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Richard Miller's  ufo-contacts in audio from the...:

"Richard Miller Radio Series ( 1956-1974)"

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How many of you remember the late Richard Miller and his channeled communications? Wendelle Stevens was on of the members in the Richard Miller channeling sessions at Victorville, California for nearly two years when a series of miraculous sessions began. Wendelle will play a recording from one of the sessions and give you a first hand account of this amazing story!

Richard Miller became a contactee around 1954. Prior to that time he served in a branch of the armed forces that later became the U.S. Air Force, was personally knowledgeable of the UFO phenomena taking place in the 1940’s, and participated in some top government UFO studies. After becoming a contactee, he actually spent time aboard an alien craft by invitation of its occupants (the same aliens who had previously made physical contact with our President Eisenhower).

At the time of contact, he lived here in Michigan. He became a channel around which a group formed to study the messages he was receiving. These recordings are classic and the information contained in them are more pertinent today than ever before. The first two series were aired on radio in California in 1956 and 1958 and predate much of what has transpired in technology and knowledge of alien visitations today.


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The Richard Miller "Solar Cross Series" Radio Series (1970) below. In those one can hear the warnings of the ENVIRONMENT PROBLEMS we now- 30-40 years later, see coming into effects. Well - all have to learn thru SELF-EXPERIENCE!!

#1- Halls of Grandeur (Mon-ka) (T-19:37)

#2- Semantics & Thought (Soltek) (T-18:59)

#3- The Discovery (Sun) (Mon-ka & Soltek) (T-22:16)

#4- Effects and Coming Events (Soltek) (T-22:32)

#5 Perspective (Esola) (T-12:49)

#6- Man (Mon-ka) (T-10:12)

#7- Events and Worls Changes (Soltec) (T-20:11)

#8- Atlantean Time Capsules (Hatonn) (T-16:06)


The rest (most)

Remark that many of the contact-people then in those "early days",  did not (fully) realize, the INTERDIMENTIONAL aspect of their contacts ( 'Edw.James'), but some - f.ex. those from Borealis thru (a similar radiocontact?) to Rolf Telano (and others) - told of their own multil-dim.capacity in travelling and "body-frequency-fitting" into our "eartly level". ( - in "A spacewoman speaks" pdf-link )

on youtube on Richard Miller from Wendelle Stevens

Excerpts from Star Wards

Dear Friends:

I have received inner guidance to share with you several key excerpts from one of the classics in the authentic extraterrestrial literature: Star Wards, channeled by Richard T. Miller and published by The Solar Cross Foundation in 1979.

On 7 January 1948, Richard Miller was an eye-witness to the early stages of the so-called UFO cover-up following the death of Captain Thomas Mantell, who lost consciousness and crashed while attempting to pursue a UFO in his F-51.

On 30 October 1954, Richard Miller was contacted by Soltec of Alpha Centauri, a fifth-dimensional space being of the Galactic Survey, who informed him that they had already contacted the political leaders of Planet Earth with very disappointing results and that they were now beginning to contact ordinary citizens capable of telepathic communication.

On 7 December 1955, Richard Miller began serving as a conscious channel for telepathic messages from fifth-dimensional emissaries of solar and galactic government, such as Hatonn, Korton, Voltra, Soltec, Sutko, and Mon-Ka.

On 12 February 1958, Hatonn transmitted a momentous message which included the following words: "Soon our physical presence on earth is called for. Earth is about to experience the dawn of a New Age. The Human Race... is about to become extinct. Those who remain on earth will have made a transition and will now be MAN....Even as we speak, a Great 'Light" from the cosmos draws closer to the Solar System containing earth. Soon it will fill the heavens, and the earth will be transfigured." (page 45)

"In the year 1962, Kadar Sutko of the Solar Tribunal became a representative of the Galactic Tribunal. The Solar Tribunal on Saturn elected Mon-Ka, of Mars, to be the new leader. Mon-Ka, now officially Kadar Mon-Ka, began his new position and duties at that time." (page 177)

On 22 September 1970, Kadar Mon-Ka revealed: "The earth is unique in that it is the only planet where combativeness and competition between life forms exists–where the 'survival of the fittest' is the supreme order. Now, perhaps, you will know why, through eons of time, we have been so concerned about the planet earth." (page 185)

On 23 September 1970, Soltec predicted: "The constitutional form of government, under which the United States has existed, will cease to exist. It will be replaced by a so-called benevolent dictatorship....It is necessary, people of earth, to state that many upon your world will face death for lack of food....Your national history...will be besmirched by much more intense forms of imprisonment, because your new-found leaders will not tolerate dissension of any type...That which I have described to you at this time will...occur within the next thirty of your years....At that time, a transition towards a beneficial new age in your world will start to occur." (pages 189-191) (comment rø: was not to be SO bad, but the 'light-braking-forces' won a part-victory when Reagen came into office 10years later (and similar Thatcher in UK), but it then never came to be SO bad as predicted).

On 30 May 1973, Kadar Mon-Ka submitted the following eloquent request to the members of the Saturn Tribunal who govern our solar system: "As it is known to many who are gathered here at this time, I have had the honor of representing the planet earth, as its unknown advocate, before this body. And, if you will pardon my levity of the moment, my responsibilities in accepting the office of the Kadar of this Tribunal, instead of relieving me of certain duties, merely added the weight of responsibilities to which I am now happily accustomed....For, it is known amongst all of you that there is responsibility and...that there are upon planet earth our people, our brothers and sisters, who in a coming day and time will realize a reunion that they never dreamed existed. I most humbly submit for the approval of this Tribunal, for the actions of the Galactic Council, the request that there be rendered all assistance possible to those men and women upon planet earth who are sincerely seeking for an understanding of who they truly are, what they are to be, and an answer to the riddle of why they live their lives. It is within the scope of our abilities to present this knowledge and an understanding to those upon the planet earth who ask to receive it." (pages 221-222)

On 28 March 1975, Hatonn had this to say about the radical changes that we are now in the midst of: "Oh people of earth, you are undergoing change. Even as these words enter your awareness, your bodies are changing....All matter upon your world is changing--the result of your earth returning to its natural state after so many eons of existence in an unnatural state....All about you, that which has seemed real to your peoples is now being exposed as illusion....You are witnessing throughout your world the massive failure of your governmental systems. You are seeing... the hypocrisy, the fraud, the deceit that is present in these governmental bodies....Your governments, as those who are governed become aware of how they have been manipulated and misled, will crumble....When your planet has undergone the transition that it is now experiencing, there will be no falseness in your environment. Only that which is true will exist....You either live in the Light, in truth, in reality, or you will not exist upon the planet earth, for any other condition will find the earth to be inhospitable." (pages 270-271)

On 20 August 1978, Korton predicted : "There is coming a time when our appearance will be made to all of earth's peoples." (page 338)

Also on 20 August 1978, Kadar Mon-Ka addressed the following words to the Saturn Tribunal (active/existing on a some higher level of "matter"): "As all of you have been made aware, I have chosen to represent the planet in this system termed earth, as their unknown and unofficial representative, I speak therefore at this moment, not as Kadar Mon-ka of this Tribunal, but as Mon-Ka, a representative of the planet earth....Your
affirmative action will shorten the span of time necessary for our objectives to be reached, that of bringing as many of humanity as possible into a heightened degree of awareness-- so they will be able to comprehend us and successfully function in the new vibratory state that the earth is approaching." ( pages 341-343)

On 27 October 1979, Kadar Mon-Ka concluded the transmissions for the book Star Wards with these words: "To all of you on Planet Earth, a time of enlightenment and a great awakening is soon to be experienced....All life forms that have or will have achieved the degree of awareness necessary to graduate to this new state of reality and being will be present as day one of the
New Age dawns on Planet Earth. All life forms that have not reached this new state of vibration and awareness will vanish from the earth in wave after wave of cosmic exodus....If what I have shared with you...has stirred your innate character,...then prepare receive the Light of the Radiant One and to welcome us, your brothers and sisters of the stars, who are the Heavenly Host in the Second Coming of the Light to your world....And this shall be within a few short years of your time." (pages 356-357)

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