Other Universes

  When Edwin was again tuned in to the Koldasian thought-frequency in the prescribed manner and at the pre­arranged time (December l9th, 1974) he spoke rapidly,

 "Asa kaviendo anoy kisialda katauw viando kasau, This is Melchor, the satellite on the perimeter of your solar system."

 The words  just  rolled off his tongue. To us, it sounded just like Kashendo. So Valdar was not there to keep his appointment with us this evening.

'Greetings, my friends, this is Kashendo of Melchor here. I 'm sorry that Valdar can not make this transmission tonight as he is at a conference on Grandor. He regrets that he did not advise you of this through your radio and he has asked me to stand in for him. Valdar left a few notes with me and it is from these that I would like to speak to you tonight."

We were surprised to bridge the distance of 6,000 million kilometers directly to Melchor with a thought-transmission. Radio broadcasts from Melchor needed the presence of  a ship to relay and boost the signal to Edwin's receiver. This mode of communication gave us a foretaste of the possibilities of thought-transmissions. Kashendo  then added a few thoughts on space-travel to those Valdar had given in the previous contact.

 He said that he hoped to claryfy the confusion and misunderstanding on this subject.

He said, "As to travelling in time... our living in the future and you living in the past, I would like to stress that we are in your future and you are in our past.  Koldas is many Earth-years  ahead  in evolution. If we were to go back in time on Koldas, we would eventually reach the point where your Earth is at present. Many people have asked the question: if we are ahead of you in time, we must know your future. This is not so! Our planet is only more evolved. We have used the word time  for  convenience,  as  there  is no word that we know of in your language to describe our concept of space-travel. Our craft travel faster than the speed of light by using cosmic magnetic fields. (see pictures for better understanding here)



"Let me tell you more about these magnetic fields. Each planet has its own gravity and magnetic field. In space, there is hardly any gravity, only magnetic force. Earth's  magnetic  forcefield  is  invisible,  but  if you could see it,  it resembles a spherical shape which is drawn out to a long narrow tail by the solar-wind coming from your sun. There are currents in magnetic fields, which  now from a North pole to a South pole. These currents, or lines of force, now in large loops around the planet  from pole  to pole,  cradling the radiation belts which protect life from the solar wind and cosmic rays.

 “There are also currents in the narrow tail field which stretches into space where it joins the magnetic fields of other planets. These tail fields link together into  a magnetic web. We travel along strands of this web.  Our craft are carried by these magnetic currents. There  are  two opposing currents in these tail fields separated by a stagnant neutral zone.

nb; picture up is not from the koldasbook, but fit somehow to the txt

"With our magnetic motors, we are able to attract our craft to the current which will carry us to our desired destination. In the same manner, each solar system has a magnetic field with a tail field deflected even further  into  space,  linking  with  other  solar  and star systems. These magnetic fields run throughout your universe,  as  they  do  ours.  The  two  Universes  are also connected by a magnetic field. Without this universal-solar magnetic field, we could never have visited you in our spacecraft.

 "You  see,"  continued  Kashendo,  "our  craft  move along  the outer surface of these magnetic streams, as you would glide on ice, swept along by a stiff breeze. At the start of a journey, we direct our craft into the slower central region of the magnetic stream.

"To gain more speed, we move outwards until we reach the outermost layers where we attain maximum acceleration and where we dematerialise and travel many times faster than the speed of light.

"How this is done will not be understood on Earth. Some have suggested that we then exist in another dimension, but this is not so; we are just ahead of you in evolution. We do not differ from you in body. We merely have an advanced technology which you will also evolve to on Earth in your future." 




Kashendo mentioned that the Confederation had discovered a civilization which is even further ahead than theirs.  This advanced civilization exists on planets which Confederation craft cannot reach.

When I asked Kashendo to tell us about these beings he said, "We believe that there is yet another 'pair' of Universes, a third and a fourth. The beings that we know of are from the third. Their appearance is very human but you may consider their features to be oriental. They are tall, muscular, have long hair and when they speak, their voices have such a high pitch that it hurts one's ears to listen to them. They seldom speak as they communicate telepathically. I have seen such beings twice and on both occasions they were males. Their craft can 'travel' much faster than ours. I'm told that they make frequent visits to our mother planet, Grandor, the planet in the Confederation where telepathy is most widely practiced. At this moment, Valdar is attending a conference there where the problems of the Confederation are being discussed as well as the problems of Earth. A delegation from the Third Universe is usually present at these discussions."


Kashendo  paused for a few moments before  he continued,  "I have  just been alerted that a Sitonian Division of Astrael-craft is approaching this satellite. I shall have to end this thought-transmission soon as I have many things to attend to when the craft arrive. They have travelled far and stop here to rest and replenish their supplies before continuing on their way."

Before ending, Kashendo sent his best wishes on behalf of the Confederation for the Christmas and New Year season which was  then approaching.  I thanked him and asked when the equivalent season called Nixi Yacandi in the Confederation would be celebrated.

"You have twelve months in your year," Kashendo replied.  "We  call months 'cydes'.  We  have  fifteen such cydes in a Koldasian year. Our Nixi Yacandi in the Confederation will be two of your Earth months ahead (of now). This is the time we commemorate the advent of the Divine One who walked our worlds. As on Earth, it is for us too a time for contemplation and celebration. We also make merry and there is much visiting between friends.

I asked,  "Could you tell us exactly what date on our calendar Nixi Yacandi would be celebrated?"

"It will be the third week in the month of February (1976). The Confederation celebrates the whole week as 'Christmas'  and  every planet (in the Confederation) joins in.Yes there is much merry-making." Kashendo ended the thought-transmission saying that our next transmission would be in a month's time when Valdar would be back to talk to us.

I made a mental note to do something special for Nixi Yacandi which would be representative of our civilization of man on Earth.  I decided that it would have to include extracts from a musical masterpiece.

 When Kashendo had gone it was quiet in the room for a short while. Elizabeth and I looked at Edwin expectantly. When he had 'returned', we asked him, half jokingly if he had had a good journey to Melchor.

He replied, "Carl, it gets more and more vivid. I know exactly where I have been.The last time it was more of a jumble but this time it was like watching a film-screen."

I asked Edwin to enlarge upon his experience and how it differed from the 'visit' he had made to Valdar‘s craft.


Edwin said, "This time I was in the communications center where Kashendo was; in a dome right on top of the satellite. Melchor is like a small planet; a miniature world.  It has many floor levels with observation windows all around it. There are airlocks with huge gates or doors so that visiting craft may enter. It is like  an oasis in space. Melchor's motto can be seen above the main airlock doors, written in Koldasian and it means 'Welcome to All'."

We chatted for another twenty minutes about Melchor before I left to drive home. We made a date for a month ahead to keep our appointment with Valdar. As usual, Kashendo‘s transmission had been very informative. His command of the English language is good, probably due to his extended training period on Earth and having married an Australian girl.

He is more fluent and not so repetitive as other communicators. He certainly added to our primitive comprehension of their method of space travel.

 As the ancient mariners used the trade winds, so the Confederation spacecraft use the magnetic currents of the Universe to advantage. These magnetic currents pulse and now continuously in a web of closed loops shaped like a dumbbell, a rather long drawn out dumbell, with the two rounded ends linked through the poles of the gravity centers. Even the Universes are  said to be in the shape of a big cosmic dumbell, with the magnetic field flowing  through the connecting bar. This is where the modern space-traveller sails along in the magnetic trade-winds without having to use propellants for fuels or expend any other form of energy.


Our next contact was with Valdar and it came just about the time when people on Earth were being alerted about Eros. This uneven and oblong-shaped asteroid approached Earth tumbling end-over-end  through  space on its orbit around our Sun. Eros is about the same size as Manhattan and it takes 21 months to orbit the Sun, and closes with our Earth at predictable intervals with radio and press speculating on the width of safety margins during its passes.

"Greetings, my friends," Valdar said in his usual jovial voice, "We are at present approximately halfway between Earth and Venus. We are observing an asteroid which is approaching. I'm sure you have heard of it."

I replied that we had read about Eros in the news­papers.

the eros asteroid - picture is not from the koldas-book

Valdar continued, "There is no danger of collision with Earth. It will by-pass your planet and so far it has not collided with any other. But who knows, one day when it passes through your solar system it might collide or be intercepted by a planet. At present, there are no obstacles in its path and it will pass Earth by a large margin. It is good to be speaking through Edwin again.  I would like you to relax as much as possible during  these  thought-transmissions.  Concentrate on my voice. Although it is Edwin's voice you are hearing, it is really mine. Eventually, you will receive my thought without any instrument. At this moment, I am seated in an Astrael-craft in space. All around me are stars. It is peaceful  and quiet. There is a darkness in space that you have never seen. Each star, each planet, hangs like a jewel in this void of velvet blackness. Try to visualize this scene."

"As I look through the observation windows, I see your Earth and as I turn in my seat,  I see Venus behind me.  It looms a little larger than Earth at the moment. I hope you can imagine this scene in your minds' eye.

 Valdar hinted at some future catastrophe and the changes  that  this  event would bring with it. But he gave no due as to when this cataclysm or cosmic upheaval would take place as this was unknown even to the scientists of the Confederation. They are certain that it will occur as they have learned to interpret various signs in their long history of cosmic observations.

Valdar said,  "The virgin lands where the ancient Atlanteans settled will one day be a haven for mankind again. For after the big change takes place, where there are now oceans, there will be land and where there is now land,  there will be oceans. The continents of America, Africa, Asia and Europe will no longer be there.  In their place will be these  'new' lands, now at the polar regions, and civilization will start again for we think your polar regions will  not suffer in this big upheaval. They will remain more or less intact but the climate will change and the ice-caps will melt. On the rest of Earth's surface there will be drastic changes! The present polar regions are even now being prepared, for they will be needed. You may have noticed that there is a lot of UFO activity there."

 Valdar concluded with the promise to make another contact at the end of the month cycle. He said, "I will be in this vicinity again before returning to Koldas for my rest period."

Following these words, Edwin returned to us after a brief interval of silence. He groaned while he opened his eyes. "Oh, my head feels heavy. You know, Carl, I could see Earth... but it was a little hazy, like looking at the sun through a cloud. I could make out some detail, but only dimly. There was a black spot. There may have been a heck of a storm raging there! I could faintly see the land masses and a bluish haze around it.                                                                            

It is a fantastic sight. I suppose that is why the Koldasians call Earth a "jewel".That's what it looks like; transparent, like an opal, in a way. It is the deepest blue you can imagine. It must be the oceans or the atmosphere."

His impressions  inside the craft were summed up thus, "It was very much the same as before. I was aware of Valdar and his radio technician who seemed to play a part of some sort this time. On my first thought-contact with Valdar, he was seated in his seat which was higher than those of his crew. But this time there were two seats, one on either side of him. Tonight there was Valdar and next to him was his radio technician. It seemed as though I was standing and looking over their shoulders all the time. They weren't doing anything in particular; they seemed to be seated the whole time looking at Earth. Don't ask me how I know that the other person was his radio technician, I just know he was. If only one could register or record on some kind of instrument what one feels and sees. It is the queerest thing, coming back from the depths of space; you can feel yourself being pulled back; you can feel the acceleration !"





 Two Confederations Meet       

(short report on the background for  this - danish transl. link)   

 The teleportation of “Peter and Frances” in Zimbabwe in May 1974 had an unexpected sequel at “Q” Base when we met for our next contact with Valdar (27.January 1975). The young couple were frightened out of their wits while on an all-night car tourney from Salisbury (now called Harare) via Fort Victoria to the South African border. That night they were in the grip of a strange power which hurled their car at break-neck speed on an unfamiliar road and through strange surroundings. Peter, who was driving, completely lost control of his vehicle; he could neither stop it nor steer it. At the end of their nightmare journey, when they reached the South African border at dawn, Peter discovered that his fuel tank was still full. No fuel had been used for their 280 kilometer trip! Later, when Peter was hypnotically regressed to the night in question, he relived the whole experience.

Apparently Zorottus, a being in an extraterrestrial spacecraft, was responsible for their weird encounter. Did this UFOnauts hypnotize the couple to make a personal contact with his chosen contactee during this teleported journey? Peter turned out to be a perfect instrument of communication with Zorottus although later he refused to be associated with him.

Valdar said at a previous contact that he did not know Zorottus nor did he have any knowledge of this encounter with a UFO. But Peter and Frances asked if they could be present at one of Valdar's transmissions as there were many things that puzzled them. When Valdar announced his arrival from his spacecraft through Edwin, I introduced our two visitors to him.


I  then briefly outlined the story of Peter and Frances'  teleportation experience and asked him if he knew of any space-beings who might be responsible for such strange behavior.

"There are visitors from many extraterrestrial civilizations visiting your planet at the present," replied Valdar. "Some are known to us but there are many we are not aware of. The beings you describe are probably from outside the Confederation and use different methods of making contact with Earth's inhabitants. Some use remote controlled craft piloted by robots. Some personally make the initial contact and thereafter maintain contact from a distance. Some of them too, travel in time as we do, but their distances may be different. We see others rarely and it is difficult for me to identify them without more details."

"All these contacts with space-beings have a purpose," Valdar continued. "In the future, when the great change takes place on Earth, the true purpose of these contacts will be apparent. You all have different tasks to perform. There are many ways in which you are being contacted, but in time to come you will find that you all fit into the scheme of things. Contactees will then be able to guide those who have not understood the signs of the times. There are many who have not had the time nor the inclination to consider a highly-evolved civilization beyond Earth."


He paused for a moment, then through Edwin, he asked Peter a question. "Peter, if you feel that he who is presently in contact with you, does not wish to communicate with me, please say so, my friend. We all have our work to do and we do not interfere with each other."

Peter replied,  ... "May I introduce you to.......Zorottus?"

Valdar replied that he would like to make mental contact with Zorottus through our contactees Edwin and Peter. "I am now getting a clear impression in my mind; without doubt, Zorottus is from the Outer Worlds."

Valdar then addressed himself to Zorottus via Edwin and Peter. "Commander Zorottus, having made contact with you this way, you can understand how I feel. You represent a highly evolved civilization, for indeed I perceive powerful mental forces probing my ....... I am now projecting a question."  He paused for a moment and said, "Peter, is there a reply"?

After a further pause, Peter said, "There is wealth of information I receive for you."   Then Zorottus himself took control of Peter and said, "There is now complete  coordination between Peter and myself. It has taken many months to find someone with the ability to relay in a conscious state. We are just starting on this method of communication and it has taken a lot of time and energy to get this far. This is the first time that our two civilizations meet in a house on this planet to converse with each other and in such an unusual way. There is the increased level of mental energy to consider, but I do not think that there is any danger to anyone in this room. It is probably a good thing that we meet in this way. We both come here from different civilizations, each  with different plans for Earth, I must admit that we stab around in the dark a great deal. Unfortunately, we have made mistakes and it is up to us to put these right. Have you any particular question for me, Commander Valdar?"


"I have listened to your words, Commander Zorottus and it pleases me that you can appreciate how I feel tonight. It is as you say, most unusual that we of two different civilizations, in these circumstances. But this must happen as more and more people on this earth are being contacted by those from far away. I felt that I was intruding on the work that you are doing through Peter. But now that we have met, I should like to tell you about some of our activities. I am a Commander in the Corynthian Astrael Division of a Confederation of Planets. We have our magnetic fields to patrol and no doubt have passed each other at times, for on many occasions we have seen foreign craft on our travels... Commander Zorottus, may I ask your mission?"

"Our mission is much the same as yours," replied Zorottus, "Where I come from,... We control our planet. as you do yours. We do not intrude on your territory as you do not on ours. There has been differences between us in the past, but now we ....... Our methods of communication are different.. .There are a few things we could teach you in communications, if you are prepared to be taught."

  "There is much we can learn and we are willing to share what we have in the way of our understanding the cosmic mysteries," Valdar replied through Edwin.

 "Our spacecraft utilize a powerful force that man on this planet could also use. We look upon it as a universal force of divine origin. It is freely available for all mankind to use. It is not for us alone. This is why we come here to try to teach mankind on this planet a better way of life. On Earth, the conventional power sources are dwindling, gradually but surely. When  the fossil fuels are exhausted, man looks to the energy in the atom. But there is a better way, without pollution and a host of problems. But first of all the countries of Earth must set aside their differences; the dividing line that runs across this planet must go. Then, when there are no wars, the key to the secret of this universal power will be given to man on Earth and many of their problems will disappear. This change is bound to come, .. .The old way of life must eventually go."

 "We work in a different sphere," Zorottus replied, "You work for universal peace. Obviously, this is your aim for this planet. We do not. We are hungry for knowledge.. Universal  knowledge.  We want to know why the person in front of us is there and why we are not there. Peace is not of extreme importance to us. Peace can be made and it can be broken. We are probably causing wars, ... and you are trying to stop them. So basically we have different objectives. This is probably why your civilization and ours do not sees eye to eye. But I think this is a very important occasion. It is the first time that we have met for a very long time.

"...We try to condition the minds of our contactee so that they may grasp what life means to us in the Confederation," said Valdar, "You too, Zorottus, condition your contactees to follow your way of life. No doubt you will have discovered that there are many on Earth who reject completely the existence of intelligent life beyond their planet. It is these who have not exposed them­selves to 'conditioning', yet there are many millions of earth's inhabitants who need this form of contact. In the past, we have used their ordinary radio receiver but recently we have tried a new experiment. At times we send transmissions directly to the brain from great distance... Thought travels faster and we have successfully communicated over interstellar distances with our people on earth... We have found however, that many people of Earth have erected a mental barrier which we find almost  impossible to penetrate.  But  in some cases we found subjects suitable for 'thought communications' We are now using this form of communication almost exclusively, and so are you...."


The communication between the two extraterrestrial ended with them saying farewell to each other.

The two contactees behaved in different ways during the induced trance states. Peter sat bolt upright in his chair,  eyes wide open and smoking cigarettes while he relayed Zorottus' words, yet later he said he could not remember a word of what he said. Edwin, on the other hand, sat relaxed in his armchair, eyes closed, apparently lost to the world. His remarks after he had 'returned' from his thought-transmission, were also recorded on the tape and underline the difference from the normal transmissions we have had in the past.

"You know,  it's strange," said Edwin,  "Normally when I'm in thought transmission with Valdar, I can see his face clearly.  But not tonight. It was if I were looking at him from some distance. I could feel the presence of the other power. It was strong. It felt as if two forces were on a collision course. I sensed the silence in Valdars craft and Valdar himself seemed like a statue. Every mental fibre of power he could muster was harnessed. It was a fantastic experience."

In spite of what Valdar had said, the two civilizations seemed to be poles apart.  Other Confederation speakers were more outspoken about these differences.


There were expressions such as, "They relentlessly use force to infiltrate the Confederation in order to persuade it to its way of life," and "There is an on-going battle of wills between them and our superiors who are determined that such infiltration shall not take place."  

"In  the  Confederation,  all people dwell in peace and harmony. We have a way of life where peace reigns and crime has been practically eliminated because the cause for it has been removed." There were other statements expressing similar sentiments.


An observation of an Outer World spacecraft was briefly touched on by Herranoah on December 12th, 1978. He said, "Although their craft are similar in appearance to ours, there are subtle differences. Their craft have a dull surface whereas ours have a metallic shine, most easily  seen  from  close  quarters.  The  observation dome on top is flatter in Confederation craft whereas theirs is higher."

Herranoah said that some of their personnel wear a two-piece uniform of white or gray with a circular emblem on the tunic. The emblem has a black background with a white kidney-shaped teardrop with its point up­wards.  In contrast,  Confederation personnel wear sky-blue  tight-fitting uniforms,  covering the feet, with long sleeves and a vee-neck. Both crews have space-helmets, the Confederation helmets being longer,  silver colored, with an emblem resembling the six-pointed star of David embossed in blue on front. The motif of the six pointed star also appears on the top of the transparent dome of the Confederation craft.


Footnote by Publisher - This unique development may seem bizarre and just too much for even seasoned students of the phenomenon. One must remember however, that Carl van Vlierden was observing this from a "front row seat", and he was no novice at investigating these things. Carl was well aware that Peter was very sceptical of Edwin, while Edwin at the same time thought he was the only one there with a genuine UFO contact, and it didn't include Peter. They were both amazed by the result. Carl happened to be the lead investigator in both cases and had personal reasons for believing that both were valid despite the feelings of the two contactees. He had spent a great deal of time running down dues that neither of the contactees knew anything about -- yet the UFOnauts in both cases seemed to be quite aware of what he was doing. I am sure that this will not come across too well to any­one who has not patiently investigated a few of these cases for himself. We simply document the event here for your own information. Whether you choose to accept it or not is entirely up to you.






Earth Transmission


In the Confederation, the festival of Nixi Yacandi is the equivalent of our Christmas on Earth. There too it is held in honor of the birth of a Christ-like being. The festival lasts about one week of Earth-time and part of it is spent in  prayer and meditation and part in the reunion of  families  and  friends and the exchange of gifts. It is a joyful time for young and old and is cen­tered around the home and family. Relatives and friends visit one another, travelling from one planet to another in the Confederation in large cigar-shaped spacecraft.

In return for the many Christmas greetings which we had received in the past, we at "Q" Base decided to send a goodwill message for the forthcoming Nixi Yacandi sea­son on Koldas.  We made a tape-recording on which the four of us, Edwin, Elizabeth, Yvette (my wife) and my­self,  recorded a short message with musical excerpts taken from an LP record of Handel's "Messiah".


Nixi Yacandi fell in the last week of February and we transmitted our recording on a Friday evening,  (Feb­ruary I4th, 1975). This  was  accomplished  by  playing the tape through headphones on Edwin after he had been atuned by the usual procedure to the Confederation thought-frequency.

Could more be transmitted through Edwin than just our voices? For some time I had the feeling that the Confederation uses Edwin's eyes as well as his ears. If he could be made to open his eyes while listening to the spoken message, we could each take our turn before our camera,  in keeping with the personal message in the recording. To enhance the effect we used candles held in our hands, hoping that Edwin's own image would be trans­mitted by holding a mirror before him when his turn came to speak.

On Friday  evening  everything was ready for our transmission to go "on the air". Edwin was tuned in  the usual way, and to a gentle verbal request, he opened his eyes. Our Nixi Yacandi message to the Confederation began with the Hallelujah Chorus, "For the Lord God Om­nipotent reigneth, hallelujah..."

"This  'Q' Base on the planet Earth calls the Confederation of planets, from Grandor to Siton. Melchor on the perimeter of our solar system, all Astrael-craft and personnel everywhere." As these words faded, the Hallelujah Chorus continued with "He shall reign forever and eve...." So the message continued with music and our personal messages of goodwill. It closed with the choir singing the last "Amen" from the Oratorio. In conclusion I said a few words of thanks to all those who had made the transmission possible. I then removed the headphones from Edwin and waited...


A few moments later Edwin began to speak. We were in touch with the Astrael-craft which had intercepted our transmission and relayed it to Melchor.   "This is Taylanz, my friends, we have received your transmission while we hovered 80 kilometers above your "Q" Base. We thank you. Your message will bring much joy to us all. This craft was a relaystation and I have just heard that Melchor has had good reception and succeeded in making a recording of both voice and picture. I must now return to 535 kilometers altitude and from there, put you in contact with Melchor direct. Please stand by..."

There was a short pause again. Then we were in con­tact  with  Melchor.  "This  is  Kashendo  from Melchor. On behalf of the personnel of this satellite, I would like to thank you for your Nixi Yacandi message. The method you used was unique, as it enabled us to see and hear all of you. We were very surprised to receive a picture of Edwin during the transmission. I have recorded the sound and picture which will be sent to our Sup­eriors. I am sorry that at present we cannot reciprocate by sending you visual pictures of us, but who knows, this might well happen in time to come."


"Let me now describe some of the events that usually take place during this season. On Koldas there will be an astrael-craft display on a large scale.  Divisions from Siton, Koldas, Byronne and Triaxula will take part. Imagine  1,500 large silver discs performing intricate aerobatics in the sky. Valdar will be the leader of this display. He can always be relied upon to spring a sur­prise or two. The display will be watched by many thou­sands of Koldasians,  but visitors from other planets will be there also for Koldas is the only planet where this famous display is held."

Kashendo then said that after the Astrael display, festivities would continue for three days and night with  the  Koldasian  cities  brightly lit with colored lights. Music and delicatessen to suit all tastes would be available from all over the Confederation. On the fourth day there would be a period of meditation where the population unite in a thanksgiving to the Divine Creator.  Then it  is time for families and friends to visit one another in their homes. This too is a fairly quiet day, but then the younger generation takes over. Children dressed in colored costumes dance in procession through  the  flower-decorated  streets,  while yet more flowers are thrown  from the high buildings and Astrael-craft hover over the city trailing bright colored streamers.



Kashendo said that everyone takes a holiday during this season, except those in essential services. He said that in the smaller centers the celebrations are much simpler but that there would be dancing and music every­where. Each of the planets had their own unique way of spending  the holiday and although customs differed, the underlying religious emphasis was the same.

Kashendo then changed the subject and said, "I have before me a report dealing with the launching of 'Pro­ject Fireball' by the Confederation. I see that Melchor is to play a key role in this vast operation. Let me explain briefly the purpose of the plan. It is to save as many as possible in the event of a major catastrophe occurring on Earth. This might be a nuclear war or the collision with an asteroid or some other cosmic disaster involving Earth.  This  includes the approaching embryo sun, Sola Kananda.*

(*See Appendix III, Reciprocal Paradoxes, last part.) A code word has been given should such an emergency occur."

At that instant Kashendo paused. We heard Edwin's dog barking in the back yard. We wondered why the trans­mission was interrupted. Then he continued, "There is a message just handed to me; please stand by "Q" Base."

The  dog  continued barking  intermittently.  While Edwin sat in silence, we looked out of the main window, drawing aside the curtains, but we could see nothing un­usual. Then, after a few minutes, Kashendo resumed the thought-transmission through Edwin.  "This  is Kashendo returning to "Q" Base. We have just received a message From Taylanz, who is still above your home, keeping a dose watch on your surroundings. It  appears  that you have had a visitor who tried to eavesdrop on your meet­ing and we think that he must have alerted your dog. The­re are still  some aspects of this project "Fireball" that we do not wish to make public at this time. Therefore,  it  is best that we now end this transmission. Thank you again for your message for our Nixi Yacandi season. Farewell to you all."

Then, before disconnecting entirely, Taylanz said a few final words,  "We have monitored and relayed to Melchor all that took place at 'Q' Base and its immed­iate  vicinity  during  your  transmission.  We  thank you for your kind wishes and now say farewell."





Project  Fireball

In the event of a global catastrophe taking place on earth, the Confederation has devised a rescue plan called "Operation Fireball".  Its purpose is to save as many lives as possible in a mass evacuation of those of Earth's inhabitants who choose of their own free will to leave and be resettled on another planet with similar environmental conditions. Early in 1975 Valdar spoke to us at "Q" Base about the possibility of such a world disaster taking place.*

(*In  1975 Dr.  Bonnie Marshick, Psychologist, living in Tucson, Arizona, received extensive "automatic typing" transmissions on a "dark sun" approaching our solar sys­tem from the direction of Cancer. The work was received in German and she can not speak or read any German. Her terminal stage breast cancer was cured during the auto­matic typing sessions in her home, in the early morning hours in the dark of night and with no lights.)


He (Valdar) - said, "At present the Earth has two major pro­blems. We have already mentioned Sola Kananda. Who have tried to divert it but without success so far. For the moment, let us ignore this second sun, since there are ways and means of overcoming its effects."

At "Q" Base we first heard about Sola Kananda app­roaching our solar system in 1973, when Wy-Ora visited at "Q" Base to alert the members.  Sola Kananda means a "sun that has not yet flared or blazed", we are told. It is approaching from the constellation of Cancer. As our solar system enters deeper into its sphere of influence, changes in our planetary magnetic fields have from time to time been observed by the Confederation. One of these disturbances reached its peak in June 1975. In the magnetic fields or "tunnels" that connect the planets in our solar system, the two opposing streams of magnetic flux short-circuited. Instead of flowing  along the length of the tunnel, in many places they jumped across to the returning stream.



As a result, the magnetic fields lost their continuity and magnetically propelled spacecraft were unable to pass through the normal traffic lanes. We lost contact with those Confederation craft which kept to pre-arranged times of communication with us. But we happened to make contact with a craft which was stranded in orbit around our planet with no power and unable to continue.

"But there is a far more serious problem," Valdar continued, "the nuclear explosions that have occurred in the past  in the various regions of your planet, have sent clouds of radiation upwards into your atmosphere and higher regions. This is very serious. Fallout from these explosions is the heavier material that finds its way downwards.  But  there are microscopic particles of carbon; minute and invisible to the eye, which are blown high up  into  the  ionosphere.  These particles are so light that they do not return to the Earth but remain up there.  In addition there  is air pollution.  Over the years,  carbon particles  from many terrestrial sources such as industry, fires and so on, have also collected at these higher altitudes where they remain and mix with the radioactive carbon particles. Here a reaction has been brought about by the radiation of your sun which has now created an inflammable and explosive layer around your planet. Do you realize what this could mean?"


Valdar stressed again the seriousness of this matter. "Yes, solar radiation has now created an inflammable ionosphere around the Earth. These layers have become impregnated with various forms of carbon, dispersed in clouds over large areas of many thousands of miles."

"This has also brought about temperature changes in some areas.  Although the sun's rays can still filter through them,  some regions are becoming warmer while others are becoming colder. But the greatest danger is the explosion of nuclear warheads in or near this inflammable  region!  On  a  few  occasions  already,  guided missiles with explosive warheads have been stopped by us and  the  mechanism  rendered  harmless.  The  purpose of these missiles was to explode nuclear devices high above your planet. If this inflammable layer were ever ignited, your planet could become a ball of fire!"

Obviously, Valdar was deeply concerned for the saf­ety of the population of Earth. He continued, "If you detonated a bomb of a certain strength, or if a nuclear war broke out on Earth, the whole planet could eventual­ly burn  up. If there is anything that we of the Confed­eration have succeeded in doing on earth, it is to in­still a healthy respect in the minds of your military' and government leaders of such a calamity being touched off by a high level test or a nuclear war. But some irr­esponsible  leader might  start  a conflict which might escalate."


He paused,  then continued,  "There is a planet in the constellation (you call) Cetus which destroyed it­self thousands of years ago. It can still be seen from earth: today it looks like a red giant and is now at its brightest. At the time, that planet in Cetus was at the same stage as Earth is at present. They exploded a nuclear device high above  their surface. We think it is possible that Earth could suffer a similar fate."

"Operation Fireball" had been conceived and imple­mented by the Superiors of the Confederation. It could be put into action for Earth or any other planet should the need arose for an emergency mass evacuation. Spec­ially trained crews with craft are permanently on standby on each of the Confederation planets to respond imm­ediately to a Fireball emergency situation anywhere.

Valdar continued, "They all respond to a code word to alert them. High above Earth, the Confederation has placed many artificial satellites in orbit to monitor those critical regions. Equipped with sensitive instruments  and  warning devices,  these  satellites could be great  lifesavers  for the population of Earth. If the inflammable layers were ignited, a warning signal would be relayed by radio transmitters via booster stations to Melchor, which as you know is on the perimeter of your solar system."



"Melchor will be a vital link in 'Operation Fireball'. An emergency code will be relayed via the Confederation thought-communication system to all the planets in the Confederation. Before all the inflammable material could burn, quick thinking and fast action by the res­cue teams, who would come in the thousands, might save and  evacuate  at  least  a  part  of  the  population We  estimate that it would take  several more days for the  fire  to spread to all the flammable layers around Earth and we hope that in such an event most of the wor­lds  population  could be evacuated,  though  there is possibility that in certain areas some of them may be lost. Without this rescue plan, the Confederation would not be able to do much for your planet in such an emer­gency, which could happen at any time."


"Initially 'Operation Fireball' was set in motion about  twelve years  ago  (1963). But where to take the population of Earth? that was the problem. Heeding the warning indicated by the planet in Cetus, a suitable home had to be found and prepared for the Confederation. An expedition was organized and a planet was found which resembled Earth in many ways. It has the same atmosphere and ground conditions and this new young planet was na­med EPICOT. Cities were planned and houses were built and laid out in spacious suburbs. Each house was placed on an acre of ground and the building and gardens styled on the pattern of those on Earth. At present (1975) these garden cities on Epicot have reached the stage where much of Earth's population could be accommodated... Arti­ficial holding planets such as Triton have been built and placed in orbit... We have had previous experience in the mass evacuation of a population from a planet in distress," Valdar added.


 Mass evacuation in the distant history/prehistoric of planet Mars

To the question of where such a mass evacuation had taken place, Valdar replied that Mars  in our solar sys­tem was one! Apparently a disastrous war had broken out on Mars devastating the planet to such an extent that life was no longer possible on its surface... He said... "Yes, Mars... the destruction of the Red Planet. I will ask Zyloo to give you a special transmission on Mars. How the planet became uninhabitable and how the popula­tion had to start life again elsewhere. Their new planet is called Siton and is now a thriving part of the Con­federation.

Valdar kept his word and on June 4th, 1975, we received a radio transmission, but not by Zyloo. This came from Atra, a Koldasian who spoke English very well... He said,"Valdar has asked me to contact you and tell you of the destruction of the red Planet, Mars. It was intended that Zyloo, who himself happens to be a descendent of the ancient Martian race, should give you the story. But he is at present on a mission which has taken him away. But I have been given all the facts as recorded in the memory banks or archives on Grandor. Even in ancient times Mars was called the  'god of war' and rightly so for it was indeed a warlike planet. Its present desolate appearance is the result of nuclear warfare which brought life on the surface to an end. Our scientists are of the opinion that Mars is now slowly recovering its balance or equilibrium and one day it will again be able to support life as it did in the past."


Atra then briefly sketched the early history of the race that once inhabited Mars. Where the Martians came from  was  only  later  explained.  He  described  Mars as a thriving planet in spite of its meager water resources. It never had the seas and oceans of Earth, but almost waterless encircling deserts with the inevitable dust-storms,  which  divided Mars  into two  inhabitable regions. These were centered around the two poles... The Martian civilization was therefore divided into two sections,  the  North  and  the  South,  each  with  its own cities, industry and agriculture however there were distinct differences between them. The North had more abundant water and more fertile soil yielding better  harvests. The South was rich in minerals and metals, and their industry and technology outstripped these developments in the North. The South also developed space travel  earlier,  and although  they did not travel deeply into space, they did travel to the two moons. Eventually intense rivalry and friction developed between these two regions. The South, the more aggressive, developed atom­ic power before the North, and a struggle for control of the whole planet developed. The Northemers feared their opponents' superior weapons and an arms race was the result which turned into an explosive situation when the South gained complete control of the two moons from where guided missiles were trained on the North."

"Then  one  terrible night," continued Atra,  "the Southnation struck!" A giant warhead containing missiles, each of which was capable of destroying an area of at least 160 kilometers in diameter, was launched from one of the moons. More missiles were launched from the other moon. It was almost total destruction for the North and the  South  thought  they had  triumphed.  But somehow an unexpected chain reaction exploded large stocks of such weapons  which  the  South  had  stored.  As  the  giant arsenals exploded, shock after shock rocked the planet. Fires started by the devastation raged for weeks. When these died down the greater ordeal began for those who survived the initial blasts. Radiation killed many, and more died from starvation as the food and water supplies were contaminated. Then intense radiation storms scarred the planet, searing its surface.


"The handful of survivors,  shocked and stunned by the ghastly ordeal, then began 'Operation Survival'. All they could do at  the  time was  to go underground -beneath the surface to escape the poisons of destructive radiation. Settlements, and later cities, were built below the surface and power was generated to illuminate the underground cities. Food was grown underground in sealed transparent  containers  to  prevent  contamination. The entire underground world was sealed off from the surface of the planet."

Atra said that due to these new conditions the Mar­tian race changed and a new subterranean civilization emerged. What had been the surface was left to the elements and the harsh atmospheric conditions which changed the face of Mars to that which man on earth sees today. The devastating dust-storms which now rage there have long since erased all traces of the ancient Martian civilizations. In the polar regions, the large icecaps disappeared  although  there  is  still  a certain amount of frost. After many generations of subterranean existence, it seemed that human beings could adapt to the dire en­vironmental conditions with scant food and water supp­lies.  But the pressure of increasing population forced their leaders to look for a new planet.

New space vehicles, capable of entering deep space, had  been  developed  and  exploratory  expeditions  were launched  in all  directions.  Atra said  that Earth too was considered. They marvelled at our planet, the green plains  and  hills  and  the  mountains  and... all  that water!  But  they decided  to continue  their search and after seven years, with the help of the Confederation, a virgin planet was found. It was named Siton, the plan­et of hope.


"Imagine people who have never seen rain, clouds and the blue sky above," Atra continued. "What an exper­ience it must have been for them to walk on their new planet and feel for the first time the warmth of their sun and the blessings of rain. They could plant seed in good soil and harvest fruit and vegetables, and cereals they had never tasted before! Children playing in the light of their own sun. Truly this could only be a gift from the Divine One. The Martian, or Sitonian, civilization which survived and which prospers  today,  is one where  the word  'war'  still conjures up memories of a tragic past. They have realized the importance of living in peace. They have no monetary system. Trading is by barter, as they are now part of the large Confederation. Their craft travel the magnetic fields and they are now at peace with all the planets.  On Earth, you have rea­ched the nuclear age, the power of destruction you now posses could very well destroy this beautiful planet of yours.

"Why destroy a young planet which still has 500 million years to go....? Why destroy yourselves?     The Confederation earnestly asks you to change your ways and live in peace. The key to the harnessing of universal power is harmony, goodwill, peace... You may find this hard to accept, but it is the truth. Not the energy from the atom!..."





Earth Rescue


During the period when the severe magnetic distur­bance interfered with Confederation contact with "Q" Bases on Earth,  an unexpected interlude occurred. The magnetic  storm within our solar system started on the 24th of June  1975, and ended about nine months later. But on the evening of the 27th, we at "Q" Base were not aware that anything was amiss and we expected a routine transmission. After Edwin was put into a receiving con­dition, instead of hearing Valdar or one of the others, we heard, to our astonishment, words in a strange language



"Kasiendo... Katauw, viso, viso.. .kiaka, kiaka...

Sianda katauw, sivi kiaka kanando .......

Viaka, viaka..."


We were rather taken aback by this, as we usually heard the English language, and a reply in English did nothing to stern the torrent of strange words.


"Viso kialda katauw, visi kiaka kasalundo katauw, si ....... Kialda, kialda..."


It sounded like a plaintive cry for help. The last two words were familiar. We knew "Ceto Kialda" to mean "emergency people". What was the emergency?

As I knew no other words, I replied with "Ceto kial da". The response was immediate.


"Ceto Kialda vasito... lomo saviendo ka katoto gownowloaka soto... Ceto."


The speaker paused as if waiting for a reply, then continued with,


"Ceto, ceto, kialda, kialda..."


If only we had some idea of whom we were in contact with. I said, "Please tell us your name." The reply came immediately, "Eeso... Eeso."  I  continued,  "Greetings, Eeso. This is Confederation "Q" Base. What is the emer­gency?"

Was he getting the drift of what  I was saying? Apparently not, for he continued with another string of strange words.


"Eeso, kialda kariendo kasa isiata pasendo kakau kararando cackaulo Eeso..Liendo Confederation... Confederation Eeso."


I tried again, "Eeso of the Confederation. We greet you from "Q" Base. Try again... in English. What is the emergency? What emergency?


"Ikaka sidio visa liso kiando... Confeder­ation. Wait, wait..."


After a few minutes, we heard Eeso say, "Speaking.. Confederation Planet... Kialda... speaking... through... interpreter. Understand ....... a computer is interpreting. we ar.... in great danger... Emergency... Earthman, Emergency!"

Was the emergency connected with "project Fireball" I asked.  "No...  not Project Fireball...  Craft... our craft... ....... ....... standby, Earthman."


There was another pause, then Eeso continued, "Now the computer is better adjusted to take our conversation. Earthman, do you hear me? This is my emergency. For some time we have been circling your planet. We are unable to accelerate beyond your planet because of mag­netic turbulence. Emergency, Earthman. We will be shortly doomed."

"Is there anything we can do?" I asked.


"Yes...  there  are  solar energy batteries  at "A" Base.  They have also a telephone. Pass on as soon as possible the code letters. We have only just suff­icient solar energy left to remain in a stable position with this craft for one and a half Earth days. Our tran­smitters are without power. All this is due to the mag­netic disturbance.  If we do not receive assistance... in two days we will perish."

I assured Eeso that we would deal with the matter immediately.  He  replied,  "I...  thank  you.  That  is really all  that is needed. At "A" Bas.,  they have in their posession a small space-craft, and if they bring us fresh solar batteries, I could leave this orbit."

I  asked  Eeso  if  he  knew where  Valdar  was  at that moment.

"Valdar is on Melchor. Koldasian-craft are unable to reach this planet  due to this magnetic disturbance in your solar system. On Melchor, which is on the perimeter of your solar system, are all the Confederation craft.  We cannot land as this craft is too large. It is eight (of your) kilometers in length. On board we have 400 students and personnel. We come from Carmel, a planet in the Confederation."

I then inquired how long he had been in that pre­dicament and how he happened to be there with 400 stu­dents.


"We came from Cialdar and are heading for Kopone, and the magnetic field goes through your solar system. At this moment we are stranded in this orbit 27,000 ki­lometers above Earth. We cannot escape the gravitational attraction  of  your  planet.  If  we  fall,  the  whole world  shall know. You will see us fall! The last trans­mission from the Confederation was five days ago. No­thing  since  then.  You  see  radio  transmissions  are not possible with all  the turbulence such as we have now. Even 'thought' transmissions are difficult. There is a short-circuit in the magnetic channels and we are cut-off and in free fall. No Astrael-craft can reach us from Melchor because of the magnetic turbulence which causes violent buffering to  the craft, even in those fields which are still passable. The only hope we have now  is  the  craft  at  'A'  Base on earth......  for days I have tried to make contact. We have seen many rotations of your planet. But now at last, I am fortunate indeed to have made contact with a 'Q' Base."

Conversation was now much easier and Eeso sounded greatly relieved. He continued, "It is cold here, Earth-man... cold! The students are on an educational tour. We have enough food and water, but it is cold. I must ration the energy we have left for heating. So, please con­tact 'A' Base as soon as possible. "A" Base is, accord­ing to my records here, 72 kilometers from your position there. I know that there will be someone there now, be­cause for the past days all 'A' Bases have been on the alert. Only the craft at these 'A' Bases can recharge the solar energy cells."


"I have never been to Earth," Eeso continued, "I have passed many times.  It is a lovely and beautiful planet. One day, I hope to come. The students I have on board are from many different planets. They are training for  pilots,   communicators,   navigators...   This   is the final part of their training period. They are very young and I am very tired..."

I  succeeded  in passing the   message of the stricken craft to "A" Base about half an hour after we finished our thought-communication with Eeso. The person answering my telephone call gave his name as Gerry. He assured me that he would act on my message immediately. With our mission completed for the moment, we waited for two days to make contact again with the huge craft. The magnetic disturbances  are natural  phenomena according to the Confederation, which may occur  at intervals of ten to twelve years.

On Sunday evening, June 29th,  1975, we were ready to make contact with Eeso at the appointed hour of eight o'clock. As he came through he again poured out a torr­ent of words  in the  strange  tongue.  He sounded much more  cheerful  and  confident  and  we  presumed  that he must have received the assistance he had asked for.



There was a brief pause, then he said, "Greetings people of Earth. We are happy that you at 'Q' Base re­layed my message to 'A' Base. It saved the lives of all these students, my personnel and myself. Thank you indeed. Other 'Q' Bases were alerted but they were unable to help. These 'Q' Bases were in other countries, some too  far  away  from  'A'  Bases.  Atra,  from your  'A' Base  is no  longer  there.  All  Confederation personnel have been evacuated from there. They are on Melchor at present waiting to return at first opportunity. It is the same with all the other 'A' Bases on your planet. Earth  personnel  are  now  in charge of  them. Earthman Gerry arrived  in a scout craft with the solar energy cells.  He has  already returned. But we must still be careful with the magno-solar energy supply. This craft is  an old model,  not like the latest Corynthian type which  is much more efficient in the use of energy. I made a big mistake! I should not have ventured into this system at all. I was warned by Melchor not to enter it. You see, the magnetic fields are very deceiving. At the first all was well.  Then the field in front and the in behind  suddenly  became  very  turbulent...  Then  as we began to run out of power, the large craft control system failed and we began to tumble in space. But we are happy now and soon hope to leave this orbit. We are just waiting for the turbulence to subside sufficiently to give us a good chance to leave. It is the worst magnetic storm for a long time.


"If I cannot leave within a week," Eeso continued, "I will have to land in one of your seas. It must be sufficiently deep to allow this craft to settle on the bottom. Emergency escape compartments will then take the students and personnel to the surface with cables. Then 'Q'  Bases equipped with sea-going craft will take our people to shore. But I do not want to do this unless it is absolutely necessary."

At our request, Eeso told us more about his enormous  spacecraft.  "It  is  round  like  a long cylinder, eight kilometers in length and one and a half kilometers in  circumference .  This craft is called Kalsando, but this model is not often used these days. Sitonians have a craft very similar to this one, but not as large, although more powerful."

"For the last two days we have observed earth from this altitude," said Eeso. "Now that we have power again to operate equipment and instruments for close observa­tion,  we  have  taken a closer  look at your planet. I must  say it  is  a beautiful planet!  It does not seem possible  from here  that  there  is  an almost  constant struggle for power with war and bloodshed taking place in many areas of this jewel of a planet... but the evi­dence is there for all of us to see! For the students it has been a most valuable experience...  I gave them a lecture about Earthmen, and I told them of Edwin and all of you at 'Q' Base. The students are very interested and agree that this has been a valuable experience. I told them how Edwin had been trained by Koldasians since a small  boy.*

(*This  is the first indication in this manuscript that Edwin has been observed and prepared for these contacts longer than he remembers.)


  ... I  would  like  to  thank  you  for what you  have  done  for  this  carrier.  Your  names  I have put  in  the  log.  Gerry' s  name  is  also  entered...

.My superiors will read this log.  I will leave now. Koran Seka -- this means, 'We will meet again'."




Earthbase Compromised.



On the 9th of July, six days after we had bid fare­well  to  Eeso  and  his  400  students,  we  four  at  "Q" Base met for our usual routine thought-transmission. We wondered  if  there  was  any  Confederation  craft  we might contact for news of Eeso ‘s progress or, with luck, we  might  make  contact  with  Eeso  himself  while  in orbit.

Unthinking,  I decided to use another type of hyp­nosis to put Edwin in a receptive state. Instead of the usual method of playing the special sounds given by Val­dar through the headphones, I used the conventional induction  method.  I  stood  in  front  of  him  after  he was seated in his usual armchair and to my satisfaction, Edwin soon responded to my voice and was relaxed with closed eyes.

Thinking he was now well "tuned in", I called Eeso. "'Q' Base calling Commander Eeso..."

I repeated this call several times, but Edwin remained silent. We decided to try the Confederation base on Venus. "Calling Venus. This is 'Q' Base calling Con­federation base on planet Venus..."

Suddenly Edwin began to speak. He spoke softly, "Friend..."

"Greetings. Is that Commander Eeso?" I asked.

"No... a friend."

"May we have your name?" I asked.

"Goldar." The reply came instantly.

"Are you from the Confederation of Twelve Planets?" I asked.

"Y-yes," came his reply.


The word "yes" was uttered in two syllables, the first sound deeper than the second. This was definitely not  the  style of conversation we were used to and it began to worry me.  However, having started with this mysterious Goldar, I decided to get to the bottom of it.

"We were hoping to contact Commander Eeso in his space-carrier Kalsando. Can you perhaps tell us where he is?"

"No, I do not know where he is."

After a moment. "What is your location?" I asked.

"In orbit around our planet Earth?" I asked.

"No... On your planet."


This surprised me. Goldar continued smoothly, "Why do you call Confederation Base on Venus?"

I told Goldar  about the magnetic disturbance and how Eeso got into trouble and managed to escape toward Venus.

"I have heard about these people of the Confederation, but I do not know where they are," said Goldar. He paused and then continued,  "Where are you speaking from?"

I  replied,   "We  are  speaking  from  'Q'  Base. It is on the continent of Africa, somewhere near a city called Durban. Where are you speaking from, Goldar?"

"Not too far ...y..." Goldar said vaguely.

"Are you at an 'A' Base?" I asked.

"'A' Base? No, where is 'A' Base?"


"About 50 kilometers from us," I replied.

"And what is 'Q' Base?" Goldar inquired?

"It is a base of the Confederation of Planets," I said.  "But  who  are  you  Commander  Goldar?  Are  you in a physical body?"

"Yes," he replied. "But I would like to know where 'Q' Base is."

"This is 'Q' Base. It is in Durban," I said.


"What do you do at 'Q' Base?" Goldar queried.

"We communicate with the Confederation."

"And at the 'A' Base?" Goldar persisted.

"'A' Base is a special base."


Suddenly there was a rapid question in a changed voice from Edwin's lips. "Who is this speaking through Edwin?"

There was a pause and the question was repeated.

Before I could answer, Goldar said, "This is Goldar speaking through Edwin."

The new voice  said,  "This is Gerry to Goldar. I order you to be gone and that you no longer are to speak through this person."

In the silence that followed,  I said,  "Gerry!... Are we speaking to you now?"

"You are...."

"Good evening, Gerry, are we glad to make contact with you!"

"Carl, I don't know what is going on but maybe you can fill me in."

"We intended to contact Eeso, but seem to have got Goldar instead. Do you know this person called Goldar?"

"I  don't  know  him,  but  I  suspect  that  he  is not  of the Confederation. How long did you have this conversation with him?"


"For a few minutes," I replied.

"He was obviously trying to obtain the location of 'Q' and 'A' Base out of you. I would not be surprised if he is from the North polar region. Anyway, I was expecting you this evening. The method you used to get Edwin into trance is like an 'open house'. It can be overheard by others! That is why we use the other method, using the sounds to induce the receptive state. You know the recorded method we have*.

(*Method instituted by Valdar in 1974.)


"Yes," I said, "We tried this method as an alternative so that in case of an emergency, when no tape­recorder is available or no domestic power to activate it, we can still communicate."

"Well,  I don't think they can do any harm now... they are bound to be listening still, but this is like a party line, **  Gerry said.

(**Party line: A word peculiar to southern Africa meaning a telephone number shared by more than one person, where the call is distinguished by the number or length of the rings. All members on that line, unfortunately, can also listen in on the call.)


"We are still concerned about Eeso. Can you talk to us about him?" I asked.

"Eeso is fine. They reached Venus and their craft is now  in orbit.  The students have been taken to the surface. There is still a skeleton staff of personnel on the carrier, but otherwise all is well." Gerry stopped, sighed and added, "I do not want to say much about the other matter at  the moment.  Our eavesdroppers are no doubt rejoicing because the Confederation are no longer here due to the magnetic disturbance. They have a free hand at the moment, unfortunately. So I would only say that  conditions  are very much  the  same,  but  shortly there may be an improvement. That's all I will say at the moment."


"Yes, I understand," I said. "Gerry, can we change to the Confederation thought-frequency,  so that we can talk more freely?"

Gerry agreed and Edwin was returned and after ex­plaining the situation to him, he was again induced into a  state  of  trance,  but  this  time by getting him to listen through the headphones to the special recorded sounds. As soon as he was ready, I called Gerry and he responded immediately.


NOTE-This concept of an adversary runs all through our literature, both popular and religious, and metaphysical as well. We see it in our mythologies and religions, and our histories are filled with it. It frequently turns up in extensive UFO contact cases where the contact is sustained and dialogue develops. We see it in nature all around us. Perhaps all evolution is simply the outwork­ing of these opposites. Nothing seems immune and possi­bly it is never overcome. It has not seemed to stop the progress of those more advanced than we. In addition to this a slightly different, though not new, dimension is added in this report by the concept of counterpart opposites  in  anti-matter  and  different  time. Maybe even this natural opposite is what gives rise to the adver­sary nature of conscious life throughout all being in time and space.


"We can talk freely now," he said.

"This has been an education for me. I don't think I gave away anything of importance, but we all suspect now that Goldar was connected with the Outer Worlds," I said.

"Ah yes, one has to be very careful. These blighters wait for an opportunity like this... that's why the Koldasians are using this method of trance, induced by these strange sounds. This is safe because it is on a very high frequency of thought vibration; much higher than the usual. Many so-called mediums get involved with these characters who have a free hand on this planet at this moment. They are tearing around in a frenzy now be­cause our Koldasian friends can't reach us during this magnetic upheaval. We don't know how long this is going to last. Melchor has already been moved to further out from this  solar  system and communication with them is very erratic. So it is now a matter of waiting for the conditions to return to normal."


"We  are  just  standing  by  here  at  'A'  Base. There is nothing to do. The Astrael-craft we have here is the only remaining link with the Confederation and we can not afford anything to happen to it. Then there is the energy position. You see, Eeso has our spare batteries and the only remaining cells are those in the craft. We are therefore cranking the hangar doors by hand. For­tunately there is a manual mechanism to open and close these doors but normally they are power-operated. So we are carefully conserving our energy supply. On the communications side, things are quiet now. We usually handle between 35 and 40 transmissions a day, but there is no­thing at present."

To our question if he was by himself at "A" Base, Gerry replied,  "No,  there's the owner of the farm and two others. Four of us in all. We are all on stand-by. At all the other 'A' Bases it is much the same."

"Has this kind of magnetic disturbance ever happen­ed before?" I asked.


"Not in my lifetime," said Gerry. "I have been told it has in the past, but I don't think there were any 'A' Bases in those days. For us, it is something new. Occa­sionally,   there  are  minor  disturbances  which  are not too serious. These are like our electrical storms. But this latest disturbance is on a bigger scale extending through our whole solar system. It has virtually cut us off  from the  surrounding space,  isolating us very effectively."

"What about the craft from the North polar regions?" we asked.

"These craft are normally bell-shaped or mushroom-shaped and are usually very small. They don't carry more than a  few crew. They have no large craft and they are not  propelled by the magnetic  fields.  They use  some electric  turbo-propulsion system,  therefore they cant really venture very far out into Outer Space, but they do cause mischief in certain areas on our planet."

"Have you come across this Goldar before, or do you think this might be a fictitious name?" I asked.

"I have not heard the name before; it is hard to say.  Normally they don 't venture into Africa;  it is a little far from home for them. They seem to prefer the cooler regions and isolated areas which are densely co­vered by vegetation.  Their craft are not reliable and they  seem  to  have  to  stop  after  traveling  a  few hundred  kilometers,  probably  to  regenerate  power and then take off again.  It is hard to say what they are after.  The Koldasians are well aware of them and their activities but I'm told not to be too concerned about these  people.   Apparently  they  are  a  dying  race. They  have  caused  disturbances  in  the  past  and even bloodshed but they normally keep to themselves and are rarely  seen.  The people who have  seen them are very fortunate  if  they get back home,  for  they have been known to abduct persons who are never seen again."


"What would happen if there were a Fireball emer­gency now that 'A' Base is only on stand-by," I asked.

"Well, this is a dangerous situation at the moment. If anything of that nature were to happen,  well... I'm afraid there would be nothing we could do. You see, this is one  set  of circumstances where, unfortunately, the whole rescue operation will have to be abandoned. During the magnetic disturbances there is simply nothing that can be done. Unfortunately the Koldasians have to rely on magnetic fields for power and mobility. Their craft are at present useless in our solar system."

"As we are talking to you now, Gerry, there is an­other question we have. How did you become involved with the Confederation. How did it all start for you?"


"Well,  as you all know, my name is Gerry. I was adopted by the owner of this farm. My parents died in a motorcar  accident when I was seven years old. After I completed my  schooling"  --  he  mentioned a well-known boys' college in Natal, South Africa -- "I was trained by the Confederation. This is now my work. This is what I do for a living. We also do some farming..."

"Yes, we heard about your cabbages from Eeso," we said, laughing.

"That was an oversight on my part. I didn't realize that they do not have cooking facilities on these craft. All their food is pre-cooked..."

"Nevertheless,  it  was  thoughtful  of you to take food to the marooned craft."


Asked if he was married, he told us no. We sugges­ted that he might be too young to marry, but he said that he would be 33 years old that coming November. To this he added, "I should have been going for a trip to Salamia at that time, but with the magnetic disturbance I'm not so sure now."

We asked him if he had ever been there before and if he would like to stay there for good.

"Yes,  I go every year for three weeks. It took me a while to get used to the space-travel, but after a few journeys one gets used to it. Yes, I would like to stay on Salamia. But I have been told that I will soon go to Koldas; it all depends on circumstances now."

"What  an experience  such a journey to the anti­matter Universe must be," I said.

"Yes, I'm very fortunate," he said. "I am here with my adopted father. It's a wonderful life; we don't need anything or want anything and we have lots of freedom. We can come and go as we like, but we are also kept very busy."


"What is Eeso like?" I asked.

"Eeso comes from a planet in the Confederation that is really on a younger scale of evolution. It is called Carmel.  I would guess that their scale of evolution is about the same level as we have reached here on Earth at present. One might say that they are somewhat rough and ready but they are really good people."

We  asked  Gerry  if  he  had  a  good  view  of  the craft and was it really as big as he said it was.

"Oh yes, it is a gigantic craft! You could not miss it. It ‘s one of the old type cruisers. They are not as capable as the latest types, but they can still do the job. I have never seen one of these  before. The Sitonians  have the newer model which is far more compact and not as large, yet more spacious in many other ways."

We continued talking about various other things for another ten minutes and then ended our thought-contact.

The next time we heard Gerry's voice, the circumstances at "A" Base had changed drastically.





Earthbases Evacuated



“Magnetism is the lifeblood of the Universe," said Valdar.  "To travel from our Confederation to Earth, we use the network of magnetic fields. Without using fuels or propellants, we take advantage of the natural curren­ts in the field and our craft flow along with it -- like a ship in full sail before a trade wind."

From June 1975 to March 1976 a severe disturbance occurred in the magnetic fields in our solar system. Confederation spacetravellers reported buffeting and effects  similar  to  air-pockets  in the magnetic  "tunnels" which  connect  the  planets.  During a magnetic  storm, these  tunnels  often break off completely,  leaving two stumps ending with a U-turn of the two opposing streams of magnetic force lines.

We at  "Q" Base heard of the consequences of the magnetic breakdown on a tape-recording we received from Gerry of "A" Base which arrived by unseen messenger in September,  1975. On it was an urgent message to all "A" Bases on Earth which Gerry managed to record. The mess­age was marred by crackling and atmospherics. Reception conditions  must  have  been  very  poor  at  the  time. The voice said that his name was Cedalda, controller of the main communication centre of  the capital city of Scilyn. He said that he was transmitting on the Koldas­ian frequency 119 and that he had an urgent message to relay from Grandor.


"This is a directive from the Superiors of Grandor to all operational  'A' Bases on Earth," Cedalda began. "Activities at all  'A' Bases must stop immediately! No more patrols are to be made in the operational area ass­igned to your base. All operations must stop now!"

It was an insistent message and he continued, "We are very distressed by your reports of a military attack on  one  of  our  A -  Bases!  We  have  always  regarded the nation responsible for this attack to be our friend. ... We are astonished that those who pledged their good will and loyalty have struck at our base at a time like this when we are handicapped by the magnetic disturbance in your solar system! Do not communicate with the attacking forces or anyone. There will be strict radio silence between the 'A' Bases from now on. Should another attack be made on an 'A' Base, the other four Astrael­craft will come to its aid without delay. Only during such an emergency may the radio silence be broken. But do not, I repeat do not negotiate with anyone at all.

"Should an Astrael-craft be in danger of capture, do not hesitate to destroy the craft and your base. I repeat,  do not hesitate to destroy the Astrael-craft. This is a strict instruction from Grandor. Your base is, as you know, equipped with a device capable of destroy­ing it from a safe distance. You know how to operate this device; do not hesitate to use it! Should any of the Astrael-craft fall into the hands of those who pretend to be our friends, woe betide Earth. These craft would certainly be mis-used. Therefore, do not hesitate to destroy your scout-craft.  In the meantime, we have sent a carrier-craft to Earth from this communications Center  in Scilyn.  In a  few weeks it will reach your planet and on arrival will go into orbit, 9600 kilome­ters  above your  surface.  An elliptical  orbit will be chosen to encompass all A- Bases on Earth. The Astrael­craft which you have at the five 'A' Bases will be flown by remote control to this carrier."



"Valdar will be in charge and he will give you pre­cise instructions when he arrives in orbit. No further details will be given in this transmission as there is a possibility that this could be overheard. Your Koldasian radio-receivers must be tuned to the emergency frequency as  from  this  moment.  We  know  that  this  frequency is safe. We hope that all will be well until the carrier arrives over your planet. It will take a few weeks for this carrier to traverse the last stage of its journey through your  solar  system,  as  only rocket propulsion can be used there because of the magnetic disturbance."

Cedalda spoke  sternly as he dealt with the grim reality that faced all 'A' base personnel in their iso­lation. He then ended his message.

"We know it has been a trying and dangerous time for all of you at 'A' Bases. We thank you for your dedi­cation and loyalty and we hope all will be well until the carrier arrives.  'Til then, may the Divine One keep you safe, A-Base pilots who fly the skies by night! We also thank the 'Q' Bases for the work they are doing. We know that  this  is not the end! The Confederation has been on Earth for many thousands of years and many peo­ple are still loyal to the Confederation. We would not abandon them...”


* * * * * *


In a  tape-recorded  talk,  a scientist*

(*Muhutani, scientist on Epicot translating data from the memory banks for "Q" Base, August 29th, 1978.) - on Epicot tells the story of how a fleet of Starships set forth a very long time ago from Grandor, the mother planet, on a voyage of exploration. These spacecraft left their native Universe  and crossed  the void that separates it from our Universe. It was a triumph for the Grandorians who found the passage to another Universe. The passage ­a vast magnetic field--links two pear-shaped Universes (of opposite polarity) together while they slowly rotate in  opposite  directions.  The  narrow  pear-shaped  ends point at each other and both Universes are encompassed by a barrier -- an event horizon. These barriers, he explained, do not allow anything to escape from within the Universe. Even light rays are held back.

The greatest contribution to this break-through was made by the designers  and builders of the remarkable Starships which were the first time machines made. These craft could bypass the velocity of light and the escape velocity of a Universe,  blend with the fluid-flowing flux of a magnetic field where time flows in reverse, and pass out of that dimension and into another. Con­gealing out of the fluid state flux upon arrival in the new space-time environment,  the polarity of the atomic structure of men and craft is reversed. This fleet of starships explored the newly found Universe. They char­ted  and  measured  the  magnetic  fields;  a  vast  web that is now their highway and byway for space explor­ation.

Then came their first big discovery! These explorers  in  their  starships  found  our  Universe  to  be a close  copy of their own. As a mirror of the opposite ­matter Universe from whence they came, every solar system and planet had its replica in the Universe they had come to explore. But at the heart of their journey was the search for life. Human life!


When they discovered Earth, they found a primitive human race on the verge of extinction. This unexpected discovery spread like wildfire to all the planets of the Confederation.  Few other   planets inhabited by humans like us were encountered by these visitors. In contrast - known parts of the other matter Universe had two major civilizations; those of the Confederation with one race inhabiting an empire of 12 planets, and the Outer Worlds - with 27 planets having several races and other smaller civilizations.

Back on Grandor,  Superiors and scientists of the Confederation deliberated the predicament of the primitive race on Earth. The inviolate universal principle of non-intervention  with  the  natural  progress  of  young planets was uppermost in their minds. Then, evolved Mas­ters from the Third Universe recommended that the stru­ggling race on Earth be given assistance...

Willing  settlers  from Grandor came  in  Starships bringing their  civilization with them. This race made its first appearance on Earth 1,300,000 years ago. They built an ideal community with the aid of the Confedera­tion on an island continent they called Muriel or "Land of Enchantment".  This  civilization  flourished  for 500 years.

Then  gradually  the  change  came.  The  citizens of Muriel wanted to be independent from the Confederation which  was  so  distant.  All  Grandorian  Superiors were withdrawn and the name Muriel was changed to Atlantis. Then separate states were formed. All was well at first while they still followed the way of life of the Con­federation. But gradually quarrels arose among the sep­arate  states  and  the  Confederation was  called  in to arbitrate.


To add to the misfortunes of the Grandorian colony in Atlantis,  their colony was slowly sinking. The Confederation, concerned with the turn of events, commenced an evacuation program.  Many chose  to  return to their home-planet in the anti-matter Universe. Others preferred  to be  resettled  in the newer colonies. One of the most prominent was Egypt, where pyramids were strategic­ally  placed  in  the  geographic  centre  of  the  land surface of the planet. Mars was an inhabited planet in those days and many ex-Atlanteans were settled there by Starship. But the majority of them perished when their continent sank with a suddenness which  surprised even the Superiors of the Confederation.

For millenia,  colonization of Earth and Mars continued   with the blessing of the Superiors of the Confederation and the Third Universe. But there were many disappointments.

There,  in the mists of antiquity, orbited a jewel of a planet -- Earth, cradling a precious spark of evolving life -- frail and unique.

A virile new evolved race was brought to Earth. Yet ... somehow, mysteriously, it failed. Mars was devastated by a nuclear conflict and Earth became a planet torn  by war and strife. The survivors of the Mars holocaust had to be evacuated, leaving a lifeless hulk as a warning to mankind on Earth. And Earth too may be in jeopardy; a new planet had to be found. This second earth is Epicot. A young virgin planet  in another  solar system in our galaxy. Epicot now waits for the day when Earth too may have to be evacuated.


*   *   *


The abortive armed attack on the "A" Base took place in and deserts of Nevada. Although later it was denied that it was an attack, just manoeuvers. The beleaguered "A" Base was presented with an ultimatum!

The principal demands were:

1.  All five "A" Bases on Earth to surrender to the military forces.

 2.  All military information in their possession to be handed over.

 3.  All  patrols with  the Astrael  scoutcraft to cease immediately.

 4.  All equipment at the "A" Bases to be handed over.

 5.  All in-coming radio-transmissions to be recorded and surrendered.

 6.  An official representing the four countries, is to be stationed at the "A" Bases.

 France  expressed  concern  that  one  of  the  "A" Bases might  fall  into  the hands of Russia, although there were none behind the Iron Curtain. South Africa, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), Japan and China remained neu­tral over these demands, and one of these countries protested about the warlike measures taken and also voted to retain the "A" Base in its territory. (Remember that these discussions were hold in the highest secrecy, and nothing of/on these ET-bases were betrayed outside the small special military/security circles, where the different countries collaborates in deep secretiveness.  R.ø. -comment).

The situation remained tense until the space-carrier arrived in orbit to remove the five Astrael scout-craft -- the bone of contention.


In a later tape-recording Gerry sent us, he told us how the drama ended. He said,  "This will be the last recording I shall make on this farm. Let me hasten to explain. We have just received a transmission from the expected carrier-craft. We are to abandon this Base as soon as they have taken our scoutcraft on board. When all the craft on Earth are safely on board the carrier, a Corynthian will be sent to pick up my father, mother, brother, sister and myself. Apparently, that is what the Superiors have decided.

"All the equipment of this A - Base has been dismantled and placed aboard the scoutcraft. We watched the craft leave under remote control and we are now waiting to be evacuated, probably this evening.  It is now ten o'clock in the morning. This farm was leased to us and the owners have been advised it will no longer be needed (to be leased). Other  “A” Bases have also been closed down in a similar way. As for the farm, we are all going to miss this place very much for it has meant a great deal to us. We enjoyed every moment working the farm. There is a lot that we can't take with us. Nevertheless, there is a new life ahead for all of us."

'Well, my friends at  “Q Base”, I thought I should make  this  recording and explain our circumstances to you. There is also a copy of a strata-recording on this tape which came some time after the scoutcraft left. It is a message from Valdar who is in command of the long-distance carrier. As for all our friends in Natal, I am not saying farewell, but cheerio, for the time being.... I'm quite certain it will be for a short time. Then we will be in contact with each other in one form or another. I will speak to you again as soon as it is possible."


We have not heard from Gerry again. We learned that he and his family are on Epicot and that they are all well.  After Gerry 's message followed the transmission he copied from the carrier.

"I am Valdar. This is a transmission for all 'A' Base personnel. All Astrael scoutcraft are now safely aboard  this  carrier. Mission accomplished... thanks to all  'A' Bases personnel. We will now proceed with the evacuation of all 'A' Base complements. We want you all and your families to stand by and prepare for immediate evacuation. You have all been informed how to demolish your Bases. Very shortly, I shall be sending a Corynthian Craft to pick you all up. The first will be the 'A' Base in Nevada which was recently attacked by some Earth forces.  From there,  we  shall  continue  in rotation. I would like to mention that we have 54 Corynthian Astrael craft on board this carrier with a full complement of personnel. We will use them if necessary. Our task on Earth is far from finished; in fact,  it is only just beginning. 'A' Base commanders, I would like you to make copies of this recording and send these to the (appropriate) 'Q' Bases.

"And now I would like to outline our plans for the immediate future. When you have all been taken to Epicot we shall be returning to your Moon. There we shall land this  carrier  where  it  will  be  based  for  the  time being. From the Moon, we will make observations of the Earth with long range instruments. We shall be able to monitor both radio and television. At regular intervals we will orbit the earth, making close range aerial  photographs and also contact our 'Q' Bases with our radio­transmitter.  So, my friends, we have not left; we are still here although we will not operate from Earth any longer but from the Moon.

"We are still handicapped and retarded by the dis­turbance in the magnetic fields in this solar system. This craft on auxillary rocket-motors, can do the journey from the Moon to your planet in approximately one and a half days. We will do a regular patrol around your planet for there are alien intruders who have noticed that we no longer use our  'A' Bases on Earth.  There might be  trouble if these aliens decided to invade the Earth. We have a Koldasian fighting-force on board, just in case. We still regard Earth as our responsibility as far as Outer Space invaders are concerned.



"All  'A'  Base commanders,  prepare yourselves now for evacuation. The identification light of the Astrael­ craft whicb will evacuate you will be blue. Good Luck, until we meet in this carrier

That was the end of the Confederation "A" Base on our planet. Official approval had been given by several governments for the establishment of these five bases in remote  farming or desert  areas. The proviso was that activities only took place during the hours of darkness and that everything remained hidden from public view. These "A" Bases were well equipped; there were telescopic masts with radio  antennae which emerged at night; giant doors which rolled aside to allow the resident scoutcraft to rise from underground bunkers to fly their regular patrols and return before dawn. These bases were invariably  staffed  by  volunteer  Earth  personnel. All this has now disappeared and all traces have been removed.

It was the end too of the feigned cordial relationship between some countries and the Confederation. As a token of their goodwill, a team of Earth scientists had been taken on a space tour of some of the Twelve Planets in the Confederation. But the war-like attack on the "A" Base ended all that. Will they ever trust us again?

"Q" Bases are still here and will probably remain until  the end. There are many of these "Q" Bases all over the world, all keeping a very low profile. "Q" Base members come from all walks of life and most are very discreet  about  their  allegiance to the Confederation. Although there is no liaison between these groups, they form  a  large  network  all  over  the  planet.  One day they may be of service to their fellow-men in an hour of need. The "H" Bases - Ham Bases - are radio amateurs who do their share of keeping communications going.


The next radio transmission came through over the radio set without warning, direct to "Q" Base on Novem­ber 25th,  1975. It was Valdar who called from the great carrier and after the usual greetings and good wishes, he had this to say.

"I realize that this is an unexpected transmission, but we happened to be in this vicinity and it seemed an ideal opportunity to contact you. We are at present 520 kilometers above you. (This is correspond to the with of a litlefinger in the scale of a 30 cm globe). All is well on the carrier and we are enjoying our patrol over this part of Earth. We have left the Moon to make some observations while orbiting your planet. During this period we shall launch three craft to make low level surveys.

"One of the reasons for making this contact with you this evening is to speak of a few matters. My good friends, we have noticed something strange on one of the moons of Mars. There, near (the moon you call) Phobos, we discovered a number of alien craft, probably of the same kind that have recently stepped up their visits to your polar regions. We have succeeded in contacting one of these alien craft, from whom we learned some interesting facts.  It seems they have been active over Earth for a great length of time. They are indeed well organ­ized.  They have  a vast  organization on your planet. Their headquarters are in South America from where they conduct operations over every country. They have an efficient communication network  linking all their opera­tions. They are very well informed on every subject, and all your developments are meticulously  reported.

"Aboard this craft we found some interesting documents.  You will be  surprised  to hear that every 'Q' Base has been listed and the number of members of each "Q' and  'A' base are recorded, with identifications of each member. We have also learned that a close watch was kept on each base for many years. Members activities, habits  and even the  friends who visited their homes, have been recorded... On Phobos we also found a well­ established stop-over point which they used before continuing on to Earth. The terrain of Phobos proved to be difficult and it was not easy to find the hidden base there...  Coded messages have also been intercepted by us.  These  appear  to  be  sent  from  Phobos  to Earth, possibly instructions from these aliens to those under their control...

"We have at the moment a Triaxulan woman commander on board who specializes in decoding secret codes. It is not an easy task for it is in a strange language... Surprisingly, these aliens can speak the Universal language and  can  understand  us  very  well.  So  far,  we  have recorded  many of  these messages  and we hope  soon to learn what they contain. It is without doubt that these aliens have been established on Earth for thousands of years... They have infiltrated your Earth society at all levels. Take heed, you must be careful! It is best not to take in new members in your groups. Be wary of new­comers who may suddenly become very interested.


"So far they have not directly interferred with any of the  'Q' Bases. But they have kept them under close observation. There is a possibility though that they may change their passive attitude. Therefore, do take care! These  aliens  call  themselves  Crusans.  We  believe that  they are interested in Earth's mineral wealth... In the past they have been able to steal from regions there... It would be wise therefore, to tread very cautiously. All our bases on Earth are important to us and that  includes  you,  my  friends  at  'Q'  Base.  In the meantime, we ourselves are being shadowed. We are aware of ....... Soon we hope to have the key to their code. With Kolan's help, we will have the answer to many prob­....... And now my friends at 'Q' Base, this is Valdar ending  this  radio  transmission.  We must  continue our patrol. So from the personnel, our visitor Kolan and myself, we bid you all a sincere farewell..."

While  the transmitter was still on, we overheard someone giving the departure instructions.

"Viso, viso liendo katauw. Liendo katauw..."

There were sounds of a bell ringing in the back-ground.

"Liendo katauw..."

Again the bell rang, but for a longer period. Then followed a surge of sound like a wave, cutting off this radio-transmission and our contact with Valdar.



PUBLISHERS  COMMENT (Wendelle Stevens) -  This  story  sounds  incredible  and reads like a science fiction fantasy. It will certainly be written off as such by most readers having little actual contact with the realities of such things. Maybe that is part of the inherent safety in the revelation of phenomena  of this nature. And maybe it would be better if this story were disclaimed and published as a science fiction novel in the first place. That however, is not the case. The contactee is real; all the witnesses are real;  the locale and the situation described is real; the radio receiver is real and the messages are real and were  received  in the phenomenal way described in full view of dozens of different witnesses. Information rec­eived,  beyond the knowledge of all present was tested and found to be real. The peculiar and unorthodox cofin­ections in the radio circuitry are real; and its opera­tion by the extraterrestrials has been observed.


For one who has personally investigated such cases however,  and  who has  already encountered some of the unique phenomena described here, and sometimes repeated­ly, there is a different perspective. There is an abundance of evidence leading to the inescapable conclusion that there are UFOs and extraterrestrial visitors, and in fact many of them, and they do come here and set up more or less extended operations -- some lasting on time scales we cannot  even imagine.

We may choose to scoff at the "Q" Bases and the "A" Bases mentioned in this report but that does not negate their existence, nor any of the other extraterrestrial bases in our oceans, in our dense jungles, in our ice­caps  and  in remote and inaccessible mountains. We are specifically aware, at the present time, of 3 undersea, 5 dense jungle, 1 icecap and 3 mountain bases, all mann­ed and operated by teams of from 3 to 60 alien personnel at each base; and these are all operated by different extraterrestrial visitors.

The concept of adversary visitors is not so strange when we consider the number of different extraterrestri­als here, all on different business of their own, obser­ving and studying one small planet. Why this one?  Are all planets studied like this?  What is of interest on this little ball of mud?


For one thing,  it is a uniquely beautiful planet. It is fertile and has an exceptional variety of life, of

living forms and species.  It uniquely has 5 different race-types on this one little planet, all competing in evolution. If we are to believe the extraterrestrials in contact with us,  this  is  a rare exception. We are a collective  civilization  temporarily  out  of  balance with  itself,  or deranged. Our  technological  evolution has outrun our spiritual evolution and we have produced technical marvels we lack the spiritual maturity to con­trol. We have reached a crisis stage. A re-awakening of Spirit might save us, or our runaway technology might continue out of control and eliminate our entire evolut­ion and bring the aberration to an end.

Perhaps we have become an interesting laboratory experiment  for  others  to  observe.  Maybe  that  is why there is so little contact. One does not tamper with the experiment under observation.

Now  our  story  describes  this  attack  on an "A" Base and the withdrawl of the extraterrestrials from our vicinity. That is only new in this contact case. The Extraterrestrials have been attacked before and have with­drawn before.  In an unpublished manuscript on UFO con­tacts from the direction of Orion, another extensive ongoing UFO contact case involving many of the phenomena described in this South African case, the extraterrestrials from a planet there said they had 80,000 members here at one time and have withdrawn most of them before the atomic war breaks out because "that is not in the destiny they have prepared for themselves." What does that tell us? The extraterrestrials from the planet UMMO contacting representatives  all  over  the world, a case popularly ridiculed by the many who have undertaken no investigation of their own, say that they have withdrawn most  of  their representatives  and closed  their bases here. The Karrans refuse to open bases here now for the same reason.

No,  this is only absurd if the UFO phenomenon is still in the woo-woo stage for you. If you have done any thinking or undertaken any serious study of this phenom­enon you realize how much more there is to do, and this is going to be an important part of it. What if you discover for yourself - tomorrow - that this is true!?

And believe me, there are many other truths to be discovered also.






Human Conditioning

(human as a spiritual beeing)


History has a few examples of how people can be so thoroughly conditioned that alien or contradictory ideas may be made  to  function  in their minds. They adjust within the frame-work of what they are allowed to think by a select group who control their mental environment, education and politics.

To what extent is mental conditioning used by other planets? Is it possible that mankind on Earth could be conditioned by any extraterrestrial civilization against their wishes?  Is there anything one can do to resist this  type  of  mental  meddling? We asked Valdar about "conditioning"  during  a  thought-transmission.  He said that initially we were tested to see whether we had accepted the Confederation "way of life".

"Only then" he continued, "various methods of con­ditioning are used. This is done mainly during thought-­transmissions. We describe our planets to you - our way of  life - and we answer your questions. Your subcon­scious minds are conditioned by us to store certain impressions  gained during these transmissions. These are of great importance later on.

"We continued to condition you mentally, so you will accept more of what we give you. This is a long proced­ure and  is  still  in operation at the moment. We will continue until we are satisfied. This type of condition­ing is done mainly at night, during the hours of sleep. While  sleeping,  everyone  transmits  a signal.  This is normal and happens to everyone. We have instruments to 'tune in' to your particular signal; your personal freq­uency".


Valdar continued,  "You know that you all have a forward or conscious mind.  You also have a mind that lies dormant, which we call the 'back' mind or the sub­conscious.  This back mind accumulates a great deal of  knowledge and a great variety of impressions  lie stored there. A brain is like a computer. It may reach a stage where it will not accept any more. Then it refuses to receive new impressions and this mainly applies to one's subconscious mind. Then it becomes necessary to unburden this subconscious mind. This is to prepare you for all the new information you will acquire.

"We have a method of conditioning by which we rid your subconscious mind of much that has been impressed upon it, making way for new conditioning. This has been carefully programmed for each one individually, to suit your mission and type of work. All data and information is placed there. This continues stage by stage, depending on how you accept it. It all depends on you.

"We can tell what you have recorded of the informa­tion we have placed there and what you have received during the various transmissions via the thought-chan­nel. Then comes a very important stage - the most important of all - and you are going through this stage at the moment. This is the stage in the program where you must accept a new way of life. I have already mentioned how strange things are beyond your solar system.

"All this has been placed in your mind and it is done to alert your subconscious to be prepared.


"We are going to place in your memory-bank vital information that is needed if you should ever have to travel beyond your  solar  system,  so that it will not refuse to accept what it will see and what conditions will prevail when you travel in Outer Space.

"You see, there are conditions which one cannot describe. One has to experience them to realize what is meant. One's body undergoes a drastic change in inter­stellar  flight,  for you will travel many times faster than the (hypothetical) speed of light. Your body may be shattered into millions of particles and even your mind may experience this disintegration. This may sound more frightening than it is. (he speaks of dematerializeing where the “program/code” of the bodys composition is stored in the persons subcons. layers - on a higher spiritual level.)

"Now, when you are in that stage of disintegration, you will exist...... and yet, you do not exist (coarse-materially viewed). For you (the consciousness) are there  in 'energy particles' - you actually flow. Yes, the word flow describes it accurately,  for you cannot leave your Universe unless you are able to flow through the magnetic field, coasting along the magnetic force lines. One cannot escape from your Universe and enter an other-matter Universe unless one undergoes change. You see there is a strange law out there,  a law that has existed since the birth of the two Universes. There is a dividing line which is invisible, beyond which nothing can go, not even light rays. Therefore, to escape beyond that invisible barrier (event horizon) one must undergo great change. When the craft,  including all its occupants, goes through this change, it is completely disintegrated  into  its  elementary  particles--into  energy. After that one does not travel at speed anymore, as this does  not  describe  it.  One  then travels in such a way that there are no words to express it.




"This happens only for a certain distance; the dis­tance between the two Universes. Then one emerges into the anti-matter Universe and the craft and occupants revert back to solid bodies again; the process being reversed (materialize).


"Let  us  put  it  this  way.  A  container  filled with water is suddenly spilled upon the floor where it spreads out. Now,  suppose you had a magnet that could attract water. Place this near the spill on the floor and suddenly,  it becomes one body of water again. This illustrates what happens when you disintegrate your body and craft into elementary particles - spread it out, so to speak - so you can flow from one Universe to another.

"You would  flow through gigantic magnetic fields which are of such high intensity that when you break through  that  invisible  barrier  you  become  energy and travel in time.

"This is the most important part of your conditioning because when you arrive on the other side, there is a world  that you could never imagine! There are vast differences. You would not be as you were when you left your Universe. You would be in a new environment. Nature has moulded you to live on Earth; you were never inten­ded  to  go  through  the  polarity  barrier.  It  would be impossible for you to live on our planet the way you are now. To begin with, gravitation is so great that you would not be able to breathe.  Koldas is such a large planet; the forces of gravity are correspondingly greater. You might survive, but under such great torture that you would rather not be there.

"That is why Nature remoulds you when you penetrate that  invisible barrier.  It adapts you, not gradually, but suddenly, to the new environment. Even if your body might be able to adapt itself to the new environment, your  conscious mind would not. Your subconscious mind does not care where it is, but your forward or conscious mind could not cope.

"It is fortunate that you all have a subconscious mind, otherwise it would be impossible for any of you to leave your Universe. Here we have a store-house where all  this vital  information can be placed. We program your subconscious and tell it exactly what to expect; how to react; what to do and how to do it. So when you make your final jump and you arrive at the new world, your subconscious has been trained to take full command. Then you will no longer have a subconscious mind; then the  complete  brain will  function--you  will  need it! Indeed you will.  The new world is much larger--every solar system is so much greater; the way of life is so different.


"The things one has to do would require your thou­ght capacity to be so much larger - your concentration, your eyesight, speech, breathing, much more... then the subconscious would disappear...

"Only on Earth is the mind divided into a conscious and  subconscious.  Although we in the Confederation do have a subconscious mind,  it is very small indeed. So you see, this is the most important part of the condi­tioning.  Other stages consist of being taught various things, such as communication and telepathy and the ac­ceptance of new colors. We respond to a greater range of colors. This extended vision is very important and has given us problems with some who have left Earth. We have found that their brains will not accept the wider range and intensity (of the colors) and they become muddled and very confused.  So it has become necessary for our scientists to develop new means of conditioning to allow one to accept this.

"It  is difficult  to explain all  this  to you. I do not compile this program for conditioning, myself. It is done by scientists who have spent their lives on this work. Each one of you is well known, not only to one particular scientist, but to many scientists. Every one of you has accepted and passed the first stage. Now there is a pause and it is my job to find out more about you.  I have  to find out much about each one of you, right down to the last detail, and all this is recorded and submitted to the panel of scientists who deal with mental programming. They then make a very careful study of all  the data and select the best methods for your individual needs.


"This may be different  for each person. In some cases, photographs are needed. This we manage also and every detail is taken into account. It is very necessary that all these details are considered as we cannot af­ford  any  errors  in  conditioning one wrongly,  for it could do much damage, especially if the person needed to visit the anti-matter Universe. If he or she were wrong­ly programmed, it could be fatal. Remember, in the fluid stage, while you are flowing between the two Universes, we rely on your subconscious to piece you together again in the correct way.(The science have proved that the socalled solid matter consists of 99,999% empty gap/space - it is an illusion that we feel solid, for we are indeed travelling supersystems of microcosmos/microgalaxies with enormous distance between the “fixed” particles. Because nothing is fixed/solid in the material worlds. Only consciousness IS/EXISTS. R.Ø. - comment).

"For  example  your  height  and your weight would increase.   You would become more robust, depending on which solar system you are visiting. If your destination is  Triaxula,  then  it would be  in reverse. You would automatically adapt to the environment.

"If a Triaxulan,  for instance, were to visit Koldas he does not increase in size or stature for he does not need to 'flow' or cross from one Universe to another in the process. You see, once you are beyond the light barrier,  that  invisible  line which  separates our two Universes; once you have made the first crossing of the line, you can at any time travel at or beyond the barr­ier, disintegrate and reform and coast through the magnetic  fields at will. You will find subsequent crossings much easier and faster. It is like being in two different seas. You are in one, and we are in the other. We,  for  instance,  find  that when we break through to your Universe, various difficulties arose. Difficulties in breathing. Your sunlight interferes with our eyesight a great  deal and we find your atmosphere very humid, even in your colder regions. So you see, once you leave your Universe and break through that barrier, your body automatically takes on the right shape and size and you adapt  to the environment, provided that you have been properly conditioned.


"You will find that your brain capacity also increases and this is when the information which we have given you in our training will find a place. Your pre­sent brain is suited to your planet and present age. If you were to come to our planet with the same brain cap­acity as you now have, you would be in a great danger and trouble. For you would not be able to understand us and we would not be able to understand you. You would be as a primitive pre-historic creature would be if placed in your present society. That is why it is necessary to have this background training, this conditioning.

"And when all of you have completed this, then you will be on our level. You are then full fledged Koldasians, Byronnians, or Triaxulans or whatever the case may be. You would then find that you could travel at will from planet to planet, without any problem. And once you are beyond the lightbarrier, you will have no difficulty, even with the language. But this is new! The con­ditioning for language has never been used before for the  scientists  thought  that  it was far too much. Now they  have  realized  that  they  can  go  much  further and that  is why, when you reach a certain stage, you will find that you have very strange dreams. These are very realistic dreams. You might even be able to smell or feel in these dreams. At first, this will prove alarming, for you may feel the heat of the day or the inten­se cold of the night. You will see things in your dreams which we have placed there. You may, for example, exper­ience 'living with nature.


"We in the Confederation respect animal and plant life.  We  realize  that  without  nature  we  would  not live in a healthy and clean environment. As on Earth, nature is the same for us in the Confederation.

"The beauty of it is very real to us! Mountains, streams, trees, flowers are the things we love -- it is part of our life. Although we have a very highly evolved technical world, this does not mar our sense of freedom, nor  our  appreciation  of  the  beauty  of  Creation. We too like to escape from those technological marvels of science we have created. We too like to escape into the country and admire the beauty of the Divine One's handiwork, the planet he has given us to live on.

"Mainly this is what we impress on people's subconscious so that your conscious mind would know what to expect when you arrive. Your subconscious is trained to accept your new body which would be totally different from what it is now. Sure, you would not turn green, or blue,  but you would become larger people to suit the Koldasian environment. You are now being conditioned to be very close to the Koldasian standard.


"Yes,  going  through  the  light-barrier  is  a very big step," said Valdar, slowly emphasizing each word.

Even   for  those of us who are used to ....... For we undergo subtle changes when we arrive in your Universe. That is how we can mingle undetected with the population of Earth as we have done for a very long time in the past. But if we came here with the bodies of our Universe, we would be detected immediately. The major step is  the  ability to flow in the magnetic field through the light-barrier. Of course, you would feel the changes here from planet to planet -- gravity, heat, cold and so on. This you would experience, but your body has been conditioned to accept all this and much more.

"Edwin has already reached the stage where we can use him to listen through his ears, see through his eyes and so observe local conditions on Earth. We can do this at our discretion and so keep in close touch with you all. Yes, you would be very surprised to see the real Edwin, the Koldasian Edwin -- his twin.

"Then, of course, age is a factor with the person being conditioned. The mind would also have to be adjus­ted to accept that the body would automatically become younger beyond the light-barrier. This it does for some reason or another. It seems that you get a new lease on life, a regeneration. This applies to all those born  on Earth. For us who are born  in our other-matter Universe, long life is the norm."


Here we asked Valdar what the case would be if the children were taken with adults on a space-journey and if  there was  a method of  conditioning to suit young people.

Valdar  replied,  "Children are not  conditioned in the same way as adults. If any children accompany you on a journey to Koldas, they are placed in a sleep state. When they are in this state, their minds are programmed. Each craft carries this programming equipment so that at a moment's notice it can be used. Older children, those over the age of eighteen, are classified as adults. Then it is entirely up to them. The same adult method would be used.

"There are special rooms where this type of conditioning is done. These rooms look like the operating theatres in your hospitals on Earth. The carrier I am in at the moment has three such large rooms. In the centre, there is a couch on which the person to be conditioned lies down. Then a device, resembling a helmet, is strapped on the head.

"This is connected to the strata-recorder and the crystals, and the thought-impulses coming from these are transferred via this helmet directly to the brain  We can accomplish this conditioning in about one hour. However, the person is first placed in a sleep state and firmly strapped down where he or she remains until the light-barrier has been passed. This is the normal pro­cedure. Those who have been conditioned already would be treated as the crew and would be seated in the main con­trol centre. This is where I prefer all passengers and the crew to be when we  transcend.  This main control centre  is  the  safest  area  in an Astrael-craft. Once beyond  the  light-barrier,  things return to normal and one walks and sleeps, and one can use the craft as one would an ocean liner."

Valdar continued his explanation. "I have used the word 'conditioning'. This is not stric­tly the right word to use; probably 'programming', trai­ning or teaching would be better expressions. Remember we do not do this against your will! It is entirely up to you. The very first step is that you accept us, then you automatically tune your mind to our wavelength and only then do we continue to prepare you for the next phase. I am really your teacher, with many assistants.

"Of course,  those  crystals and that valuable instrument,  the  strata-recorder,  could not be dispensed with."

When asked what one could do to assist this learn­ing process, how to absorb as much as possible of what was being taught, Valdar said, "The best thing you can do is to relax. Relaxation is the key to success in this teaching we give you. I know that this is very difficult for you on earth. Taking into account the hectic lives you lead, we have compensated for this and made allow­ances. Concentrate  on  relaxation of  the mind and the body.  There are various techniques which are known to all.  I feel that all of you could relax more than you have done.  Some nights, when I contact you, there is a relaxed condition and yet on other nights, there seems to be tension. Tension interferes with the assimilation of teaching and prevents understanding us dearly."

The question of  food and diet was raised and we asked if any foods should be avoided.

"For your health and also to asist your training program, care in your diet would help a great deal. On your planet you have many green foods, such as lettuce, cabbage and many other varieties of fruit and vegeta­bles.  We  in the  Confederation only eat  the  flesh of fish. This is a very good source of protein and one does not need the flesh of animals. Then we have a large var­iety of fruit juices which we drink. We do not drink tea or coffee but instead, we have fruit juices which are taken hot or cold, blended or pure. So take a lot of raw vegetables, fruit, fruit juices and fish in your diet.


Then another  aspect  of this conditioning program emerged when the discussion turned to the enigmatic subject called the "New Age".  Valdar said,  "One has to be conditioned to accept the New Age. In the ancient scriptures of the Confederation, it is written that the Divine One will change many planets... A voice tells us that there will be a change. The timing of the event will depend on many circumstances. It might be caused by the separation of the two Universes resulting in a complete break  in the magnetic  field between them. This event  may  bring  about  changes which would gradually usher in a New Age. There might be a change in the atom­ic  structure.  Every  atomic  power  station would  then cease to function, and even your electrical power would stop. But a new source of energy will then be available.

"Your  Universe  would  move  to  a  new  location in space where it would continue to rotate on its axis. Your physical world would undergo a transformation -- a cleansing  of  the  Earth. (reminds of messages received through recent channellings - but this book was originally published from van Vlierden nearly 20 years ago!!) Then the  resurrection would follow in the still of the night. This transformation would be almost instantaneous. Even the heavens would change color! Mankind will be afraid, but a great uplif­ting will follow. There will be a regeneration; for example, those of 90 years age will be as so, and those of you who are 50 will be as 30.


"Many would not see these changes. Only those of you who can now accept the new way of life will perceive it and experience it. Many  are  now being conditioned for that day... and also for cosmic flights, should that be­come necessary. Your subconscious mind is being condi­tioned to prepare for such an event,  should it arose. Then, as if with the turning of a switch, true understa­nding would come.  Some of you may become teachers or leaders."

The  prospect  of  having  to  become  teachers, let alone leaders, rather perturbed us, but Valdar re-iterated that the great mission would be teaching.

Valdar also mentioned again the disturbance in the magnetic  fields,  which,  although unobserved by astro­nomers on Earth, caused an insurmountable barrier to all magnetically propelled spacecraft. This disturbance came to an end on the I8th of January, 1981.

Valdar said, "Once the magnetic disturbance ....... and the magnetic  fields  return to normal,  then there could be a radical change on earth. When the changes come... and come they will, the rotational direction of Earth will be opposite what it is today. It would take the planet quite a while to readjust itself, but it will do so, for the earth is still a very young planet. These things happen to young planets! And they must happen be­fore your sun becomes unstable and turns into a super-nova and burns everything out. But there are still many millions of Earth years before that event.


"But then there is the possibility that Earth may turn into a ball of fire as the result of a nuclear war. However, I feel that these changes, some of which I mentioned, will come before mankind on earth can perform such a deed. Let us wait and see. There are still many things  that  even  the  Confederation  is  uncertain of. Changes  can  be  observed  and  data  analysed but  only Mother Nature - the Divine One -will trigger the reaction that will change things permanently; I repeat permanently on Earth.

"The reversal of rotation of the planet would also change the polarity of Earth. North would become South and the  South pole would become North. This could be brought about by a natural or an accidental cause. It would hardly be a deliberate one, as mankind will hesi­tate to use it, although it has the means available.

"Many may ask, what good has the Confederation done for the planet? We have done one small thing and that is to instil an atom of fear in the hearts of men on Earth, the fear of total destruction by fire.

"But do not worry. Everything has been taken care of.  There  will  be  a  new world  for  many  people  on Epicot. But there will also be a new world for those who decide not to join you. The planet Earth is not doomed! There are countless thousands who would accept our offer to  emigrate...  when the  time  comes.  You will  all be equal and play an important part in the new and great world that is forthcoming!

"Great  ships from space will come...  then truely the planet Earth will be at peace. Those who remain will know our love and friendship. They will understand what the stars have to offer them. All this will be given to them and many things will be revealed in the New Age. Things they never knew existed. Then the civilization of the Confederation will exist on planet earth. Transport craft, our culture, our civilization, our people... and you will be our people also!

"But there is still much to be done before all this can be achieved. That is why there is this conditioning, this teaching.  That is why there is this 'Q' Base and many other  'Q'  Bases  all over the world. And this is why we keep contact with you, to bring you messages of peace and love. We have tried to bring you an understan­ding of our planets and our way of life, which will be to your benefit when this great change arrives.

"A great change is to come and this will affect the whole of the Universe--not only earth. These things have not been planned by us; we are just passing the message to you.

"We are--as you say--only the instrument!"



PUBLISHER COMMENT- This chapter seens to offer a plaus­ible explanation for several mysteries of this phenome­non  that  perplex  the  scientists,  politicians  and UFO Group Leaders alike; and may be a partial reason why the humble, less spectacularly educated witnesses are chosen for direct contacts. Perhaps there is less mental blockage to hamper possible conditioning of the subconscious taking place.  This may also offer one explanation for the limited success in introducing another person into the UFO contacts. Perhaps too much time, years it seems in some cases, has already gone into the mental conditioning,  preparation and evaluation already done, and that  that particular contactee was the one judged and selected.  To introduce another, or to switch contacts might be like starting all over again, and perhaps that project has gone too far, or perhaps the other person is not conditionable.

There may be a whole lot to say for  the  potential for  conditioning.  A non-believer,  not  exposed  to too much UFO information may be more amenable to condition­ing along certain lines because of his lack of precon­ceived ideas and less in his mind to be unlearned. Also he may not be distracted by other cases with differentities  and different  conditioning programs.  Imagine the problems one might  face trying to persuade a UFO club leader to concentrate on only one contact to the exclusion of all others so that a certain conditioning could be carried out successfully. This may be one rea­son why most contactees are led by their contactors to believe  that  they are  the only ones being contacted while at the same time other people know better.

 Carl van Vlierden went back over years of his note and the messages. He reviewed discussions with Edwin an also   directly  with  many  ot  the other personalitie communicating through Edwin in trance as well as by direct  transmission over Edwin's radio. He made sketches and diagrams as he tried to make sense out of this whol strange phenomenon unfolding before his very eyes here. He reviewed research notes of his own,  inquiring into the nature of points raised in these communications. He tried to put it all into some reasonably connected, co herent and organized perspective. This next chapter arrived from Carl untitled. I have called it Polarity.





 How did  this world begin? Where did matter come from? Was there a time when no matter of any sort was in existence?

These are some of the unsolved puzzles of Nature.

Holy  scripture  simply  says: “ God thought and the world was.”

In scientific circles, it has become fashionable to suppose  that  the Universe began  15 billion years ago with a big bang. The bang was not only big, it was also very hot--in excess of 10 million degrees or so. In this melting-pot,  hot enough for nuclear fusion to occurr, most of the cosmic helium formed in the first few minutes after the event of creation. The heavier elements are  thought  to have been manufactured in some cosmic furnace,  such as the centre of stars. And what is the origin of  the  primaeval  broth  itself? What is the mix of sub-atomic particles from which all elements - including helium - were formed?

We have a firm foundation in a law of physics which states that pure energy can give birth to particles of ponderable mass. This is the significance of Einstein1s formula E=mc . The concept of creation of pairs of particles out of energy came with the research on rotating black holes.*

(*Hawking and Gibbon).


 In this process,  two particles,  one the antiparticle  of the other,  are formed just outside a black hole.  One particle is attracted into the hole by the charge it carries, while the other particle with the opposite charge, is repelled. Hence the particle is separated from its twin, never to meet again.

As early as 1929, Paul Dirac had forseen the possibility of  there being  two types of matter; ordinary particles and "mirror'1 particles, or anti-matter. Today, most  physicists  accept  that all atomic particles have mirror anti-particles.

The big question is: where is all this matter? This is of real concern because the encounter of anti-matter with ordinary matter results in the mutual annihilation of both with  a mighty explosion according  to theory. They  cannot  exist  in  the  same  environment.  But  in spite of this  mysterious absence of part of the creation, most scientific circles accept that the Universe should consist of both matter and anti-matter, half and half,  and that there is an unknown physical mechanism bringing  about  the  separation  of  the  two  halves; a separation that was there from the very beginning of creation.





The idea of two separate halves of creation, world and anti-world, appealed to the eminent scientist Hannes Alfven.*

(*Professor of Plasma-Physics, RIT, Stockholm, Sweden.)

However it must be admitted that there is really no evidence of the existence of anti-matter in the cosmos.  Physics  of  elementary particles  tell  us that anti-particles  can be  produced  in accelerators. Theoretically therefore, we could obtain  a complete 'mirror world' made of anti-matter. Assuming that anti-matter does exist in some part of the Universe, some scientists feel that it would contain a world very similar to our own. But the big question still remains -- where are the lost worlds of anti-matter?

Is there a due in the 'hour-glass cosmos', a concept conveyed to us at "Q" Base? After lengthy explanations  by  various  Confederation  speakers,  a  model of their cosmology emerged in the form of the figure-eight-shaped hourglass. Our Universe, as we know it, would be in one half of the hour-glass and the anti-world in the other half. The narrow part where the sand runs out in a thin  stream represents  the connecting magnetic field. Both halves rotate slowly in opposite directions about a common axis. The glass sheath represents the event horizon or the invisible frontier of each Universe.


Light cannot escape this boundary; we shall therefore never be able to see the anti-matter world.

The only connecting link between the two halves of the hour-glass  Universe  is  the magnetic  field and as long as this remains intact, space-travel is possible. In this magnetic field lie two parallel Einstein-Rosen bridges with opposite directions.

The concept of a gateway in space was developed by Albert Einstein and Isaac Rosen when considering white-black hole relationships. The Einstein-Rosen bridge may look like a worm-hole in space. It is a timeless passage linking different parts of our Universe. In an immeasurably small  fraction of a second, a traveller in this bridge emerges  in another part of the cosmos. During such a journey,  the  space-craft is not only flung to another part of space, but it is propelled backward in time.  The bridge  is  therefore a time-machine and the craft occupants are time-travellers.

Then another dimension was added to our concept of worlds and anti-worlds. It may be the corollary of the symmetry between the two Universes that for every person here on Earth, there is an anti-twin in the other Uni­verse.




On February 18th,  1976, it was Taylanz of Byronne who said, "Yes, there are many strange things and there are many on earth who cannot accept this; that there is a person who is exactly like you in the anti-world. If placed side by side, you would not be able to tell them apart even when this is done on Earth! It is therefore simple  for  the Confederation to impersonate people on your planet, to have their agent say, in the Houses of Parliament,  or the White House or the Pentagon. These agents of ours have been public servants there and have worked at their posts for many years. Sometimes they are the original person and sometimes they are exchanged.


"Take Edwin, for instance. If his double were to be brought to earth, he would resemble the Edwin you know. For the Edwin on Earth, there is an Edwin in the anti­world. For every single being on Earth, a replica can be found.  So  there  are  really  two  Edwins,  but  in our Universe he would be known by another name. However, his twin would look like Edwin and what is more, he is aware of Edwin.

"So you see," continued Taylanz, "to begin your 'Q' Base, someone had to be found who was compatible in all respects with Valdar. It was necessary to match the Confederation Commander concerned with the 'Q' Base leader. It was not necessary that they be twins, but mentally they had to match and form ideal blending. Edwin's dou­ble had also to be found for various reasons. It might, for instance, be necessary at one stage or another to take the Earth Edwin and replace him with the Confeder­ation Edwin.  In some  cases this method has been used with success with other 'Q' Bases.

"Any of you could be exchanged and nobody would be any the wiser. The two persons involved would, of course know when they were exchanged. Yes, there are a number of strange things that many on earth cannot accept.

"You at 'Q' Base may not find these ideas so strange, but this is because of conditioning and of course, your past lives... You would not be here tonight if you had not  'served before'! One cannot begin a Confeder­ation base at the very beginning. There are many who can not accept these things and that is why we have to sear­ch out those who, although born  on earth, have lived in the Confederation before. You will find that you recognize and know instinctively when you meet for the first time -- even total strangers.

"In your case, your memory has been refreshed, re­charged and brought out of its dormant stage. The Con­federation  thanks  you  for  the  work  you  do  and  for the time you have given us..."

Taylanz continued, "We cannot completely accomplish our mission without all of the 'Q' Bases and those unseen workers behind the scones. You are all very important to us,  in more ways than one, for you are in the Outer Worlds  camp! You see, the Outer Worlds have a way of life that is totally alien from that of the Confederation. They have tried for many gonerations to destroy and undermine our civilization and they are still trying!  Today they use devious methods. Direct and open aggression is no longer used. They attempt to undermine the civilization the Confederation has tried to nurture on earth ever since the time of Atlantis.


"The Outer Worlds do not come openly; they try to keep their identity and their existence a secret. It is part of their plan to keep the truth hidden as long as possible."

In March came the news that the Outer Worlds had sent a first class fighting fleet to our solar system..

This threat was met by the Confederation's own Sitonian Sixth  Patrol   Division  under  the  intrepid  Zyloo. The Outer World forces retreated to beyond the asteroid belt.  In Zyloo's words, "...(They) have sent the cream of their forces to man their craft. These are not the usual dark-skinned pilots, but short redhaired beings of mixed breed. But we feel that they will retreat for they have already achieved their objective on Earth!"

"They have all but conquered it. That is why they do not like the presence of Koldas, Byronne, Siton and other Confederation craft in this solar system. They do not like being hampered by the Confederation's presence.......even at this late stage.

"We of the Confederation can, and have, prevented the  Outer  Worlds  from  physically  coming  in  large numbers to Earth. But we cannot prevent them from keeping up this subtle barrage of subversion and aggression. If only those who are in a position of authority on your planet would realize what the real cause of the ills of your society are.

"Then, and only then, can we begin our mission with your  help.  Only  then  can  we  begin  to  neutralize, not only these aliens, but all those Earthlings who have been conditioned to follow the instructions and promptings of the Outer Worlds.


PUBLISHER'S NOTE- This certainly is a new twist on the Universal Adversary theory, and possibly one reason why we have our  conflict  society.  If, as indicated here, both of the external antagonists are not of Earth, and both have been coming here from elsewhere for thousands of years, and they have opposing interests, and both are seeking to influence some Earth humanity, with greater or lesser degree of success, does this not provide some dues to who the relative good guys and the bad guys in all the world's great mythologies might be? They do as a matter of fact, always come from the sky.

We could probably ignore such a seemingly absurd statement if we could also ignore all the evidence to the contrary. But, the no longer seriously disputed evidence of UFOs, with the scores of thousands of cases reported, really can no longer be ignored. Perhaps the ignorance has gone on long enough and now we must stop and look, and face up to realities.

Is there possibly only polarity, and that manifestation is only a result of it, and that we may find ourselves at any point on an infinite scale from one ulti­mate  polarity to  another,  with  still  others on both sides of us seeking to persuade us one way or another... Whether we consider one of them good and another bad may depend only on which side of polarity from us we find them centered. But they may also, at the same time, be centered  in the opposite direction to another one, in which case how they are judged by that one may be quite different.




"Yes," said Zyloo, "the Outer Worlds are afraid to come out in the open. They are afraid to meet the Confederation in open struggle as they can not match us. We would annihilate them. But this is not the way of the Confederation.  But  if  they  continue  as  they  have done  in the past, we will have no alternative but to intervene. They have been given an ultimatum; to cease their  disturbances  in  the  two  Universes  and  stop infiltrating our civilizations with hostility and aggression.

"We, the Confederation, have kept these aliens from invading your planet--so now it is up to your leaders on Earth. They know of our presence. They know of the Patrol Division as the guardians of the planets. We are a pea­ceful force, providing our rights are respected.


"You must realize by now that your planet is very important to us. If the Outer Worlds have their way and destroy your planet physically,  it would have serious consequences in both Universes! But they will avoid committing this act themselves. They will not come here in force for this would be violating one of the most cherished laws of the Confederation-- the attack of another planet. But unfortunately, they have found a way of getting around this. You, men of Earth, will destroy your own planet for them!  It will seem as though the Outer Worlds had nothing to do with it."(They patiently wait) "But," Zyloo continued, "if Earth were to suffer such a fate,  indeed,  it would mean a great deal to the anti-world. For the one Universe keeps the other in balance. The two Universes rotate in opposite directions and the masses comprising systems are in delicate balance. Even if one planet were to be eliminated,  it would mean a change in momentum.  So, if Earth perished, Venus could also  perish  and  so  a  chain-reaction  would  set  in throughout your solar system.


"How would this affect the Confederation? The Outer Worlds know that by destroying Earth here, they could also deastroy Earth's twin in the anti-world. By destroying Venus here,  they would be destroying Salamia. But Salamia is populated! They do not have the courage to attack Koldas or Salamia in the anti-world; they attack your Venus, your earth and Epicot in your Universe in a sly and underhanded way.

"These are the facts! It may sound far-fetched, but this is why we are here; to look after our interests as well as yours. The strategy of the Outer Worlds is dear. They started with Mars many thousands of years ago. We Martians could have had a peaceful planet.

"The seeds of destruction sown by the Outer Worlds resulted  in  an  all-out  nuclear  war,  leaving  only a lifeless hulk! That is how it started in this solar system. Now they are planning the next phase.

"Not to have eliminated the Outer World's society then was our greatest error. We would not have had this crisis today. We would all be at peace and Earth would be another planet in the Confederation. But our ances­tors left them to multiply and regroup into what we know today as the Outer Worlds.

"They should not be taken lightly, because they are powerful. But they also know that the time of talking is over. Conferences and discussions are now a thing of the past. Now we speak With Corynthian craft!!

"The inhabitants of the Outer Worlds are humanoids, a mixed race of fair and dark-skinned people. They are essentially Heathens who do not believe in a Divine Cre­ator. Their civilization contrasts sharply with that of the Confederation. Many of their population are slaves.


"There is the grisly account of the interception of some  Outer World craft while returning from a journey to earth... Investigation revealed human-beings  Men and women  had been used in medical experiments. Some were still alive; others were dead, their bodies dismembered and dissected. There were collections of human and ani­mal  organs;  limbs,  feet,  tongues,  genital  organs and other parts of the anatomy. Human prisoners of different races were found alive in cages so small that there was room for standing only."

We were warned that the Outer World craft should be treated with the greatest caution as they are equipped with disintegrator weapons.  Most of their craft which enter Earth's  atmosphere  are mushroom-shaped and have up to fifteen personnel on board.

The alien tamt from the Outer Worlds has penetra­ted the society of man since the early history of his ascent.  Lately,  they have taken a special interest in the United States of America. But today, no country on Earth is free from their contamination.

Throughout  the  planet,  the  Outer  World  aims at corrupting the moral values of mankind, spreading unrest and promoting violence, economic upheavals  and  fanning the flames of war.


In the past,  the Outer Worlds have often landed their craft on Earth in secluded areas to contact their own people.  These contactees have in turn conditioned many others so that today there is an enormous army of their followers on Earth. But the vast majority of these followers are ignorant of the fact that they are being controlled by an alien race in the anti-world. They have been  so  successful  that  they  no  longer  need  to be personally present on Earth.

They manipulate the situation by remote control; in other words, conquest by proxy. The overall strategy is the complete control of earth, or, if this is not possible, the destruction of it. All this in preparation for an eventual attack on the Confederation.

Fortunately,   there  is  still  a  ray  of  hope! The Confederation had proposed to the top level govern­ment leaders that all people infected by the alien teaching should be reconditioned. This large task could have  been  undertaken  by  the  specialized  equipment the Confederation has available for such a purpose, and Earth would have been purged. But this was not to be! The consensus  of opinion on Earth was that all these problems of mankind were not of extraterrestrial origin and that they would best be solved by man on Earth by himself.

Valdar said, "As long as the planet remains in the hands of the people of Earth, that is all that concerns us."


*   *   *   *   *


It happened unexpectedly during a routine thought-transmission on Nevember 13th,  1975. One of the Superiors of the Confederation spoke to us at "Q" Base.

Valdar  said  this to us.  “This is a very special occasion. this will not be the usual thought-transmission.  We have been  honoured by the visit of the High Superior of Koldas. He is our beloved Superior Vax Noah. On this auspicious occasion he will converse with you."

"This is the 159th year of Vax Noah's reign on Koldas and he has journeyed to all the planets of the Con­federation to commemorate the occasion.  While  visiting the outpost we have on Venus in your solar system (maybe another dimension of Venus), it was his decision to visit your Moon also, so that he distribute these throughout the Confederation.

"Once every year," Vax Noah continued,  "a Conference is held on the mother planet, Grandor. This conference is attended by all Confederation Superiors and here we  pool  our  ideas  on  how the body of planets  that make up the Commonwealth of Nations should be governed.

"You are all known to... Wy-Ora and Valdar have brought back news  and  information about you. Yes, we have seen many changes in your solar system, such as the magnetic disturbance that is taking place there at the moment. But we are not too concerned, for we know that only  good  can  come  of  this.  We  are  at  the  moment not in a position to use the Astrael-craft in which we normally travel, in your solar system. We use an alter­native means of propulsion instead of the magnetic mo­tors until the fields reform again in the usual pattern.


"The message that I would like to leave with you this evening is, be patient, trust in us, for indeed you will realize that we can see a little further into the future than it is possible for you to do at this present moment. Trust in us and a new way of life, a new path, will be revealed to you, as the ancient prophets did in the past. Their monuments are still there today to  be seen on your planet--the pyramids and the Sphinx.

"Today,  teaching comes  differently. A new method has been found. Continuously, new methods of condition­ing will be used, but those who are prepared to accept this new conditioning of their own free will, will benefit and reap a rich harvest, A harvest -- not of riches in money or goods -- but of understanding, light, truth, and a nearness to the Divine One. This will be a great uplifting for all of you.

"I do hope that I shall see this come about during the  rest  of  my  life...  I hope  that  earth will  one day  join us of her own free will. "This  is  a dream of mine.  Other  Superiors have governed Koldas, who have lived to the age of an equivalent of 250 Earth years. They enjoyed the full benefits of life as I do. I have no ailments and that is as it should be,  and  that is how it will be for those who share our life philosophy. We are the instruments for the Divine Love and Truth to manifest through. We are not Gods. Never think of us as such! There is one Divine Creator of all the heavens that you can see, and that we can see, and what lies beyond that again..."


Vax Noah had spoken without a break for some time. We were overwhelmed by the magnitude of this occasion... The privilege of listening to the Superior of an evolved distant civilization was a sobering experience.

We wished him a long and happy reign on Koldas; that his efforts be crowned with success and we expressed the hope that we  would not fail him in the hour of need.


Vax Noah then added a few final words: "I feel that never before have I felt the overwhelming happiness and joy which seems to emanate from the walls of this space-craft.  I  know  that  it  can  only  come  from you,  my good friends, my newly found friends. Thank you again, and please excuse my limitations in expressing myself in this  conversation,  for  I am not conversant with this translating device. You see, I do not know your language (personally). Farewell


"Thank you all." said Valdar. "This means much to our Superior.  It is the first time that he has spoken directly to 'Q' Bases. Pass our apologies to Edwin for I know he had some difficulties during this thought-transmission. This is due to the higher speech control that was necessary, but in spite of this small problem, he did well indeed.

"We will end this conversation now because we will be very busy this night. There are many bases we want to contact. In some cases it will be necessary to use radio receivers as a means of communication. We are now 525 kilometers  above earth's  surface and we can see that there  are  stormy  conditions  with  some  lightning. Therefore, you are very fortunate to have the thought-channel as a means of communication. Those groups with radio receivers will have difficulties with atmospherics (affecting the equipment).

"Farewell from all of us in this carrier... until we meet again."


NOTE- One can imagine the stunning effect this surprise communication had on the witnesses present. With them these  remarkable communications were not just a voice coming through one of their number in trance. Each diff­erent voice had its own personality, tone and timbre; had its own character and nature and its own peculiar individuality,  distinctive  expressions  and particular specializations. Some of these same voices have now been coming through Edwin's radio and now him in trance for over 15 years and they still have the same personalities only aged  with the years. These witnesses have no doubt about the reality of the contacts and felt a great duty and responsibility for Earth.

One cannot adequately describe the feelings of the witnesses in something like this, even when one has experienced  it because of the profoundness of the event and the awe and sacredness of the atmosphere in which it is perceived. It is often overwhelming.

 OTE- Carl van Vlierden has attempted to put his under­standing of the relationship of events in time to travel in time as gleaned from many comments on this subject throughout the scores of hours of recorded dialogue and transmissions. See next page.



Evacuation Conditioning Station

 We knew that  our communication with  the Confed­eration depended on the continuity of the magnetic field and  should have been better prepared when the  final break came. When it did come, it was unexpected. How was it going to affect our relationship with the Confedera­tion which we had come to know so well over the years? How long would the break last? Would they ever return in our lifetime?

In retrospect, we should have had no such thoughts as Epicot filled the gap very ably and carried on where the Confederation left off. But at the time, these were the imponderables we wrestled with. We understood very little of the behavior of the magnetic fields. We did understand  that there are seasons in these fields and that  periodically disturbances occur, as storms do on the surface of our globe during certain seasons.

We should also have been forewarned by the local magnetic storm that occurred in our own solar system, when a large space-cruiser became stranded in orbit near our Earth with power failing.*

( *Local storm 24 June 1975 to 12 March 1976, Chapter 16.)


In that case the storm lasted for nine months and in this second case now the great magnetic storm dragged on for nearly five years.**

(**Great storm 24 June 1976 to 18 January 1981.)

Other storms, we have been subsequently told, have lasted 26 to 50 years and even longer.

 When this (second) one was over and the Confederation could return again to our solar system, they resumed communicating with us as before. Their first transmission on June 24th,  1981, was beamed to a tape-recorder*** as the radio set used previously had been confiscated. (***Here is a third method of contact which was more frequently used on later contacts after the confiscation of Edwin's radio. The principle used was the same as in the operation of Edwin's radio. A 12 volt beam of power was transmitted.)


It was Taylanz who spoke to us on that occasion.

He  said.  "Once  again we are able  to travel the great distance to your Universe and your beautiful pla­net Earth. The magnetic fields have now stabilized and our Corynthian Astrael-craft can make this journey again as in the past.

About. five years ago we visited your planet regu­larly  and  you  may  have  wondered  whether  we  would ever return! But these long space-journeys are only possible if the magnetic fields are stable. Periodically, great storms occur  which prevent even our most powerful craft from bridging the vast gap between our Universe and yours. Fortunately for all of us, these storms are very rare."

These fascinating magnetic fields; invisible, trailing out to corridor-like tunnels, flowing through the vast universe--between universes--carry unseen parallel flux-lines  that refuse to be broken. These lines have the urge to return to a point of origin always closing in loops between two poles. It is one of nature's laws. This  persistent  quality  of  the  magnetic  loops  to remain unbroken, makes space-travel possible. Perhaps it is the life-blood of the Universe because it flows everywhere in the arteries of its body.

When a "storm" occurs, there is an interruption, a turn-around of the magnetic flow; a changing of course or a doubling back of the flux lines, but still closed loops are maintained although shorter than before. The causes of these storms are not known to us. They just happen.




This  cosmic magnetic  storm was  felt more by the Confederation colony on Epicot  than by "Q" groups on Earth. There, on faraway Epicot, where prehistoric ani­mals are still found, the small colony of Confederation and Earth people had to contend with extremely harsh and long winters. Development on the planet had not reached the stage it should have  when the break came, and they were now battling to survive.

Material  aid  was  obtained  from  a  country  on Earth and in addition, a group of advanced beings from the Third Universe who were also trapped, assisted with advice.The energy crisis was overcome and Epicot managed to pull through this period of isolation until the Confederation returned.

The local nine-month storm had adverse consequences for mankind although they were unaware of it. For from that time, good relations between the Confederation and earth  governments  ceased.   The  abortive  attack  on one of the Confederation ground bases by a certain power came during this storm period. This sudden volte-face brought  about  the  complete physical withdrawl  of all Confederation craft and personnel from Earth. It was the final no to many futile deliberations and consultations which had been in progress for years.


It  was  done when the Confederation could not  defend these outposts of their peaceful overtures to our small planet. Mercifully, the attack was repulsed by the base, otherwise we would have had extraterrestrial "know-how" in the shape of a captured craft converted to military use by the nation concerned.

All craft were safely withdrawn and the last of the Confederation personnel have left. All that now remains are  the  "Q" Groups.  These,  amounting to thousands of members (according to a Confederation spokesman) are all over the world and they are apparently destined to play a leading role in the latest effort of the Confederation operations.  "Q" Groups are now to assist in directing psychic forces to counter the massive negativity which is swamping the Earth. How effective this will be, remains to be seen!

Valdar  once  made  a cryptic  statement.  "When the universal magnetic fields return to normal, you can begin to expect the Cosmic change to occur!"

The time when those fields stabilized (January l8th 1981)*

( *See Chap. 10 "The Broadcast", UFOs-AFRICAN ENCOUNTERS, by Cynthia Hind.) 

 -  has now passed.  Can we now expect the cosmic changes to alter the present order of things?

Another warning of impending change came from Novak an inhabitant of Epicot. "We have never said that the end is near, but now we are saying it."

He  then  outlined  some  of  the  changes  that may be expected on Earth. There is a possibility of another flood as previously recorded in the Bible. He said this more than two years ago and yet the predictions have, so far, not taken place.


"Earth will get warmer," Novak said, "Upper layers of  the atmosphere are getting thinner due to man-made conditions, and the layer shielding the earth will deteriorate and cause slow melting of the polar ice-caps. A few degrees rise in temperature will raise the level of the oceans on a global scale."

An interesting comment by Novak is that it may become impossible to communicate telepathically with the Confederation craft in the manner being used now due to the heavy cloud of negativity on Earth. This is caused by hate campaigns, warfare, etc., which, interferes with such communications. (November l2th, 1980).

We should then realize that the end is near. But, he added immediately, we should not fear. We would all get  instructions.  Everything has been arranged to the smallest  detail  and  full  instructions   will be given when the time comes to all of those who, of their own free  will,  would  like  to  leave  Earth. With  regard to children, Novak told us, "Here parents are the decisive factor; the taking of small children and even pets, presents no problem."

There is a half-way station, should the great move from Earth to Epicot ever become a reality. A "conditioning"  station  called  Triton  is  available. Triton is an artificial planet built by Epicot to a design that originated  in the Confederation. Then it was towed to our solar system and placed in the shadow of Neptune. Pluto is its nearest neighbor.

Triton resembles an enormous transparent globe. The conditions inside are as near as possible a copy of the ones on Earth, but more pure.

The governor of this artificial world has already been appointed by the Superiors of Epicot. His name is Dion. We had the privilege of talking to him on October l5th, 1980.

The upper half of Triton is endosed by a transparent dome which allows the sun to penetrate into the interior. These rays are amplified 1020 times to give them the same intensity as on Earth and one would see the sky as one does down here. Air is generated, and so is water but there is no pollution. This makes for a very pure atmosphere. The lower half of the planet is filled with soil. This again is brought in to resemble Earth's soil conditions so that our crops can be grown and also those of Epicot 's variety.

There are some small lakes, rivers and plant life. Flora and fauna have been introduced and all is flouri­shing.  It  is  like  a  giant  Noah's  Ark!  An  advance party  of Earth-dwellers  are already living on Triton where a Confederation-type of society is established and all  is  going  well  so  far.  There  are  farms,  small towns and the whole ecological system is  carefully directed by many experts from the Confederation.

The main control center of Triton is located on the top of the transparent dome. This is the nervecenter of the mini-world, employing a staff of 435 experts. Temperature  is  kept  at  required  levels;  rain  is  made to  fall when needed; clouds float in the Tritonian sky and even gentle  thunderstorms. are  generated. All this is done to make the transition from Earth to Epicot as smooth and harmonious as possible.

Artificial gravity is made to suit the inhabitants and  work  opportunities  are  provided  for  life styles slowly modified to bring them into harmony with the way of life of the Confederation. Stress and stram  are re-moved and there is no rat-race”.


*   *   *   *   *


The "Q" Groups were well taken care of by Epicot during the five-year break with the Confederation with regard to regular transmissions.*

(*A new phase had begun for us and all other "Q" Groups with  the  arrival  of  the great cosmic magnetic storm. This event effectively separated the two Universes which are normally connected by a magnetic "umbilical" cord... For a time they were detached and thus separated so that no  spacecraft  could  traverse  the  gaping void between them and Earth and Epicot were cut off from the Confed­support. See diagram on next page/under.)


One of the most frequent and popular communicators was Herranoah. He is Japanese-born and is now in full­time service with the Epicotian Astrael-fleet and lives on Epicot. We were made to feel as part of the Confederation family. In fact we were told on several occasions, "You are family; you will not be alone anymore."


There were so many transmissions during this period that it is hard to sum them all up. Here is one in a lighter vein which is typical of the many received. On this  occasion  Herranoah  spoke  about  a  mission  he had undertaken on behalf of the Confederation.

After the usual greetings, he said, "One week ago, we had to land one night in France. Confederation scien­tists, who deal with soil and botany, wanted us to collect  samples of soil from that particular area. Let me tell you what happened. We landed in what we thought was a deserted field at approximately 11 o'clock at night, and two members of our scientific team were sent out to take samples of soil. No sooner did they emerge from the ship  when  there  was  a  great  commotion from a nearby dump of bushes.  Immediately our men jumped back into the craft. They informed the main control centre that there were people outside. We had a spotlight which we turned onto that area. To our surprise, we saw that we had  landed  at  the  end  of  a  road.  This was  a dirt road that led to the field, and at the end of this was a  dump of bushes.  There was  a motor-vehicle parked there. A man and a woman were running down the road as fast as they could. We were surprised to see that the woman had no clothes on! The man was holding his under-wear and the woman was content to just keep her shoes on her feet."

"You can well imagine," Herranoah continued, "that we left that area in great haste! We realized that we had probably spoiled their evening. But we did not do this on purpose, for how could we know that there was... love making going on in that remote part of France. It is  incredible how afraid people are of us.  I suppose they maintain that we will do them harm, which is of course, the last thing on our minds."


*   *   *   *


One dark night, three men paid Edwin a visit at his home! This came after a brief spate of publicity in the form of newspaper writeups and interviews with journal­ists.

Edwin and his wife were watching TV. There was a knock at the door. On opening it, Edwin faced three men. One of them remained standing at the door while the two others came inside.

They were dressed in ordinary clothes. One of the men waved an official-looking document at Edwin and told him that it was illegal to distribute 'alien' messages. They conf iscated the radio which Valdar had given to him and this has never been returned.

It was a shock to us all, but especially to Edwin.

However,  this  event  did not cut us off from the Confederation as other methods of communication had already been brought into use. For instance, this could take  the  form of a beamed transmission to a standard portable tape-recorder with a 12 volt circuit.

Those who took the radio were under the mistaken impression that  a particular instrument was necessary for this form of communication with the Confederation. Nothing could be further from the truth,  for the Confederation can use a human brain as a receiver - as they do in Edwin's case - or they could use radio or tape-recorder reception.


*   *   *

 In this book I have had to be very selective for so much taped material is available and more is added to this veritable mountain of transmissions at the rate of two every month.

Therefore,  only  the  most  interesting  tapes have been included here. Many are of a more personal nature and would be of no interest to the goneral public.

To conclude this book, a special request was made by me to Valdar; that is, for him to make a transmission to be included in the final chapter.

This he did; making that transmission on the 9th of June,  1982.  It was beamed to a tape-recorder and this transcript of the message is provided with some editing.

It began with a call from Herranoah who was, apparently acting as an intermediate relay-station. We heard him calling,  "Voltimar Karendo--do you read?" and this continued for some time.

Then the answer came, and this too, we overheard.


"Voltimar Karendo" must have been a great distance away because their reply was rather weak. We heard dearly... however, how the radio operator said, "Please stand  will  shortly  hear  the  voice  of  Valdar..."

After a pause and some more exchanges between the radio operators, we heard Valdar. I recognized his voice immediately. He seemed to reflect some of the timbre and resonance of  Wy-Ora's voice.

"I am Valdar. Greetings, my friends of earth. As I make this transmission, memories of the good old times are flooding back. Memories of the many transmissions we made to your group and then I think how times have chan­ged on your planet and for us too, for that matter! It makes one realize that time marches  it waits for no man but continues its cycle and evolution through the endless void of space.

"Changes have taken place on your planet as they have in the Confederation and when you look around, you cannot help feeling that there is the mighty hand of the unseen Creator which moves through time and space. It is relentless; it heals... One remembers the good old times and the bad.


"We in the Confederation have been progressing ste­adily all  the time. Unfortunately,  it is sad to say; Earth seems to have made very little progress at all.  I am pleased to have been given this opportunity to speak to you and to voice my opinion. Ah yes, I would like to add something to the end of your book, Carl. I am sorry I have not been able to make it sooner, but then, so many things have happened. But, never to worry, here I am. I do have something to say. It is very little but it is something I feel very strongly about.

"Something from the bottom of my heart. No doubt, you will take whatever you choose; whatever you feel is appropriate to be used. I hope that what I am going to say tonight will be what you require.  So then, let me begin.

"Many years ago we had great hopes and expectations for  the  planet  Earth,  as  you  well  know.  We  tried many different ideas. We tried to bring peace and make peace on your planet. Fleets of craft were used, under-ground bases were established in various countries with the permission of the governments involved. Various representatives, including myself, visited Earth for periods of time, to try to establish friendly links between the people and ourselves. It worked for a little while, I must say. But then, unfortunately, all communications were severed and this link between us broke down. Simply because of a misunderstanding of our intentions on the part  of  your  governments...  and  it  seems  that  we came too soon in time. It now seems that we have very little hope of ever bringing peace - total peace to your planet.


"My Superiors on Koldas and the other Superiors of the Confederation, persevered for a great deal of time until  eventually they had  to admit that there was little hope. So, as you all know, the land bases were withdrawn and we moved back further in space. But we are still keeping a very watchful eye on you.

"Eventually,  moving  even  further  afield  in your Universe we established ourselves on a young, uninhab­ited planet which we called Epicot. From Epicot and from your Moon, where we have a base in the Sea of Tranquil­ity,  very close observations are made and recorded of events on earth.

"No longer are we active on the surface of Earth but our craft are still patrolling the magnetic fields, just beyond your atmosphere: this is our limit.

"We will not - dare not - intervene, nor shall we in any way interfere in matters on Earth. That is,  physic­ally. When I say physically, I mean by our personal presence on your planet. Nor shall any of our craft enter your atmosphere to participate or intervene in any sit­uation whatsoever.

"But all hope is not abandoned! Although it was de­cided that our craft should leave, we still have strong allies on Earth. You are our allies and all the (3,500) 'Q' Groups all over your globe. We keep in constant communication with our allies through 'beamed' transmissions,  as we are doing at present,  and by thought and telepathy. The many 'Q' groups that are still active are the only link we maintain and constitute the only hope that remains. But these few remaining hopes are turning out to be the trump card, for they are most successful in their efforts.


"You,  our  allies,  are accomplishing more than we ever did ourselves. By using these 'Q' Groups and people like yourselves, we can tackle the most persistent trouble spots on your earth with pure thought. Therefore, having  left,  our  only  involvement  is  the  sending of pure-thought forms or constructive ideas.

"Let me explain. The Cenfederation (like some centers on earth) having tried many peace-making ideas in the past, have new reserted to the most potent healing force of all, and that is to 'bombard' these areas which are causing strife, suffering and bloodshed on your pla­net, with pure thought-forms. We originate these thought forms which we send to you, and you receive and re-transmit them to the target area.

"You are a vital link in this process. We have scored more victories through you, our followers, by using you as transmitters of our thoughts of peace, than we accomplished  ourselves  through all  the many years we occupied our land bases on your earth.

"The  readers of your book should not despair and think that this might be the end. By no means! If any­thing, a stronger bond has been formed between us and the  people  of  Earth.  Although  we  have  now  almost vanished  from your  skies  and our mighty craft are no longer seen, we are still very much present--even more than before! Because our spiritual presence is felt more acutely now than the effect of sighting our craft ever was in the past. Of course, we can only hope that our presence will be felt by more and more people.


"Your readers may marvel and wonder at your writing and many may feel that it is entirely fantasy. But read­ers should note that we are very much more advanced in time and that the many things we claim in the pages of this book may be attributed to our evolvement to a different  level than that reached by mankind on Earth. If readers ask for proof... there is an abundance of proof. One just has to go looking and one will find evidence.

"There is enough evidence already without adding to it anymore. The fact that your governments reject outright that we exist is one of the greatest proofs!

"We are real and we are what we say we are. We do exist! My friends, what I have been trying to say in so many words is that the Confederation is working whole-heartedly  towards  the  inclusion  of  Earth  within her fold. But it is up to the wholw population of the planet to accept us as we are. And we are peace.

 "There is love and goodwill among man and women who dwell on all the planets in the Confederation. When this premise is accepted on earth and all war ceases and end to the bloodshed -  we will then return! We will return in a way your readers could never imagine, the Confederation is  a mighty but  gentle force.

"There are many miracles of the Universe we would reveal to you and which we could bring to your doorstep in an instant. We would only be too willing and overjoy­ed  to  share  them with  you.  But  this  can only come when peace enters  the hearts of all mankind.  In the meantime,  we will  stay in the background, shadows of your past... with a promise for the future, if you will accept us. It is up to you. We have been an influence in the distant  past of your planet and we still try and guide earth along the path to peace; an unseen force in your skies.

"Ah... but there is a bright horizon! One day soon, you may accept our way of life, all of you on earth! The Confederation will then welcome Earth with open arms and we will reveal much which will bring joy to all its inhabitants. There is hope. There is that bright dawn of a new day.

"Ghosts of the past; yes, that is what we are now. But in future, we may well be come shining knights in ar­mour coming out of a bright sunlit dawn that will herald a new day, the dawn of a new era on your planet.

"Our mighty craft will fill your skies, bringing our civilization to you, for you are to sample and ac­cept or reject. Oh, what a wonderful thought that is, my friends  Thinking of it brings much joy to me and I am looking forward to that day.

"But I must leave now. So, from the Confederation and the personnel of this craft, I bid you all farewell. Until we meet again in transmission... I am Valdar..."








In conclusion we must face some of the key questions of this Cosmic Dialogue. In the nature of things, some of these questions cannot be answered definitely by me. The most crucial question of all is: The Confederation of 12 Planets - do they exist in real terms and is the anti-matter Universe the place from which they have come?

All  I can say here is that the Confederation is mentioned in the works of other authors. Some of these were  published  before  Edwin met Valdar  in Durban in 1960. Edwin is not an avid reader nor a collector of UFO books and prior to meeting Valdar, he had no interest in these matters. Edwin really owns very few books. Personally,  I accept what I have heard over these last eight years and for me, the Confederation is a reality.



The  existence here of the anti-matter  Universe is accepted by some scientists (Paul Dirac and Hannes Alfven) and I follow their hypotheses and the word of those who communicated with us from the Confederation regarding this matter. (If you will read more about visitors/ET-guides from these antimatter universes - read about ASKET  -  from the DAL-universe, who guided Meier in his mission for many years before Semjase came in - see in UFO-CONTACTS FROM THE PLEIADES of W.Stevens).

I am more competent to deal with the next question in this Cosmic Dialogue: Edwin, the person. What is he really like?

Edwin has come a long way since his experience with the Confederation began in 1960. Then he was a youth of 16; today he is a married man with a family of three children. His social position has changed, commensurate with the years. He is now works-manager of a small furn-iture factory with a labor force of nearly 100 workers under his control and he is comfortably off, but by no means a wealthy man.

In the  last  eight years,  I have gotten to know Edwin well. He is a man of sober habits, only occasionally does he have a beer or a glass of wine. He still smokes but has reduced this to smoking a pipe. He should really give up  smoking entirely as he has occasional bouts of pneumo-thorax (collapse of the lung). This con­dition has returned on three occasions since I have come to know him.

He is a good hypnotic subject. I have seen a test carried out on him by a hypnotist who snapped his fingers and Edwin was so well controlled and relaxed that he would have fallen to the floor if someone had not caught him. But he is not a medium as the term is used by spiritualists.


When Edwin and I team up to make telepathic contact with Valdar or any of the other Confederation contacts, we sit together with our wives at the appointed day and time, usually around eight in the evening. We all relax and dim the  lights,  and after a brief pause, during which there is silence and I prepare the tape-recorder, Edwin begins  to  speak.  None of his faculties seem to show any signs of tiring, even after two hours or more of communication.

I realize that the messages we receive may be colored by his thoughts, conscious or unconsciously; by his vocabulary and his vocal cords.

Valdar  had warned me at  the beginning of these thought-transmissions that there might be inaccuracies. Therefore,  I rate  the radio-transmissions as having a "higher  quality" as  to  content  than the thought or telepathy-transmissions. But the latter have the advan­tage of having a two-way communication while radio is strictly one-way.

Radio transmissions are therefore "Hi-Fi" while the thought-transmissions are convenient and quite legal!


There is no limit to the range of subjects discussed during thought-transmissions,  and all those of the Confederation who use Edwin as an instrument, speak the English  language quite well.  If they do not know our language, they use a translating-computer.

I have also noticed that there are certain expressions and word groups, such as "let us say", "establishments", and others which I have never heard Edwin use in his  normal  conversation.  I have noted this  over  the years. Sometimes a terrent of Koldasian words pour from Edwin that no-one can understand. All in all, I must say that  this  telepathic-communication through Edwin works very well indeed. But I welcome an occasional communication beamed to us electronically and not involving human elements.

I sometimes got the feeling that the Confederation has used a step-down transformer--high to low voltage ­in  communicating  with us. It's also possible  that the level as portrayed in this book may be too elementary for some readers, but it will be acceptable to the good majority who are just setting out on the road to an understanding of spacelore. This book could therefore be regarded as a primer. A more advanced book may have to follow if I am asked to do this.


*   *   *   *   *


Earlier in his life, Edwin tells me that he was a member  of  the  Christian  Science  Church.  This  was before he met Valdar. Edwin is not deeply religious but he  is kind-hearted and gonerous and a true Christian in every sense of the word. He is always willing to help anyone who needs it. He is good at repairing a great variety of things. I recall the occasion when he helped me with a leaking water-main in our kitchen.

There was one piece of pipe that had to be threaded through  the wall  into a socket.  It  continually went cross-thread.  I get fedup with it and wanted to give up,  but not Edwin!  He kept on and on until finally, after what seemed hours, it came right. The repair still holds. It gave me an insight into his tenacity and real doggedness when confronted by a problem.

There are many other jobs Edwin did for me, such as putting fibre-glass insulation into the roof of my house which necessitated the removal and replacement of large and heavy corrugated sheets.

Then there were cupbeard units made by Edwin for our kitchen.  In fact, there is hardly any item in my cottage where Edwin did not have a hand in somewhere.



Of course I have helped him in return. When he wan­ted an extension  to his home, I made the drawings and had them passed through the Municipal Town Off ices. So we have a very good and harmonious relationship outside our Confederation work.

I would like to end this thumbnail sketch of Edwin by saying that there is a very strong link with the sea for him. From early youth, Edwin has been a keen fisher­man.  Many  week-ends  are  spent  with  his  family  on the Natal-coast beaches  He is also fascinated with the beauty of the Antarctic region and icebergs, as though there was something in his past which links him to this.

We have asked the question: could Edwin have made this whole thing up himself, or invented the whole Confederation experience which has now been going on for 22 years with no end in sight? There have been more than 1,200 radio transmissions alone, not counting the many telepathic  communications.  The  evidence  is  certainly against Edwin being a hoaxer!

Let us take, for example, the concept of the anti-matter Universe. When I joined Edwin in 1974 it took a while before I could get clarity on the terms first and second dimension, which the Confederation had been using for years.

I found out that this actually meant "matter" and "anti-matter". This was a concept Edwin was not familiar with until I explained it to him. Taken all in all, I feel that it is a physical impossibility for one man of his  background  and  mental  capacity,  to  make up this whole fantastic saga. And to what purpose? There is absolutely no monetary gain in perpetrating such a hoax.



I personally must conclude that Edwin is the chosen vessel of the Confederation of Planets; that he is deeply committed  to them and vice-versa. He has had some amazing experiences,  some of which have not been revealed in this book. Some in fact, he has not even confided to me.! The bond between Edwin and the Confederation is very strong indeed!

And now to end this story. There is no point in wordy explanations which would never convince anybody who was not convinced already. Here I feel I should link the first page of this book with the last.

The central message of this long Cosmic Dialogue is hope.  In spite of all the trials and tribulations our world is going through now, with worse still possibly to come,  there is hope. As Valdar puts it, "Ah, but there is a bright horizon."

There will be a metamorphosis of Earth! Then, the future gonerations who inhabit this planet of ours may find it to be a veritable paradise.

Some  of  us  may  be  coming  back  from Epicot  to resume our earthly life here, therefore, "Watch... for no  man  knoweth  the  hour"  when  "a  new  day  is  born with better prospects for us all".





Final  assembly  and  organization  of  material for this book was delayed by one circumstance after another completely beyond our control. We have learned to accept these things as signals and try to flow with them.

Near the end of August 1983 the publisher received the following interesting letter from Carl van Vlierden:

(This is an abbreviated extract)



4 August 1983


Dear Mr. Stevens,


As mentioned in my letter of 14 June 1983, we have had further contacts with the Confederation. I feel that these transmissions are of some importance, and I have prepared an Epilogue, which is enclosed... I am sending this directly to you. I trust there is still time to in-clude this material in A COSMIC DIALOGUE. Here is a copy of the recording.

The  final transmission was made by Vax Noah, the Superior of Koldas.  The quality of this recording is good, and I wonder it it would be possible to supply a copy of this with the book. There will have to be some editing,  and our names must be taken out of the copy supplied to the public... You may want to abbreviate the address by Vax Noah which runs for about thirty minutes.

The  tape recording is enclosed with this package to you and sent by registred post.


Yours sincerely,


                                                                  J.Carl van Vlierden



 * * *


This was a spectacular treat, completely unexpected up to now, but it offered a new opportunity to try some-thing different. We would see if there was any way to provide a copy of the recording of the extraterrestrial message to Earth for distribution with this book.

But let us now look at the Epilogue provided for this book.







An Invitation From Koldas


When the break came in our communication with the Confederation,  we at "Q" Base were very disappointed. Almost without  interruption, regular transmissions had been beamed to us, at least since my arrival in 1974. We became used to these weekly, later fortnightly,  got-togethers with the Confederation and Epicotian space-craft occupants. These regular radio, thought-transmission and recorder contacts became part of our lives. Then, without warning the break came.

What was happening out there? Why were they staying away? When the Confederation was unable to cross over from their Universe to ours, as did happen for nearly five years, Epicot took over the task of keeping in tou­ch with us.  During those days there was never a true break in communication, such as we had now experienced for nearly six months since the beginning of this year!

But we now know that it was the giant Sola Kananda, that sinister cosmic body, which had demanded undivided attention  of  these  universe  travellers. Then suddenly they were back, and they came in a big way, with a squa­dron of eleven huge space-craft with Valdar in charge.

Sola  Kananda  has  mysteriously disintegrated into three  smaller bodies.  Our planet  earth  is apparently still to feel the repercussions and after effects of its passing in space.


This  time we had an electro-magnetic contact and their voices came from the loudspeaker of our tape-recorder at "Q" Base, as it was embraced by an invisible beam from their craft hovering above. Once again we were in contact! The half hour transmission which followed was recorded.  It ended abruptly with the arrival of an Earth-made satellite. But first of all we heard Kashendo who had played a prominent part in the early history of this "Q" base. As usual he spoke fluently in his care-free manner. But first we heard a radio operator establishing contact with us.

"Star Division Green, calling 'Q' Base!" This was repeated a few times, then paused. A familiar voice new poured from the set.

"Greetings my friends, this is Kashendo! I hail you from  this  Koldasian  Astrael-craft.  We  trust  that you are receiving us loud and clear. We are hovering at this moment at an altitude of 350 miles (560 km) above your planet. Presently there are eleven Koldasian craft of Star Division Green in a holding formation. This Div­ision has now been assigned to your sector of space.

"I am told that you, Edwin and Carl, with your wi­ves are present tonight. ....... please accept greetings to all my friends on planet Earth, from me and all the personnel of this Star Astrael-craft. I am thinking back to the days when your base had more members... it seems that you are now the only ones that have stayed with us. Well, it is pleasing to know that there still are people like you who trust and believe in us.

"While waiting here, before making this transmiss­ion tonight, it occurred to me that it has been a long time since I and my crew  took part in something of this nature. But, it seems that this is going to be more reg­ular in the future. Do you remember when I as commander of the artificial satellite Melchor, made those transmissions  to your planet... but this seems such a long time  ago,  and things have changed a great deal since then. Now I am in command of a Division of craft that will visit your solar system regularly.



"My squadron is based on Epicot, which is in your Universe,  and  from there we will journey to and from your  Moon.  Here  a  new  base  is  being  constructed, therefor, there  is  a strong possibility that you will hear and maybe see more from us in the future. Let's hope so.

"And now more news from my home planet. I extend greetings from my family and also from the others you know so well. It now seems so long ago when I could look down on your planet and admire its beauty. I still have your photographs and this starts me reminiscing about the old times when I was on Melchor.

"The  lights  in the main communication centre of this craft are dimmed and we look down and out over your earth. We can see the stars in the distance... it is a beautiful sight! I wish you could share this view with us. As I am speaking to you now, I can see two Astrael-

craft approaching. They are command craft,  the one By­ronnian, the other Koldasian. We recognize their identification lights. This means that I must now end. Shortly you will be connected with these two craft. As I am speaking, both craft approach us majestically. I will now say adieu, . . .Farewell!"

Then Kashendo was  gone.  His  slick and faultless delivery of his transmission reminded us of his 5-year stay in Australia, and where he subsequently married an Australian girl who  returned with him to Koldas.  He gives the impression that he still uses English a great deal at home. His proficiency in English probably played a part in his selection as commander of the eleven craft in the Star Division Green.

After Kashendo's last words there was a pause, then we heard another voice which we could not possibly mistake for any other. A mature husky voice now came from our  loudspeaker.  Good  old  Taylanz!  We  all  have  a soft spot in our hearts for him.



"Greetings my  friends...  I am Taylanz of the Byronnian Fleet. How wonderful it is to be here once again hovering over the majestic planet earth while is slowly turning below us as we follow you in orbit. From my personnel  and  family,  also  the people of Byronne and my Superiors, I bring best wishes and I extend the hand of friendship to you all - our friends on Earth!

"It is a great pleasure to make this transmission and to be in the company of so many prominent people. As I gaze through the viewing ports of this Byronnian craft I can see the identification lights of the other ships. They  are  green  for  the Koldasian,  blue  for Valdar's command  vessel,  and  ours  are  orange.  It  is  quite an impressive sight, all these craft hovering in a sky of deep blue. Down there somewhere are  our cher­ished friends. Forgive me if I seem a little overwhelmed by this.  It always happens to me when I make contact again with old friends after a long time. How are you? I wonder... keeping well I hope.

"When the opportunity presents itself I shall definitely make the effort to contact you again. But unfortunately my arrival will not be announced.  It will be sheer chance and I hope you will forgive me if it comes in the small hours of the morning. But I'm sure you will bear with me,  for we will be making frequent trips in to your planet following the Koldasian fleet on their journeys. Byronne is also participating in this venture now into your Universe. We will do our fair share of patrols in the sector allocated to us. Craft from Triaxula will also take part.


"Commander Neola of Triaxula could not be with us tonight unfortunately. Ah, there is a wonderful woman indeed! I admire her greatly. I am told that very shortly she will  contact you. But do not be surprised if she appears in person... she has a habit of doing this! As you know, she is a master of teleportation... Ah, what a splendid woman she is!" Taylanz the Byronnian continued. "My personnel send their regards to you all. This is a brief  transmission tonight,  but we  shall make up for this in the near future, because there are other speakers planned for the 'beam' tonight. According to our equipment this transmission is penetrating through to your base and your tape-recorder is functioning well. So farewell for new. May the Divine One go before you until we can meet again in transmission. This is Taylanz now ending... please stand by for Commander Valdar...

We had three transmissions that evening. One from each command craft. Valdar must have left his squadron of  eleven  interplanetary craft  to rendezvous with the Byronnian craft in orbit around our Moon, then returning together to Kashendo's position. We found the quality of the reception first class. No interference at all. They must have perfected their equipment or used some new system, as we all felt that it was on a par with the local FM quality of sound reproduction. When Taylanz had finished speaking there was a short pause, then Valdar's voice and his jovial personality behind it entered our lounge via the loudspeaker.

"Greetings,  I am Valdar of the Koldasian Astrael Division. Greetings to you all... I have been listening to the transmissions from the other two craft which were beamed  to  your  base.  I  like  to add my best wishes from this craft. There is not much I can add. Kashendo spoke well, expressed his feelings very eloquently and also our beloved Taylanz.


"From our home planet Koldas, the planet you have heard us mention so often, the planet which may be your home planet one day... we extend to you--greetings. We have called you our 'friends', and so you are, but there is more. You are really people of the Confederation!... I can not be more explicit...

Valdar continued,  "My personnel have asked me to express  their sentiments which are similar to those I have just voiced. They are all around me at this moment, seated at their posts and doing their duties, scanning the numerous instruments which are illuminated, adding to  the subdued lighting in the control centre in this craft.

"As I gaze out from this craft, I can see the ele­ven Koldasian and the guest Byronnian craft. It is an impressive sight. We made this transmission tonight to renew our communication with you af ter a long break. At our next meeting I will relay a recorded message from our  High  Superior  of  Koldas.  As  this  is  a  rather lengthy transmission, I shall keep this for that occas-ion when we have more time. Unfortunately we will have to cut this short, as an American Satellite which orbits this region, will soon be upon us and would most certainly detect us  and our assembled craft. We want to avoid this. We do not want to draw attention to our presence  for various  reasons.  I will have to change the time of our transmission for the next occasion in order to avoid this satellite. I will have to depart and instruct the squadron to disperse to avoid detection. This is  a  high  orbiting  satellite  which  is  programmed to detect anything unusual. All I can now say is fare-well ..... 350 miles to the west of us this satellite is approaching. May the Divine One bless and guide you and go before you until we meet again in two weeks.....”


Precisely two weeks  later  (on 22 June  1983) the transmission came through as promised. (This was another electromagnetic transmission) It was Vax Noah who addressed us. This was the second time we had the honor of being in direct contact with this distinguished Superior. The first occasion was a thought-transmission with Edwin as the receiving instrument. (See Chapter 19) This time his own voice came right from our loudspeaker. We recognized his distinctive vocal quality and emotional overtones.  If he used a "translating computer", as he did on the previous occasion, we could not detect any­thing  synthetic.  His  voice  sounded  like  a  normal human voice with the usual articulation and vocalisation one would expect.

To convey these qualities adequately to the reader we are seeking a way to include exerpts from this communication in some kind of recorded form with this book.

Vax Noah talked his way into our hearts. With sin­cerity he addressed himself to our whole planet as well as "Q" Base.


"I am Vax Noah...  Superior of Koldas. Greetings Planet Earth.  The  reason  for  this  transmission is to compliment you on the writing of your book, which I have had the priviledge of reading the many (draft) manuscripts that have come to hand, to me here on Koldas. And very recently also a book which was written by Cynthia Hind.*

(*UFOS AFRICAN ENCOUNTERS, Cynthia Hind, Gemini Publ. Co. (Zimbabwe)

Within the pages of this book were extracts and writings which eventually I assume will  go into your book. Assuming that the manuscripts I have read will go into your book, then I can only give my blessings - not only from Koldas, but from the people of the whole Confederation...

"Surely a book of this nature will promote the Confederation... our very existence... and our presence on your planet!


"This is the nature of my transmission to you. It is of this that I would like to speak, to assure all of you at your 'Q' Base, and anyone that you speak to, that we are very much in existence. We are still very active, not only in our sector of space, but also in yours and we intend to be so for many eons of time to come. Of this you can reassure your friends and your families.

"We have reached the time now, where we must decide on what is to be done. The Superiors of our planets have carefully examined the planet Earth on many occasions. It was decided that Earth should decide its own future. We do not have the right to intervene in any way whatever. We have kept in contact with our friends on Earth, as they are our followers.

"We do not wish in any way at all to undermine the governments and superiors of your planet. They are your superiors and they make rules and regulations to govern your land and your planet.  It is their right to do so for they know what is best.

"In the past we have negotiated with and contacted them many times, and we have an agreement - not to interfere in any way at all with their policies on your planet.  That  is why,  reading the manuscript of your book, I realise that much misunderstanding will be brought to many people on your planet. If these are presented in the way I assume they shall be - then a better understanding of us will be achieved.



"Yes, we will then no longer be the  mystery people of the skies... but we will be real people such as you yourselves. This is what we want to - not myths in time, although we are time travellers, we like to think ourselves being as you are on your planet.

"In the near future, with the passing of Sola Kananda, your planet will pass through a certain region in space on its journey around your sun. This region is a belt which Sola Kananda has produced through space. This will bring about changes on your Earth. I am the one to inform you of ....... This is why I am making this tran­smission. A great many changes will probably take place. Environmental changes on your planet will make your superiors and scientists look at space in a different light now.

"You have reached the stage now where you have ad­vanced  into space. Your technology will grow and soon you will be on a  common frontier with us. It will be on an equal footing that we will meet - not on your planet, but in space... We have seen this coming.  Not in the near future, but in time to come, your astronauts will  meet  us  on  a  common  frontier...  in space! Not in the too distant future. In space we will be on equal ground and there we will make our friendship. When Earth has conquered more space, limited space arond you, then we can discuss the changes that could be made.

"It will be  these  astronauts,  returning to your planet  from a not  too distant voyage, that will have tales  to  tell  of wonderful  flying machines and other great things.  This is when the dawn of a new day will approach on your planet, especially with the environmen­tal changes which would then already have taken place on Earth. So there is a change in the future, and possibly the  book  which  you  have  written  will  prepare  the ground... or lighten the bad so as to be more readily acceptable, rather than it becoming a stunning blow at the time.

"Ah,  yes...  We are  real! As your space shuttles ferry to and  from your planet, the time draws nearer

for that meeting in space, on a there  are  no  bounds  or  limits, understanding  between  us  will sure of this.


"But you our  friends, our Koldasian brothers and sisters on Planet Earth, we would like to apologize that we have not been as regular as in the past in contacting you. There are great gaps in our transmissions and thou­ght-contacts,  but please bear with us. Times have now changed,  not  only on your planet but also within the Confederation. Our duties have extended further afield far beyond the boundaries of our own planets. This mean that our pilots have not been able to make the frequent transmissions  and contacts via the  thought-channel to your  bases.  It  is  not  that  we  have  forsaken  you. It is because of the pressure of time and duties that called us elsewhere.

"You have all been programmed and trained in many ways. This training will continue, as this is all for very good reason. This, I am sure you will understand One day we will be permanently together.


"Now I have a message, which I hope will go with the pages of your book. This is my message:

"We are waiting for the people of the planet Eart to meet US on a common basis, in space. Here we wil share our secrets. Here we will show your astronauts truly magnificent way of life. It is a lifestyle wé has been tried and practiced throughout the many ekon in the Confederation of Twelve Planets. Not only this we like to share, but there is a wealth of information that will uplift your planet to a much higher level. This is our gift! All we ask is understanding.

"We will reimain where we are. We will not intervene (in your affairs). We will not criticize... We will no set foot on your planet. What we offer you is for the taking, our gift to you. All we have achieved throug the many ekons will be yours, free. It can be brought to your planet and put into practice and make your planet better planet. Under your own laws, guided by your ow rulers and governments.

"We would only be too glad to see this come to pass. We do not wish to intervene in any way, excep holding out the hand of friendship... as I am doing now to all the people of Planet Earth. All we hope to see is progress, happiness and a better way of living on your planet for all the various races and colors of people... This is my prayer. This is what I ask. Nothing else. Nothing in return. For we of the Confederation have no reason to desire your planet. We have an abundance of everything, life, minerals, wealth, happiness, people, children, food and all that the Great Divine One gives US. It is all there on our own planets! And so it can be on your planet too... if you accept a little advice and be understanding. That is my message, my friends of 'Q' base."



"I feel that I have said enough. There is little else to say. To sum  it is love and light which we are  radiating to your planet. We patrol the magnetic fields near your planet. We are not guardians, it is a part of our heritage to be here. Because, long before your  planet  was  inhabited,   our  ancestors  visited this very place...  and these magnetic fields. We have taken it upon ourselves to continue with what they have done and with what they tried to achieve. So, to conclude this transmission -- from Koldas and all its peo­ple, my delegates,  the command of the Astrael fleet... which  travels  to your planet  and many others, we all sincerely wish you well in the coming years. I hope I will have the privilege of making yet another transmiss­ion of this nature to the planet Earth and its people. Carry on 'Q' Bases everywhere, bear with us, we have not forsaken you. We will come when the time is ripe.

"Farewell, May the Divine One guide you and go be­fore you, to enable you to fulfill your daily task.

"I am Vax Noah... Salu kata katsu, farewell." (THAT IS THE MESSAGE TO EARTH).


NOTE- This message was received electromagnetically by direct override of the circuitry in a standard cassette tape-recorder, using a projected 12 volt beam of energy directed from the spacecraft by the Koldasians.





As this manuscript was being studied and prepared for publication  it was necessary to check and double check many things. In the course of doing this contacts were made with various people associated in one way or other with the developments in South Africa. It was Ms. Cynthia Hind, on her visit to the United States who convinced Lou Farish that there was much more to this case than meets the eye. He convinced me that we must take a good look at what was really going on and report it as it was. Many contacts were made, but to give you an idea of what we were learning I have decided to include just two letters from other interested observers to me which I have reproduced here in a separate Appendix I.

The Peter and Frances case of an automobile being transported by a UFO  mentioned in chapter 12 was also investigated  by  Carl van Vlierden before he moved to Pinetown. Because this case has not been published here in American journals, we have decided to refer you to van Vlierden's report  published  in the English Flying Saucer Review.







Statements by Witnesses



In the course of the long term development of this unique UFO contact case scores of different witness-observers participated in sightings and the voice communications,  received  at  first  electromagnetically over a standard radio receiver simply notified by one of the UFOnauts to receive them, and then by direct voice channel through Edwin in a special kind of trance induced by certain sounds provided by the UFOnauts. Af ter Edwin's radio was confiscated, the electromagnetic transmissions were received by direct transmission to a standard audio cassette tape-recorder with a 12 volt circuit, where the message was inscribed on the audio tape as the recorder was operated by remote control from the Koldasian ship.

One of the frequent witnesses to these sessions, a senior research scientist in a government agency and theologian, Mr. Walter Pople, well respected in his community, has agreed to furnish an objective statement of his observations of the contacts and the participants.

An Australian woman (Kashendo married an Australian woman during his training on Earth), a traveller, Ms. P. S. Cotchin of Humevale, who heard of Edwin's con­tacts while she was in South Africa, and recognized them as a phenomenon similar to what she was studying, made a point of looking into this matter and observing one of the contacts first hand. She was impressed by what she saw and wrote me a letter describing how this all came about. Since one other Koldasian extraterrestrial in the contacts with Edwin said he had lived in Australia for a time during his special training, I thought it might be of interest here because of its particular implications.

These communications are reproduced here for your examination.




27th December, 1983



Mr Wendelle C. Stevens

3224 So. Winona Cir.

TUCSON  arizona 85730




Dear Mr - Stevens,

 Thank you for your letter with its flattering suggestions. I always take handwritten letters from North Pmerica very seriously and I have given yours much thought.  I checked what little material I have of 5 years ago and composed 'an extensive narrative statement of this phenomenon with Edwin' along the lines you suggested.  as it is a very personal statement I dont think it will help you so I have decided not to send you the tape .   I found this useful as it gave me a chance to review the whole matter in the perspective of events that are past and completed.

 You should realize that my only role in the matter was to be a known respectable biologist who could tell the story of a contact with extra-terrestrials to primed audiences in the confined area of Durban, South Africa for a limited period of time.   Any observer of my efforts would agree that the people I was dealing with were not  yet ready for such thinking although plenty of evidence was available to them.

 Perhaps you are wrong to think of this case in terms of 'these unique events' which could become 'a classic' .   It seems to me that the Confederation and the others have made many attempts at educating people all round the world in different ways.  There is nothing special about Carl Van Vlierden’s  book and I am sure many others  will compare their experiences with those of Edwin and Carl. The book will stand or fall by its content and does not need me or anyone else to try and validate it. The comment Cynthia Hind sent you was written by me simply as a statement of fact which you are free to use in whatever way you like. She is correct in suggesting that the English needs polishing up by someone before it is used.

 Ms Pamella Cotchin  judgement of my abilities are colored by her finding me to be equally  at home in dealing with orthodox Christian concepts as I am with current scientific discoveries. There is nothing unusual in this as there are many of us who read both Pierre Teilbard de Chardin and Scientific American.  Similarly I know of Fritjof Capras ideas but I am more familiar with our South African equivalent, Prof Whiteman, who takes the concepts of quantum physics and draws analogies as with the teachings of Budha.

     I have two difficulties with such approaches.  Firstly the concepts of modern science move very quickly so that particle physics has changed dramatically since Capra wrote 'THE TAO OF PHYSICS' yet by contrast the ancient scriptures are static.   Secondly in most interpretations of ancient texts one can see the fashions of the day and the personal emotions of the expositors.  This is why the cannon of ufo literature has to be treated with skill and experience and not just with crude analogies.

 Thank you for your offer to summarize 'new physics works that demonstrate anti-matter and reverse time as another realitv contemp­orary with ours'.  I dont think this will be necessary as I have no hang-ups on multi-dimensional reality indeed in my day-to-day work I always used topological rather that statistical analysis.  My real interest at the moment is the mapping of other dimensions into the rigid, limited, brains of our species at this point of time.  I do not take my task seriously as I have technically retired.

 From your letter I get the impression that you are worried in case someone cries hoax about the Edwin story.  If anyone does, then it is an incredibly elaborate way for a hoaxer to express consistent grass roots contact between late 20th century earth and outsiders. For this reason alone the story is worth publishing in my opinion. However, I am pretty sure it is not a simple hoax and I am happily discuss the details with any honest, interested person.   But you must realise that any powerful, dishonest lobby that thought it was worth its while debunking the book could do so and discredit me too without much effort. This is not my reason for declining our offer to publish an objective, scientific review of Carl's book.  In the past I have been at the receiving end of a couple of scientific controversies and I am not afraid to face such music in my retire­ment.    No my reasons are simply what I have explained to you in the first part of this letter.

 With my best wishes for your venture and the new year.

 Yours sincerely

Walter Pople



*  *  *


the next letter:


 Early in 1976 Carl van Vlierden brought to me a description of how Confederation space craft travel along 'magnetic streams' and asked me to comment on it.  As a conventional academic trained in biology and physics I had no difficulty in understanding the account although I found it strange as this was my first serious meeting with U.F.O. ideas.    Over the following four years I was invited to join the small group the Confederation contacted in Fred White's home.   At all times I was given the freedom to investigate and question the proceedings and had many long frank discussions with both Carl and Fred.

The local U.F.O. research society has an extensive library and had investigated the Confederation contact from the mid 1960's.   I joined this society  read the available literature and met a number of critics of the Confederation story.   When I discussed particular criticism with Fred I always obtained a satisfactory explanation in terms of a consistent picture of the Confederation.

After a number of years I had sufficient confidence to give public talks on U.F.O's including my experiences.   It was almost as if the Confederation was sounding out public reaction locally just as spectacular events were doing it on a world scale.  At the end of 1979,

I was present at a broadcast when the Confederation gave their reasons for withdrawing from planet earth and ceasing contact. Their assessment of local reaction seemed valid to me at the time. In my own case the authorities pointed out that a belief in U.F.O's was not good for my public image as a senior research scientist in a government agency.    It is only because I have retired from this post for other reasons that I feel free to write this comment.


5 July 1983             W. Pople




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one more letter:



    17th August, 1983


Wendelle. C. Stevens.

3224 So. Winona Circle.

Tuscon. Arizona. 85730.




Dear Sir,

My name is Ms Pamela. S. Cotchin; and I'm writing to you in response to a request from Carl Von Vlierden whose book you are in the process of publishing   "A Cosmic Dialogue" is the title or sub-title to the best of my knowledge. Carl lives in Pinetown South Africa; and you may be wondering how I came to be mixed up in his witnesses. In actual fact it was through a stay I made with my Aunt and Uncle mid-year in 1976 on the occasion of my first trip overseas.

I was aged 39 years at the time, married with four children, and traveling with my youngest at the time. My interest in space craft was nominal. In that I mean that I believed in their existence, yet I'd never seen one; I didn't belong to any organizations, yet I did have friends in Australia who talked about life on other worlds a good deal - and I enjoyed their conversations. None of these people knew Carl though.

It was during the last weeks of my stay in South Africa when further conversations with people who were trance mediums lead me to ask Del ( my Aunt ) " How did she think that space people could possibly be mixed up with the spirit world ? "  The two frames of reference seemed to be too far apart to be believable:

yet I could accept both in their relative pigeon holes. Del suggested that I might like to meet an old friend of hers - Carl Van Vlierden. She rang him and we went to his home a few nights later.

 Carl 'sounded out' my understanding of universal concepts and offered me six hours of  'tape' which were earlier transmissions which he had recorded beforehand. :i.e. said that I could feel free to play the first set to anyone who may be interested, but to be discreet with the last one. I promised that I would, and before we left that evening, Carl asked me if I would like to meet "Edwin I couldn't resist; and said " Yes !”.

 He said he would have to speak to "Edwin"and family first, and in the meantime, Del and I attended several public meetings where Carl lectured about his concept of universal levels and of Edwin's" contact with people from outer space.

 Within a week Del and I were headed to "Edwin's" home. It was modest and they were a shy and somewhat retiring couple with a young family; and I respected their right to be shielded from publicity - if that was what they wished. In fact, I knew of a similar couple in Australia whose contact with someone from outer space caused quite an upheaval to the immediate family, and  to friends who were close to them at the time. Even now, I do not feel free to discuss their personal experiences without their consent - and as I am not aware of what Carl has written of in his book, it may not even be relative to what you are seeking as far as confirmation goes. However, in the tapes that I was given, it was spoken of that people from outer space sometimes 'overshadow an earth person at times and almost merge with his personality'. The difference can be felt as well as seen if it continues for a time, and when the 'overshadowing' concludes, everything returns back to normal again. I have witnessed such an event and the husband of my friend grew at least six inches in height and emanated a tranquillity of soul which was never apparent beforehand. With this came  abilities he had never exhibited beforehand and a feeling within each one of us that "Andy" wasn't there anymore - we  were talking to someone else again.... This lasted till September 1974, and was gone - everything back to normal by Christmas 1974.


Something in the tapes that Carl gave to me caused me to reflect about these things, for it was during this precise month that the space fleet were called ' to withdraw ' ..  Coincidence ?

 'Edwin' was tall and slim - exactly as Del and I anticipated him to be (we played guessing games on our way over in the car.) Carl and his wife Yvette met us there, and we waited quietly and comfortable in 'Edwin's' lounge while his wife put their children to bed. It wasn't long after her entry that the recording equipment beside me 'lighted up' quite automatically and a sound boomed out.... 

"Q - Base. Calling Q - base" etc.  I switched my tape recorder on and taped it as 'Edwin' leaped out of his chair and proceeded to inform the 'Caller' that they had guests and a transmission was not possible that night.  His apparent fluster at this taking place before us was quite genuine and to me, unnecessary. Still, Edwin didn't know me, or Del for that matter, and I could quite understand his panic. Carl then told him not to worry - and we spent the rest of the night 'chin-wagging' about his contacts and his ability to receive telepathically. I didn't record it all - so much of it was already known to me via my Australian experience (although I had to admit that I took a lot of it 'with a grain of salt' at the time, for it was happening, yet you didn't  quite believe it all the same.) Meeting Carl and Edwin helped me to come to  terms with the Australian experience; and when I returned, somehow, they already knew that I'd met these people and was returning with something of interest for them to hear. I shared the tapes with them with pleasure.

 A few others listened to them, and then they began to gather dust on my shelves. From time to time, Del wrote to me, and Carl exchanged Christmas greetings; through this I learned that he was writing a book and I wished him luck - wanting to have a copy when it was published. Several years passed by........    

Then quite suddenly, one Sunday afternoon in the privacy of my 7 acre garden, I held an unexpected telepathic conversation with two men visitors who were quite unseen by me, but distinctly felt in their presence. At first I thought they might have been' 'spirit' visitors - but I was wrong. The conversation proved that they were people from outer space on a mission that was of a supervisory nature. The date was April 20th, 1980 ; and following a brief explanation of their work, I was taken on an 'out - of - the body' experience which explained so much to me that I believed it was my duty to write about it all - in full.

 My biggest problem was my inexperience in such matters, and as my frustration grew I decided to take a second trip to South Africa and ask some of my Aunt's friends if they believed that it was 'that'  important to do so. So once again, I met Carl and Edwin - along with many others.     

Carl looked the same but was without his snow-white beard; Edwin and family still emanated a soft gentleness that I warmed to so much, and I noted that Edwin's face was 'shining'......    My comment to Del was that Edwin was much more spiritual than on my first trip; and she agreed. The conversation got out of hand as references were made to my own experience (and subsequent follow-up of stories ) and Edwin either nodded in confirmation, or we  agreed that in some areas that we had a difference in the given concept of space travel and satellite building; and while we were relating these things to each other, there were also side-line conversations from Cara, Yvette, Del, Ray and my Mother - Hadeliene Phoenix (who travelled with me on this occassion.)

 Before I returned home again I had met other groups who have been involved with direct outer space contacts. Nina Merrington, Walter Pople and this group gave me the warmest reception; and here I was invited to speak to a group of twenty people about my own personal experience; and it was with them that I left a rough copy of my first manuscript, for there wasn't time to tell them everything that I had learned. Walter Pople was a scientist,holding several related degrees as well as a degree in Theology - being a Methodist Lay-Preacher on occasional Sundays. In meeting him, I felt that my prayers were answered, for I was concerned about my lack of understanding in relation to scientific data (which was given to me, yet not altogether understood by me) and there was so much that related to ancient events as recorded in the Old Testament, that I also worried about being insufficiently read in this  field of knowledge as well    

 Walter was a kindly person, and afterward, he assured me that any scientist who knew his field would understand me perfectly and there was no argument in him about anything that I'd spoken about; and this included biological functions and genetic engineering etc... Further to, he didn't believe that I had crossed the line " Bible-wise in any way - and then he went off for a swim.

An associate came over to me and asked if I had a copy of the talk I'd given - and I laughed and said " No! 'It had come off the top of my head. "  Then, before I left for Australia, she called to my Aunt's and asked if she could have one of my manuscripts. I gave her my last one and thought nothing more about it.

 Some months later, after my return home, I gave vent to my frustration of ever putting words together with any success and burned everything that I'd written. Of course I regretted it afterward; and wrote to Africa to tell them how silly I'd been. Walter Pople returned my letter and said that he had taped a copy of my work and, after reading it for the second time, thought it worthy enough to keep - and encouraged me to begin again.

 I was profoundly 'touched' - for here was a man who had spent twenty years at University telling me to keep at it.

I thought about it all for a while; wondering where to begin again; and decided to start where I had done so many years beforehand. This was the first book - and I reached the point where I'd met Carl and thought that I'd better get in touch with him again and ask if he minded if I wrote about him and the things he  talked about. Some months passed and I gave up hope of hearing from him and began another book which was a revamp of the rough copy that I took to Africa about my actual experience and the related stories. This is not yet complete, but in the meantime, I heard from  Carl to say that you are in the process of publishing his book and that anything I wanted to use about our meeting MUST be taken up  with you personally - and that while I was asking, I might like to refer to the Transmission we witnessed on the occasion of the 1976 visit.

 Well Hr Stevens, I have done so with pleasure. In truth I don't believe I will be mentioning anything about Carl in this second book that I am currently writing, so the need to confer with you on this matter is not a point any longer. However, if my book  which is to be called “We don't belong Here !” is received for publication in the future period ahead and further interest is shown in how I could ever accept many things to be true,  then it may follow that my life story and the paths of interest that have absorbed me for 46 years may be found to be interesting to others to read. In actual fact, I don't believe any of this  is at all easy to accept as a reality unless 'one' has had their mind slowly stretched over a period of years.In this manner, you  spread your understanding further afield and comprehend a good deal more than do others who look no further than the end of their own nose most of their lives.

 Cood Luck with Carl's publication. I'll look forward to getting an autographed copy from him via my Aunt Del who keeps in touch with him from time to time and who now lives in Pietermatitzburg.  Meantime, Walter Pople contacts me with letter-tapes and it seems to me that I have come into contact with people who are closely involved with space communication - one of whom is a lady, personally known to Walter, who heads the Sth African inquiry into U.F.O's and sits on a world-wide Council of people representing countries of like interest. According to Walter, "they" KNOW about U.F.O's ! They don't question the facts. Their only question is " Why are they here ?

Walter believes I have been told!  It's quite a responsibility; and I'm doing my best,


Ms  Pamela. S. Cotchin.






 BUT OLD copy’s may be found.



They told of many spaceships that had crashed  in the distant past and now buried under layers of sand, and that they maybe would be found some day.

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