Physical Contact in Minnesota in the late 50s, where the ET s gave highlevel scientific information.
A Minnesota farmer, checking his trap lines, is abducted on his way home at night, and taken aboard an alien vehicle, along with a neighboring family, who were already aboard. The farmer, Lloyd Zirbes, was shown on viewing screens the deficiencies in our understanding of physics, and also shown the forces behind all motion and creation.

The "Falling Bodies Theory" demonstrated is so profound that Zirbes had to begin taking college-level physics courses in order to understand the Alcyon E.T.s' theories. Zirbes has now become a professor of physics, and offers the alien's "Falling Bodies Theory" concepts to academia.

The Zirbes case is also noteable in that it is another valid case of UFO Contact from the Pleiades star cluster, demonstrating again that the Pleiades is an area of our galaxy from where a number of  ET contacts on Earth are originating.


The contact happened late in 58, when he drove to inspect some on the field. He observed a big light reminding the fullmoon, while his car made a different sound. "He" was Lloyd Zirbes living in rural St. Cloud, Minnesota

Then he saw an old plymouth-car by the road, and men standing beside it, peculiar clothed. He asked them who they were, but at first, he didn’t get any answer – until a womens-voice said all was ok. But he remarked they were big men! And that there were many of them by the road!

He tried to remember the licensnumber of the car parked by the road. Then he went out of the car and saw that the "fullmoon" rather was a flying craft! He did wonder who those people were!?? A woman, seemingly the passenger of the parked car, said her name was "Norma" and her husband Louis Bovier, that was with her! It came forth later that also those had been taken inside the ship and examined- including taking specimen from them.

Yes, this also included sexual relation for the mainperson here mentioned -copulation with one of the pleiadian women. But the act was without emotions he said, and like in the cases of such sexual contacts in Brazil in the 70-80s, (more) also this woman left him just after his orgasm, when this job/experiment seemingly was done.

Then he was taken into the craft he first thought was the full moon, and told not to be fearful. Inside was a strange table, and he thought he was to be examined. So he was and they took some of his toenails and fingernails, to "determine the nailfactor from the clawfactor..." as they told him..

They also took some of his hair, also some pubic hair. They said they were looking for viruses and bacteria. He was then taken to a room, which was filled with a special fog- surely for cleaning.

They said they had been on earth for many centuries. But he doubted, and as a catholic he made the cross sign on them, and told Jesus to draw those "demons" away.

Soon he was shown some screens, from where they said they knew all about him, and his life so long. And also "all" of his ancestors...: "they called up my family data on one screen, up to 6000 years back."

Those spacepeople were about seven feet tall he writes.


Then they would test him on doing things out of wild orders, or better listen to this inner voice/conscience. This test was savage, as they gave him a pistol and told him to shoot a man lying on the floor, who they said, was evil. When he refused, he had "passed" this test. They also tested him on some other ways, and then he was led out of this ship.

Some time later- the book does not mention how long - he had his next contact. This time he was told to relate on the theme earthly religions, and they had talks on moral. He was introduced to one of them called "Michael" - who looked just like the others, and was impressed that they always knew what he should say beforehand – mean they had to be very telepathic. On this his "host -Michael - said they had picked just him, not from coincidence - and the final testing on the first meeting was linked to this. And he – means Lloyd - was also educated in understanding electro-laws from before.

On this meeting he was told of the wrong traces of the earthly science- f.x on "the theory of falling bodies". "..he shows me the results – from things shown on the screens - ..he speaks of "gravitational poles" and of gravity being a unified force. He speaks of hydrogen, of carbon, copper, silver and gold..."

He was told what "sunlight really IS, and how it is produced..."

"Falling bodies experiments will lead to a new unified field law that will revolutionize science". (more down below)


Later has Lloyd made experiments – in the early sixties- from those theories he learned from those said pleiadians, and wrote a paper called "unity of ALL THINGS".

Another contact for Lloyd happened in –74 with the same crew, but this time on another ship. He was shown ca 15human children of all races – and age from ca 8 to 15. Those they said were offspring of a genetic program they called "project redemption". Those were "made" of human genetic, but "purified" by them, and then united. There were also some black females there, as with size of 12year children. All of these little females were "mothers" to those children. He then also got to meet his own "son" up there – with the name Daemon – in –74. (From his seed seemingly from his first contact)

Those children were given advanced education, with the objective of returning them to earth to live and work among us here. "...they were being prepared for a future time when their special talents would be desperately needed. He was not told when or where that time was or what the future was to be. He was told that there were hundreds of these human children in their project!!! This was one of their familiarization trips..."

Those extraterrestrials said they came from a planet orbiting a sun in the star we call ALCYONE in the Pleiades.

Aboard the Alcyonian spacecraft and under the tutelage of "Michael", Lloyd Zirbes was shown diagrams and formula, and working models, of a new physics understanding which he calls "The Falling Bodies Theory" which was expected to give us a new and better understanding of our Physics Natural Law.

Lloyd had to take Junior College courses in physics to even understand what Michael was trying to show him. He then carried out extensive physical tests to verify the laws being described. This involved considerable time and resource on his part and a lot of patience on the part of the extraterrestrials.

It took many months of testing and verification of the results to prove the concepts advocated by Michael, but it was finally done and Lloyd prepared the following papers based on the results of his testing.

In the following order:

The first paper describes SOLAR RESEARCH in 15 PAGES.

The second paper describes the CONSEQUENCES OF NUCLEAR ENERGY.

The third paper describes BEYOND THE IONOSPHERE.

The fourth paper describes THE FALLING BODIES THEORY, in that order.

The fifth paper describes the THEORY OF FALLING BODIES II.

And the sixth paper describes NUCLEAR ENERGY vs PLANET EARTH.

These are the papers that so many people have written me about and asking for copies after my first

mention of them in my UFO CONTACT FROM THE PLEIADES, a Supplementary Report, published in1983.


The info from these extraterrestrials show that the sun is not a nuclear reactor as is thought of the earth science now. Nuclear reactions do occur, but those are secondary actions, and not the major source of light and heat generation. Nuclear fission as currently made here, are not the same as the processes that take place on the sun, and this is as well anti-nature.

here we see the strong magnetic forces on the sun



link to video indicating those pleiadians were correct in their teachings

Deep within the sun are many huge bodies as large as planet Jupiter. Each has its own rotation rate and builds fields of extracted energy about itself, as does any falling body. The repulsive action of this field of energy guarantees space between the bodies. They calculated it was ca 2000 of these massive bodies, which rotates individually. "Though there is this variation on their individual rotation rates due to differing mass factors, these huge bodies are all orbiting the center of gravity at roughly the same rate, and due to their close proximity to the center of gravity they together complete an orbit of this gravitational center, approximately every forty-eight hours. These massive bodies, individually and as a unit, are in motion at an extremely high velocity. On the outer shell of the sun reside thousands of smaller, earth-sized bodies, which also have individual rotation rate, determined by their specific mass. Each of them obey the laws of falling bodies, and so build an individual field of extracted energy about themselves, which repulses the fields of all other falling bodies, thus ensuring space between them. These bodies also orbit the grav-center of the sun at a constant velocity, but due to their greater distance from the center, they complete an orbit only every thirty-two days.

The area between the major bodies (interior near the gravitational center) and the minor bodies (outer crust) is filled with many thousands of bodies which range in size between these two extremes. To visualize this arrangement, imagine many thousands of different sized bodies, within a given sphere, where the largest bodies are in the center, and the rest of the bodies, become progressively smaller the nearer their proximity to the outer crust. A highly simplified cross section of the sun illustrates this such:


At the exact center of the sun is found on huge body, which is the exact center of gravity of the sun. Its rotation rate is so fast as to be measured in hours rather than days, and calculated in miles/h, the rate at the surface is astronomical. Surrounding and orbiting this central body, are found the largest of the major bodies, which together with the central body, form the sun’s core. These large bodies have reached a relative balance in that their poles are aligned north and south, allowing them to operate as a strong unit of bodies. Due to the repulsive force generated by each of them, space still exists between them, and they all continue to rotate individually, but the attraction between their poles is great enough that they remain "locked" in a magnetic embrace.

(in the book is shown diff.illustations- fx on the  SOLAR CORE made up from these ROTATING BODIES)

The bodies, which form the core of the sun, also rotate as a single body, and so jointly produce a second, larger field of extracted energy. This core represents the center of gravity of both the sun and our solar system as a whole, and the powerful grav.field it produces, exerts a strong influence on bodies in close proximity, holding them tightly within a relatively small area, causing less space to exist between the major bodies, than there would be if no core existed. Together the core and the major bodies comprise what could be called the nucleus of the sun, and within this nucleus, are found 99,9% of the total mass of the sun.

"Though the actions of the core are very important in explaining the reasons for the eleven year cycle, as other cycles, reversal of the major poles of the sun, and other questions, these subjects are not vital to the goals of this paper, and so the intricacies of the core/nucleus dynamics, will be addressed in a supplemental writing."

Some later is told that to make a model of the sun, one could visualize the sun as a twisting, churning mass of bodies in a furious struggle to obey their urge to fellow a given orbit at a given velocity and rotation rate, while they are simultaneously thwarted in this endeavor by opposition, presented by the repulsive actions of other fields, whose bodies via for the same space in an effort to satisfy their own "urges".

" a case where multiple like poles of diff.bodies were forced into a confrontation, the result would necessarily be much more extreme. The repulsive actions caused by such a meeting of like poles would create a repulsive force so severe that it would be visible on the outer crust as a solar storm – or sunspots. At times, when many very large bodies become involved in such a confrontation, the repulsion between them becomes so great that bodies on the crust are temporarily pushed out from the main body of the sun – it is a "flare out". Though the repulsion is strong, it is not strong enough to fling these minor bodies completely out of the body of the sun, and so at a point where the attraction to the main body of the sun overcomes the repulsion caused by the reaction deeper within, the minor bodies are pulled back into the main body, where the repulsion caused by the continuing inner confrontation again pushes the minor bodies outward…

"solar (protuberances- rø) are spectacular events, which tend to puzzle scientists who hold with the theory that the sun is a nuclear reactor, and gravity is exclusively an attracting force, but with an understanding of the multi-bodied structure of the sun, it is not difficult to see that such prominences /projections do not require special exceptions to be written into physics to account for them. All do require, is two opposite but roughly equal like pole interactions to occur during the same period of time, and in the same general vicinity.


MOTION is the force which powers our sun, -by the motion within our nucleus, the build their individual forcefields, making the rotation. This motion is the catalyst which powers the generator called the sun. The power available is directly proportional to the velocity of the fall at rate of velocity squared, and of course the greater the total mass, the greater the potential.


"Being compromised of many thousands of bodies, all with individual gravitational and magnetic fields, a sun can rightly be called a gravity machine."

"..a well demonstrated law of physics states a "line" of magnetic flux, will discharge the energy it contains at the point of breakage. This law applies directly to our sun. As these many bodies cut and break on others lines of magnetic flux, the energy contained in that line is released at the point of breakage. Since there is no conductor available to accept the released energy, it is radiated. The energy released at the point of breakage is neutral energy – or gravity – and its shape is similar to donuts or bubbles. When this energy is polarized, the RESULT IS HEAT, LIGHT AND ALL OTHER ENERGIES PRODUCED BY THE SUN!! BUT the energy can also be converted into mass!

"When flux lines of major bodies deep within the sun are cut, the energy released is at a tremendous velocity, and is radiated outward, toward the crust area. On its way, it encounters the repulsive fields of the many bodies between its point of origin, and the outer crust, and each time it feels such repulsion, it loses velocity. As their velocity decreases to below .9times that of light, these bubbles of energy begin to "pile up" on each other, forming into mass. (insert figures)The resulting minute particles of mass now begin to assemble into systems of particles, and then into systems of systems, or ATOMS. These newly formed and simple atoms, are exclusively hydrogen (all three weights) – but because their assimilation is occurring very rapidly, they are not always well balanced atoms, and usually form into either very light or very heavy hydrogen, which is EXTREMELY isotopic by nature. Because of these rapid assimilation, these atoms lack the energy required to achieve balance, and energy radiated by the sun is moving at such a high velocity, that the new atoms cannot capture and utilize it in their assimilation. Lacking energy and being very isotopic, the new atom combine with one another in an attempt to balance themselves. The result of this "joining" is hydrogen fusion reaction, which takes the form of a massive hydrogen implosion, near the surface of the solar generator. The atoms formed as a result of this joining, contain more particles, but now their lack of energy is even more pronounced, which sets up the next implosion reaction. This need to achieve a balance, assures that implosion reactions will be ongoing."

  1. The sun is not in the process of burning out, as is currently taught, but is rather continually building mass, and is therefore growing larger every day.
  2. These hydrogen implosions are nature’s way of attempting to replace imbalance with balance, and so in very limited sense, hydrogen fusion is a thing of nature.

To now briefly address the fate of energy radiated from the sun in a neutral state, we must turn our attention to energy produced closer to the surface of the sun. Though most of the paper (from the Ets through Lloyd ) has focused on actions of the major bodies, it must be remembered that the minor and intermediate sized bodies, experience the same cycles, and so also release energy when lines of flux are sheared. Being closer to the crust area, energy released from these smaller bodies has a much better chance to travelling to the surface, without losing much of their velocity. Those bubbles, which succeed in retaining a velocity above 0,9times that of light, travel outward, toward the boundaries of the gravitational field of the sun. If they encounter no obstacles to slow them down, most of them will eventually make a great loop and return to the sun as input energy, at the sun’s poles. If, on the other hand, they run into barrier or object, which abruptly slows their velocity, these bubbles collide and join with other bubbles similarly slowed to form a frequency, as shown on a figure.

Only when thusly polarized, do these bubbles of energy, create heat and the various lights in the spectrum. THIS IS WHY SPACE IS COLD AND DARK. Remember too, that bodies produce energy bubbles, which are of a size proportional to the size and velocity of the body, from which they’ve been released. This explains why there are so many frequencies of light – everything depends on the original size of the bubble – and smaller bubbles manifest as shorter frequencies, and larger bubbles manifest as longer frequencies.

"Once it is understood, that not only is fission anti-nature, but is in fact killing our planet, perhaps the people of earth will at last join together and declare, in union; ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!"




CONSEQUENCES OF NUCLEAR ENERGY as the ET s warned against – similar as in the "Semjase-case" from –75.

As expl.earlier (in the orig.doc) the energies generated by a body in motion, are extracted in the form of bubbles of energy, which are neutral in respect to the other bubbles, extracted from the same body. However, the size of the bubbles, is directly proportional to the size of the body from which they’ve been extracted. This means that larger bodies produce larger bubbles, and so we can place values on these bubbles, and say that some bobbles are negative in respect to bubbles produced by other bodies, ie.they are smaller. By the same method, we can say that some bubbles are positive in respect to bubbles produced by other bodies, ie.they are larger. This terminology is very important for the reader to understand, so that the information you have received will be easily understood. It is vital that people, who read these pages, come to see the LARGER PICTURE. It is not just the ionosphere that’s in danger – it is all the combined system of the earth altering their normally balanced cycles. The entire planet earth is at risk in this crisis, so it’s imperative that the reader comprehends the way in which the various systems interweave, and how they are therefore all out of balance, and it will take a major effort to put these cycles back into a proper balance. Once the processes are understood, the true magnitude of the problem becomes apparent.

During the process of fission, a neutron is hurdled at the nucleus of uranium or plutonium atom, at it divides the mass. In this process neutrons and protons are destroyed, and their energies released. After studying "falling bodies" and atomic structure, it should be apparent that these enormous amounts of energy released in fission, are the result of the many systems of particles within the neutron or proton being forced out of their orbits, and turned loose into the environment in a highly unstable state. Also, it should be clear, that many of these systems are completely destroyed, leaving only highly energetic, VERY minute particles, moving at incredible velocities. These particles and very minute, unstable systems, move off in all direction - some to pass through water to create steam, some down into the core of the earth, and some straight through the walls of the containment vessels, and INTO THE ATMOSPHERE!!




Particle physicists detect only THE bubble of the electron system, and believe it to be A SINGLE PARTICLE, but in fact, a single complex electron system may contain as many as twenty-two single particles, and so it is easy to see why our modern physicists are in constant and confused disagreement with each other. This confusion among the sci.comunity, is perhaps the most difficult problem we have to overcome in formulating unity!!!

A classic example of this confusion is the application of the mechanics of quantum physics, wherein an electron travelling at a velocity beyond the speed of light, is seen as a photon of energy and is called a beta-ray. Other areas of applied theoretical mathematics view the electron as a solid particle….

An electron system travelling at the velocity of light or beyond, becomes what is seen as a proton, while an electron system travelling less than light speed, becomes what is seen as a "solid" particle.



"…in each and every fission reaction, appr.20protons and neutrons are shuttered, the exact number depends upon the type of material being used. The average proton or neutron, contains appr.22thousand particles, so do some math and you will quickly see how many trillions of these unstable particles and systems are being forcefully introduced into our ecosystem per micro-second - worldwide!!

We earlier carefully explained that any unstable system will immediately attempt to balance itself, and for many of these newly destabilized particles and systems, this attempt begins as they pass through the walls of the containment vessels. Here again, the jipsee systems are a major factor, for as these minute particles and systems of particles, stream through the walls they are already in the process of re-assimilation into larger, more balanced systems. While engaged in this process, the jipsee systems in the atoms, which form the containment vessel walls, are very strongly attracted to these highly unstable systems, and often leave their orbits to assemble and attempt to balance these very unstable systems and particles. This means that from the moment a nuclear plant begins operations, the walls of the containment vessels, begin to weaken, so that as time passes, they also become unstable, and allow ever larger and larger systems and particles to escape unopposed.

To briefly address the question of where these particles and systems go once beyond the containment walls, we would begin by considering those which travel inward- towards the cord of the earth. In the segment on falling bodies, we discussed the cycle of energy exchange experienced by a body in motion, and stated that under normal cond.the rate of extraction is balanced with the velocity and rotational rate of the body. If the reader understands this cycle, they will also be able to clearly see that as these particles move into the core, they are disrupting this normally balanced cycle. More input energy, no matter the source of input, forces the planet to generate more extracted energy to attempt to compensate. The rate of the extraction directly affects the rate of rotation, so as the energy extraction becomes progressively accelerated, the rotation will fellow suit. As the cycle completes itself and the extra energy extracted now returns as input energy (apr.10-12 years), this extra level of input, combined with the continuous addition input energy from nuclear fission, ensures that the problem will continue to be progressive.

We estimate that 15% of the extra energy forced into the cycle by the use of nuclear fission, remains in a state, which is negative in respect to the normal energy output of this planet, and though this percent of negativity, has its undesirable effects, it is the increased rate of energy exchange, which most concerns us now. As should be apparent to the reader at this point, an increased rate of energy exchange and rate of rotation will cause an increase in the repulsive force erected by the falling body. As the repulsive force increases, the body moves farther away from its nucleus, which in our case is the sun. If the orbit of this planet expands, it cannot help but affect the orbits of the other planets in the system, particularly our closest neighbors.

Of the many highly energetic particles and systems released through fission, many travel toward the moon, and because the moon and its extracted energy are very negative in respect to planet earth, some of these energetic, still unstable particles and systems are readily accepted by the moon as input energy. This will increase the cycle of energy exchange in the moon, once again resulting in a greater repulsive force, generated by that body. Clearly, the moon cannot fail to move farther away from the earth. –

Some later:

When we further consider where these particles and systems go, we must mention that some of the smallest and most energetic move straight out of the earth’s grav.field, and speed toward the sun. Clearly, these systems are very highly negative in respect to the sun, and are repelled at incredible velocities back toward the earth-moon system. It is known that particles of energy from the cosmos, travel in vortexes, yet experimenters deep in the earth (searching for proton decay), are picking up readings of energies coming into the earth in a straight line. They are speculating these are from some galaxy out there, BUT IN REALITY, THEY ARE DETECTING THOSE HIGH SPEED PARTICLES NOW REPELLED AND MUCH ACCELERATED, returning to haunt us all, and disrupt yet more earth cycles.

The great majority of the particles and systems under consideration here find a home in the UPPER REACHES OF THE IONOSPHERE!

It must be remembered, that these systems and particles, which we speak of, are various sizes, and moving at various velocities, but are all very negative in respect to earth. Some of the faster moving particles and systems, have converted to photons of energy (bubbles) and when they collide with the normal ozone (O#3) they quickly break it down into its singular element. The single oxygen atom, is an electrical isotope, and so carries a positive charge, and will readily assimilate with any element, particle, or system of particles available. At the same time as these events are occurring, the slower moving particles and systems are attempting to destabilize, and are reforming into more complex, balanced systems. They come together at such a high velocity (but less than that of light- that the newly assembled neutrons are not neutral, but are slightly negative. These negative neutrons quickly seek out proton systems, and often form into nuclei systems, before the proton is completely assembled, ie,-while it still has a higher than ideal charge. Our calculations indicate that the average newly created neutrons, but mutated nuclei system, would consist of two slightly negative neutrons, and one proton. Because of this instability, the various jipsee systems are very active trying to achieve order, and in the process, begins throwing off systems AND PARTICLES.

If these were normal nuclei systems, we would have a hydrogen atom, BUT THEY ARE NOT NORMAL – THEY ARE HIGHLY UNSTABLE /RADIOACTIVE – ISOTOPE OF HYDROGEN, and an investigation of this new element will reveal it has an atomic weight nearly that of helium. Being much larger than the normal hydrogen nuclei, they will also attract more and larger electrons systems than would normal hydrogen.

Some of these newly formed, strange elements are forming into molecules with the single oxygen available, creating an abnormal variation of H3-2O, which will eventually return to earth as RADIOACTIVE RAIN! THIS- MUCH MORE THAN ACID RAIN – which is also a factor – is taking its toll on the plant life of earth.

Other of these singular elements of oxygen is directly receiving the single particles released through fission. Once residing in the oxygen nucleus, they attempt to stabilize by gathering more stray particles and building new larger and larger systems within the nucleus.

Eventually this process produces new proton and neutron systems, which find stability as fluorine. Other chemical reactions will also result in formation of these fluorine atoms, which are able to very readlily divide existing O3 molecules, into their singular elements, thus perpetuating the abnormal cycle. MORE AGAIN, A PROBLEM WHICH WAS SERIOUS ENOUGH, BECOMES PROGRESSIVELY MORE DANGEROUS.

Due to various factors, many of the trillions of particles released thru fission do not immediately assimilate into larger systems, and these – being highly negative to earth and even more negative in respect to the sun, tend to "settle in" near areas, which are away from direct contact with the sun’s energy. On earth, this means that they will prefer to settle in near the pole, which lies in darkness at the moment. Here they assemble themselves, but now, without the very negative plasma. When the sun again returns to whichever pole is involved, the surface of the earth below is warmed. The air is lighter, and the lighter elements and molecules of the ionosphere, begin to move earthward in massive quantities. The very negative plasma is, of course, more highly negative to the sun’s greater repulsive force, it is FORCED EARTHWARD. The final result of this movement, is a large "crack" in the ionosphere, which will begin to open as soon as the area in question begins its summer. It will reach its height during the mid-summer, and will begin to close only when the sun again leaves the area in darkness, allowing the negative plasma to be repelled from earth, back into the ionosphere. These polar ionospheric "cracks", will continue to grow progressively larger each year, until actions are taken to restore balance.

These cracks in the ionosphere are serious enough, but once more, we fint there are other factors, which compound the problem. In this case, it is the tendency of these particles to be attracted to areas, where there are large deposits of ferrous metals below, and here they assemble into negative plasma. They will be most strongly attracted to any of these areas, which are surrounded by water. THIS IS A SYMPTOM WHICH WE HAD NOT EXPECTED TO SEE MANIFESTED until 1987, or perhaps even 1988, but evidently there are multitudes more unstable particles being released thru nuclaer weapon tests, faulty reactors, and radio-active wastes, than anyone is aware of, because now its been reported that a hole has developed over norway. If this is indeed the case, then be assure- there are others. Many of them will be found to have developed over the oceans and seas, where ferrous metals lie beneath the ocean or seafloor. All life below these holes in the ionosphere, are at EXTREME RISK, so these areas must be identified – and quickly.

Some later in this serious note;

"….land based species, face other dangers. We have shown an outline of atomic structure, as well as some of the effects these fission-freed particles can have on atomic structures. Now we would remind the reader that each and every cell, and every molecule of DNA in their body, is but a conglomeration of atoms, which are subject to the same law- and the same injuries – as are all other atoms. Unlike the sun, our bodies generate no strong repulsive force to ward off these high velocity, unstable particles, and we are even less dense than a containment vessel, and so offer no barrier to these fission released systems. As they move through a body, they continue to attempt to stabilize, which means they will either try to join existing systems, carry off jipess systems as they pass through, or in cases where their velocities are too high, to allow either of these options, will simply displace and disrupt systems they encounter. 

For humans and other species living in close proximity to a nuclear reactor, the odds of developing a fatal disease, are vastly increased – for the immune system will be unable to function under conditions of constant disruptions. These people will also show a higher incidence of genetic defects among their offspring – some obvious (blindness), and others hidden, as immune systems deficiencies, etc. Since the brain also operates with these same bubbles of neutral energy, we have taken pains to explain, its function can be easily disrupted by introduction of foreign bubbles and particles, causing ever increasing crime and accident rates in areas of high doses, as well as insanity, suicidal behavior, and even brain damage. Always remember that nothing short of the repulsive action of the sun will stop or deflect these unstable particles, so we are all completely at their mercy – every day – and so is every living creature on this planet!


 link to video indicating those pleiadians were correct in their teachings

The sun energy source is not nuclear fusion, but magnetic fields from the center of the Galaxy. The sun converts energy to mass and not mass to energy- very intr.article by Dan Bar-Zohar - see below

From the sun's energy source to the formation of the solar system
Dan Bar-Zohar
Copyright © 2010 Dan Bar-Zohar



 This book contains several articles that were published online in and other sites. The articles suggest that the sun and stars energy source is
not from fusion, but instead from magnetic fields spreads in the galaxy by the supermassive black hole at the center of every galaxy.

This idea changes
every aspect of astronomy and cosmology. The big bang is no longer
necessary to explain the source of the mass in the universe and the expansion of the universe. According to this theory the matter in the universe is created
in the cores of stars by conversion of energy to mass.

 The expansion of the
universe is induced by the rapid formation of new galaxies.
Stars grow slowly and gradually over tens of billion of years by conversion of energy to mass. The gradual growth of stars and the planet search
programs that found hundreds of nearby planets indicate that stars are born from planets.

This invalidates the solar nebula hypothesis as the source of
the stars and the solar system. Stars fluctuate from a main sequence state to a
red giant state. They stay in the main sequence when they receive strong magnetic fields and they turn into a red giant when the magnetic fields are weakened. The sun also fluctuated from a main sequence to a red giant.
When the sun was a red giant it had strong solar wind that supplied the material to created the planets. The solar system contains hard evidence that the sun was a red giant, those are short lived isotopes and chondrules. The
fact that there is hard evidenced to a red giant sun confirm this theory. Highlights of this theory include the following:

1. The sun energy source is from magnetic fields from the galactic

The heat induced by the magnetic fields leads to high energy collision
between particle in the sun core that creates new particle and increase
the sun mass.

All the stars in the galaxy create new mass so the total mass and the
size of the galaxy is increasing.

4. The stars in the galaxy eject dust that freefall to the galactic centersupermassive black hole. Thorough the dynamo effect thegravitational potential energy of the debris and dust is converted tomagnetic fields.

5. As the galaxy mass and size increase, globular clusters are detachedform the main galaxy to create new galaxies.

6. Galaxies spawn new galaxies and the total number of galaxies in theuniverse increase.

The universe expands and accelerates from the increase in the number
of the galaxies.

The Big Bang cosmological model is replaced by a new cosmological
model that resembles the steady state theory.

9. Stars grow gradually from conversion of energy to mass.

Stars are born from planets, they first grow by accretion and then by
conversion of energy to mass.

Stars fluctuate from main sequence to a red giant. When the magnetic
fields are strong the star is in the main sequence, when the magneticfields are weakened the star turn to a red giant.

The sun was a red giant 4.6 billions years ago.

The planets were created from the strong solar wind of the red giant


1. The sun's energy source is not nuclear fusion, butmagnetic fields from the center of the Galaxy. The sun
converts energy to mass and not mass to energy.

1.1. Introduction 1

1.2. Rotation curve 3

1.3. Superconductor and magnet model of the stars 5

1.4. Similarity to an electric induction motor 12

1.5. Magnetic eddy circuitry 15

1.6. Effect on Earth and the solar planets 15

1.7. Solar Cycle 16

1.8. The sun energy balance 19

1.9. Neutrino emission from the sun 21

1.10. Tokamak converts energy to mass and not mass to energy 21
1.11. The galaxy energy cycle 21
1.12. Spawning of a small galaxy by a larger galaxy 26

1.13. Acceleration of the universe 30
1.14. Stellar evolution 33
1.15. Globular clusters and the Hertzsprung - Russell diagram 33

1.16. Elliptical galaxies 35

1.17. Probing magnetic fields in the solar system 36

1.18. Conclusion 37

2. The sun was a red giant 4.6 billion years ago - the planets were born from the solar wind of the red giant sun.
2.1. Introduction 40

2.2. There is a mix up between young stars and old stars 42
2.3. Stars originate from planets 44
2.4. The high metallicity of stars with planets 55
2.5. The sun was a red giant 63
2.6. The planets were born from the solar wind of the red giant Sun 75

2.7. Conclusions 89

3. The sun produces muon neutrinos flux without neutrino

3.1. Short history 92

3.2. The beta decay 93

3.3. The first solar neutrino experiment at Homestake 95
3.4. The Super-Kamiokande experiment 96
3.5. The SNO experiment and the solar muon neutrino flux 102

3.6. The particle interactions inside the sun 105
3.7. Conclusion 108

4. The sun can absorb large amount of energy from weak
magnetic fields due to its low resistivity

4.1. The sun can absorb large amount of energy from weak magnetic fields
due to its low resistivity. 110

4.2. Estimating the sun age from its mass growth rate 115
4.3. Conclusion 116

5. Stellar rotation is driven by magnetic fields in the galactic disc
5.1. Introduction 117

5.2. Relation between the star temperature and its stellar cycle period 119

5.3. Jupiter has a unique stellar cycle with long period 124
5.4. The jets streams on Jupiter are driven by Jupiter stellar cycle 131
5.5. Great red spot is an electric storm driven by the charged jet streams139
5.6. Sunspots are electric vortexes between two charged plasma belts 142

5.7. Stellar rotation is driven by the plasma belts and the stellar cycle 146

5.8. The uniformity of rotation in the solar system is caused by the solar
wind 149

5.9. Rotation of the galaxy 152

5.10. Spawning of new galaxies is based on globular clusters 155


The sun's energy source is not nuclear fusion, but magnetic fields from the center of the Galaxy. The sun converts energy to mass and not mass to energy.
The sun energy source is thought to be a nuclear fusion reactor inside the sun core. The sun is not heated by fusion reaction but by magnetic fields coming from the galactic center. The nuclear fusion is a by product of the magnetic fields heating. The changing
magnetic fields from the galactic center induce electric currents inside the sun that heat the sun. The heat and the high kinetic energy of particles in the sun core, trigger high energy collisions that create the main constituents of matter, electron, proton and neutron.
The collisions also fuse or nucleosynthesis heavier elements like deuterium, tritium, helium and lithium. This leads to the fact that the stars and galaxies constantly produce mass and energy. The article will explain the clockworks behinds the galaxies energy production. The galaxy energy and mass production cancel out the Big Bang theory and
leads to a steady state cosmological model with large amount of new mass created that expand and accelerate the universe.

The latest development in cosmology especially the finding that the universe is not only expanding but also accelerating brings back Einstein cosmological constant. To explain the accelerating universe dark energy is assumed to repel the galaxies and cause the acceleration of the universe. The dark energy is based on developments in quantum mechanics that find huge quantities of energy in vacuum. The dark energy and dark matter that explains the rotation curves of galaxies is found to be 96% of the universe while the regular baryonic matter that the stars and plants are build of is only 4%.

However there is no experiment done on earth or conclusive evidence that proves
such dark matter or dark energy truly exists. This lack of prove is also true for the Big Bang Theory. There is no experiment to show that vacuum can spontaneously explode creating high energy and mass.
The source of such unintuitive theories, to explain cosmological observation, emerges from our misunderstanding of an every day process that is taken for granted and is never questioned. This is our understanding or rather misunderstanding of the energy source of
the sun and other stars.

There is a historical theory that tries to explain the sun heat based

on gravitational energy. According to this theory the sun was created from solar nebula.
When all the atoms free fall to the center of the nebula their speed was converted into
heat. Similar theory was proposed in the nineteen century by Lord Kelvin and said that the sun heat is from gravitational energy especially by meteorites falling into the sun...

see further

see also confirmations from the IARGA- ufocontact team's explanation of their craft/"solar-wheel" in CHAPTER 5 - Iargan Spacecraft - and how solar magnetics are the energy -source for their ship/travel in space


another ufo- contact-case in Brasil brought forth many "new-scientific" views on much of our socalled "knowledge" - the visitor is reported to have told:

".....When Newton saw the apple fall, he could not guess that in that moment he witnessed the effect of the divine presence in the Universe. Thus it is that we move and have our being in God.

Gravity is, then, a combination of phenomena and never an individualised force.

Q: Why does heat affect gravity?

A: Because it reduces the magnetic force of bodies. You can prove that a magnet loses its properties on being heated. As matter is made up of stationary waves, heat has a powerful influence on them. By increasing the frequency of these waves they begin to give off light. Moreover, it is well known that heat reduces the density of a body. Accordingly, it tends to rise. This can best be seen in the case of boiling water. The warmer water tries to place itself above the cooler, producing currents. We note that heat is a factor which affects gravity, not because it is itself an agent causing the phenomena of gravity, but because it influences magnetism and density.

Q: Does this mean that our (Earth's) science is wrong?

A: Very wrong.

Q: Then all our physics, including relativity, fall to the ground?

A: Only the fallacious principles fall to the ground. Others will certainly remain valid. Does it seem strange to you that this should happen? Ptolemy was a genius, but his entire system collapsed like a pack of cards. The same thing happened with Aristotle. In turn, Isaac Newton came up with the physics of relativity, and its days are numbered…..

Q: ….Well, what about the curvature of light, obseryed by Eddington, Crommelin and Davidson during the eclipse of the Sun on May 29th, 1919, which formed part of Einstein's theory?

A: The curvature of light is not due to the action of the mass of the Sun, but is caused by the magnetic centre of the system situated near the Sun. Even within a solenoid you can see that a stream of electrons is deflected by a magnetic field. There is nothing new in this. If light were to be deflected when passing close to a mass, this phenomenon could be clearly observed in the vicinity of planets, let us say Mars, when it is close to Earth. Eclipses of the Moon, for example, would provide the best opportunity for such observation. Nevertheless, this curvature was only seen precisely where the magnetic centre of our system is to be found. If there were no repulsion between energy and magnetism, your motors would not turn. Therefore, light is deflected by the magnetic centre and curves round the Sun. If you had proper apparatus, you would see that light also curves on the side opposite the centre, as though it were trying to get away from the Sun.

I wish to imply that the curvature of space is anti-scientific. Primordial space is not relative to any thing and has no form at all. It is neither a curve nor a straight line, and it has no dimensions, it is simply space, infinite in all directions. Wheresoever an observer may place himself, he will always have before him the infinite Universe. ....


For those intr in all this description from those visitors from space, book this web-book from WS for some few dollars.

Miljømessige advarsler mot særlig ATOMARE utslipp -fra Meiers Pleiadiske romkontakter i 1975.



Then it is of interest to read that the Danish wiseman MARTINUS (1890-1981 - who after a spiritual, natural initiation in 1921, could see the spiritual answers to all he focused on…and from it, he wrote a complete cosmology from ca 1931->81) said the suns do shine as a result of the macrospirit behind it, yearning for the physical level, while itself still living in the highest level in the spiral-circuit, but then totally filled up of living/perceiving/creating - on spiritual LIGHT. – And where it IS (living) for aeons of time-cycles, exceeding all concepts of our "time"-perceiving. From being in totally harmony and attracted to ALL, the longing then drives the creative force into polarity, which is the door into the "dark" worlds of "dancing with heavy matter"- leading into sufferings, which is all the light-fed-up being THEN wishes and is longing to. Sounds unbelievable – well, but logic all the way though. At least IS so for my logic and intuition!

He also "saw" that the use of nuclear power, was cancer in the body of Earth! (link til M-foredraget DEN HØYESTE ILD2)


This violent forces of attraction and opposite- repulsion (told of up) – shows the logic that the sun’s physical composition, is beginning to separate from the INNER level of ONENESS, AND IS ATTRACTED INTO THE LEVELS OF SEPARATION AND FIGHTING. Because the being inside needs contrast-experience to the over-satisfied filled up level of ONENESS AND LOVE OUTWARD.

YES- as such here told - and this is just fitting into the spiritual science of Martinus, and his description of the spiritual driving force behind stars/the sun.

from  Alien Observers'
THE SECRETS OF THE MOJAVE part1 - some interessting regarding the sun and other things...:

One very interesting account, which seems to indicate that hi-tech human societies on and within the earth did in fact colonize other planetary bodies thousands of years ago, appeared in SEARCH magazine. The article, titled "BRACE YOURSELVES", was written by an ex-NASA employee who identified himself only as 'The Doc'. His account appeared in the Winter, 1988-89 issue of that magazine. This ex-NASA employee related at the beginning of the article two very remarkable things that he'd heard while working at NASA. One of them included the discovery that the sun's surface may not be a region of continuous thermonuclear activity as has commonly been believed. Instead, scientists had found that it appeared to be in essence a tremendous electromagnetic dynamo or sphere which in turn generates the electromagnetic fields of the planets. In other words it seemed to be more of a gigantic electrical 'light' or 'sphere' than a gigantic thermonuclear reactor, although nuclear reactions might play a part, but not nearly to the extent that many believe.

Some have alleged that the 'heat' experienced from the solar orb on a planets' surfaces is not so much determined by their proximity to the sun, but more by the amount and type of atmosphere with which the solar radiations and rays interact to produce friction and heat. In simple terms, the sun is not 'hot' in the sense that most believe, but the solar flares and explosions taking place on the surface of the sun are more consistent with tremendous electrical 'arcs' than with nuclear explosions. The other 'revelation' he received from other NASA employees was that the U.S. Navy has for several year been making regular reconnaissance-observation trips to monitor alien 'bubble-cities' on the ocean floor.

Some years afterwards, while practicing homeopathic medicine in Phoenix, Arizona in 1984, 'The Doc' met a young man who had come into his office to pick up some 'UFO photos' he had loaned to a different doctor on a previous visit. The ex- NASA employee struck up a conversation with the young man. Following is an excerpt from the conversation which ensued between the young man and 'The Doc' during that visit. The young man said, after talking to 'The Doc' about the photos:

"So, do you know anything about UFO's?"

"Only what I've read since the 1950's and hear tell by others who have had encounters. How about yourself?"

"Well, there are such craft now in our atmosphere with bases underground and underwater. One group is very advanced and can take you anywhere in the universe."

"Should Einstein be upset to hear that?" I thought about it for awhile.

"There is a whole science concerning traveling above the speed of light. These people are so advanced that most of the world is not ready to understand or appreciate their values and their scientific attainment."

"Well, no matter how advanced their technology, spiritually they have the same plight as we. We are all spiritual brothers and sisters and must solve the mystery of returning to our Source."

He looked at me penetratingly and continued.

"When I was eight years old and playing with a friend out in a field, a craft came down, landed not far from us and a man and woman came out and walked up to us, smiling and calling us by name. They seemed to know all about me, what school I was going to, what subjects I liked best, and they told me that they would every so many years return and visit with me. They also said that they wanted me to do well in school."

"Did they return?" I asked, smiling, half in disbelief.

"Yes, surprisingly, they did. About five years later. I was about thirteen or fourteen. They told me that I was one of them and I was put on this planet to help them someday in the future."

"Incredible!" I played along with this.

"You haven't heard the best part. I was nineteen and was driving one night up through a wooded area in Connecticut, and suddenly this saucer swooped down over my car. I almost drove off the highway I was so shocked. It paced me, staying just above the car, and this voice came over my car radio speakers, but my radio wasn't even on! This voice knew my name and asked a number of times, 'Dave (pseudonym), when will you return home? You have been gone so long.'

"I was really shaken up by this, and then they somehow lifted my car off the highway and took me over a hill and brought me back down on the same highway, without my tires even squealing. They finally said that they would return again someday.

"I stopped at the first public phone and phoned my parents in Vermont. When my mother answered I was so shaken and anxious over the possibility of my parents having not told me the truth, I didn't bother to tell her what had happened on the highway. 'Mom, who am I?'

"'Why, Dave, you're my son.'

"'Mother, who am I really? How did I get into this world?'

"'Son, you got into this world just like other boys. I delivered you in a hospital.'

"'Mom, I don't believe it. Over and over I have been visited by people in starships who, somehow, know me. They say I am supposed to help them someday. Their ship just came down over my car, they called me by name and toyed with me about when I would come home to them someday. And then they picked up my car off the highway and gave me quite a shocker of a ride. I'm different, aren't I. I want to hear the truth.'

"There was a long silence at the other end of the phone."

"'All right. We were going to tell you someday as you have continued to mention these kind of things. Your father and I found you and your sister one evening as we were walking out behind the cabin like we did every evening after dinner. We found you and your sister wrapped in a blanket nestled between some boulders up on the hillside. We couldn't believe what we saw. You both were dressed in shiny one-piece suits. You were about a year old. We asked around and could not find anyone that might know your parents. We figured that you had been abandoned but we both had the strongest impulse to take care of you both until someone came into town and asked about you.'"

I was now shaking my head. "And have you continued to be visited by your friends?"

"Yes. More frequently, like a calendar."

"Where are they from?" He had me going now.

"Are you familiar with the Seven Sisters constellation?"

"I don't think so."

"It's also called the Pleiades constellation."

"Why are they, YOU here?"

"They won't interfere for the most part with the social problems and destiny of the Earth. It's a policy of theirs."

I was standing up now looking sad, "I'm sorry to hear that..."

"The Doc" then gave him a checkup, since the young man had originally come in for back problems. After he had informed the doctor that his back no longer bothered him, he told "The Doc" that he had to rush to catch a flight to Switzerland, and left the clinic.

"As I was turning into my office," the Doc continued, "one of the chiropractic physicians called as he was walking towards me down the hall carrying an X-ray.

"'Look at this X-ray. This guy is really different.'

"I looked at it. 'Two extra cervical vertebrae.'

"'Also abnormally low vital signs (blood pressure, pulse). Not sure about the placement of the organs either.'

"I looked at the helpless expression on my associate's face. 'Friend of yours?'

"'The guy that just left to catch a flight to Switzerland.'

"I found myself looking down an empty hallway, far off into the distance..."

more on sex-abductions and sex-relations in Brasil in the 80s - from the book UFO Abduction at Botucatu

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