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orig.sound-transf.from old recording where Edwin recorded the messages on a tape- some from the ship and others via his own voice. 

Their radio-transmission on the theme  'Mass evacuation in the distant history/prehistoric planet Mars'

From the rare, incredible book


By Carl van Vlierden

and Wendelle C.Stevens


This is a most remarkable account of a series of unbelievable (ongoing, -in-86) events experienced in full physical reality by a great number of sane, healthy, everyday peo­ple just like you. Unbelievable only by those who have never had first hand experiences like that described here. Entirely believable to the tens of thousands of Earth humans who have been involved in one way or another in contacts such as these. They will immediately recognize the familiarity of the nature of these unique contacts.

This particular case is of special interest because it was carefully investigated and documented by highly competent and well experienced long time UFO investiga­tors, one of whom became himself involved directly in the contacts. Carl Van Vlierden is a cautious research­er who doesn't take anything for granted. He is one who must see for himself, and that is just what he did - for years in this case. Cynthia Hind is well known as an objective investigator who strives to be scientific and spares nothing to get to the bottom of things. Together they have been unable to successfully refute the massive amount of evidence examined by them.

Consider, as you read this account, that this re­port concerns only ONE of more than 300 "Q" bases main­tained about the surface of our planet by only one extraterrestrial organization. In addition to that there are 5 "A" bases of considerably more facility having at least one assigned spacecraft and several people, and a large number of "H" bases, all belonging to the same confederation of observers.

I am aware of three other similar extraterrestrial confederations, each having Earth bases and Earth contact centers scattered about the surface of our planet, and none of them seem to be interfering with each other in any way. I do not at this time know how they are separated and avoid conflicts of interest.

This case is unique because the contacts from the extraterrestrials at times came in on an ordinary comm­ercial radio set that was modified very simply by one of the UFOnauts when he lived near the contactee close to Durban, South Africa for a time. These contacts were often observed by a number of other witnesses. The local government tried to shut down the contacts by first charging the contactee with operating an unlicensed radio station, although he had only a RECEIVER, and later they confiscated that receiver. The UFOnauts responded with direct channel voice transmissions which were more carefully guarded.

Many terms expressed here in familiar Earth lang­uage have been translated to Earth concepts as nearly as possible by a translating computer for our understanding whereas they in fact have much more profound meaning in their original tongue. Examples of such terms are; Con­federation, Commander, Command Seat, Divisions, Squadrons, magazine, solar batteries, Eros (our name for a rogue asteroid), etc.

These contacts are still going on but on a reduced frequency at this time as this is being written. Though the "A" bases are inactive at the present time, most of the "Q" bases are still receiving messages from the extraterrestrials as you read this report.

Students of the elusive UFO phenomenon frequently ask for more information on direct communications with the extraterrestrial occupants of these strange craft. This book is written almost entirely from such communi­cations recived in a highly unique and yet verifiable manner, witnessed and tested by a considerable diversity of people. The communications were carried out over al­most a 20 year period using a radio receiver at first, and because of that they were essentially one-way con­tacts. After the radio receiver was taken a sort of di­rect voice channel was developed using Edwin's physical senses to transmit and also to receive. With this method the communications became two-way and lively exchanges took place. Later still, a method of mechanically over­riding the circuitry in a portable cassette recorder was tried and was then used in conjunction with direct-voice channel through Edwin.

An expected criticism will be the near similarity of features of our life with those of the Koldasians, almost as though one of us is copying the other, or per­haps our evolutions are in fact parallel. Another possi­bility may be some of us being descended from remnants of their culture here on Earth at other times, or the return of their Earth visitors to Koldas possibly having liked and copied some of our institutions, or maybe they even influenced the development of some institutions in our world, or we in theirs. It might be noted that some primitive societies right here on Earth, that are com­pletely out of touch with each other, do have comparable ceremonies and customs. Perhaps these institutions are in a normal pattern of social development and could be expected to be found in many societies of a similar de­velopment and nature.

It may be significant that something quite similar is reported in many other extraterrestrial contact cases leading to possible conjecture that either there is a thing like cultural or evolutionary similarity taking place, or that all of these stories are simply fabrica­tions of like minds on the part of the contactees. Per­haps they all tune in to the same idea pattern in con­sciousness.

From a study of a number of contactee cases one can find quite definite patterns. For example, most cases involving human extraterrestrial beings have many sim­ilarities in form, custom and institution. Even the pat­terns of reason, concept and behavior have similarity ore any resemblances could be compiled from the case data on the human Koldasians, UMMOans, Norkins, Centaurians, Vegans, Baavians, Pleiadians and many more. A similar list of divergences could be compiled for those specific non-human intelligent beings from Reticulum, Koshnak, larga, Orion, etc. If this were only a case of universal copying of another's story one would expect to find less distinction between the two classes, and one should be able to trace some kind of inter-relationships or inter­communications between the various witnesses. I do not find this to be the case.

I do not find any evidence linking Edwin W. with Antonio Ribera, or Denaerde of Holland, Rojas-Marcos of Spain, Albert Coe of Canada, Pastor Albers of Germany, Mr. Y. of France, Eduard Meier of Switzerland, or with Enrique Carlos Rincon of Colombia and a host of others. In all these cases the contacts went on for years before any information was let outside of a very small closed group jealously guarding their unique access to know­ledge of eye-opening nature. In every case a group did develop around the contactee who watched him very close­ly, testing to their own satisfaction and closely monitoring all outside contacts. They would have ultimately detected any existing inter-contact. These groups were in a position to know what was happening inside, often for years, before information found its way outside the group. At the same time other groups were doing the very same thing so that it would have been impossible to go back and change notes already made and verified months and even years earlier to make them agree with similar notes in another case.

When Carl van Vlierden, already an experienced UFO investigator, first heard of this case, he was living in the vicinity of Durban. He personally checked out his leads only to find that the contacts were taking place within a small close group who tried to keep all infor­mation about the contacts from getting out. He tried un­successfully to join the group of observers, but had to content himself, at first, with studying copies of the recorded messages. He talked to members and witnesses and finally met the man around whom all this controversy revolved, an affair which had already been going on for many years.

Once inside he was amazed to discover that none of the people involved in these bizarre experiences were at all loonies nor sensation seekers either, but real down to earth honest, sincere people, who were themselves as baffled and amazed at what was happening here. But most of all, when he finally got to meet the principal contactee and chief protagonist himself, Edwin W., he found both him and his wife also to be dedicated, honest, sin­cere, straightforward church-going individuals.

They certainly were not seeking any sensation nor even any attention. They, on the contrary, were reticent themselves and tried to keep a low profile and stay out of sight. They lived quietly near Pinetown, where they had been known nearly all their lives, and everybody spoke highly of them. They could not be making any money on this because they let very little information out. They lived very modestly. Edwin did not lecture or write and he sold no information on the case. He didn't even want to discuss it with anyone else.

Van Vlierden found that they had lost their privacy and personal time to the dozens of visitors and sensa­tion seekers who constantly and continually sought to take up the personal time and private space of this man for their own purposes. They gave the contactee and his family no peace, and authorities harassed them, trying to discourage the horde of visitors, some with good in­tentions and some not so good. Edwin's property was in­vaded, things taken from his home, and he was pursued and watched constantly, conditions he abhorred and tried to avoid by staying as quiet and as distant as possible.

A circle of friends had grown up around him to try to take the burden away from the man and his wife, and to regulate the visitors. Such a man was Walter Pople, who also came at first to see for himself, and getting to know Edwin and his wife personally, sought to help in any way he could.

They finally arranged to hold one meeting a week to discuss and inform, and to try to get the visitors under control. Then the UFOnauts began to transmit directly to the group of people gathered for the meetings, produc­ing a new and even more difficult sensation, none of which Edwin seemed to be able to control.

Van Vlierden made several more trips to Pinetown following up on his investigations, and finally quit his residence in Durban and moved' closer to Pinetown to be near this spectacular extraterrestrial contact situation which was still going on He has been there ever since, studying the evidence, listening patiently to the hun­dreds of audio tapes of the contacts with the cosmonauts from another planet, as they claimed. He made notes and studied the people involved. Nobody can tell Carl Van Vlierden that this case is not real, nor the local pas­tor of the church attended by Edwin and his wife, nor his former employers before he retired to a homestead, nor his neighbors and friends, some of whom have seen things for themselves.

This is the story Van Vlierden has chosen to tell through the words of the contacts themselves in dialogue with the UFOnauts over the many years, some of which the investigator was able to observe and even take part in.

If this phenomenon is a creation of the mind, then on what level, and why are so many different individuals in so many countries communicating in so many languages perceiving such very similar scenes and events and de­scribing similar contacts? If the events perceived are not real then we have a world-wide psychosis of great proportion which itself deserves a lot more study than it is getting.

If this is not a world-wide psychosis then it just may be real, in which case it is imperative that we un­derstand exactly what is going on as soon as possible so as to make urgent plans to confront the situation.

Whether you believe this story or not is not the point at issue. The whole prospect that this phenomenon represents is at issue and is very important. This is not an only case. This case represents hundreds, perhaps in the thousands, of similar situations, in every country, involving every race-type, and every language and cul­ture in our known world. We had better learn to under­stand what is going on without delay. We certainly can not say we are not affected!

Here then is the story so that you may evaluate it for yourself. An extensive review of this particular UFO case by EARTHLINK, a British publication, is reproduced here for your consideration.

Wendelle C. Stevens


This account of Valdar and the Confederation of Planets may be read as an imaginative story created by the narrator and the author if preferred. As such it may add to the literature about extraterrestrial visitors at the dawn of the space age on Earth. But if the story is taken at face value, then it must create problems for the reader.

To meet these problems, explanations are given that have been obtained from Valdar and others associated with him. These are given without the intention of en­tering into disputes with modern science.

The bulk of the material in this book has been pre­sented in chronological order, and the transmissions re­produced verbatim with slight editing to reduce redund­ancy. The date, time and origin of these transmissions are given, as well as any points of interest. Many tape recordings of the radio transmissions are still extant and have been heard by numerous people. Any reader fam­iliar with space-lore will recognize that themes occurring in other books are in Valdar's story. No attempt has been made to correlate this account with those of other authors, as we feel that our story must be told as we received and understood it.

Those readers who see this story as an elaborate contrived hoax are left with the problem - by whom? And for what reason?

Carl van Vlierden



A Cosmic Dialogue


Dedication, Acknowledgement

Preface by the Publisher

Introduction by the Author

CHAPTER 1 Valdar

CHAPTER 2 I am Wy-Ora

CHAPTER 3 "MELCHOR" - Earth's Half-Way Station

CHAPTER 4 Proof and Denial


CHAPTER 6 Invasion (This part is in another doc.)

CHAPTER 7 A Planet on Her Knees 

CHAPTER 8 Peace Returns to Koldas 

CHAPTER 9 End of an Era 

CHAPTER 10 A New Venture 

CHAPTER 11 Other Universes 

CHAPTER 12 Two Confederations Meet 

CHAPTER 13 Earth Transmissions 

CHAPTER 14 Project Fireball 

CHAPTER 15 Earth Rescue 

CHAPTER 16 Earthbase Compromised 

CHAPTER 17 Earthbase Evacuated 

CHAPTER 18 Human Conditioning 

CHAPTER 19 Polarity 

CHAPTER 20 Evacuation Conditioning Station 









Statements and Letters

Teleportation of Automobile

Reciprocal Paradoxes

UFO Photographs

Voice Recording

Gravity Push vs Gravity Pull

List of Illustrations





An Astrael-craft (not  ment that it is from astral-plane, but so named after the constructer of the ship named "Astrael" - described later) came from across the void into our Universe and landed on Earth!

The journey ended just as the Space Age dawned on the only known inhabited planet in this solar system. Sputnik had just circled the globe with a bleeping voice that was heard by millions of Earth's inhabitants. The decision to go to the Moon had been taken and soon man would expand his domain: one small step into space.

But this was a routine journey for the Commander of the Astrael-craft, Wy-Ora; his fourteen man crew and a passenger. They had all been trained for travel through the timeless passages of the Universe. It was no novel­ty for them, as their ancestors had perfected it many generations ago. On this occasion they came to bring a brilliant, young, aspirant commander to do his two-year training period on Earth. It was dark when he set foot on the planet but there were some people waiting to meet him. The landing was on the same beach where, eighteen years before, they had eagerly awaited the arrival of his immediate superior Wy-Ora when he too had come to serve his apprenticeship on Earth.

Now it was Valdar's turn!


Is it incredible? I found it difficult to believe too but fortunately I was chosen by Valdar to tell this story to the world.

I had been interested in UFOs for many years, read­ing about them where I could, hoping to see one. But I never did! And then I heard of a young man in Durban who had not only seen a craft from Outer Space but had met its occupants and was still in touch with them.There had been transmissions through a radio coming from a space­craft; many had been recorded and a small group of wit­nesses had gathered to hear them.

I heard several tapes and wanted to be a member of this group. Most of all, I was eager to meet Edwin, this extraordinary young man, but it took me nearly 7 years to do so.

Then suddenly, a way opened up and I was invited into the sanctum of this mystery.


Before entering Edwin's house, I glanced up at the edge of the roof where the antenna was positioned on a short vertical stub. It looked just like any ordinary FM antenna; nothing unusual about it. My eyes followed the feed line which ran from it to a lead-in along the side of the gable. Who on Earth would have thought that here, in this humble home, lived someone who was in communica­tion with beings from outer space?

I wondered about those giant radio telescopes manned by scores of scientists. Had Edwin beaten them to it? I shook my head and entered the lounge and when I had settled down in an armchair, I asked Edwin to tell me his story from the beginning. How he had met a man from outer space for the first time.

"It's a long time ago now," he said, looking up at the ceiling, narrowing his eyes. "It happened one after­noon... It must have been in 1960. I can still remember clearly how one of the Directors of the firm I was working for at the time showed him around the factory. He was tall arid well-built, dressed in a sports jacket, had long trousers and an open-neck shirt. I would say he was just under two meters tall, and had a round, open face with dark hair. He would have been about 30-years old.

"He was introduced to me as Mr. George K. The firm had advertised in the paper for a radio technician, and I was told that he would be starting at the beginning of next month. Yes, that's how it all started!

Here Edwin paused for a moment as though he needed to take his thoughts back in time to those days when he was a mere youth and served his apprenticeship.

Then he continued, "He came to work in my department and we had to work very closely together; both on the same assembly line of radio receivers." He paused... "We had our tea and lunch breaks together and we hit it off well right from the start. I never noticed anything unusual about him. His English was perfect and he never gave me any cause to think he was anything but an ordinary guy. I thought he came from Johannesburg; at least, he seemed to know that city very well. Technically, he was very competent and soon I took all my problems to him for solutions.

"I started to give him lifts on my motorbike to and from the factory. He stayed at the old K Hotel on Smith Street in Durban (now demolished) which was on my route from a sugar estate, north of Durban. Before I was married I lived there at my sister's home and George and I saw a lot of each other.

"You know, we spent many weekends together fishing and George turned out to be quite a good fisherman. He had no tackle himself so he borrowed my rods, and many a night we spent fishing together. One of our favorite spots was Patterson's Groyne. This is the one opposite the City Beach Baths. I believe the Groyne is in poor condition now, but fifteen years ago, it was in better shape.

"That is when the subject of 'life in space' came up. We were fishing one night There was a clear sky and the stars were out, when suddenly a satellite came sail­ing across the sky. I remember saying to George, 'I won­der if that is a Sputnik or one of those Flying Saucers everyone is talking about these days?'

"George replied, 'What do you think of the possibi­lity of the existence of life in Outer Space?' and 'Do you believe that there could be life on Venus, or other planets?'

"I said that I had an open mind on the subject and that as far as I was concerned, it would be strange if we were the only life in the universe. But I had my mind more on fishing at that time in life than on life out in space. And so the subject passed, but George kept on bringing it up every now and then.

"Then, one day, about three months after we first met, George said to me, 'Supposing, Edwin, I gave you absolute visible proof of life in space by showing you an extraterrestrial spacecraft: would you believe it then?' 'Yes,' I said, 'if I can see a spacecraft with my own eyes, I would believe it.' Little did I realise at that time that I was talking to a space-being at that very moment. 'Right,' said George, 'let's go fishing this coming Saturday night.'

"Well, what I saw that night I will remember long as I live. It removed all doubt I had of the existence of UFOs. I had been told about life in space by my own father before he died... but I had never seen any space beings or space craft. Come to think of it, there were some peculiar episodes in my youth which I could not understand until I met George.

"So, on that Saturday night, I picked up George on the motor-bike. I had brought all the bait and fishing tackle as I usually do and was therefore surprised to see that George had a small leather-covered case with him, which I had never seen before. I asked him what he had in it but he said, 'Oh, that is something extra for us to eat, just in case...

"I left it at that and we went off to our favorite spot on Patterson's Groyne. It was about sunset when we arrived and there were a lot of others there, as was usual on a saturday night.

"The fishing was very good that night. By midnight, the other fishermen were starting to move off and about2 a.m. George and I were alone out there on the Groyne and the beach was also deserted. When the last person had left, George said, 'Let's forget about fishing now; I want to show you something.'

"He put down his fishing rod and opened his case. I switched on my flash-light and was surprised to see that it contained a radio set. George pulled out the telesco­ping antenna which consisted of two vertical rods joined by a horizontal piece in the middle, and adjusted some control knob to turn on the loudspeaker.

"'This is a receiver, said George. Suddenly, to my surprise, I heard a strange language coming from the speaker. It was unlike any language I had ever heard before! 'It's all arranged," George said, clearly satis­fied with what was taking place.

"I wondered what was up his sleeve. 'Just wait, he said, 'in about fifteen minutes look out over the sea.' Then, after ten minutes or so, I saw to my amazement a bright light above the water coming towards us. It grew larger as it approached and when it reached a point near the Bluff*

(*A collection of sand-dunes overlooking Durban harbour),

-about 3 km to the south of us, it stopped and changed course. The light now came parallel to the shore until it was vertically above us over the Groyne. Here it stopped again and hovered; it was now about the size of a tennis-ball held at arm's length. It shown with a bluish-white light, sharply outlined, steady and not pulsating at all. It was a beautiful spectacle. I was quite overawed!

"I heard the radio speaker coming to life again, this time much stronger. George seemed to understand what the voice was saying. I did not take much notice of what was happening on the radio as I was looking up at the light. This must be one of those spacecraft, I thought to myself. George said to me, 'Edwin, listen carefully.' I drew nearer to the instrument but still kept an eye on the object above us.

"Then I heard this voice again. This time it was in English and I could understand it clearly. The voice said, after addressing me by name, that he was the Com­mander of the spacecraft above us and his name was Wy-Ora. He then explained who George was. That he was one of them and that he had come to live on our planet for a few years to study the conditions, the people and their habits, and so on.

"One of his tasks, was to find someone who would be willing to start a group so that information about life in space could be given to those who were interested. He also told me that George's true name was Valdar and that I had been selected by him to start the group of people. He explained that they came from the planet Koldas in another Universe and that he hoped I would accept the job of starting such a group.

"I was thunderstruck! At that time I was 16 years old and I felt I was inexperienced and not qualified for such a task. However, I was subsequently told that I would be trained and that in all probability I would meet others who would assist in the work.

"Before the spacecraft moved off, Wy-Ora announced that he would perform some aerial manoeuvers which he described to us beforehand. First, the spacecraft would move east, out over the sea for a distance, returning then to the starting point. Then west, inland, about the same distance. Then they would go north along the coast­line, and then south, next time returning to the same point above us on the Groyne. Then he would fly a circular orbit around the central point. When this was completed, he said he would depart and would like to demonstrate to me what it looked like from the ground when a spacecraft moved off at high acceleration. He said good­bye and with a few words in the strange language (which I later found out was Koldasian) he ended the radio transmission. We now watched the craft intently. Suddenly it streaked off at what must have been an incredible speed. One moment it was there, the next it was gone!

So George, the man I had been working with, gone fishing with, taken on the back of my motorbike, was a man from space! With all the happenings that night, my mind was in a whirl!

"I looked sidewise at George in the light of my flash-light as we were packing up our tackle. I thought to myself, he looks so utterly human, surely all this is not possible? It must be a dream, and yet I have seen!

One thing is certain, that night on Patterson's Groyne in 1960, I shall remember as long as I live."

Edwin was now sitting straight up in his chair, demonstrating remarkable energy, using his hands and arms to aid in his descriptions. His eyes were lively.

"From that night on, whenever I was alone with him, I called him by his real name, Valdar. He told me a lot about his home planet Koldas and about the confed­eration of planets. By now, I was quite convinced that there was life in space and that our planet was not the only inhabited one in the Universe. I had living proof in front of me; I had Valdar right there beside me. It was not a dream; it must be true!

"Valdar later told me that Wy-Ora had also spent two years here and that he now headed a committee of space-people assigned to our planet Earth. Valdar said, 'If only you Earthlings knew how many visitors fromspace are among you, you would be very surprised.' He said that nearly every country is visited by them. All these space-visitors are volunteers, who are first thoroughly trained in the language and customs of the country they are to visit. When they are landed in some secluded spot they are met by people who have also been prepared for their arrival. Then they live and move among us, some­times for years. Obviously, they have to hide their true believes in extraterrestrials anyway. It is also made easy for them by the fact that they can make themselves identical to us.

"How do we know that their intentions are peaceful? Well, on more than one occasion Valdar stressed the fact that they come in peace. They have been around for thou­sands of years. Had they really had any aggressive in­tentions they could have invaded our planet long ago. But hostile beings from space do exist and I have been warned about them on frequent occasions, but these be­ings are not from the Confederation of Twelve Planets from where Wy-Ora and Valdar come.

"And so the time passed. The weeks ran into months and the months into years. During this time, Valdar exhausted every source of information available in lib­raries and museums in Durban. I took him to meetings, lectures and various churches. He was specially interes­ted in our religions and we attended many church serv­ices including some of the spiritualist's meetings. I don't think we missed any. I could never get Valdar to express an opinion on the various religions. He said it was not for him to criticise our different ways of wor­ship. He did shake his head at brawls, fights, bad beha­vior, drunks and so on. And he told me sometimes about the religion of the confederation.

"He stressed that he did not give such information with the idea of trying to introduce it to Earth. He did say that many of our ancient civilizations knew of their religion, which was taken to our planet by members of the Confederation approximately 70,000 years ago. They believe that there is One Supreme Being, usually referr­ed to as the Divine One. This Being is infinite and all-powerful and He creates all things, seen and unseen. Also created by Him was his Son. When man was created, the Divine One placed within the body of man a spirit or the soul which never dies, but continues on to eternity. The task of man's soul is to rule the material body by over­coming material desires.

"When this is accomplished, the soul will be called back to the great source and forever live in perfect joy and happiness. They also believe that all mankind is created by the same Divine Force, therefore all mankind are brothers and sisters. But this is a mere outline of their religion; there is much more. For example, their belief in reincarnation.

"Valdar said that their religion was practiced here on Earth, but through various reasons, as time went by, it was misused and misunderstood and we have today many forms of religion on this planet. In some religions we see the similarities, he said, but also vast differences compared with the Confederation. There was no divorce or separation of married couples in the Confederation. They have a system by which couples are ideally matched so that this never occurs.

"Yes, in the two years we were together, Valdar told me many things about life in the Confederation, but some weekends we used to spend our time just sunbath­ing along the beaches. I got to know him as a jovial, cheerful sort of person. He was always optimistic; his favorite saying was 'never to worry'. He was kind and thoughtful. If you met him at a party or socially, you would find him to be the life of the party, cracking jokes and that sort of thing.

"He was also very strong physically. I remember how there was an occasion at the factory when a heavy mach­ine had to be moved. It usually required four men to pick it up and shift it. Valdar must have wondered what all the fuss was about, as on this occasion he unobtrus­ively took the machine up by himself, and put it down where it was needed.

Edwin then explained how he met Wy-Ora. "I met Wy­Ora three times in all. The first was in Valdar's hotel room, the second time was when I was sick in the hospit­al with a collapsed lung. It was the St. Augustin's Hos­pital in Durban during November, 1966. Wy-Ora came into the ward to see me at about nine o'clock in the morning, following the day I was admitted. I was in a semi-private ward with four beds, but I was the only patient there at the time. He spent about twenty minutes with me just talking. Strangely enough, I felt a rapid improve­ment after that.

St Augustine's Hospital
"The last occasion was in 1973. I had received a message through my radio receiver to meet with him near Stanger, which is about 70 km north of Durban on the National Road N 14. When I got there Wy-Ora had already arrived. He was in a car with someone else in the driv­ing seat, parked at the side of the road. I went there on my scooter. I got in the back of the car and we spoke for about an half-hour. The main purpose for this dis­cussion was to tell me about the coming of a cosmic event. An event, he said, which would involve our whole universe and might even prevent them from reaching us at all.

"We might be cut off entirely from the confedera­tion for a while.*

(*This event actually took place on June 26th, 1976.)

"How did I get the radio receiver? Well, before Valdar left at Easter 1962, he gave me this radio rec­eiver. Actually it is a tuner which is used with an amp­lifier. This was one of our standard models (at the fac­tory) at the time; there is nothing special about it. Valdar had made it up himself, using standard components and I am still using this same tuner-receiver today.

"Soon after Valdar left, I regularly received radio transmissions from him and Wy-Ora. Later I recorded them on tape. To date, I think we must have received close on a thousand such radio transmissions from the Confederation. But at first they were very weak; sometimes bare­ly audible through the background noise, but they have improved with time and at present these radio contacts are of excellent quality.

"I have often been asked why others can't tune in and listen to these transmissions from them. It should be clearly understood that they are not the same as the ones from our own national broadcasting stations. Al­though I use an ordinary receiver and antenna, there is a fundamental difference. In this case, the antenna is not connected to the front end (RF stage) as it usually is, but to the power supply (rear end) of the receiver. Back to front, so to speak. As this receiver and tape-recorder are transistorized, only 12 volts are needed to make it work. That's how they can start both receiver and tape recorder in my absence and leaving messages for me. I always leave a blank tape in the recorder with the 'record-button' down, but the power switch on 'off'.

Valdar had modified the radio-antenna, so that the KOLDASIANS could override The circuitry by remote control and then broadcast through this set. This set was
Confiscated by men who claimed they were authorities and never returned.

"To make a transmission, the spacecraft takes up a position directly above our house. They are approximately 520 km above the ground, but are not visible to the naked eye. On some occasions they come lower especially to show themselves to us, but for radio transmissions they remain at about that height. To communicate, they send down a narrow beam, like a beam of light, but of course it is invisible. I think that's how they energize the receiver, by beaming the power the transistors need, and this beam carries the message. The receiver does not need to be tuned to any particular frequency. I have added a switch to cut off the front end (RF stage) of the set. This is the reason no other receiver can pick up these transmis­sions, unless they know one's location and the antenna is connected to the final stage.

Edwin returned to his reminiscences of Valdar.

"Then, after staying for about two years, Valdar said to me, 'It's time for my return.' It was a sad day indeed when I took him by car to Richards''. Bay before Easter that year. He had two suitcases with him and the radio he had used that memorable night on Patterson's Groyne. When we arrived there about noon, I made prep­arations to set up a tent at the camping site near the beach.

"Valdar said that he had to be at a spot near an outcrop of rocks on the beach at 10 o'clock that night. 'It will be low tide and the beach will be wider,' he said. He pointed out the spot to me and I was amazed how well he seemed to know the layout of that beach. I got the impression that he had been there before on more than one occasion.

"I spent the afternoon doing some fishing but my heart was not in it. Valdar noticed my despondency and while we were having a cup of tea, he said -- to cheer me up -- that we would meet again. He also told me that he would make frequent contact with me via the radio set. And so the last few hours passed all too quickly and the appointed time of his departure arrived.

"It was 10 o'clock. The beach was deserted. This stretch of coastline was often visited by holiday-makers but being before Easter, we were alone that night.Valdar had changed into a tight-fitting light-blue suit. It looked to me like a track suit with a fastener down one side from top to bottom. He said it was a special material - giving protection from radiation in space. We each carried a suitcase and Valdar carried the radio set in the other hand. This receiver, the same one that he had used at Patterson's Groyne, had been in operation inter­mittently all that afternoon and messages in Koldasian had been coming through.I was unable to understand them. ..'It is time to get ready now,' Valdar said, and with that we made off in the direction of the outcrop of rocks. It was a beautiful night with hardly any wind. There was a clear sky with the stars above us and the tide out. Valdar's radio was operating again and we sat down in the sand and waited. About 10 minutes later we saw a white light coming towards us over the sea, which steadily grow as it came closer. Now I could see the shape clearly, like a disc with a dome on top. The dome had windows through which a bright light was shining. I spotted a figure at one of the windows.

"Before the craft drew too close, Valdar told me to stand back as far as possible as I was not wearing any protective clothing. So I moved back against the side of the dunes. But before we parted, we shook hands and Val­dar's last few words were, 'I will be away for quite a 'while but we will meet again. With that, I scrambled up against the side of the dune where I had a good view of the spacecraft as it touched down on the beach.

"As it came closer, I could see how enormous it was. It must have been close to 50 meters in diameter. (This I checked later when I returned to the spot with a tape-measure and measured the distance between some landmarks that I remembered.)

"The craft was down on the beach. It began to elevate itself. I heard a low hum and then realized that a column was coming out from below, raising the craft up above it as it extended. Valdar had described exactly what I would see, and this column, he said, was hydraulically operated and that within it was a lift which could take one to various levels within the ship. When the column is drawn up inside, it served as a lift for the personnel aboard.

"I saw a large opening at the bottom of the column and I presume there was a sliding door in it. Valdar picked up his two suitcases and his radio set and I saw him wave his arm in a final farewell and he was gone.The door closed and the column was drawn up into the craft which now settled down on the beach again.

"It was all over in about a minute. It then rose up into the air. One of the airvents was pointing in my direction and I could feel a strong current of heat coming my way which blew up some of the loose sand. Soon the craft was climbing and the figure in the control-dome, who had been watching all the time, waved. I was told later that it was Wy-Ora. The ship now moved out over the surf, rising all the time. I saw green identi­fication lights come on underneath the craft.

"The craft itself was not emitting any light. The only illumination was the light coming from the control­dome while it was close and on the beach. The outside was steel-grey in color but shiny. One could not see any rivets or joints or welds; it seemed to be one complete moulding, like two saucers put rim to rim.

"After Valdar left, it took me quite a while to ad­just. He had been with me for about two years and we had spent a lot of time together, both at work and most of our weekends and holidays. He became a very close friend and although I had other friends before he came, they seemed to have dropped away gradually during those two years. When he left, I felt very lonely, as you can imagine. It seemed I had no friends at all after he had gone! I got so used to his company and his voice, his ways... He had told me so much about his planet and the way of life there that I found it difficult to go back to the normal everyday, rather shallow type of relation­ships I had had before.

"There was simply no-one else with whom I could share my recent experiences. I guess that's why these radio contacts have played such an important part in my life since then.

"It was about one month after Valdar had gone when I received my first message through the radio receiver he had given me. But it was not from Valdar; it was from Wy-Ora. I got the impression that Wy-Ora was the man in charge of the whole operation and that Valdar treated him as his chief. There was a lot of interference in the reception and I had to use a long vertical antenna. I was still on the sugar estate, living with my younger married sister. These radio transmissions were of a general nature, keeping in contact with me every two or three weeks.

"That's how it was at the beginning; that's how it all happened. Later, I learnt that the ancestors of the people of the Confederation visited Earth a very long time ago, leaving their culture which formed the ancient civilizations. But the incredible thing is that unknown to the world at large, they are still among us today!"

chapter 2

I Am Wy-Ora

"I am Wy-Ora". This was his characteristic way of beginning and ending a radio transmission. He had a gen­tle, deep, rich voice. An outstanding voice. I have had the pleasure of hearing him speak on several occasions on these tape recordings.

"Why are Earth people so different?" asked Wy-Ora, in a radio transmission to 'Q' Base, the name he gave to Edwin's group. "The rulers of several other planets in our Universe have received us with open arms. Indeed, very recently, Koldas has established friendly trade re­lations with Pyrole, a planet that has reached the same level of evolution as Earth. Now there is a bond of friendship between the inhabitants of Pyrole and the Confederation.

"Why are the rulers of Earth so different? I have often pondered this problem. How I wish they would ac­cept our friendship. I feel sure that in time to come, those who make the decisions on your planet will accept us. Then all the knowledge we have gained will be given to you freely. You will also learn the secrets of the universes, galaxies and solar systems that lie beyond your Earth.

"If only we could come freely, but this is unfor­tunately not permitted by our Superiors. On occasions, I have had the urge to enter your atmosphere and show our­selves to you in our Astrael craft. But because of Earth hostility, I cannot endanger the lives of the personnel for whom I am responsible. I must consider their famil­ies and relatives on Koldas. Although I am sure that if I asked them to come they would not refuse. But I cannot take this risk.

"To land openly on your planet we must obtain per­mission from our Superiors on Koldas but they will not grant this until all Earth's governments have fully accepted the Confederation. We only come in peace! We will not invade your planet. Your governors must accept us of their own free will. We only wish to bring you happiness, peace and a better way of living. Other planets have learned to share knowledge amongst themselves, and by do­ing this, each planet automatically progresses to a bit higher level.

"We could show our fleets of Astrael craft to the millions of inhabitants of Earth. The manoeuver is easily arranged by flying low over all the capital cities of Earth. But if we did this we would rob your rulers of their freedom to choose or reject us. Yes, your leaders know about us. They know of the work we have done above and below the seas of your planet in the past. We always contact the rulers first whenever we discover a new pl­anetary civilization. But most of the Earth's population are not ready to accept the fact that there is life be­yond their atmosphere.

"A gradual acceptance of extraterrestrial life may probably be better in the long run. That is why we are making these radio transmissions to you at 'Q' Base. We hope to bring a little more light to you. We would like to tell you something about Koldas and the Confederation and about the two universes, and also to warn you about the negative element from the fringes of our own Universe which is known to us as the Outer Worlds. Your planet will never regret making friends with Koldas. If you did make friends then conditions would change -- there would be no poverty and no wars. You would learn to live in peace. We regard you at 'Q' Base as special people. You have accepted us as friends. There are many like you on Earth..."

That was part of the first messages. That was in 1962 before we had the massive arsenals of terrible weapons we have today, before we had orbiting earth satell­ites, before we had put men into space. According to these UFOnauts, an invitation had been extended and was rebuffed.


"It was now six years since Valdar had left from Richards' Bay. By 1968 a group had gathered around Edwin who both heard and studied the radio messages which came from the spacecraft of the Confederation at regular in­tervals. Most of these transmissions were made by Wy-Ora and Valdar, but occasionally other spacecraft commanders would give short talks on particular subjects.

Edwin did not keep records of the radio transmiss­ions during the first five years but after the formation of his group, Wy-Ora embarked upon a new series of ex­planatory talks and these were tape-recorded, transcribed and circulated to members of the group and other interested people.

In one of these early transmissions, Wy-Ora said "We have'much to tell you of ourselves and our comings and goings, but first I would like to mention that WE come in peace. We only wish to bring peace to your own planet. There is an ancient call sign, 'Mulga Koldas' which means, 'we come in peace'. This call is widely recognized! And this sign must be given before we of the Confederation may land on any planet."

Koldas, the home planet of Wy-Ora and Valdar, is one of eight in a solar system that is part of a Confederation of Twelve Planets, or more accurately, 12 solar systems. Koldas, which is larger than Earth, is the principal planet of its solar system and most of the population live there. All the planets in the Confeder­ation are in another universe. In Earth terms, the dis­tance would run into many light years but as the Confederation spacecraft, the Astrael-craft and the earlier Starships have "time machine" characteristics, the jour­ney can be bridged in an incredibly shortened time in­terval.* (*Recently some astronomers have postulated that instan­taneous journeys through the Universe are feasible thr­ough black holes and timeless passages and an Einstein-­Rosen Bridge. (The "Iron Sun", Adrian Berry, published by Jonathan Cape))

A large fleet of freight and passenger-craft glide rapidly along the magnetic pathways. Some craft are capable of carrying thousands of people. Long distance cargo-carriers and space-cruisers link the Koldasian solar system with the other members of the Confederation.

(Remember this was received in 1968 when ever ideas of super-light travel were preposterous)

The bulk of the industrial activity of that solar system is located on Koldas' two neighboring planets. Here, the Astrael-craft and the mighty space-cruisers are built. On the other planets there is agriculture and the mining of rich mineral deposits.

Cities and planets in this solar system are linked by radio and TV communication and a transport network.

Wy-Ora said, "We owe our present level of civilization and technology to the Grandorians who taught our primitive ancestors a better way of life. They took some of our people to Grandor where they were instructed by wise and wonderful teachers."

Grandor is the "mother" planet of the confederation. It is an old planet and her people are the oldest race known to us. They travelled through endless corridors of space in their craft to search for new planets and this is how they discoverd Koldas. They found a race of people who were primitive and whose knowledge did not ex­tend beyond their own horizons. Grandorian missionaries landed on Koldas after obtaining permission from local rulers. They brought their highly evolved civilization with them and eventually Grandorians and Koldasians in­termarried and a new age dawned for the Koldasian solar system.

Later Wy-Ora spoke about his family; his wife Sharon and his daughters. How fascinated they were with stories of his travels to Earth and about the radio transmissions made to 'Q' Bases all over our planet, especially to Edwins's little group. He described his wife Sharon as tall and slim, about 1.80 meters in height, with corn-color hair blue eyes and a clear complexion. His two daughters, Rama (morning star) and Tana (sun­light) both bearing a remarkable resemblance to Sharon. Wy-Ora often tells stories of how relations and friends come to see the spaceships off when they leave their own planet for a tour of duty to Earth's solar system. Then everyone comes aboard the Astrael-craft to have refreshments as part of the farewell party. Invariably the crew insist that Wy-Ora's daughters sing a song to send them on their way.

Making a transmission to 'Q' Base, Wy-Ora spoke of the training he had undergone to qualify as an Astrael pilot.

It took the equivalent of five of our Earth years. The first three years are spent on the mother planet as they are taught how to pilot and navigate Astrael ships and to repair vital components. Each pilot is taught the main language of the solar system which he will be patrolling. The last two years are spent on the selected foreign planet, learning about their religions, their habits and customs and the other languages spoken there.

Wy-Ora described how his own training period ended with a test which required his piloting an Astrael-craft to our solar system in the year 1942
. An experienced Astrael pilot supervised and on reaching Earth, instructed him to land the craft on a deserted beach on the Natal north coast. A man and his wife were there to meet him and they welcomed him as they took him by car to a cottage on the beach about 25 km from Durban. Here, Wy­Ora spent his first six months studying newspapers and other literature so that he could perfect his English and learn the background of life on Earth, particularly the religion. In his spare time he liked walking down from the cottage to the beach where he rested and relaxed. The next six months were spent working for a firm specializing in electronics in the city. This also gave him the opportunity to travel to neighboring towns and villages.

After spending a year in South Africa, Wy-Ora went by Astrael-craft to Great Britain and America. Here he was mainly interested in the healing arts. He attended lectures on the latest advances in medicine. At the end of 1943 he returned to South Africa for a brief stay with his friends.

They took him to a deserted beach on the North Coast where an Astrael-craft was waiting to take him home. Upon his return to Koldas, he was thoroughly tested on all he had learned during his experiences on Earth.

It is a great day in the life of an Astrael pilot when he is told to report to the main communication cen­ter to receive his pilot colors. Wy-Ora was one of a group who paraded in the main square. They were all in the full dress uniform of Astrael pilots: light-blue, close-fitting space suits, silver gloves and boots which reached above their wrists and ankles, and dress gear. Each carried a light-weight silver space helmet under his arm. They formed up in a half-circle and their leaders presented them with their colors. These were in the form of' epaulets. Wy-Ora's colors were green, repre­senting Earth's solar system. The other pilots were given colors according to the solar system they would patrol. All new commanders were introduced to the crew who would accompany them on their patrols.

Wy-Ora was fond of the planet Earth and once said, "I have often tried to describe to my family and friends the grandeur of your planet. But your mountains and your seas are indescribable; they have to be seen and be experienced personally. My stay on Earth was truely won­derful. Ever since then my great ambition has been to patrol your solar system.

In most of the radio transmissions there were per­sonal messages for the individual members of 'Q' Base. In 1967 Wy-Ora wished everyone a happy Christmas and then said, "I have a message from my crew. They ask --would it be possible for you to save them each a piece of Christmas cake? My friends, I doubt very much if they could identify a piece of Christmas cake, even if they saw it!"

1968 turned out to be a good year with radio trans­missions arriving at least once a month. Although there was no regular pattern, many transmissions came through on a Sunday morning when Edwin's group gathered together Many a time, Edwin was alerted during the week in the evening and there were occasions when a transmission came through in the early hours of the morning; even at 01:30 a.m. Wy-Ora and Valdar were the principal speakers although there were others from Wy-Ora ' 5 team including Mank-Ton, Kashendo, and Zybo.

Early that year, Wy-Ora told of the history of the Confederation' visits to our planet during the 20th cen­tury. Although the Grandorians first landed on Earth during the building of the pyramids in Egypt, it was only in 1927 that the Confederation decided to form a regular space patrol for our solar system. The main pur­pose of the patrol was to plot, record and eliminate the large meteorites which entered the magnetic fields about our planet.

Meteorites are a menace to magnetically propelled space-craft. The range of the patrol was from the outer fringes of our solar system to 335 miles (536 km) above the surface of Earth. It was not intended that these meteor patrolcraft should enter the Earth's atmosphere. Other scout craft were used to land and collect samples or specimens or to perform special functions such as landing missionaries or learner-pilots for their train­ing periods. This Astrael patrol was well established by 1941.

Wy-Ora also mentioned the occasions when Edwin was involved with the landing of Astrael scout craft. There was the time at Patterson's Groyne, when Edwin became convinced of the real identity of his friend and the reality of the extraterrestrial spacecraft. There was also the time when Valdar was picked up to go home at the end of his Earth Familiarization program. Wy-Ora said, "It was arranged that I should pick him up at ten o'clock at a certain spot on the beach. I landed a ship directly in front of them. We had a scheduled rendezvous with a patrol-craft, so we could not delay. Valdar com­pleted his tests and was accepted as an Astrael pilot. He then joined my division of patrol-craft and is now one of my best pilots."

During a routine radio transmission in the middle of that year, Wy-Ora brought the news that Valdar had been promoted. He was to take charge of a division of Astrael-craft assigned to the solar system of Pyrole.His assistant was Mank-Ton, who would be left in charge when Valdar returned to Koldas for his rest periods. Wy-Ora would continue to command the patrol to Earth's solar system.

During this transmission he was able to relay a short message from Valdar who said, "I am overjoyed to be able to make contact with you at 'Q' Base again. I overheard Wy-Ora telling you of my promotion. I am hon­ored to have been given this position with my good friend Mank-Ton. I shall miss your solar system very much. We have grown very fond of your planet. We will not be able to transmit to you as frequently as before, but when it is possible we will do so. I will now return you to Wy-Ora so, for the present, we wish you the best of health until we can transmit again."

Wy-Ora concluded by saying that in four days, at 9 p.m. local time, there would be a special transmission from the inauguration ceremony of the first broadcast from the new artificial satellite of the Pyrolean solar system. A Pyrolean official would activate the master-switch to put the satellite in operation. There would be a short thanks to Koldas and the Confederation for making the artificial satellite possible.

Pyrole and its solar system is situated in the same universe as the planets and systems of the Confederation. Its inhabitants have human characteristics and features. The average male is 1.65 m. tall with a well developed body, dark-brown hair, brown eyes and deeply tanned skin and the women are generally slim with average height of 1.50 m. and wear their hair long. They have attractive features by Earth's standards.

Pyroleans are quiet-spoken people who love sport and the outdoor life. Pyrole is the principal planet in their system and is about the size of Venus. Like Venus, it has a continuous layer of cloud hiding the surface features. There are 12 major cities with Grenova, mean­ing 'Island" as the capital. This is aptly named as it is surrounded by impenetrable marshlands. To the north and west as one flies over the region, one sees what appears to be grass-lands, but these are really swamps covered with green algae. To the south are giant trees, towering to 112 meters, with a tangled mass of evergreen swamp underneath. This marshy jungle ends abouth 1O kms further south in"a range of mountains, with two active volcanoes. To the east, there is very little marsh and jungle. Here lie the rich mineral deposits of Pyrole, in a low-lying plateau skirted by hills. Due to the marshy conditions on Pyrole there are very few road networks. Instead, there is an extensive air-transport system which links the major cities, towns and villages.

The rulers and government officials of Pyrole had responded favorably to visits by Koldasian Astrael-craft when the planet was surveyed. These visits took place for several decades ending in 1968. The earlier, friend­ly advance's by the Koldasians had culminated in the es­tablishment of friendship and trade agreements. Pyrole invited a Koldasian Official to make a good-will visit to their planet and he was cordially received at a cer­emony organized by Pyrolean officials. On this occasion, the Koldasian asked the Pyroleans to accept a gift of 150 Asrael-craft in return for the friendship they had shown Koldas. The Pyroleans were overjoyed at this gen­erous gesture which had far-reaching benefits for all.

These Astrael-craft would replace the Pyrolean space craft, which were jet and rocket-propelled and not capable of long distance inter-planetary space flight.

This opened a new way of life for the Pyroleans.

They would now be able to share in the benefits that came with a Confederation civilization.

The first task tackled by the Confederation was the construction and launching of the artificial satellite, as well as a complete survey and mapping of the magnetic fields. The satellite was needed for the Astrael-craft to 'home-in' on, and for two-way radio and 'thought' communication between Pyrole and the Confederation. It was to be named Grenova, an island in space, and offi­cially opened with a ceremony by Superiors of Pyrole.

Groups of Pyrolean scientists, engineers, and tech­nicians were taken to Koldas for training. The techni­cians and scientists went to assembly plants where the Astrael-craft were designed and constructed. There they learned the skills of the technologies involved. Others were trained as pilots so they could take new ships back to Pyrole.

Wy-Ora introduced a poignant note when he concluded the story as he said, "While I am sitting here talking to you, I am gazing down at your beautiful planet. And I am wondering to myself; why are the Earth people so different? When I spent two years there I encountered many ideas that you have about people of space and life on other planets. The majority of your people seem to believe that Earth is the only inhabited planet in the heavens. My friends, when the Almighty created your planet, he did not stop there, he created other planets too. Not only Earth was endowed with life, but he creat­ed life on many of his worlds and also gave them intelligence. Then there are people who believe that inhabitants from other planets have hideous and deformed features, wishing only to do harm to you. We too have been created in the same image and likeness! But the strangest belief I encountered was that space beings are spirits and do not exist in the flesh; that these spirits can walk through doors and walls and can­not die! We have bodies of flesh and blood; we are mor­tals. We also feel pain and sorrow and happiness. All the solar systems that my ancestors have visited, and those which I have travelled to,have inhabitants like us, of flesh and blood."

Wy-Ora continued wistfully, "If only your govern­ments would unite in peace and extend the invitation, your skies would ring with the hum of magnetic motors.

All our knowledge would be yours. All that we have ach­ieved over the centuries would be given you freely. But unfortunately, your rulers cannot agree. They tell us many things; why they cannot accept us. But it all boils down to the fact that it would bring too many changes on Earth and that it would disturb the 'balance of things'."

Then he said apologetically, "Forgive me, my good friends, if my words sound harsh, but I have often won­dered about Earth and her people. Let us hope that one day your rulers will change their minds."


“MELCHOR” - Earth's Half-Way Station

We continue this narrative through the words of the unique radio communications received directly from the extraterrestrial cosmonauts who had made the acquaintance of F. Edwin W. of the Durban area of South Africa. Some­times these dictations ranged into subjects beyond the knowledge of the witness and discussed events unknown to him at the time. We continue.

"I would like to explain one of the mysteries that has puzzled your astronomers for some time; It is the so-called missing planet in your solar system.

These words came from Edwin's loudspeaker one Sun­day morning when the "Q" group were assembled in the lounge at his home.

The speaker was Wy-Ora, who in his characteristic melodious voice continued to say, "A number of Earth years ago, astronomers on Earth observed what they thought to be another planet in your solar system. It could not be seen regularly because it was obscured by the sun. Later, it was no longer visible. What had hap­pened to the missing planet? Some astronomers claimed that it had destroyed itself, while others said that there was no such planet. What they had seen was a large artificial satellite. It was the first of its kind which had been specially built to guide our early craft to your solar system. It was constructed and assembled in the days of the ancient Egyptians and was given the name 'Valsoon', meaning Place of Rest."

"When the Astrael--craft replaed the obsolete craft in 1941, it was decided to replace Valsoon with a larger satellite and place it beyond the perimeter of your solar system.

"When this was completed," Wy-Ora continued, "Valsoon was dismantled, section by section, and taken back to Koldas. The new artificial satellite was much larger and has updated guiding and tracking equipment. It can accommodate a greater number of craft which stop-over there on journeys to other solar systems. It is called 'Melchor', which means - 'Half-way Station.'

"When the Koldasian technicians dismantled Valsoon" continued Wy-Ora, "your astronomers lost sight of it. The sun's rays reflected from Valsoon gave the impress­ion that it was a planet. This explanation may solve the mystery of the 'missing planet'. The new artificial sat­ellite Melchor cannot be seen from Earth because of the distance and other natural phenomena obscuring it. Radio signals from Melchor have been detected on Earth but these are only 'homing signals' to guide and direct the spacecraft.

One of Wy-Ora's pilots. Kashendo, who had also tra­ined on Earth, became the commander of Melchor. He had undertaken Earth familiarization in Australia and to "Q" bases he became known as the 'voice of Melchor'. He de­scribed his space-station as a small planet several miles in diameter which was like a miniature world.* (Miles diameter spacecraft- Remember this transmission took place in 1968 when there was little lore on giant spacecraft. Since 1975 several reports of miles diameter spherical and miles long blimp-shaped ships have been encountered. There is no evidence that Edwin had heard of these because all, like Edwin, were keeping big things secret for years within local groups.)

It had many levels with large observation windows all ar­ound. There was also an observation dome where most of the instruments were located. There are airlocks with doors or gates, so that visiting craft can enter. It is an oasis in space. Above the main airlock is an inscrip­tion in Koldasian, saying 'Welcome To all'.

"This artificial satellite is visited by wanderers in space," said Kashendo. "I often think how wonderful it would be if some day, spacecraft from Earth were to visit this satellite as they journey deep into space. We give our services freely and expect nothing in return. Food and provisions are given to all visiting craft such as those journeying to solar systems far beyond their mother planets. We are here to aid and guide them as best we can. Yes, it would be wonderful to welcome an Earth-craft entering our air-locks. This may not occur in my life-time but it will surely happen some day!

"On approaching Melchor, space-travellers see the identification beacons as a glowing ring of square li­ghts which girdle the satellite. Green is for Earth's solar system which stands out in contrast to the light-grey metallic surface of the satellite. Orange is the distinctive color for Grenova, Pyrole's homing station for their solar system. These light, or homing-in sta­tions for magnetically propelled spacecraft, are located in the main magnetic fields flowing between the solar systems.

"The craft used by space-travellers range from two-seater scout-craft carried by their mother ships, to the largest masterpieces of design and technology which are veritable floating cities in space. The Confederation space-craft were spherical in appearance prior to 1941. It was these craft which were used to explore the Univers and solar systems many thousands of years ago. Then the spherical craft were superceeded by the Astrael-craft. These were named by the Koldasian designer in honor of his wife Astraelda. Other smaller craft are disc-shaped. Larger carriers are cigar-shaped and mea­sure in kilometers. These are used for cargo and pass­engers.

"All these craft are propelled by magnetic flux. The magnetic streams have different layers with various velocities. The motors, with which all craft are fitted, serve as rudders directing the craft into the various velocity layers. The highest velocity is reached on the outer surface and can exceed that of light. The magnetic streams criss-cross deep space, connecting planets, solar systems, galaxies and even universes in a vast web of highways and by-ways for space travellers and their craft.

"The highway must be cleared of floating meteoritic debris and for this reason the Confederation has been patrolling the magnetic streams (fields) for a very long time. When meteors are found, they are completely des­troyed by a device called the 'Sun-ray'.

Wy-Ora was in charge of the meteor sweep of the magnetic fields in our solar system at the time Valdar was appointed to the Pyrolean system. Valdar was sad to leave Wy-Ora's patrol division as it meant that he would not be able to contact Edwin and his group. The bond of friendship had deepened since his two-year stay with Edwin.

It was during the transmission of June 5th, 1968 at 8:55 p.m., during the official opening of the Pyrolean satellite, Grenova, that Wy-Ora said, "We have now pos­itioned ourselves over your planet so that we can inter­cept the first radio transmissions from Grenova. When the broadcast starts we will relay it to you. You will first hear a long continuous signal at 9:00 p.m. This is the beacon to guide the Astrael-craft to their solar system. Then a Pyrolean official will send a message to Koldas and the Confederation. Although he will speak in Koldasian, I will translate his speech for you, as we have some time in hand, I would like to connect you to Valdar, who is in an Astrael-craft next to ours. He wis­hes to talk to you. Stand by for Valdar."

Very soon Valdar's voice was heard. "I am Valdar. The personnel and myself send greetings to you, Edwin, and all who are listening. My friends, this will be my last transmission to you from this craft. During my next cycle of duty, I will be within the solar system of Pyrole. I have been given a division of six Astrael-craft to sweep the magnetic fields of that system. Mank-Ton will relieve me during my rest periods. My friends, the personnel and myself would like to thank you for listen­ing to our radio communications, for by doing so you have given us much joy. We are sorry that we will not be able to transmit to you regularly in the future but when the opportunity arises, we will certainly do so again. For the present time, may the Divine One guide and pro­tect you all. I am your old friend, George."

With that he handed the transmission back to Wy-Ora who said, "Stand by now for the homing-signal from the....(cont.below)

NOTE- This is not the only case of extraterrestrials re­portedly coming to live and work on the surface of our planet for a time and then leaving. There was the UMMO case in France and Spain (not all of which by far has been told) where UMMOan teams of men and women came here and lived and worked in a half dozen countries, living as Earth people and working in our society for their living as they studied our culture. There were also the humans from Itibi-Ra who came to Earth and operated hi­bridizing plantations in Peru, Bolivia, and Colombia.

(cont. Here)......system of Pyrole relayed to you by this Astrael-craft 500 kilometers above Earth. Stand by..."

There was complete silence for about a minute, ex­cept for the background hiss of the receiver. Then the signal came through as a low-pitched continuous humm. The time was precisely 9:00 p.m. just as Wy-Ora had said it would. There it was, a signal all the way from Pyrole many light years away. With excitement in his voice, Wy-­Ora said, "My friends, they have started transmitting their homing-signal and the speech will follow shortly."

The signal continued for about a minute and then followed the Pyrolean official's speech in Koldasian. Wy-Ora then spoke again. "The transmission you have just heard was from the new artificial satellite of the solar system of Pyrole. The Pyrolean leader addressed the pla­net Koldas and other solar systems of our confederation. Here is a translation of the speech: 'We come in peace. (this is our ancient call sign) This is the new artifi­cial satellite Grenova, within the solar system of Py-role, making its first transmission to the planet Koldas and all the other planets of the Confederation. On be­half of the people of Pyrole I would like to convey our sincerest thanks to you for making this satellite possi­ble. I would also like to thank Koldas for the generous gift of the Astrael-craft which have brought us a new way of life. We are deeply grateful for the Confedera­tion technicians who came to work on our planet. Pyrole would also like to thank all the planets who have aided

Pyrole immeasurably with friendship and goodwill. I will now close this transmission. May the Divine Creator be with you all. This satellite is now open to all travellers who come in peace...”

NOTE- In these transmissions, recorded over 15 years ago, it may seem like the Earth contacts are being "talked down" to and that the scenario is too theatrical. There may be reasons for this. Perhaps the scenes described are oversimplified for a reason. Perhaps the terms them­selves are oversimplified in a popular sense because our language and technology at the time was ill-equipped to deal with actualities or because we lacked concepts for adequate communication. The fact remains that these ra­dio messages came through in a variety of voices -- not Edwin's -- and not identified as anybody else's known to the group of observers. These were received before wit­nesses who checked every possibility of hoaxing them and have never been identified as belonging to anybody else in the group.

"In essence, these words translate' the speech of the superior from Pyrole", related Wy-Ora, "Their planet will now progress rapidly. Craft with cargo and passen­gers will now travel regularly to and from their system. Their industries will expand and their knowledge in­crease. The people of Pyrole have been willing to accept the truth; that the universes are populated by human beings throughout. Having accepted this, they will pros­per by it.

"As I was listening to this transmission, I gazed down on your beautiful planet. As I have asked before, why are the people of Earth so different? Your superiors appear to promote the concept that extraterrestrials are hostile. Or they use scientific arguments why beings from lightyears away cannot visit Earth. There appears to be a deliberate attempt to confuse the issue. It is a great pity! Earth could have joined the Confederation.

After this transmission, no further news was rec­eived by Edwin until five weeks later, except for a note from Wy-Ora saying he could not keep the appointed time for a transmission. *(*Since the Koldasians could activate the radio at will, they could and did leave messages on the untended set.)

He had been called away to investi­gate the presence of a large meteorite threatening tra­ffic to our solar system. There was another brief mess­age that Valdar had left and taken his six craft away on their new assignment.

Then, one Sunday morning, in the presence of the "Q" group, Wy-Ora spoke as though he wished to emphasize the similarity of the needs of his crew to those of our own astronauts. After the usual greeting, he went on to say, While I am making this transmission, the crew of this patrol-craft will take the opportunity to eat their main meal for the day. I have just been served a warm refreshing drink. It consists mainly of fruit juices blended together and can be enjoyed hot or cold. The fruit comes from Koldas and the liquid is stored in round containers sealed at the top. When the drink is served, the seal on the top is removed and the liquid can be drunk directly from the container. We are suppli­ed with enough of these containers to last our cycle of patrol. Our food is stored in sealed containers about 20 x 10 cm and are divided into many sections. Each section holds its own type of food. When the container is heated, after breaking the seal, the contents are emptied onto a square tray; this has divisions in it and the food is emptied into the various partitions.

"We eat our food with utensils similar to yours. There are various combinations of food within these con­tainers, but our main diet consists of vegetables and fish found on Koldas. With our meals we have 'Mazelles', a type of bread. When prepared, mazelles look very much like your wheat-bread. It is made into small squares and eaten with the main meal.

"Now I would like to tell you an amusing incident which happened to Valdar and Mank-Ton on Pyrole. Both of them were surveying the southern hemisphere of Pyrole from an Astrael-craft. The two Pyrolean interpreters accompanying them said they were over the city, Eyland, where they were scheduled to land and make tests. App­roaching the space-port, they could see a large crowd gathered to watch their arrival. Valdar and Mank-Ton were told no Astrael-craft had ever been over this city before and were asked by the Pyroleans to put on an aer­obatic display for the people who were watching. Valdar agreed at once and performed every conceivable manoeuver he knew. When he had completed his demonstration, the ship landed in the center of the spaceport.

"First to emerge," continued Wy-Ora, "were the two Pyroleans, who told the crowd assembled that this was a Koldasian patrol-craft and that there were larger ones in the capital city. Next to emerge was Valdar! As his feet touched the ground a group of Pyrolean girls rushed forward and surrounded him and in their ardour knocked him off his feet. When Mank-Ton emerged from the craft, he was just in time to see Valdar crawl from under the pressing mass of girls.

"He tried to get Valdar back into the craft but was unsuccessful. The more he tried to pull Valdar back, the more the girls pulled him away. Mank-Ton retreated into the ship. When he saw Valdar again he was being chased around the ship by these girls with their long hair str­eaming behind them. Valdar had lost his helmet, his gloves, his boots, and they had pulled his identifica­tion epaulets from his coveralls. At last Valdar was pulled back into the craft by the two interpreters.

"Back at the space-port of the capital, Valdar was the first to exit. What a sight! It is not often one sees an Astrael-pilot minus his flying boots, helmet and gloves and very dishevelled. When asked what had happened to him, he stopped, shrugged his shoulders and said, 'Beyond those mountains are some crazy girls!' and with that he disappeared into the spaceport building.

"Mank-Ton, whose face was still red with laughter, then explained what had happened to Valdar. Later that day, the two Pyrolean interpreters apologized for the behavior of the women. They said the sight of the Astra­el-craft had overwhelmed them. The girls had apologized. Mank-Ton still teases Valdar about his experiences on Pyrole saying, 'Next time we return to Pyrole, let me give you a few lessons on how to handle Pyrolean girls.' To this Valdar is said to have replied, 'Thanks for your kind offer, Mank-Ton, but it seems strange to me that a man with your experience of women should have been the first to return to the safety of the ship.'

Occasionally Mank-Ton made a radio transmission to 'Q' Base. One Sunday morning he said that he had just returned from Pyrole and that the Pyrolean magnetic fields were completely charted and safe for navigation.

Wy-Ora continued, "Now that the satellite is opened another link has been created with a planet beyond our Confederation. This will bring prosperity to Pyrole which will become well known to the other planets in our group. The Astrael-craft will boost their development, enrich their sciences and technologies and enhance their skills. Their system will grow. The ships will help to bring them the benefits shared by the Confederation, a wealth not necessarily in material gain. but of a deep­er spiritual quality and joy of living. How I wish Earth would also join us in this relationship. We would share with you too. You would never regret taking such a step. Conditions on Earth would change. There would be no more wars and poverty. Your planet would learn to live in peace and we all could come and go freely as we now do on Pyrole. Your Earth rulers need a change of heart and mind."

Mank-Ton ended with the words, "Valdar and myself are glad to have been given the honour of the magnetic sweep patrol of the Pyrolean system. We are glad to be associated with the wonderful people who inhabit that planet."


Do the inhabitants of Earth really differ in their behavior patterns from other human beings that populate the planets of the Confederation? Wy-Ora once said that an experimental colony of Earthmen had been tried in the Confederation but that it was a failure. This was in 1945 when the Confederation made another attempt at es­tablishing a new bond of understanding and communication and made radio transmissions such as these to many "Q" Bases on our planet.

Apparently the inhabitants of the Confederation resemble us closely enough to understand us, but we are on a very different rung of the evolutionary ladder and cannot live together. The planet in the Confederation which was involved in this experimental Earth colony was a twin of our Venus. In the past, extraterrestrials have spoken of a planet Venus. There is confusion about this as there are apparently two planets referred to as being Venus. One is in Earth's solar system, and the other is in a replica of our solar system in the other Universe. Sol's Venus has no physical human life on it, whereas the other supports a large civilization and is referred to as Vango Salamia - the Green Planet - which is said to be larger than Earth. (The volume of our Venus is .88 that of Earth and is therefore smaller) Salamia also has a perpetual cloud formation obscuring the surface, so there are some similarities.

The history of Mars appears to be just the reverse. According to the Koldasians, our Mars, in the past, had a technologically advanced civilization which destroyed itself in a nuclear holocaust that left it a lifeless hulk. The remnant of the Martian race, according to them, is now on Siton, a planet of the Confederation, in the "other" Universe.

The 1945 experimental colony of people from Earth, who were all volunteers from a town in Switzerland, were settled in the Confederation. But after one year, the majority of these people had to be returned to their home area. This was a bitter disappointment to the Con­federation who had expected tremendous results from the first large scale evacuation from Earth. Apparently 'the Swiss could not adapt themselves to the Confederation style of life on Salamia. Not that they could not get along with the Salamian people, but the living condit­ions were too different. A few Swiss preferred to remain and they are now thriving and have a small village there where they still carry on some of their Swiss traditions and home language.

Wy-Ora commented, "As a result of the Swiss failure and other disappointments, Salamia has withdrawn all her bases from Earth. What a pity! All the time that went into those bases, but Salamia now feels that it is no longer worthwhile. I personally do not feel that way! During my term of office, even if it means that I may have to come back to Earth, these bases should con­tinue for the Confederation. I ask you, my friends, to strengthen your 'Q' groups. I do not feel that all is lost, so bear with me and help me with this task. Koldas does not feel like Salamia. We still see a need for the bases on your planet."

Possibly Vango Salamia resembles our planet Venus only in the position it occupies in that other 'mirror Universe and having cloud formations which continually obscure the surface. A long time ago in its history, large areas of jungle, shrub and forest were dug and ploughed into the soil and these areas became fertile. It is now truely the Green Planet Salamia, as the kol­dasians refer to it, and it supplies much of the vege­table produce of the Confederation. The surface has wide plains, where many of its cities are located, but there are also mountainous regions, which are sparsely po­pulated. It is known for the beauty of its cities. The buildings are tall and round and known throughout the Confederation for their majesty and esthetics. They are connected by enclosed causeways with continuous moving surfaces which convey people from building to building. These structures, with inter-connecting causeways are now found on all the planets of the Confederation, for the Salamians have traveled far, designing and con­structing these beautiful buildings.

The capital city is Scilyn (Divine Knowledge) and was given this name because on its outskirts there is an area of 38.4 square kilometers where thousands of physi­cians and scientists practice the arts of healing. This is another gift with which the Salamians appear to be endowed and for which they are consequently much sought after throughout the Confederation. They excell in sur­gery as well as in drugless therapies, and all branches of the healing arts are practiced in Scilyn.

It is also worth recording that the planet has many mines, which yield a mineral from which metal is extrac­ted for the construction of Astrael-craft. These metals, mined on Salamia, are taken by cargo-carrier to Siton and Koldas, where the Astrael-craft are mainly manufactured.

The average Salamian, man or woman, is 1.8m tall, with dark to light golden hair, blue eyes and fair comp-plexion. The women are remarkable for their long curved eyelashes and well-developed figures which are accentua­ted by the attractive clothing they wear. A popular gar­ment, low-cut both front and back, has thin straps over each shoulder, crossing at the back. It reaches down to the ankles and is studded with gem-stones on the bodice. Elbow-length gloves and elegant footwear, also studded with gems are worn with this close-fitting garment.There are a variety of styles and colorful fabrics, and these change with the fashions.

Men's wear on Salamia is varied. Popular is a kind of overall type garment with a zip-closure running down one side. It has long sleeves and boots to match, in a style inspired by the uniform of the pilots.

As with the rest of the Confederation, married cou­ples on Salamia need not practice any form of birth con­trol. This is due to the fact that a woman in the Con­federation conceives only two or three times during her lifetime. The average is two children to a married cou­ple, and the Salamian physicians have perfected pain­less childbirth, a technique that leaves no after-eff­ects to mother or child.

Wy-Ora said, "There is much that I can tell you of beautiful Salamia, but there is a saying in our language that goes...
Galago singor Grandor, li ala salango i Pyrole i salango Si visi avendor!

It means, 'From the twin solar system of Grandor, to the solar system of Pyrole, a more beautiful planet than Earth we have never seen!"'


Then out' of the blue came a sighting for Edwin and his wife, Elizabeth. They were awakened by a radio tran­smission at 01:40 a.m. (27 July 1968) It was Wy-Ora say­ing, "We have taken this opportunity and brought this ship down through your atmosphere at night, as we may not get another opportunity to come to such a low alt­itude again. We are approaching from the west. You sho­uld now be able to see the identification lights on the craft. We are still at a high altitude, and I would like you, Edwin, to flash a light signal, so that I can guide this craft directly above it. The personnel and myself will be on the look-out for your guidance."

Edwin, having gone outside, flashed his torch sky­ward. He was not far from the living-room and could hear the radio quite clearly. Wy-Ora responded with, "We see your identification light and will now bring the patrol craft directly above your home. We are now about 300m above your house. I will tilt the patrol ship 45 degrees on its side so that you can see the Astrael-dome. The vapor you see escaping, comes from the cooling vents just under the dome. These vents are part of the cooling system of the magnetic motors, which are automatically opened when we enter the atmosphere of your planet. The air that is drawn in is heated and when it escapes thr­ough the vents, the heated air condenses its water vapor into the colder air. I will now flash my identification lights on and off. We can see your house quite clearly from this position. We can also see the street lighting of the surrounding district. We must now return to alti­tude and will leave this position with maximum accelera­tion. We will depart towards the east (over the Indian Ocean) and when we reach our station altitude we will continue transmission for a few more minutes."

Wy-Ora now addressed his personnel in English for the benefit of Edwin and Elizabeth. "Stand by, all per­sonnel, stand by.. now closing cooling vents.. .stand by for maximum acceleration..." Edwin and Elizabeth saw the craft flash instantly away and out of sight.


Proof and Denial

Wy-Ora hit the nail on the head when he said, "What is wrong at Q' Base? For some time I have felt that you are doubting us, our planets and our civilization. You have asked for more proof of our existence; photographs of our craft, our people and our cities. Why this change of heart? What has happened to the trust you had in us?"

He was talking over the radio to a few "Q" group members who had come to listen at Edwin's home one Sun­day morning, on 3 October 1968. Many of them had deman­ded more proof. Behind his back Edwin had been accused of trickery and faking the radio transmissions with a group of conspirators. They would not accept that these transmissions came from an advanced civilization. The subject matter was too simple, even boring. The termin­ology used by Confederation speakers was confusing. For example, 'dimension' was used instead of 'Universe' and this became as stumbling block.*( *It may be that the error was on the part of the Earth human majority, who could not at that time accept Dimen­sion and preferred instead to substitute Universe. With hindsight it now appears that the extraterrestrials own choice of words was the better. The transcripts are here quoted using the substituted word Universe as written. We continue as transcribed.) Then someone reported Edwin to the local police for illegally operating a radio transmitter.

The police inspector came and made a thorough sear­ch of the property. He found nothing but a harmless dom­estic receiver which to top it all, was an old model. Sending messages to people from outer space indeed! He treated the matter as a huge joke. Inevitably, the stigma of a hoax was to be with Edwin for a long time to come.

Wy-Ora continued by saying, "I have spoken to my Superiors on Koldas about this matter of your request for more evidence of our existence. At this stage we are unable to give you the proof you are asking for. As I mentioned before, it would rob your rulers on Earth of their freedom to choose to accept or reject us. So far they have not come to a definite decision and we still hope that one day they will accept our offer of assist­ance as Pyrole has. But time is running out! Therefore we would like to prepare the Earth's population gradual­ly for the acceptance of the idea of other civilizations beyond your planet."

"We must be careful as we do not want these trans­missions to cause your families any harm. Your authorit­ies permit radio transmissions provided we give you no material evidence or photographs. We make these radio transmissions in the simplest possible language so that even an unschooled mind can not mistake them. I know we have a problem with the choice of words but this will be corrected. You see, some of us have not had much prac­tice in the English language."*( *This was welcome light on the seemingly childish simpl­icity of the communications. Perhaps such simplicity was necessary to reduce the possibility of dangerous mis­interpretation and mis-understanding, which still occur­red nevertheless. Consider how different the police off­icial's reaction might have been had he found an erudite treatise on space travel and been convinced that regular communication with extraterrestrials was in fact taking place at that very house at that time?)

Wy-Ora then told us what had happened six months earlier. The incident resulted in partial withdrawl of Confederation patrol-craft from the immediate vicinity of Earth. It concerned one of the two Astrael-craft which had been especially designed for oceanographic survey. During the exploration of the seabed, they dis­covered subterranean tunnels which led into large gas-filled caves. Explosions had already occurred there as a result of the reaction caused by the entry of sea water. These explosions could be the cause of some of our quak­es or tremors. The craft was able to seal off some of the tunnels to prevent further explosions. Liaison was maintained with the patrol craft on station above Earth which relayed data to the Confederation for analysis.

On this occasion the craft was able to seal off one of the tunnels in the western Atlantic so they decided to warn Earth authorities of the possible danger to the popula­tion nearby. The oceanographic survey craft emerged from the sea and flew to the nearest military base. While hovering high above the base, the craft made radio con­tact with the military officer in charge who was advised of the possible danger. But the officer did not believe the communication and said, "We do not accept warnings from aliens!" He then commanded the Astrael-craft to surrender or he would be forced to destroy it. The Koldasian commander then replied that he would on no acc­ount surrender his craft. On seeing a flight of aircraft taking off with missiles plainly visible under their wings, he departed at high speed. Upon reaching station altitude, he reported to his superiors and was ordered to return to base. When this crew returned to Koldas a Conference was convened at the main communications buil­ding and a report was issued.

A mention appeared in a kind of magazine which Wy­-Ora had before him as he spoke. "On the cover of this magazine is a beautiful picture of Earth and underneath it the words 'Bear the beings of Earth no ill feeling, for in time to come they will learn the beauty of real peace...' Inside are these words: 'The Council has de­cided to withdraw patrol craft from Earth. The council feels this wise as further patrols may endanger lives of crew. But Siton and Salamia have agreed to continue to patrol the magnetic fields around Earth and Melchor.

Wy-Ora solemnly continued, '1That, my friends, is the position or our Superiors. We are disappointed. We have lived at peace for more than two thousand years and have no grasp for the meaning of violence, war and de­struction. ... The Koldasians, who do not even use the word war, who live on a planet called 'Peace', feel as if they had lost a friend. I hope that one day we can be accepted by Earth's policy makers. But personally, I am of the opinion that that will not happen in our life time. A pity.

"My friends, we must now leave for our patrol area. But before we leave, I want to express my gratitude to you for distributing tape-recorded copies of some of our radio transmissions. We know that there are those on your planet who are interested in such things.


Nothing further was heard from the Confederation for two months. Then, one Saturday night, there was a radio transmission beamed in from a craft overhead to the receiver. It was Valdar who said, "We extend our greetings to you all. Wy-Ora asked me to make this tran­smission for him as he is unable to be here. We have just completed a patrol to the Pyrolean system. It is nice to be back above your home, Edwin."

Valdar then mentioned that the end of the year was approaching (1968) for the inhabitants of Earth and that they would like to add their Christmas and New Year greetings to messages of good will from Wy-Ora, his wife and daughters, from the crew and also the staff of the way-station Melchor. He also mentioned that they have a similar event which takes place on Koldas during the 16th month, which is the last of the cycle there, when most of the population return to their homes and famil­lies to relax and share festivities. The main emphasis of this period is on the spiritual aspect of their lives and celebrations take place at the Island of Paradise where there are colored lights, many forms of amusement, musicians, actors and groups of dancers, even from other planets. All tastes are catered to and even delicious dishes from neighboring planets are served. Valdar said he liked the space-craft displays best, with the teams of pilots from the far corners of the Confederation dem­onstrating their skills. These displays hold the many thousands of visitors spellbound for hours on end. It is a season when people from distant systems get together to exchange ideas.

Comparing the festive seasons, Valdar said, "On Earth you pray for peace, while on Koldas we rejoice because the Creator has blessed us with it for another year. "(Little did he realize what events would befall them before the next year would come to an end.) Valdar then told Edwin, his old Earth buddy, with great emotion, that he had fallen in love! Valdar and his fiancee were to marry at the end of the Koldasian year, in three months time. He described her as the most beautiful woman on Koldas. But as he spoke of his forth-coming wedding, there were loud interruptions from his crew.

"Pay no attention to what my personnel are saying. I will continue; my loved one's name is Clyveen. I can not tell you how much I love her. I should like to tell you more about her..."

But Valdar was interrupted again and his voice was cut off. "Greetings, Edwin. This is Nokyle speaking. I am Valdar's radio operator. I do hope you will forgive me for disconnecting our esteemed Commander, but the personnel and I feel that we should tell you that from the time this ship left Koldas on patrol, our Comm­ander has spoken of nothing else except his loved one, so much so that we all feel we are about to be married! We would like to ask our Commander if he intends to run from his beloved on his wedding day, for we all witness­ed a strange sight on Pyrole. We hope our Commander's bride can run as fast as he! But joking aside, we all wish him great happiness for his future with his loved one. I will now re-connect you with him."

Valdar now continued speaking, "I thank you for your kind words. Rest assured, I do not intend to run on our wedding day! And now let me tell you Edwin, about Clyveen. She is tall, slim, fair skinned, with blue eyes and beautiful Koldasian fair hair. Her parents live at a food research station in one of the loveliest areas of Koldas. The climate is fresh and invigorating. I spend most of my rest periods there and recently asked Clyveen to become my wife. Soon we are to be married and we in­tend to have children."

Nokyle interrupted again, this time with a remark in Koldasian which was lost on Edwin. Valdar retaliated by saying in English, "Yes, we do intend to have children. My personnel seem to think this is very funny but the more I look at them, the more they remind me of the long-haired creatures swinging in the branches of trees on Earth. Although they are crewing this craft through the timeless tunnels of the two universes (read dimensions), they have the brains of these creatures in the trees! But anyway, Edwin, this is Clyveen's wish as well as mine."

Before ending the transmission, which turned out to be the last Edwin received in 1968, Valdar spoke of the marriage custom.

Eleven days before the ceremony, the couple make a promise not to see each other until the day they are to be wed. During this time they must think deeply of the marriage laws. The most important one is to establish whether they love each other enough to take the marriage vow, which will bind them for life. As there is no form of divorce in their society, many elaborate tests are made to decide compatibility. Unless the couple satis­fies all the requirements, they are not allowed to pro­ceed with the marriage. A happy family with one or two children is the cornerstone of their way of life.


As the year 1969 dawned on Earth, events changed Koldas and the way of life there. Time was running out for the planet called 'Peace'. More than two thousand years without war was to be cruelly ended by the time 1969 had passed on Earth. Although these beings travel in time as well as space, they have no knowledge of the future events in store for them. Valdar was his usual cheerful self as he made radio contact with Edwin early on Sunday, 12 January 1969

"Greetings, my friends," he said, "This is Valdar. As this is the first transmission in your new year, I would like to begin by bringing New Year greetings from my people on Koldas, my personnel and myself. I would also like to congratulate your planet on your spectacu­lar space achievement. (Apollo 8, 21 December 1968 --The first manned lunar orbit mission of ten orbits) You have now reached the stage when space travel is within your grasp. In time to come, your space-craft will be travelling farther than your moon. I am very sad in a way that your planet has conquered the space between the planet and its moon. You see, we have a law that says, when a planet has conquered the space around it, then this space automatically belongs to that planet. This means that we have no right to enter this space unless we have permission to do so from the Superiors that gov­ern that planet. The space beyond your moon is still 'free' space and any craft from any planet may fly thr­ough it. When I left Koldas, our Superiors were discuss­ing this development and we shall soon hear what they have decided. I hope we will still be allowed to visit your planet and transmit to you."

Valdar then explained why there had been no radio contacts earlier.

Wy-Ora and Valdar had been given permission to test two of the newest Koldasian long-distance, interplanet­ary craft. It was necessary to test these craft under actual conditions in thin and dense atmospheres of various planets as well as testing all the mechanic and electrical devices under operating conditions.

Valdar was going to visit Salamia, Siton, Pyrc Furvey, and Byronne and then return to Koldas. The Sonian Sixth Patrol Division was to contact the "Q" gi from time to time on the progress of the expedit:

Valdar mentioned that Wy-Ora and his personnel were tunate as they would be visiting some of the most beutiful systems in the Confederation. They would visit capital city of Grandor which lies in a 'twin sunsystem. The other planets on his tour were to be Leec Goran, Sparlane, Velaan and Novan, which is the planet on the fringe of the Grandorian solar system. Grandorians are said to be the most highly evolved in the Confederation. Valdar said that one marvels at fantastic designs of space-craft one sees there. approaching Grandor in a ship, the main communical center makes radio contact and instructs that all directional controls be set in neutral. Their main control center then takes over and guides the visiting craft safely through the atmosphere to land it at the space-port.


Withdrawal From Earth

Events in 1969 started the Confederation on a new phase of disengagement from Earth which took the succeding ten years to complete. In retrospect it is clear the Confederation was pulling out because their mission to Earth had failed. Ten years earlier Wy-Ora had been app­ointed to lead this mission and it was with a sense of foreboding that he announced to Edwin's "Q" group in a radio transmission of 1 March 1969, that a fact-finding team of experts was to be sent here. Within six weeks of this announcement a radical change took place.

Wy-Ora said, "At this moment, a specially selected team is leaving Grandor for your planet. They will spend three of your Earth days observing it from the air. They will not land as they can carry out minute observations from the air. A close study will be made of the circum­stances of the average inhabitant of the planet."

Wy-Ora explained that the data collected would be presented to a tribunal of Superiors and men of wisdom from the planets of the Confederation. Their decisions would be adhered to by all Confederation members concer­ned. Should they decide to withdraw craft then regular transmissions would be curtailed or cease and only occa­sional radio contacts would be made. He assured Edwin that he and his group would not be completely abandoned. Wy-Ora said that he would personally ask permission to keep the "Q" group informed from time to time.

To the surprise of the listeners, Wy-Ora then bro­ached a subject which was to gain more emphasis in the years to follow. This was a plan to evacuate some of our Earth's inhabitants should the need arise.

Wy-Ora said, "My friends, I know I have no right to ask you this question at this stage for after all, I am an alien, but if at any time I were to ask you to leave your planet and accompany me to Koldas to make your home there, would you agree to do this? I realize this may come as a bit of a shock. I also realize that life on Koldas is very different from that on Earth. There are many things you would have to adjust to, but I feel that in time you would adapt to your new environment and be able to settle down. I will leave this matter with you for now for who can tell what the future will bring. You must come of your own free will. We will not take one of you and leave others, for this is against our principles of ethic. We do not like to separate families so as I said before all must be willing to come."

Wy-Ora continued, "I know many of you are afraid. I do not blame you. But let me assure you the ships are safe and very reliable. As for the inhabitants of Koldas they are like you, flesh and blood, breathing air. The fundamental difference is that we on Koldas and in the Confederation, foster peaceful relations and goodwill to all creatures. The cement of our social structure is love and it is inculcated from an early age. Trust us, we will not fail you."

Some of the more imaginative members of the group over-reacted and caused quite a stir in family circles by making plans for immediate departure!

Then, a month later, on April 2nd, 1969, Edwin's radio receiver was activated unexpectedly at 10:35 p.m. The message was disturbing but not entirely unexpected. This time it was the Sitonian Zybo. "I have a prelimin­ary report on the outcome of the Tribunal which was held on Koldas recently." Zybo then explained the decision to withdraw from the immediate vicinity of Earth. Then he continued, "Consequently, I am sorry to say that this will be my last official transmission. This Sitonian Patrol will leave for its new area beyond your Moon. We leave with heavy hearts for we have patrolled this area for many years now. We wish you well and success in your new space explorations. Soon you will have spacecraft to reach other planets in your solar system."

Zybo said that Wy-Ora would confirm the decision himself in the near future. He then closed his radio transmission with some personal remarks to Edwin and members of the "Q" group.

NOTE- There seems to be a pattern of relationships in in development here for, unknown to Edwin and the "Q" group members, and about the same time in the 1960s, other contactee groups were being similarly prepared for evacuation in case of catastrophe, by the UMMOs in Spain, the Karrans in Brazil, and others around the world.

Two days later on Good Friday, a radio signal came through at 10:55 a.m. (April 14th, 1969). As promised, it was Wy-Ora himself who said that he had attended the Tribunal at the main communications building on his home planet, Koldas, where the main events of the last ten years concerning Earth were reviewed. Special attention was given to the recent three-day aerial survey by the visiting team. This confirmed the existence of conflict, violence and bloodshed, industrial unrest, strife and social injustice, poverty and malnutrition of substan­tial scale. Much of the violence could not be described in detail to the members of the Tribunal as in the Con­federation people are not familiar with violence. It is a concept entirely foreign to their nature. But the main purpose of the latest survey became clear when Wy-Ora spoke. He said, "I am happy that our Superiors find it unlikely that a nuclear conflict will break out at this stage on Earth. But who can tell what the future may bring?"

He went on to say that in 1960 (9 years earlier), a similar aerial survey had disclosed that a tremendous build-up of atomic weapons was taking place in several countries on Earth. This caused much concern. He added that it was then decided that a special 'rescue' fleet of spacecraft would be formed and that 300 'special' space-craft pilots were to be trained so that, in the event of an atomic war, their contacts could possibly be evacuated.

In retrospect, Valdar's two-year visit to Earth and the involvement of Edwin in subsequent events, should be viewed with this in mind.

Wy-Ora continued, "At the present moment there are about 3,000 people on Earth who are known to the Confederation. All have been in contact with the Confederation at one time or another. In the event of atomic war, the specially trained pilots, together with the assist­ance of the 'Q' Bases and groups, will respond immedi­ately to evacuate these people. Recently I had mentioned the matter of evacuation again, as I feared that the outbreak of atomic war was imminent. Happily this calam­ity does not appear likely at the moment. All the other members of the Confederation have agreed to divert craft from other operations to assist in evacuation if this becomes necessary"

Wy-Ora was obviously disappointed when he continued by saying, "Unfortunately, it has been decided that our patrol of the immediate vicinity of your planet must be withdrawn. This came as a great surprise to all of us in the fleet. We never imagined this would come so soon. As you know, Sitonian, Salamian and Koldasian ships have been operating in the area between your planet and your moon. But now this will change and our patrols will be farther out. Confederation craft will only venture clo­ser in case of emergency, or when special permission has been granted by Earth's superiors."

Then,.. to reassure Edwin and his group, he said, "Although we are leaving the vicinity of Earth, it does not mean that we will break contact with you there at 'Q' Base. When possible we will transmit by radio as we have done before. The transmissions will not be as freq­uent as they have been in the past. We are disappointed. We have enjoyed telling you about us and sharing the in­formation we have passed on to you. We hope this will continue Wy-Ora said that he, personally, would be in charge of the patrol beyond the artificial satellite Melchor located at the perimeter of our solar system. Valdar would continue his operations in the system of Pyrole and was preparing for departure at that moment. He said that Valdar and Clyveen were happy together.

"I now come to the most difficult part of this tra­nsmission," Wy-Ora said. "I must say farewell for now. I have travelled to many systems and scores of planets, but there is 'a sadness within me difficult to explain. Remember that although we part, and these transmissions will be less frequent, we shall continue our relation­ship... in thought. You will know that we have not for­gotten you. I must give the order to remove all Kolda­sian craft from the fields of your planet."

He then gave the command in his own language, and then followed it, for Edwin's benefit, with an approxi­mate translation:

"Kasalango visiango lessi vichingo Wy-Ora! Lasaka lamo-se sala-evu slavanda salakango salandi lasaka kalloso lavando Si. Kasendula vanda aliaszo on Si Wy-Ora."

The translation is:

"This is Wy-Ora to the Second Koldasian Fleet. I now command you to evacuate
this area and leave for the new patrol areas assigned. I am' Wy-Ora."

With a final farewell. Wy-Ora ended the radio mess­age. Edwin had hoped that his good friend Valdar, whom he came to know so well in the early sixties, would add a few words to say goodbye. But nothing further came through the radio that morning.

Three days later, at 02:00 a.m. on April 27th, a steady call from the radio receiver woke Edwin and his wife Elizabeth. It was the Koldasian Fourth Patrol Div­ision calling. "Standby for transmission...", repeating this at intervals for some time. Surely that must be Valdar! They got up and donned dressing gowns to settle down in their lounge and listen and record the broadcast coming through.

"My friends, we regret waking you at this hour.This is Valdar. Greetings from the personnel of this craft and myself. We are enroute to the system of Pyrole to carry out our next patrol duty tour. We may not have another opportunity of speaking to you, so forgive us for arousing you now. First of all, Clyveen and myself would like to thank you and your members for your con­gratulations on our wedding day. It was much appreciated by both of us and we thank you for your gesture. Yes, I am now a man with a purpose in life! I have promised to share my life with someone who means more to me than anything else in the universe."

He spoke of their home on Koldas, which is quite close to Wy-Ora's, overlooking an island. He spoke about the sunset walks along the shore of their inland sea. Valdar said that his rest periods from patrol duties were spent in this idyllic setting; newlyweds in a cosmic heaven.

"But here I go again, said Valdar, "speaking about myself. I know how you must feel about the withdrawl and I confess that I realised for some time that this would come. There are an ever increasing number of unmanned satellites in orbit around your planet, which have now become a hazard."

Valdar then reiterated that most of Earth's govern­ments, political rulers and Superiors, knew of the Koldasian operations and the Confederation. He said they had known of the presence of Confederation craft over their countries and in the oceans for a very long time.*( *The presence of extraterrestrial spacecraft in our seas sounds exotic and far-fetched, but we need only refer to the Filiberto Cardenas case in Hialeah, Florida, or the David Delmundo case in Puerto Rico, where the contactees were taken to underwater UFO bases in operation. In the Netherlands Stefan Denaerde was taken underwater in a UFO for 8 hours, where beings from another planet showed him transmitted images from their home system and dis­cussed its life, society and technology with him in det­ail and compared it to ours. At the end of that meeting the huge circular disc-shaped spacecraft surged from under the sea into the air and disappeared ascending at a steep angle. Water is no more hostile an element than deep space, and should be equally navigable, and may be used for this purpose more than we know.) It is a sobering thought that most of the population of this planet is not yet ready to accept life beyond Earth... Valdar added that our governments do not want people to accept this fact. The Confederation appreciates the need for such a policy because the acceptance of extraterres­trial life would have far reaching effects for Earth. A gradual transition to this concept would be far better.

"What makes me sad," Valdar said, "is the unnecess­ary bloodshed and warfare on Earth. I often think of the little children who are the innocent victims of all this violence. Infants without homes having to find refuge, food and water, yet they have no idea why their parents are at war. There are areas of dire poverty. All these scenes and much more were recently recorded by the three-day aerial survey. This too contributes to the Confederation's decision to withdraw their patrols."

Valdar said that Earth would not be completely ab­andoned. A very watchful eye would be kept on those countries which engage in warfare or physical violence whenever it was possible. Then returning to more mundane matters, he mentioned that he was flying in Koldas' lat­est type space-craft. "This craft I am now piloting is one of the latest models. As I sit here and gaze about me, I see masses of new control panels. These are diff­erent in shape and size from the older models. Even the smell within this craft is new! In time, I am sure we will get used to the new lay-out which incorporates many improvements. All our old patrol craft have been trans­ferred to the Pyrolean Fleet. The Fourth Koldasian div­ision was then equipped with these new craft which are considerably improved and have more efficient systems."

"Now, unfortunately, I have to end this transmiss­ion for we must continue on our journey. I do not say farewell. There are no farewells on Koldas. We say, 'To­morrow the sun rises to bring a new day, though we must part for the present, we shall meet again.

"So, for the present we part, but we shall meet again."

These were the last words Edwin and the "Q" group heard from the Confederation for nearly seven months, one of the longest breaks in transmission.

The months dragged on as life continued as usual and Edwin often cast longing eyes into the wide blue sky when outdoors. He sent his thought messages, trying to keep in contact. He tried to receive by thought but no­thing came through. When would they return? At night, he often lay awake waiting in vain for the familiar call from his radio reciver. ... 'Calling 'Q' Base'... For those who wait, time itself seems to have slowed down.



As this narrative from the radio transcripts was being prepared, Edwin was asked to describe the space craft he had seen land on the beach at Patterson's Gro­yne, and which later picked Valdar up and took him back to Koldas. Carl van Vlierden prepared a proportional drawing in schematic layout to also show features seen at later times by Edwin in other contacts. We have extr­apolated that to 3-view line drawing to accompany the schematic. This ship was fairly large and carried a crew of seven. It could operate between solar systems. A small ship used for some missions may have been carried here in larger craft and may have been stationed aboard the satellite way-station. Then one evening it came! It was 9 o'clock on the first of November 1969. They were back! It was Wy-Ora, but the news he brought was very disturbing.

"I have some alarming news I will pass on to you. In past transmissions I have mentioned the Galdonians, who live in a remote uncharted solar system far beyond Koldas. It is a vast area with many planets capable of supporting life. Recently, a very disturbing discovery was made by one of our patrol craft on the fringe of our solar system. This is a region consisting of an as­teroid belt, almost impenetrable to fast craft as it has thousands of rocky asteroids and large and small chunks of stone, all completely devoid of life. Here, amongst this maze of space debris, our patrol found many Galdon­ian space-craft. At first the significance of this find was not fully appreciated, but soon we realized that a veritable armada of craft was being assembled in this belt. A closer survey revealed that most of them were unmanned and resembled guided missiles which could be launched against any target in our solar system!

"The clandestine build-up of this sinister strike-force aimed at Koldas startled all of us in the Confed­eration. Like a malignant growth it continued to spread its tentacles throughout the protective debris of the asteroid belt. Its ultimate purpose was brutally obvious as we realized its extent. Mighty Koldas was stunned! Its planetary adrenaline for fight or flight had been paralyzed by 2,000 years of peace...

"Will Koldas have to fight the Galdonians to main­tain their peaceful existence?"

The question had an all too familiar ring.

"Koldas is certainly not prepared for invasion, Wy-Ora said. "We have no armaments whatsoever to protect our people. The only possible form of defense we have is our Astrael Fleet, and if necessary it will be used to prevent these invading craft from reaching our solar system. Siton has offered to strengthen us should an emergency arise. But our Superiors have declined to acc­ept this generous offer for it is felt that Koldas must defend herself and that other peaceful planets should not become involved on our account. So let us hope that Galdonia will think again before considering such a hos­tile move against us. Their craft are primitive compared with what Koldas has in a way of space technology. We do not want war, but if it is inevitable we shall stand ag­ainst whatever they choose to strike with."

The news of the imminent war-threat to their friend and his planet shocked Edwin and his wife and the "Q" group members. Centuries of peaceful co-existence was about to be cruelly shattered. A powerful member of the Confederation was under threat of attack. On our blood-soaked Earth, the threat of war is almost always present somewhere. Ironically the planet called PEACE was about to become involved in a war for survival.

About a month later, Wy-Ora was back with another eagerly awaited transmission. It came through at 8:15 in the evening. He gave his position as 537 km above the home of Edwin. He said that he had been delegated to represent Koldas at a Confederation conference held on Grandor and he had just returned. These conferences were held regularly and he gave a description of the magnifi­cent hall in the city of Veenu. The colossal dome of the hall was completely transparent, and the delegates sat in a circle beneath it. In the centre, on an elevated platform, were the seats of the Superiors. >From this position they could participate in each discussion of the current affairs of the Confederation.

Each planetary delegate sits in his or her own pri­vate cubicle comfortably furnished and fitted with a sophisticated recording system so that a complete record of the proceedings and their actions could be taken back to their home planets. Wy-Ora said the conference lasted for six days and was almost entirely devoted to the crisis facing Koldas.

All possible aspects of the situation had been dis­cussed and many proposals had been made and considered by the assembled delegates. The consensus of opinion was that war appeared inevitable if the threat was not with­drawn, and that Koldas might be forced to defend itself.

Wy-Ora continued, "I have never been so completely exhausted after a conference as I was on that occasion. Never have I attended a gathering where so many ideas were presented to the Superiors. One of the decisions reached will end some patrol duties Koldas has undertak­en in the past. This will conserve her resources as pre­parations are made to resist a possible attack. Grandor, Byronne and Salamia will relieve Koldas of her patrol commitments which she has faithfully carried out for so many years.

With an air of optimism, Wy-Ora said, "I still feel that there is hope for a peaceful solution. I ask you all to join us on our planet in our prayer to the Al­mighty One to strengthen us against this peril. I feel sure that our prayers will be answered.."

The latest news was that the Galdonian Fleet had made no hostile move yet against Koldas. But day by day more and more Galdonian space-craft were arriving and the time for action was drawing close.

Wy-Ora said "We will do nothing until they make a threatening move. We shall then act to counter their move against us."

In closing he said, "My friends, I do not know when our craft will return again to your system. So I have asked the Sitonian Zybo to keep you informed of events taking place in the Confederation." With a short salutation he signed off and was gone!

NOTE- This whole drama sounds preposterous and too much like our science fiction, too similar to Earth nature, but remember that fiction is based on very potential realities. The Koldasians as well as other Confederation members are human and as such, perhaps, subject to other human failings. The fact remains that there were a num­ber of other witnesses who heard the radio transmissions "live", who examined the radio, and the antenna, and the surroundings, and searched for confederates and a way to do this without ever finding any real evidence of fraud. They were just as interested in not being fooled as you and I, and some spent a lot more money, effort and time than you and I to find out. If we prefer to think fake or fraud then there are other considerations. If this were faked then the perpetrator had found a way, with no identifiable equipment, to transmit power on a radio wave to activate and run a radio set and turn it on and off in front of witnesses, with nobody touching it. If this were faked there were other tricks to be mastered: the aerial displays seen by others, the unnatural stren­gth of George, and other similar phenomena. And this did not end. It is still going on!

Continuation of the ufo-contact story from the planet KOLDAS – from a “anti-universe” - which nature, and also their ways of travelling to Earth will be described in later parts of this incredible story – which for the most is recorded through a special reconstructed radio (see part 1).



The ominous build-up of the armada in the Koldasian asteroid belt must have appalled(forferdet) the population of that planet. For us wars and continuous fighting are part of our way of life. Indeed, Kenneth Clark suggests that the early stages of all civilizing epochs on Earth began with success in war and that fighting is apparently nec­essary to stabilize the resulting civilization.

At the other end of the scale, Koldas had enjoyed 20 centuries of history without fighting of any kind and consequently the only deterrent they could muster was their fleet of Astrael spacecraft. These craft are not intended for military service but are equipped with a "Sun-ray" disintegrating laser or charged particle ray-gun which is designed to annihilate meteorites in the magnetic traffic lanes. Its pencil-like "laser" beam stabs at any object, destroying it in a brilliant flash without leaving a trace. Would it save their civiliz­ation? How would the population, unprepared for violence, face up to the coming onslaught?

Five days before Christmas the fateful news came by radio. A Byronnian cargo Astrael-craft relayed the mess­age from Melchor. "I am Kashendo, from Melchor control. I have very grave news for you, Edwin. Two weeks ago, the alien Galdonians attacked Koldas. Guided missiles in large numbers were launched, causing widespread damage including destruction of the main communications center. During this attack, three thousand people lost their lives and many forests were set on fire. The defense was conducted by Wy-Ora, who led the first division of Ast­rael-craft. Five craft were lost with all crews and fourteen were damaged."

Edwin was stunned by the news and could hardly bel­ieve his ears. Kashendo continued his report. "At this very moment, Galdonia is preparing to launch another attack. The Superiors of Koldas have ordered the evac­uation of tall buildings in the main cities. The people have moved to the adjoining countryside or taken shelter in basements. In spite of the first losses suffered by the people, morale is high. We are confident that the invaders will be overcome and harmony restored to the planet of Peace...”

Kashendo then explained the difficulties the Kold-asian patrol craft had locating the alien guided missi­les in the asteroid belt. The region was a vast maze of debris from thousands of planetoids and bits of barren rock. It was equally perilous to the Galdonians and some of their missiles were seen to collide with rocks and explode. The Astrael-craft slowed down considerably, while looking for these 'needles in a haystack'. Once a missile was located, it was destroyed by a single burst from the 'Sun-ray

"Unfortunately," continued Kashendo, "we were not able to inform you earlier of the Galdonian attack on our planet. Our radio communication from Melchor needs an Astrael-craft between us and you on Earth to relay the signals as they cannot reach you directly. We there­fore thank the Byronnian Commander of a cargo carrier for making this transmission possible.

"You will be kept informed of developments from time to time, either by Melchor of by the Sitonian, friend Zybo."

Two weeks later, on January 2, 1970, his voice was heard again from Melchor at 6:30 p.m. A Byronnian craft assisted in relaying the transmission. It was most disturbing news.

"Two Earth-days ago," the message ran, "Galdonian space assault-craft invaded the Koldasian atmosphere. There were 37 craft in all. These were manned craft of immense proportions. Their objective was to capture the strategic tracking station in the northern hemisphere. This installation was hidden in a remote forest and had a staff of over a thousand. A Corynthian Astrael divis­ion was launched immediately to intercept the invaders."

Kashendo explained that the Corynthian was a craft especially designed for long-distance interplanetary travel. It incorporates the most advanced designs with automatic instrumentation and is one of the most formid­able craft in annihilating power as well as instant translocating capacity.*( *Translocation is a form of instant displacement in space.)

In the encounter, most of the alien craft were destroyed and forced to land on Koldas although some escaped. They failed in their miss­ion to destroy the tracking station. The prisoners were interrogated and after the initial language problem was overcome, the Galdonians admitted that they were assist­ed by at least two other planets in their system. Appar­ently, one of the reasons for attacking Koldas was to capture their minerals, food and other resources which they needed.

The people of Koldas were appalled to hear that planets would go to war, destroy and kill many thousands for such a trivial reason. The Galdonian prisoners seem­ed to be fearless, indicating their belief that with the aid of the other two planets they would eventually over­run Koldas and bring her to her knees.

In the meantime, Koldas had no alternative but to brace herself for the coming onslaught. Efforts were made to extract information from the captives which may lead to the location of these three hostile planets. As Kashendo phrased it, "We are civilized beings, although we are at war, we shall not put our prisoners to any 'discomfort' so as to compel them to reveal their secret to us." He added that all their hopes were pinned on the fabulous new Corinthian Astrael-craft and the hope that they would be able to find the planets concerned and put an end to their unwelcome designs in time.

But two days later at 9:45 a.m., a very concerned Kashendo spoke through the receiver, stressing the very urgency of the message for Edwin. "At this moment, while I am speaking to you, Galdonia is in the throes of laun­ching another attack on Koldas. An estimated 3,000 miss­iles are heading for our home planet. The Corynthian division has been alerted to intercept them before they reach the limits of our atmosphere. This is a crisis of first order for Koldas. It is the largest force that Galdonia has so far launched against us... Must discon­tinue transmission for now, as all channels are required for emergency traffic. When possible will inform you on the outcome of this attack. Farewell..."

Day by day, more news of this latest attack was expectedby Edwin and his group, but nothing was received at all. Was there no craft in the vicinity of Earth to relay a message from Melchor? Or had this attack then overwhelmed the planet so unprepared for such a war?

Would all the other planets of the Confederation fall like nine-pins in an all-out war among the stars? Would Earth be on the list of targets? Had our asteroid belt already been mined by alien missiles? Days passed into weeks and then on the third week at 06:45 pm., the long awaited message came.

"Unfortunately," said Kashendo, "we have not been able to contact you earlier, due to the complete destr­uction of the main communications centre on Koldas. And since then, this artificial satellite has been overload­ed with message traffic and the handling of spacecraft of the Confederation. In my last transmission I informed you that a barrage of Galdonian missiles was on its way to Koldas. These missiles were all directed to converge on the main communications center. Unfortunately for us, they did penetrate our defenses and scored hits on this vital nerve center. Close to a thousand of our operating personnel lost their lives. Many more were injured and large areas of surrounding facility was leveled to the ground. But Galdonia did not get things all their way! Amongst the guided missiles were hundreds of assault craft manned by Galdonian attack forces and their wea­pons. They were to land and occupy the communication- complex of buildings. But this operation failed then completely. A Corynthian squadron entirely destroyed 57 of the attacking vessels and the remainder retreated. But the pilotless missiles caused tremendous damage by being concentrated on a relatively small area. For every two missiles destroyed, at least one penetrated our de­fense and brought complete havoc and terror to all those who lived around the area. The attack lasted for three and a half hours."

"The worst blow for Koldas," said Kashendo, "was the almost complete destruction of the Corynthian div­ision which was just ready for departure on the search for these hostile planets. More than three quarters of them were destroyed in violent explosions and it will take much valuable time to replace these craft on which the hopes of Koldas were focused."

From what Kashendo said in his latest transmission. it was obvious that Koldas was staggering under the blows of the aggressor, but at the same time, the planet was licking her wounds and making an all-out effort to rally her resources. He said that another Corynthian Division was already on the assembly line and that as soon as these craft were ready for operation, they would leave under the command of Valdar. A determined search would be made in the as yet unexplored suspect regions to find the aggressor planets. Devastating news. Meanwhile Kalaal would be entering this unexplored area with 34 Astrael patrol-craft until the new Corynthian fleet could take over. Here the Galdonians were expected to be in hiding, probably in large numbers. If only this threat could be removed, Koldas would be free from the missile attacks.

Wars have occurred on many civilizations in the universes and destructed human culture - but the experiences of these pains have led these planets to higher levels of sympathy for their cosmic brothers and sisters.

Twenty-four hours later Kashendo was back with an­other radio message. This was at 08:30 on January 24th, 1970. "At last we have some encouraging news. Kalaal's patrol division has located a large pocket of Galdonian craft and missiles. These were being held in reserve be­hind the asteroid belt. This discovery was a stroke of luck because this is a vast uncharted region. Kalaal attacked the missiles immediately with the Sun-ray and annihilated many. We feel that this is a break-through and clues found inside the alien craft may lead to other hidden depots at some strategic locations nearer Koldas. Kalaal ‘s initial success has prompted our Superiors to send yet another Astrael patrol division into this area and Valdar will be leaving almost immediately with 72 craft."

This was good news, a ray of hope for Edwin and his "Q" Group members and friends who took a keen interest in developments. They had been living under a cloud ever since the news of the attack on Koldas broke. They all hoped that time could be gained for the planet which had been singled out for the initial attack by the invaders.

If only Koldas were able to mobilize her resources quickly then her obvious technical and spiritual super­iority must surely win. Then there was the potential of the combined strength of the other planets in the Con­federation. Surely they would not stand by and allow an enemy of their highly developed civilization go unchall­enged. Thus, even among great planets, fighting seems to be necessary to guard civilization. The invaders would have to be vanquished again. We do not know how many times this has happened. History records that they have returned to the attack again and again, and even Earth has not escaped attention. The Confederation has never completely wiped out this opponent, leaving their destiny to be decided by the Divine One.)*

 *)There may be a very important object lesson here. These are not the first extraterrestrials to describe long time observation of Earth and a history of advanced civ­ilizations on our planet destroyed by attackers from space. The frequency may not be great but the threat is always there. Perhaps our only safety in the long-run is to join a confederation of planets affording a broader range of protection. Perhaps even associations of con­federations is necessary as has already been described by UFOnauts.)

In the meantime, life for Earth's inhabitants moved on as usual; the vast majority oblivious of the drama unfolding on another planet who had been observing us. Edwin and Elizabeth's first child, Michelle, was born on the 7th of February, 1970, bringing new domestic respon­sibilities. Instead of messages from space, their minds where on nappies, bottles, baths and feeding times.

On the Koldasian satellite Melchor, there was much increase in activity. Craft after craft entered and left through the heavy' airlock gates. It is an oasis for the space traveller where crew and craft can find rest and repair. Inside the giant sphere there are comfortable quarters and even replica outdoor scenes with lawns, shrubs, fountains and recreation. Towering above the levels, with their maze of tunnels and lodging halls, is the huge transparent observation dome; the nerve center of the giant sphere with its eyes and ears. There are antenna bristling in all directions for the receiving and transmitting instruments. Illuminated dials and pan­els are manned continuously by men and women operators. At the highest level is the control bridge with a cub­icle where the captain of the "ship", at this time our friend Kashendo, is stationed.

NOTE- Though an artificial satellite "several miles" in diameter is a stupendous construction, it is not entire­ly an impossibility. NASA is studying such a project ev­en now. There are several unpublished UFO cases involv­ing such gigantic craft. A published one is described in detail in "UFO ContactFrom The Pleiades", and it was also a sphere. The hangar deck alone had many square kms of surface and accommodated many hundreds of craft.

Although Melchor 's transmitters were loaded wit priority traffic, Kashendo found time to send a radio message to Edwin when one of the Confederation's craft was in Earth s vicinity to relay his signals. This occurred about a week after Elizabeth had her baby.

After identifying himself, Kashendo spoke to them "I have a special message for you Edwin and Elizabeth Congratulations from us all on the arrival of your baby daughter! We send our best wishes for mother and child Wy-Ora, Valdar, and Mank-ton send their congratulation as well. All of them ask me to convey their best wish on this occasion."

Kashendo continued by saying that Valdar, Kalaa and Mank-Ton were keeping well. Although their duties took them far from the Koldasian solar system, they feel they were serving the cause best by patrolling distant fields until the invading planets were found. Though thousands of Koldasians had lost their lives, their morale was still high. Everyone believed in ultimate victory over the force which threatened their planet.

Kashendo continued. No further attacks have been made on Koldas recently. Valdar and Kalaal have discovered many hidden arsenals within the asteroid belt an beyond. Thousands of missiles have been destroyed. Stra­ngely enough, no other Galdonian craft have been sighted but our Superiors feel that this may be the lull before the storm. At present all is quiet. The face of Koldas has changed during this short period of war. Temporar housing has been provided for all who lost their homes and places of strategic importance have been reinforce( and armed with devices capable of destroying attacking craft.)

"Yes," said Kashendo, "Koldas has changed. We find it difficult adjusting to our new way of life. The spir­it of the people is not broken. In spite of the changes., they smile and carry on. We are confident that in the end we shall overcome these aggressors. It is strange how a nation which has not experienced a war for thou­sands of years has been able to adapt itself so rapidly to these new conditions. Our Astrael divisions are being reinforced almost daily and those lost in battle repla­ced. Soon our new Corynthian Division will be ready and Koldas will then penetrate deeply beyond the asteroid belt to seek out these aggressors who have brought death and destruction to us.'

"As I gaze through these large windows of the obser­vation dome," said Kashendo, now in a more relaxed voice "I see thousands of stars stretching out in all direc­tions in a never-ending carpet. I wonder about my pla­net, and I think about your Earth too. Then I think of the many thousands of planets in the thousands of syst­ems in the thousands of galaxies. Some have not even been discovered yet. I think too of the many languages in which these different races converse with each other. As I sit here and ponder these matters, I sense the gra­ndeur and splendor of the Divine One's creation. How awesome are these universes in which we dwell, and the others beyond. Surely, with all this splendor about us, peace should reign. What motivates and drives civilized creatures to cause pain and suffering to other living creatures? Are we not all one family?"

Kashendo continued his reverie, "You know, this station is often visited by wanderers of deep space. I often think of how it would be if your spacecraft would visit this station on their journeys into deeper space. Your astronauts would see the inscription in our tongue above the airlock - MELCHOR, WELCOME TO ALL -. Yes, this would be wonderful. But it may not occurr in my life-time, although it will happen one day!"

"As I am sitting here talking to you on Earth, it reminds me of the training period I spent on your planet. Yes, I was there for five years... in Australia. There I learned to speak your language and I met many people who helped me a great deal during my stay. Everyone I met was very kind and considerate, but most of them did not have the faintest idea that I was not an inhabitant of Earth. I must say that I really loved my stay with you and I have many pleasant memories.

"I will let you in on a little secret. During my stay there I met a wonderful girl and we fell in love. Her name is Linda. When I completed my training period, Linda insisted on accompanying me to Koldas. There we were married. We have both found great happiness... and we often think of the wonderful days we had on Earth.

It was pleasant talking to you, but now I must close. I will be contacting you again at the earliest opportunity. Many thanks to the Byronnian craft for ass­isting with the relay of this transmission. For the time being, farewell from Melchor..."

True to his word, the now familiar voice from Melchor brought a short message about four weeks later that no further attacks had been made on Koldas.

However, on March 24th, there was news of another attack. "Another blow has been struck at Koldas. Two of your weeks ago, Galdonian missiles completely destroyed a small town on the northern side. I knew this town well because I was born in Typhyliano and spent my youth gro­wing up there. Thousands of people lost their lives and many more were injured. I was deeply shocked when I was told the damage. All the survivors were evacuated and the place is now a ghost town, smouldering ruins. Yes, Koldas has had a taste of the horror and futility of war."

Kashendo also mentioned that the newly replaced Corynthian Division had left three Earth-days ago to re­connoitre  the unexplored regions for the hostile planet or planets. He said the division had been divided into three task forces which would also periodically report to Melchor.

NOTE- Kashendo 's voice was another to come through the radio regularly in addition to Valdar and Wy-Ora, Zybo, Mank-Ton, Kalaal, and others, all with different accents and characters, and all heard at one time or another by other witnesses. If this were staged and the voices in fact local, it is strange that in the 23 years this has been going on none of those voices has come forward and identified themselves to expose the sham -- which they would also have had to keep up for the same 23 years. None of the group of personal friends around Edwin W., nor his wife, ever recognized any of these voices as alter personalities of Edwin or even characterizations within his capability. He affects no other characters besides his own natural personality. A sham on this kind of scale to fool so many for so long seems to be an im­possibility. Broadcasting equipment is expensive and no­body involved had money of that kind, and they would only be fooling themselves, as nothing was done with this before.

"Never before," said Kashendo, "have I felt so helpless! I am anxious for the safety of my family and friends on Koldas. They are in the front line and I am relatively safe here on Melchor. Now that we have tasted the bitterness of war, we shall appreciate peace even more than we did before. Let us hope that our Cor­ynthian Division will soon succeed.

"But now, let us return to more pleasant things. I am seated here in the observation dome and look in the direction of your sun, there is a wonderful sight. I see a lonely traveler of the heavens gowned in a gorgeous cloak of silver trailing 45 million miles behind it. A wanderer in space... It is a comet which we can see from this way-station. (Comet Bennet) It is quite a sight. It reminds me of your ancient Egypt. Way back in history, a comet appeared in their skies, but this comet was one of our Starships, one of the early ones to land on your Earth. I must tell you more about those star-ships, for there are some fascinating records in our ar­chives, but for the moment, this relayed radio trans­mission must end. We wish you well from Melchor, until next time..."

Next time came under most unusual circumstances; twenty minutes after splash-down of the ill fated Apollo 13! Man was making his first attempts to reach beyond his solar system. Sputnik, the first satellite and the first spaceman, had already been sent aloft. Neil Arm­strong had made the first giant leap for mankind.

The whole world had witnessed every step of man's voyage to the Moon. Project Apollo was already well into its stride. Then came the 13th mission of this kind. The launch at 13:13 hours went off without a hitch but 56 hours later there was an explosion in the service module making it totally ineffective. (The date was April 17th, 1970). The astronauts were completely dependent on the Lunar Module which was designed for an operational life of 48 hours. The shortest return trajectory would take 63 hours and the problem of getting home was serious. The explosions deprived the Command Module of electri­city, water and oxygen and their batteries were run down.

Twice during the epic home-run, it almost became necessary to transfer the astronauts to an Astrael-craft which had come to the rescue! But the combined efforts and ingenuty of the astronauts and the hard-working ground control, won the day. At the splashdown, the ship had barely enough power to open the three main descent parachutes as one of its three batteries was dead. It was no wonder that President Nixon rearranged those fam­ous Churchillian words: Never have so few owed so mucth to so many!

Just twenty minutes after splashdown, Edwin was al­erted on his radio receiver by Zybo of the Sitonian Sixth Patrol. "Greetings. No doubt you have heard the good news that the three astronauts have safely landed in the recovery area. The Confederation, my personnel and myself are happy to hear that they are safe. For the past three Earth-days, we have been keeping a close watch over the stricken American spacecraft."

"Melchor informed us of the plight of your three astronauts. My Superiors instructed me to respond immed­iately and give aid to them if necessary. When we reach­ed their position we contacted the commander of the Am­erican craft by radio. At first he would not acknowledge our transmission, so we positioned our Astrael craft alongside their craft. We could see the Americans obser­ving us through their observation window. One of them had some kind of a photographic instrument and we pre­sumed they were making a record of our presence.

"But soon after they had recovered from their sur­prise, the astronauts made radio contact with our Astra­el craft. Their first words were, 'We come in peace...

Then they identified themselves and the command pilot of the American spacecraft said, 'Are you real live Mar­tians? And are you as green as they say?1 My friends we all laughed at his joke!

"Before the Americans contacted us, they had advis­ed their main base on Earth of our presence. We have made a recording of this transmission and I would like you to listen to them describing our Astrael craft when they first observed us.

The recording which Zybo now played back to Edwin in his radio transmission to Pinetown, Natal, resembled earlier ones made by previous Apollo Astronauts.

NOTE- This is not the first case of UFO contact with our space vehicles recorded however.The W.German "UFO Nach­richten" for 15 July 1969 reported UFO contact with Apol­lo 8, the last one lasting 11 minutes during which time the capsule left its course. Pedro Romaniuk of Argentina wrote in his book "Desde el Cosmos nos Vigilan" that the Russian "Voskod" I, encountered a UFO in orbit.

The whole world had witnessed and listened to every step of man's voyage to the Moon but this message was obviously only meant for the ears of their control cen­tre at Houston. It is describing the strange object that has just come into view outside the capsule. The words of the three astronauts, each in turn in quick success­ion and sometimes overlapping, came across with excite­ment and an occasional touch of earthy jargon:

"BR5. High five..."

"Holy son of a gun! Straight down the middle of
the road!"

"I have it! Outlandish. Forty-two degrees...


"Its size is like the biggest freighter helicopter'

"What is it?"

"I can't believe it!"


"Holy catfish..."

"Forty-two degrees...

"Big... it is from high ahead..."

"Its falling speed amounts to thirty-five hundred,

coming down at about 99 feet per second."

"You can't hold him. I hope you can hear em...

"Right down the middle..."

"Yes," continued Zybo, "as the command pilot and his crew said, they could not believe what their own eyes were seeing. We must have looked a strange sight hovering there next to their disabled craft. I should imagine an Astrael-craft must look strange to anyone who sees it for the first time.

"Later, after that first radio contact with the American astronauts, we became acquainted with them and soon we were friends."

"Twice during their return journey, we thought that we would have to transfer them to our ship as further problems occurred. But they were able to rectify these and for the rest of the homeward journey we remained close to them.

"After they had safely entered Earth's atmosphere, we followed for a short way and wished our new-found friends farewell, and while we are here, we took this opportunity to make this transmission as we had a message for you from the Commander of Melchor.

"He asked me to inform you," continued Zybo, "that Melchor will contact you again as soon as it is possible to get through. At the moment they have a problem as they have to rely on a Byronnian Astrael-craft to relay their transmission but as soon as such a craft is within range, they will contact you. Unfortunately, I must now end this direct transmission to you, as we have to re­sume our patrol duties. Farewell...."

It so happened that two days later, on April 19th, 1970, there was a radio transmission from Melchor. Kash­endo said he was glad to hear from Zybo that the astro­nauts landed safely. He also said that they had been monitoring all recent manned Apollo Moon missions at the request of one of Earth's governments.

"When your astronauts left for your Moon, we foll­owed their progress and on receipt of their distress signals, we contacted Koldas advising them of the plight of the occupants of the badly damaged craft. I was then informed by my Superiors to send a message to the near­est Astrael-craft and Commander Zybo of the Sitonian Division happened to be in close proximity at the time.

"He responded immediately and after he had located the damaged craft he accompanied them around your Moon and then back to Earth. He finally left them, after they had safely entered your atmosphere. At regular intervals during the return journey, we on Melchor were kept in­formed by Zybo regarding their progress. All of us in the center were relieved to hear they eventually made a safe landing on Earth."

Kashendo then surprised the listeners by saying that Melchor had been honored by the visit of a special guest. He said that the guest was seated right before him while his Corynthian craft was being serviced below in the Astrael hangar area. It was the first time that a Corynthian craft had visited Melchor!

Kashendo said that their guest was none other than Commander Valdar of the Second Koldasian Astrael Patrol Division. Valdar was apparently on a special mision for he and fifteen other commanders were on their way to Byronne. But before handing over to Valdar, he added that Edwin must have missed hearing from his old friend, 'George'. This was certainly true! Since the outbreak of hostilities on Koldas, Edwin had been anxiously awaiting news of his old friend.

"Greetings my friends.. this is Valdar."

Edwin immediately recognized his voice which bro­ught back a flood of memories.

"It is wonderful to be able to speak to you once again by radio transmission. I often think of you, Ed, your wife Elizabeth, and those in your group whom I got to know so well. I therefore welcome this opportunity to re-establish the bond that there is between us. As you know, there has been a great change in our lives since Koldas was attacked by Galdonia.

"If you visited my planet now, you would notice a tremendous change in the people. Their sense of freedom, their zest for living, seems to have left them. No-one on Koldas knows when the next missile attack will come. What a devastating effect these attacks are having on us! The people cringe each time they see a fleet of craft leaving, for they associate this with more violence.

"I hope that our journey to Byronne will change the situation. We are on a special mission there to collect fifteen new Corynthian Astrael craft and are going so that they can instruct us in how to operate them. Each of the pilots I have on board will bring one of these latest models back to Koldas. With this divis­ion we hope to break through the Galdonian defenses and bring an early end to their aggression.

"While exploring deep regions of space, the Coryn-thian Division found the direction from which the Gal-donian craft were coming for they encountered concentra­tions of missiles there. This has halted their progress temporarily. We hope that with the combined strength of this new division, we will be able to breach their defenses. I personally think that this may be the turning point of the war."

Valdar continued by giving more details of the new Corynthian craft, describing it as the ultimate in off­ensive weapons which they have devised. It is a craft of immense proportions with large numbers of Sun-ray dis­integrators strategically placed, giving it an awesome capacity for annihilation. A veritable battle-cruiser incorporating the last word in space translocation capa­bility.

"It is strange," continued Valdar, "to find that the Galdonians are very different from us in app­earance. Even more puzzling is their mental make-up, for they appear to have an insatiable appetite for kill­ing and causing pain and anguish to others. They may have found our peaceful Koldas an easy target in the past, but I hope soon we shall change the ideas of the people we call the 'Outer Worlds'."

In closing, Valdar said that he was asked to pass on best wishes from Clyveen, Commander Wy-Ora, Commander Kalaal and also Commander Mank-Ton, all rising rapidly in their new military defense. They all promised to make radio contact again when it would be possible. Then, as if addressing Edwin personally, he said, "I often think of those carefree times when we used to do our patrols over your planet Earth, and all those transmissions we used to make to you and the other Bases. It gave us much pleasure! And now, you and Elizabeth have a baby daugh­ter. Ah yes, my friend Edwin, I can't get used to the idea that you are a father now. When I last saw you we were both single! Now we both have responsibilities. We are both older and I hope, wiser too! Do you remember the many hours we spent together? Keep up your spirits, Ed, for one day we shall surely meet again.

"But now I must end, to all my friends on the plan­et Earth... May God Bless you.

"This is Valdar, now handing over to Commander Kashendo." Kashendo said, "That was Commander Valdar. I wish you could see him seated before me. He looks impre­ssive in his one-piece sky-blue Koldasian uniform with the gold epaulets of a Corynthian Commander. Yes, we are indeed honored to have him aboard this station with his crew and the Corynthian. We feel so much safer in his presence! I hope that they will pay this station a visit soon with the new fleet of Corynthians. We hope to make contact with you again so that you may hear Valdar tell us more of the exploits of these new craft."

"We must now close as the Byronnian craft responsi­ble for the relay must continue on its journey. We can't delay them any longer. We thank them for relay­ing this transmission. Melchor to 'Q' Base, Farewell."

When Kashendo's voice faded away the receiver was silent for the next forty days.




A Planet on Her Knees

Very few people on Earth knew about the Galdonian war. Those who did were members and friends of the Con­federation "Q" Groups in many countries, who were kept informed of these events by circulating copies of tape recordings of transcripts of the transmissions. Did Ed-win's group have the advantage of being located in the town chosen by Wy-Ora and his assistant Valdar during their training on Earth? Was it purely accidental that Edwin had more than a casual acquaintance with Valdar who was later to command a Koldasian fleet? Although communication with Koldas during the war was very err­atic, they nevertheless went to extraordinary lengths to keep in touch with Edwin's "Q" Group! By Earth's stand­ards, it is a complete mystery as to why they behaved like this. Today however, there is a strong hint that future planetary events will make these actions more readily understandable.

It was Valdar who came through one evening late in May (May 30th, 1970) with the latest news of the war and the casualty list. In a solemn tone he said that Galdon­ia had struck a double blow at Koldas. The one directed to the south was obviously a diversion which drew a sub­stantial part of Koldas' main Astrael fleet. Galdonia then launched their main attack in the north, using a new weapon which turned out to be far more deadly than the guided missiles.

They dropped thousands of containers filled with a potent virus! "Yes," said Valdar gravely, "Koldas has indeed been brought to her knees. As soon as the plight of the northern towns was realized, thousands of craft were sent to evacuate the people from the stricken area. But as fast as people were evacuated, the faster the virus spread. Many died in agony before they could be rescued. Water and food became contaminated causing many more to lose their lives. Vast numbers of the dead had to be hurriedly buried in mass graves. Then, not only was the virus alone in killing our people but other dis­eases spread as epidemics."

Clearly Valdar was deeply moved by the horror of the latest attack on his planet. After Galdonia had dealt this terrifying blow, they transmitted a message to the people of Koldas. This was the first time that they had communicated at all since they attacked. The words were in the Koldasian language and warned that all Koldasian towns would be subjected to the same treatment if Koldas did not surrender immediately.

Valdar continued saying, "You will recall that the last time I spoke to you, I was on my way to Byronne. When I returned with the division of Corynthians we set out immediately to continue the search for Galdonia. Our craft eventually found the planet which has brought us so much grief. We attacked three large cities which were completely destroyed. I think that Galdonia launched the virus attack in retaliation. It is now blow for blow... and many innocent people lose their lives. But Galdonia should not overlook one vital point and that is, by att­acking one planet in the Confederation, they are in fact taking on all the other planets too. Byronne has already responded when they heard of our plight by dispatching fifteen Byronnian Corynthian Divisions to assist us."

"At present we are awaiting their arrival. There will be a total of 4,075 craft in all when the whole fleet has assembled and we shall then strike Galdonia again. We either win or lose... With the aid of the By­ronnian Divisions, I feel that Galdonia will have little chance of surviving such a massive onslaught. Commander Wy-Ora has been put in charge of the fleet and will lead the campaign. I will be his second in command."

It is remarkable that Valdar had such confidence in Edwin's "Q" Group, that he could send such vital infor­mation on the eve of a major operation. Wasn't this a grave security risk? How about the possibility of Outer World agents among "Q" group members? Anyway, he ended the radio transmission by expressing the hope that he would soon announce the end of the war. He also conveyed Wy-Ora's good wishes to all "Q" base members.

NOTE- Actually the "Q" Base reception was quite well protected. The communications came in on a narrow beam of discrete frequency aimed directly at the radio from above. The messages were closely guarded by the group and sensitive information was not released outside a trusted few until later.

Then, just as he was closing down, he was interrup­ted and said, "We have just received an urgent message from Melchor. It grieves me to have to tell you... it has now been confirmed that both Mank-Ton and Kalaal have lost their lives in battle over Koldas. During the last attack they and many other gallant commanders were killed and the toll of this last vicious attack is still rising." On that grim note Valdar ended his transmission and was gone.

Four days hence, D-day came for Galdonia, and Edwin and everyone were on tenterhooks. What was the outcome of the battle? What would be the consequences for Earth if the Confederation were defeated?

On June 14th, 1970, more reassuring news came in the form of a relayed radio broadcast from Melchor. It was an on-the-spot communiqué from the surface of Galdonia relayed by an advance Koldasian outpost. On top of that came the news that Wy-Ora had been injured in the battle. An unfamiliar voice (not previously heard by Edwin's "Q" group) started the recording by saying, "The transmission you are about to hear is a strata-recording which has been made on the planet Galdonia. I have asked the Commander who is receiving this on Melchor to trans­mit this to you whenever it is possible to do so."

Then another unfamiliar voice said, "Greetings from all Koldasian and Byronnian personnel here on the sur­face of Galdonia. We have good news for you! A large part of Galdonia is now in the hands of Koldasian and Byronnian forces. Although many centres are still occu­pied by Galdonians, our forces have seized vital and strategic key-points and the main communication centres. At last the tide has turned in our favor and good prog­ress has been made in this futile and senseless war.

"Communications have been re-established with home and a flow of messages is now being exchanged. The Kol­dasian ground forces here on Galdonia are being reinfor­ced by more Astrael divisions and a battle is about to commence on and above the terrain. Three-quarters of the planet has already been taken but there is still a moun­tainous region which stretches across the equator. It is difficult for Corynthian craft to maneuver here and it is tough-going for the large ground forces using land vehicles."

The speaker continued to give his impressions of the surface features of the planet. Most of Galdonia consists of vast waste lands and burning sand where tem­peratures soar to unbelievable heights during midday. Never, he said, had he experienced such scorching con­ditions before as on this bleak planet. Although there were some wooded regions -- in part, very dense -- the planet was largely desert. Their sun had plummeted below the horizon.

"As I am making this recording," he continued, "it is dark. To my left I can see the glow of many fires in the distance. Another town has been attacked. In the dark sky, I can see blue-white lightning bolts striking unseen targets. These are Sun-ray weapons being fired from Corynthians. Each time I see a bolt flashing -- and there are innumerable bursts -- I shudder, wondering how many people are losing their lives. For there is a trem­endous disintegrating energy in one of those bursts. And Galdonia has very densely populated cities. It is a si­ght I had hoped I would never witness.

"Fortunately," he continued, "the majority of Gal­donian cities have surrendered and there are only a few left still offering some resistance. Losses on both sides have been heavy. Many of our Corynthian craft have been lost as well as other Koldasian craft which went down in deserts. But Byronne, the gallant planet which came to our aid, has suffered the heaviest losses on the Confederation side. I feel deeply sorry for all those who will never leave here. How much grief and sorrow this accursed planet has brought to Koldas and the whole of the Confederation!"

For Edwin and the "Q" members, this eyewitness re­port from the surface of the aggressor planet, was of immense interest. Particularly as there had been more than a hint that their greed and aggressiveness with its accompanying moral degradation had surreptitiously con­taminated many planets in the systems which had human life within them.
Meanwhile the communicator making the report paint­ed a bleak picture of conditions affecting the Confeder­ation forces. He was speaking from a position which was dug-in in the white sands of the vast desert. From this position, many of the sorties of the Confederation land forces were made. At intervals, they would leave in the direction of the remaining pockets of resistance. The stifling heat, the dragging gravitational load, added to the torment. The rapid sunrises, immediately bursting fourth radiation which reflected from the white sands at zenith turned the desert into an oven with a blinding glare.

There was uncertainty about the two allies support­ing Galdonia. A few strangely shaped craft had been seen but so far no determined effort had been made to rein­force Galdonia in its struggle. The Confederation kept an adequate task force in reserve in case the Galdonian allies decided to attack. The speaker described the un­fortunate crash of Wy-Ora's personal space-craft.

"Two days ago during a raid, Commander Wy-Ora's division encountered a larger than usual force of Gal­donian craft. Our Commander's craft was repeatedly st­ruck by rockets, which forced him to return to base with severe damage. We watched his craft approaching and it seemed that he was having control problems. He passed the base and brought his craft down in the desert. But it came down with such force that there was an explosion throwing it over on its transparent dome. Smoke poured out of vents and hatches as they were thrown open. Dam­age control vehicles rushed forward in an attempt to save the personnel and the craft. Three crew members were killed. Commander Wy-Ora was fortunate to escape from the wreckage of the observation dome which was de­molished in the violent overturn."

The communicator continued by expressing his deep concern for their popular leader who had to be evacuated to Koldas. He had escaped with only a leg injury which at first did not seem so serious but later was found to be much worse.

In the meantime, Valdar had taken over from his old mentor and was in charge of operations on Galdonia. In closing his report, the speaker added a few more personal observations. "What a forbidding world this is. It is indeed the strangest planet I have ever set foot on, and the Galdonian way of life is very odd by our standards. Their dwelling places are cramped, overcrow­ded and rectangular in shape. I have seen no double-sto­ried buildings at all and the building methods appear to be very crude to me. There is an oppressive atmosphere over it all." And with these last words the message relayed from Galdonia ended.

For the next fortnight there was no further news. Edwin and his group were hoping to hear more of Wy-Ora's progress although it seemed that his injuries were not too serious. Then one afternoon a brief message came through his receiver.

"I am from the moon that orbits Byronne. I have been instructed to inform you that three days -- three of your Earth days from now, you will receive a trans­mission from Melchor. Three hours after your sun has set you shall receive a transmission. I will close now, peo­ple of the planet Earth. I am a Byronnian pilot."

On July 1st, the transmission came as promised. It was a personal message from Wy-Ora himself. He seemed to be his old self. He started off with his usual greeting, full of charismatic charm. "I am Wy-Ora. Greetings, my friends. It is wonderful to contact you all again alth­ough this time it is by means of a strata-recording. Here I am, sitting beneath a beautiful tree in the gar­den of my home on Koldas. We have a large garden and there are trees and flowering shrubs. The grass is green and the birds are singing. It is a lovely day here and as I look out I can see a lake with a picturesque island not far out. I am recuperating from injuries to my leg."

Judging from his voice, he seemed to be all right. It was certainly good to hear from him again and everybody gained a deep inner satisfaction as they lis­tened because he gave out a great spiritual strength and compassion when he spoke.

He continued by saying that he had tried to send thoughts to each of the members of the "Q" group tele­pathically. Elizabeth, Edwin's wife, confirmed that she had received some very clear impressions. This is inter­esting, taking into account the difference in space/time involved.

"During the past few cycles I have had the chance to relax and I have been thinking of you all a great deal. I have been concentrating on 'thought-transmission' or telepathy with each member of 'Q' Base and I have re­ceived some acknowledgments in return. Especially you, Elizabeth. You have been uppermost in my thoughts with the birth of your daughter. I feel certain that we' have been in communication as I was aware of your thoughts reaching my mind. I deliberately sent a thought-pattern back to you describing the surroundings at the time.

"Yes, so much has happened since I last contacted you. The Confederation is no longer a Confederation of peace. The ugly word war is on everybody's lips, particularly in Byronne, Siton and Salamia, those gallant planets which assisted us in our struggle."

Wy-Ora continued by outlining the war situation. He said that the greater part of Galdonia was now in Confed­eration hands although there were still some isolated places of resistance. He mentioned the two allies of Galdonia; Sakirad and Banianlo. (It was the Sakiradians who had done all the fighting on Galdonia) Sakirad had already surrendered but the problem was Banianlo. The Sakiradians are apparently a more evolved race much like the Koldasians although shorter in stature. They are un­like the Galdonians who are copper-colored with long dark hair hanging to their shoulders. The Sakiradians are fair-skinned. They were the original civilizers of Galdonia but some time ago the Galdonians turned on them and forced their scientists to build missiles and other destructive weapons which were later used in this attack on Koldas. They were also forced to make the germ weapons used against Koldas. It would take a long time to recover from the infections and destruction, and now there were alarming food shortages. The other planets in the Confederation were providing massive aid to help re­covery. Wy-Ora felt the conflict was nearing its end and restoration could begin.

There were no further attacks on Koldas but the whole population was glad to have the renowned Commander Zybo with his Sitonian Sixth Division guarding them in case of enemy attack. The 'Sixth' is one of the mighti­est fleets ever to patrol those fields of space.

Wy-Ora spoke of his successor in glowing terms. His admiration for Valdar was obvious, for despite the fact that Clyveen, his newly-wed wife, had been listed as missing, he carried on as Fleet Commander in an exempl­ary manner. Wy-Ora said that Clyveen's home on the nor­thern side was struck many times by guided missiles. “But officials have already been able to trace many of the missing people. Valdar says he is sure Clyveen is alive and well. We hope that he is right. I must close this recording for soon I must go to the nearby city to have my leg treated. It seems almost impossible that we have fallen victim to this cruel war."

Eighteen days later, at 10:00 p.m. on July 18th, Edwin received another relayed strata-recording from Wy­Ora. After his characteristic introduction, he said, "My friends, it is three hours before sunrise here. I have not had much sleep because of pain in my leg. I am in my study and in front of me is a huge glass window looking out on the lake. It is cool and still here now. I find it difficult to describe this scene in your language. I wish you could witness this with me. All nature seems to be at rest. My wife and two daughters are asleep. On my left is my strata-recorder which is built into the wall and the only illumination inside this room is coming from the red, green and orange lights of the instrument. As I make this recording I feel more relaxed and the pain is ebbing, making me quite comfortable for the time being. Seated here, I have been thinking of the past.... of many things. At least things are beginning to look up again for us. Just before I started to make this re­cording, I contacted the main communications centre here by means of video-transceiver, which is also built into the wall. It has been my regular practice to keep in touch with the fleet on Galdonia."

"When I contacted the center, I was told that Cly­veen had been found! I was overjoyed and immediately transmitted the news via the chain of satellites which were placed between us and Galdonia. I was able to con­tact Valdar personally and informed him of this wonder­ful news. He was so overcome he could not speak for some time. We are all thankful that she was spared."

"Valdar said that operations were still in progress but that engagements were becoming less frequent as time went by. He expected a surrender soon and that we would be able to return to a peaceful existence.

Looking out this huge window, Wy-Ora went on, "I see identification lights on several craft in the dark starlit sky. By their color I can tell that these must be a patrol from the Sitonian Sixth Division. They are keeping a lonely vigil to safeguard us from any enemy attack. These Sitonians are wonderful people. Kind and understanding, always ready to render aid to anyone req­uiring their assistance."

"Since my return, I have had much time to rest and I have been paging through my diary. I have kept such a record for many years, and when we patrolled your planet, I used to maintain a daily record of events as they occ­urred there on Earth a few years ago."

Turning the pages of his diary, Wy-Ora mentioned the case of the mysterious disappearance of a Koldasian scout-craft over the Indian Ocean off Durban. An immediate search of the area proved to be of no avail. It was therefore decided that Wy-Ora and an assistant would make a personal visit to the Durban area to inves­tigate the craft's disappearance with all its personnel.

Under cover of darkness, they were landed on a de­serted beach north of Durban. Here they were met by Earth-friends who put them up in a cottage they owned near there. Another search was organized. From a hired motorboat Wy-Ora used special instruments and for days they criss-crossed the area but no trace of any kind could be found of the craft or its personnel. Finally Wy-Ora decided to extend the search to the coastal strip bordering the area where the scout was believed to have disappeared.

They spent many days visiting hotels and boarding­houses, where they sat in lounges mixing with visitors, hoping to pick up some scrap of information from the conversations. Someone might have seen the craft crash­ing into the sea. They had to beat a hasty retreat when a receptionist of a hotel began to get suspicious of them. The investigation had to be abandoned and they re­turned to Koldas.

"With the record of this incident," said Wy-Ora, "I often think of the months that I and others like me have spent on that wonderful planet of yours. How different it might have been if we could come and go in peace. How wonderful it would be to come as Koldasians; not in dis­guise or to hide and be shielded by others."

"Yes, that would be wonderful!"



Peace Returns To Koldas

Wy-Ora's injuries from his crash on Galdonia deeply concerned all members of the "Q" Group. Welcome news about him came in a transmission relayed from Melchor four weeks later on September 17th, 1970.

Kashendo, speaking from this huge Koldasian arti­ficial satellite said, "I bring you news about Wy-Ora who is now on Salamia. During the past weeks the physicians have examined his leg and decided that one of the bones, known to you as the 'tibia' will have to be re­placed with an artificial one. The surgeons are sure that the replacement will be a complete success. We do not know when this operation will take place, but as soon as we do we will tell you. Wy-Ora is now there with his family, and except for the leg injury, is keeping well. He asked me to send his best wishes to his friends at all 'Q' bases."

Kashendo then reported the latest news of the Gal­donian war. "It seems that the aggressors have an inex­haustible supply of reinforcements which continually replace their losses. Our Superiors are wondering where they are coming from and how long this war will drag on. It seems that Galdonia planned to annihilate the Koldas­ian people entirely and then tackle each of the Confed­eration planets in turn."

Kashendo mentioned that some time ago an unidentif­ied craft was seen near Melchor and that an attack on the satellite was possible as a retaliatory measure.

On September 27th, there was a direct broadcast to a dozen or so of the "Q" group assembled at Edwin's home in Pinetown.

It was Zybo of the Sixth Patrol who said, "It has been a long time since I had the privilege of talking to you. On board we have a very special guest. Yes, it is our esteemed Commander Wy-Ora and he is very happy to talk to you again," and after that brief introduction the excited 'Q" members heard Wy-Ora speak.

“I am Wy-Ora. Greetings to you all! I am indeed happy to make this transmission from close range! This Sitonian craft has been hovering at an altitude of 535km for some time while we were waiting for you to assemble at 'Q' Base. We have ways of telling when you are all assembled in the lounge of Edwin's home During this time I have been concentrating my thoughts and now I see all our members seated and relaxed."

"My friends, I am glad to say that the surgery I underwent on Salamia appears to be successful. I have been told that in about three of your earth months I shall be able to use my damaged leg normally again. The bone which was badly crushed has been replaced. Salamian surgeons are the most skilled in our Confeder­ation. Most physicians and surgeons go to the city of Scilyn for their training and it was there that the mir­acle was performed on my leg. After the operation, I spent some time in one of their hospitals before being transferred to a recuperation centre high in the moun­tains. This is a very beautiful part of the planet and resembles Switzerland on your planet, with snow and ice peaks. Access to the centre is only by air craft as no land vehicle could negotiate the rugged slopes."

Wy-Ora explained that the recuperation center was on a large plateau called Barkala which is encircled by mountains. He said, "It was winter during my stay there and the clouded skies often blanketed the mountain peaks with snow and ice. However, there was also plenty of sunshine, fresh air, nutritious food and recreation too which speeded recovery. The time passed all too quickly. Now I am happy to return to Koldas, to be with all our friends and acquaintances.

"I would like to thank you all for your kind and prayerful thoughts which I felt so distinctly while I was in the hospital. They were of great comfort to me. When you think or concentrate on a particular person or group of persons, you tune your mind to the frequency of that person's brain and communication is established. This takes a great deal of practice and I am very plea­sed with the progress you have made. Continue your eff­orts along these lines as one day it may be a very use­ful method of contacting us, particularly in case of a major emergency. We will tell you more about this later. Now my friends, I must not delay Commander Zybo any longer for he must return to Koldas on urgent matters. We leave you now. I have asked Melchor to keep you in-formed of the situation in the Confederation and the war which continues. Farewell until we can meet again in transmission. I am Wy-Ora."

But the war was soon to come to an end. On October 11th, 1970 a jubilant Melchor passed on the message for which all the "Q" groups had been waiting.

"Peace, my friends, peace!" It was Kashendo, the jovial commander of Melchor. "At last the Confederation is at peace! One of your Earth weeks ago, Galdonia sign­ed a peace-treaty with Koldas. Yes, Koldas is no longer at war for Galdonia has decided to surrender. This is indeed wonderful news, and I am happy to tell you that the war is over at last. Walkala, the leader of Galdonia agreed to surrender provided Koldas was prepared to withdraw all her divisions. This was agreed to and since then no more hostile moves have been made.

"However, we have left one division of Corynthian craft there to ensure the Galdonians remain at peace. In the meantime Byronne has withdrawn all her Astrael div­isions. I feel sure that all will be well now. Koldas has agreed to assist Galdonia with food and medical eq­uipment for there is chaos at the present and assistance is urgently needed. 'How wonderful it is to know that our families and friends are safe again. We here on Melchor constantly feared for their lives while we were serving elsewhere in the Confederation. But now, it is time for rejoicing! I wish you could have shared the celebration here on Melchor when we first heard the news! There was much singing and dancing on board. We now know the mean­ing of peace.

Valdar, who had succeeded Wy-Ora, had already re­turned to Koldas with 375 divisions of Corynthian craft. He was reunited with his wife Clyveen, his family and friends after an absence of many months. Kashendo also gave the news that Wy-Ora was progressing well and would soon resume his post as Commander of the Corynthian Fleet. Both Wy-Ora and Valdar would soon make personal contact with 'Q' Bases on Earth again.

Then Kashendo mentioned another matter which con­cerned this planet. Recent Confederation patrols under the direction of Commander Taylanz of Byronne had made the disturbing discovery that some Earth-made satellites in orbit around our planet contained atomic devices. Kashendo said that these devices would cause serious destruction should they fall to Earth.

He continued, "Why does man place such dangerous devices in orbit around the world on which they depend for their very existence? This is certainly causing us great concern. But, my friends, do not fear for we have full confidence that we can deal with the situation. If necessary, these satellites will be neutralized be­fore they endanger life on your planet. Our patrols will therefore continue in the interests of your whole popu­lation for we are concerned about the safety of all our friends who live on Earth and also for the millions who know nothing of the dangers lurking in your skies.”

NOTE- It is interesting to note here that a number of extraterrestrial visitors to Earth have mentioned armed satellites in orbit around our planet, placed there by factions on Earth itself. The diminuitive beings from Reticulum called this to the attention of Bill Herrmann in Charleston several times. The Pleiadians making con­tact in Switzerland also told their contactee the same thing, and also that the Apollo 13 was carrying an atom­ic device on the aborted moon-landing mission. There is a reference to this here also, and we have found no evidence that either witness ever heard of the other. They both expressed grave concern about the excessive, and possibly irreversible pollution of our upper atmos­phere and its dangers. They all seem to deplore the ex­cessive proliferation of atomic sciences of all kinds saying that the dangers are irreversible.

"What I am about to tell you now, you will find very hard to believe! But a few of your Earth months ago a space vehicle was launched from Earth to your Moon. It carried an atomic warhead which was capable of destroy­ing many square miles of the Moon's surface. A Byronnian Astrael-craft tracked its flight-path from your planet and neutralised it while in orbit around the Moon before it could make its final approach and dive to the target surface.

"Why do people of your planet indulge in these careless experiments? Do they not realise that they are endangering their own safety? What about the repercuss­ions throughout your solar system? Men of Earth still have so much to learn about their own environment, the very planet upon which they dwell... and when they travel in space, instead of carefully exploring what they find, they have to test their destructive ability instead !"

Kashendo said that now the war was over, there was more time for the Confederation to concern itself with Earth. One matter that alarmed them was the increasing impurity of our atmosphere. He hinted that more craft would be seen in our skies as measurements were made at various levels around our planet.

"We are alarmed at the quantity of impurities which our patrol craft have found in the upper layers of your atmosphere. These particles are forming a blanket which will eventually engulf your entire planet. We have de­cided to test at lower altitudes within your atmosphere.

"My friends, you may be asking why does the Confederation concern itself with Earth who is not even a member of the group? There are many like you whom we are concerned about. We feel it is our sacred duty to safeguard you against dangers which you seem to know very little about.

"We hope that one day we will be allowed to fly our craft freely in your skies, over your breathtaking seas and across your mighty continents. Then we will be wel­comed on equal terms as friendly neighbors. But now, my friends, I must end this transmission. This is Kashendo of Melchor saying farewell for the present."


In the immediate post-war months there were regular radio transmissions to Edwin's "Q" Group, and a variety of subjects were discussed, including religion, tele­pathy and reincarnation. It was Taylanz who mentioned that they found the existence of the many religions on Earth very surprising and Kashendo spoke about the var­ious races here.

(Remember that what is discussed here is only a few hours transcribed from hundreds of hours of direct radio transmissions to the "Q" Group at Pinetown. It is diffi­cult to select what may be of the greater interest to the most people. The selection has had to be ours.)

Taylanz said, "It seems strange that you should have so many religions. Although they are differently named they all praise the Almighty One and their main object seems to be the same. So it does not matter which religion you belong to -- as long as you believe in and acknowledge the Divine One -- you are doing the right thing. In the Confederation we have only one religion. We all believe that there is an Almighty One although the planets differ in their methods of worship. On my planet Byronne, we sing our praises out loud, yet on Koldas they meditate and worship in silence. Other plan­ets vary again in their attitude to prayer. On Grandor, they kneel and pray in their worship of the Divinity. Although outward forms of worship may differ, we all be­lieve in the same Divine One."

Kashendo spoke about the various races we have on Earth and said, "This is an intriguing subject but some of the mystery is known to the Confederation. We know that long before we first visited your planet, there were other visitors. When our ancient pioneers arrived there, they found evidence that whoever came before them must have come from systems far beyond those known to us. It is possible that they wished to colonize Earth. We do not know for certain whether this explains the many different races, but we do know that the race which you call the Red Indian, had ancestors who came from a far away planet doomed to destruction. They were highly civilized and had mastered space-travel. They left their home planet in a giant craft to search for new planets to colonize and reached Earth and there they settled. It seems that they were abandoned by their people or were unable to return home, possibly for lack of fuel. Their craft was stranded and so they remained on Earth. They were forced to improvise and learn to live off the land. They made use of what they had and what they could find. They hunted the animals; and learned to use them for food and sustenance."

"We know about these people, for they were very in­telligent as a race, and one of the early ones to occupy Earth. But what about the many other races you have? We can only assume that they too were space travellers for we have definitely found the remains of many craft be­neath your desert sands. Gigantic craft which are not from the Confederation! Should these remains be discov­ered, they would cause a sensation on Earth as they are of enormous proportions. They must have carried thou­sands of people.

"It is possible," he suggested, "that they never intended to return to their homes. Were they banished and perhaps sent away as punishment? We can only guess at the reason for their presence but the evidence of their arrival from other planets is there, beneath the sands. This may be one reason why there are so many different races on Earth. Some of them are very aggress­ive and very primitive even in this day and age. I won­der if they were banished from their home planets on account of their aggressive behavior? And is this the cause of the aggression which is still evident today?"

"When the Confederation carried out patrols beneath the surface of your oceans, they discovered many craft buried in the mud of the ocean floors. There is much ev­idence which will not be found soon, and much that has been lost. In another transmission I must tell you about the abandoned cities which lie beneath your Pacific Oc­ean; mysterious cities which must have been of great beauty before they disappeared. What catastrophe befell Earth? Who were the builders of these matchless cities?"

But the next time Kashendo spoke to "Q" Base, it was on more mundane matters and not on the mysteries of the cities beneath the seas. He said, "We returned from our rest period one Earth day ago. Linda, whom you know is my Australian wife, has just returned with the child­ren from a visit to her parents on Earth. What interest­ing things they brought back with them. We all had a wonderful time examining these and listening to the sto­ries of the children and my beloved wife. They brought back photographs of the places they visited in Australia and around her home. They brought back happy memories of the places I visited during my period on Earth. But what I love best is the music. The songs and orchestral items which they brought with them. They had a strata-recorder on which they were able to record many of your popular musical items. Oh my... you do have some strange music! But some are very nice. There is one particular melody I like. It is called 'Amazing Grace'. During this trans­mission I shall play it to you, and in the future we may use it as a signature tune to indicate that we are about to transmit to you. All of us like it very much. Yes, I spent many hours listening to the programs they had recorded from the television stations. It was very in­teresting but some we found very strange! But all in all it brought much entertainment and laughter to us."

NOTE- We also and other extraterrestrial visitors before these have speculated on the variety of human race here on Earth. The visitors seem to be in general agreement however, that all human races on Earth came here from elsewhere, and a great variety of elsewheres, and that the evidence of their arrival and the remains of the ships of those stranded for one reason or another, may be found beneath our deserts and under our seas. The variety of races alone, they say, is testimony for the existence of human life elsewhere in the universe.

Kashendo also mentioned two pet rabbits which were given to the children by their grandparents while in Australia, and they caused quite a stir because the children let them out of the box while still in the Astrael-craft on the way back to Koldas. Their hilarious antics had the crew in stitches while they hopped all over the instrument panels in the control centre. On arrival in Koldas, they were carefully screened and iso­lated for a time to check for diseases and then returned to the children. These are the first rabbits on this planet and Kashendo did not mention whether the two were a pair. We have visions of Australian rabbits overruning Koldas!

"Now as I promised", said Kashendo, "I shall tell you what we know of your past incarnations in our own Confederation.

(*We have noted that in a great many extended UFO contact cases, the contactee is eventually identified as one of the contact group from earlier time, now incarnated in an Earth body, and being awakened to his true identity and the reason for contacting him instead of another. It is a difficult point because the western mind does not accept reincarnation as a potential reality.)

“It is a vast subject and there is much to tell. Let me begin by saying that the master register is stored in a gigantic memory bank on the mother planet of Grandor. Here are the records of all beings who have lived lives in the Confederation."

Kashendo explained that the giant computer is housed in 37 buildings which are arranged in a circle around a central building. Most of the staff work in the central building which collects the required data from "memory cells", consisting of thousands of transparent tubes with crystals inside them. Each tube is capable of stor­ing many thousands of symbols and a memory bank consists of many thousands of these transparent tubes. The data is stored indefinitely and when needed the controllers extract it in coded form which is then decoded to pro­vide the required information. All the equipment is very complex and kept in a special atmosphere.

NOTE- Here for the first time Edwin and other members of the group around him are given some of their own past life history in the Confederation before incarnating in Earth bodies. This is a difficult aspect of this phenom­enon to explain because it comes up in groups all over the world that are not in contact with each other and often never heard of the others. In most cases those in­volved have not even accepted reincarnation as a theory until this point, but they get answers that then changes their whole belief system, and triggers memory keys that they can identify with awakening them to a new reality.

The memory cells store inumerable personal features and characteristics which reappear in the same individ­ual through many lives. When a search is made, a special computer transmits the details of the required person to the whole range of memory cells. As soon as the features are recognized by a memory bank a message is transmitted back to the central control building where it is recorded. The whole process is complicated and Kashendo said that he found it difficult to describe it accurately, but he hoped it explained how the Gran­dorians are able to trace people's lives through time, at least within the Confederation.

"Here I have the details on your wife Elizabeth," continued Kashendo as he addressed himself now to Edwin.

"She first appeared in the Confederation over 700 years ago on Koldas as the wife of a Confederation official called Rynol. This Officer made journeys into deep space and visited Earth a number of times. On two of these trips to earth she accompanied him. During those days things were different and there was much to explore. On the last journey, she spent many years with her husband at a base in Australia from which the planet was patrolled. She became well known throughout the Confed­eration for her work on the preservation of food for storage in Star-ships. After that it was possible to carry more and greater variety of fresh food on a long journey."

"Elizabeth then reappeared on Byronne where she was the wife of a communications technician called Biaca. This was an uneventful and happy life. Biaca never trav­elled in deep space a great deal although he was respon­sible for the design of new long-distance communication equipment. Some of his special techniques are still used today. After this life, Elizabeth appeared on Koldas married to an interplanetary Officer named Thermatta. Thermatta was a Commander of the Seventh Starship divi­sion at the time. Her name in that life was Astraelda. It was he who designed the first Astrael-craft, which was named after her. They lived happily for many years, and that is all we have at this time.

"Edwin, you were a Koldasian Commander! Your first appearance was on Koldas, as a commander of the Second Starship Division. (The Starships were the forrunners of the Astrael-craft) On your journeys you visited many remote places but you were based on Koldas. You made journeys to the solar system you are presently living in at this time. These are just a few of the basic facts. Many incidents are recorded in the memory cells of Gran-dor on your lives in the Confederation and in Officer positions, but it would take too much time to describe them. We shall speak of these matters again. A great deal is missing as we can only give you details on the lives spent in the Confederation."

Before closing the radio transmission, Kashendo urged all members of "Q" Base to practice telepathic communication which he called "thought transmission". He said, "One day it may be a matter of life and death. Eventually you will reach the stage where you will be able to communicate without the need of radio, and you will be able to hear our voices within yourselves, just as you are hearing my voice today by radio."


The End of an Era

At the end of 1972 there was a special Christmas broadcast to Edwin and the members of his 11Q'1 Group. A chain of Astrael craft relayed the message from Wy-Ora on Koldas to the craft closest to Earth where Taylanz was in Command. As each craft joined the communication chain the commanders added their share to the Christmas broadcast.

Taylanz began by saying, ”Q” Base. Greet­ings Edwin, and all your members. This Byronnian Astrael craft is at present about 600 km above your position. We have much pleasure in making this initial contact with you, for this is a special radio transmission. In a few minutes I will connect you to Melchor. They will connect you to a Salamian Astrael craft and then a few other craft will forge the links to a Sitonian craft which will be in contact with Koldas. >From there you will hear Wy-Ora himself.11 An extensive relay system was lined up. Taylanz continued speaking for a few minutes sending his and his ship ‘s greetings to Edwin and his group.

I have just received a signal from Melchor, and said, 11This means that they are ready to transmit. So for the present, farewell until the end of this transmission.

Melchor came through loud and clear.11This is Kash­endo of Melchor, calling Edwin and all our friends at ”Q” base. Greetings from all of us on this station. I have just returned from that distant solar system of Pyrole where I met Valdar. He asked me to pass on his best wishes for your Christmas and New Year season. He has still a large task ahead of him on that planet.”

Kashendo continued to speak for a few minutes but mentioned that he was watching the clock closely as pre­cise timing was the essence of relayed transmissions. He gave his personal greetings to Q- Base and said how he had enjoyed making radio transmissions to them during the past year. The next commander was a Salamian named Shannondoan, who had contacted '“Q”1' Base earlier that month for the first time. Shannondoan had then said that he was born in the Confederation, of parents who had come from Switzerland. Although they were German speak­ing and had taught him German, he also managed to get by in English.

“Shannodoan speak again! Greetings from my compan­ions and myself from this Salamian Astrael-craft. We were overjoyed when told that we could take part in this Special Broadcast.1' He spoke with a pronounced German accent and continued, "So it is Christmas on Earth! It is also Christmas for us in the village of Chekeda or Salamia and we celebrate it as you do. There will be much merry-making in Chekeda. The bells will ring... and there will be dancing in our village streets. Gay cos­tumes will be worn by all. All the Swiss traditions will be practiced as they are in Switzerland."

"I think I told you in my last transmission that I have two sisters. One of my sisters is a wonderful rin­ger. She recently spent two years on your planet. She went to many places for she was one of the singers of the Gunther Kallman Choir. When she returned to Salamia she became very popular with all the people in our vill­age for she sang many times for them. I asked for per­mission to play one of those songs for you and was told by my Superiors that I could do this... So my friends. here is my sister... ' And the song came over the radio.

At the end of the musical interlude, Shannondoar continued, "That was my sister. And that reminds me, be-for I left on this journey, I was asked to send kisses to Edwin and all our friends on Earth. I would also like to send Christmas greetings from the people of Chekeda and all the people of Salamia and a happy New Year! Now I must connect you with Commander Zybo of the Sitoniar Division, for he is next in line. I hope that you will receive this transmission with clarity. So from Chekeda and all of us here, farewell..."

"This is Zybo calling Edwin of "“Q”" Base! Greetings my friends. We were overjoyed to hear we would be part of this Special transmission.

Zybo had just arrived in time at the relay posi­tion. He spoke briefly about their new planet Siton and how different it was from Mars, their old home planet in our solar system. He ended his brief comments by say­ing, "My friends, I must now connect you to Koldas where Commander Wy-Ora is waiting to address you. Accept Christmas greetings from all the people of Siton, my personnel and myself. This is Zybo ending transmission and going to relay..."

For a moment all was silent. The radio messages had followed each other without hitch and all had come through clearly without interference or fading. Edwin and those who were present on this occasion, found it hard to believe that the speakers spoke from ever-incre­asing distances. The last communication bridged to far­away Koldas and everyone's attention was focused on the silent loudspeaker, waiting...

Suddenly, they heard the deep resonant voice touch­ed with compassion, speaking more slowly than usual. "I am Wy-Ora. It is wonderful to be able to speak to you personally, my friends of Earth. I am talking to you from the main Communication Centre on Koldas and it ha­ppens to be a lovely evening here. The stars are shining and as I look up from the top of this building I can see rows of Astrael-craft lined up. Their identification lights are on, indicating the planets they come from. (Great fleets of spacecraft returned from the costly war filled the spaceport facilities throughout the planet) All of these lights remind me of Christmas time on your planet... the birth of Christ. It fills me with joy and wonderment whenever I tell this story to my children here on Koldas. As you know, we celebrate our various Christmasses within the Confederation at different times but the meaning is the same. We all sing our praises and rejoice to the Divine One who governs all the solar sys­tems throughout the heavens which one can see on a star-filled night like this."

"My dear Edwin, and all members of '“Q”' Base," con­tinued Wy-Ora in a different vein, "You all know that Valdar is now Commander of the Fleet. I hope you will all give him your support. I know Valdar as a won­derful person, very capable, and I feel sure that he will make an excellent leader. I therefore should like to ask you and all your members, to put your trust in him as you did in me. Edwin, you have personally known Valdar as a friend, for he spent his training period on Earth with you. Valdar tells me that he has the highest regard for you. You may find there may be some changes.. .changes for the better. He will soon contact you personally and inform you of the changes that are to be made. But do not worry, my friend, all will be for the best and for the members of '“Q”' Base."

Wy-Ora thanked everyone for the assistance, co­operation and devotion he had received from them during his period of leadership.

He said, "Although I have retired, there is still much work for me to do. I shall never forget my friends on Earth and the wonderful times we had making these transmissions to you. These are still clear in my mind."

The warmth and intimacy Wy-Ora felt for his listen­ers came across in his voice. "As I gaze through the giant windows of this communication centre and look out across Koldas, I can see many thousands of lights. This is Koldas. I would like to think that this is your home too. I am sitting here with thousands of other personnel who work in this building. Think of us as your family. Do not think of us as aliens from a distant planet. We are like you, and we would like you to think of us as being among your closest friends."

Wy-Ora said that while he was speaking, he saw a division of Salamian craft rising vertically from the Astro-port before him, forming a "V" formation and rap­idly disappearing in the distance.

"And now I should like to thank all the commanders who have now just participated in this broadcast to your planet. Without them, this transmission would not have been possible. Let me end this memorable occasion with greetings of goodwill from all of our people of Koldas. Farewell, may the Divine One bless you, go before you and guide you all. I am Wy-Ora!"

As his last words died away there was once more a break in the transmission. Then briefly Taylanz, in the craft closest to "Q" base, ended the long-distance relay with the words, "We listened to all the messages which were relayed through our equipment. We hope that you have received them clearly. It has brought us much pleasure to do this for Earth which lies there below us now. Now we must end. Farewell from the personnel of this Byronnian ship and myself.

This ended the relay transmissions to Edwin's "Q" Base for 1972. Was this a notable 'first'? Did any of the other "Q" Bases receive similar messages? We shall only know when reports from some of the other "Q" Bases have been published.

The next transmission was in mid-January, 1973, on the standard pattern, from ‘57’s km altitude and the craft-commander was Valdar himself. He was in the best of spirits and started his radio transmission with a cheerful voice.

"Greetings to you all. This is Valdar who hails you. It has been a long time since I have been in con­tact with you. My dear friend Edwin, Elizabeth and all you 'Q' Base members, it is indeed a pleasure to make this direct transmission again. As you know, I have been promoted to Wy-Ora's position as Commander of the Kol­dasian Astrael Fleet. The magnitude of the task over­whelms me. I was more carefree and happier in my ways when I was just a simple commander in the Corynthian Fleet. But this is progress. One should be able to ass­ume responsibility when the opportunity comes."

Valdar then said that his new appointment took him to many new places where he met many people and he was a little overawed by the task ahead. He described his new craft. Not only was it very large, but its speed and translocating* capability were most impressive even by his standards.(

 *Translocations This term is used to describe a form of displacement in space that can't quite be called travel. It is not linear motion as much as instantaneous trans­mission where the ship ceases to "be" in one position and "becomes" in another simultaneously, like simultan­eous dematerialization in one place and rematerializa­tion in another. A similar process has been called a hy-perspace leap by another extraterrestrial and interdimensional transmission by a third.)

"My friends of Earth", Valdar continued, "I hope that during my term of office, I will be able to bring you guidance and satisfaction as did our esteemed Wy-Ora. I trust I can complete the work he began. Many of his wishes and plans did not materialize due to cir­cumstances beyond his control. But the war has taught us many things. We had grown accustomed to peace; we took it for granted; it became a way of life. No one knew anything different. But then came war! We Koldas­ians have not known war for generations. Now we appre­ciate peace. We have seen the destruction war brings.

You on Earth know violence, you live with violence. The Superiors of the Confederation now understand the prob­lems of Earth more clearly. I hope that this forthcoming year will bring the Confederation and Earth closer. It was unfortunate that Wy-Ora's term of service came dur­ing such a difficult time."

(in the book this picture was a linedrawing - I've done some colors on it here, and txt on this drawing was not on the black-white-drawing - rø)

Speaking of past events. Valdar said that in 1940s the Confederation had made an all-out effort to commun­icate with the ordinary people of Earth. New methods were tried such as thought transmissions as well as ra­dio broadcasts such as Edwin was receiving. The purpose was to persuade the people to the Confederation way of life. Salamia tried to settle a colony from Earth. Many people were taken there by spacecraft but after only one year more than half of them had to be returned. It seem­ed that they could not adapt sufficiently as life on Salamia was totally different.

This was a great blow to the Confederation. Great results had been expected from the first large scale evacuation from Earth.

Valdar then told of the loss of a Salamian ship's commander named Sharon. This, he said, occurred near the city of Durban on the South African Coast. To this day his disappearance is cloaked in mystery. Unfortunately, Wy-Ora was blamed for his death. According to Valdar, Wy-Ora arranged several thought transmissions between Sharon and the people of Earth. He felt that Wy-Ora was not personally responsible for the tragedy which befell this Salamian.

There was another Salamian, Trena, who communicated telepathically, which few people could attain. She comm­unicated with various people who were receptive on Earth and then something went wrong; she was misled, said Valdar. "Why must there be this unrest?", asked Valdar. "Why can't people accept us as we really are? Trena did a lot of good and made many friends. I know, for I have examined accounts of her thought communications with Earth. She was also involved with Sharon. She was shock­ed when she learned of his death. What Sharon meant to her we really do not know, for she would never say. The­se are just some of the problems the Confederation had. We have really tried to contact you on Earth!"

With a hint of disappointment in his voice, Valdar said that Salamia had decided to withdraw her bases from Earth.

"Edwin," he said. "the base in Zululand -- as you knew it -- has also been withdrawn. That particular base which I assisted in establishing is no more. All personnel have left. What a loss! To think that it is no longer worthwhile having bases on Earth. But I do not feel that way."

Continuing with emphasis, he said, "Even if I have to come back to Earth, bases must continue in the name of the Confederation. I ask you, my friends, please str­engthen your groups. Show the Confederation that these bases are worthwhile. Do not allow this wonderful movement which has taken so many years to establish, to fail. I will make every effort! I will find a way to strengthen them. This must be done. I feel all is not lost. So bear with me, help me with this task... unite your groups, gather members! Koldas does not feel the way Salamia does. We still see the need for Koldasian bases on your planet."

Then speaking to Edwin personally, Valdar said, "I know that you need spares urgently for your receiver. But now that the base in Zululand is closed, it makes things more difficult. It was very easy for our craft to leave anything you needed there to be conveyed to your 'Q' Base. But do not worry... we will find some other way."

He ended the transmission on a personal note asking Edwin and his wife Elizabeth how their two children were getting on, and how he often thought of the time spent with them while on Earth.* (*Time with them- Here is a clear indication that more of the more personal contacts were also still taking place but they were of a very private nature and did not in­clude any other members of the "Q" Group. This study is based on the transmissions as they exist today.)

He also mentioned that he had given Kashendo instructions to continue to relay trans­missions destined for "Q" Base from craft at distant locations.

Then suddenly, an alarm sounded.

"There, once again the alarm goes... which means that I must end this transmission. Members of 'Q' Base, remember my words. Unite and become strong. This is what the Confederation needs. And now accept greetings from all 87 of the personnel of this ship and my best wishes for the New Year." Valdar concluded the transmission with the words: "laga siaka kiendo" which he said means, "God be with you"

The remainder of the year 1973 passed uneventfully, with radio transmissions arriving once a month, usually on Sunday mornings. Kashendo played a prominent part in these broadcasts, but there was now a noticeable decrea­se in personal contacts with Valdar. On one of the rare occasions that he did make contact with "Q" base, he said that he had succeeded in persuading his Superiors to restore the base in Zululand. In due course Edwin re­ceived the much needed parts for his radio receiver.


How did the members of "Q" Base respond to the radio transmissions and to Valdar's renewed exhortation to unite and to strengthen the group? By and large Edwin was dis­appointed. From the beginning "Q" Group members had come and gone. Most of them, lacking the knowledge of radio communication, believed that the broadcasts were faked by Edwin and a group of conspirators. When some were given more objective proof, petty jealousies resulted among the members. On several occasions Edwin was repor­ted to the authorities as being in possession of an un­licensed "transmitter". Instead of gaining new members, several older members were anxious to keep the group's activities secret. Someone even asked the Confederation for financial assistance to purchase a property to form a new "Q" group.

It was during this period that I became personally involved with the affairs of Edwin's "Q" Base. Since 1968 one of the "Q" Base members had allowed me to lis­ten to all the tape-recordings of the transmissions from the Confederation as well as to read the transcripts of the earlier broadcasts. Yet my request to meet Edwin and to join "Q" Base was always turned down on some pretext or another.

I tried to find out as much as I could about these contactee cases. Although I had heard much criticism of the Confederation tapes, I was determined to meet the man about whom this amazing story revolved. This happened quite unexpectedly when I met Edwin at the funeral of one of the "Q" Base members. Edwin later asked me to join him.

The next radio transmission on September 29th, 1974 was the first one I attended personally and it was an unforgettable event. I recognized Valdar's voice immed­iately although he spoke in subdued tones and not in his usual cheerful manner.

After the usual greetings to "Q" Base, he began with the shattering statement, "I regret that this is the final transmission from us and from this ship. My dear friends, I still cannot realize and accept the fact that I shall no longer be in your solar system to make these transmissions. I have dreaded the coming of this day... and now it has come. I must do what has to be done."

We all looked at each other, Edwin and Elizabeth sat as if thunderstruck, wide-eyed. Was this to end; after all these years? There were only two other "Q" group members present, which was a pity because Val­dar said much that morning which might have enlightened them. *

(*Said much- Most of this communication will not be re­leased outside of the "Q" Groups at this time.)

Valdar continued,"I have spent many enjoyable hours with you, when we have laughed while we communicated. But now as I am speaking to the many bases to make this final transmission, I find that the burden gets heavier as the journey proceeds. My friends, the Superiors of the Confederation have decided that another committee is to replace our esteemed Wy-Ora's committee which was formed nine Earth years ago. You see, we.. .yes, even we have made mistakes. It seems that we have made too many and this is the price we must pay, for we have now been instructed to withdraw from your solar system and from your Universe (read Dimension)! We must now return to the Second Universe (another dimension) whence we came and there we shall remain."

Addressing himself to members of "Q" Base, Valdar said, "Many of you at this base may not know about the committee of which I spoke. Let me explain... In 1960’s Wy-Ora formed a committee comprised of Superiors and Leaders from many planets of the Confederation. Some of those leaders you know were Taylanz, Dayton, Zybo and others. This committee would try to establish contact again with Earth. This has been done many times in the past and this committee was only one of many. For many hundreds of Earth years many individuals, leaders from Planets in the Confederation, have been trying to make satisfactory contact with Earth people. Wy-Ora de­cided to send missionaries, and I, Valdar, was one of those he sent to establish bases or groups all over your planet. These groups were to attract members and through the radio transmissions he planned to enlighten the people on your planet and bring understanding about our Confederation. All this took many years to accomplish, but eventually, hundreds of bases with thousands of members were established all over your world. But, as has happened before, the truth was misunderstood and the message about our way of life rejected. Not all bases are guilty of this, some are true to the Confederation until this day."

"Coming to more recent times," Valdar continued, "for I cannot explain all the misfortune that befell our committee over the past years -- it would take too long, my friends -- we confided in various government author­ities. To our great disappointment we were misled. Wy­-Ora particularly was misled. Many of the confidential matters that were discussed were divulged. Promises made were broken. Some of your scientists were taken by us on space tours. Yes, they learned much on these trips, but on their return, they turned their backs on the Confed­eration, and used the knowledge they had gained for the pursuit of their own selfish interests.

"My friends, we trusted the people of Earth! We confided in many but we overlooked one vital point. I am as much to.blame as Wy-Ora in this. It is that we do not really exist (in Earth dimension). No, my dear friends, we do not really exist (for you)! For, you see, we are in different time (frequency)! Many thousands of years ago, we discovered that our Starships were capable of changing in time while going to other Universes (Dimensions). It is now clear to us that this is not the right time, for we are too soon in your time. Earth is not yet ready for us.

"Our committee' ‘s results were recently judged by your behavior. Our progress was investigated and it now seems that Wy-Ora's methods were incorrect. I, Valdar, Taylanz and many others who assisted him were also at fault. At times we considered a particular train of tho­ught correct for your planet. But it now seems wrong. It did not mesh with the times on your Earth and that is why we have been recalled.

"Here before me," Valdar continued, "lies an out­line of the work that was still to be done in your fut­ure. It hurts me to think that this will never be done by us. We have not only considered you as friends but as brothers and sisters. You have become part of our lives. We have shared happiness and sorrow with you, and you have done likewise with us.

"For you see, our committee has now collapsed. Wy-Ora is no longer with us. Wy-Ora has passed to a higher dimension! And we must now return to our own Universe (Dimension)."

Valdar spoke slowly, pausing between sentences. He said that his late Superior had the ability to imperson­ate well. "He had many faces; he had many personalities. He walked with you, talking with you, you met him many times!"

He said that Wy-Ora had visited our planet many times and that he had worn many faces in his lifetime. His wish was to try and bring peace. Anticipating that these words would mystify most of the "Q" Base members, Valdar continued, "Do not try to understand this, my friends of 'Q' Base. Accept what I say. We all have a mission in this life and in the life hereafter, as de­termined by the Divine One. When Wy-Ora departed there was much grief, although I know that he goes before us. They are the pace-makers, they clear the way for us, those of the higher dimensions. This thought comforts me. The great pain is that the work he had set aside for me and many others is to remain uncompleted. These plans in their folders shall all be returned to Koldas. One day... who knows, a commander may read these files and recognize the value and continue the work that has been left uncompleted this day. A new committee is to be for­med which will not be from our Confederation, for they have now resigned this mission.

This was a shattering message! Disappointment was written all over our faces. Edwin and Elizabeth had so many personal experiences with Valdar and others that this must have been like losing a member of the family.

The thoughts that were uppermost to me were that these people, wherever they came from -- whether another Universe or a future era -- had tried their best to reach our hearts and minds. And all we could do was to ask for more proof, more concrete physical evidence. (I suspect so did all "Q" Group members everywhere.) This was the one thing they could not give us at this stage. It is sad to think that this contributed to the collapse of many "Q" Groups and brought about the end of the Confederation's mission to Earth.

Valdar ended by describing the new committee. "This committee is of a lower dimension than ours. I feel that they may have a better success on Earth as they think more like you than we do although they are also ahead of you in time. But the time lapse between you and them is less than between you and Koldas.

"So, my brothers and sisters, I will leave you to this new committee. In no way can I intervene. My su­periors granted my final wish that I could come and ex­plain the situation to you. My task is almost done. I have been assigned to patrol a new area in deep space with my division of 100 Astrael-craft. I must now leave behind all the problems of Earth; not only the problems but the friendship, love and understanding between you and I. I hope that the new committee will do far more than we have done. So we depart. I hope you will not forget us. And if one day we return then surely we shall come to see you...

His parting words were to Edwin and Elizabeth.

"Oh my brother Edwin, how can I say farewell to you? We have known each other for many years. We have talked long and spent many Earth hours together on the beaches along your sea. You are more than a brother to me; make it easy for Valdar and do not be sad at our parting. It is just another phase in our lives. My dear sister Elizabeth, I have loved you both more than I would a brother and sister of my own."

He spoke a few words to each member in turn. To someone he had this to say, "There are many things you have not understood. Even today, there are doubts in your mind. You blame much on Edwin! Do not blame him. Blame the Confederation."

I was the last to join the group so he ended with me.. "My dear friend Carl, how I regret that we did not know each other longer... such a pity. I am sure that you have learned much from the little you have heard."

Then he ended, "From your 'Q' Base, Edwin, many have come gone. Many have scorned your group. There are those you are not even aware of who knew of your Base They are anonymous and wish to remain so. It has been ar effective and profitable base, if not altogether peace­ful! Those of you who stayed, you have had the patience( to accept and some have understood and passed on the in­formation from Wy-Ora to all those who are willing to listen.

"Now, my friends of planet Earth, I must say a fi­nal farewell. I do sincerely hope that we will be given yet another chance to rectify the mistakes we have made during our stay over your planet. There are many things we have learned. There are many things that we would change. But the other committee must now take the lead. They will profit by our mistakes. This work must contin­ue until there is peace over the fields, mountains and oceans of your truely beautiful planet. Earth is a jewel in the depths of space...

"The Superiors and all the commanders thank you for all you have done. Kialda Katuang Kisiska lanando... I hope we have yet another chance.


NOTE- Remember that this is not by any means all of the information available in this case. This is only what has been agreed can be revealed through the communica­tions themselves. There is much more to this case and a great deal that is of a personal nature and will not be revealed at all.


A New Venture

Valdar's farewell message and the closing down of the "Q" Base disappointed me. For many years I knew of it from afar and then, when Edwin invited me to join it, all came to an end. As I had many questions, I simply had to see Edwin again. Now that I knew where he lived I looked him up a few days after Valdar's final transmiss­ion to the group.

Edwin did not seem to be very concerned about the exit of the Confederation and said, "After all these years, I'm sure they will not leave us high and dry."

Looking back, I now think he may have had some in­side information. Wy-Ora' ‘s venture had proved to be un­successful and so an end had to be made. Edwin's "Q" Group had just about ground to a halt with only two of the members being present for the farewell message. The other members had faded out of the picture.

I was fascinated to hear Edwin's story first hand; his initial encounter with Valdar and later meeting Wy-­Ora face-to-face. He took me on a tour of the various places he went fishing with Valdar, the seaside cottage where Wy-Ora had spent many months during his training period on Earth and many other places. Later, I saw the site of the hotel in Durban where Valdar had stayed. The building had been demolished to make room for motorcar showrooms.

Edwin let me examine the radio receiver which Val­dar gave him in 1962. I looked at the antenna on the end of the roof and the feedline going down into the lounge and the receiver.

The unit was housed in a domestic wooden cabinet of a type popular in the early sixties. Then I noticed something odd! Edwin had explained that the transmiss­ions were "beamed" from spacecraft above to his antenna and receiver, but I am sure that most "Q" Base members had not appreciated the uniqueness of the communication. I am a radio amateur with a technical education and no­ticed that the antenna was connected in a very unusual way. Electrically speaking, the antenna was not connec­ted to the "front" end as is normally the case, but to the "rear" end -- to the power supply! Now I understand at least why no-one else could intercept these radio transmissions. To my mind, Edwin did have what he had been saying all along, communications with men from outer space!

I asked Edwin about the strange "ping" sounds which occurred at intervals during all transmissions from the Confederation. I had wondered about these for years. He explained that they used a "strata-recorder" in place of a tape-recorder which recorded on crystals instead of tape. The "ping" sound occurred as one crystal changed to the next crystal.

I was delighted with everything I learned from Ed­win and I asked him to let me know as soon as he heard any further news which he suggested might be soon. I was a bit surprised to get a telephone call from him only a fortnight later. He said he had received a mess­age on his radio that something was in the wind. He then asked me to come to his home two days later and to be sure to arrive before seven o'clock.

I wondered what the "new'1 committee was up to when I drove my car to Edwin's home on the appointed evening. It was on the stroke of seven and Edwin was waiting for me to arrive.

As I entered the lounge, Edwin's radio set was al­ready on. A low purr came from the loudspeaker. Elizabeth, who had put the two children to bed early, sat in an armchair with some needle-work. Edwin and I chatted, standing near the radio as we waited for some­thing to happen. Then, at twenty minutes past seven the speaker suddenly came to life with a surprisingly loud sound. Starting on a high note, it changed to a deeper tone levelling out.

"Venoy... Venoy... Standby for transmission. Venoy, Edwin, stand by..."

There was a short pause and then another voice...

"This is Valdar, Greetings. Greetings to the three of you tonight. I am contacting you from this Corynthian craft at an altitude of ‘500 km. My friends, it is wond­erful to be here once again. We are here for a special reason for this is the beginning of a new phase, a new venture. It is the beginning of a new experiment for my friend Edwin. Very shortly, I shall transmit a coded message to you in the manner of the Confederation. You have heard this message before, transmitted to you by thought. It was impressed on your mind for a particular occasion and the occasion arises on this Earth-night of yours.

As soon as the radio transmission began Edwin star­ted his tape-recorder. I stood close to the receiver and speaker although the transmission was loud and clear. I guess it was the general excitement, the thrill of listening to a voice from a spacecraft and the talk of a new phase.

"Edwin.., I must explain to you that when you hear the sound of this Code, you will enter a sleep-like sta­te, and until I give you the command to return, you will be entirely under my control. I shall be able to speak through you. What I see shall be transmitted through to you so that you will see what I see and feel what I feel at the same time. This is the new experiment. It may not be successful.

"For many years, my dear brother Edwin, we have conditioned you for such an occasion. As I told you dur­ing our last radio transmission, a 'new' committee was to contact you by this method. They have tried but fail­ed. We are pleased that you and others responded so well to our training that only we can contact you by this method. They have also abandoned their plans to start groups in the major cities on your planet when they re­alized the problems involved. They decided to hand you back to us! These are the circumstances that brought us back earlier than we had dared to hope.

"And now Edwin, Valdar continued, "I shall trans­mit the Confederation sounds and this code will unlock the instructions stored in your unconscious mind and you will enter a state of trance. Please be seated and relax now. Be seated and relax!

Both Edwin and I were still standing near the radio receiver when Valdar spoke these words. I was puzzled how he knew that we were standing! We both sat down in armchairs and I watched as Edwin closed his eyes and let his head rest back on the chair.
"Stand by. Edwin... relax... listen to this. You have heard this subconsciously many times. Listen...

Then a strange sound came from the loudspeaker which is difficult to express phonetically. It was more like a "croaking" and lasted just over a minute. Later I learned that these sounds are deliberately garbled to make recollection and memorizing impossible.

The sounds are only used to "tune" Edwin's mind to the Koldasian thought-frequency. Experimenting with the­se sounds landed Edwin on an "open" frequency with un­pleasant consequences, as described later.

Edwin reacted immediately and appeared to be in a relaxed sleep. After a short interval Valdar continued saying through the loudspeaker, "Edwin is now in a state of trance, he is quite safe and comfortable. I am in control of his mental faculties."

Then, addressing himself to me, Valdar said, "Gree­tings, my friend Carl. This is when I speak to you, and to you alone. I have chosen you for a special task which I hope you will accept. It is to advise and assist Edwin in this new experiment. You are to record these thought-transmissions on a tape-recorder and after editing them, send them to any person or group who may be interested. I suggest that you re-record the Confederation sounds which were used to condition Edwin's subconscious, on another tape. In future, these will be played to Edwin through earphones and then be removed.

"At the end of these thought-transmissions, we will waken him. To begin with, there will be only one such thought-communication per month, preferably during even­ing. This method of communication has been very success­ful in the past. We hope that it will be successful ag­ain. Questions may be put to Edwin when he is in this state of thought-contact and we will answer, but please remember that Edwin will take time to get accustomed to this new method. I must warn you that some communicators may not be as versatile in English as I am. It may be difficult for them to reply. You may get inaccurate in­formation, so please use your own judgement.
Valdar continued, "Yes Carl, we have plans for the future and these plans involve both you and Edwin. And now I would like to try an experiment.

"Edwin, can you hear my voice?"
"I can hear your voice,' Edwin replied.

"I am going to ask you a few questions.

"Yes," said Edwin.

"What is the color of my uniform?" asked Valdar.

"Blue," replied Edwin.

"I am now pointing to something... what is it?"

"You are pointing to some kind of instrument."

"I am now going to walk to the other side of this control centre and there I shall point to another in­strument. Describe the instrument to me." said Valdar.

"The instrument is... uh, dome-shaped with colored lights in it," replied Edwin, after a short pause.

"You have done very well, Edwin, I can see that in time you will receive my mental impressions without any difficulties whatsoever."

I was amazed how this conversation between Valdar and Edwin developed. Valdar spoke slowly over the radio and Edwin came back with his replies without any pause. I wondered how Valdar managed to hear Edwin's replies. Perhaps he used Edwin's ears just as he probably used his eyes to see that we were both standing earlier.

Having satisfactorily concluded his experiment with Edwin, Valdar continued, saying, "And now Carl, I hope you understand the procedure for these thought-trans­missions. Believe me, my friend, there is much for us to do. Look after Edwin as best you can because this is a delicate experiment. Do not allow others to overtax him with too many questions while he is in thought-con­tact. There will still be direct transmissions via the radio receiver to give you further instructions.

"And now, my friends on Planet Earth, we wish you well with this new venture... for this may be the beginning of a new phase on Earth. For you, Carl and Ed­win, and for all those who are not bound by prejudice, may you understand what the Confederation is trying to do. Try and lift yourself in thought to the highest lev­el so that we can contact you and you in turn, us. We will deliver our messages directly to anyone who is in tune with us. Farewell my friends. This is Valdar of the Corynthian Division now ending this direct radio transmission.

His next words were obviously directed to Edwin who was still sitting with closed eyes in his armchair. "Ja-ka Kisiako Jakalando, Edwin... Farewell, my friends, un­til we meet again in thought-communication."

The radio broadcast came to an end and Edwin opened his eyes, stretched and looked around. When asked how he felt, he replied that he was fine although his head felt a bit strange. Subsequently, Edwin proved to be a good transmitter and receiver of sound and visual images. These thought-transmissions have as far as I can tell, not had any adverse effects on him. On the contrary, he found they increased his general comprehension and soon he was completely accustomed to them.

A few days later I responded to Valdar's invitation to participate in the new experiment and I made a short tape which I gave to Edwin. He promised to play back my tape when he was in radio contact with Valdar again.

Playing my tape would "transmit" my personal mess­age to Valdar. Neither Edwin nor I would understand the modus operandi of the tape transmission from a tape-re­corder to the Astrael-craft, but the method worked well.

For the previous twelve years radio was the method of communication but now we had a new instrument--Edwin! We were both nervous about the new mode of communication but I was excited by its novelty. For a number of years, I have operated as a radio amateur and I soon began to look upon this thought-transmission as I did my radio. I understand very little of the neuro-psychic process tak­ing place in the active brains of the two participating transmitters. The bio-electrical currents flowing thr­ough normal brains are too small to send electromagnetic radiations far into the surrounding environment. Never­theless, all I had to do was to "tune" my receiver, Ed­win, to the Confederation frequency and communication was possible. I realized the importance of this fine tuning much later.

Six weeks after the evening of the first new exper­iment, Edwin was told by radio of the next thought-tran­smission. That night I carefully carried out all Valdar instructed. Edwin was seated in his favorite armchair listening to some soft background music. As the eight o'clock hour approached, I placed the earphones on Edwin's head and connected them to a tape-recorder which played the Confederation sounds. Edwin closed his eyes, leaned back in his chair and a half minute after the sounds ended, I removed the earphones. Elizabeth and I waited expectantly, then very gently, Edwin began to speak in his normal voice but slower than usual.

"Greetings. This is Valdar who contacts you. This is the very first time that I speak through my friend Edwin. We are at present at an altitude of ‘560 km look­ing down on your planet. There are storm conditions, which I am sure you are all aware of. Greetings, Eliza­beth. Greetings, Carl."

We both replied to Valdar '‘s greeting and bade him welcome to Edwin's home. The two-way communication seem­ed to be working well and Edwin looked comfortably relaxed in his chair; he had opened his eyes and was looking at us. His hands were folded on his lap. Was this really Valdar sitting there in front of us or was he still high up in the craft looking down? The storm he mentioned did not really bother us nor did it interfere with the thought-communication.

Valdar continued, "I would like to describe the view from here. It is beautiful with towering pillars of cloud which are lit up every now and then by lightning flashes. Above us are the clear heavens, and the stars and planets of your solar system are a sight to see! The personnel and myself are seated here in this Astrael-craft. The interior lights are dimmed. And I am concen­trating on Edwin. This is the first time we have used thought only so let us hope it will be a success.

"I hope that Edwin and you, Carl, will accept this new method of contact. I know that it is strange to you for I have been able to tap your thoughts on this matter as we proceed. I have received your message. I am pleas­ed that you will do your part in this latest venture. It is yet another attempt we are making. We have tried many times before, but this time we are using different methods and we have chosen you, Carl, to express our views to the people of Earth.

"Whether the people will accept them, we cannot tell at the present. In these talks I will explain as best I can about life in the Confederation. But you must realize that we are many years ahead of you in time. But what is time? Time is a word that has been invented on Earth. The word 'time' does not exist in the Confeder­ation. We do not know what time is!"

Valdar was coming through quite well now. Edwin's voice was getting stronger. I was watching the tape-re­corder to see that a good recording was made of our very first thought-transmission.

"I am sure, Carl, that you will be asked the ques­tion, 'Why does the Confederation bother to talk to the inhabitants of Earth? What is the purpose of the Confed­eration being here on your planet?' To answer these qu­estions we have to go back into the ancient history of our people. For even in those far-off days, the Confed­eration had Starships which could exceed the speed of light. They discovered the magnetic fields and under­stood how these could be harnessed to travel faster than light. It is these magnetic fields which are the key to the formation of the Confederation. There is much that we can tell you about these magnetic fields.

"These ancient cosmic pioneers explored our Uni­verse. Then they discovered your Universe and they want­ed to explore this too, to find out whether there was life out there. After many expeditions the planet Earth was discoverd. The beings they found there were very primitive. They returned to report this to their Super­iors. They had found life and in the other Universe.The­re was much interest in this life. The Superiors of the old Confederation decided to send more expeditions and settlers.

"Some settled on your planet, bringing their cul­ture with them. These were the first contacts. Our in­terest in your planet stems from those early days. Our ancestors came to guide and suggest a better way of life and then returned home. But some of the settlers remained. A great deal of assistance was given to many areas but mainly to the inhabitants of Atlantis and af­ter its destruction, to ancient Egypt, where many of the Atlanteans had been resettled. There, the pyramids still stand as a monument to the Egyptians who toiled to erect them. Yes, the Egyptians built them with the help of visitors from the Confederation! They were used as tran­smitting and receiving stations and for the storage of magno-solar energy. They were located in a strategic area and the ancient Starships used to home-in on them.

"Their design is significant in more ways than one. In the coming changes on your planet, this pyramidal de­sign will again be used in your buildings."

This was the first time Valdar mentioned the coming changes on Earth. In later transmissions more emphasis was given to this subject. At the time, I did not pay much attention to it as other topics interested me more. I was reminded1 that some historians suggest that several times mankind has made a "leap forward" that is unex­plained by simple historical revolution. It is tempting to relate the Confederation's visits to Earth with these forward leaps. The primitive Egyptians started building in granite and limestone in a way never equalled before or since. Valdar never said anything about the remark­able genius Inhotep or the heretic Pharoah Akhenaten. He did say though, that the Confederation helped the Egyptians to build the pyramids, and also stressed that relations with Earthlings were not always peaceful!

The early Egyptians wanted to use their newly gain­ed knowledge for warfare to conquer the world. He said there was a confrontation and in the ensuing struggle two Grandorians were killed. The Superiors of the Con­federation then decided to withdraw all their people from our planet.

Valdar said they were persistent visitors to this planet of ours so that a generation or so after that un­fortunate incident, they probably returned. They were always elusive and remained in the background with ad­vice and guidance. How many missions they sent to Earth and their contribution, if any, to our progress will re­main unknown to us.

Before this last experience had run a year there was another confrontation with Earth leaders and the Confederation again withdrew all their personnel from our planet. This time it was for good except to rescue those leaders who choose to leave if an occasion should arise.

But the Confederation is not the only infiltrator on this planet. There are many other extraterrestrial (or extradimensional, and sometimes both) influences which are more difficult to trace. There is at least one which the Confederation has identified to us. This is theire arch-enemy the Outer-Worlds. Since the dawn of our hist­ory this spoiler has been on Earth with a large and act­tive following.*

(*Adversary. A puzzling aspect of the UFO contactee phen­omenon is the frequency with which this adversary syn­drome occurs. It is found in a good percentage on significant UFO contactee cases where they persist and extensive dialogue is developed. This syndrome crosses all boundaries such as race, place and society, and my tell us something about the origin of all of our various religions in this world. We also find an adversary her' in all of our own holy works. Is this only coincidence)

"Your planet is a beautiful planet," Valdar contin­ued, "it has all the ingredients one could ask for. The vast oceans, mountain ranges, continents. There is noth­ing wrong with your planet. It is those who govern and seek to lead it. We come in peace. We have tried many times to convince these many rulers and Superiors of yours, that our methods might be better. But they have replied that they cannot bring about any changes on your Earth. It would upset the balance of things. But we are persistent! We will try to uplift and enlighten people even if it is only a few. We are not here to conquer. (They could have done that any time they chose) Our Astrael-craft is a symbol of peace. It brings us from our distant Universe (dimension) through time, to this beau­tiful planet Earth. We have come to share our knowledge and experience with you. But my friends, let's be honest with each other... if we were to give you the secrets of the power of propulsion which the Confederation has, the secrets of the astrael-craft, what would you then do with it...?

"There are countries who would use this power for aggression. In all likelihood, they would destroy your Earth! A long time ago the Superiors of the Confedera­tion made a solemn pledge which is still valid today. Only when the Confederation is absolutely certain that earth has adopted a better way of life, will the secrets we have learned through the Divine One be given to you. All we ask is that people of your planet change their ways, particularly their vicious aggression. Wars must cease; there must be unity among the nations.

"Of course, we realized long ago that you have many problems. Problems which we do not have in the Confeder­ation. You have a multitude of races. This is strange to us. Indeed, it is very strange, for it is the only plan­et we have come across which has so many. On Koldas there is only one race. Although skin color ranges from fair in temperate regions to dark-tan in the deserts, there is only one basic racial group, whereas you have at least five on Earth.

"We realize that this is a very difficult problem. But this could have been overcome harmoniously. If your rulers trusted us, this could have been solved peacefully to the benefit of all concerned. But your leaders decided to do it their way and have rejected our offer of help."

Valdar paused and asked if we had any questions. We asked him if he could tell us any more about his own home-planet Koldas.

"It is many times larger than Earth. We have seas on Koldas, but these are fresh water seas. They are more large lakes, the largest about 24,000 km long and 20,000 km wide. Some of the towns of Koldas are in the mountain regions while others are by the sea. The towns are sim­ilar to yours, except that buildings are constructed differently. There are no roads here for our vehicles travel above the surface of the ground. Our buildings are linked by conveyors to take people to their destin­ation. Our capital city is vast, much larger than New York. Of course there are rural areas with smaller homes for one or two families, and there are forests and also rivers. In the large lakes there are islands where you find holiday resorts.

"Our way of life is very similar to that of Earth. What I am trying to impress upon you is that we do not differ from you. The only difference is our mental att­itude. Our way of life is different. We have no monetary system; no currency whatever. Each planet in the Confed­eration produces and plays a vital part in the whole. Some are rich in minerals and supply these to the others and some are more suitable for cultivation. Koldas, with its seas or lakes, has an abundance of fish, harvests of which are sent to other planets in the Confederation in exchange for minerals and materials to build the power­ful Astrael-craft. And so my friends, a chain of good­will and understanding links all our planets. Earth too could play a part in this Confederation even though you are in another Universe.

"This is just a brief outline and I shall not tax Edwin too much tonight for this is new to him. Before we close this thought-transmission, are there any other questions?"

Earlier the three of us had decided to ask Valdar whether they had physical bodies as on Earth and how they managed to cross the light-barrier.

Valdar explained, "We are like you. We are in the flesh. We feel pain and we die. The difference is that we are able to travel at this fantastic speed. This is the only difference. There are some things your science­tists do not understand about space and time, particu­larly beyond your solar system. I find this difficult to describe in your language.

"Each solar system has a magnetic field. Once you have broken away from the gravitational field of your planet, you can make use of the magnetic fields of other planets and solar systems to travel vast distances and even change in time.

"On Earth you are using the wrong method of propul­sion. You are using fuels, liquid or solid or whatever they may be. This does not take advantage of the vast reservoir of universal energy. There is an unlimited supply of this energy and power that can never be exhau­sted. This energy is there for mankind to use on your planet.

"Let me explain further. The Astrael-craft I am in has eight magnetic motors. Four forward and four revers for control. These are actually giant electro-magnets powered with solar energy. Now beyond your planet there is a magnetic force-field which runs in streams between planets and solar systems, and even between galaxies and universes. Magnetic fields seem to run on forever. Once we are in a magnetic field we travel in this invisible stream through space. Our magnetic motors allow us to check and control our speed. Without them we could not select our destination. We would be helpless as a rud­derless ship on a fast flowing river.

"Once a certain velocity is reached, things begin to happen. For a little while, breathing become difficult and the craft is controlled by a master com­puter. As you arrive in other universes (dimensions) awareness returns. Craft, computer, personnel and all which have existed in the energy-state flowing along the magnetic paths, now re-integrate with their polarity changed, to become solid matter again. And that my friends, is all there is to it. It is the magnetic fields which carry us at these incredible speeds, an changing time is a side effect of it. Your craft on earth could do this if you had the magnetic motors!"

I asked Valdar other questions that evening including whether he knew if a spacecraft had teleported som friends of mine 300 km while travelling in a car from Fort Victoria, Zimbabwe, to the South African border. I had personally investigated this case and subsequent hypnotic regression suggested a spacecraft commanded by an extraterrestrial who called himself Zorottus was involved.

Peter and Frances had a frightening experience and I was anxious to know if Valdar knew anything of Comm­ander Zorottus and such operations.*

*Details of the Peter and Francis case are reported in APPENDIX II.

"I certainly do not know Commander Zorottus," replied Valdar, "but I will devote a transmission solely to the subject of your polar regions in the future. Edwin is responding well. At first he was dubious and afraid, but this evening he has even met my wife Clyveen. She is the one who can give confidence! Now my friends, I shall say farewell for we must give Edwin a rest. I have en­joyed your company and being able to talk with you. My sister Elizabeth, it has been a pleasure. I see you are wearing a pretty new gown. Valdar likes you in it; it is very attractive.

"Carl, you have accepted this new experiment and have done much work. The tape-recordings you have dis­tributed have done well. I am very pleased. Farewell for the present. This is Valdar of the Koldasian Fleet end­ing this thought-transmission."

We had been talking for over an hour. It was like a telephone conversation but with a difference. Valdar could see through Edwin's eyes! He had remarked on the new gown Elizabeth was wearing and how charming she looked. I wondered how he knew that it was a new gown. If Valdar could see us, would Edwin have looked in at the other side of the contact? As soon as he had re­turned, I asked him if he could tell us anything about his meeting with Valdar's wife Clyveen. Elizabeth wanted to know what dress she was wearing.

I kept the tape-recorder on to record his impress-ions of this evenings events.

"You know, the whole time I was with Valdar," said Edwin after he had collected himself, "I could actually see the interior of the craft. I could hear the activity going on, the hum of the magnetic motors. Every now and then there would be a click and a sound like a typewri­ter dashing off a line, then stopping. There was that continual noise in the background from all the instru­ments in the control panels that circled the whole ship. Each panel had its own operator who did not seem to bother Valdar. He sat there alone at the main control position and I could hear his voice all the time. Then towards the end he got up and went down with the eleva­tor in the center of the floor to below where the living quarters for the personnel are."

"Did you just walk along beside him?" I asked.

"Well, I seemed to be with him," said Edwin. "There was the dining room or restaurant, the lounge and the sleeping quarters for the personnel. When Valdar entered his private quarters I realised that Clyveen was there. '

"Can you describe her?" I asked Edwin. "What is she like?"

"Oh, she is a very attractive woman. As Valdar arr­ived she appeared to be waiting for him. Whether it was because he intended to bring in another person that was close to him, I don't know. But she is tall --about 1.8 meters, maybe more. About the same height as Valdar. She is not slim; a well-built figure but not plump either. A rather long neck with long flowing corn-colored hair,and deep blue eyes and a fair skin. Her features seemed to be slightly oriental, especially her eyes."

Edwin seemed to have enjoyed the experience, but I could not help thinking to myself, I wonder whether this was really the first visit he had made to the interior of an Astrael-craft?

He continued, "Now, as Valdar was seated there, I was taking all this in. It seemed almost as if he were looking at these various things to transmit what he saw to me. He looked at Clyveen. I would say that her feet are dainty. She wore a gown which was low cut and split at both sides. This gown was of a strange texture. It looked like a fabric with another fabric on top and another on top of that. That's the only way I can des­cribe it. It's like hessian but with bigger holes, one layer on top of another. Yet it was light-weight and with every slightest movement, the material seemed to flow."

"We were in their living quarters. I suppose it must be their private suite. There were two bunks and between them was a control-panel jutting up from the floor. To one side of 
this was a half-oval, highly pol­ished aluminum table fixed to a narrow section of the wall. There were no legs to this and below it was a curved seat matching the table and sliding under it. Valdar drew this seat out as he walked in. There was no mirror, but I did see enormous windows. Half of them were shuttered with sliding louvres. Clyveen was sitting with her back to the louvred windows. They reached from the floor to the ceiling. Virtually the whole area on one side was an observation window.

"In the background, through this window, you could see specks of light -- stars and planets. They were all around you, where-ever you looked and they were not bl­inking, but solid stabs of light. I became conscious of the depth. I could actually sense the 'depth' of space with chunks of light in it. You begin to feel that you are in the centre of it. Now I know what an astronaut experiences when he feels the depth of our vast and mag­nificent Universe! We on Earth seem to think of the Uni-verse as going outwards, but Carl, out there you feel it is all 'around' you."

"By the way," I said to Edwin, "Valdar said that he liked Elizabeth's new dress and I quite agree with him, she looks lovely in it."

"Well," he replied, "that was Clyveen, she prompted him. He is a forgetful sort of chap."

"Men are all the same," added Elizabeth with a chuckle.

"But Carl, tell me how did it really go? What was it like?" asked Edwin.

"I think it was very successful. We have it all on tape and you can hear it for yourself. In the beginning it was weak, then gradually it built up and became str­onger and stronger."

"Yes, I rather felt this myself," said Edwin.

"I did not expect quite so much at first. But I must congratulate you, Edwin, I think it's been a great success. I am surprised at the strength and duration of the contact we made. There were many subjects Valdar touched on, and he promised more at a later date."

"Well," replied Edwin, "you know, in the beginning it worried me a lot. But now I have more confidence; now I know it can be done."

Was this just an incredible acting feat on the part of Edwin? Or a schizophrenic fantasy? Or a seance in a new guise?

Or was it indeed an advanced civilization trying a new experiment in contacting people on Earth?

As I considered the possibilities, the last seemed the most likely.

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