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The Cosmic Clock - The Identity of God - The Power of the Mind - Mind in Motion -

Self-knowledge on Light -


The Creation of Man - The I AM Presence - The Causal Body - The Christ



Builders of Form - The Nature of Elementals - The Elohim - The Directors of

Nature - The Body Elemental -


The Origin of Man - The Coming of the Laggards - The Coming of Sanat

Kumara -


A Decimal Planet - The First Human Beings - The Missing Link - The Spirit of

Man - The First Family -


The Prince of the World - The Origin of the Colored Races - Dispersion of the

Colored Races - The "Lucifer" Rebellion - Caligastia and Satan -


The Four and Twenty Counselors - The Garden of Eden - The arrival of Adam

and Eve - The Default of Adam and Eve -


Immanuel the Christ - The Birth of Immanuel - The Death of Joseph - The

Lord's Prayer -


Immanuel as Mortal Man - The Apostles Final Lesson - Judas Iscarioth - The

Last Years in India -


CHAPTER - 10 - SPIRITUAL SCIENTISTS The Life Research Foundation - "GoingWithin" -


Good and Evil - The Doctrine of the "Lie" - From the Illuminati to the United

Nations -


The Cover Up - Mind Control Products - Project Monarch -


Cellular Behavior - Users and Abusers -


Satan's Qualifications - Project Monarch--Key to NAFTA - Farnine in the Late

1990s - Underground Cities - Watch Your Children - Protection Against Mind

Control -

CHAPTER - 15 - WHO ARE "THEY"        

Examples of Deceit - Who are the Jews? - Semites and Aryans - The Khazars - Israelites and Christians -



Changing the Past - Living in the Present -


The "Death" Syndrome - Is There Life Before "Death"? -


Uprooting the Seedbed -


Physical Changes - Physical and Mental Preparations -


The True Purpose of Sex - The Illusion of Science - The Soul of Man - Separation of the Mind - The Reality of Ascension -



This material is presented for the sole purpose of providing additional concepts for contemplation. It is not intended to inform the reader or reflect in any manner on any race, group or individual. It is meant to shed Light on what the reader already knows. There is no judgment, criticism or condemnation of any form in-tended toward any Human Being.

The information in the hook is the author's personal evaluation of the True Story' of Creation, some of the action taking place at the present time in our government, our country' and around the world and where we are headed as "Children of Time." There are those who are attempting to take over the world, establish a one-world government and control the people through "mind control" with advanced technology - most other activities are diversionary.(avledninger)

By knowing where we are on the Cosmic Clock, who the perpetrators (gjerningsmennene)are and what their purpose is, we can avoid getting caught up in their deadly "mind control" traps. The book is presented in three parts: Where we came from, where we are at the present time and where we are going. It starts with Creation and, through the Eternal Order of Progressive Evolution, shows how Man on the planet Earth was betrayed (forrådet)and deceived(narret) until he eventually(tilslutt) became known throughout the universe as the "Children of the lie."

In Part Two, some of The New World Order's "mind control" projects and heinous crimes against the people are discussed in an effort to help the reader in establishing his own discernment(skjelneevne) and thereby prevent being drawn into mental slavery' and physical bondage. Their key trap is to entice(lokke) people into judging and criticizing them, which sets up currents of resistance and fear. These are symptoms of Multiple Personality Disorders that make ideal conditions for "mind control" victims.

Getting our "House in Order," Entering the Photon Belt and Ascending into the fourthdimensional reality are covered in the third segment of the book. Also examined in this section are some of the deeply rooted belief patterns in the seedbed that are causing our current problems and keeping us from getting our "house in Order." Some of these hidden apparitions are: The True Purpose of Sex, the illusion of Science, the Soul of Man, Separation of the Mind and the Reality of Ascension.

Gene Davis






Within the action of Creation, experiencing in each moment of the present, Mankind, through the power of thinking, weaves the threads of evolution into his own individual fabric of Eternity. This is his purpose of Being, to individually carry Out the Idea of Creation in Motion. Experience is the identity of Creation.

If we are to know where we are on the Cosmic Clock, then we must understand the Idea of Creation, the identity of God and the Nature of the Cosmic Clock that records and controls all action of Creation, the process of transforming Idea into Motion.

God is the Supreme Personality of Creation, the Universal Desire To Be-the Universal Mind of the I AM Presence. God is the name of His Title, the Supreme Authority of the known universes. Creation is an Idea at rest in God's KNOWING Mind, manifested by two-way Motion is God's thinking Mind. The purpose of Creation is to extend the mental images of Universal Mind out from the Stillness of Ideation into the Motion of Being. Thus carrying out the Universal Desire To Be.

The Idea of Creation contains the mental picture of that which is to be Created. When the mental picture is manifested into Being, it is expanded into Motion and compressed into form within the action of the light wave through the process of thinking, which is the function of the Mind of Man. Thing divides the Idea into two opposite conditions, each with its own phase of the cycle. One phase expresses the Idea and the other phase voids the action and returns it to the Stillness of rest.

During the voidance phase, the records of this process are registered in the seedbed, from which the cycle is repeated again and again through the seasons and into the Stillness of Eternity. Eternity is the force field that holds in consciousness the idea of all that has been Created into Motion and returned to Stillness. This is the identity of Eternity-all that has been Created. It is one of the functions that make up the Soul of Creation.

Every Creation in the universe has a soul. There is only ONE 'thing" in the universe. That ONE "thing" is The Creation. That is all there is. When we understand the Idea of Creation, we will KNOW all there is to KNOW. That is why it is called a universe of ONE--all as ONE. That is also why there is only one Law that we have to live by--the Law of Creation.

Everything in the universe is a condition of Creation and has its existence within the universe through the Energy of Desire. Desire is the ONE Energy of Creation. All conditions, actions and reactions in the universe, from the largest nova in the heavens to the smallest blossom in the meadow, spring forth from Idea in the morphogenic field of Ideation, are expressed and voided, and then returned to rest by the Energy of Desire.




The Soul of Creation is the force field of energy that records, protects, and maintains the registration of all Motion. It is the "bookkeeping" system of Creation. It records and maintains all action and reaction in the universe and has been referred to as the Divine Keeper of the Cosmic Clock. The Soul of Creation is the Personality of Time that directs the Great Clock in its vast network of registering and maintaining Cosmic records. It is the Holy Spirit of ALL KNOWING.

Functioning within the ethers that lie between the realms of Stillness and the boundaries of the light waves that cradle each Creation while it is in Motion, the Soul of the universe maintains the leptonosphere from which all action springs into Motion, and to which all reaction returns for rest. All action is voided as it occurs. This is the reaction phase in the cycle of Creation, and is recorded by the Cosmic Clock as the karmic aspect of Creation.

Karma is not a Law of Creation as advocated by some schools of thought. It is a word used constantly in metaphysics to indicate the return of deeds and actions caused by previous thoughts issued into the atmosphere. It is not a Law, because Mankind, as a co-Creator with God, can transmute a thought before it has been embedded in the seedbed and recorded by the Cosmic Clock as karma to be redeemed(innløst). Karma is a condition of the Law of the Circle but it is temporary, and pertains.

The Law of Creation, which carries out the "Will of God," patterns and governs Creation through the Energy of Desire. All aspects of Creation contribute to the Desire of God and make up the image of God as the Personality of Creation.




When the subject of Creation is discussed in the life research seminars the question is always asked, "Who is God?" There have been volumes written on the existence and identity of all kinds of Gods. Of course each one of them is correct because what is written has to be a product of the author's belief system whatever says serves his purpose as such.

God can only be what Man thinks God is. The image is product of the seedbed (grobunn)

God can only be what a person thinks God is in his own belief system. The True identity of God exists only in the Stillness of KNOWING as an Idea. The identity of God cannot be realized trough the senses, which only record the lower frequency of information in Motion. The Personality of God does not exist in Motion. Therefore, His Identity cannot be recorded by the senses. The senses cannot KNOW. We cannot comprehend or reason KNOWINGNESS with sensory data because it vibrates below the frequency range of KNOWING.

If we disagree with an author's opinion of who or what God is, then we are saying to that person, 'you didn't write your book in accordance with my belief system." The True identity of God can only be KNOWN through self-knowledge. The actual identity of God embraces(omfatter) the seven aspects of Creation, for this is what God is. God is the Personality of Creation which ensouls the seven attributes that form the wholeness of ONE. By establishing our own self-knowledge on the seven qualities of Creation we can better understand how the identity, of God emerges as the Personality of Creation.

LIGHT: God is Light. Light is the substance of Creation. It is the combined Masculine and Feminine energies of the God Parents of the Solar System. It is the substance of the inert gases which form the leptonosphere. Light originates in the core of the Sun and forms the morphogenic field of Ideation within the electromagnetic belt of the Sun (Let there be light).

Light is the compaction and neutralization of positrons anti-protons and anti-neutrons which react to form photons Nature's units of Light. These elementary Light particles are omnipresent throughout the prepared magnetosphere. Therefore, Light is omnipresent(allestedsnærværende). As the Personality of Light, God is also omnipresent

Man cannot see God because Light vibrates above the frequency range of the senses. What we see as Light is the reflection of Light in the mirrors of the lightwave. As the substance of Creation, Light have no opposite condition. Therefore darkness is not an opposite condition of Light. It is only a lesser degree of Light. Darkness is invisible because the frequency of the Light that is available is below the vibrational range of the senses.

LOVE: God is Love. Love is the principle of Creation. The word has been grossly misused by Mankind. The true meaning of Love has nothing in the world to do with the false, erroneous connotations given to it. Love means to give. The entire order of Creation is based on the principle of giving. God is constantly giving by mentally imaging that which is to be Created and then maintaining the equilibrium which balances the two phases of Creation as they give and regive to each other.

DESIRE:     The Will of God is the Universal Desire to Be, the personal Desire to express, the unlimited Desire to manifest all aspects of imagination. Therefore, God is Desire. The Law of Creation carries out the Will of God, but the Law is only the conditions under which the Desires of God are executed.

The Law of Creation is the order in which the energy of Desire transforms the mental image of Idea from the reality' of Stillness into the simulation of expression, then voids that action and returns the image to its original state of rest. "Order is the first Law of Heaven."Because the Energy of Desire originates in the 'Will of God" and determines the Order of Creation, it is the ONLY energy in the universe. Again, all Creations are imaged, expressed and voided solely by the Energy of Desire.

This is not a theory, a philosophy or a creed, it is the Law. The Law of Creation is the only Law by which Mankind must live. As co-Creators with God, we must take the responsibility for the action of what we Create. Man has contrived all kinds of theories, philosophies and creeds to explicate the great "Mysteries of life," but he is still groping in educated ignorance because he uses information gathered by the senses instead of gaining self-knowledge through the Mind.

Among the Hierarchy, God has been referred to as First Cause. Cause and effect is the Order of Creation. It is the inception ("starten") of that which is Created, but not the beginning of Creation. Creation has no beginning and no ending. That which is Created has a beginning and ending in Motion, but only in thought form.

Cause and Effect are conditions of Desire, the Order in which all Nature comes into Being and returns to rest. This is the answer to the great mystery of the ages where Man has always wondered how everything seemed to appear from the heavens and disappear back into the heavens.

IDEA (tanke)         Another aspect of Creation is Idea, the image of all that is Created. God is Idea, and Idea is the Reality of Creation. Idea is the only Reality there is. Tanken er det eneste som eksisterer! There is no Reality in Motion, for Motion only exists as a simulation in thought form. When something is Created, the mental image is projected into a light wave that cradles the simulation of that image until it has completed its purpose and returned to the Stillness of rest.

Now, the simulation of the Idea forms a material body, which expresses, voids and returns to rest, but the body is Dot (punktet, fokuseringen for tanken)the Idea. It is only a reflection of the SIMULATION (forestillingen) in the mirrors of the light wave. Reality only exists in the Stillness of Idea. All Motion, action and matter are reflections of an Idea that has been simulated within a light wave-an electromagnetic impulse of electrical potential, which houses the six sided vacuum chamber bound by the mirrors of the akashic substance of inert (inaktive)gases.

ONENESS: Creation is the only one "THING" in the universe. It is the whole of all that is. Wholeness embraces all Creation as ONE. Separateness exists only in thought form as conditions of the ONE. ONENESS is the Nature of Creation. An example of this can be seen when a bucket of water is dipped from the ocean. Everything that is in the water in the ocean is in the water in the bucket, just different conditions of quantity and environment.

It would not be a part of the Whole, but would be the Whole in part. There is a difference. Or, another example is, if one end of a steel rod were heated and the other end cooled, there would still be only one rod, but two opposite conditions of the Whole.

Now, to relate the ONENESS of Creation to God: God is the name used by Man to identify the Divine Consciousness of Creation, the title of His Authority. His Universal name is ATON, which means At ONE in Creation. ATON is the Supreme identity that personalizes the basic aspects of Creation. This is why there is only one God--one Personality of Creation.

KNOWING: Another aspect of Creation is KNOWING. God is All-KNOWING because everything that is Created must first be imaged and mentally pictured by God in the Stillness of KNOWING. KNOWING does not exist in Motion. It cannot be experienced by Mankind through the senses for the senses only record the lower frequencies of simulations(forestillinger) in Motion as they are reflected in the light waves.

KNOWING is a product of Universal Mind. Therefore, it functions above the vibrational range of the senses. The Mind of Mankind is an extension of Universal Mind. Knowledge is KNOWING, wisdom is KNOWING that has been experienced. Information is a product of the senses, which is based entirely on reflected appearances(tilsynekomster).

God said, "Be still and KNOW that I AM God." Stillness is one of the two conditions of the divided Idea of Life. The other condition is Motion. Our universe has been called a universe of duality. However, this statement must be qualified because one half of the duality is based on the Stillness of KNOWING and the other half is based on reflected appearances in Motion.

For example: Cause and Effect-Cause is in the Stillness of KNOWING, and Effect is in the appearances of reflection in Motion. Or, Desire to Be - Desire is in the Stillness of KNOWING, and to Be is in the appearances of reflection in Motion. Or, Idea and Form - Idea is in the Stillness of KNOWING, and Form is in the appearances of reflection in Motion. Therefore, our universe only seems to be a universe of duality. In Reality, any seeming duality is merely the appearance of opposite conditions of the ONE thing, the Wholeness of Creation.

LIFE: The Idea of Life is the ONE Reality of Creation. God is the name of the Personality that embraces(omfavner) the Life of Creation. As the Reality of Creation, Life has no opposite. "Death" is not the opposite condition of Life. It is the false illusion of Man's ignorance as taught by education and religion.

In the process of Creation, the Idea of Life is divided into ~ opposite conditions, Stillness and Motion. Motion Creates time, which marks growth through action and reaction; cycles of birth to birth within seasons of rest to rest. Stillness embraces Eternity, which holds in consciousness the records of time. Time records the Effect of Cause in Motion. Eternity records the Effect of Cause in Stillness. Therefore, the Personality of God is Eternal.




Light is the substance of Creation and God is the Personality of Creation. Therefore, God is Light. As the Personality of The Creation, God is the Divine Consciousness of all aspects of Creation. The Mind of God and the Mind of Man are ONE. If we do not understand and KNOW Light, then we cannot understand and KNOW God, nor ourselves, for we are Light.

In order to KNOW something, we must understand that thing. To understand something, we must mentally become that thing. Therefore, if we are to fulfill the age - old longing in our hearts to KNOW God and to understand where we came from, then we must mentally become God, and we must mentally become Creation by imaging these two aspects in Motion.

This we cannot do by thinking and acting with sensory information. We cannot satisfy spiritual desires with physical functions. The senses can only record thought vibrations which are opinions, ideas and assumptions that someone else has qualified according to their own belief system and thought into Motion. By using sense perception(sansning), we are doing our own thinking with someone else's opinions. In order to realize and use the Power of the Mind, we must transform the material desire into the language of the Mind. The Power of the Mind, can function only within the Motion of mental pictures. Therefore, the language of the Mind is Imagination - imaging mental pictures in Motion.

The Law of Motion states that what ever the Mind mentally images, must be. This is the Power of the Mind. Every Personality embodied on the Earth today has direct access to the Power of the Mind. "There is no power outside of us that is as strong as the power within us." The only thing that can block the manifestation, is the individual's own belief system.

Outside impressions can only be information to us. Information is not knowledge. Knowledge is something that is KNOWN. Again, the senses cannot KNOW. To the individual, all information, no matter how it is acquired, is based on reflected appearances and must be qualified by his belief system. In order to KNOW with out-side information, we must mentally become that information by picturing it in Motion. How do we mentally become something? We must establish self-knowledge on the Desire, which is the Cause and not the Effect. Self-knowledge provides the Cause, while sensory data deals only with the Effect. In order to accomplish -fullføre-this, we must understand the great mystery of the ages - How does the Mind of God Create through the Mind of Man?

Mental action is the function of the Mind. The Mind of Mankind is an extension of Universal Mind, the same Mind used by God to image Idea in Creation. God's Mind is Universal Mind in the morphogenic field of Ideation. The Mind of Man is Universal Mind in the electromagnetic leptonosphere of Motion.

We cannot acquire self-knowledge from books or schools. Self-knowledge is Cosmic. It belongs to the Stillness of KNOWING. We cannot KNOW transient (midlertidige)effects. We can only KNOW Cause. The Cosmic Idea of the Whole is simple. The bewildering-forvirrede- complexities of life lie in the tangled interpretations(sammenvevde fortolkninger) and the false connotations Man puts on the Effects of Cause.

For example, we cannot KNOW beauty, health or happiness, but we can comprehend them if we KNOW the Cause. There-fore, self-knowledge is a product of "Cause." It is produced by the Mind and cannot be acquired from the brain which only stores information accumulated by the senses. The brain only contains information and opinions that have been qualified by other peopIe's belief system and then accepted and qualified by our own belief system.

Through the process of thinking, the Creative function of the Mind, Man divides the Light in Idea into two equal opposite conditions, which form a polarity shaft with a fulcrum point. When Light is divided, Desire, which is the energy of Light, is also divided into two equal opposite conditions to form electricity, the power vehicle for Universal Desire while it is in Motion. This is the origin of electricity. All Nature pulses in measured frequencies upon the heartbeat of this universal electric current as it is being Created through the process of thinking - Man's function in Creation. The opposite conditions of Desire form the plus and minus of the equilibrium point on the polarity shaft. When Light is divided, the opposite conditions form the positive and negative polarity of electrical potential.

Each one of these equal, but unbalanced, conditions gives its energy to the other in order to regive in the next phase of the cycle. The positive and negative aspect of divided Light provides the electrical potential for giving and regiving in each phase of the cycle. Creation always gives, it never takes. This unfolding of the ONE into two opposite conditions, is the function of the Mind. The process is called thinking. Thinking is the sole action of the Mind. Its one purpose is to divide the ONE Light of Cause into two opposite Lights of Effect. This is the action that sets up the fulcrum point on the polarity shaft and provides the electrical potential for the Rhythmic Balanced Inter-change between the two opposites of expression and voidance(tomhet).

The Rhythmic Balanced interchange between action and reaction is the great mystery of Creation, the illusive secret of life and "death" for which Man has been searching throughout countless lifetimes. It is the mystic heartbeat of Man and Nature, Created by God's Idea, put into Motion by Man's thinking, but is maintained in the Cosmic Formula of unlimited Energy and Eternal life, strictly under the Laws of Creation. It has escaped Man's KNOWINGNESS because he has given the power of his Mind over to those who would control his life through the use of the senses. They call it education.

Rhythmic Balanced interchange is the inviolate Law of Creation which must be obeyed. It is the ONE Law by which all of Nature and Mankind must live. Rhythmic Balanced interchange is the principle of continuity within Cause and Effect. Balanced interchange between two opposite conditions sets up stability, and Rhythmic Balanced interchange continues that stability. It is the principle upon which the continuity of perpetual Motion in Creation is based and anchored.It is also the principle upon which all of Man's transactions, his health and his happiness depend. Again, this is the Power of the Mind. Each one of us is the guardian of our own Mind Power. This is why all Human Beings are called guardians - the keepers of the keys to the Gates of Eternity. The Rhythmic Balanced interchange of Creation is also the great principle of life upon which the illusive, mystic "Fountain of Youth" is based.




In order to mentally become what we desire, we must understand how Mind Causes Motion and how thinking transforms Idea into form. All Motion is wave action. When an Idea is divided into two opposite conditions and the fulcrum point centers them on the polarity shaft, a three-dimensional cube-shaped vacuum chamber is formed to maintain, protect and control the transaction.-gjennomføringen.This vacuum chamber is called a light wave. Every Creation of Nature and Mankind, from the smallest building block in Nature to the highest Ascended Master in the Hierarchy has its own lightwaves. This is why all Motion is wave action. This is also the physical focal point of all Creation. To understand the light wave is to KNOW the secret of Creation.The fulcrum point on the polarity shaft is the Command Center of the light wave. It appears as a tiny black hole in the center of the vacuum chamber. It is a zero point of Motion, a point of gravity, a point of Desire, a point of rest and most important of all, it is a point of Mind.

Within this little black hole in the center of every light wave, the Mind of God and the Mind of Man sit side by side as ONE, and center and control all Creation. This is what Immanuel meant when He said, "The Father and I are ONE. In the ancient Scriptures, God revealed, "Behold -skue-I AM within all things, centering them, and I AM without all things, controlling them."

What is meant by being without all things, controlling them, is the fact that all light waves are bound by the inert gases of the morphogenic field of Ideation -tanker- , the Stillness of KNOWING, the Akashic substance of Universal Balance.

Mind Power is put into Motion through polarization. The expression of all Ideas is extended to the two lights of white suns and black space surrounding suns which manifest the Creator's two Desires. Desire for expression is manifested by the electric action-reaction repetition of interchange - utveksling- between the two opposing white and black lights of suns and space. Polarization of the seed of Idea into unfolding form of that Idea is perpetuated by the Universal Rhythmic Balanced Interchange.

Polarization is dividing an Idea in Stillness into two opposite conditions. One condition being charged with the Universal Energy of Desire to express, and the other uncharged, provides the energy of electrical potential for the interchange, while the Mind radiates out from the fulcrum point, the mental patterns of the Idea to be formed into matter. The first pulsation of the growth process in the light wave is provided by the Mother light which is the black light negative half of the cycle. The unfolding Mother light is the black light of expansion. The positive half of the cycle is the white light of the Father light, which is compression.

All wave action is electric. Electricity is the servant of the Mind. It always moves spirally, and these spirals are always Created in pairs. They are seen as rings of light spinning around black holes. These light rings are growth patterns simulated by the exchanged pressure conditions of electrical potential, which is motivated by the energy of Desire to express and void. This is why all growth in Nature is always measured by cyclic rings. Electricity compresses to divide into pairs for the purpose of Creating a dense pressure condition of electrical potential. The impulse signals of Mind Energy causes the expansion.




Light can only be understood through self-knowledge. We must contemplate on information and make it our own. It is not enough to study, learn and memorize information. The principle of Creation is Love, which means to give. The identity of Creation is the Rhythmic Balanced Interchange between action and reaction. It carries out the Idea of Creation by setting into Motion the concept of the Holy Trinity - the dividing of the ONE Light into two equal opposite Lights that express the Creator's ~ Desires by each giving and regiving to the other for ever and ever. This is why Light is the substance of Creation.

The process of thinking divides the Idea of Creation into two pairs of opposite conditions of light. The mountains and the lakes, the melody of a song and the street sounds of the city, the malfunctions in the physical body and the first smile of a new born baby, all are conditions of Light, fashioned -formet- by the Creator's imagining. The Nature of light, visible or invisible, is to give that Light to every other Light in the universe. Light does not take from other Light, nor does anything in Nature take. All bodies in Nature are composed of Light. These bodies continue their visibility by divided Light pulsing within them. When the Light in the visible half of the cycle has fulfilled its purpose, then it regives its Light to the invisible half of the cycle where it will void the action, record the reaction and develop the seedbed for the next cycle. As long as the light wave is pulsing, the body is said to be alive. When the pulsing has ceased, it is said to be "dead." These are Man's terms because he does not KNOW Light, he does not KNOW the Idea of Creation, he does not KNOW the Holy Trinity of himself.

There is no life, only the Idea of life. Everything that is Created already is. It is in the morphogenic field of Ideation. Light is. God is. Man is. Eternity is. Nothing that has been Created dies or is un-Created. It always has been in the Idea of Creation, and if it has been put into Motion, it will always be in the identity of Eternity. How can this be true in the light of what we have been taught about life and "death?" The Cause of Creation is Dot complicated. It is the complexities of Effect that confuse us because we do not KNOW Cause. Cause exists in the Stillness of KNOWING. We cannot KNOW with sense-gathered information because the senses cannot record in a frequency range where there is no Motion. They can only "feel" or sense the vibrations where there is Motion. The senses cannot record in Stillness.

This is why we must establish our own self-knowledge. It is the only way we can KNOW. Sense recorded information is based on reflected appearances and is not carried over into the next cycle because the appearances are constantly changing. Self-knowledge is recorded by the Cosmic Clock as KNOWING and remains in the noetic records of the soul to form the blue-prints for the next cycle. It never leaves the lifestream.

Neither higher education or religion teach self-knowledge. They know that if they ever allow people to do their own thinking, they would lose the luxury of social control over the masses--and they are not about to give up this pompous self-indulgence. Also, the government wouldn't allow it because there would be too many jobs involved - less taxes to be collected. Everyone will emphatically tell you that they do their own thinking and nobody tells them what to think. This is true, they are doing their own thinking, because this is Man's heritage, but they are using some-one else's opinions and information, which was recorded by their own senses, and accepted into their own belief system.

The trouble with this kind of learning and information is that it has to be qualified by the belief system due to its lower vibratory frequency. The belief system is the seedbed from our previous cycles and must be harvested. "As ye sow, so shall ye reap." If we don't like what the belief system is dishing out for us, and would like to change it, then we must establish the KNOWING factor. Of course we do this by acquiring self-knowledge through contemplation and understanding.

We have been told that God is Light. "I AM the Light, sayeth the Lord." "Our Father is Light," said the Master Teacher. "In this 'lighted image' come we His Creations as He has molded us from His thoughts into that which is physical." "These things that I do, so too can you, and even greater things." "I AM come as a lamp unto my people." "I AM Light, the Life, the Truth and the way-come and I shall give thee rest."

How can God be Light? God is Light because Light is the substance of Creation and God is the Personality of Creation. Therefore, God is Light in Person. The Personality of God represents the Idea of Light. The Idea of Light cannot be produced.

Electric waves simulate the Idea only. They do not become the Idea. God cannot be seen because Light cannot be seen. Light can only be KNOWN. Light is still. The senses cannot respond to Stillness. That which the eyes "feel" and believe to be Light is but wave action simulating the Idea of Light. When Light is divided into two equal opposite conditions, the voidance phase of the cycle uses just as much of the electrical potential as the expression phase. Light can not be produced or used up.

This has to be so because the two conditions have to be equal in potential in order to create polarity in the light wave. Other-wise there could be no Motion. What science calls life is the pulsation of the expressive phase of the cycle, which vibrates at a lower frequency and therefore is visible, felt and recorded by the senses.The voidance half of the cycle is much longer in time and vibrates above the recording range of the senses, which makes it invisible on the physical plane. Science calls this exchange of energy "life" and "death." But there is always an equal flow of electrical potential between the two phases. This is the ONE Law of Creation by which Mankind and Nature must live- -the Rhythmic Balanced Interchange. It is the Perpetual Motion that expresses, records, voids and returns all Creative energy back to its sender.

The reason the voidance phase functions at a higher frequency and is invisible to Man is because the responsibility for reaction is under the jurisdiction of Cosmic Law. As co-Creators, we only have free will in the expression phase of the cycle.

Mind thinks the Idea of Creation into Motion by dividing the Light into two pairs of opposite conditions--polarity and equilibrium. The mental awareness of this action as it unfolds the imaged picture of what the simulation is to manifest in Motion, is called consciousness. Its purpose is to center and control all that is Created.

When we are conscious of Light in Motion, we are thinking with our own self-knowledge. Self-knowledge reveals Light as Truth. We are constantly admonished to learn Truth. We do not need to learn Truth. We are Truth. We need to learn what we are. When we KNOW what we are, then we KNOW Truth.

We cannot have understanding in Truth until we reconcile with self-knowledge--knowledge of the conscious self in the body, the conscious self that Creates. The wisdom of every civilization has always been to "know Thyself." Herein lies the illumination of the conscious self in the body, the mystical Idea of Creation.




All Ideas that are Created in our Solar System originate in the Sun, which is the Center of the morphogenic field of Ideation for our Solar System. This is why the evolvement of Man from the Idea of Mankind in the Sun out through the Seven Spheres of Creation and into the world of form, and then His return back through the Spheres into the Sun, is called Solar Evolution.

Understanding the Idea of Creation and the Identity of God, discussed in the previous chapter, sets the stage for the "Coming of Man" through Solar Evolution. In the evolution of Nature, the growth rings are produced and the cycles continued according to the seasons of the species.

With Mankind, the growth rings are indicated by years and the embodiment is completed when the null point has been reached. This is why everything in Nature and everyone in Mankind seem to "live" through the allotted life-span and then "die." But, in-stead of "living" and "dying," they are repeating the expression and voidance phases of the cycle of Creation.




Through Solar Evolution, the Eternal Order of ProgressiveEvolution unfolds the Idea of Mankind. Out of the Stillness of KNOWING, God projects the mental image of Himself into the Mind of Man. God is the Personality of Universal Mind in Still-ness. Man is the Personality of Universal Mind in Motion. The projection of "Spirit Sparks" from the Heart of the Central Sun is the beginning of Man as an individual. The individual is not the Idea of Mankind, he is a simulation of the Idea of Mankind - the Idea reflected in a light wave. This is not the be-ginning of Man. It is the reflection of the Idea of Mankind individualized. The Idea of Mankind has always been in the Stillness of Ideation. There never was a time when Man was not. "In the beginning is reflected that which would come to be." This refers to the individualization of Man. Individualization means divided from the source, but not separated from the source.The individual is a "Spirit Spark" that develops in light-form out from the mental image of the Creator which is embedded in the stillness of the fulcrum point on the polarity shaft in the light wave. This is the transformation point in Creation where the idea of Man is simulated into Motion in matter through growth rings.

Each universal impulse forms a growth ring in the individual's journey. By dividing the Idea into two pairs of equally sexed opposite conditions, the Creator sets into Motion His two desires - to express and to void. This is the manner in which Man is Created in the image of God, the Personality of Creation.

This is also the manner in which everything in Nature is Created into Motion and matter. Man is not the image of the Creator. Re is a simulation of the Idea of Mankind in the image of the Creator. Man exists in thought form only. The mental image is projected into the fulcrum point on the polarity shaft of a light wave, where it is expanded out to the mirrors of the vacuum chamber, then compressed back to the fulcrum point, the null zone where the electrical potential is exchanged, to expand again.

The expansion of the mental image out to the mirrors and the compression back to the point of rest is the mystical secret of Creation. It is the principle of Creation - the Rhythmic Balanced Interchange - the electrical potential of Universal Desire to express and void within the action of the light wave. This is the manner in which Man's physical body is brought into Being and how all Nature is perpetuated through the phases, cycles and seasons of Creation.

When the light particle is divided, electricity is formed. Electricity is the force that propels the one Universal Energy of Desire. The two pairs of opposite conditions are always equal in electrical potential and are always unbalanced in equilibrium. If they were balanced, there would be no Motion. This is what causes Motion in matter - the perpetual(stadige) exchange of electrical potential at the null point - expression and voidance, action and reaction.

Matter is divided Light in Motion. All bodies are divided Light in Motion. The energy of Desire drives the unbalanced opposite conditions to seek balance and rest - the expression phase of the cycle seeks balance at the null zone in the fulcrum point - the voidance (tomme)half of the cycle finds rest in the zero Motion of the inert gases that bound all light waves.

When the Idea of Mankind is projected from the Stillness of Ideation into the Motion of light waves, each individual is given a White Fire Body having the form of a perfect circle of Light.(som Martinus kaller evighetslegemet?). Thought always expresses in the light waves as circles. With the division of the White Fire Form into two opposite conditions, each half of this Light Body manifested as an individualized "I AM Presence" in the Heart of the Great Central Sun. The Central Sun is the Universal Center for our Galaxy. Those individuals who chose to divide the original White Fire Body, composed of the Whole Circle, are twin rays. One part of the compliment manifests the masculine nature of Deity', -guddommem- while the other, the Feminine aspect.

Because the Idea of Mankind is projected into the light wave in the image of God, the individual is endowed (skjenket) with all of the Personality' aspects of Creation. He is a simulation of the Creator in Motion. His mind is an extension of Universal Mind in action. Universal Mind KNOWS in Motion only what Mankind experiences. This is the purpose of individualization - to experience in Motion what God images in Stillness.

After the choice has been made to remain an individual and to continue through the seven spheres of Cosmic development, each entity is given an electronic keynote and a name. The keynote is a vernier symbol or seal embedded in the Permanent Atom of each individual and is registered in the Akashic Records of the Great Clock as the Cosmic Identity of that Personality'.

This is how the soul establishes, records and maintains each individual's Causal Body, characteristics and master cedes as he ventures (våger)through the seven spheres of Creation. Also, if he chooses to embody on the physical plane, the Soul uses the individual's keynote to direct the design and structure of the physical body and to record the action and reaction of his Creative cycles.





The name of each Personality is given in the same manner as the keynote, and it also is embedded in the Permanent Atom. Each individual has the same name, yet each name is different. The name is I AM. The meaning of the name is I AM A Being. I AM in Motion. I have chosen to become and remain a Being - I AM that Being. The name cannot be confused with that of another person because of the individual's keynote.

I AM is also the name of ATON. In the Celestial Realms, a name is used more to indicate one's classification, tide or status rather than to identify his Personality. Several names can be used in reference to specific responsibilities, while identity is maintained by the Cosmic Clock through the symbol of the universal electronic keynote.

The name I AM is a personal recognition of the Presence of Being. -Nærværet av Væren. The awareness of Being must be sensed by feeling the vibratory frequency of Being in Motion. This is the spiritual sensation referred to in the Higher Reams as the I AM Presence of my Being. Presence means conscious awareness of Motion.

At the Royal Retreat in the Grand Tetons, where students can go in Soul Consciousness to study at the feet of the Masters, located in the Cosmic Archives where the records of all past civilizations are kept exactly as they were originally written in their respective language, the words "I AM" can be found just as they are used today. The Master who can interpret the different languages, indicates that the meaning is always the same - the recognition and Power of God as the Personality of Creation - the beginning and the ending of all that is Created into Motion.

Alpha and Omega, the Solar Logos of the Central Sun, and the Godparents who took the responsibility for evolving races of Personalities to inhabit the planets of our universe, and who had drawn forth the billions of "Spirit Sparks" from the Great Central Sun of our System, have declared, "Within your Hearts and Minds will we write Our Law! The Law of God - the Law of Adoration is reflected in the words, 'I AM'-for 'I', Alpha, the ONE who signifies the Source (the Central Sun)--the numeral 1, and the word I. Omega, my Beloved, represents the 'AM', and is therefore called A-May-ga. 1-Amega-the Beginning and the Ending."

This is the origin of the I AM Presence - the transforming of the Idea of Mankind from the Stillness of the morphogenic field of Ideation into the Motion of Being. The I AM Presence is an extension of God, the Personality of Creation, into the heart of Mankind. It contains within itself all the Light, Love, Wisdom, Power, Beauty, Opulence, Purity, Harmony and God qualities of the Father. These attributes of the I AM Presence are Created from Idea in the Stillness into the Motion of Being through the Mind of Man, an extension of the Universal Mind of God.

The physical focal point of the I AM Presence is in the Permanent Atom located in the fifth chamber of the heart. This is what the Master meant when He said, "As a man think so is he in his heart." The purpose of the I AM Presence is to carry out the Desires of the Creator by providing light particles which are used by the Mind to put the Ideas of Desire into Motion.

The I AM Presence draws the Light out of the Stillness of the leptonosphere into the Permanent Atom. When the undivided photons enter this magic chamber, a mystic transformation takes place and they become a pulsing Flame that breathes within itself and pours forth a radiation which is the animating principle of the physical body, the "Spirit of Man."

When recognized and understood by the individual, this tiny Flame in the Permanent Atom, starts to expand. As this activity takes place, it begins to pour fourth shafts of Light through the upper part of the body in a breathing, rhythmic order. This Power Flame is known as the Three-fold Flame of Love, Wisdom and Power - the breathing flame, the breath of life. This is the origin, the purpose and the physical focal point of the Three-fold Flame, the mystical, unrecognized Spirit of Man. The Three-fold Flame, this Spirit of Mankind, perpetuates(-foreviger-) the Rythm of Life. Life is Idea in Motion. Once an Idea has been Created, the Great Cosmic Clock records the action and reaction, forms the seedbed and sets its Rhythm of Life. Rhythm is the perpetual (vedvarende) cycles of Creation and Life portraying the Nature of the Idea in Motion.

Man, as Universal Mind in Motion, is the designer, the thinker and the builder of the ever-widening circle of the Rhythm of Life. This is Man's role in the broadening of the Father's Kingdom of KNOWING through experience. God KNOWS in Motion only what Man has experienced in form. The Rhythm of Life for Man-kind originates in the Three-fold Flame, the Mystic Power of the I AM Presence ensouled within the heart of every individual embodied on the planet. This is the physical focal point of the spirit of Man, where the Idea of Man is commissioned into Motion.

The Light that flows into this mystical fountain of Life and feeds the Spirit of Man, comes from the Heart of the Sun in the form of a nebulous-tåket-, fiberoptic tube of energy that enters the physical body at the crown chakra and continues to the pineal gland, where its frequency is transformed down to be compatible with the Three-fold Flame's Spiritual floating point.

This is the nebulous Silver Cord, Man's life line while he is experiencing in the magnetosphere of a form world. The Rhythm of Life is immortal in Solar Evolution.

As the reader contemplates on the Idea of the I AM Presence in order to establish his own self-knowledge on this all-important concept, he should not confuse the I AM Presence with that of his Soul. The purpose of the Soul is to keep the records of the individual's activities throughout his lifestream.

The I AM Presence and the Soul started out together as a combined unit, but the Soul had to be divided, in order to function in the lower vibrations after the so-called "Fall of Man." A portion of the energy was re-located from the Permanent Atom to form a force field surrounding the heart where it protects the Permanent Atom from the negativity of the individual's own Creations.

The amount of Light that the I AM Presence pours into the physical body is determined by the demand of the individual's four lower bodies. These four lower vehicles of expression - etheric, mental, emotional and physical - create the NEED that is the motivating demand behind supply. Through the endeavors -bestebelsene-of the outer consciousness, the demand for supply always regulates the flow of Light drawn and dispensed by the I AM Presence. The Director of the Light is the individual's Holy Christ Self in the Higher Realms, his Parent I AM Presence, so to speak. The Light is conveyed to the Personality on the physical plane through the Silver Cord.

Many of the White Fire Beings, after they had received their Electronic Presence and had descended through the Seven Spheres of Creation, divided and became two perfect I AM Presence Beings and then sent out portions of themselves into the world of form in order to expand their own Divine Nature and widen the borders of the Father's Kingdom -- Idea in Motion.

This has been referred to as Simultaneous Multiple Incarnation. It means that the Electronic Presence has divided itself into a number of individual entities of the Whole Self to embody and experience in the form world. Almost all of the inhabitants of the world today have the I AM Presence of their Whole Self in the Higher Realms.

In understanding the I AM Presence, the most important aspect, at this time, is to start remembering how to communicate with this Divine Electronic "Presence within." All religions, groups and movements have always advocated "go within." But, none of them actually explain where "within" is. Or, how do you "go within." Or, even, what "within" is.

In order to get the true answer to these questions, and to reunite our outer consciousness and our inner God-Self, each one of us must establish our own self-knowledge -- our own KNOWING on this sacred union.

The Secret to going "within" and communicating with the I AM Presence lies in UNDERSTANDING the Idea of Man in the Stillness and FEELING the Electronic Presence of Being in Motion. It is the understanding and feeling that opens the door to the Permanent Atom, our Sanctuary "within."

Once the door is ajar-på gløtt, we have direct access to the I AM Presence, the Christ Self and the powerful Three-fold Flame of Love, Wisdom and Power. This is the Magic Fountain of KNOWING the Stillness of Cosmic Peace - the Kingdom of Heaven "within."


After the "Spirit Sparks" had completed their preparation for individualization, they were ready to pass through the Seven Spheres of Cosmic Education, which was a prerequisite -forutsetning-for their entrance into the long, self-chosen journey of experiencing as a co-Creator. The Seven Spheres are electronic belts of God-Consciousness that surround the Sun and enfold the Central Focus of Intelligence with the seven phases of Creation.

These Mighty Spheres of Consciousness are inhabited by Great God Beings known as the Hierarchy of the Solar System. They include the Seven Archangels sent from the Central Sun; the Seven Mighty Elohim, who have progressed through the Elemental Kingdom; the Seven distinguished members of the Karmic Board; the Seven Manus--Lords of the Races; the Seven Chohans--Lords of the Seven Rays, just to name a few.

In passing through the Seven Spheres, the individual, not only receives his Cosmic Education and his training as a co-Creator, but he also develops his Causal Body. The Causal Body is formed from the Seven Color Bands that influence and adhere to the individual as he studies, trains and progresses through each of the seven aspects of Creation.

If one particular phase of Creation appeals to an I AM Presence, the color of that Sphere stands out in the Causal Body and indicates to that Personality a sense of belonging to that Sphere or Ray. It becomes his "Home" Sphere.

In forming the Color Bands of the Causal Body, the individuals, by using their free will, can either remain in their "Home" Sphere or continue on to the next Sphere. Those Thought Forms of Mankind who chose not to venture further through the Phases of Creation, made the choice to remain in their own "comfort zone." They were content to serve Creation in their "Rome" Sphere rather than experience additional responsibilities.

Those who are more adventurous complete the Seven Spheres of Cosmic Education and stand ready to embody as co-Creators with God on the Form world. This is the ultimate reward for all of the studying, training and learning that has gone into the forming of the individual's Causal Body. All of the wisdom, knowledge and intelligence he has been exposed to is stored in the Color Bands of his Causal Body. Each Color Band indicates the completion of that Phase of Creation. Only those who have all Seven Color Bands in their Causal Body are allowed to embody on the form world as a co-Creator with God.

The widest Color Band in the Causal Body determines which one of the Seven Root Races and its sub-race he will be attracted to. One of the Great Manus will make this selection according to His own magnetism and that of the new co-Creator to be. It is the tremendous training in the Seven Spheres of Creation that war-rants embodiment on the form world as co-Creators with God.

There are many Souls on other planets who have formed their Causal Body in the same manner and are anxious to answer the call to serve on the planet Earth, a privilege we have taken far too lightly.




Within the Permanent Atom, located in the fifth chamber of the heart, there is a force field of Light that functions as a higher mental body. It is called the Christ Self . It is an extension of the Threefold Flame and derives its Light from the Electronic Presence. The purpose of the Christ Self is to direct the mental functions of the I AM Presence and the Three-fold Flame as well as administer, through the medium of Instinct, the physical needs and requirements of the individual's outer consciousness.

The significance of the Christ Self, especially at this time in the individual's journey, is that it acts as a go-between body. It can communicate with the Higher Self and with the Lower Self. It knows all of his desires, wants and needs, and because it was present and helped him review his lifestream just before embodiment, it knows all of the negative thought patterns which he agreed to balance during this incarnation.

The Inner Self, within the Permanent Atom, cannot be exposed to negativity, yet the Christ Self is able to look both ways. It can look down into the outer consciousness, and see all of the troubles, problems and difficulties there, and know what is needed to transmute them--"And make all things right."

But, only if the individual understands the power of the Christ Self and makes the call. Otherwise, to interfere would be violating the Personality's free will. The understanding establishes the energy of KNOWING. The Christ Self can match this energy of KNOWING, and then, with its own wisdom and power, guide, protect and direct the Lower Self into the consciousness of Solar Reality, which is physical perfection in the third dimension.

Even though this Powerful Christ Self can serve Man in the darkest shadows of violence, greed and sorrow, it can never be touched or disturbed in any way by Human imperfection. It is in constant contact with the Electronic Presence and the Three-fold Flame and also draws forth from the Causal Body what ever is needed to realign and bring into perfection the four lower vehicles of expression.

The service of the Christ Self is solemnly dedicated to helping the Personality in every way it possibly can to realign the four lower bodies with the Silver cord that runs through them. By understanding this consecrated devotion-hengivenhet-, by magnifying the intensity of his feelings and by increasing the number of calls to his Christ Self, the individual can now bring about this Etheric alignment, which is all that stands between his present condition and Solar Reality - perfection and Cosmic Peace on the physical plane.

Every day, each person is allotted (tildelt) a certain amount of undivided Light as the substance for his Creations. It is drawn from the Holy Christ Self in the Higher Realms by the I AM Presence according to the daily needs of the outer consciousness. This supply is determined by the number of hearthbreaks that pass through the physical body each twenty four hours. That Light, when used to add to the good of Mankind, immediately Creates a color radiance in the Causal Body --corresponding to the particular service for good that was rendered (gitt).

As the Light is divided into positive action, through the process of thinking, and is accumulated in the Causal Body, it builds up a tremendous credit balance of available energy, upon which the Christ Self can draw and use where it is needed the most.

The importance of this available energy in the Causal Body is that the Christ Self, the go-between body, with all of its great wisdom and knowledge, can use that higher energy, to the Soul's best advantage without having to wait for specific calls upon which the response is always limited to the feelings expended.

The understanding of the I AM Presence, the Causal Body and the Christ Self, Man's three perfect Higher Bodies of the Inner Self, is an absolute necessity for the individuals embodied on the planet at this time in order to raise the vibratory frequency of the four lower bodies sufficiently to enter the Photon Belt without seriously damaging the physical body or going through "death." It is the understanding of the Higher Self that raises the frequency of the Lower Self--not what we do or what we don't do. Understanding establishes KNOWING, and the energy of KNOWING does the doing.

This is the power generated by establishing self-knowledge, especially on "The Coming Of Man" through Solar Evolution. The Photon Belt is a 2,000 year Light Span of fourth-dimensional energy that will usher (innvarsle) in the Permanent Golden Age of the Seven Root Races and their sub-races of the Personalities assigned to evolvement on the Beloved Planet Earth. This closing of the cycle and entering into the Golden Age is discussed later in the book. The Permanent Golden Age is the Crowning Glory of Solar Evolution.

(lest av Rune Ø. bl.a.16-2-98)




Evolution, as the progressive order of Cosmic Law, covers every aspect of the Great Cosmos. in the previous chapter on Solar Evolution, with the "Corning of Man," it was brought out that the Mind of Man reflects the Idea of Universal Mind in Motion. It was also pointed out that Creation in Motion involves the process of transforming the mental picture of Idea into form bodies of matter that grow and develop by repeated cycles of expression and voidance. Since Creation is the only thing there is, then everything must be in and contribute (bidra) to Creation.

When the Godparents of a Sun Create a Solar System and draw forth the "Spirit Sparks" to inhabit the planets of that System, three types of evolutionary intelligence are given the opportunity to develop and progress within that System. They are: The Elemental, the Angelic and the Human. Man is the most dominant of the three because he is individualized from undivided Light in the image of God and simulated into Motion as the extension of Universal Mind in action.

Man is the only product of Creation within which physical awareness is followed by God-awareness. An example of this is our Sun. The Sun is not in the least aware of its centering Light which is its Creator because the Sun is a physical expression of the Idea of Creation and can never have mental awareness. Physical awareness comes first, however.

As a co-Creator in the form world, the Mankind gets mental assistance through the Elemental Kingdom, and from the Angelic Kingdom, he receives support and protection in the feeling, emotional and physical aspects in the process of Creation, Man thinks Idea into Motion, Elementals build mental pictures into form and Angels act as guardians over bodies of matter, feelings and emotions. The origin of these three types of intelligence, like everything that is Creed into Motion, is in the Idea of that thing within the morphogenic field of Ideation.




At the Celestial Royal Retreat in the Grand Tetons, where the Karmic Board and other members of the Hierarchy hold their Annual Convocation(årlige forsamling), as well as mans other scheduled conclaves, we as students of The Creation, by making the call, and through contemplation, can study at the feet of the Masters, attend table counsels and check all manner of records, and thereby rejuvenate our own self-knowledge and stimulate our remembrance as to where we came from and how the planet Earth and the rest of the universe were Created and how they are maintained.

It can also be learned who the Assisting Cosmic Beings are, and exactly what role the Elemental Kingdom plays in The Eternal Order of Progressive Evolution. As builders of form, the Beings of the Elemental Kingdom hold in their consciousness the mental picture of that which is to be Created. This function requires tremendous concentration, which is the single-phase intelligence of the Elemental Kingdom.

In order for the mental picture of an Idea to be Created into form, that picture must be held in consciousness while the action of expansion and compression takes place in the light wave. 0th-envise, if it were not held in the focus of attention, according to Cosmic Law, the mental picture would immediately go into the voidance phase of its cycle and be transmuted back to Universal Supply - the morphogenic field of Ideation. There would be no charged energy to sustain it. Consciousness provides attention, and attention produces charged electrical potential.

This is what the Ancient Masters meant when they said, "Where the attention goes, the energy flows." The intelligence of the Elemental Beings is their sole ability to concentrate and imitate action. Even though they possess this strong quality, they are still required to go through a long, grueling(anstrengende) training period before they are permitted to take responsibilities in the Creation of Nature and to advance in their own journey of progression in the chain of Evolution.

The training sessions are conducted (dirigert) by teachers who are called Builders of Form. These tiny Created Beings, after completing their training, go into many different services to Nature. Some become Devas in the meadows, gardens or orchards(frukthaver); some develop into larger Devas with greater responsibilities. Then there are those who advance through the services to Nature sufficiently that they become qualified to take the initiations into the Human Kingdom.

The Hierarchy of the Elemental Kingdom are called Elohim. They are Elementals who have advanced in their own Kingdom, experienced as Human Beings, ascended into the Higher Realms, and then completed the initiations to become a Hierarchy in their own Kingdom.

A good example of this is the beautiful journey of Beloved Mother Mary. She was a Created Being in the Angelic Kingdom.

As her single-phase intelligence, she chose and developed the powers of specialized concentration. Her training and advancement as an Angel was devoted to holding her attention on a single concept. Later, after she had taken the initiations and entered the Human Family, this strong quality of concentration became one of the reasons for Lord Metreya's choice in selecting Mary to be the Holy Mother of Immanuel.

Her great responsibility was to hold in her consciousness the Immaculate Conception for the Master's Assignment. After her role in establishing the Christ Principle for the Picean Age on the planet Earth was finished, Mother Mary rested for a few years, traveled throughout India for a short while with the Master and a small caravan, then ascended into the Higher Realms where she accepted the exalted honor of Universal Mother, and was placed in charge of the Temple of the Sacred Heart. She has recently taken the initiations and has returned to her original Angelic Kingdom as an Archai. She is the Divine Compliment of Arch-angel Rafael in the Fifth Sphere of Creation.




Another example of the rigorous training, the arduous development and the well-earned advancements of these intelligent Beings of Creation, is that of Immaculata, the Planetary' Silent Watcher.

Her responsibility is to, not only hold within the consciousness of Her Causal Body the complete design of the Planet Earth, but also, to Create the Seven Heavenly Realms of Consciousness for the Evolutions that were to occupy the Planet.

Out of the substance and Color Bands of Her Causal Body is woven the garments of the Seven Vehicles with which every lifestream is adorned. in Her own words, She gives an account (regnskap) of Her Evolution and the training She had before assuming Her present Exalted Office:

"Briefly, I would like to say that the evolution which ultimately results in opportunity to become a Silent Watcher starts with the tiny elemental who is trained in the Nature Kingdom, under the Direction of Beloved Mary, Holy Mother of Beloved Jesus. In these magnificent Kingdoms, tiny elementals are trained to em-body a form under the supervision of Builders of Form. They gather together and the Builder of Form creates out of His Own Light Body a beautiful flower or some design which is the lesson of the day. All the little elementals, whose nature is (like your own etheric body) to mirror that which they look upon, immediately take the form of the flower. This is simple, but when the Builder of Form has transferred the form of a flower to the elementals, He relinquishes(gir fra seg) the form and assumes His Own form as the teacher. Then the elemental is required to concentrate upon holding the pattern which is the lesson of the day. Many of them, as soon as the Builder of Form returns into His magnificent robes, immediately turn into little Builders of Form themselves and mirror, instantly, any change in the Teacher.

"They are patiently trained and this goes on age after age, until they are able to retain (beholde) the form which the Builder of Form gives them independently, and they stay an apple blossom or a lovely peach, or whatever it may be, for the duration of the class. When they become such masters, tiny little beings mind, they are ready to go forth and try to become part of Amaryllis' Great Court and bring forth beauty into the world of form. This is how the Silent Watcher's training begins.

"Then they come and create in some beautiful Garden, under a Nature Deva, a rose, pansy, a beautiful lily. They graduate up the ladder of evolution and become, perhaps, Nature Deva, or a garden. Then they are assigned, perhaps, to a Silent Watcher of a Great hospital, drawing healing currents into themselves and projecting them down in the radiation which is the blessing to the people.

"They graduate into greater services and become Devas like the Beloved Columbia and these Beings Who watch over an entire nation. They may become great racial Devas, watching over the beautiful races, evolving, all holding the power of concentration, going up the ladder, holding the Divine Patterns of the Highest, for their nation, their race or country.

"From among all of These, one is chosen to work with the Be-loved Maha Chohan and learn to draw those magnificent currents which govern all nature and They come to a point where They may apply for positions as the Elohim, the Great Builders of Form, of Planets; and from the Elohim, the Silent Watchers are chosen.

"It is a long time since I embodied a flower and yet I remember it well. I remember those early days when it was such a temptation to flit(fly) from thought form to thought form, and I said:

'Perhaps I may help!' And that is why I am here, for We are all servants; servants of the Law and servants of all your Life!" This brief excerpt (utdrag)is one of many given recently by the Hierarchy.




After Helois and Vesta, - Godparents of our Solar System, - had completed the design for the planet Earth and the Silent Watcher had extended Her Causal Body into the Great Spheres of Creation around the Sun, the Seven Elohim were called in to transform the Idea of Earth into matter. Their first step was to project the Mighty Light-Rays from their combined consciousness which formed the matrix of the new planet. Following is a brief account by Amaryllis, the Spirit of Springtime, who speaks of Her Service at the Creation of Beloved Earth:

"Often people have referred to Me, the Spirit of Spring, as dancing over the flowers and the grass with a wreath of flowers in My hair, touching here and there a bush, a flower, a shrub, a tree and sort of flitting about in an ineffectual but perhaps graceful manner.

"Beloved ones, as the Spirit of Springtime, let Me remind you that for nine hundred years before the first Great Root Manu brought the "Holy innocents" to the Earth, I experimented with the development of the most beautiful possible foliage, flower, bird-life, grass, sea, air - until when the Earth was ready to be inhabited - She had a magnificent garment and was so like unto Heaven's kingdom that the first individuals who came forth from the Heart of God hardly knew the difference between the Heavenly Realms and the Earth. That was many millions of years ago, so there is a little bit of constancy and positive energy in that Service which I rendered(gav).

"I thank you for your thoughts of the Springtime. I shall create again with the help of the elementals and our Lord Maha Chohan - such a magnificent perfection on this Earth for Our Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain as the crowning gift to His Golden Age before I take My departure to another Star."




After the Seven Elohim had taken the mental design of the planet Earth through the Seven Spheres of Creation and the cycles of Nature were ready to be repeated, They summoned (tilkalte) the Four Great Directors of the Elements of Nature and their respective Elementals.

The Directors are: The Cosmic Being Astrea for the Fire Element. She is the Divine Compliment of Claire, Elohirn of the Fourth Ray. The Elementals under Her direction are known as Salamanders. Mighty Neptune is the Director for the Water Element. His Divine Compliment is Lunara. The Elementals under them are known as Undines. Next comes the Cosmic Being Aries and Her Divine Compliment Thor, for the Air. The Elementals under their charge are known as Sylphs. Finally there is Beloved Virgo, Spirit of the Earth, affectionately known as "Mother Earth." Her Divine Compliment is Pelleur and the Elementals under them are the Gnomes.

Because Fire is a fourth-dimensional Element and is conscious, qualified and obedient (lydig) intelligent life, and is eager, willing and capable of rendering (gi) the service for which it is called forth, it is known in the Celestial Realms, by the Cosmic Beings and the Hierarchy, as the Sacred Fire. In the third dimension, it renders the Services - Precipitation (utfelling)and Etherealization.

Precipitation is the process of intentional Creation of what is desired in the form world, and Etherealization dissolves matter after it has completed its season of cycles and returns it to the morphogenic field of the Sun. Once the Sacred Fire has been recognized by an individual and accepted into his feeling world, he can then call on this powerful fourth-dimensional energy and intentionally Create anything he desires.

He can also transmute all of his undesirable Creations, for which he has not yet taken the responsibility, by calling on the Violet Flame. This cleansing energy, is used as a consuming agent. In the Higher Realms, it is called the "River of Fire," and is used extensively - i stor utstrekning- in the twelve-step cleansing program of Man-kind's etheric body between incarnations. Through the Law of Grace, brought to the planet by Esu Immanuel, the Christ for the Picean Age, the Violet Flame has recently been made available to the Personalities who will be going into the Photon Belt.

Water is the Element of third-dimensional energy'. It forms a cushion (demper) for the landed surface of the planet as well as making up the greater part of Mankind's physical and emotional bodies. Because the Water Element is a vehicle for Light, its purpose is a purifying, healing and refreshing service to Creation.

When the individual was still in his Light Body, he moved effortless upon the surface of the Water. Now, because of the tremendous weight of disqualified energy around the electrons in his four lower bodies - particularly in his emotional world, his physical body sinks beneath its surface. "Weight" is the measure of unbalanced polarity held in consciousness by the belief system.

This unbalancing of the life force energy of Desire by Man-kind, who are guests upon the planet, is also the reason why so much landed surface has been submerged in the rhythmic, purifying service of Water during the turbulent history of the Earth.

It is also the reason why so many people today have deeply ingrained (inngrodd) in their Etheric and emotional bodies, such a strong fear of not only Water, but of Fire, Air and Earth as well. This buildup of fear of the Elements, as well as the Animal Kingdom, is the result of many violent "deaths," both caused and experienced, by Mankind during numerous lifetimes. A simple understanding of the purpose and the function of the four basic Elements, Fire, Water, Air and Earth, along with sincere(oppriktig) calls to the Violet Flame, will permanently transmute all fear, regardless of its nature or what caused it.

Then, the individual should consume an ample daily intake of live Water to maintain a higher frequency in the four lower vehicles of expression. It is the Light particles in the water that raises the vibrations because Light eliminates damaging shadows.

It is the Light in the Water that purifies the etheric, mental, emotional and physical bodies and rejuvenates (forynger)the immune system. In cleansing the body, Water carries the Light throughout the physical structure and equalizes (utligner) the polarity by eliminating the shadows and balancing the "weight."

The Elementals of the Air Element, known as Sylphs, are often referred to as "Spirits of the Air." They are advanced electrons that have been trained and developed to cleanse and purify the Air through the use of the Fire Element in cooperation with the Salamanders. The Air Element was brought into existence as a result of dividing the two Created Elements of Fire and Water into pairs of opposite conditions-heat and cold and dry and wet.

These conditions are determined by the atmospheric pressures. In addition to the cleansing factor, the Air Element was to provide nutrition and food for the development and sustenance of the four lower bodies of Mankind and for the maintenance of the life force energy in all of Nature. The conditions of the Air Element were brought into evolution after the so-called "Fall of Man" to compensate for the weight of the unbalanced energy emitted into the atmosphere.

About eighty percent of the actual nutrition(ernæring) for the physical body is still extracted from the Air Element. It is the added "weight" of the unbalanced physical body, sustained by uncharged electrons, that requires food as nutrition. As the body's energy floating point is raised, the less food is required to sustain the added weight beyond the original Light Body.

The salt in the Water Element, when drawn up into the sub-stance of Air, anchors it into the lower atmosphere of Earth and provides a "ballast," so to speak. By the use of radiation sent forth from the trees and various plant life, the impurities(urenheter), exchanged by Mankind and the animal kingdom are transmuted.

Another act of Nature in cleansing the atmosphere is the purifying energies of the North Wind, which carries snow to blanket and nourish certain portions of the Earth's surface preparatory to a new harvest. Snow is the beautiful gift of Claire, Elohim of Purity, to Astrea, His Divine Compliment and Director of the Fire Element.

The Earth Element is a substance whose vibration is of such a rate as to make it solid enough to form a platform for the feet of the people of Earth, where they could walk in safety and in happiness. The substance of Earth consists of various conditions of Water, the basic Element of third-dimensional energy.

The Earth is Created into Motion through the process of thinking, which divides the design of the planet into four pairs of opposite conditions. This action takes place in a light wave. Growth rings of matter are formed when the mental design is expanded out from the point of Mind and then compressed back to the fulcrum point on the polarity shaft.

The mental picture is put into Motion by dividing the four basic functions of Creation into four pairs of equally sexed opposite conditions. This establishes the eight point octave of action and reaction which develops the growth rings within the light wave.

The four basic functions of Creation and their opposites are:

1. First is Desire, the Universal Energy of Desire to Be. Its opposite conditions are plus and minus which form the equilibrium point on the polarity shaft.

2. Second is Idea, the mental picture of that which is to be Created. The opposite conditions are mental image and physical form, which transform the mental image from Stillness in the morphogenic field into form in the Motion of Being in the electromagnetic leptonosphere.

Third is Light, the substance of Creation. Its opposite conditions are positive and negative, which provide the electrical potential for plus and minus in equilibrium and form in the Motion of Being.

Fourth is Love, the principle of Creation. The opposite conditions are give and re-give. They enable the other three functions to carry out their purpose through Rhythmic Balanced Inter-change within the octaves of the physical form world.

The Center of the Earth is under the direction of an Intelligent Being, known as the Earth Elemental. The Heart of the planet Earth is the Sun of Even Pressure. Its Light is sent out through the formations to the surface where it brings forth all plant life - all crops, flowers and trees which make it possible for the physical body of Mankind to survive.

The Sun of Even Pressure in the Center of the Earth is the grounding force for the electromagnetic field on a form world. It is also the anchor for the mind-gravity circuits of the Solar System, the Planetary System and the Universal System of Leptonic Cornmunications. It is also the life force of the soil formations.

The Elementals of the Earth Element are Gnomes, Devas and Nature Spirits. They are the Builders of Form in Nature, both below and above the surface of the Earth. When the greed of Mankind became so destructive to the planet that supported their very existence, these Elementals of the Earth brought about catastrophes that would destroy the people whom they had come in such love to serve.

Actually, when the universe to which our Solar System belongs, was Created, there were only two Elements Created. They were Fire as the element of the fourth-dimensional energy, known as the Light World; and Water as the element of the third-dimensional energy, called Form World. These are the only two elements there are. All others are conditions and combinations of these two -depending on the pressures of expansion and compression within the light wave.

Later in Solar Evolution, when man's conditions started deteriorating(forverres), the frequency of the Fire Element was lowered and then loaned (utlånt) to the Earth for the benefit of the struggling inhabitants. This is why a flame always rises when fire burns - it seeks to complete the voidance phase of the Creative cycle in its own higher energy of the fourth dimension.

This is also the reason for explosive body heat that has been puzzling scientists recently. There is an RNA sheath around each cell that seals in the fourth-dimensional energy embedded in the cells. When this sheath is weakened by excess electron weight (unbalanced polarity), the contact of the higher energy with the negativity of the lower vibrations causes an explosive action which raising the body temperature above the cremation level. The fourth-dimensional energy is seeking the higher realm in order to complete its voidance phase.

Because Water is the conveyor (overbringer)of Light on the physical plane, it always seeks its own level. The measure of weight should begin at zero - balance and calibrate above and below that point of "rest." For example: If an object is balanced in polarity and equilibrium and it is forced below the surface of Water, it will always seek its point of balance at the surface. If the object is unbalanced, it will either rise into the Air Element or sink in the Water Element. As its desire to balance is fulfilled, it will fall to the rest point or rise to the surface at zero weight.

Science recognizes this "point of balance" in measuring temperature as being above or below zero balance. Everything that is Created always seeks its own "point of balance." It was reported by several astronauts while on a mission that took them a certain distance out into space, where they actually saw snow turn into fire, and upon returning, experienced fire changing into snow. No explanation was given and the report was ordered to be deleted.




Within the unfolding of the Elemental Evolution, one of the most important services rendered (gitt) to Mankind is that of assigning an advanced Elemental to each I AM Presence who enters the form world. These highly trusted Beings are called Body Elementals and their solemn (høytidlig) commitment is a blind obedience to the will of the Personality during the entire lifestream of that Soul.

In addition to building the physical body and maintaining its involuntary (ufrivillig) dimentions, the Body Elemental directs and oversees the activities, responsibilities and particular functions of millions upon millions of lesser Elementals required to maintain the Personality’s physical Temple of the Living Soul. (jf. Martinus' talentkjerner. R.Ø.anm.)

Between embodiments, the individual and the Body Elemental are separated. Each needs to go through a cleansing, resting and rejuvenation period. The individual takes the etheric bodv through a twelve-step cleansing program in the Astral Realm. It is the etheric body that needs the repair--not the physical body. The Body Elemental returns to its "Home Sphere" for rest, purification and needed infusions of strength and encouragement.

The Karmic Board, in assigning the Body Elemental to its sacred trust, always selects an Elemental that is advancing on the same Ray of Creation as that of the Personality to which it is as-signed. The physical separation of the Body Elemental and the individual is possible because, at the so-called "death" of the physical body, the individual goes into the voidance phase of his cycle of Creation, which is under the jurisdiction of Cosmic Law, and the functions of the Body Elemental are no longer needed until the individual's next season of cycles is ready to be manifested on the form world.

The individual has free will only during the expression phase of the cycle. In the voidance phase, due to the higher frequency of the Soul action, which carries out this function, the presence of the Body Elemental and the etheric body are not required.

After the etheric body has been cleansed and depolarized, the next potential parents selected, and the individual has been granted the privilege of re-embodiment, the Body Elemental is summoned (tilkalt) to unite with the Soul Seed; and, from the mental patterns in the Personality's on-going seedbed, start building the physical body for the next phase of expression in the entity's long, self-chosen journey of experiencing on a form world. In building the new body, the Body Elemental draws the substance from the mother's body and the patterns of design from the seedbed of the in-coming Personality.

Nothing is passed on to the new body from the parents. The only mental picture the Body Elemental has available that contains the electronic keynote, to which it is bound and from which the growth rings in the light waves of the new body can be radiated, is that of the incoming individual's Soul Seed.

Physical characteristics traits (kar.trekk) or deficiencies (mangler) of the parents cannot be transformed into thoughts patterns to form the growth rings for the new body. Nor can the thought patterns of the parents be picked up by the Body Elemental because they contain a different keynote than that of the embodying individual's Soul Seed.

This is how and why every condition of the individual's physical body and every thought, deed and action in each of his embodiments has to be the results of his own thinking - the out-picturing of his own seedbed. No other electronic keynote can be used by the Body Elemental to build the growth rings in the light waves that form the physical body, or which bring into conjunction, time, place and condition all of the events and situations in the individual's daily life.

This is what the Master meant when He said, "As ye sow, so shall ye reap." But, in all of the tampering, misrepresentations and falsifying of the records, the most important aspect was deleted. He also taught that we can not reap where we have not sown. If we do not have hate, resentment, anger, greed, etc. em-bedded in our seedbed, then there is no way the Body Elemental can manifest them into our life or build them into our physical structure.

Things do not just happen by change or by accident. The Body Elemental, in order to bring anything into existence, must have a thought pattern that contains the electronic keynote of the lifestream to which it is assigned "Order of the first Law of Heaven."

The Body Elemental can only manifest or build what is recorded in the seedbed of the Personality to which it is pledged. If we do not like what is happening in our life, then we must change the seedbed - not just treat the symptoms. The Cause must be changed - not the Effect.

When an individual embodies on the Earth and his Body Elemental unites with the Soul Seed, every minute detail of the building of the new body, the birth of the baby and the early years of childhood are an exact simulation of the thought patterns recorded in his own seedbed.

This is the action of the Law of Creation - transforming Idea from the Stillness of ideation into the Motion of Being. This is the Great Secret of Life, the illusive Mystery of Creation. The reason it has escaped Man's_knowledge is because he is living, studying, learning, and memorizing with sensory data established by outside, controlled programming. Knowledge is awareness of Idea. The senses cannot KNOW. KNOWING comes onlv trough self-knowledge.

How do we KNOW when we are using self-knowledge? We feel it. We feel the conscious awareness of an Idea in Motion. We KNOW it is in Motion because we have just mentally imaged the consept. We mentally washed the picture of an Idea open up, expand, develop and become tiny rings of Motion spiraling in the force filed of our conciousness, radiating out thoughts the Causal body, permeating the aura, where it starts to signal its purpose, desire and electronic keynote carrying the intension of its Creator out to every other impulse in the universe.

Feeling the physical sensations (sansning) of an Idea in Motion, is the magical ingredient in using self-knowledge. Feeling is the result of imagination putting mental pictures into Motion. The contents of the pictures can be anything: Perfect health, unlimited abundance or the concept of Nature weaving its threads of action and reaction through the phases, cycles and seasons of time as the Cosmic Clock reveals (avslører) to the wayward (egenrådige) "children of the lie," its hidden secrets of the True Story of The Creation, or the calling home of the Celestial Souls of Time, who have journeyed too far and too long into the shadows of a fallen form world. Feeling is the sensation of Idea in Motion, caused by thinking.

The basic understanding of Creation lies within the action of the Holy Trinity - the ONE Idea in Stillness divided into TWO opposite conditions in Motion. The dividing action of Creation is the sex principle of opposites. It is accomplished (fullført) by the Mind. It picks up the Idea from Universal Mind and simulates it into a mental pictures through the process of thinking.

The Body Elemental, through the process of concentration, holds the mental picture in consciousness while it is being expanded and compressed into form in the light wave. The Soul records the action and voids it by balancing the two opposite conditions, which converts Motion back into Stillness. This is the True meaning of the Holy Trinity - the dividing of the ONE Whole into two opposite conditions - not names, personalities or symbols.

This is also why Mankind has free will only in the expression phase of the Creative cycle. The voidance phase of the cycle is under the jurisdiction of the Law. The reason is because this action requires responsibility that is above the conscious range of the ego and the senses.

All of the influence, impressions, significance and purpose of every thought issued by Mankind is recorded in the Akashic Substance bounding the light wave. This record, which contains the co-Creator's electronic keynote, is also filed and integrated into the seedbed for the next cycle of Creation.

Understanding the Body Elemental's function of concentration in Creation is just as important in self-knowledge as that of KNOWING the thinking process of the Mind and the recording and balancing action of the Soul. If the mental picture of the Idea to be put into Motion were not held in consciousness as the Mind releases it into expansion and compression, it would immediately go into the voidance phase and be transmuted back into Stillness. Consciousness retains (beholder) the electrical potential through this process.

It would not reflect into growth rings in the light wave if it were not continually held in consciousness during this action. The mental picture being held in the consciousness of the Body Elemental is the simulation of the on-going pattern of that which is being Created into Motion by the energy of Desire to express. Every action in Motion influences and is influenced by every other action in Motion. This is accomplished (fullført) through the Universal Communication System. Within the action of forming the growth rings in the light wave, the mental picture cannot be radiated beyond the cube-shaped mirrors that bound the light wave.

These mirrors are the inert (in-aktive) gases that are the basis of the nine octaves of elements, but they cannot be influenced by those elements. The inert gases form the Akashic Substance that holds the consciousness of Ideation, the Stillness of KNOWING. This substance does not penetrate the vacuum chamber of the light wave, nor does the expansion and compression action of growing penetrate the mirrors of the light wave. It is reflected back to the fulcrum point.

This not only protects the growth action in the light wave, but it also prevents that action from interfering with the growth process in other light waves. It is the point of Mind on the polarity shaft in the light wave that communicates its identity and purpose to every other point of Mind in the universe.

This is the true meaning of the Greek word paranoia before it was distorted and became a part of the "big lie." Its original meaning was that all things in the universe are connected. This is the Universal Communication System - the universal heartbeat, the universal growth impulse. The intricacy of light wave action is an excellent example of the statement "Order is the First Law of Heaven."

Light wave action is also the origin of Time in the third dimension. Time is one of the nine attributes of Motion. It is the recorder of wave frequencies and their countless variations which take place only in the octaves of matter. Time is not eternal. It is the interval between sequences of events, such as growth rings in the light wave, the heartbeat of an animal, the orbit of a planet.

The eternal zero Motion, the point of Light, the Seat of Creation, which form the fulcrum point on the polarity shaft of every light wave in the universe - this micro interval of non-energy, where the Mind of God and the Mind of Man sit side by side in the Stillness of KNOWING, is timeless.

There is nothing to count, nothing by which to "measure," all is in balance. When Motion begins, Time begins, when Motions ends, Time ends. The mental picture of this intricate wave-action of communication, time, expression, voidance and recording is held in consciousness, through devoted concentration, by the designated Body Elemental and the Eternal Soul of the Celestial Clock. The light wave, in its intricate magic, is the prophetic face of the Cosmic Clock of Creation. Its smile, its frown, its every expression, moves the great "hands of time."

r.ø - lest 9-3-98





There never was a "Fall of Man" as is being taught today by most religions. This is Man's term used to add to the confusion, guilt and social control of the masses. Adam and Eve had nothing whatsoever to do with the so-called "Fall of Man." The records reveal that several million years ago, Mankind merely altered the nature of his thinking, which took his conscious awareness into the lower vibrations of the form world. It was not a "fall" from anything. It was an extension of his ability to co-Create with God and experience in a lower vibratory frequency.

He was certainly capable of handling these lower vibrations even though he had deviated (avveket) from the original plan. Certain changes were necessary to compensate for the new conditions he would experience. These alterations came in the conscious awareness of the difference between the function of the Mind and that of the senses.

The Holy Christ Self designated a small portion of the conscious awareness of the Mind to process (bearbeide) these lower thoughts in order to prevent the Personality from completely destroying the very' purpose of his being in Motion - to experience on the form world. It was the conscious awareness of the Mind that was changed. There is but one Mind and one consciousness. There is no "altered state of consciousness"-it is only the awareness of consciousness that is altered.

The function of the Mind is to process mental pictures. This action is called thinking. Thinking with the Mind involves the I AM Presence, the Three-fold Flame, the Christ Self, the Causal Body and the Permanent Atom, all of which function in perfection in fourth-dimensional energy and cannot be exposed to the lower vibrations of third-dimensional data, which was being accumulated by the senses.

A psychic, molecular entity was Created to process this sensory data and to function within the jurisdiction of what is erroneously referred to as the conscious Mind. It is called the ego. This is the origin of the ego on the planet Earth. It does not have intelligence and is conscious only to the extent of its function. Its function is to process sensory data which is information that is

recorded by the senses as they "feel" the vibrations of Nature responses.

The ego processes this information by assessing and evaluating it according to the individual's master moral code and his master form code, which he agrees to live by in each particular embodiment. The sensory data is then qualified by the Soul's ongoing seedbed and filed in the memory cells of the brain for instant recall.

The on-going seedbed is the Soul's record of the action and reaction within each of the individual's Creative cycles, which binds him to the responsibility for his own Creations. This is the reason for, "As ye sow, so shall ye reap." Eventually, the Personality became caught up in the pleasure, greed and self-aggrandizement to the extent that these new conditions overpowered his willingness to take the responsibility for Creating them.

His attention had been withdrawn from the magnificent Inner Presence of the Three-fold Flame of Life that had been directing his thoughts and activities. It was now focused on manifesting physical pleasures, material gain and self-possession.

As the Personality's attention, his tool of Creation, was shifted away from the I AM Presence, the Holy Christ Self, who had originally passed the life and protective radiation enfolding the physical form down through the Silver Cord, now in mercy, decreased the volume of energy pouring through the "life line" in order to minimize his destructive Creations.

However, he was still permitted to carry out the purpose of Mankind - to experience in form and to broaden the boundaries of the Father's Kingdom.




Because God, the Presence of Creation, desired to put His Ideas into Motion in a new universe, He extended Universal Mind, the conscious awareness of mental imagery in the morphogenic field of Ideation, into an image of Himself in Motion.

This extension of Himself would contain all of the attributes of the Whole, yet would be capable of being divided into two equal opposite conditions that could express in action, void that action and then return as ONE to the Whole in Stillness. This formed the Holy Trinity of the universe, which Man sees as a so-called duality - Stillness and Motion.

The new life-form was called Man - Mankind - the Kingdom of humanity. It is the origin of Man in the universe. Human means Man in Motion (betyr eg.dyremenneske, hu=dyr/tiger). The Spirit of the life-form is undivided Light - the Personality of Creation - the I AM Presence in the image of God. The life-form itself is the Idea of Man divided into two equally sexed opposite conditions, Male and Female. As was mentioned earlier, in order to Create out of Stillness, the Idea of that which is to be Created must be divided into two equal, but unbalanced opposite conditions. Sex is the division principle.

This division of Idea is the origin of sex. It is two opposite conditions of an Idea, equally divided in electrical potential. Everything that is Created is divided into equally sexed opposite conditions. The opposites are expression and voidance (tomrom) - action and reaction. Expression is the masculine energy and voidance is the feminine energy. Sex is never balanced. When it becomes balanced, there is no sex.

This is how an Idea is put into Motion. Each sexed condition desires to fullfill its purpose and reach its point of balance. Desire is the universal energy' to express and to balance. Every Motion is seeking to balance. Desire is the driving force in Motion. There is no energy in the universe that draws matter to itself. The academic definition of gravity is false, because it is based on appearances(tilsynekomst) gathered by the senses. Gravity is undivided Light, the Stillness of KNOWING, the leptonosphere of inert gases. It also sits within the fulcrum point on the polarity shaft of every light wave. It is the null point of Stillness and rest to which an opposite condition is driven by the desire to balance--not to draw as false appearances would indicate. The energy' of Motion is in the object seeking balance-not in the point of rest which appears to be drawing the object.

This is the beginning of Man's long, self-chosen journey to expand Creation in the universe. It also shows how Man was individualized into being; how his physical form is the Idea of Mankind divided into two equally sexed opposite conditions that desire to express, void and balance.

And how Man's Spiritual form, the I AM Presence is the part of himself that is in the image of God. The physical focal point of the Spirit of Man is in the Permanent Atom in the fifth chamber of the heart. This Spiritual inner-self of Mankind includes the I AM Presence, the Three-fold Flame, the Causal Body, the Christ Self Body and the Soul Body.



THE COMING OF THE LAGGARDS ("ankomsten av dumperne" - fra andre systemer)

When the planet Earth was ready for habitation, the ten billion Personalities assigned to evolvement on the new planet were divided into seven Root Races and their Sub-races. A Sub-race contains a small number of individuals from all seven Root Races. The widest color band in the Personality's Causal Body designates the Root Race to which he belongs. As each Root Race is embodied on the planet Created for their evolution, the Sub-race is also incarnated to provide a more complete representation of Cosmic Education on the form world.

It was about seven million years ago, in Earth time, when Lord Michael, the Archangel from the Central Sun, the Manu and the first Root Race touched down on the Beloved Earth in the area that is now called the Grand Tetons. Lord Michael was the Great Protector of the Personalities and the Manu was the Divine Director of the first phase of Creation on the new form world.

This first experience of Man on Earth, went well. Each individual completed the Seven-Ray dispensation and ascended into their Home Sphere. The ascension into the Higher Realms indicated the completion of the first episode in the Rhythm of Solar Evolution on the new planet.

The next three dispensations followed this perfect pattern until about half-way through the fourth race when the Rhythm1 of the Evolution was interrupted. Man began to change the nature. The situation that brought about this alteration in his manner of Creating, was the coming of the "Laggards" to the planet Earth.

They were called "Laggards" because they had lagged(sakke akterut) behind in their individual advancement. They were Souls from other planets in the Galaxy who had failed to complete their Cosmic requirements. Their race had ascended and advanced into the next higher position.

This is exactly where the Earth is today on the Cosmic Clock. Our planet is being advanced into a higher orbit in the Galaxy. Those embodied on the planet at this time who are not willing to change the nature of their thinking, take the responsibility for Creating the negativity in their seedbed and start their own ascension program, will have to go through "death" and re-embody on another planet that has been prepared to take into its evolution, the "Laggards" from the planet Earth. Those individuals who are willing to make the necessary changes to upgrade their on-going seedbed and thereby raise the vibrations of their four lower bodies, will not have to go through "death." They will enter into the fourth-dimensional energy with the Earth as it moves into the Photon Belt.

The Photon Belt is a Light Segment of higher energy that lasts for 2,000 years of Earth time. It is discussed in a later chapter of the book. The transfiguration of the physical body and the ascension of the Soul into Solar Reality is also examined in detail in a later chapter.

The influence of the "Laggards," because they had already experienced in negative, selfish and destructive thinking, was very costly to Human life on the new planet. The original plan' worked Out and agreed upon by all who were to be involved, called for the perfect Personalities of the fourth Root Race to reform the "Laggards" and, thereby provide the opportunity for those who were willing to complete their Cosmic requirements, to ascend with the fourth Race at the close of the dispensation.

Before the coming of the "Laggards" to the planet, the Personalities of the Earth received directions only from their own I AM Presence in the form of mental pictures of Divine Ideas to be Created into form. This is all they knew(=instinktvesener). They had no other on-going consciousness from which to draw. All of the Cosmic Education they had gathered when they progressed through the Seven Spheres was stored in their Causal Body in the Permanent Atom and was available to the I AM Presence for direct guidance in the form world. This was the reason for the requirement of the Seven Color Bands in the Causal Body before embodying on the planet. It was the only guidance the Personality would have.

As the "Laggards" continued in their negative, selfish and destructive ways, their thought patterns were held in the atmosphere until they could be transmuted back to Universal Supply by those who had Created them. Instead of influencing the "Laggards" to change the nature of their thinking, the Personalities of the fourth Race began absorbing these negative patterns into their own consciousness to the extent that the Holy Christ Self, because the I AM Presence could not be exposed to negativity, was forced to Create a force field of energy that could process(bearbeide) these negative patterns by recording and sustaining them until they could be transmuted.

By absorbing negative thought forms from the atmosphere and energizing them with feelings and accentuating(fremhevende) the action that follows through the flesh, the Personalities built an etheric consciousness that took on the tendencies, habits and nature of these new experiences in the use of life, action and reaction. This consciousness of direction, mental awareness and ability to record action and reaction, developed into the lifestream's Soul. The Soul endures in embodiment and between embodiments. The Soul will continue to live until it is no longer needed for protection from the shadows of the individual's own Creations. It will then be reunited with the Electronic Body from which it was divided.

This is the origin of the Soul in Mankind on the planet Earth. Its purpose is to protect the I AM Presence, process and record the impure Creations until the seasons of Motion could be permanently returned to the Stillness. A thought can only be transmuted by the Creator of the cycle when he takes the responsibility for its action. This is accomplished when he establishes the KNOWING factor as to how and why he is responsible for its existence. KNOWING, through understanding, returns the simulation of the Idea back to the Stillness of Ideation. This is how a thought is transmuted.

It Is the energy of KNOWING, within the Mind, that restores the mental picture of the simulation back into the perfection of the Idea. Then as the energy of Desire to Express is transferred to the voidance phase of the cycle, the reaction is recorded in the individual's seedbed as an experience fullfilled or a lesson learned.

Understanding how the thought was Created and accepting the responsibility for its action, allows the individual's Soul to release the record of the action in the seedbed and return it to the Stillness of Ideation. This automatically prevents the repetition of the Creative cycle because there is no simulation of the Idea held in the on-going consciousness in the seedbed.

When the simulation of an Idea is transmuted from the seedbed by understanding and KNOWING, regardless of how negative, severe or violent the thought patterns may be, the Soul releases it from the seedbed and then files it in the Causal Body as Cosmic Education and the individual never has to repeat that experience again. He cannot fall back into the old thinking patterns. He has a new standard of ethics. The seedbed has been upgraded.

The higher vibrations of understanding and KNOWING, provide an ironclad(jernkledning), guaranteed safety catch by drawing out of the seedbed, all of the thought patterns that are relative to that under-standing and KNOWING. This prevents the "ups and downs," the "peaks and valleys" so many "Light Workers" are experiencing in their lives today.

The physical focal point of the Soul is a force field of energy that surrounds the Permanent Atom. Its consciousness saturates(gjennombløter) every cell, atom and electron in the etheric, mental, emotional and physical bodies. The substance of the energy of the Soul is Light that has been divided into two opposite conditions - positive and negative - which provide the electrical power for recording and maintaining all functions of the Mind.

The intelligence of the Soul is under the direction of the I AM Presence, the Christ Self and the Personality's conscious intentions. The individual, through free will, has direct control over this intelligence, but he has closed the door on it by accepting "0utside programming."

The seedbed ("skjebneelementet")is the force field of energy in which the Soul stores and maintains all negative thoughts that have not been balanced. These destructive Creations accumulate throughout the lifestream and form the blueprints for the individual's thinking patterns for each of his embodiments.

This is what is meant by "As ye sow, so shall ye reap." Due to the fact that the Personality has closed the door to his Mind and Causal Body by using only sensory(-sanse) data for his thinking, he must live each incarnation according to what he has sown in his seed-bed. The Law of Responsibility must be fulfilled. The voidance phase of the Creative cycle is always under the jurisdiction of the Law. Mankind has free will only in the expression phase of the cycle - the voidance of that action is under the direction of the Law through the higher intelligence of the Soul. The reason the individual has to live by what he has sown in his seedbed is because this is the only on-going consciousness he has from which the Etheric Body can form blueprints for his daily thinking.

The steady stream of Divine Ideas from the I AM Presence, the Causal Body, the Christ Self and the Mind that constantly flow through the Etheric Body for Creation, cannot be used by the Personality, at this time because their vibrations are above the conscious range of the ego, the senses and the outer consciousness. It is totally unaware of this ever-present Divine Direction.

Mankind today is completely controlled and predictable(forutsigelig) because he is living according to his seedbed. "As ye sow, so shall ye reap." He is trying to change his living conditions and better his life by thinking and acting out of context(sammenheng) with his belief system. This is what is causing all of his difficulties and problems.

He cannot make lasting changes in the conditions, or better his life permanently, without balancing the thought patterns in his seedbed that are causing the situations he wants to correct. The self-knowledge of how the Soul processes, records and stores the action and reaction of thought patterns, and how to make the necessary changes in order to upgrade the seedbed, is discussed in later chapters of the book.




After closing the door to the Divine guidance of his I AM Presence and severing (avbryte) all communications with the Elementals and Angels, Mankind sank deeper and deeper into the shadows of his own Creations, until finally he completely forgot his Celestial Heritage. He was forced to think and live entirely by the reaction of his seedbed. He had forfeited(pantsatt) the greatest gift in Solar Evolution - free will to co-Create with God.

It wasn't long, in "Cosmic Time," until the life-style of the 'Holy Innocents(ofre)" of the fourth Root Race had deteriorated into greed, violence and destruction to the extent that the Karmic Board, under whose sovereignty the Earth existed, was compelled to consider the possibility of dissolving the planet and interrupting (avbryte)the evolution of its inhabitants.

In a Solar System, the inhabitants of each planet are required to emit sufficient Light through the nature of their thinking to balance the fourth-dimensional energy projected by the God-Parents in order to keep their planet within its designated orbit. This is the Cosmic Law of Universal Balance. Energy projected from one dimension to another must be equaled by qualified exchange.

At the next great Celestial Council, where all of the Mighty Lords of the neighboring Suns and Systems of the Galaxy where in attendance, it was evident that the Souls of Earth were not emitting sufficient Light to warrant holding their planet in its current position within the System, much less being on schedule to advance into a higher orbit with the coming of the Universal In-breath -- the natural voidance phase of the Creative Cycle.

Therefore, a decision had to be made. Should the "Freedom Star," now known as the "Dark Star," be destroyed? Its mineral compounds would be etherealized back to Universal Supply, depolarized and issued again as perfect energy. After all, the planet was only the simulation of thought forms that were being held in consciousness by the planetary Silent Watcher for the purpose of serving as a temporary schoolroom or platform upon which the "Holy Innocents" could experience as individuals and thereby gain knowledge and wisdom on the form world.

The fourth Root Race and its Sub-race would be returned to the Astral Realm and prepared for embodiment on another planet. The three remaining Root Races and their Sub-races would be returned to their Holy Christ Self. The rest of the planets and Solar Systems had to move on. Earth was the only planet in the Galaxy that had fallen beneath the requirements of Cosmic Law to the extent that it could not progress into the higher orbit.

Because of the time on the Great Cosmic Clock, and the ? that the people of Earth had fallen into the long, dark shadows of hate, anger, violence, lust and greed, the decree that the planet Earth be dissolved was drafted and placed on the agenda for the final vote at the next Cosmic Council. Never before in the Great Halls of Wisdom had these Mighty Lords of the Galaxy been faced with a decision of such comprehensive magnitude.

It was indeed a sorrowful day in the short existence of this once beautiful Star. Many questions were asked and numerous possibilities projected. At the close of this somber conclave, the spark for probably the Greatest Moment in History was ignited. The Beloved Sanat Kumara, Lord of Venus, who was in attendance, felt the powerful urge pounding in his heart to volunteer his personal energy to save this Magnificent Star.

He knew that if some wholly Free Being would come and nourish those tiny sparks, keep them alive and flu' them with all the power of His Divine Love, someday the attention of Mankind would return to its Divinity. Someday, Primal Life, which had been pressed into the distortions that have caused the excess weight upon this planet, would again feed that flame.

when he returned to Venus, Sanat Kumara revealed the possibilities of His decision to His Divine Compliment and to the Sovereign Council, made up of those who were the Governing Body of the State. They were known throughout the Galaxy as the Order of the Lords of Flame. Every one of them, without exception, volunteered to go before Him to prepare the Earth for His coming. With this overwhelming enthusiasm from Venus and the Envoys of Light offered by other Stars, Planets and Systems, the Cosmic Council unanimously granted the petition and Sanat Kumara became the Lord of the World-referred to in scriptures as "The Ancient of Days."

Located in the heart of the planet Venus is Shamballa, the City of the Sun. It anchors the Planetary I AM Presence of the Souls of Venus and is the home of Sanat Kumara. Its name means to make sacred. The nine thousand beings, who were finally chosen to prepare the Earth for the arrival of Sanat Kumara, were instructed to build a City of the Sun in which the long-neglect Planetary I AM Presence could be anchored and nurtured. Within this Envoy of Light, three thousand were to take Human embodiment; three thousand were chosen from the Nature and Devic Kingdom and three thousand were selected from the Angelic Kingdom (Three times three equals nine, always the symbol for completion of the whole in Creation).

Of this group, the three thousand who were to be the Guardian Spirits of the Earth in Human form, one thousand have now completed their Cosmic commitment and have returned to Venus; the remaining two thousand are among those recently chosen by Serapis Bey and given the First Grant for their Holy Christ Self to take command of the Personality's activities for entering the Photon Belt. This Special Grant was just recently instituted by the Ascended Masters as a part of the current Permanent Atom Activities being conducted at Shamballa, which is now located over Long Island, New York.

The purpose of the Special Grant at this time is to allow these advanced Souls to use the direct supply of Divine Ideas coming from the Holy Christ Self through the Permanent Atom Activity to flow into the Etheric Body as blueprints for new thinking. This is only a part of the current Permanent Atom Activity designed to raise the individual's energy floating point and thereby help other individuals, as well as the Beloved Earth, in making the transition into the Golden Age. The tremendous increase in the Permanent Atom Activity is made possible through the Law of Grace and the enormous quantities of forth-dimensional energy now available on the planet.

The greatest event in the history of Mankind was the Coming of Sanat Kurnara with His Lords of Flame from Venus to save the Earth. After several million years of devoted Love and relentless Service, His mission was accomplished. Sufficient Light was finally being emitted through the vail of Maya and the Beloved Sanat Kumara was permitted to end His long, self-imposed exile and return to His home in Venus.

This momentous event of leaving the planet, equally as great as His coming, took place on January 21, 1964. His point of departure from the Earth and the location of the Cosmic Ceremony of the transition of power from Sanat Kumara to Lord Gautama, the new Lord of the World, was the Magnificent Retreat of the Archangel Michael, located over the vicinity of Banff and Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies.

Shamballa was built on the Earth in the area that is now known as the Gobi Desert. It had served as the physical and Etheric Headquarters of the planet for approximately four and one-half million years.

This is how long it took for the Beloved Sanat Kumara and His Loyal Band of Kumaras to nurture and sustain enough lifestreams of Earth, through both Solar and Biological Evolution, to finally emit sufficient Light to warrant saving the planet and the "Faithful Few," who are now being prepared to enter the Great Light Belt. "Many are called, but few are chosen."

Because of the important role America is to play in leading the Earth into the Golden Age, Shamballa, the Etheric City of the Sun, on November 26, 1964, Thanksgiving Day), was moved from the Gobi Desert to Long Island, New York. It is the new Planetary Headquarters for the Permanent Atom Activity, which is now available to take the planet, and those individuals who are ready to make their Ascension, into the Photon Belt.



In the glorious yet turbulent, history of the planet Earth, known in the Galaxy as the "Freedom Star," there have been recorded many celebrated, honored and commemorated (feiret minne om) milestones of chronology that have molded the sands of time into great castles of glory, wisdom and pomp; and then scattered them into bleak, windswept drifts that cast long, lonely shadows of separation, savagery, fear and survival across the timeless face of the Great Cosmic Clock.



Even though the progress of Solar Evolution had been temporarily delayed by allowing the "Laggards" to embody on the Earth, the Hierarchy still continued with the Divine Design of life-modification and development on planet Earth. In the Celestial Realms, the planets, Systems and the multiple levels of "life" are identified by numbers rather than by name. The reason is because numbers, through sequence, provide order. Again, "Order is the first Law of Heaven."

For example: Planet Earth is inhabited world number 606 in the local system of Santania, which is number 100 in the Constellation of Pleiades. Our planet's Galactic name is Shan, which means "In Freedom." The number 606 means that Earth is the six hundred and sixth planet in the system of Santania upon which the Nebadon life patterns have been initiated.

At the present time, Santania is an unfinished system. It contains 855 worlds, of which 619 are inhabited, 36 uninhabited with several nearing the life-endowment stage, and 200 which are in the process of preparation for habitation within the next few million years. Out of this number, every tenth planet is designated as a decimal planet, which allows the Celestial Administrators to under-take certain life experiments in an effort to modify and improve the quality of life throughout the local universe. Shan is one of these design- planets, which accounts for the fact that the planet Earth has experienced both Biological and Solar Evolution. Its decimal number is 61 in the system's planetary registry.

Life does not just spring up spontaneously. It is either transported by Cosmic Beings or transplanted through thought transference onto the designated planet. In Solar Evolution it is transported, and in Biological Evolution it is transplanted. Because Earth is a decimal planet and can be used for life-modification through experimentation, it contains both evolutions.

It was about seven and one-half million years ago when Solar Evolution was transported onto the planet and the first Root Race arrived. One million years later, the "Laggards" were allowed to incarnate on the Earth. Sanat Kumara arrived on Shan approximately two million years after the so-called "Fall of Man." He remained on the planet for about four and one-half million years.

Just under one million years ago, the germ of Human life, through Biological Evolution, was transplanted into the immediate ancestors of Mankind by three successive and sudden mutations coming from early stock of the lemur type of placental mammals. The dominant species of the early lemurs were from the North American group of the evolving life plasm.

Even though the germ (spire)of Human life came through specially prepared animal stock, the mental picture of the Idea, the design and all that that mutation was to be, was still in the germ seed and not in the biological progression of the unwilled creature. The growth rings of every cell, atom and electron radiated out from the mental picture in the fulcrum point of each light wave, which was being held in consciousness and out-pictured by the assigned elemental, contained the electronic keynote of the first Humans transplanted on the Earth through Biological Evolution.




After almost nine hundred generations of development, covering about twenty one thousand years, the Primate rnammals(pattedyr) suddenly gave birth to two remarkable creatures, the first two Human Beings transplanted on the Earth through life-modification experiments. They were superior twins, one male and one female. When the twins were thirteen years old, they gave birth to the first-born of the second generation of actual Human Beings.

This occation, through Biological Evolution, placed the Earth in the planetary registry as inhabited world 606 in the system of Santania. Once again, the decimal planet Shan, through modified life, was ready to provide the wayward Personalities of Earth, another opportunity to experience on a form world. It was formally recognized by the beautiful acceptance message from Lucifer, sovereign of Santania.

At age eleven, the twins, in making the decision to leave their home, go out into unfamiliar surroundings, and to trust their own intuition and courage in order to avoid the dangerous and possibly destructive influence their family and tribesman would have on their offspring, displayed the Human Mind qualities of tenacity and courage so effectively that the Hierarchy of the entire universe were amazed. "And all Heaven was filled with joy." It was this tremendous reaction of the Celestials that prompted such a glowing acceptance message from Lucifer.

In closing the formal planetary recognition, the Chief of the Archangel Corps gave this message: "Mankind has appeared again on 606 of Santania, and these parents of the new race shall be called Andon and Fonta. And all Archangels pray that these creatures may speedily be endowed with the personal indwelling of the gift of the spirit of the Universal Father." Andon is the universal name which signifies the first Father - like Creature to exhibit Human aspirations. Fonta indicates the Son-like Creature to exhibit(utstiller) Human aspirations(streben). Andon and Fonta were not aware of these names until they received the Spirit of Creation, their I AM Presence. Throughout their earthly journey, they called each other Santa-an and Santa-en, which meant "loved by mother" and "loved by father."

These terms were very affectionate and enduring to the twins. This was their first display of Human feelings and emotions that developed their conscious awareness beyond the limited boundaries of automatic action and reaction within the functions of animal instinct.

The reason it took so long and so many generations to develop the seven Human Mind qualities in these extraordinary Primates was because the brain of primordial animals was not capable of storing the tremendous amount of electromagnetic impulses needed to carry out the process of thinking. Thinking requires a much larger storage area than instinct in order to develop mental imaging. Instinct operates on signal impulses.

In developing the mind of animals, the System's Life Designers had to alter the dual-phase intelligence of instinct-survival and preservation of the species-to a multi-phase intelligence capable of mental manipulation. Mental manipulation involves thinking, and thinking is the process of Creation. Creation requires mental imaging. Functioning with signal impulses through instinct does not involve mental imaging of Ideas.

Therefore, the Primates who were to advance into Human form, must be endowed with the Personality of Creation, the Three-fold Flame, the Causal Body, an individual Soul and an indestructible Permanent Atom in which the core of these Spiritual Energies could be incased.

The Causal Body with its seven Color Bands of Creation is required of every initiate aspiring to become a co-Creator with the Father in the form world. The Causal Body, which always contains the Seven Color Bands of Cosmic Education, was infused into the intelligence of the descendants of Andon and Fonta later in the Evolution through the incoming Personalities and the transported Material God Sons, known as Biological Uplifters, such as the Planetary Prince and Adam and Eve; also, by the great Avatars who came to the planet through biological birth, such as Machiventia Melchizedek, Buddha, and the Christ.

The final step in transplanting life through Biological Evolution on planet 606 was to develop a permanent record-keeping force that could record the mental action and void that action as it occurred and maintain an on-going consciousness of thought patterns involved. This continuous force field would then be used as a seedbed from which the next growth ring could be developed.

For, after all, if these Primates were to become Human Beings and take on the process of thinking, they would then be co-Creators with God and personal caretakers of Universal Mind. This was a grave responsibility for these budding Primates and an enormous endeaver for the Life Designers.

In the Animal Kingdom, the consciousness of instinct is controlled by a group soul because the animal is not a will creature. However, a Human Being is a will creature, therefore, his consciousness is controlled by an individual Soul and an "outer" consciousness. It took only a few hundred generations for the Primates to develop an individual Soul and an "outer" consciousness, but it was extremely difficult for these new 'thinkers" to let go of their old "instinct" traits of violence, plundering, gang wars and all manner of animalistic behavior based on signals from the brain for survival and the preservation of the species.




The superior Primates, who had become the immediate ancestors of the Human Race, were the last vital link in the Biological Evolution of Man. Shortly after the Human Mind qualities began to manifest in the behavior patterns of the immediate offspring of Andon and Fonta, another set of twins was born to the same tribe of Primates that had produced the first Human family. But, this couple came from semi-retarded parents and were inferior both mentally and physically. They were totally disinterested in conquest. They had no inclination whatsoever toward fighting, violence or even foraging for food, beyond that which was absolutely necessary for their survival.

Eventually, their inferior offspring migrated south to the warmer climate where tropical fruits and other types of food were more available without conquest. The rest of the tribes remained in the homeland except for a few branches, which drifted off and mated with the earlier types of gibbons and apes and have greatly deteriorated as a result.

As was stated before, these tribes of Primates were the last vital link in the chain of Biological Evolution. The descendants of the inferior(laverstående) twins migrated south and produced today's modern types of monkeys, baboons, chimpanzees and gorillas; while the superior pair journeyed north and continued the line of ascent, which eventually allowed the transference of dependency on the group soul to complete reliance on individuality' through a single Soul.

Since the transplantation of Human life through Biological Evolution had been accomplished, and because the Idea of Human life qualities and an individual Soul were now being infused into the Mind by the incoming Soul Seed, the remaining tribes of these superior mammals(pattedyr) were soon phased out as a species of the group soul. In less than five thousand years, not a single one of these "mid-mammals" was left. As these extraordinary Primates vanished from the scene, they took with them the final segment of life-modification in the Biological Evolution of Man. This mysterious "missing link" still eludes (unnslipper)academic science.

Because both sets of twins were produced by the same tribe of Primates, does not mean that Biological Man is related to the monkey family. The Idea of each development determines the strain. The patterns of the physical growth rings and Mind development are formed by the mental picture in the fulcrum point within the light wave. Matter and mental images are divided Idea and Light - whether they come through instinct, infusion or by transplantation.

The design patterns of life come from the germ(kim) of life, the Idea of life - not from the seedbed. This is what science calls heredity(arvelighet), but the life patterns are not formed in the seedbed, which is merely a storage record of what has been expressed, voided and recorded. All life originates in Idea, is expressed in action, voided in reaction and then filed in the seedbed. The seedbed cannot be changed once the action has been voided and recorded, because the voidance phase of the cycle is always under the jurisdiction of Cosmic Law.

Any alterations in the life patterns must come from divided Idea. And Mankind is the only creature on the form world endowed with the power of free will to image and divide Idea. In order to change the life patterns that have been formed into matter, the cause must be altered, not the symptom.

This is another reason why academic teaching always fails and, eventually proves itself wrong. It deals with the symptoms, which are always under the jurisdiction of the Law. It does not recognize or teach the higher energy of Desire that deals with the cause and not the effect. Universal Desire is the origin of all energy. It is the power of the Three-fold Flame that bestows (gir/skjenker)upon Mankind, the free will to change and direct his own life as he so desires.

Those who control the masses realize that if the people were ever allowed to do their own thinking, then they could not be controlled. This dominance of another's thinking started soon after the "Laggards" came to the planet. The priest-craft established control over the people's thinking through religion, education and government. This blatant pattern of social control has continued throughout the history of planet 606. However, today it is in the final moments of being phased out forever because beloved 606 is moving into a higher orbit where only peace, love and truth will be tolerated.




It was brought out earlier that in order to transplant the germ of Human life into the body of an advanced animal, certain conditions must be established. First, the vibratory frequency of the atomic structure was raised to be compatible with the higher Mind energy of multi-phase intelligence.

This was accomplished through the germ cells by a series of mutations. The Idea of the mutations came through the consciousness of the indwelling Life Designers where it was impressed into a light wave, divided into opposite conditions, and then built into matter and form by the recipient's Body Elemental.

To increase and maintain Mind power, there must be a connection to the source of that power. In Human Beings, this connection is the Silver Cord, a nebulous, fiberoptic tube of energy which contains a portion of a Holy Christ Self in the Higher Realms projected into a Personality of itself in the form world. The Holy Christ Self is a "Spirit Spark," a direct projection of the Personality of Creation and Universal Mind. This is the source of Mind power, the Spirit of Man.

As Andon and Fonta, and their descendants progressed in developing the Seven Mind Qualities-Intuition, understanding, Courage, Knowledge, Counsel, Worship and wisdom - The Holy Christ Selves, who were assigned to evolvement on the planet Earth, were encouraged to expand their experience in the form world through the new Human life form. This provided a source of Mind energy and a "life-line" through which a Permanent Atom could be anchored into the new primitive life form.

The Permanent Atom serves as a protective housing for the I AM Presence, the Three-fold Flame, the Causal Body, the Christ Self and the Soul; and also as an anchor of the individual's electronic keynote. In order to comply with the Cosmic Law of free will and responsibility, the keynote must be anchored in the Permanent Atom to identify the Personality while he is co-Creating on a form world.

This is why animals are not will-creatures; they do not possess an electronic keynote because they do not Create, they function within the consciousness of instinct and are not responsible for their actions. The purpose of an electronic keynote is to identify the co-Creator, record his responsibility in Creation and to maintain the flow of order throughout the universe.




Andon and Fonta were thirteen years old when their first child was born. They named him Sontad. He was the first creature born on the Earth in Biological Evolution who was wrapped in protective covering at the time of birth. The twins were remarkable parents. They went on to have nineteen children, forty nine grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. They were killed in an earthquake when they were forty-two years old. Forty two years of age was considered to be an old age among the Primate tribes, but in the new race it was still a young and productive age.

Longevity increases dramatically with the development of the Seven Mind Qualities. This is the reason why so many people of the ancient civilizations lived so long. They used Mind power to think, rather than sense information to react. It is only when Man forsakes his God-extended Mind and reacts to his senses that his expression phase of life is shortened. In fact, if he increases his Mind power through the understanding of Creation, God, Nature and Himself, then he can raise his consciousness above that of the ego and the senses and maintain conscious awareness right through the voidance phase(annuleringsfasen) of his life cycle without having to go through "death." Within understanding, there is no "death."

He can do this because his Soul does not need a long voidance phase in which to record and process a negative, violent and destructive seedbed. If the Personality is thinking and acting above the conscious range of the ego and the senses, then he is no longer Creating karma to be processed. Therefore, the expression and voidance phases of his Creative cycle function nearer to being balanced. This eliminates the cause of gradual aging and ultimate "death" of the physical structure.

Because there has been physical damage to the body, there is a certain amount of repair, correcting and rebuilding that needs to be done. Under the direction of Mind and instinct, the physical body is the greatest electrical and chemical plant in the universe. It can bring itself into complete perfection because it still contains the blueprints of the original Light Body that it used to be. The process is called transfiguration. There are people today who are doing this very thing. Some may not be aware of it, but it certainly is happening.

One of the ways in which the twins had demonstrated their ability to take on Human Mind Qualities was shown the second night after they had left home to travel north and start their own family. They awakened and started their adventurous journey just after midnight so as not to have a confrontation with their fellow tribesmen. Because of the twin's higher intelligence, superior qualities, and dominant nature, they were not too well liked.

After traveling the rest of the night and late into the next day, Andon discovered a small bed of flint stones. He gathered a few of them and while resting in the shade, proceeded to chip some of the stones into more convenient shapes when he noticed sparks would fly each time contact was made. Up to this time, the twins had shown definite inclinations(tilbøyligheter) toward the Human Qualities, however, most of their decisions and actions were prompted by intuition, the first and strongest of the Mind Qualities.

When the idea that the sparks could start a fire was implanted into their Mind by the Life Designers, Andon and Fonta both picked up on it immediately and began to display understanding and knowledge. Recognizing these two mental attributes, greatly enhanced their ability to communicate to each other what was going through their Mind.

Although fire that had been started by nature had been experienced by the Primate tribes, it had never been intentionally started before or used for any constructive purpose. It was over a month before the idea of starting a fire with the sparks matured into actuality through experimentation. Many attempts with dry leaves and twigs failed, until Fonta suggested trying a dried birds nest.

It worked beautifully and the first fire started by Primitive Man on planet Earth was recorded in the planetary records of Jerusem, the Capital world of Santania. Because of the warm climate and traveling during daylight hours, the twins were not overly concerned with safety and comfort, although they did encounter a few frightening moments. However, with the days getting shorter and the nights cooler, safety and comfort became their primary concern.

It was the NEED of fire for protection and heat that prompted the continuous experiments to start a fire, using different materials. Through instinct, the Primates knew that animals were, by their very nature, afraid of fire. The reason is because fire vibrates at a fourth-dimensional frequency and causes instinct to send out danger signals that their survival is being threatened.

With the protection of fire against night predators, the young couple was able to make a much more comfortable pallet out of leaves and branches and sleep on the ground for the first time in their life. Now they could start planning their new home.

This little episode in the twins journey illustrates how Mindpower works when an Idea is implanted into the consciousness of a Soul. First, there must be a need. The energy of need deter-mines the intensity of the explosion power in the light wave. This is the meaning of the saying, "Necessity is the mother of all inventions." Every Idea transformed from a mental picture into form is placed in a light wave and radiated into growth rings.

The procedure of growth must follow sequence, and sequence Creates time. This is why it always seems to take so long to bring a desire, want or need into fruition. Understanding the Creative process speeds up time because understanding establishes KNOWING, and KNOWING eliminates time; "The energy of KNOWING goeth before us and prepareth the way."





The family of Andon and Fonta developed into a progressive and intelligent clan. As time went by, many tribes branched out into new regions, taking with them all of the Mind Qualities that had been passed down through the Personalities who had been embodying in the direct descendants of the original Primate twins.

The true line of Andonites ran through about 30 generations before the reign of leadership began to disperse. Although many tribes migrated west into Europe and east into Asia and took on names and developed different languages, they were still all descendants of the original Andonic Aborigines.

Biological Evolution was started on the planet Earth a little less than one million years ago, while Solar Evolution made its appearance about seven and one-half million years ago. Both evolvements of Mankind have had their peaks and valleys, their rises and declines. Each evolution has experienced great episodes of glory, wisdom and advanced technology, as well as long, devastating periods of violence, wars and famines. Both evolutions of Human life on Shan have some dangerously close to extinction.

However, both evolutions have survived and all inhabitants on the Earth today, except for a few guardian Souls from nearby planets, are Personalities of the ten billion original "Spirit Sparks" assigned to evolvement on planet 606 of Santania.




On the decimal worlds, when the time is right, special Life Uplifters are dispatched(sendt) to the new planets for the purpose of infusing intelligent Ideas into the consciousness of the advanced Primates. There are many Orders, Ranks and Levels of these highly evolved Beings; some are Descending Sons of God and some are Ascending Material Sons. The first of these planetary intellectuals is the Prince of the World. He is the Administrator and top authority over the advancement of all phases of life on the planet.

On most of the decimal planets, the Prince arrives shortly after the first will-creatures are developed and capable of accepting and processing Ideas, but on Shan the Prince and his assistants didn't make their appearance until about 500,000 years after Andon and Fonta had become the first confirmed will-creatures of Biological Evolution on the planet. There were nearly one-half billion primitive Human Beings on the Earth at the time of the Prince's arrival. The population was distributed over Europe, Asia and Africa.

The planetary headquarters of the Prince was in Mesopotamia, located near the center of the known world at that time. Although it took thousands of years to become well known throughout the scattered population, Dalamatia, "The City of the Prince," became the educational Mecca for all people. The most advanced Beings from tribes all over the known world were sent to the great schools of learning and then they would return to teach in their own area.

All phases of Human life were included in the curriculum, but the overriding theme at the Dalamatia Schools was to teach, train and persuade the Primates to convert from hunting to farming, from killing to growing, from consuming flesh as food to eating nuts, fruits and vegetables. This was the greatest single goal of all of the Uplifters that came to the planet Earth.

Eating flesh as food was the most difficult of the animalistic traits that the Primates had to over come in order to anchor the Mind Qualities in their newly formed psyche. It was the strong instinct to survive that drove them to hunt and kill.

The elimination of eating the flesh of dead animals as a food for their physical body, greatly increased the Mind power of these early Humans by raising the vibratory frequency of their entire Being. It also improved their health, enhanced longevity and changed the nature of their existence from barbaric hordes of plundering nomads to peaceful, cultural and family oriented community dwellers. This was the beginning of the agriculture industry, trading and all manner of social and cultural advancements throughout the known world.




Concurrent to the arrival of the Prince of the World on the planet, about 500,000 years ago, a remarkable couple belonging to the most intelligent tribe of the descendants of Andon and Fonta, who had migrated to the northwestern highlands of India, began suddenly to produce a family of exceptionally intelligent children.

They were the Sangik family, the ancestors of all of the six colored races on the Earth. The nineteen children born to this extraordinary family contained the original Andonic skin pigment, melanin, the reddish brown color base of all Human skin. As the Sangik children were exposed to sunlight for a period of time, their skin would take on various colors. There turned out to be six different colored races born to this remarkable family.

Out of nineteen children, five were red, two orange, four yellow, two green, four blue and two indigo. On decimal planets, the six colored races usually appear much earlier in the evolution and always arrive with each color being born to a different family. Of all of the sixty one experimental planets in Santania, this was the first time that all six of the colored races made their appearance through one family.

As the Sangik children matured and started their own families, the color line in the offspring always followed that of the Sangik parent. The color Idea was implanted into the Soul Seed of the in-coming Personalities who were to perpetuate particular races.

The expansion and migration of the colored races throughout the known world were delayed for thousands of years because of the glacial conditions in Europe and Asia. However, this situation made it more practical for the surrounding tribes to attend the Dalamatia Schools.

Because of their intelligence and great desire to learn, all of the colored tribes were well represented in all branches of the new higher education available at the "City of the Prince."


The Red Race: The most intelligent of the Sangik descendants was the red race. They migrated to northeastern Asia and, after being driven out by the yellow tribes, who had followed them into that area, moved west by crossing the Bering land isthmus into North America, where they remain to this day.

Shortly after the arrival in North America of the eleven remaining tribes of the true red descendants of the Sangik family, a portion of the land they had crossed sank into the Sea and no member of these original tribes ever returned to Asia or had contact with the outside world.

This was about eighty five thousand years ago. Onamonalonton, their first spiritual leader, made his appearance twenty thousand years later. His wisdom and teaching raised the spiritual consciousness of the red race higher than any of the other races on the planet at that time.

He lived to be ninety six years of age and made his headquarters among the great redwoods of California. The Blackfoot Indians of today are among his direct descendants. Eventually, inter-tribal dissension gready deteriorated the long-standing intelligence, culture and spirituality of these exalted people.

The Orange Man: Although the orange tribes sent delegates to the Prince's schools and possessed strong characteristics in building, they never progressed intellectually beyond their original status and were eventually wiped out by their surviving cousins of the green race. They migrated south to Africa and settled at Armageddon in the lower Nile valley in Egypt.

Although they lost much cultural and spiritual ground, there was a period of higher living under the wise leadership of Porshunta, the devoted teacher of this unfortunate race. Their last valiant struggle to hold onto their identity as a race failed. The great battle of Armageddon that brought about their final extinction, lasted nearly one hundred years.

The Yellow Race: Benefiting the most from the great Dalamatia Schools, the primitive yellow tribes, second to the red man in intelligence, progressed far above all of the Sangik tribes in fostering racial civilization. Because they were the first to abandon the practice of eating meat as a food and existing very well on nuts, fruits and vegetables, a way of life they had learned at the Prince's schools, they were able to live together in peace and harmony. This greatly enhanced their intellect and spirituality.

As they migrated east into Asia, because of their vast number, they were able to drive the lesser tribes of the red man to the north and take over the lush region of north eastern Asia. Under the spiritual leadership of Singlangton, about one hundred thousand years ago, these advanced tribes proclaimed the worship of "One God," the God of Truth.

In addition to the tremendous influence of the Dalamatia Schools, the yellow race also received a potent legacy from the later influx of Adamic and Semite stock. From the days of Sanglangton to the times of modern China, by developing a strong fraternal spirit, the yellow race has been known as one of the more peaceful nations on the planet.

The Green Man: Under the able leadership of Fantad, some three hundred and fifty thousand years ago, the green race experienced a great cultural revival. However, later they became greatly weakened because they migrated in three different directions. Some went north and were ultimately absorbed by the yellow and blue races. Others migrated east and blended with the Indian people of that region. The green tribes that traveled south were subsequently absorbed by the indigo race.

The Blue Man: Of all the six colored races, the blue man was the most influential in advancing civilization on the planet. These tribes gained much from the great schools of the Prince before they migrated into Europe. They possessed the intelligence and Mind Power of the red marl, the spirituality of the yellow race and were greatly upgraded by the influx of the Semites and the Violet Race, which was the true Adamic stock.

Their great spiritual leader was Orlandof, who appeared among the blue tribes about 200,00 years ago. He led the blue race to great heights in culture, intelligence and spirituality by teaching the One True God, which be called the "Supreme Chief." Whenever the blue man was absorbed into any other race, it always upgraded that race.

The Indigo Race: The black tribes were the last to leave the homeland. Their exodus started about the time the green man was killing off the orange race in ~ They migrated south through Palestine and by the time they reach Egypt, the green race was so weakened by its long siege of destroying the orange people, that the black tribes were able to overrun the entire Nile region and absorb the remnants of both the orange and green races into their own culture. This racial admixture considerably improved many of the indigo tribes.

Like the red man in North America, the black people isolated themselves in Africa' and have remained their until this day, except when they have been sold to their various cousins by their own Rulers and forcibly taken away as slaves. Their spiritual leader was Orvonon. He was greatly revered and his teachings were sincerely practiced, but the awakening did not last.

The people soon fell back into their old self-degrading ways of inter-tribal fighting, plundering and heathenism. As the red man was the most advanced of the six colored races, so the black man was the least progressive. In spite of their uncivilized backwardness through thousands and thousands of ages, for which there are many reasons, the black people, as individuals have the same status in Ascending Sonship as any other Personality on the planet. All of the colored races provided various karmic opportunities for the incoming Personalities of Solar Evolution.

As the influence of the Sangik tribes plays out, four basic races emerge-the red man in North America, the blue people in Europe, the yellow race in eastern Asia and the black tribes in Africa. A small mixture of orange and blue tribes made their way across to the northeastern region of North America, absorbed some of the red man's culture, intelligence and spirituality, and then migrated south, settling in Mexico. Remnants of the blue and yellow races with a small influx of the Violet people of the Adamic stock, formed the present day Arab groups.

About 35,000 years ago, The white race came through a Soul Seed transplanted into a pure Violet race family of the first Garden of Eden, who eventually multi-mated with the Andonites, Nodites and an almost equal mixture of the blue and yellow races with a strong influx of Adamic stock from the second Garden.

The Original descendants of the white race were called Semites, so-named in honor of the Guardian Angel Semjase, who transplanted (omplantet)the germ seed on the planet.

Later in the Evolution, the barbaric tribes of "Hebrews" and the so-called "Aryans," falsely laid claim to being the direct descendants of the original Superior Semite Race. Today, the nearest descendants to being Semites are the lighter people of Europe and North America.

In addition to upgrading each other through inter-racial mating, the six colored races, three primary - red, yellow and blue, and three secondary - orange, green and indigo, also had a profound influence over the older deteriorating(degenererende) Andonites, who were called Neanderthal people. This amalgamation(sammenslutning) and migration(vandring)of the races, about 200,000 ago was suddenly interrupted by the Celestial Rebellion.


Lucifer is a Created Son of the local universe, a Morning Star of the Angelic Kingdom. He was not an Ascending Being because he was Created as an Angel and was not a Personality of a "Spirit Spark" from the Central Sun. He is a brilliant leader, but he is not a co-Creator Personality. His Creator-Father is Michael, the Creator Son of the Order of Michael from the Super Universes who Created our universe.

Michael is the Universal Sovereign of Nebadon. Personalities of Michael have been active in the Santania system as well as on the planet Earth. The most significant of these missions was when Reappeared on Earth as Immanuel the Christ for the Picean Age and as mortal Man for His Seventh Initiation. As the System Sovereign of Santania, Lucifer, number 37 in his Order, was ranked high in the top one hundred out of seven hundred thousand in the Order of his kind. He is the Chief Executive of a unique planetary system with 619 inhabited worlds. In the universe of Nebadon, there are a little over ten thousand Systems of inhabited worlds. Of this number, only three of the System Sovereigns have been found in contempt(forakt) of the Universal Counsel.

The so-called "Lucifer Rebellion" did not start when is was reported on the Santania communication system that their Sovereign leader had rebelled against the Council. Nor did Lucifer Rebel. The story of this brilliant Morning Star revolting against his superiors is all part of the "big lie." The age old battle for Man's Mind actually started millions of years ago by an ancient Order of High Priests who called themselves the "Black Magicians."

One of their leaders, Jehovah, who had been instrumental in altering the genetic encodement of the early inhabitants of Solar Evolution, decided to expand his powers throughout the local system. In a fabricated story, he portrayed himself as God of the universe. Because of the great respect and admiration for Lucifer throughout the system, Jehovah chose to implicate(innblande) him as the instigator(opphavsmann) of the rebellion to show that even one of their own was dissatisfied enough to challenge his superiors.

Although only 37 of the planets in the system joined the plot, it still was enough to drastically disrupt the Universal Divine Plan of Creation. The "big lie" started when Jehovah's charges rang out over the Planetary Communication System.

In the charges, it was said of Lucifer that he was a brilliant personality; "he stood next to the Most High Fathers of the constellation in the direct line of universal authority. His downfall came as a result of self-aggrandizement. Your heart was lifted because of your beauty; you corrupted your wisdom because of your brightness."

It was also recorded that this contempt originated within his own mind. "How are you fallen from heaven, o Lucifer, son of the Morning, you who dared to confuse the worlds." The message was followed by a manifesto called, "The Lucifer Declaration of Liberty." It was presented at the annual conclave of Santania on the last day of the year, about 200,000 years ago.

The Constellation Fathers had the declaration recorded and then forwarded to Michael, the Universal Sovereign. According to the records in the System's Archives, the manifesto brought out three basic points of contention.

First: That the Universal Father was a man invented by the Creator Sons to enable them to maintain control of the universe in the name of the Father.

Second: That the government of the local system should be autonomous, that the whole plan of worship was a clever scheme to aggrandize the Creator Sons. The false document did however, acknowledge Michael as Lucifer's Creator-Father, but not his God and Ruler.

Third: That far too much time and energy were expended upon the idea of thoroughly training the ascending mortals in the principles of universal administration, principles which he alleged were unethical and unsound.

Within the Archives of Jerusem, there are volumes upon volumes of records, all in duplicate, that contain the origin and the day by day history of this "war in heaven" right up to the present-day status. The Constellation Fathers did not allow the rebellion to spread beyond the confines of the 619 worlds of the Santania System.

However, this war was real-it was the most devastating of the three outbreaks that have occurred in the local universe. Al-though it did not display the barbaric characteristics of physical warfare on the form worlds, this conflict was deadly; only material life is in jeopardy in physical combat, but the war in "heaven" was fought in terms of eternal life, a struggle for the control of the Mind of Man, the co-Creator.

At the outbreak of the rebellion, all communication circuits were severed throughout the entire system of Santania. None of the worlds within the system were able to contact each other, their system Capitol or the Constellation Headquarters. This communication blackout is still in effect and will remain so until Jehovah is no longer allowed within the confines of the system. This will take place when the planet enters the Photon Belt. This is why the adversary knows his time is short.




In developing life on a decimal planet, Biological Evolution is aided in three ways, by Descending Sons, Ascending Sons and Created Beings. Descending Sons are Beings from the Super Universes. Ascending Sons are Personalities that are ascending into the Higher Realms from the form worlds. Created Beings are Angels and Elementals. These Beings are sent to various Realms and planets as the local requirements and conditions are readied for their particular service.

As was mentioned earlier, Caligastia was sent to the Earth, on the physical plane, as the Planetary Prince. He was a Created Being of the Angelic Kingdom, number 9,344 in the Order of his kind. His arrival on the planet, 500,000 years ago, was concurrent to the appearance of the six colored races through the Sangik family.

The number of Primitive Human Beings on the planet at that time was approximately 500,000,000. They were the Andonites, descendants of the original twins, Andon and Fonta. The head-quarters of the Prince was located in Mesopotania, the center of the world population, which was scattered throughout Asia, Europe and Africa.

The Dalamatia Schools, named in honor of the Prince's able assistant, Daligastia, and all of the planetary administrative offices were also located in this lush region. This central location made it practical for representatives of tribes, races and countries from the three continents to attend this great educational center for leaning and training in agriculture, social and spiritual advancement.

For three hundred thousand years, Caligastia had been the Supreme Administrative Authority and Ruler of all phases of advancement on the Earth. But, the nature of his reign on the planet was suddenly interrupted when Satan, the brilliant Planetary Inspector, on one of his routine inspection tours to the Earth, brought the report of the rebellion on Jerusem and the "Lucifer" Declaration of Liberty.

After a brief discussion with Satan, Caligastia needed no further time to consider the manifesto. He was willing to betray his planet and join the other fallen worlds in the system. Of all the positions of trust in the Celestial Realms, the Prince of a new planet is among the highest. He is totally responsible for the welfare, guidance and education within Biological Evolution.

When Caligastia joined with the rebellion, because of his admiration for the brilliant leadership of Lucifer, he was able to influence most of his administrative staff to join him in the insurrection. Thus, the little planet Shan became one of the thirty seven worlds in Santania to be swept into the battle of "good and evil" through the cunning persuasion of Jehovah's "magic powers of deceit."

For seven long years, the Hierarchy of the entire universe stood watch over the wayward worlds until the last Personality had made the decision to join the uprising or to remain loyal to their Creator-God, who gives and sustains all life. Then and then only were the Melchizedeks sent to the fallen planets to take over administrative authority.

On the planet Earth, Caligastia had immediately called a world council and stripped all authority from his administrators and then delegated all staff positions to those who had followed him in the rebellion. The highlight of the conclave came when Daligastia, president of the World Council, pronounced Jehovah as the new "God of the planet Earth."

When Caligastia defiantly refused to repent for violating the sacred trust bestowed on a Planetary Prince, the Hierarchy of the universe ordered all records of Caligastia's reign on the planet Earth to be completely obliterated from the Archives on Jerusern. This accounts for the lack of historical records of Shan during this period of time.

According to the Administrative Principles, Caligastia had knowingly resisted Cosmic Reality. He deliberately chose to oppose spiritual progress. His open and persistent defiance of recognized Reality bordered on Cosmic insanity.

From the outbreak of the rebellion and up to modern-day times, the Earth has produced many great heroes, brave Souls and brilliant messengers, who, in loyalty and devotion, have carried the banners of spiritual progress throughout the age-old battle of "Good and Evil." The names of some of these giants of evolution will appear in the next chapter.


Kapittel 7:


In the local universe, Material Sons and Daughters belong to a Celestial Order of Beings whose offspring function as Material Uplifters on the life-modification worlds. They are Created as immortal sex producing parents. Their children, however, are specially endowed beings who, after they arrive on their designated world, remain immortal themselves, but can only produce mortal descendants. This unique bestowal allows their progeny to be functionally reproductive with that of the evolving physical races on a decimal planet.

There is only one original pair of parents Created for each Planetary System. The children of these Material Sons are called Adams and Eves and they dwell on the capital planet of the system where they multiply and produce male and female pairs of Material Uplifters for decimal planets.

Adam and Eves are not Descending or Ascending Beings, but they can progress into various positions of service in their Order of Sonship, and after sufficient development, they can take certain initiations and become Ascending Sons and serve in other evolutionary missions.

When an Adam and Eve are transported to a planet, their physical features adapt to the duality of the physical plane. These Material Uplifters are eight to ten feet in height and their countenance radiates a brilliant violet glow. They project a profound impression on the primitive planetary inhabitants.

The Material Uplifters remain immortal as long as they adhere to the covenant of their mission. When on assignment, the Adam and Eves partake of physical nutrition as well as Celestial energy. The nutrition for their physical body is provided by fruits, vegetables and nuts, and the Cosmic energy required for the immortality of their physical structure is derived from a special fourth-dimensional fruit tree that is transported from Edentia, the Capital of the Constellation, to the planet prior to the Uplifter's arrival. It is called the tree of life. All parts of this unique tree are edible and contain Cosmic Energy. However, only the Material Uplifters, who possess inherent immortality, due to two small Light chambers located in the brain that contain special Mind-gravity circuits, are capable of utilizing this higher cosmic energy.

The Adam and Eves like all Created Beings, are equal opposites in electrical potential, but unbalanced in equilibrium, which establishes them in the Motion of Being. This is why they are called Beings, they are in Motion. Also, like all Created life, they exist only in thought form as a simulation of the Idea of their Beingness. The differential factor of these opposite conditions is only in a reproductive nature, certain chemical endowments and the gender aspect. They are assigned to service in pairs on almost all missions.

If an Adam and Eve default on their covenant, they must look to the universal magistrates for adjudication, which usually results in the lowering of the body's energy floating point and the loss of conscious awareness of the their voidance phase, which means that they have to go through so-called "death" on their form world.

The original Adam and Eve parents of a system possess a permanent immortality. But their offspring, the Adam and Eves who serve on decimal planets, must depend on an absolute synchrony with the Mind-gravity circuit of the Cosmic energy of KNOWING, also referred to as the Holy Spirit.

If this connection is broken, by self doubt or by the accepting of reason and logic of others, then the Material Uplifters are at the mercy of their own ability to withstand outside influence. They forfeit the power and protection of the mind-gravity circuit and must rely on their own energy 0f KNOWING.

Out of sixty one decimal planets in the Santania system, the "Lucifer Rebellion" claimed thirteen of these Material Uplifters, including the Earth's Adam and Eve. On a life-modification planet assignment, the Adam and Eve can gain, through experience, an Ascending Being status. During this mission, they are the all-important link between the unseen and physical worlds.

Unlike the other Created Sons of planetary service, Adam and Eves can, not only be seen by the evolving inhabitants of the planet, but they can also communicate and mingle with them and even procreate with these children of time, although this act of biological upliftment, according to the stipulations in their covenant, is usually confined to the progeny of the Material Uplifters.

The purpose of the planetary Adam and Eve is to multiply and build up a strong race of their own Order. After the designated number of generations has been produced, which is stipulated m the Planetary Covenant, this pure race is then allowed to multi-mate with the primate races of the planet as racial Uplifters. This is the origin of the violet race on a life-modification planet.

To carry out this mission, a special location is selected, designed and partially prepared as a dwelling place for the Planetary

Uplifters and their descendants. The completion of the complex is left up to the discretion of the arriving Adam and Eve and their offspring. This secluded and designated area is called the Garden of Eden, so-named to honor Edentia, a Capital Planet in the Constellation. Each decimal planet in the System has an Adam and Eve and a Garden of Eden.




There have been four Orders of Sonship appear on the planet Earth during Biological Evolution. They are: Caligastia, the Planetary Prince; Adam and Eve, the Material Sons of the Fourth

Order; Macheventa Melchizedek, the "Sage of Salem" in the days of Abraham; and Immanuel of the Order of Michaels, as the Christ for the Picean Age.

After completing His Mission as Mortal Man on the planet Earth, Immanuel was elevated to full Supreme Sovereign of the Universe. One of His first proclamations in this exalted capacity was to established the Four and Twenty Counselors for the beloved planet Shan, which had been his physical home for over a century of Earth time.

Prior to this time, this small experimental planet had no planetary representation at the Capital of the System. In the book of Revelations, in the Christian bible, John, in his Celestial Vision, speaks of them as Elders: "And around the throne were four and twenty seats, and upon the seats I saw four and twenty Elders sitting, clothed in white raiment." The throne in the center of the circle is the judgment seat of the presiding Archangel of the system of Santania.

The seats around the circle are filled by great spiritual and cultural leaders, who appeared on the Earth during a special period of time or to a particular race of people. The first fifteen seats around the circle are occupied by counselors of permanent assignment.

They are: Seat number One, Onagar, master-mind and spiritual leader of the pre-Planetary Prince period. Seat number Two, Monsant, the great teacher of the post-Planetary Prince age. Seat number Three, Anamonalonton, introduced 'The Great Spirit" to the red man. Seat number Four, Orlandof, Spiritual Leader of the blue race. Seat number Five, Porshunta, brought the message of 'The Great Teacher" to the orange people.

Seat number Six, Singiangton, advocated "One Truth" among the yellow man. Seat number Seven, Fantad, who taught "The One Source of Life" to the troubled green race. Seat number Eight, Orvonon, Spiritual Messenger to the indigo tribes. Seat number Nine, Adam, the Material Uplifter to the Earth, who defaulted the covenant, but was later reinstated by the Universal Sovereign, Michael.

Seat number Ten, Eve, mother of the Violet Race, who also defaulted the covenant and was reinstated.

Seat number Eleven, Enoch, the first born son of Cain and a great leader and peacemaker of the Elamites. Seat number Twelve, Moses, instigator of the revival for the worship of the Universal Father. Seat number Thirteen, Elijah, a spiritual teacher of the post-Adam and Eve period. Seat number Fourteen, Machiventa Meichizedek, the present vicegerent Planetary Prince of Shan. Seat number Fifteen, John the Baptist, the forerunner for the Christ. The remaining nine seats are temporarily filled by Ascended Masters and Cosmic Being who have completed missions on the Earth. The permanent assignment of these seats is being held in reserve for other great teachers to follow.




About thirty eight thousand years ago, at the time of the appearance of Adam and Eve, the most advanced races on the planet Earth were the Nodites and the Amadonites. As direct descendants and followers of staff administrators in the Caligastia world government, these races and their established headquarters, through the long struggle for dominance, remained the cultural, ethical and intellectual centers for the known world.

The Nodites were the progeny of Nod, who had been the chairman of the Dalamatia commission on industry and trade. They had followed their leader in siding with Caligastia and his rebels. The Arnadonites were named in honor of Amadon, who, along with Van, also an administrator in the Prince's regime, were both leaders of immortal status. They remained loyal throughout the rebellion, multiplied and continued to provide spiritual leadership to the world down through the long dark ages of the post-rebellion era.

They also maintained and protected the Tree of Life during this time. In order to extend immortality on a decimal planet, the mind-gravity circuit chamber must have a constant supply of transported fourth-dimensional energy. This is provided by the Tree of Life. Amadon and Van were the only two loyal immortals left over from the Prince's Staff. They had been entrusted with the maintenance and protection of the Tree of Life for their own use and to preserve it for the coming Planetary Uplifters.

Almost one hundred years prior to the arrival of Adam and Eve, Amadon and the Amandonites started the preparations for the Material Uplifters earthly home. Van was the director of the project because of his firsthand knowledge of the life-style, training and duties of the Material Sons on Jerusem. His first move was to recruit a corps of over three thousand volunteer workers from sixty one scattered settlements.

Adamson was in charge of organizing the workers and carrying out the various assignments. The most important task was that of selecting a suitable site for the Garden of Eden, which was to become the land of the Violet Race. Within three years, the location committee had presented three possible areas: the first, an island in the Persian Gulf; the second, called the river site, was a lush region that lay between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers; the third, a long narrow peninsula projecting westward from the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

The third site was selected and the peaceful inhabitants of the area were more than willing to cooperate with the project. The long and tedious job of designing and constructing the new spiritual, educational and cultural world headquarters for the Material Uplifters of all Mankind on the Earth, was underway. All of the work on the Garden was done entirely by volunteer labor. Gifts and contributions of all kinds poured into the project from the vast number of enthusiastic believers in the corning of Adam and Eve and the great Violet Race.

Even though the Garden was only one-fourth finished at the time the Material Uplifters arrived on the planet, it still was the most elaborate, modern and practical Center the world had ever known. The exquisite stone Temple of the Universal Father, the sacred shrine of the Garden, was all completed and beautifully landscaped. It was located in the center of the Edenic peninsula.

Around the temple, in all four directions and strategically located, administrative buildings, schools, homes and parks were constructed and rnagnificently landscaped all in the intricate design of the great Celestial Centers of the Gods on the planet of Edentia.

Although the Garden was only partially finished at the arrival time, in order to allow the remaining arrangements to be completed at the discretion of the Uplifters and their descendants, the complex still contained over five thousand brick buildings, innumerable trees and shrubs, more than twelve thousand miles of paved roads and sidewalks, thousands of miles of irrigation ditches and an advanced water supply and sewage-disposal system.

About five per cent of the Garden was under cultivation, fifteen percent partially cultivated and the remainder left in its natural state for fliture development. Many of the modern day fruits, vegetables, cereals and nuts were developed in the Garden.




Adam and Eve, the new rulers of planet 606 in Santania, arrived on the Earth in mid-spring when the Garden was in full bloom, about 37,908 years ago. Because of their semi-physical

nature, the Material Uplifters had to be Seraph-ported to their new assignment. This means that their physical body had to be de-materialized, which requires special equipment and about three days of Cosmic sleep. They are then transported by Seraphim. Re-materialization on a form world does not require mechanical assistance, but it does take at least ten days for the mind-gravity circuit to develop the required quality of physical consciousness--the simultaneous function of the Mind and the senses within the three-dimensional magnetosphere of a form world.

when the Uplifters regained consciousness, they found themselves in the Father's Temple in the presence of Van and Amadon, the two immortal heroes of the Caligastia secession and the engineers of the Garden of Eden on Earth. After a cordial welcome and formal installation ceremonies, Adam and Eve spent the evening of their first day in the Garden walking in the glow of a full moon. They needed this time together to reflect on their new assignment to a troubled, confused and isolated world. The mind-gravity circuits to the fallen planets were still severed.

Adam and Eve spent the second day on the Earth in sessions with the planetary receivers and the advisory council. They learned first hand from the Melchizedeks how much devastation and utter confusion the Caligastia betrayal had caused. Another lonely evening of walking together in the Garden did little to lessen the sadness they felt for these misled "children of the lie."

The third day turned Out to be much more enjoyable for the new arrivals. They were treated to an aerial tour of the entire Garden area, the most beautiful spot on the planet. The flight was provided by fandors, the great flying birds of a vanishing species.

These great birds were used extensively for all kinds of transportation. Some of them had a wingspread of over fifty feet and could navigate with ease carrying over a thousand pounds. This day of inspection ended with an enormous banquet given in honor of those loyal laborers who had created the magnificent Garden Center.

The fourth day was devoted to administration. Adam and Eve addressed the Garden Assembly and outlined the plans for establishing the Western Schools and complete cultural center for the purpose of educating and rehabilitating all peoples of the deceived world. For the first time in many thousands of years, women were included in all phases of administration. One of the strong tactics of the adversary has always been to degrade women and to maintain a constant degree of resentment, agitation and discrimination between the races, tribes and cultures.

The enthusiasm among the associates and counselors was exhilarating. On the fifth day, Adam and Eve set up the structural organization of administrative duties and responsibilities. included among the staff members, were some of the most brilliant minds on the planet. They were direct descendants of loyal staff members and directors of the great Dalamatia Cultural Center.

The sixth day was the last of the tour of inspection. It was devoted to reviewing the various types of Created life on the planet. This is where Adam and Eve completely amazed those who were directing the tour and the ones who were taking notes and recording the inspection.

Because Adam and Eve had been co-directors of the System's Life Laboratory on Jerusem, they were the top authorities in the system on all forms of life. They explained the origin, purpose and names of thousands upon thousands of different life forms. The people were utterly astounded at the brilliant display of knowledge.

Due to the tremendous impression the illustrious pair made on the garden people that sixth day of the inspection, the seventh day was a nightmare. The people of the garden, a little over 3,000, insisted on gathering at the Temple of the Father at noon for a worship ceremony in honor of their revered leaders. Van tried to talk to the people and explain the mission of the Material Uplifters, but they would not listen.

Finally, Adam was brought to the Temple. He informed the people that he and Eve were grateful for their adoration and that they would gladly accept honor and respect from them, but not worship. Reverence and worship were for the One unseen God of the Creation. He explained the true nature of God as the Personality or the Presence of the Creation and the purpose of the Temple as a physical symbol of Divinity.

After several hours of discourse on the various roles of the System's Hierarchy, the purpose of their own mission to the planet and how each individual is a co-Creator with God, Adam graciously thanked each one of them for their loyal interest in setting up the various schools and their enthusiastic dedication to the great task ahead of them.

The rest of the day was spent in various ways of self-improvements. Social entertainment was enjoyed during the evening hours. This self-improvement theme on the seventh day of the week, became a regular custom in the Garden. It was not a day of rest or worship, nor was it a law. God does not need a law to commemorate His "day of worship." The only Law of God is the Law of Creation. Every day is a day of adoration. We take God with us, everywhere we go. We are God in Motion.

After the six days of inspection and the seventh day activities, plus a few days of meeting representatives from tribes, cities and countries around the world, Adam and Eve settled into the task of first, setting high standards and strict regulations for the Violet Race; and second, organizing and directing the new world center for the spiritual worship of the Universal Father, for the educational advancement in academics, and for experimentation in agriculture, tribal behavior and other practical realities.

The children of the Violet Race lived and worked in the "East of Eden." They attended school through the age of twenty. The educational program for the Garden children, which was patterned in accordance with the methods of the Jerusem schools, was called the Western School System and served as a pattern for schools throughout the world. When they reached the higher grades, the students of the Violet Race were required to teach in the lower grades until they had completed their own curriculum.

The size of the immediate grounds of the Adam and Eve home was about five and one-fourth square miles. Their food was completely raw, just as nature prepares it. There was no cooking in the Adam household. They did not use milk from animals. After the children reached the age of one year, Eve started them on a variety of milk from nuts and the juices of many fruits. A shimmering glow of soft light emitted from the body of the immortal parents, but they were always dressed in the customary clothing of their associates.




After one hundred and seventeen years of steady progress in the Garden, the Violet Race, under the paternal direction of Adam and Eve was doing well. However, outside of the Center, because of the degenerative conditions in general among the world tribes and various races, and the seemingly lack of influence the Western Schools were having on the rapid decline of moral conduct, spiritual attitudes and civil behavior, the Material Uplitters be-came dangerously discouraged.

Due to the devastating blow to evolution by the betrayal of Caligastia, the mission of the physical Uplifters on planet Earth was looking more impossible with the passing of each day. The pair in the Garden became desperately concerned. The Violet children tried to console their parents with the value of the long range aspect of the enormous task, but the despairing couple could not accept the appearance of stagnation and the possibility of failure in their assignment. They spent long evenings discussing their dilemma.

Prince Caligastia visited the Garden quite regularly in an attempt to convince Adam and Eve that the Jerusem government had deserted them and how he could help them speed up their mission. Even with all of his smooth persuasiveness and with the system's mind-gravity circuits to the fallen worlds still severed, and the planet completely isolated from all communications, Caligastia finally came to the conclusion that Adam and Eve would not knowingly rebel against the universal government. So, in his devious mind he set about to trap Eve.

There were many intellectual Nodites among the surrounding tribes who not only joined the Garden project and the Western School System, but they had become dedicated staff members. Caligastia's plan was to manipulate the mating of a Nodite with Eve under the pretense that a leader from the union of a direct descendant of the Prince's superior staff with an immortal super being like Eve, could greatly speedup the physical uplifting of the ready and waiting tribes throughout the world. Of course neither participant would be aware of the evil scheme to bring about a default of the Planetary Covenant.

It took five years of rnasterful trickery, lying and deceit to bring about the favorable conditions. Eve was finally persuaded to have a secret conference with Cano, the most brilliant mind and active spiritual leader of the local tribes of friendly Nodites. He was a magnificent specimen of superior physique and intellectual discernment. Neither Eve nor Cano were suspicious of the evil plot. Due to the nature of Biological Evolution, the infusion of superior stock and the admixing of various tribes and races, multi-mating, was a common practice outside of the Garden. It was considered an ethical, scientific and spiritual method of tribal and cultural advancement for the races.

Eve had no intentions whatsoever of circumventing or violating the universal trust to which she had pledged. In fact, she was greatly enthused over her personal contribution in speeding up the availability of such a needed benefit to a deteriorating world. At the advice of the cunning Prince, Eve did not consult with Adam. This was the secret key to Caligastia's plan-to prevent Eve from consulting with Adam. After she told Adam what had happened, Eve realized that she had been deceived and trapped, and that she had defaulted the Planetary Covenant.

The Celestial Contract enjoined the Material Uplifiers from multi-mating. The breach of the sacred agreement was not right or wrong. The default came when Eve consented to participate in good and evil. Good is the carrying out of the Divine plans. Evil is the unintentional misuse of the plans or altering the techniques which results in Celestial disharmony and planetary confusion.

Adam and Eve were constantly warned by the Archangel of the tree of life not to yield to the dangerous suggestions of Caligastia to mix good and evil. "In the day that you commingle good and evil, you shall become as mortals of the realm; you shall surely die." But Eve yielded to Caligastia's powers of deceit.

The next day after Eve's tragic mistake, Adam made the most crucial decision ever to confront a Material Son. Because of his supernal affection for his beloved mate, and the thought of the possibility of having to carry out the long, lonely vigil of his assignment on Earth without her, Adam chose to share the fate of his Divine Compliment. Re felt that she needed him now more than ever. Without further consideration or delay, Adam violated his oath of trust to the Universal Sovereign and adjoined his Soul-mate in default. Re sought out Laotta, the brilliant Nodite woman who was the Director of the Western Schools of the Garden and mated with her.

When word was spread in the Garden of what had happened to the mother of the Violet Race, war broke out between the Adamites of the Garden and the surrounding tribes of Nodites. This was the beginning of the long, deep-seated hostility between these two groups of supposedly intellectual descendants--"enmity between that man and the woman, between her seed and his seed."

Adam would take no part in war, so, after an all night conference, the parents and the Violet Race, along with a little over twelve hundred loyal followers, left the Garden to avoid confrontation and to seek a new dwelling place.

On the third day of their flight, the Edenic caravan was halted by the Seraphic transports from Jerusem and Adam and Eve were informed of what would happen to their children. All of the descendants who had reached the age of accountability (twenty years at that time) were given the option of remaining on Earth with their parents or becoming wards of the Most High of their Order and be taken to Jerusem, the Capital of the System.

Only one-third of the children chose to remain with their parents. It was truly a sad day for these great ancestors of the Violet Race as they prepared the small caravan to journey on. After enduring the sorrowful parting of almost three-fourth of their children, Adam and Eve drew spiritual strength from their illustrious background and superhuman love for each other.

Sorrowfully, but greatly strengthened by their inner KNOWINGNESS, Adam and Eve, now mortal parents, traveled east toward the second site of the Garden, which had been submitted by the original location committee. Thus the lush, fertile area that stretched south and east between the Euphrates and the Tigris rivers, became the second Garden of Eden, which was to develop into the greatest and longest running Cultural Center the world has ever known. The once immortal ancestors settled into mortal exjstence along with the remaining Violet Race. They were still devoted to carrying out the most difficult mission ever assigned to any of the over forty five thousand Material Sons of Santania.

It was at this point in Biological Evolution that Jehovah set as the beginning of the lie and absolutely rediculous fairy tale story of Creation, which is now being adamantly taught in all orthodox religions. The idea that supposedly intelligent people could be deceived for so long into believing the fabricated story of Creation, and that the second Garden was the beginning of Mankind on the planet Earth, as related in the bible, is beyond all reason, logic or common sense, even by academic standards.

Cain, the son of Eve and Cano, and Sansa, the daughter of Adam and Laotta were born during the nearly two year period required by the Edenic caravan to reach the second garden. Abel, the first child of Adam and Eve born in the second garden, arrived almost two years after the birth of Cain and Sansa. Although Cain was a defiant and rebellious youth, shortly after he had reached the age of accountability, he often went to his mother for spiritual guidance.

When he left the second garden to seek a mate among the people of his father, "tile land of Nod," Cain took with him the blessings of Adam and Eve and the seal of the greatly respected and feared tribe of Adam. This mark of the King and High Priest of the Garden of Eden, gave Cain great credibility among the Nodite tribes. Without a tribal identification, he could have easily been slain.

Cain married Remona, his distant cousin, and became a great leader among his father's people. He was responsible for bringing peace between the Nodites and the Adamites of the second Garden. Their first son was Enoch, who became the head of the Elamites, the Nodites from the land of Elam; and as their spiritual leader, continued the peace and cultural exchange with the Adamites of the second Garden.

When the Four and Twenty Counselors were installed to represent the planet Earth at Jerusem, about one thousand nine hundred years ago, Enoch, the first born son of Cain, was assigned to seat number eleven in the prestigious circle-next to Eve, his be-loved grandmother.

Laotta, the mother of Sansa, died at the birth of her daughter; and Eve graciously took the child into her home and raised her with love, compassion and training as though she were her own. Sansa grew up to be a beautiful and talented woman. She married the leader of the northern blue races and contributed greatly to their people by admixing the Nodite and Adamic stock.

During the one hundred and seventeen years in the First Garden, Adam and Eve had sixty three children. As mortal parents, in the second Garden, they produced forty two children, and counting Cain and Sansa, born on the journey between the two Gardens, there were one hundred and seven children in all born to these original parents of the Violet race. Eve lived on the Earth 511 years, and 19 years after her parting, Adam passed into the Astral Realm at 530 years of age. Since their arrival in the Higher Realms Adam and Eve have taken the initiations to become co-Creators as Human Beings and are now Ascending Sons serving on the Four and Twenty Counsel at Jerusem. They are assigned to seat numbers nine and ten as permanent members of this governing group. Adam and Eve left Jerusem as permanent citizens--Sons of God, and returned as Ascended Masters--Sons of Man.

In tying the time when Adam and Eve lived on the planet into the history of our own area, North America, the general conditions that paralleled this greatly misrepresented epoch included:

The receding of the sixth and last glacier that had crossed the Canadian border and sent ice lobes into the present area of Kansas, Missouri and Illinois. The eastern sheet covered portions of Pennsylvania and Ohio.

The ice tongues gouged out most of the present-day lakes in the area, including the Great Lakes system which originally drained into the Mississippi Valley, then later eastward into the Hudson Valley, and finally by the northern route into the St. Lawrence River.

It was about 37,000 years ago, that the present Niagara route was formed. The inhabitants of the area at that time were basically the tribes of the red race, who had migrated to North America about 48,000 years prior to the arrival of Adam and Eve in the first Garden of Eden.

With the insurmountable evidence all around us, and with the experiences of thousands of life times in both Solar and Biological Evolution imbedded in our Souls, and with the unpresidented advance in technology, it is completely unbelievable that grown men and women, supposedly "educated," knowledgable and intelligent Human Beings, are still studying, teaching and pretending to live by the false, fabricated fairy tale of Creation and the beginning of mankind on the planet Earth, as related in the "Holy Bible." It certainly shows the evil influence of deceit and the power mind control.





The purpose of this chapter is to share with the reader some of the self-knowledge established by the author on the "Man called Jesus." It is included in this material because of the profound impact this Celestial Guest made on Biological Evolution. Also, because of the gross misrepresentation and false teaching of education and religion regarding the life, purpose and teaching of the greatest Celestial Son ever to grace the magnetosphere of a form world.

Few there are who realize the magnitude of the brilliance, glory and Celestial greatness of this Creator Son who walked the land of Shan and shared His glory, His knowledge and His blood with the ungrateful "Children of the lie."

This Man called "Jesus" was the Creator of our universe and is now the Supreme Sovereign over that which He has Created. He is Michael, number 611,121 of the Order of Michaels from the Super Universes. These Descending Sons of the Paradise Universes are commissioned by the Eternal Sons to Create new universes as the electromagnetic conditions are readied.

Michael Created the local universe about four hundred billion years ago, and recently (1,900 years ago) completed His final initiation, which required experience on a form world as a co-Creating mortal Man, and became the Supreme Sovereign Authority with absolute adjudication over that which He had Created.

The Creation and history of this universe, called Nebadon, is a fascinating story, however, because of the theme of this limited volume, our interest and space deal very briefly with the seventh and final initiation of Michael as mortal Man on Earth and also of His Special Assignment as the Christ for the Picean Age.

The Sovereign of a universe has reached the ultimate as a knowledgeable, just and efficient administrator; but, a Supreme Sovereign must also he capable of ruling with absolute fairness, mercy and understanding. Thus, the purpose of the seven initiations, is to take the Mind of the Creator Son into the depths of feeling, suffering and humiliation with the creatures He has Created into life and individualized into Motion. Experience converts knowledge into wisdom. Understanding that wisdom brings peace, "the peace that passed all understanding."

The name Immanuel, which means, "God among us," was given to Michael by Archangel Gabriel, for His final initiation. This is also the name of Michael's Cosmic brother, who was the Sovereign pro tem of Nebadon during the period of time Michael was engaged in the seven initiations. Each mission occurred about one hundred million years apart, which consumed about one billion years in all. This shows that Michael departed from the Salvington dispatch grid on His first initiation approximately the same time that the planet 606 of Santania was completing its present physical size, shape and form.

Just a little over thirty five thousand years ago, a special message was broadcast over the mind-gravity circuits of Nebadon that Michael had selected planet 606 of Santania as the location for his final initiation. The Earth was chosen by Michael shortly after He had learned that Adam and Eve had defaulted on their covenant(pakt). Thus, for more than thirty five thousand years, all that has transpired on the troubled, but honored planet Shan, has been constantly monitored and publicized throughout the universe.



Again, the purpose for including the material on the Christ in this segment is because of the tremendous flood of false teachings and orchestrated lies perpetrated by modern-day religions in regard to the true identity of the Christ and the real purpose of this great Avatar of the Age. Since the betrayal (forederi)of Caligastia and the default of Adam and Eve, religion has been the dominant instrument used by the adversary (motstandere)for social control of the masses.

Under the false and cunning pretense of religious creeds, through higher education and manipulated governments, this heinous mental slavery has now forced every facet of our culture right to the brink of collapse. The accumulation of all of these negative, false and confusing thought patterns that have been embedded in the seedbed of the "children of time," civilization after civilization, are now being used by the adversary to bring about and manipulate the devastating (ødeleggende)storms, floods, earthquakes, diseases, wars, crimes and the complete breakdown of moral and spiritual values -values that are absolutely necessary in order to sustain Human life on a form world.

The name "Jesus" was given to Immanuel near the close of His assignment as the Christ, in a manner quite contrary to that being taught today by the orthodox religions. The records in the scripts place the time of the incident two days before He was to be turned over to the courts(domstol). He had just finished a discourse to a small group of people who had gathered to hear Him, when a man named Saul approached Him and said, 'You are preaching heresy(kjetteri); and it is strange to me listening from the onset. It appears most stupid and your spirit seems greatly confused."

After correcting Saul, the Master continued, "Verily I say to you, Saul, you are persecuting (forfølger)me, as well as my disciples, because of my teaching, but you will change your mind, my friend. From now on you shall be named Paul and travel in all directions, and you shall have to suffer greatly for having called my teaching 'heresy and my spirit confused. You will heap upon your back a great, great burden, for in your lack of understanding and foolish-ness, you will misunderstand my teachings, and therefore, teach falsely. Your speech will be confused, and the people all over the world will be in bondage to your false word, and slaves unto it and will worship the doctrine of lies which you will put forth into them. Ye will not even be in the knowledge of that which you do, but in the ending ye shall be required to rectify that which you shall perpetrate in this.

'You will place the entire land of the Greek in bondage to an evil cult with your false teachings, thus you will call me in their language 'the anointed.' It will be the fault of your ignorance that they will call me JESUS CHRIST, which means 'the anointed.' My name is Immanuel, 'God among us' and ye shall be responsible for thousands of generations to he in false knowledge.

"Further, it will rest on thy back, in thy ignorance, that the wondrous name of JESUS will be used falsely and in that name, Human blood will be shed, so much will be shed that it cannot be contained in all the now existing containers. So be it, Paul, for it shall come to pass."

When the true identity of the Christ is discussed in the seminars, the question is often asked, "Why do Ascended Masters, Spiritual Guides and Cosmic Helpers who communicate with people on the planet, still call Him Jesus?

One reason is, because of the widespread teaching, the people would not recognize or accept the story of Christ without the name of Jesus. So, they just go along with the accepted name. Another explanation is due to the many personalities involving this Descending Creator Son. The Celestials probably think that it would be more confusing to explain the names and assignments of the different personality extensions of this Great Being than to just use the accepted name.

Also, the answer that usually draws a longer discussion, is that most beings in the Higher Realms realize that the people em-bodied on the Earth at this time, have the name JESUS so deeply embedded in their seedbed as the Christ, the Redeemer or the Savior of all mankind, that they could not comprehend the new information without a major change in their belief system. Therefore, in regard to symbols, they go along with what is acceptable to the recipient's belief patterns that he has established during his lifestream and with his outer consciousness.

But, when it comes to the truth of a concept, the genuine guides, teachers or special helpers are constantly radiating Ideas of Reality and Truth into the noetic atmosphere of the brain, which is the individual's Mind-consciousness. However, the recipient still has to make the choice as to whether he is going to go along with the old false, confusing facts of life implanted in his seedbed, or if he is willing to go within and rely on his own ability to draw on this fertile (fruktbar)force field of Truth.

The guides, teachers or guardians cannot influence or persuade a person in any way whatsoever in the choosing. All Truth is em-bedded in the Color Bands of the Causal Body. But, we have closed the door to this tremendous storehouse of all knowledge by accepting outside programming. Each person must make the choice to draw on this source of Truth for his daily thinking or to just go along with the limited and controlled thought patterns that are automatically firing (oppildnet)from the belief system.

How to balance the thought patterns in the seedbed (grobunn) that are blocking the remembrance of this Truth and actually draw on this vast field of all knowledge, is discussed later on in the book. The point here is that a person can not recall the Truth in the Color Bands of his Causal Body if he has contrary thought patterns stored in his seedbed. "As ye sow, so shall ye reap."

The word Christ means crystal clear knowledge, the Kristos, the KNOWINGNESS of Solar Reality on the physical plane, the Seven Color Bands of the Causal Body in action on a form world. The Personality of The Christ is an Avatar, Sage or Master who brings the Cosmic knowledge of KNOWING into the physical plane. The Christ Consciousness is Solar reality, which is physical perfection in the third dimension. The energy of KNOWING has been referred to as the Great Comforter, or the Holy Spirit.

During the long struggle of Solar Evolution, when the planet Earth, for the second time, was scheduled to be destroyed, lord Krishna, God-Parent of the third Solar System in our Galaxy, answered the call from Sanat Kumara to visit the Earth and radiate His powerful energy of KNOWING into the consciousness of the withered (vissen)Souls of the dying fourth Root Race. Because of the brilliant radiance of Lord Krishna's powerful Heart Flame, He was given the Title of The Christ. Thus Lord Krishna became the first Christ to the troubled planet 606 of Santania.




The birth of Immanuel on the Earth was no different than any other biological birth on the planet except for the manner in which the Soul Seed was transplanted into the Mind gravity chamber of Mary, the pre-selected mother. It was transplanted by a special emissary selected by Archangel Gabriel, but not of the Order of Life Designers who normally perform this function in Biological Evolution on the decimal planets of the local System.

Rasiel, who was the Guardian Angel of the secret, carried out this unique assignment (oppdrag/oppgave). The Soul Seed contained the magnificent design of a perfect specimen suitable for the assignment. This mental image was impressed with the electronic key-Dote, assigned to the Personality of the Creator Son number 611,121 in the Order of Michaels, under the name of Esu Immanuel.

When Joseph, the husband of Mary, was told by Gabriel of the Celestial insemination, he was greatly disturbed. But, after the inner remembrance (minne)of his agreement, stimulated by Gabriel, Joseph graciously accepted the honor of his mission. The other eight children of the Joseph family were born through normal transplantation of the incoming Soul Seed through the reproductive organs of the parents.

On a form world, in the normal birth procedure of an incoming Human Being, the Soul Seed, after the Personality has been granted the privilege of embodiment by the Karmic Board(råd/utvalg), is projected into the atmosphere and breathed in by the designated male parent. After it has made its way to the reproductive organs, the Seed is then injected into the reproductive organs of the potential mother, where the physical body of the new life is formed out of the substance of the mother and in the exact design of the electronic keynote impressed in the mental image within the Soul Seed. This action is carried out by the involuntary function of the mother's Mind and the Body Elemental of the incoming entity.

A Soul Seed is an electromagnetic impulse that contains the mental image of all that - that life is to be during an embodiment on a form world. During each step of development, the mental Idea is divided into two opposite conditions and impressed into the "vacuum chamber" of a light wave, where each growth ring is formed into matter. The great mystery of Creation lies in the drama of the Idea within the Soul Seed, being played out in the vacuum cube of the light wave, under the direction of the Soul's identifying electronic keynote.

The birth and childhood of Immanuel is a fascinating story and is often discussed in detail at the seminars, however, only a few instances will be mentioned here in order to provide the reader with information on a few misrepresented events upon which he may contemplate and thereby establish his own self-knowledge.

Every religion that claims this mortal Man, "Jesus Christ," as its God, King or Savior, has its own perverted version of the birth, life, death and ascension of this Creator Son who donned the robe of mortality, walked the Earth, and experienced compassion, pity, tragedy, rejection, fear, violence, parental duty and finally "death," all for the fulfillment of His own initiation - not to die for someone else's sins, or to redeem another's misused life force energy, or to save a "lost Soul."

The earthly assignment as the Christ, that He accepted was a very noble one, and He fulfilled it to the letter, but it was rejected, perverted and grossly misrepresented. The purpose of Immanuel 's life as the Christ for the Picean Age was to appear on Earth, through biological birth as a mortal son, to teach the theme for the new age, known as the Sixth Ray.

The Sixth Ray was to be the Age of Preparation. Its purpose was to prepare the inhabitants of the planet for the great move into the Golden Age. Although Immanuels assignment as the Christ was greatly hampered (hemmet)by the dark forces of the Adversary', His experiences as a mortal creature on planet 606 of Santanla was a glorious victory for His seventh initiation.

Immanuel was born in Bethlehem of Judea at noon, August 21, 7 B.C. He was the first son of Joseph and Mary' of Nazareth in Galilee. The boy was registered in the Temple on the eighth day, which was the custom, under the name of Joshua Ben Joseph. Because of a decree issued by Herod, which called for the death of all boy babies under two years of age, Joseph and Mary', with their one year and ten months old son' fled by night to Egypt, where they would be out of the jurisdiction of the decree.

The decree (påbudet)resulted in the innocent (uskyldig)death of sixteen male children in the town of Bethlehem. The parents and children, who had volunteered before embodiment to take part in this event, upon their return to the astral plane, were duly honored and each one advanced in their life journey according to their individual status.

The special arrangements for this opportunity to serve, was worked out by the Angelic Host of the Temple of the Sacred Heart. After her ascension, Mary, for her role as mother of the Christ, was given the Celestial title of "Mother of the World." She was also assigned to the position of Director of the Temple of the Sacred Heart. It was in this capacity that she gave special assistance to the sixteen mothers who had suffered the loss of their child in the brutal plot to kill her son.

On one of our seminar tours, I met a woman who had been shown some of her past lives on the Earth. She related that she was one of the mothers who had lost their son when King Herod's decree to kill all male babies under the age of two years, was issued in Bethlehem.

In recalling the event, through her tears, she related that all sixteen of the mothers had agreed, before embodiment, to take part in the traumatic event and that Mother Mary' was still giving them special assistance in their personal journey.

After the death of Herod, the area under his control was divided into two domains and placed under the reign of his two sons, Antipas and Archelaus. Because Galilee fell under the rulership of Antipas, the less violent of the two brothers, Joseph and Mary' decided that it would be much safer to return to Nazareth rather than to Bethlehem to raise and educate their son.

When the family departed from Alexandria to return to their home in Galilee, friends and relatives presented a unique gift to Joshua. Unique indeed - for a three and one-half year old child. It was a complete copy of the Greek translation of the "Hebrew" scriptures.

By the time he enrolled in the Nazareth school, at the age of six years, Joshua had mastered the Greek translation and had acquired a broad knowledge of the "Hebrew" scriptures.




Probably the greatest test that Immanuel would experience during His entire incarnation as mortal Man, came when He was fourteen years of age. The Joseph family had expanded to eight children with another expected to arrive soon. The contracting business, which Joseph had developed and still managed, was doing well. Another steady income for the family was the carpenter and repair shop, in which Joseph was a partner. It was located on the edge of town at the great east-west and north-south caravan trade routes, known worldwide as The Crossroads.

On September 25, A.D. 9, Joseph was killed by a falling derrick while overseeing a construction project. The building accident that claimed his life happened to be the construction of the governor's mansion (herskapshus)for Antipas, the son of King Herod who had sought the death of Joseph's first born son, Mary was devastated(helt ute av seg), she could not understand why such an overwhelming tragedy should befall the family whose destiny was to raise and educate the "promised child."

From the time Joshua was born, Joseph and Mary were well aware that their first born son was a special child and was destined to be a great teacher. Although Mary had been instructed by Gabriel to hold the Immaculate (uklanderlig) Conception (the act of holding a concept in consciousness until it is materialized) of Immanuel's assignment as the Christ in her outer conscious, she still was not aware of the Creator Son's Celestial Mission as mortal Man.

The tragedy of His father's death caused Immacuel great concern about the training and preparation for His Assignment as the Christ. It had always been the family's intentions for the youth to continue his education in the great schools of the synagogue at Jerusalem. However, now these plans would have to be changed. As the first born son, he had been thrust into the responsibility of supporting and managing the household of a large family.

At the tender age of fourteen, Joshua Ben Joseph knew that if he was to gain further education and training for his life's work, it would have to be obtained through the actual experience of supporting the family and raising and educating his seven brothers and sisters.

He realized that the greatest lessons of life, love, wisdom, patience, compassion, fairness and knowledge, must be understood within the Mind and not through the lower vibrations of the senses. After deep contemplation, Immanuel accepted Experience as his greatest teacher. This would be his "higher education." He knew that he would need wisdom as well as knowledge.

This extraordinary' youth took over the reigns of his father's business and the tremendous responsibility of his father's family. Only a few months had passed, when his first challenge arrived. On Wednesday evening, April 17, A.D. 9, little Ruth joined the Joseph household with all of the excitement, compassion and celebration that a large, saddened, but loving family could offer. Mother Mary marveled at the warmth and compassion of the new head of the household; and the deep concern and able leadership of the young patriarch, greatly consoled her.

Because of the tremendous amount of traffic that passed through the caravan crossroads at Nazareth, the story of Joseph's death and the manner in which the carpenter's fourteen year old first born son had taken over the responsibility of supporting and educating the large family, had spread far and wide. Joshua Ben Joseph was known around the world as the wise and skillful "brother-father of Nazareth."

After Joseph's death and the arrival of little Ruth, the Nazarene family consisted of nine children, a devoted mother, and a first born son now acting as the head of the household. Following is the chronological order of the rest of the children in the Joseph family:

James, the second son was born in the early hours of April 2, 3 B.C. On the night of July 11,2 B.C., Mariam, the first girl in the family was born. The fourth member to join the Nazarene family was Thomas, he arrived Wednesday morning, March16, A.D. I. Joshua Ben's third brother, Simon, was born Friday evening, April 14, of the year A.D. 2. On Thursday night, September 13, of the following year, A.D. 3, Joshua's second sister, Martha, was born. His fourth brother, Jude, made his appearance on Wednesday evening, January 24, A.D. 5. On Sunday night, January 9, A.D. 7, his baby brother, Amos, was born. At the age of 5, after a short illness, Amos died December 3, A.D. 12.




As head of the household, the first of the many changes that Joshua Ben made in the family routine was that of the manner in which prayers were recited. While the lad had great respect for his father and mother, he did not approve of their religious practices. All prayers had to be prescribed by the priests in the synagogue and recited by memory. No voluntary, individual or personal prayers were allowed. Contact with God could only be made through the prescribed prayers of the High Priests. This was a part of the rigid control religion had over the people.

Late one evening as he sat alone at the large stone table, Joshua wrote the new family prayer. It was neatly scribed with a charcoal stick on a thin cedar board eighteen inches square. The next day, Miriam painted a color border of flowers around the prayer. The family liked it so much that it was hung in a conspicuous place in the home and repeated in unison at the begin-fling of all family meals, meetings and social gatherings. Later in His assignment, Immanuel taught this prayer and its meaning to His apostles. Although it has been altered and mistranslated many times and in many ways, it is still known around the world as the "lord's Prayer."

When Joshua attended the synagogue school and learned that girls were not allowed to be educated, he set up a school for girls and conducted classes in his home for his sisters and other girls in the neighborhood. His parents approved and supported the project wholeheartedly. When he became head of the household the classes were still continued. Later on, when it came time for Immanuel to start His Mission as the Christ, the family responsibilities were turned over to James, who was delighted and honored to continue with the special classes.

In the seminars, it is often asked, 'Was "Jesus" a Jew?" The answer is NO. There is no way that 'Immanuel could have been a Jew. The word Jew was not coined on the planet Earth until the latter part of the eithteenth century. The so-called "Hebrews," at that time, were a grand conglomerate of descendants from almost every race, tribe and clan around the known world. Their culture and religion was also an adopted, or stolen, admixture (tilsetning)of royal rites, war rituals and family customs that suited their wild and sordid (simple)fantasies of greed, lust and violence.

The embodiment of Immanuel was selected more for the culture and location of the area rather than the genealogy of His parents. However, Joseph and Mary did come from remarkable stock. Joseph descended from a long lineage of builders, carpenters, masons and smiths; while Mary's ancesters were a long line of unique and strong progenitors (stamfedre)of five major nationalities.

Palestine was a unique (enestående)area. All of the ancient trade routes and traveling caravans of the known world intersected at the Crossroads on the west side of Nazareth. As a youth, and in his young adult years, Joshua spent as much time as he could in his father's supply and repair shop at the Crossroads.

This was his education. He swapped stories and ideas with people from all walks of life from royality to the working class. As for the genealogy of Joseph and Mary their lineage could be traced back through the Sumerians, Nodites, the ancient blue race and through the Andonites to Andon and Fonta, the first family of Biological Evolution.





Immanuel's assignment as the Christ for the Picean Age was a complete failure(feil/fiasko). There are two basic reasons for this statement. First, the influential castes(de innflytelsesrike kaster), including the religions, were not ready to give up their power, greed and control over the masses. Second, the dark forces - Jehovah, Satan, Caligastia, Daligastia, Abaddon and Beelzebub -who had been cast out of Santania and being allowed to exist only on planet 606 of the system, had coerced (tvunget) the peoples of the world into social confusion, spiritual ignorance and religious slavery.

This took place only because of the greed, self-aggrandizement and spiritual weakness of the Souls evolving on the planet at that time. However, the dark forces could not influence anyone against their own choosing, unless they were willing to cooperate.

Although Immanuel's teachings were rejected, misinterpreted(feiltolket) and falsified, even by His own people, the message that He brought to the world is still the salvation of Mankind today. But, it is the knowledge of His teachings, not the person who brought the message, that is the salvation of Mankind. The reason is because it is the Truth of The Creation.

Those few who believed in Him, worshipped the man they called "Jesus," instead of what he had come to teach. They called His religion Christianity. Today this religious movement is so compromised, distorted and completely falsified that Christianity has no resemblance whatsoever to The True Creation that Immanuel taught. "There is nothing wrong with Christianity, its just that no body has ever tried it."




On the other hand, Immanuel's mission to experience as mortal Man on a form world was a remarkable success. He was brought into more severe tests and agonizing situations, both physically and mentally, than any other mortal has ever had to bear or experience on a form world. "All Heaven marveled at His strength and courage."

He accomplished what He had come to do. In spite of rejection, He taught Truth. In physical assault(angrep), be endured(utholdte) pain, suffering and ultimate humiliation(ydmykelse). In mortal combat, he defeated(beseiret) the dark forces. In spiritual achievement, he gained the ultimate victory, the Supreme Sovereignty over the universe He(?) had Created.

Immanuel's mortal life did not end at the crucifixion. He merely slowed down the vibrations of the Permanent Atom and speeded up the healing action in the expressive and voidance phases of the Creative cycle, which allowed Him to experience the pain, suffering, feelings and emotions of "death," and to show that Man has power over the voidance phase of his life. In His life on Earth, Immanuel did not perform any acts that any other mortal Man could not do if he understood the simple process of Creation and established this self-knowledge in his belief system.

After His physical body had repaired itself during the three days in the tomb where it had been laid, He rose and left that place through a secret entrance and joined Joseph of Aramathea and friends from India who were in that area. Later, in several appearances to His bewildered apostles, He explained the purpose for experiencing the crucifixion and then made arrangements to meet with them in a few days at the foot of a mountain in Galilee for the purpose of imparting(medele)to them "their last lesson."



At the last meeting with His beloved apostles, who were still awed and completely bewildered (forvirret)at His appearance, Immanuel spoke in this manner, "Behold, I shall talk to you this one last time; then I will leave and never return to this place. My path leads me to India where many of this Human race live also because they left this land in order to dwell there."

The Master was referring to the colored races, the Nodites and the Adarnites from the second Garden of Eden who had migrated to India. "My mission leads me unto them and to the Human race which was born there. My path to that place will be long, for I must bring My new teachings yet into many countries, likewise to the shores of the great black waters to the north of this place."

In His last attempt to impart the wisdom of His teachings to His devoted(trofaste), yet completely confused apostles, Immanuel summed up the purpose of His assignment as the Christ. He made it very clear that He had not come as a Messiah to a spiritually dying nation, nor to bring peace to the oppressed, but to teach Truth to many nations, to many countries and "all people who have eyes to see and ears to hear."

The Christ Principle for the Picean Age was The Power of Creation." The Master's message to His disciples included, "The Kingdom of Heaven is within. All these things that I do - you can do and even greater things."

It was not the false teaching of Peace on Earth and goodwill toward men. He continued, "Do not be fooled by the pious ignorance of Paul the agitator, for he is strongly influenced by the dark forces."

Immanuel told His apostles that there is no power outside of a person that is as great as the power within him. He explained that it was the blue flame of the Three-fold Flame of Creation-Love, Wisdom and Power. He further instructed them that there is only One Law by which Man must live - the Law of Creation.

He continued to speak in this manner: Ye are Sons of the Father. I am your brother, not your Messiah or your Savior. I am Joshua Ben Joseph, the son of the carpenter at the Crossroads. I am also Immanuel, come as the Christ Teacher for you, and as mortal Man for Me. My teaching is the Law of Grace, the final gift of The Creation. Understanding of The Creation, through the Law of Grace, is the sum and total of my teachings to you, my beloved brothers.

"This is Your last lesson from me that ye know the Truth of my teachings. As Ascending Sons of the Father, Mankind, because he is endowed with free will, is by Law held responsible for the action of that which he Creates. Free will is a gift from the Father to His experiencing Sons, but it still must function within the Law of The Creation - that which man desires, through thought and feeling, must be.

"This is the portion of the Law that takes an Idea out of the stillness of KNOWING and places it into the Motion of Being. All Mankind is entrusted with this great power of Creation, but, few there are who understand the magnitude of, or the accountability for, that which is within him. This teaching has always been the greatest wisdom for all civilizations - to KNOW thyself."

Immanuel knew that his apostles did not understand the meaning of his teachings and he told them so. He said in this manner, "Oh, ye of little faith, and less of understanding. For the last time, I will teach you how to discern the Truth. You will need this lesson for your own Truth. For most of you will deny me and falsify My teaching because you are weak in spirit and are not grounded in KNOWING. Therefore, as you teach, or join with those who are teaching, KNOW in the depths of your soul, that if a man teaches that the Father is above The Creation, then he is a liar and the Truth is not in him.

"The Father and The Creation are ONE. The Creation is the First Cause. Everything that is, originates in Cause. The Father is a symbol in Personality form, to express the nature of The Creation. If a man images a god in his mind and then worships that god as the Creator of heaven and earth, and the Maker of animals and Mankind, then he is a fool and not of the Truth.

"In his ignorance, he places himself above The Creation, for it is he who created the god. What is his god? It is the symbol of an image in his mind that he has placed above The Creation. Beware that ye do not fall into this trap, for it is Jehovah of darkness who claims to be the god of this false doctrine. Live in the knowledge of The Creation that ye may gain wisdom and thereby teach the Truth. This is the heart of my message to you".

After a final farewell to his apostles and a spectacular departure into the Light, Immanuel traveled to Damascus where he lived for about two years. During this time he was not recognized because he did not teach in public and he went by the name of Esu. The time was spent resting and preparing for the final phase of his mission as mortal Man on a form world.

Although he had substituted in the role of a father, Immanuel had not yet experienced the responsibility of a husband and wife relationship and baring offspring on a form world. This experience was not feasible (mulig) as the Christ because of the nature of that assignment.

When it came time for Immanuel to depart for India, he sent forth a messenger into Galilee to locate his brother Thomas, and his disciples, Thomas and Judas Iscarioth. Within two months, his brother Thomas reported, 'Your disciples have falsified your teachings, they say you are the Son of God and call you the Anointed One and have pronounced that you are Equal to The Creation. The High Priest and the Elders persecute your followers and stone them whenever they can find and catch them. It is said of Thomas, your disciple, that he fled and left for the land of India with a caravan.



It should be pointed out here that Judas Iscarioth did not be-tray his Master as is falsely written in the scriptures and being taught by controlled religions today. Judas was the most educated of the twelve apostles and soon became Immanuel's closest friend. He was the last to be nominated to apostle-ship, being sponsored (støttet) by Nathiniel. The first six disciples were chosen by Immanuel and then each of these were requested to nominate a candidate of their own selection.

Judas was the only one of the twelve who was not from Galilee. He was the son of a wealthy merchant of Jericho. Because there was a person named Juda Iharioth among those who were plotting to have Immanuel arrested, they paid him to identify the Teacher and then put out the word that it was Judas Iscarioth, one of the Master's own disciples who had betrayed him.

Later, when Juda Iharioth learned who Immanuel really was and what he had done to this great Teacher, he was so despondent that he went out and hung himself. Immanuel had warned Judas, his apostle, you also will become a victim in the plot because of the similarity of the two names, but hold fast and know that within one thousand years times two, your name on the this planet will be vindicated(rettferdiggjøres).

It is hoped that this humble presentation, in some small way, might help to instill in the hearts of present-day Souls, the honor and respect that this beloved disciple of the Master, deserves.

The final segment of Immanuel's life, His mission as mortal Man on the Earth, will be very difficult for the people of the twentieth century to accept because they do not wish their "God" or their "Savior" to have been a physical flesh and blood man who might have done Earthly things.

The complete story of Immanuel as the Christ and as mortal Man is recorded in scripts that have not yet been successfully released to the public, but are still safely stored for future publication. He publicly married and had several children and lived to be well over one hundred years of age.

(more  on this on norwegian in TALMUD JMMANUEL)

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After leaving the Judean area and traveling into India, a small group, consisting of Immanuel, His mother Mary, His brother, Thomas and His apostle and closest friend, Judas Iscarioth, continued to travel the length and breadth of many small countries in the area. As they stopped along the way, Immanuel continued to teach the powerful story of Creation and the responsibility of Man as the Creator of his own destiny. They were forced to keep on the move, because some people considered the teacher of new knowledge to be a revolutionary.

After several years of traveling, Mary became severely ill and passed from this plane. Immanuel was starting his fourth decade at the time and his brother Thomas had reached his age of accountability and was maturing into a fine young man. Mary's remains were cremated and buried in the land of Cashmere in northwestern India near the end of the Himalayan Mountains.

After journeying a short distance through the area that is now called Afghanistan and West Pakistan, Immanuel, Thomas and Judas settled in a small town in Cashmere, called Srinagar. This quaint little village became the headquarters for the rest of Immanuel's journeys and also the location of his home, where he married and raised his family.

Because of His extensive education, Judas was an excellent scribe. He had kept accurate and detailed records of Immanuel's life and teachings. His great admiration for the Master and his close association as a devoted friend, enabled Judas to compile an honest and intelligent discourse on the life, teachings and experiences of Immanuel, both as The Christ and as mortal Man.

Judas passed from this plane in his ninetieth year and his remains were buried near Srinagar. Joseph, Immanuel's first born son, under the astute training of his father and Judas, also became an efficient scribe and a brilliant teacher. After the death of Judas, he took over the responsibility of keeping the scrolls, carrying on with his father's teachings and continuing the writings.

Even though Immanuel was known throughout the Damascus area as a public scribe and interpreter(tolker), he never did any writings of his own teachings. The recordings were always done by Judas. He was the only apostle capable of recording an accurate and intelligent discourse of the Master's teachings. Judas also recorded the activities of the twelve apostles of the "Women's Corps." These faithful followers of the Master traveled with the other apostles and administered to the spiritual and physical needs of the women and children in the audiences.

Joseph recorded that his father passed into the Higher Realms well after His hundredth year and His body was cremated and the remains were buried at Srinagar in Cashmere, India. After Immanuel's death, Joseph traveled throughout India for several years teaching and writing and then returned to his father's homeland. He settled in Jerusalem for his remaining life span.

In order to preserve the scrolls that Judas wrote and the portion added by Joseph, they were buried in the tomb where Immanuel had rested for three days. Also buried with the scripts, was the Shroud of Turin, which had been kept in the belongings of Mother Mary. Joseph made these arrangements just before passing from the physical plane.

These items were uncovered in 1963 and the scrolls were put to print in book form as a preparation for the great "releasing of the Truth" at the end of the cycle. Attempts to publish this material have already caused much suffering and death. As we, the "Children of the lie," change the nature of our thinking and start remembering, the Truth will be available. This is all that needs to be released about the scrolls at this time.

Of course, anyone of us who desires to break the bonds of "mental slavery," and start our own ascension into the fourth-dimensional energy, can do so simply by establishing our own self-knowledge on the life and teachings of the greatest Master to ever walk the land of a form world.

Esu Immanuel's present Galactic name is Sananda, the Personality of a Commander in Chief, under whose direction all operations of the little, now famous planet of Shan, falls. Another of Immanuel's present Personalities is that of Micah, the Angel of Unity.







There are two aspects as to where we are on the Great Clock One is the physical, and the other is the spiritual. Physically, the planet is under the rule of the dark forces, now called The New World Order. This social slavery is being perpetuated by the Elite Zionists. Spiritually the planet is rapidly moving into a higher dimension of vibratory frequency, which is one reason for the tremendous increase in crime, drugs, greed, sex, violence and all manner of immoral use of this stronger energy as the planet progresses futher into the Overlap Zone On the Cosmic Clock, this planetary graduation is recorded as a Golden Age.

Each individual embodied on the planet today is a projected Personality of a "Spirit Spark." Most of these Souls have experienced in Solar Evolution as well as Biological Evolution. Others have come to Earth from different planets to serve, experience or to aid in the great physical transition into the Photon Belt. But, all Souls, regardless of who they are or where they came from because they possess the bands of forgetfulness, which is required on a form world, at this time, must make a choice.

Our universe, under the Law of Creation, is poised(klar) to take a Universal Inbreath. This is the voidance (tomrom/vendepunkts-)phase in the cycle of Creation. The reaction of that which has been expressed. The returning home of that which has ventured "out" to be experienced in Motion. It is called the Breath of Life - the Eternal Activity of cycles of Outbreaths and Inbreaths, Transformations and Rebirths. This Rythmic Balanced Interchange (utveksling)is the one constant, that crosses endless dimensions, circumvents all spheres and perpetuates spiral Motion into Eternity - all that has been Created.

The Personality on a form world is the only form of life that can choose to remain the physical body or return to the spiritual. All other forms of life are under the jurisdiction (myndighetsområde) of the Creative cycles of Motion. Marikind's endowment of free will, the gift of God to every co-Creator, makes this choise possible.

He can remain a slave to the dark forces, live out his life-span, go through "death" and then re-embody on another planet that can, tolerate the action of his lower, negative seedbed. Or, he can by the nature of his thinking and thereby rise the vibrations in his physical body, avoid "death" and stay on the planet as it moves into the Golden Age. This is where we are on the cosmic Clock - at the point of choosing, the time of sorting. It has been said, "Many are called, but few are chosen. "

By changing the nature of our thinking, we become spiritual scientists. This means that we use a higher frequency to transform Ideas into Motion. A spiritual scientist is a person who think with self-knowledge - which is a KNOWINGNESS established by his own Mind. An academic scientist thinks with information accumulated by his senses and stored in the memory cells of the brain. Self-knowledge is the individual's Truth, while information stored in the memory cells is based on appearances only, and must fluctuate (variere) with the ever changing "winds of time."

Being a spiritual scientist does not mean that an individual possesses more information, or advanced technology, or mystic secrets. It merely shows that he is thinking with his Mind, rather than relying on outside programming received through the senses. Due to the speeding up of "time" on the Universal Clock, all outside information is now controlled programming, in some manner, by The New World Order.

This is evident to the hilt (..til det ytterste..) in all facets of our culture -government, education, religion, medical, judicial and even new age metaphysics. No aspect of social control is overlooked. Their main weapon is "mind-control," trough Federal Agents who of course, are victims themselves. Using force, with police, military', search and seizure (baslagleggelse) laws, (already on the statutes) and internment camps (interneringsleire - also already in operation-"closed" military bases) are only distraction tactics.

It has been published that there are now over 250,000 Federal Agents, specially trained in "mind control," operating in The United States today. They deal in everything from child pornography and molestation (antastelser), to crime, drugs, white slavery, advertising, education, religion, health, therapy, entertainment, welfare, etc.

This is the reason why the Zionists had to railroad NAFTA (see CHAPTER – 14) through congress - it is the pay-off to the president of Mexico for allowing our Federal Agents to deal in drugs with world markets under their "cover." These situations will be discussed more later on because they help to show where we are on the Celestial Clock - how far we have deteriorated (forringet) under The New World Order's: Reagan, Bush and Kissenger. The purpose for mentioning them here is to emphasize the extreme importance for each of us to establish our own KNOWINGNESS through self-Knowledge.

This is the most urgent (presserende) lesson at this time. Studying, teaching, praying, making a living, surviving - nothing is more important for us to do, right now, than to "seal" our own KNOWINGNESS in each MOMENT OF THE PRESENT. If we do not KNOW, we cannot survive. If we do KNOW, nothing can harm us on our journey into the Golden Age.

The reason this statement can be made, is because there is no power outside of a person, that is as strong as the power within him. But, the power of KNOWING is only effective when our consciousness is in the moment of the present - our only point of power.

We are told that we cannot alter the past, nor can we know what the future holds, because the conditions for the future haven't been Created yet. However, both of these aspects of life can be accomplished if our consciousness is focused in the moment of the present. KNOWING is a state of consciousness. When we dwell in the consciousness of KNOWING, we are living in the moment of the present.




Because of the present world conditions, the Life Research Foundation was stared for the purpose of providing a nonprofit organization to study the Cause of the current conditions and how to cope with them. The aim of the Foundation is to research the true meaning and purpose of LIFE from within LIFE itself.

This is why all material published by the Foundation has been contemplated and mentally imaged by the author. Knowledge of LIFE comes from inside the Mind where everything is in picture form. Man struggles to find LIFE outside of himself, unaware that the LIFE he is seeking is within himself. It is my opinion that every Personality embodied on the planet at this time, has direct access to all knowledge, which is embedded in the Causal Body, but that he has closed the door to this portion of his inner self by accepting "outside" information.

The theme of the Foundation is to learn to solve the problems of LIFE from within LIFE. To accomplish this, we must establish the KNOWING factor because the energy of KNOWING contains the solution to every problem that Mankind may experience in LIFE regardless of its nature.

As monumental or unrealistic as this may sound, actually, it is quite simple. LIFE is the product of Creation. When something is taken out of the Stillness and put into Motion, it is given LIFE. By understanding Creation, we KNOW LIFE. The secret is in the KNOWING. When we establish the KNOWING factor of a concept, then we can solve any problem relative to that concept.

The question is often asked in seminars, "How do you KNOW when you KNOW?" You "feel" it. When you feel the KNOWING, it radiates out into all Creation. Again, this is what the Master meant when He said, the energy of KNOWING goeth before me and prepareth the way, and whither I go, the Light is already there. This is why the sensations of "feeling" cannot be identified as a sense.

There are only four senses-not five-and         they all four "feel." Each sense "feels" the vibrations of nature responses and records that frequency - that's all. The ego assesses and evaluates the information on the light wave, qualifies it according to the belief system and then files it in the memory cells for instant recall. The function, sensations and range of the "feeling" consciousness is far more intricate than the senses could ever be.

Feeling are a result not a cause. Therefore, in order to establish the KNOWING factor, we must be able to discern the cause of the feelings. The senses do not possess intelligence. They are conscious, but only to the extent of their function. Their function is to record the outside vibrations picked up by the interfaced cellular receptors, which are then processed by the ego and the outer consciousness and qualified by the belief system.

The senses cannot  evaluate that intelligence. They can only record the vibrations. Thinking is the only process that can produce sensations of feelings. Feelings cause sensations on the nervous system which are the result of a thought putting a mental picture into Motion. The senses do not possess discernment, reason or logic. Therefore, they cannot Cause or stimulate feelings.

There are two kinds of knowledge - self-knowledge and sense- knowledge. Self-knowledge is information that has been assessed and evaluated through contemplation (which is mentally imaging a concept) by the intelligence Mind (subconscious) according to the individual's master moral code and master form code, which he has agreed to live by in this embodiment, and then filed in the noetic atmosphere of the brain as his own KNOWING - his own Truth. This is self-knowledge because the KNOWING factor has been established by the individual himself. By accepting outside information, we block this process.

Sense-knowledge is information recorded by the senses, assessed and evaluated by the ego in the outer consciousness, qualified by the seedbed, and then filed in the memory cells located in the lower mental atmosphere of the brain. If there is a thought pattern in the belief system that is contrary to the individual's current thinking, then the new thoughts are rejected and the old false, confusing and negative thought patterns embedded in the belief system are fired into action, and we wonder why things always happen to us.

"As you sow, so shall ye reap." This is why we are always asking the question, "Why me? Why did this happen to me?" Knowledge is not a bank of information; it is the consciousness of KNOWING - of "feeling" the sensations of a thought in Motion. The reason we can feel KNOWING is because it is a mental picture that has been put into Motion by thinking.

This Motion causes sensations. This is why we cannot KNOW with information gathered by the senses - there is no "feeling." Accepting outside information does not divide the Idea and produce mental Motion. It is the mental imagery, produced by imagination, the language of the Mind, that causes the sensations of "feeling." Sense information is accepted without contemplation because it was Created into Motion by someone else.

The polarity and vibratory frequency have already been established. We must make it our own by mentally imaging the concept into Motion. This alters the polarity and frequency in the light wave and allows the electrical potential to carry out the desire. It is the power of our attention focused on the concept that changes the point of Mind on the polarity shaft and transmutes the old undesirable thought patterns embedded in the belief system.

Another reason why we cannot KNOW with outside information is because it is based on appearances. When that which is supporting the appearance is withdrawn or removed, then the in-formation is gone or altered and we are stuck with all this false information in our belief system that is running our life. We can-not KNOW with sensory data. We are walking encyclopedias of information-but we don't KNOW anything!

When information for thinking is drawn from sensory data and stored in the memory cells, it does not cause the "feeling" of KNOWING. This is why we have self-doubt, indecision and all manner of contusion in our life. There is no certainty in our thinking. This is also why documentation has no real value - it too is based on appearances.

If a person needs documentation in order to believe a concept, then it shows that he has thought patterns in his seedbed that are contrary to that concept. For example, if an individual finds himself in need of prosperity, then it shows that he has poverty oriented thought patterns in his belief system -otherwise he would not be aware of his need for prosperity. Or, if a person has poor health and is suffering, he does not need proof that something is wrong with his body.

In understanding the spiritual aspect of where we are on the Great Clock, there are two actions that should be examined. One, is the balancing of the negative thought patterns in our belief system' - and the other one is the establishing of our own Truth and KNOWINGNESS through self-knowledge.

The mechanics of these two actions are discussed and explained thoroughly in the first two books published by the Foundation. They are in their fourth printing and are now being studied and taught In seventeen different countries. The distribution by the Foundation is still progressing strictly without any paid advertising - just by personal recommendation.

The purpose for mentioning these two activities and for pointing out where additional information can be obtained, is to show the reader that we do not have to get swept into the mind control techniques now being perpetrated by The New World Order. Nor do we need to get caught-up in the fear, panic and self-destruction as the physical disasters increase. If the enemy can draw a person into fear, it has won the battle. But, there is a way out. It lies within the power of our own fourth-dimensional energy - the consciousness of "going within." This is our greatest protection on the planet - no force can penetrate it.




The understanding of balancing our karma and establishing self-knowledge is not for the purpose of learning, memorizing or doing something. The doing has already been done by the Twelve Archangels, the Great Teachers of Humanity for the Golden Age. They have loosed the seal which had bound the fourth-dimensional Solar Energy within every cell of the physical body.

It is the understanding of responsibility and KNOWINGNESS in relation to The Creation that allows the Mind to draw on this force field of Solar Fire. The transmuting of karma and the establishing of self-knowledge are automatically accomplished(fullført). This is what Immanuel meant when he taught, "The Kingdom of Heaven is within. Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all these things will be added unto you".

And more recently, all of the 'New Thought" movements teach "go within." In fact, this is one of the questions I was researching when I started the Foundation. 'Where is within - what does it mean - how do you go within?" Every church group, study center or individual, who took the time to respond to my query, gave a different answer.

Recently I spoke at the eleven o'clock Sunday morning hour in a prestigious 'New Thought" church. Just prior to the starting of the services, the minister urgently suggested that I refrain from speaking on two particular subjects that were a strong bone of contention among their congregation and board members. The two topics were, "The duality of Man and God" and the constant admonition (formaning)of "Going Within."

When I explained to her that I did not lecture on any particular subject, that I just had a question and answer session', she replied with a smile of relief, "Oh, that's great, that should take care of it." After a brief opening of the service, I was graciously introduced. My beginning remarks included a brief explanation as to why I used the question and answer format, then I innocently asked for the first question.

1-0 and behold, there it was, the very first one, "Would you comment on the duality of Man and God?" With a quick glance at the minister, I noticed that she had placed her hand on her forehead as though she might have been saying a prayer. Well, actually, the explanation of this concept was very simple because there is no duality of Man and God - except that which exists in thought form. Thought form is only a simulation of an Idea.

However, I was grateful for the opportunity to share my self-knowledge on the subject and thereby provide some new ideas upon which they might contemplate. There is only ONE thing in the universe and that is The Creation. All that seems to be a duality exists only in thought form. Creation is the Wholeness of the law of ONE. The Law of ONE maintains Wholeness throughout Creation. Idea is the ONE thing that Creation is. Everything in the universe is an Idea in the morphogenic field of Ideation, which is a leptonosphere that is contained within the atmosphere of every planet that has been readied for habitation.

Nothing is above, below, apart or separate from the Whole. Things appear to be into thought form. Everything that is Created is divided into two opposite condition, yet nothing is separated. They appear separate because each condition has a separate thought pattern - but the thoughpattern are not the thing. Everything is ONE - the thought patterns that divide Idea, form the separateness - not the thing.

All things are simulations of Idea divided into two equal opposite conditions that give the appearance of separation. The false illusion is brought about by Man accepting sensory information rather than contemplating and establishing his own self-knowledge. Separation is Man's term because he is thinking with outside information recorded by the senses, instead of thinking with the Mind which relies on self-knowledge.

God is the Personality of Creation. Mankind is the extension of that Personality in Motion. God, as the Personality, is Universal Mind in the Stillness of the morphogenic field of Ideation. Man is the extension of Universal Mind that pictures the mental image of that which is to be Created into Motion. We are an extension of the God Personality experiencing on a form world. The process of Creation is the simulation of an Idea in Stillness, reflected into Motion and matter, which are conditions of the Whole. If we do not know what God is, how can we find Him?

This question and discussion segment consumed about twenty minutes. Can you guess the subject of the next question? Yeah, you're right, "What is meant by going Within?" Evidently, these two concepts had caused quite a concern among the members be-cause the session ran about forty minutes past the usual closing time. What made it so interesting was that a large number of the on-going questions being asked were by the minister and the board members.

These questions are not unique to this group. I have experienced them in seminars all across the country. Probably what causes most of the contusion when people are admonished to "go within" is the fact that it is never - explained exactly where "within" is, and wherever it is, how do you go there? Most people think that "within" means the heart because of the false teaching that "Jesus" said, "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. Then in the schools, they are taught that the heart is only a physical organ that pumps blood throughout the body and has no mental faculties whatsoever. This sets up a strong guilt complex because it is assumed that they should know; yet they feel contrary belief pattern between what they have been taught and what they are being told to do.

What the Master actually taught was, "As a man thinketh, so he is in his heart." Even though the heart is a physical organ, it does house the Permanent Atom, which is located in the fifth chamber of the hart. But, because it is in the etheric energy, this spiritual center is not recognized by academic science.

The Permanent Atom is the kingdom of Heaven within. It houses the God Personality within Man. It is the "Holy Seat" of Man's I AM Presence, his Three-fold Flame of Life, his Christ Self, his Causal Body and his Soul of Humanity. The Permanent Atom, which regulates and maintains the heart beat of Life within the physical structure, is the Holy sanctuary wherein the I AM Presence of God sits side by side. with His extended self (the I AM Presence of Man) on the "Throne of Creation."

Immanuel said, "I and My Father are ONE." God said, "I AM within all things centering them. I AM without all things, controlling them."

How do we "go within?" We don't have to sit around and meditate or engage in lengthy prayer sessions to get in touch with God or our Inner Self. Our connection between the outer consciousness and the Inner Self is the Christ Self. It is called the "go-between"_body. It is in constant communication with all aspects of the inner self and in direct contact with the outer consciousness.

This is the purpose of the Christ Self Body. The reason for a mediator (mellom-mann-)body is because the perfect bodies of the Inner Self cannot be exposed to the lower vibrations of the confused, fa1se and negative thinking in the outer consciousness - being dictated by the belief system of an on-going seedbed.

All we need to do is to turn everything in our life over to the Christ Self. Then accept everything that comes into our life as the workings of the Christ Self. In this way we are not just occasionally attempting to "go within." but we are "living within." Living within the action of the Christ Self establishes the consciousness of Solar Reality. Solar Reality is physical perfection in the third dimension through conscious imagination.

Because of the importance of living under the direction of the Christ Self, I would like to share a simple mental exercise that can be used during the waking hours as often as is convenient:

"1 turn all of my decisions, desires, wants and needs over to the Christ Self within. And I accept everything that comes into my life as the workings of the Christ Self within. Therefore, I AM a Christ in the CONSCIOUSNESS of Solar Realty."

Now, this does not mean that we are a Christ in physical perfection, but that we are in the CONSCIOUSNESS of a Christ in physical perfection. What we hold in our consciousness, we become. The value of this little exercise is that it focuses our attention in the moment of the present. Remember what the Ancient Masters said, "Where the attention goes, the energy flows."




As spiritual scientists, we must be aware of the immoral pitfalls (umoralske feller) and religious traps now being perpetrated upon the "chosen people" - not the people chosen by God, but the people who have chosen to serve God - the True God who dwells "within" our own sanctuary. God does not need to choose any-one. Man chooses whom he will serve.

These deadly controls of the adversary (motstander) are already upon us. The New World Order, through bribery (bestikkelser), mind control and death, already has enough laws in the statutes to completely control every facet of our culture. Our greatest protection against becoming a victim of their mind control slavery is understanding who we are, who they are and how to get our own "house in order."

The reason for this chapter is to bring to the reader's attention some of the heinous (-avskylige-) tactics now being used, and the identify of a few of the current players involved in this deadly game of "take over," in order to prevent getting caught up in their physical entanglements or coerced (tvunget) into horrendous fear or self-destroying judgment.

On a subliminal level, we KNOW who they are and how they operate, but because we have taken on the bands of forgetfulness, we do not remember past encounters. We have been involved in this great struggle of "good and evil" through many life times and should be well aware of these religious lies and mental entrapments(feller), but by neglecting our own God-connection, we have - again, become the "children of the lie."




The great controversy between "good and evil" has been allowed to develop on planet 606 of Santania (means EARTH here) - three different time in its brief existence as an inhabited world. The first time was in Solar Evolution during the fourth Root Race when the laggards (intelligente øgler?) - were allowed to embody on the planet. This took place about 6,500,000 years ago, and brought about the temporary division of the Human Mind.

The battle was allowed to flare up the second time about 200.000 years ago when Caligastia, the Prince of the World, betrayed (forrådet) his people by joining the Celestial Rebellion. The Planetary Prince and Daligastia, his Executive Assistant, had ruled the planet successfully for 300,000 years when the Planetary Inspector, Satan, brought to the Earth the devastating report (ødeleggende beretning) of revolution in the System. Because of the Prince's betrayal, planet 606 of Santania was doomed to isolation and disharmony for the next 200,000 years. Intelligent, modified life, through Biological Evolution, was transplanted into primitive life around 800,000 years prior to the Prince's betrayal.

The third occasion of the great battle of "good and evil" on the Earth was falsely called the "fall of man." It took place about 37,000 B.C. when Caligastia persuaded Eve to default her covenant (misligholde pakten) as a Material Uplifter to the planet. The Prince, through the use of innocent-uskyldige- people, influenced Eve with a constant barrage of lies. He presented just enough truth, reason and logic to attract and hold her attention. He was a master manipulator of the powers of the Mind.

The first appearance of "evil" on the magnificent planet Shan resulted in dividing the Mind of Man into two conditions of mental awareness in order to process the lower thought patterns. The second occasion established an enemy, the adversary, the dark forces. It initiated an energy on the planet that would require Mankind to constantly choose between "good and evil." The third encounter, because of the failure of the Material Uplifter to establish the prescribed Violet Race on the Earth, brought about the opportunity for the revolting forces to take control of the masses through education and religion-the two most fertile seedbeds for deceit.

This final victory cast a foreboding shadow of doom across the relentless face of the Cosmic Clock. The skirmishes between "good and evil" on the planet would now be turned into an all-out, deadly war for the control of Man's Mind and the destiny of his Soul. Jehovah, the brilliant mastermind behind the Celestial revolt, because he had been abandoned – oppgitt - from the rest of the system, wanted the little trouble-ridden planet of Earth as his domain. This was the beginning of the infamous New World Order on the decimal planet, Shan.

There is nothing wrong with good and evil. It's just that we don't understand the nature of Creation. Good and evil are Created opposite conditions. We cannot have one without the other. It is an Idea divided into two equal opposite conditions, in order to think something into Motion. Motion is the spiritual state of Being, the principle of Creation--one opposite giving to the other. Through his thoughts, Man has put the incorrect connotation of "good and evil" on that which has been Created. All opposite conditions are equally divided in electrical potential, but never balanced in equilibrium. If they were balanced, they would no longer be divided and there could be no Motion. It is the seeking to balance at the null point that fulfills the purpose of Creation--not the carrying out of "good" or the resisting of "evil."

The value of understanding "good and evil" is to enable us to keep the electrical potential-desire in Motion--on the positive side of the polarity shaft. The fulcrum point swings back and forth on the polarity shaft in the light wave, giving and re-giving to each opposite condition according to the vibrations within the thought patterns in the point of Mind at the fulcrum point. The secret to understanding "good and evil" is to be aware of the source of our conscious thoughts.

Conscious thoughts coming from sense information stored in the memory cells must be qualified by the belief system of the seedbed because of their lower vibrations. Thoughts formed from self-knowledge, because of the KNOWING factor, override the seedbed and the action is always on the "good" side of the polarity shaft because of the higher vibrations. The "evil" opposite is still there, but we have the choice to hold the energy of Motion on the "good" side of the fulcrum point. This is the great gift of God to His co-Creator. Man calls it free will and often confuses it with will power. Man is not endowed with will power-he must Create it.

Understanding "good and evil" also shows us why "good" cannot resist "evil." If it does, it become that which is resisted, and the energy swings down the polarity shaft and strengthens that which is being resisted-the energy is no longer "good." By its very nature, "evil" can use any means to oppose "good." But "good" cannot oppose "evil" without being transformed in the process to that which it opposes. A condition cannot give its energy to its opposite without losing its own identity and taking on the purpose and the consequences of that which is energized.

The basis of understanding is that the positive opposite is charged and the negative opposite is uncharged. The only energy "evil" has is that which is provided by the positive opposite. This is why "evil" actions, if left unresisted, have to fall away of their own weight (the measure of unbalance). "Where the attention goes, the energy flows."

In the "Doctrine of the he," many "evil" deeds are committed in the name of "good" or God, but this does not transform the "evil" acts. We cannot Create something positive out of discord. The reason is because of the lower vibrations in the thought patterns. By understanding Creation, we can discern the deception in the teachings of the lie. In the seminars, the question is often asked, "If we cannot resist evil, how can victory be achieved?" Of course the answer is obvious, "evil" will destroy itself.

The very nature of "evil" pits itself against itself. The negative element of greed, violence and deception have no energy to remain in Motion if their positive opposites utilize all of the electrical potential on the positive side of the polarity shaft. They have to fall away of their own weight.

This is why any thought pattern, "good or evil," if it is not held in consciousness, that is, fed with electrical potential, will automatically go into the voidance phase of its cycle and transmute itself. A co-Creator with free will is never helpless. Man always has the power of choice. This is also where "going within" comes into play. It shows us how we can hold our consciousness on the positive side of the polarity shaft. Then, there is no electrical p0-tential energy for "evil" action.

In the Christian Bible, the false teaching of Paul admonishes – formaner- his followers to "resist evil." The Master taught, "resist NOT evil, agree quickly with thine adversary, turn the other cheek, go the extra mile, the tree always bends with the wind." By under-standing Creation, we are better able to discern what is true and what is false.

The contemplation also shows us why those who resist the "evil" actions of others, actually, take on the karma of those they are resisting. They not only become what they oppose, but they strengthen that which is being resisted. They are victims of the false teachings who get caught up in "worthy projects" and "noble causes." These impractical-minded humanitarians are drawn into "animal rights" groups, "abortion and anti-abortion" advocates, "environmental" defenders and all manner of "religious" movements, all because of the lack of understanding "good and evil," and their willingness to accept false information based on appearances instigated and staged for their own entrapment.

Another self-destructive aspect of resisting "evil" is the fact that it must first be judged in order to warrent opposing it. This is the action that draws the victim into the willingness to oppose something. The reason is because the very "evil" that one judges must be within his own seedbed, or he could not make a mental picture of it. All of the great sages and teachers taught, "Judge not, lest ye be judging that which is within thine own soul."




Immediately following the "Lucifer Rebellion," the first official proclamation by the rebels was the installation of the 'New World Regime." In great ceremony, Daligastia formally pro-claimed Jehovah "God of the World and Supreme over all." Be-cause many of the races, clans and tribes around the world had fallen into moral and spiritual disruption, they were easy prey for the "great lie."

Mind control was infiltrated into academics through the long-standing Dalamatia schools and governments. The worship of the new "God of the World," the fabricated story of Creation and the creed of "Luciferianism" was indoctrinated into the already disillusioned religions of the land. The "big lie" advocated that the new scriptures were written by "great men of God," inspired by the Holy Spirit" and sanctioned by the "God who created the world and man in six days and rested on the seventh day."

Except for the few scattered cultural centers of Solar Evolution some of the Nodite tribes, the Adamites of the second Garden, the Semites and the occasional appearance of a strong spiritual leader, the new doctrine of Jehovah, "God of the six day creation," gained a great deal of acceptance throughout the known world. The early Romans called him "Dis, God of the lower world." The ancient Greeks identified him as "Pluto, God of the dead," because they didn't know where the dead went. Confusion was the main tool of the new "Doctrine of the lie."

The idea of a God dwelling among them was very appealing. After all, Caligastia was still the titular Prince of the planet and his ability to speak to the people as Jehovah and still remain invisible was very impressive to the developing races and tribes of Biological Evolution. This is how the personal conversations between Man and God were written into most of the scriptures. They thought that Jehovah, the "God of creation," actually spoke to them.

The popular story of God creating the world, animals and man and woman in six days and then resting on the seventh day, was falsely fabricated from the six-day inspection tour of the first Garden of Eden by Adam when he arrived on the planet. Because of the gross ignorance of the True story of Creation, this ridiculous lie is now vehemently defended and taught by all present-day orthodox religions. They are so hooked on all of the big lies and are in so deep that they can't afford to change. They can't afford to be wrong.

However, the "lie of creation" did not make its appearance into the scriptures of some religions until after the teachings of Moses, the spiritual leader of the so-called "Hebrews." Moses did not accept the false doctrine of the new God of the World," nor did he teach the "great lie of creation."

Eventually, with the complete breakdown of moral and spiritual values among the cultures and religions, even to the extent of religious wars, the entire "Doctrine of the lie" made its way into most all scriptures, including the "Chistian Bible." The bible teaches through the Ten Commandments," supposedly SPOKEN to Moses by "God," "Thou you shall NOT kill." Yet all of the orthodox religions that have emerged into the present-day as being the "right one," which each of them claim to be, are the very ones who have killed the most, and who have been the most successful in plundering and destroying the property of others. "The identity of a cult is the church down the street from yours."

The Creation never uses force. Nature never takes, only man takes. The word LOVE, throughout the universe, means to give. Love is the principle of Creation. The True God of Creation is the God of Love. Each Personality must discern for himself which is the True God, the God of the scriptures, who is to be feared, or the God of Creation who never uses force or might, but always gives in love.

Moses taught the worship of the "One Universal God," which was falsely translated into the "God of Israel." He understood the KNOWING power of the True Creation within himself, but he was not permitted to teach it-only to use it and radiate it to those who were capable of discernment-skjelne-.

Moses was the great spiritual link between Melchezedek and Immanuel. Because of his extraordinary wisdom and Truth, his teachings were hidden from public records until they could be altered, rewritten and all traces of the originals destroyed. However the true records of his teachings are filed, in duplicate, in the archives at the Halls of Records on Jerusem.

The life story of Moses was also exaggerated and falsified so as to glorify the "God of Israel" and establish the "chosen people." After his ascension, Moses was assigned to Chair number twelve as a permanent member of the Four and Twenty Counselors at the System's Capitol.

After the so-called "crucifixion" of the Christ, Jehovah and the dark forces were satisfied that the little planet Shan belonged to them. Religion and education were now completely dominated by the "great lie." The Rulers and their governments were no threat because the churches owned the armies. Besides, the Kings, Emperors and Governors needed the sanction of the churches in order to perpetrate their own taxes, plunder and greed.

When the necessity for money came into existence, it was natural for the churches to manufacture and control it because they created the need for it. They became the "Keepers of the gold." Of course it wasn't long until they owned most of it be-cause the armies that did the looting belonged to the churches. Most religious wars were not fought for religious purposes.

This is why Immanuel had His apostles overturn the tables of the money-changers in the Temple. At the annual feasts, the different coins printed by various religious segments had to be exchanged into Sanhedrin money. Because of the tax collected on the exchange, Immanuel did not think it should be carried on within the confines of the Temple.





As the churches and the governments expanded, they became greedier and more powerful. Jehovah realized the possibility of one of them undermining his own power within the other. he knew that he needed both facets of influence in order to maintain complete control over all of the people. After several strategy sessions with his cohorts, Jehovah came up with two projects that would maintain a balance of power.

One was to influence the churches to trade off their armies to the governments in exchange for social control of the people. The other one was to create a secret society that would have no power of its own, but could act as a "buffer state" between church and government, wherein every facet of a person's public and private life could be exploited, rendered ineffective, or even eliminated in complete secrecy.

Both of these projects were successfully put into operation by the dark forces. The churches made a deal with the Kings, Governors and Chiefs. They would turn their armies over to the Ruling Forces in exchange for the protection of their people from invasion and for more control over the social and private life of all citizens. This was just what the doctor ordered.

The governments wanted full control of the military and the churches wanted to expand their influence into the social and private life of all citizens by having representation in every government in the land, and that is exactly what took place. With the armies, the governments could have greater home control and at the same time increase their plundering and broaden their borders. The churches would have protection for their people and a strong voice in making the laws of the land.

In designing the secret society that would act as the "buffer state," Jehovah resorted to his vast knowledge of Celestial organizations. He selected one that could easily be restructured on the Earth to attract people from all walks of life. The draft of this tremendous scheme was called "Masons," so named after the Santania Order of My Sons. The multi-dimensional nature of "Freemasonry" and fraternalism provided unlimited possibilities for all manner of devious activities.

The "brains" could remain behind the scenes, their identity could be kept secret and the blame could always be untraceable. This masterpiece of organized deception provided Jehovah with a means of direct and diabolical control of the power-potential between church and state. This giant cancer of deceit, with its lodges, temples, orders, fraternities and secret societies, all feeding from the one cesspool of the "great lie," spread around the world like wildfire.

It descended directly from Jehovah in three directions like a giant family tree with thousands of "begats." One main line of organizations descended down the center as if to be the trunk of the tree. Another line developed to the right and still another off to the left. It could very appropriately be called the family tree of deceit and death. It has secretly been referred to, by those who, down through the centuries, have dared to oppose it, "The Satanic Conspiracy to Rule the World."

The main line organizations that form the trunk of the family tree are: The Order of the Illuminate (which means the Rouse of "Lucifer," the illumined one-thus perpetuating the false story of Lucifer); The Farina Socialist Society (England); Theosophical Society (started through the Ascended Masters, but taken over by Fabians in 1891); The Cecil Bloc (Rhodes in London); Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (British Secret Intelligence Service); United Nations (New York City and Washington, D.C.-UNESCO, World Bank, World Court, World Health Organization). All of these main line puppet groups are under the direct control of the World ZIONIST MOVEMENT with headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Branching out on the right side of the tree, thousands upon thousands of all kinds of subversive, communistic and religious lodges, societies and leagues were organized, around the world, to infiltrate and pollute every culture and civilization on the planet. These purveyors of greed and control stem from one of the most corrupt families on the Earth, The House of Rothehild, Frankfurt, Germany. Today they operate within the United Nations through:

Mossad (Israeli Intelligence); Black Nobility; Tavistock (England); The Club of Rome; World Council of Churches; Institute of Foreign Affairs (Red China); just to mention a few.

Descending on the left side of the tree, also many thousands of organizations were developed more through lodges, societies and labor groups. It starts with the Order of the Knights Templar (France and England) and continues through Freemasonry: The Order of Templars of the Orient; Order of the Silver Star; Thule Society; Nazi Party; Socialist Labor Party (USA); International Workers of the World (USA); Mafia (USA); ISIS URANIA (Order of the Golden Dawn-International Drug Ring, "enough said');The House of Rockefeller New York City) just to name a very, very few.

All organizations formed any where in the world today, regardless of their nature, will now, either directly or indirectly, come under the control of the United Nations-the new "buffer state" for The New World Order. It has been intended to portray the United Nations as a weak ineffective organization, more as a mediator rather than a dominating, covert command unit. But, that

Is Just until the few remaining countries can be brought under the United Nations Charter.

This is almost completed now. In a most recent, huge step, the World Zionists in Tel Aviv, moved the communist headquarters from Russia to the United Nations in New York City. Communism is not "dead" as we are being told by our "elected officials." It is being groomed for worldwide expansion through the Monarch Project for the United Nations.

The United States adopted the UN Charter in 1983, which means that the US Constitutions is now being phased out. This is one of the reasons for all of the strange and unbelievable activities taking place in all facets of our culture today-and it's just starting-it will get much worse as the various militia groups, patriotic organizations and anti-gun control advocates are provoked and trapped into action. This is also the reason for the blatant disregard for the United States Constitution by the President, government agencies, police forces and the courts of the land. They are either being phased out or their duties converted over to comply with the United Nations Charter.

Some of our top officials are already getting their pay check directly from the United Nations--such as Janet Reno, United States Attorney General. Also, it has been published that there are over 300,000 United Nations troops on US soil. They are scattered around the country in "shut down" military bases and underground facilities. They are here for training and in ease they are needed to enforce compliance with the UN Charter.

UN police are also here to be used in local outbreaks so there will be no possibility of sympathy or communication with the American citizens involved. UN advisers and informers are also scattered among the Executive and Congressional branches of the government, agencies of the government and the Judicial System.

Published news reports show that several internment camps are already in operation in the United States for those who outwardly object to being taken over by foreign invasion or who openly express feelings of loyalty to the replaced Constitution of the United States. Relying on the courts for protection will be out. No trial will be necessary because of the Executive Orders, which have been issued, revised and already used by a half-dozen or more Presidents.

Who are some of the local players in this final struggle to control the world? How far can they go? Why are they now able to pull it off? What can we do about it? These questions and many more will be covered in the next several chapters. The important point thus far is to understand who the adversary is, how he operates and why he is so intent on taking over planet 606 of Santania.

We need to know these things so that we don't get caught in their traps. The main reason for the understanding is to keep us from judging the perpetrator. We can evaluate the action without condemning the agents because we understand why and how each one is carrying out the expression and voidance phases of his own cycle of Creation-the reflection of his own seedbed. All of the judging, opposing or resisting anyone can do will not change the laws of Creation. Each individual, as a will creature, must make that choice himself.

On the other hand, violence, judging, opposing or resisting in any manner, will not only keep us from getting "our own house in order," but will also strengthen the enemy's position. As was mentioned previously, the best way to help any situation, another person or the masses is to raise our own vibrations by understanding the Laws of Creation. The Master said, "When I raise up myself, all Mankind is raised up."

Understanding establishes KNOWING. KNOWING draws out the fourth-dimensional energy that "goeth before us and prepareth the way." Understanding, automatically takes our attention "within." "There is no power outside of us that is as strong as the power within us."The Kingdom of Heaven is within." The key to our own protection, and to helping others is to always be consciously aware of what our attention is focused on. Electrical potential, the energy that transforms desire from a mental picture into Motion, is directed by our conscious attention. "Where the attention goes, the energy flows."




TECHNIQUES OF DECEIT(falskhet-bedrag)

This chapter is not presented to judge the perpetrators, make accusations or document names, places or events. It's purpose Is to show a few of the many ways in which The New World Order is controlling the people around the world in its final effort to take over the planet Earth. All of the information about The New World Order and its manipulated slaves that is presented in this book is material that is available in the public market place today. Contemplation (ettertanke)of the concepts establishes our own Truth.

Again, the reason for presenting the material here is solely for the purpose of providing the reader with additional concepts for contemplation in establishing his own self-knowledge. The names of the perpetrators and the details of the action that is taking place in our world today are not the important issues of this presentation. (But David Icke claim certain names – search on him).The significance lies in the fact that we all have deeply hidden belief patterns in our seedbed relative to that which is taking place at this time that need to be balanced. This must be done in order to institute(iverksette/finne) our own Truth, regardless (uansett) of who is involved or what the information is or where it comes from.

Many of the ancient scripts, reports and history books have been altered, mistranslated or destroyed, but it is all still in the Akashic substance. One does not have to "read" the Akashic records in order to find Truth. In the process of contemplation and establishing self Acknowledge, the Mind has direct access to all records. This knowledge is available to every individual embodied on the planet today when he establishes his own self-knowledge and proves that he is capable and worthy of handling it without abuse(misbruk). To whom does he have to prove this - to himself and no one else, but to himself, he must.

Under the false pretense of Executive(topp-) Orders, US Presidents and top officials of our government have made thousands of sordid (simple)deals and binding commitments with foreign governments and their controlled henchmen (følgessvenner) that have completely eroded (underminert) all hopes of restring freedom and honesty under the present form of government on the planet Earth before it moves into the Photon Belt.

In the first place, the Executive Orders are illegal. There is nothing in the US Constitution that allows Executive Orders. In the second place, the illegal Executive Orders are being superseded. For example, the largest and most comprehensive listening post in the world, designed for international snooping(spionasje…), is the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), which is located in Cheltenham, England.

Although the US Constitution forbids eaves (tyvlytte)dropping on its citizens, the National Security Agency (NSA) works tightly with GCHQ deceiving the people of both nations in their daily surveillance (overvåkning)operations. The US Congress is well aware of NSA's illegal roll in this blatant invasion, but is coerced and bribed to look the other way. This is but one of the many reasons why foreign wheelers and dealers say that the US Congress, because of their tremendous greed, have not only sold~out their country, but they have also sold their own Soul.




Perhaps the greatest deception used by The New World Order is "Prepared Perception." It is the oldest gimmick on the planet used in the on-going battle of "diplomacy by deception," Henry Kissenger's forte. It is better known as the "cover up." Assassination (mord)has always been the weapon of last resort because it requires the ultimate in "prepared perception." The cover up for a 'take-out" is planned much in advance in order to set up the circumstances, the hit and the fall guy.

However, due to advanced technology, the barbaric practice of assassinating anyone who gets in the way is being greatly refined. The spirit of rivalry between the big four intelligence agencies as to who has the most 'take-outs" to their credit, the KGB in Russia' Tavistock in England, Mossad in Israel or the CIA in the United States, is now being converted over to the "One World" assignments by the United Nations as a "cover up" for the oldest and deadliest weapon on the planet.

Already developed and widely in use around the world, this secret weapon is "mind control." As an instrument of deceit, mind control was first used here on the planet in the Dalamaia schools following the betrayal of the planet by Prince Caligastia. In more recent times, under the direction of The New World Order, it was revived and put into operation at Tavistock in England.

With the unprecedented (…uten sidestykke..)advance in technology, and because of the rampant (økende..)lust for sex, the inherent desire for money and the hidden drive for power, programmed into government officials around the world, every Human Being on the Earth today is profoundly affected, either directly or indirectly by this giant, perpetuated mental cancer. The New World Order's secret code name for this heinous monstrosity is Project Monarch. It is discussed later in the chapter.

According to published reports, there are over 250,000 Government Agents and Special Agents highly trained and skilled in Microwave Electronic Mind Control, who are working as though their very life depended upon it (and it usually does) to feed the lewd, lascivious segment of our society known as our revered and trusted "elected officials." They are sanctimonious (skinnhellige..)because they have been "voted in" by the people.

Where did our glorified "protectors of the public interest" get their abnormal cravings for weird sex, excessive amounts of money and/or satanic powers of superiority? Who are these elected officials," these 'trustees of destiny"? The New World Order uses them to carry out their dirty work and some of them don't even realize what is going on. They all have one thing in common - they are products of "higher education." Our specially prepared politicians are the "cream of the Crop."

Education is one of the oldest forms of Mind Control on the planet. When North America was "discovered" and the new nation of the United States of America formed, it was desperately hoped by the Hierarchy of the System, that finally, the long awaited opportunity had come for the "Children of the lie" to wake up and start remembering.

But that did not happen, the lie was too deeply ingrained in the belief system of the beloved Souls of Shan' who made promises they couldn't keep. Again, Mind Control is the weapon. Again, higher education is the vehicle. Again, sex is the reward(belønning).

In the Land of Mu, on the Continent of Atlantis, on the beautiful Isle of Pseidonis and in the land of Macedonia, the cradle of Biological Evolution, each time, great expectations soared' each time, spiritual Men of God cut wide swaths of Truth through the troubled fields of time. Each time, the adversary, through the instrument of higher education, advanced technology far beyond Man's moral ability to handle it. And each time, the land surface that cradled those wayward (egensindig)Souls of Time, was drawn beneath the waves to be cleansed by the Rhythmic Motion of Nature.

It is not higher education that is the culprit(den skyldige). Education is just the secretly controlled medium. When students reach this stage in their life, they are already conditioned for the advanced technology, but not for the moral ability to handle it. However, this time, in order to answer the Cosmic call of "Desire to Balance," the Universal Cosmic Clock will intervene.

The masculine energy of the expressive phase of Creation must be released into the Stillness of rest. The moment on the Great Clock known as the Null Point is at hand. The micro-interval of universal non-time, this center-point of Cosmic reckoning, seeks its balance. This Omega Moment is the beginning of the end - the return to source. In the Etheric Realms, the cycle is referred to as the Universal Out-breath and the Universal In-breath. The Null Point will coincide with the planet Earth's entrance into the Photon Belt - the beginning of Shan's Golden age.

Because of Esu Immanuel's victory over the adversary during His assignment as the Christ, at the end of the cycle, Jehovah will be "bound" and no longer allowed to pursue the age-old battle for control of Man's mind and the take-over of planet 606 of Santania(Earth). After a brief cleansing period, the Earth will move into an orbit closer to the Sun.

As the cycle draws to a close, the great controversy between "good and evil" will no longer be a struggle for those who have made the choice to stay with the Earth as it moves into the Golden Age. With the recent unleashing (utløsning)of the Seventh Seal by the Arch-angels, fourth-dimensional energy is not only already available to every Human Being on the planet, but the physical body is literally saturated (bokstavelig mettet..)with it. But, each individual still must make the choice to use that additional energy to better his life, or to remain in the struggle of birth and death.

Since the year 1962, the over-lap zone of the lower and higher energies has enabled the animal and the plant Kingdoms to adjust to the higher vibrations of the stronger energy. However, Man-kind, because he is totally unaware of who he is and where he is on the Cosmic Clock, instead of adjusting to the higher vibrations, has continued his destructive ways of lowering his energy floating point. This accounts (forklarer)for the accentuated (fremhevede) mental, physical and social problems in our world today.




With the availability of advanced technology in microwave mind control and photon energy, the Zionists of Tele Vive, Israel, under the label of The New World Order, can now control and direct the life of every Human Being on the planet Earth. No one is exempt, not even their own' because they don't trust each other. "Evil" cannot win the war because it functions on uncharged leptons. Its energy must come from charged light particles on the positive side of the polarity shaft. This energy is controlled by the individual's thinking through free will.

When it can no longer draw from this source, "evil" will automatically disappear into the voidance phase of its cycle. It feeds on the energy of those who allow it, because they don't understand "good and evil." This is evil's only source of energy - those who resist it - otherwise it fills away of its own weight. If evil is not resisted, it must go into the voidance phase of its cycle.

By its own nature, "evil" must destroy itself. This is one of the purposes of sharing the material. When we understand WHY and HOW "evil" works, we don't have to get caught up in fear, the great destroyer. If they can create fear in the Mind of their victims, they have won the battle. This is also why the adversary (motstanderne)now uses Mind control instead of relying on resistance through violence. The adversary knows the Law. The individual is programmed to fear what he does not understand and to think and follow only his mental comfort zone, his programmed loyal and patriotic duty. This is the secret of the adversary's success.

Through microwave brain control, government agents can tell exactly what we are thinking, what we believe in and what we don't believe in. They can also change what we are thinking and what they want us to believe in, or not to believe in. Most people will say, "Nobody can tell me what I can think and what I can't think." This is the very resistance that makes their operation so successful.

They welcome and even evoke resistance, because they know it strengthens their position. Our own understanding and KNOWING overrides (neglisjerer)brain wave manipulation, neutralizes its polarity and automatically transmutes it back to Universal Supply. Mind control programming can only work when the victim is thinking with sensory (-sanse-)data.

By integrating computers into education and forcing the technology beyond the moral limits with programmed behavior, the government programmers can now monitor and command without any mechanical devices whatsoever on location. There is no need for surgical (kirurgiske-) implants or receiver/transducers, inoculations or even pre-programmed commands or triggers. It can all be directed with computer driven energy using microwave and brain wave manipulation.

The old methods of implants and pre-programming are still widely used today. They have been in operation since 1950, when the US Department of Defense originated its mind control phenomena to develop psychological programming and chemical formulas for providing the government with "perfect" espionage agents, "perfect" soldiers, "perfect" government workers and 'perfect" tax paying citizens.

Can you imagine what has been accomplished in forty five years? What about all of the other departments, and all of the new departments that have been put into operation since the early fifties? Of course, what worked so well for government personnel has also flourished within the fertile minds in education, religion and reluctant tax payers.

Nowadays, it is not only considered, by most people, to be unpatriotic not to pay our "fair share" of federal income taxes, but it can result in a stiff prison sentence. Our founding forefathers adamantly contended that if the people ever allowed the federal government to collect a tax' it would be the end of freedom. Mind control in the US government and with the people in general, would not have worked in America if education and religion had not "sold out" and betrayed the people.

The mind control operations and projects among the government agencies, the private sector, education and religion are now so numerous and so inter-linked that it is difficult to tell where one ends and another begins. Also interlocked are the functions of other various projects, especially those requiring detailed cover ups, such as assassinations, huge drug imports by government agents, child pornography and white slavery involving top government officials, killings and suicides for no apparent reason, international oil manipulations, "ethnic cleansing," incest and child abuse in homes, schools and churches involving important people, child kidnappings for foreign markets through NAFTA, etc. These pre-programmed heinous crimes are covered up and kept secret by intelligence agencies around the world under the guise of "classified" material and "national security."

Probably the best example of a mind control program is that of Project Monarch, the oldest and largest of the CIA's coded operations. In order to establish our own self-knowledge on Project Monarch, we should contemplate on the three aspects of under-standing. They are the origin, the function and the physical focal point.

The project is kept in deep secrecy by everyone involved being pre-programmed with FEAR and PATRIOTIC DUTY from the President of the United States down to the latest "new born" victim. As far as the victims are concerned, this assures complete ignorance of the project until the brain waves have been programmed and they are completely readied.

The psychological tinkering with Man's thinking is possible only because the victim is thinking with sensory data in binary consciousness. Their term "mind control" is misleading. When an individual thinks with his Mind, the vibratory frequency of the light waves is above that of the brain waves that carry sensory data' therefore, it over powers all relative thought patterns in the lower light waves and transmutes them back to Universal Supply.

Brain waves are used for storage only, they have no inherent intelligence to alter the thought patterns. This is the only part of the thinking process that can be manipulated because it is based on the lower vibration of appearances, instead of the higher frequency of KNOWING. Because appearances are temporary, these thought patterns can easily be changed and manipulated.

On the other hand, light waves that carry thought patterns coming from the Mind contain the mental picture of that which is to be Created. This Etheric design originates in the Stillness of Idea which is the imagination of God, the Personality of The Creation. Man's Mind, through thinking, puts that Idea into Motion on the form world. No force outside of a person can alter or manipulate the co-Creatorship of another individual. This is a gift to Man from The Creation and cannot be affected by light waves that contain an electrical potential on the uncharged, negative side of the polarity shaft. This is our greatest protection.




Originating in a CIA's subsection, Project Monarch went through several code changes. By 1960, a new psychological approach had been adapted to further deceive the victims and assure a firmer cover up to the general public. The Elite Zionist started labeling the operations and projects after bible terms to cover up the conspiracy and promote (forfremme)"spiritual warfare" as coming because of biblical prophesy, and therefore, there was nothing anyone could do about it. This move prompted the label, Project Monarch. The new ploy (knep)was overwhelmingly effective and greatly increased the victims intensity of fear and duty.

The idea of developing a vast network of mind control operations around the world, actually began early in the century. With the unrest in Europe and the industrial boom in the United States, higher education, which has been completely controlled for thousands of years, once again was called upon to push advanced technology beyond the people's moral ability to cope with it.

The plan was to experiment in Germany and Russia and when the technology was ready, move into the United States for the final take-over. In 1937, Hitler's global operation was secretly labeled, "The New World Order." A small group of German Nazi and Italian Fascist scientists, not only developed the technology, but they themselves, eventually, became victims in their own plot. By the late 1960's, the technology was far enough along to be used for its own cover up. This is the key to its phenomenal success. All mind control programs now automatically provide their own built-in cover up.(dekkhistorie)

Although all organized religions were completely controlled, near the turn of the century, the so-called Christian movement was getting too strong in political influence. In order to combat this imbalance of power, the Zionists created the Communist Party to oppose and infiltrate the Christian organizations. This also involved the sudden surging (bølger)of New Age movements. When the Zionists put a new plan into operation, they always start and finance opposition groups to find out who their enemies are. In the early days, the leaders of these groups would be eliminated, the followers based and, eventually, the financial sup-port discontinued. However, if the group could be re-organized into an on-going information unit, such as the John Birch Society, it would be continued. Nowadays, with the advanced technology, the names of all of those in opposition to The New World Order, become candidates for Project Monarch.

Another method being used by The New World Order to make the take-over changes on the planet is that of creating false problems or fabricated conditions, organizing the opposition to it, and then, through coercion and bribery, "offer" the solution to the problem or condition, which would be the desired change in the first place. An example of this heinous deceit is the recent whopper (kjempeløgn)pulled off by President Ronald Reagan and Vice President George Bush. It's New World Order label is NAFTA, North America Trade Agreement. It also was an illegitimate child of Project Monarch.

NAFTA is the greatest act of deliberate treason and the most blatant "sell-out" of a nation of people in the history of our beloved planet Earth. The erosion of moral and economic values by Communism was a Sunday School picnic compared to the devastating damage that NAFFA has already done in the few years it has been in operation.

If the reader has any difficulty whatsoever in evaluating some of these statements, contemplation on the following questions should be helpful: Why the recent uncontrollable surge –bølge- in drugs in the United States? Why the wild rampage in crime, the weird sex acts, killings and suicides for no apparent reason? Why the sudden flurry of missing children and teenagers? Why are children killing their parents and parents killing their babies? Why the tremendous increase of people flocking to "therapists"-What better way is there to program the sleeping public?

Ronald Reagan, George Bush and de Ia Madrid, then President of Mexico, all victims of Project Monarch, opened the floodgates at the border point in Juarez, Mexico for a pre-planned and well orchestrated, world-wide avalanche of drugs to pour into America and for child pornography and white slavery to flow Out of the country to foreign markets.

There are three major projects that The New World Order has scheduled for completion in the 1990s. The first is NAFTA, which has already been completed and is responsible for the tremendous surge of drugs across the country. The second is the Health Plan. Its purpose is not to provide health care for the people, but to force every American citizen into a card-carrying potential victim for Project Monarch. Currency Devaluation is the third project. The plan is to devalue the domestic currency by a limited exchange ratio with new colored bills on a monthly basis. of course the time element is constantly changing because of the tremendous impact of Project Monarch on public opinion.