Think yourself a poor-child-house150years ago, where “lost children” grew up under poor conditions. They were placed there because their parents were poor and ignorant. But they grew up, and later moved away from this poor-house, and got their own children and grandchildren. And for every new generation, they got more rich – both spiritual- and physical-material seen.

Therefor comes their descendants one day – after so many generations – back to this children-poor-house where their far relatives one time grew up. They return because they want to see and understand how their own great-great-parents lived and survived. Besides – they want to help those children who still live and grow up on this same poor-house – because they feel a natural relationship to them who still grow up on this same place their far ancestors grew up, even though the childhome is in better condition today.

This is a symbolic/analogous on how those who“grew up” in the far past on this earth – placed here of “bad parents” – plus as refugees from wars that raged other places in cosmos, slowly grew out of their ignorance. But sometimes the high-tech was forgotten, because sickness, wars and other disasters blocked all kind of development, and everything degenerated through milleniums.

But through new ages, this turned, and with the help from the “richer relatives” (richer in spiritual insight) – the knowledge and technical help to master mind and matter was once again developed. So they could after some time create contact, exchange ideas and insight + visit their “richer relatives” out there.


But after ages, it all repeated itself – everything degenerated into spiritual blindness, decadence, darkness, wars, barbarism, natural-disasters and cosmic blindness.

But the evolution went on, and a slowly upward direction was started again, but restrained of the repeated elements of the same primitive mind.

And there we are today – our far relatives are here again  - careful visiting. Some
returns out of "bad conscience."  But they know that we – their far relatives – have forgotten them so long ago, and now only are afraid of them – not recognizing them!! What a tragedy!!