The space-contact-man (see preceding), told him of some spacepeople that took an enterely earthly warship for the purpose of a "space/cosmic museum" on a far planet!!

This happend in nov-1951. The battleship of Brazilian nationality, was sold to a british marine salvage company and was to be towed to england from brazil by 2 tugboats. It was a ww1 vintage-ship. A storm happend, by the Azores, and the whole 20k-ton ship disappeared without a single trace!!

Data for Brazil Battleship Sao Paulo - picture below; 19,300 tons, L=543 feet, maxspeed 21 knots, Laid down in 1907, launched on April 19, 1909 and commissioned in July 1910



Here one of the tug-boats ”Bustler” - that was
hired to tug this ship from Brazil to England in
nov.1951- the 2 tugboats had no problems -but the big ww1 warship suddenly disappeared!!


(extract from this ufo-contact book - on the contact to this person from a normally frequency-raised level of Venus).

"During the course of one of my many, enlightening meetings with my Venusian friend, I somehow arrived at the topic of mysterious disappearances of things on Earth such as, boats, airplanes, people, objects and the like. My friend patiently listened to the various incidents that I would bring up, and then he would try to give me an explanation for them. There are, perhaps, hundreds or even thousands of unexplainable occurrences that have happened on Earth since accurate recordshave been kept. I think this particular “scoop” takes the cake.

On one occasion, the Venusians actually removed from this planet, of all things, an entire naval battleship! There was a need, on the part of the space people, for an authentic Earth warship for some specific purpose. I was not told as to just what this purpose was, other than to say that this particular ship was taken to another planet, in a galaxy very distant from Earth. It was to have a special use by the planet’s inhabitants, and this was all that I was made aware of, except, that after this use, it would be placed in the “Museum of Space” on that planet. The space people had been on the “look-out” for such a ship since about the turn of the century, on Earth.

 Their requirements were that the chosen Earth ship had to be constructed entirely of metal, and that it would possess armament and guns that fired projectiles.

Apparently, an old world galleon simply would not do. In this case, only a fairly recent warship would do. The space people got their chance in November of 1951. Such a ship was soon to be available.

Up until this time, the space people had to wait for the precise conditions for their “snatch”. They could not, of course, attempt to take a current, modern-day warship with all its crew, and “pluck” it right out of the water in front of a fleet of witnesses.

No, this particular ship had to be an out-dated, and useless ship that could be “isolated” in the middle of the ocean for “removal”. The Battleship, which was of Brazilian nationality, was sold to a British marine salvage company, and was to be towed to England, from Brazil, by two ocean-going tugboats. The ship was of World War I vintage, and was extremely seaworthy. While the battleship and her two escorts had been underway for some time, a storm developed as they approached the Azores. Mysteriously, in the midst of the storm, the 20,000 ton battleship completely disappeared! And without a single trace or clue as to what happened.

Obviously, everyone thought the ship naturally went to the bottom, having sunk in the storm. What else could have happened? Where else could it have gone?

Alas, the space people had arranged the “set-up” to look the way it did, for obvious reasons. They actually “created” the storm as a diversion for the two tugboats. Suring the storm a small mothership descended through the squall and literally “scooped” up the battleship.

This feat was accomplished by utilizing an electro-magnetic “tractor” beam which drew the ship up from the waters below. With the battleship securely aboard, the mothership quickly departed and proceeded to another star system to deliver it’s “catch”. 

Meanwhile, the storm subsided and the crews of the tugs could not believe their eyes when they looked about and didn’t see the mighty battleship.

When the ship was “taken” there was one person aboard her. Hewas not taken against his will, for he had agreed togo. This agreement was done on a psychic level, and was done long in advance of the happening. He had previously, sub-consciously arranged his circumstances as such, as to be the ship’s tender for it’s voyage to England. The man wanted to leave the planet, and he was going to do this by means of an accident resulting in his death. By mutually “contracting” with the space people, in his dream-state, he agreed to leave with his physical body. He obviously would be presumed lost at sea and drowned when word of the ship’s disappearance reached the media.

The part of all this that really floored me was the fact that my space friend told me that I could find a magazine article on this ship’s disappearance right in my very house-today! He told me exactly what to look for and just where the magazine would be lying. Later that afternoon, as soon as I returned home, I raced into my parent’s bedroom and went to a bookshelf that my mother had used to store old books and magazines in.

Sure enough, after rummaging quickly through the piles of books, I  came across a February, 1957 issue of PAGEANT magazine, just what I was instructed to look for. In it, I found a reprint article entitled, “MISSING – ONE BATTLESHIP”. Here was the story of the mysterious disappearance of the Brazilian battleship, Sao Paulo, as related by the crews of the tugboats. I read it hurriedly: It was just as my space friend said it was, at least the part that was apparent to the people who did the investigation of the disappearance. They could only be objective, bur I know the REAL story, and an incredible one at that! I have included the article forthcoming in this book so everyone may see for themselves.

One last thought. Let’s all NOT get the notion that every plane, boat, or person that has disappeared has been “taken” by the space people. This is simply not the case. Only a very small percentage of the things that are unexplainable have had anything to do with people from other worlds. All so-called mysterious things that have happened, or will happen, carry with them very logical explanations.

Finding them out is, or course, something else. There is still one thing that still puzzles me. Why would my mother still have a 1957 magazine lying around in 1962 when all the others were fairly recent?

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from PAGEANT magazine, February, 1957:


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