaptable to almost any climate and any alimentation. At first all went marvelously, but what was initiated with success presented problems.


After several centuries of years, the implantation of the races was no longer effective. Later, the root of the proliferation of man had grown in power and any invasion of any terrain represented war. The red and the copper races were the first to arrive and also the inheriters of the interplanetary knowledge. They had obtained such evolution, moral and social, that they were not massacred and worthily represented the man of Earth. The superior civilizations had foreseen that he who loved war would end up dominating the planet, and so it is. Once the Earth changed into a cosmopolitan planet the social type of problems began. It was evident that something was failing and that man was incapable of adapting himself socially. Every' time he presented a chaotic appearance. Each one of the integral members of the race believed he had the privilege of inheriting from his ancestors land conquered at the price of blood. The greater men of your planet have died with the idea that peace each time would be more utopic. Those men carried the primary clones in hibernation, and they began to implant clones in each group with the final result that each one of them would succeed in awakening in the terrestrial human, the consciousness of survival."

"The clone, how did you discover that something like this existed?" I asked

"Each time some prominent, or important, or valiant one, of the intergalactic community found himself in danger of dying, it would come to him and utilize one of his cells, then it would produce a new being, eliminating all kinds of infirmities."

" to what end?"

"to retain his knowledge."

"Did he achieve this?"

"Now, yes, but at first a totally hybrid being was obtained, of which they say hybrid because his cells will not serve as clones afterward. Nevertheless the conscience of universal level elevated him to a different status, without the instincts of aggression. He had almost attained to optimum individuality. Original clones (of the primitive body) were jealously guarded by the scientists, who deposited these in laboratories located in inaccessible places, for example in high mountains. They froze, these at low temperatures to the end that several centuries might pass, and they could then be converted back into thinking beings. The means by which they are perfecting the system of electronic donation, overcomes many deficiencies. For example, in actuality it is no longer necessary to deposit them in frozen places. 'today they program the clone of themselves to survive an indeterminate number of cycles of time and this, in the same manner as the memory is controlled together with the objective. This achieved through an electronic-magnetic-energetic stimulus, for which we tell you that it is important to know all of this, when we comment on your understandings. Today, when the community of superior races decide that some member of whatever race merits the privilege of eternity, they effect the donation but at a very high level, which at times not even I myself comprehend. It is said that they have separated from matter and only the memory persists in the being indescribably knowledgeable who generates his own energy. They create a chemical-electrical ambintation, similar to that required in your gestation when the determined being desires to be material."

"what does he need to be 'chosen'? 'to be like you?"

"Appropriately, no. We have ample knowledge about life. We can be pure energy or organic material. The materialization is important for those of us interested in studying the conglomeration of planets and the proliferation of human beings of diverse races. Those civilizations who obtain the knowledge of longevity, as you call the natural prolongation of life, do not necessarily desire to be 'chosen' as you call it, though in any case we desire to remain in the perspective of an eternity."

"How old are you, LYA?"

"The day I tell you my age you will not believe it. I am 900 of your years, and two cycles of arc of ours, old. Our scientists have acquired the knowledge of longevity, and utilizing it rationally they succeed in augmenting the possibility of integrating us to the Great Commuity from where has emerged great personages."

"why?" I asked. "why?"

"The life on my planet is more fascinating than you can imagine. Suppose that also on the Earth each one preferred the habitat to which he is accustomed. I travel much, dream continually of things that I see, know an infinity of knowledge, and my life has scarcely begun."

"what purpose has life?" I asked.

"Life has the objective of overcoming the confusion, when you are manifesting the antithesis of the energetic magnetic life, whether it be you or I. But not in a struggle to death, which in fact it is... what I want to say is, not in a war as you are accustomed to on the Earth. The struggle is inside, to create virtues and to correct defects.

I told you before, that life in itself as a principle is an electromagnetic state of memory. Very well, when you are born in that memory, you come as a concentrated collection of knowledge which you later 'discover' by inertia. To create a balanced aspect in your life is your true struggle. You will have to raise one grade of intelligence to a grade such that your memory will serve to prolong your survival. Because in your world they survive... struggling against the feelings and the qualities. Thus is initiated the true battle, within oneself."

"The positivism, perhaps?"

"No, rather a calm emotional state. Upon achieving this, you will realize interesting phenomena in yourself. One person who has acquired the true tranquility, (peacefulness, R..rem) emits a different flow of energy to that which continually is restless within himself. Some allow this species of monster that grows within them to dominate, some succumb, some are destroyed, some overcome, some confront and triumph. That is already programmed in your memory forever, then you will pass to a level above many. The energetic flow will accomplish changes in you and in this manner will convert you into a kind of jewel to be redeemed. But when your tendencies are of leadership, authentic director of deeds, then you will be redeemable. The communities of superior civilizations will appear to you, redeeming you according to your achievements. But look now, let us change the theme a little because I want to show you something."





Reviewing the Past and Feelings

"I must advise you that what you are going to see now, will have peculiar characteristics. You will be able to remember it only if you thus prefer it."

"Here", she said placing her hand over something that seemed to me like a tiny metal plate stuck to the wall. "This is what you desire to know not only of me, but of other persons as well. I will put my hand above and you place yours below."

I did this and there suddenly appeared one scene on a screen of some 40 x 50 centimeters. There was LYA, when she was a baby, in a room without furniture, many buttons on the wall and an enormous screen. Her parents were found in a simple laboratory with enormous windows in the roof, apparently as if they belonged to a community of interplanetary investigators.

"They are my parents." said LYA. That is the moment in which they solicited permission to engender a little girl child. The children engendered must be desired. They solicit the help of the scientists to induce a birth with all advantages for the new being."

"Through a clone?"

"No, no, no!" Assured LYA immediately. I laughed. I saw much earlier when the parents of Lya were young. "It is going back to the past." She informed me.

"Yes, is it a movie?" I asked

"No, each one of my cells, and the same with yours, remember all the past happenings of my life, and though the major archive is in the brain, all of your lives are stored in detail in all of your being. "Would you like to test it?" she asked.

"Can I ask intimate things?" I said looking at her.

"Oh..." She smiled in a manner so candid and innocent that I blushed. "Place your hand above", she said, "and I will not place mine, in a manner that we can observe only what you desire."

I placed my hand and saw the face of my daughter Norma and of Rodolfo, my elder son, looking at T.V. in his bedroom. I saw my wife reposing in siesta and desired with all my soul that she could have the 900 years of LYA and be as her, young and beautiful. LYA looked at me understanding. After that she said:

"Is that all you want to know?"

At that moment I looked to my mother, already having passed on, going and coming about her little house caring for her birds and parrots on Coyoacan. While I had my hand on that delicate plaque, all that came to my mind was converted into living images.

"LYA, what are those remembrances to you?" I asked while nostalgically observing my mother.

"'to me", said LYA, "those memories are the truth of life. In my community, memories are the living treasures of man, the emotional structures of that which is suspended in your personality and the columns of your existence."

"And for you what are the memories?" She asked.

"For me?" I answered. "Well, at times the memories are not so beautiful. If I continue with my hand on the plate observing my mother I will end up crying."

"It is not a plate." She said. "It is an ultrasensor of intercellular plasma energy. Those memories are energy active plasma. What surprises me about you, is the definition of your sentiments through your memories. That tendency to yearn for the past and see your mother, originated in yourself and since now she is no longer here, it must be brutal. Each time you succeed in controlling your emotions you increase in soul strength.

"Don't you have feelings?"

"Feelings, yes, we know how to control the negative emotions and we control and take advantage of the positives. Due to the lack of emotional control your planet is in decline. On our planet the only thing that we possess is the knowledge. If we fight for possession of territory we would be descending (into) an animal level and after all, when the existence of the beings here, who have the promise of higher life - transpires, the bodies must stay here. The Earth, like all other planets, remains in the same place. Perhaps with new inhabitants the same country will not be the same, but will be in the same place. If we do not control our emotions; ego - envy, and greed will cause us to retrogress at the cost of our emotional equilibrium. This would be a great tragedy for the people of our community."

"There is no bad on your planet?"

"Bad, precisely no. There comes to exist what one accumulates such as knowledge. Without sharing it, that provokes an imbalance but up to now I have not witnessed anything like this; at least not on INXTRIA."


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