of Anne Puryear from 1992.

About the suicide of her young son and the communication to him later.

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readers wrote:

"Mom, I had to get away and think because I didn't know if life is worth living..."

"So begins the story of Stephen - his life, his suicide, and afterlife - told in the deeply moving words of his mother. Stephen took his own life when he was fifteen years, three months, and fifteen days old, because he felt it hurt more to live than to die. Unsparing in her emotional honesty, Anne Puryear tells of Stephen's short life, his heartbreaking final moments, and her own search to understand the suicide of her cherished teenage son."


"In the suicide notes discovered in a spiral notebook in his pocket, Stephen promised to explain his actions to his mother at some later date. For a time, Anne didn't see how she could go on. But hers is a story of hope and healing. As Anne searched to understand Stephen's suicide, something remarkable happened: she found a way to communicate with him beyond the grave. With the power of faith and the gift of spiritual openness, Anne learned to connect with Stephen in the spirit realm, beginning a series of astonishing conversations in which Stephen answers her many questions while reaching out through her to help others in crisis."


 "Describing the circumstances of his suicide, Stephen offers lifesaving advice for kids and parents that will prevent others from committing this tragic, irreversible act. Guided by Stephen's determination to build a bridge between the worlds of the living and of the spirit, the book of  Anne Puryea;  Stephen Lives! is a journey of faith and hope, revealing universal truths of life, death, and afterlife that will comfort and inspire all who journey with them."


”A credulity-straining account by a deeply grieved mother of her son's brief and troubled life on earth, his suicide, and his soul's happier existence in another dimension. Puryear, who now - with her husband, runs a holistic center and church in Arizona called the Logos Center, is seriously into interpreting auras and channeling. She asserts that not only did her deceased 15-year-old son, Stephen, ask her to write this book, but he dictated a substantial portion of it. As she tells it, spirit guides conversed with her for years before her son's death; thus, her belief that Stephen carries on lengthy conversations with her is not surprising.


As she describes her own unhappy life -- she repeatedly married the wrong men, and she ignored the clues Stephen gave her that he was a boy in need of help -- a picture emerges of a credulous, guilt-filled woman. The book's message, as expressed by Stephen ``from the other side,'' is that most suicides can be prevented if kids can be reached soon enough, relieved of peer pressure, helped to develop self- esteem, and put on the right diet. For a message from the spirit world, it sounds oddly mundane. An appendix contains excerpts from various sources on suicide prevention; a directory of resources for suicide survivors and those struggling with such problems as alcoholism, drug abuse, and eating disorders; and an extensive reading list on angels, reincarnation, suicide, love, diet, and allergies. The notion of communicating with one's deceased loved ones has long had appeal to many, and some bereaved parents may find this book persuasive and even helpful. Skeptics, however, are more likely to view it as the sad product of a New Age mother's remorse and unresolved grief.


As increasing number of people are finding, experiencing, or going thru in those times – being more and more unfitted for living in long-lasting relationships, plus the karmic dept from former physical incarnations; yes - also the author here tells of her unstable relationships. )*

)* the main spiritual cause for this, is the SLOWLY spiritual transformation taking place on the ‘soul-level’ of the being, plus always out of KARMA, out of pre-lives of the last lived in the physical level of this Earth. For deeper study of this, investigate into book 5 of Martinus’ main-work (‘Livets Bog’ 5- not translated into English or published pr.june17 when this is written) but a summary on some descriptions of this slowly process - going thru many incarnations, is here;   more

Of cource - this is not so satisfactory; safely; confidently for the children – but it is some of the ‘psycic pain-experiences’ the soul will have to experience on the  eternal life-road, on THIS particular evolution step. Such for the children, (the insecurity by)  “constantly” having or getting new ‘fathers’ one or more times. (Also sometimes ‘new mothers’ – but not so common then).

  So the first chapters of this book is on turbulent personal life of  her (Stephens mother-and-) families, and esp.the one with ‘Richard’- who was a dogmatic, religious man of the old school, where  rigor should be the way of upbringing the children. As he was not able to ‘produce’ children by his own, he adopted Anne’s 2 former small boys, as well as - some later -  the family adopted 2 small girls – the last from the infant stage.

But the disorder in the family just went on and on, and the children that had been harmonious, began fighting and quarrelling more and more, all the times. They (she at first) also searched professional psychological help, but nothing really helped the growing and lasting disorder in the family. As she meant - came out of Richard's old, primitive, attitude.

 Then one day she found a book in a storehouse of  Ruth Montgomery about life after death and communication with those levels. This became a turning point, a new life-view for Anne.

 Some Scan from p.42-45 about this:

 from chapter 3 of book STEPHEN LIVES! Of Anne Puryear:


To this day, I believe that God saved me because I was too weak to save myself. A trip to the grocery store is rarely a life-changing experience. But for me, on the afternoon of January 10, 1972, it was.

I welcomed the opportunity to get out of the house for a few moments of peace. I even drove to Giant Food, a grocery store farther from the house, because they carried clothes, books, and items that were not in most food stores then. All I really needed was milk and bread. I was disappointed when I discovered that I had forgotten my checkbook and had very little money with me. Shopping was sometimes therapeutic, and I needed that with all the turmoil.

I walked past the book section and was drawn to a small paperback with a blue cover. As I was reading the title on the front, Search for the Truth, by Ruth Montgomery, a loud voice right behind me said, "Buy that book!" (more on Ruth M's books on the AFTERLIFE)

I turned around to see who had made such a suggestion.

 There was no one there! No one! I was the only person in the entire department. I even looked in back of the book­shelves to see if someone was hiding and playing a joke on me. No one was there. My heart began to race. Something unusual had happened. I didn't even know the word "para­normal" at the time, but had I, it would have been appro­priate to describe my experience.

I bought the book, climbed into the car, and headed for home. I was still shaken by the voice, wondering what it meant. I reasoned that if a voice out of nowhere told me to read a book, at least I'd consider reading it. I didn't tell Rich­ard about the voice. He would have thought I was crazy-crazier than he already thought I was. I couldn't wait to read the book. I felt as if something wonderful was about to happen, but I had no idea what.

 The book was fascinating. Ruth Montgomery, a former political writer during several presidential administrations, wrote convincingly about her experiences with her guides and helpers from the spirit plane. People who had died spoke to her. They dictated books from the "other side." I was intrigued by her story - even more so when she revealed that everyone had such guides.

Ruth Montgomery's guides told her that people lived after they died, discarding their physical bodies. They worked and learned on the spirit plane, and they were able to communicate with us on the physical plane.

Ruth Montgomery wrote that a man named Edgar Cayce had been able to lie down, go to sleep, and travel into the spirit realm. He then began speaking and bringing informa­tion from that realm. It was dramatically clear that it was accurate information that was completely unknown to him when he was awake. These "life readings," as they were called, had brought help and healing to many people.

The book read like sacred scripture to me. It filled in all the places I had always thought were missing. It spoke to my soul, my heart, my mind. I felt as if I'd been asleep most of my life and had just awakened. I was so excited I couldn't sleep or eat.

I felt intuitively that the truths this book contained could change people's lives because no one ever had to fear death. People who died could still communicate if we learned how to listen. A few of them were even assigned as guides, for periods of time, to help those of us who were still living. How wonderful!

The next morning, after a sleepless night, I rose early and sat alone in the living room in the blue reclining chair. I often sat there to relax and think when all the children were asleep or at school. My thoughts were filled with the revela­tions in Ruth Montgomery's book. As I tried to make sense of what I had read, I looked at the wall. Something moved! There were pictures on the wall, moving pictures! Some were of people I knew; some were of me. It was like a movie, and somehow I knew the scenes I was viewing were yet to happen. This was the future. I was amazed and blinked my eyes. I discovered I could still see the pictures with my eyes closed. I relaxed and allowed it to happen.

Besides future happenings, I saw what seemed to be vi­sions from the past. A battlefield with soldiers appeared, as if I was viewing it from a hill. Men in armor with swords and spears were fighting one another. It reminded me of Roman soldiers from a movie, but a movie I hadn't seen. I could see the maneuvers in a 360 degree circle from atop a hill, yet I was watching from my chair. How was that possible? I watched for a long time. No one seemed to be win­ning, although men were falling down and dying in battle. Then the "movie" stopped.

I was amazed. But as if that weren't enough, a voice began to speak to me, then another voice, then another. There were three distinct voices. They identffied themselves as my guides. I couldn't see them, but I could hear them just as if they were speaking out loud, only the voices were inside my head. I wondered if I was going crazy. The voices assured me I wasn't crazy at all, just finally able to hear them. They told me they had once been alive in physical bodies but were now assigned as my guides and had been waiting to communicate with me when I was ready to lis­ten. They said that they were assigned to me for the next few years, would never interfere with my free will, and that I could stop their voices at any time, just by asking. They further said they didn't have all the answers, but if I asked them things they didn't know, they would try to find the answers from those with more wisdom.

My mind was racing with confusion and disbelief, but my guides were patient and understanding. They suggested that the next day at 2:00 P.M., before the children came home from school, I sit at my typewriter. They would talk to me, and I could type what they said so I wouldn't forget it. It didn't dawn on me to say no. They told me they could see the pathway only somewhat more clearly in all directions than I could. Further, one of the guides told me that I had been meditating all my life, not even realizing it, during the times I sat silently and reflected about my life. Another said that I should never be aftaid because my prayers had created an aura of protection around me. They said I should always pray before receiving guidance, and I would continue to have that protection. If anything was ever revealed that made me uncomfortable, I could challenge it until I felt at ease with the information. If I still felt doubtful, I could refuse to listen or accept it. In that way, I would not be misled. I didn't tell anyone of the experiences. People would have thought I had lost my mind, even if my guides assured me I hadn't.

Shortly before 2:00 P.M. the next day, I pulled out my manual typewriter, set it on the dining room table, and placed a clean sheet of paper through the roller. I was a fast typist and this was an easy mode of expression for me. Still, I was somewhat embarrassed. It felt kind of silly. Perhaps I had imagined the voices. Maybe I would sit there at my typewriter and nothing would happen. I began to pray.

Promptly at 2:00 P.M., one of the voices began to speak. I looked around to see its source. It seemed to be coming into my head from outside to the left but, again, I was hearing it inside my head. Then another voice spoke from behind me, and another to my right.

The voices said to breathe deeply and relax, not to be afraid, and to begin my meditation with a prayer. I repeated the prayer they gave me: "I ask for the very highest spiritual guidance to come through. I ask to be protected by the white Christ light and to be a clear, pure channel of truth. May all things I receive be helpful and hopeful."

Then the voices instructed me to wait until I saw a white cross. That would be the sign from the Spirit that only the highest and purest guidance would come. I did so, and when I saw the cross I prepared to begin.

"Listen, so your own thoughts won't intrude, and type what you hear," the guides instructed. I listened, and began to type the words I was given. Often, I stopped typing and questioned them. They instructed me as if I were a child just learning to read or write. Sometimes they gave me one letter at a time until I got it correct and then a word at a time when my thoughts wandered. They explained that they were communicating with me at a soul level, telepathi­cally, putting their words into my thoughts. Their thoughts could enter my head if I would allow them to.

I discovered years later when using biofeedback equipment, that the act of "listening" would alter my consciousness to an alpha or theta brain wave pattern. At the time, I knew only that when they said "Listen," something hap­pened and then I heard them clearly. I often described it as "clicking down" to hear. The information given to me ranged through many subjects such as how the world was created, life after death, the work I was to do, and my children. There was also information about other lifetimes, other incarnations. They spoke about a God of love, about Jesus, about wars and man's inhumanity to man. True to their promise, when I questioned something, they carefully explained and let me ask as many questions as I wished.

Nothing was ever given that didn't make sense. When they didn't know an answer, they told me they would try to find out before our next session, and they usually did. The guidance continued for an hour.

When I asked them who they were, they asked me to just use their initials, J and M and G. One said he had been a writer and that I would know his name. It was not impor­tant who he was; instead, I needed to concentrate on receiv­ing the information he had to share. Another said I wouldn't know who he was but others might, and he didn't want to detract from the guidance by revealing his identity. The other said I didn't know him but had known him in another place at another time.

The pictures on the wall continued, but by now I knew I was seeing them inside my head, without my physical eyes, and I could turn them on and off. They were not always significant things, but they were evidential in that I saw them before they happened, and I continued to see things that seemed to be from the past. All the while; as I contin­ued to listen, the ability to communicate with my guides became stronger and clearer.

Later, filled with joy and hope at what was happening to me, I thought this might help to heal my marriage, too. I begged Richard to read Ruth Montgomery's book, but he wasn't interested in it. I talked to Stephen and the children about some of what was happening, but I didn't want them to get in trouble with their dad until I saw where all of this was leading.

 I was growing and gaining faith and confidence, but in the beginning things changed very little. Richard refused to listen to my gentle urging that he share in my discoveries. More and more, the children and I formed a bond that did not include Richard, but did include a growing faith in a loving God and a hope for a better future.


End extract of this part of book. See similar case below.

 a some similar story- see below as youtube

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Messages From The New Earth (EVENT) [Angela Gabrielle];