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Chapter Nine: Has Dr. Morris Jessup Communicated From The "Other Side"?

(he wrote many books on the the ufo-theme 40years ago - but was murdered for that - you know the CIA has killed so many to hide their hidden agendas.)

Besides his interest in the Philadelphia Experiment and UFOs, Jessup also held a fascination with the possibility of life after death. Though he did not declare himself a spiritualist while still alive, he did some minor research in the area of parapsychology. Interestingly enough, following his "suicide" at least one medium purported to have heard from Morris who felt inclined to let his voice be heard from the "other side."

Normally, the medium in question would go into a trance and an entity would come through. On this particular occasion, however, there was a lot more involved. "I felt as if my vocal cords and mouth and tongue movements were being seized by a powerful force and made to form and utter the words."

According to those attending the sitting, this seance seemed more "intense than others."

The medium noted that the spirit coming through his vocal cords did not identify himself as to his name but mentioned that he was involved in UFO research while on the Earthly plane.

Proclaimed the spirit:

"I was well known for my work in this field. And I do think I have a few of the answers now that I did not have before. I cannot answer many of the questions I proposed in my writings impossible to describe, even though I had more time to do so. Our descent was so rapid that I got very little view of it anyhow at that time, and we landed. We landed in a courtyard connected with a very large building, which I can best describe as being made of metallic glass, the same varying translucence as in the window being present. (he was apparently after "death" taken onboard in a UFO on the astral-vibration level and brought to what - as later described - was Venus on the "astral" plane/level of that planet. R.Ø.remark)

I was met by three people about six feet in height, very beautiful people, all male, dressed in an odd costume of spun glass-like appearance. Nothing like a ski suit, I might add, having read of such Earth contacts, but more like a uniform. These people smiled, called me by name and told me to come with them.

I was taken into a large conference type of room and seated very comfortably. Shorter people, not as beautiful, and of a distinct negroid or mongoloid appearance (though their skins were very white), entered bearing several trays containing food and drink. I will not dwell on this, except to give you some of the details you mentally ask. The food was not recognizable, but tasted similar to food I was used to, though it could not be identified exactly as to state. The food at that time was mainly in briquette form, as if it were processed food. A large melon was served which tasted similar, but not exactly like watermelon or other kinds of melon I had known. The food was not the most delicious I had ever eaten, but I discovered that I was very hungry and devoured all of it. The drink I was served was a blue liquid with an obvious fruit juice base, but with some fermentation and an effect not unlike what a slight alcoholic content would cause.

These three individuals sat with me as I ate and informed me I was chosen for a definite role which I could assume if I so desired. I was told that I could not return to where I had come from because my body was now dead. If I did not care for the work which they had selected, I could choose some other type of work, or do nothing and go on living there, which I was then told was Venus. If I cared to carry out the work, which would be most difficult, great spiritual rewards would accrue to me. This occupation, I was told, involved work with human beings on Earth.

Some of this work I do not yet fully understand. Minor work in which I have been engaged has consisted of mental contact with an Earth scientist, who does not realize such contact exists. This scientist has written a book, a very good book, and I believe part of its merits are due to my guidance. I was not able to get through to the collaborator of this book, however. (Much of the work that scientists and filmmakers do are very strong guided and inspired from other levels of life - from THIS earth and from other planets as well. R.Ø.rem.)

I am still going to school, so to speak, and will for quite some time. This education involves philosophy of sorts, which I believe to be the type of re-education all earth people must have if they are to avoid consequences of a catastrophic nature.

Along with my schooling I have had a great deal of pleasure in visiting my adopted planet and learning something of the ways of living there and of the technology there.

Q: Where are you now?

A: This is a difficult concept for me to understand or to communicate to you, for I do not believe the frame of reference would be the same. This is not some kind of fourth dimension, which I still believe to represent time, but a state of existence very close to yours, but only slightly removed from your physical existence. I believe that when the philosophies of earth people are changed, the mere difference in thinking will tend to connect this world and yours on a plane of reality. Remember what I said about my IQ. It is still 150. I am still a poor card player - yes I'm afraid I introduced the game to some of my colleagues - and I still could not fix a vacuum sweeper in your home if it went bad.


Attending School

Q: What do you and the people you are with believe about God and religion?

A: I am still attending school, so to speak, and can yet see only glimmerings of the realities involving deity, which I would prefer to call it. Let me say that from the knowledge which has been imparted to me - I would say that man's greatest sacrilege is the practice of creating God in his own image, and that this anthropomorphism is not only ridiculous, it is as sinful as cheating your neighbor, or maybe even more so. I do not understand what or who God is, for you cannot find it by seeking this ultimate image. You will find more of an approach to deity in your every-day living than you will in abstract contemplation or going to church.

Before I go let me note that the best way to approach my present world involves the lessening involvement with your own physical world. This is a very practical matter and is easily begun. Reduced to very simplified language, let me say that you cannot fly to Venus overnight, but you can begin to note what you would term "spiritual values" more than you would note "physical values," (quotation marks that of the editor) such as occupation with automobiles, fine homes, preoccupation with physical sex, and so on. Once you get away from the physical involvements with your world mentally, you will find that it gradually melts away and you are in an entirely different environment. The world you are seeking is that of an intense "spiritual" one recaptured physically on the next higher plane, but I don't believe I have expressed this concept very clearly.

Anyhow, if this represents oversimplification, it is on the right track. Have you ever been driving along in your car, and voluntarily given some other driver the right of way, such as helping him out into the lane of traffic, for example, when other cars behind you would likely not do so? This represents a slightly less involvement with your own physical world. Did you notice how the sun shone more brightly, how the scenery, if even momentarily, became more beautiful? To a very slight degree, your physical world changed. Think how much would have changed had you emphasized your lack of physical involvement to a greater degree. I want to caution you not to go hogwild into such an attempted development, without the proper guidance. Remember that the words I have spoken represent an oversimplification.




UFOs in the Sky

Q: Are the saucers such as you traveled to Venus in still visiting us?

A: These visits have been going on for centuries, and will continue. They have not been too meaningful until recently. These are not necessarily exploratory craft. Due to an increase in the awareness of human beings, who, despite what you may hear and think, are nevertheless rising in consciousness, these craft are seen more than previously. I think you realize, though, that not everybody sees these saucers. Have you noticed that most people who tell you of seeing saucers are people who, if you think about it, seem to have a greater awareness than the average individual? In fact, usually they are spoken of, in the press, and by their neighbors, as people who have a great reputation for truth, and are extremely well thought of. If you think about this you may be able to deduce a part of what I am saying about a general increase in awareness.

Yet these saucers are not seen generally. I do not think, for example, that the President of the United States sees them or is aware of them. You will find that there is indeed something unique involved between the people who see the saucers and those who do not see the saucers. I never saw what I could distinguish as a saucer without doubt while I was on Earth, though I constantly searched the skies for them.

Q: Why are you on this plane, then, with obviously increased awareness and a higher level of consciousness, if you did not have this before and could not see the saucers before?

A: This I do not attempt to understand and I believe I am where I am because of some technology developed by the Venusians.

Q: Do you think the Earth is going to be destroyed by atomic bombs?

A: I have asked about this, but my teachers either do not know or will not tell me. They do not seem to be gravely concerned about the matter. It is my impression that they believe they can prevent this, either by some means of their own which are technical, or by the education of Earth man.

the earth is like a unborn cosmic child where the cosmic consciousness is  now to be born and a lot of  helpers from other levels and - planets are here to help and assist - but they are most hidden in the higher level of material frequency.

Q: Are the saucers going to land at any time and reveal themselves (This and previous questions not otherwise noted were asked vocally).

A: That depends upon what kind of saucers you are referring to. As an intelligent man who knows something of the universe on a plane of Earth level, I believe that the Earth has been visited many times in the past by intelligent beings of your level, and that the Earth may be visited again. I do not believe the people of my present existence will make such a landing, or whether they could if they wanted to at this time. Anyhow, I am not permitted to reveal everything and information of this nature must be imparted gradually. Let this information be known to UFO circles if they are interested in hearing it. I must go now, and I thank you for listening.

· ·

The control of the medium vanished as soon as it began. The regular seance was not held because of the excitement caused by the extraordinary communication. The medium remembered most everything that was transmitted, as opposed to lack of memory in usual trance states.

Not having been there when the seance took place, we cannot say with a hundred percent certainty that it was really Dr. M. K. Jessup coming through the medium. Nonetheless from the message given from the spirit entity it would seem highly likely that this was actually the case.

But was Jessup actually speaking to us from the other side? With what we now know regarding the intricacies involving the Philadelphia Experiment, it might have been that his death was really staged and that a dummy was buried in his place (several of those who reportedly saw Jessup after his passing claimed that they did not recognize his corpse). Much like Al Bielek, its possible that Jessup was invited to get more personally involved with the Philadelphia Experiment. He could have been invited to go on a mission into the future with the technology that had been invented. Or he could have gone dimension hopping, and he might have been speaking from some other realm much like Dr. Kueppers is said to have materialized in front of his daughter.

In closing we can easily say that the Philadelphia Experiment is not yet a "closed book." We have more than likely not heard the last from Al Bielek, and possibly not even from Dr. Jessup.

Al Bielek, Morris Jessup and Philadelphia Experiment - write or copy+paste one of those words/names in the searchwindow on the youtube site, and you have a much better alternative than watching those passive, stupid(making) ordinary tv-programs that the controlling force try to lull and glue you to.



also TESLA is said had contacts to higher dim. spacepeople: 

Authur Matthews lived in Canada and Tesla spent much time with him and asked him to write it. 

"The X12 had 2 persons that guided it and they were called Frank and Frances, there were 4 crew members who sat facing each other.

There didn't appear to be any mechanisms. They did all their maneuvering by "thought projection". The ship appeared to be made of grey color ( possibly metal). It looked like two huge saucers put together rim to rim. Circling these rims about 20 feet away from the main body of the craft was an unsupported band of material (later referred to as the "guide ring" which was not attached to the ship by any visible means and appeared to held in place by some magnetic force... Penetrating the center of the ship was a tubular shaft 50 ft. in diameter and 300 ft in height, the top and bottom ends of which protruded from the ringed saucers which were 700 ft in diameter. The bottom end of this large tube rested on the ground and I could see an opened doorway. This was a mother-ship and it carried 24 small spacecraft, ground vehicles, crew, gardens, recreation area, study rooms and a meeting hall.

The Venusians were 5'6" ft tall, blue eyed, bronze sun-tan color and hair golden blonde to reddish brown.

Tesla always claimed to be a Venusian - probably arrived on a space ship, "The x-12" as a tiny baby, or again perhaps he came as a "thought" projection. He was brought by the ship at the stroke of midnight on July 9, 1856, but his birthday was recorded as the 10th. He arrived in Smiljan, near Gospic in Lika Croatia. This is why he claimed that he was not born.

Tesla would get his information in "visions". Frances said that "God's truest servants have lived by the power and guidance which came to them through their "visions" while they looked not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. This is how Tesla created his projects, visions which sometimes he sketched, even in the sand, then he just knew they would work and just assembled his project.

Tesla Scope &communication with the Venusians 
Tesla communicated with the Venusians with his Tesla Scope which he built in 1898. Then with Matthews he rebuilt it in 1938 and Matthews rebuilt it making it smaller and more streamlined. This Scope would emit a loud buzzing sound when the Venusians made contact. ( There are drawings and what it was made of in the book).

After Tesla's death, Matthews was taken to Venus on the ship and also was given the privilege of using the Silver Ball Time Machine and saw the beautiful planet of Venus. (in a slightly lifted vibrating level - rø) He was also taken to Mars to visit the cities there too.

The Venusians say that when you receive the messages, you will, like most earth people, doubt. This is a strange things we find about people of Earth, their continued doubting. You believe in things and yet you always doubt.

"We are amazed and saddened to find how much of your lives is devoted to inventing and using destructive machines with which you murder each other. You spend vast sums of money pretending to bring peace on earth, when you should know that the only way is obtaining peace is free - Through Christ: LOVE, so why waste your money?"

Frank said that he and Frances had been with Tesla a few days before he died, and that he had died a happy man. Frank handed Matthews an envelope from Tesla with important papers concerning the work which he must now continue to work on alone. When Frank and Matthews finished their talk about the work of the future, Frances had to say something. It was Tesla's last message.

Here are a Few of the last few sentences.

When I have been saying that as one day of our lives is, so will in all probability the rest be, I am only insisting on the blessing of being able to take each unit of our lives as it comes, and making the best of it, making it perfect, making it ideal. One day well spent is a pledge for those that are coming. Abraham Lincoln said, "The struggle of today is not altogether for tomorrow, it is for the vast future also. Every day is a gift I receive from Heaven, let me enjoy today that which it bestows upon me, and tomorrow belongs to no one".

There were many Venusians that attended his funeral also. There is also a drawing of a space craft that Tesla designed. He built it in 1917. It is rather cigar shaped. The description says, self-propelled aerial-Sel-automator, devoid of propeller, and wings-and all other means of External Control. can reach a predetermined point any distance away-radio controlled ... Reaction - Electric power NO NOISE... also used a sun battery.

Arthur Mattews lived in Quebec, Canada and Tesla spent much time with him, sharing their projects and contact with the Venusians. He also spent time with Margaret Storm, who also wrote a book about him. THE RETURN OF THE DOVE. All of these books can be found on the web site of We have enjoyed reading it again as it has been about 20 years ago that we got them. Tesla's lectures and patents are so very interesting. I am sure not all of his things got back to his nephew in Belgrade who has made a museum in his memory.

There is a list of all some of the bible verses that are descriptions of space ships and E.T.s . Also a bit about Jesus arriving from a space craft too.

This was written by Arthur Matthews. ......

According to the world at large, Tesla had strange ideas. He always thought he came from the planet Venus. He said as much to me, and the crew of a Venus space ship said in one of their first messages, that a male child was "born" on board their ship during its trip from Venus to Earth in July, 1856. The little boy was called Nikola (which is the name of his family town, in reverse, on Venus. This is the town of ALOKIN. The ship landed at midnight, between July ninth and tenth, in a remote mountain province in what is now Yugoslavia. There, according to arrangements, the child was placed in the care of a good man and his wife. This message was first received by Arthur Matthews of Lake Beauport, Quebec, Canada, an electrical engineer who from boyhood was closely associated with Tesla.

Contributed By Juanita and Ed Butkovich 
"It Happened in Quebec" - this is an autobiography
Copyright in 1973
ISBN 0-7873-0588- X

ISBN 0-7873-0849-8
reprinted by HealthResearch, 1972

ISBN 0-7873-0190-6
copyright, 1944 by Ives Washburn, Inc

Reprinted by him from the magazine "The World Today", 1900
Details his three day ship to Europe and his Scheme to split the earth.
ISBN 0-7873-0093-4

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another contact to a higher life-vibr.level of Venus here:


Thank you Albert Rosales for this interesting case.

Location. Miami, Florida
Date: February 7 1962
Time: 0630A

artpicture from a contactcase in norway some years ago I have studied and making interviews on

17-year old Ron Card felt a strong urge to go down to Biscayne Bay before going to school. His home was about two miles from Biscayne Bay, which is a large body of water lying just southeast of Miami. Instead of taking the bus directly to school, he left the house a little earlier than usual and rode a different bus down to the bay. He got off at Bayshore Drive and 17th Avenue. The general area then was mostly a deserted stretch of wooded coastline with undergrowth, palm trees running from the highway (US1) down to the water. The vicinity was later developed into a beautiful public park. He was quite familiar with the surroundings because he and his buddies would frequently hang around there on the weekends.

It was an unusually foggy and chilly morning as he made his way down one of the many dirt paths that eventually led to the shore. There was a cool gentle breeze coming out of the southeast. As he neared the end of the path, he looked up and discovered that he was not alone. Standing directly in front of him, about 25 or 30 feet away, was a man wearing rather peculiar looking clothes. It was not unusual to see other people in these woods, so his initial thought was to walk around this person and continue on his way. He cautiously moved to within about ten feet of him and then something told him to stop. He just stood there motionless, looking at the man over from head to foot. 


beginning early in the 50ths many warnings came from  visitors from higher up in evolution - where they warned of the atom-danger.

The stranger did not move either, and stood there with his arms at his sides. He was slightly shorter than Card, who guessed him to be about five foot six inches tall and perhaps 130 or 140 pounds in weight. He could tell that the man was well built physically, for his chest muscles were apparent against his clothing. He appeared to be in his early twenties, maybe twenty five at most. He had short blond hair worn in a sort of overgrown crew-cut that did not stick up on top. He had blue gray colored eyes and his forehead was unusually high. His face had an oval shape and his cheek bones were almost oriental-like in appearance. His complexion was very fair and his face was not tanned at all. He was wearing what looked to be a one-piece chocolate brown colored ski-suit, an outfit quite unlike Ron had ever seen before. The sleeves were loose and billowing and were drawn up at his wrists by cuffs about two inches wide. The suit fit him snugly about the shoulders and upper chest area. The material was loose around the stomach area and drawn up about his waist by his belt. The suit was close about his neck but had no collar. Ron could detect no seams or pockets anywhere. The material of the suit was smooth textured like silk, and had a luster to it. The fabric must have been super finely woven for no weave was apparent. His pants were full and billowing like the sleeves and the material was gathered up where it entered the tops of his boots. 

He wore a rather wide belt, about six inches wide, gold in color and shiny plastic-like in appearance. In the center of the belt was a thick, rectangular metallic like buckle. It looked to be about four by five inches in size and seemed to be made of solid gold. In the middle of the buckle, in relief, was a circular geometric design. The design reminded Ron of the symbol for a planet with a ring around it, signifying the orbital path of a moon. In each corner of the buckle, around the circular design were odd looking etchings, resembling Oriental language characters. He wore low cut jet black boots which in no way resembled leather in construction. They were shiny like patent leather and had no heel. They seemed to be made of the same material as his belt. Ron later noticed that when the stranger moved his soles left an unusually wide, tread-like imprint on the ground, similar to that which an Army combat boot would make. He watched Ron intently as Ron continued to visually examine him. He wore short brown colored gloves. They appeared to be very thin, unlike winter gloves as they fit his hands quite tightly. The identical planet-like design as on his belt buckle was thickly embroidered on the back side of each glove and was gold in color. His gloves looked to be made of the same material as his suit. Ron could see a small band of his skin between the top of his gloves and the sleeve cuffs.

As the witness stood there in sheer amazement the stranger smiled and spoke to him in perfect English. “Hello Ed” he said, “we have been watching you.” His voice was quite pleasant deep and soft. The witness was flabbergasted but not scared and after a few seconds managed to utter, “Who are you?” He then told Ron that he was from the planet we called Venus, and that their existence was of a different reality than that of Earth. It was his “job” to contact certain people on Earth for special reasons. He said that “they” had been intercepting his thought waves and upon analyzing them, determined that his desire to learn more about the spaceships he had seen before was sincere. He explained that ever since Ron’s first sighting, his thoughts had activated a special device of theirs that records thought forms or vibrations which are “aimed” their way. He said that the people of Earth could not perceive or see what their reality of Venus was like. This was why Earth astronomers could not detect their existence by observing Venus through telescopes. He said that he could easily enter and leave our Earth reality, but that people of Earth were not yet ready to understand this process.

He stated:
“Our existence does not conform to your laws of logic, as we exist totally apart from your world and its reality. Your scientists and philosophers cannot apply their laws to our existence because to do so would introduce distortions that would seem illogical and alien.”

He went on to say:
“We have decided to go ahead and make contact with you as an experiment, as you would say. We are taking a calculated risk, but due to the relevant differences in development between our two worlds, we realize the possible ramifications that could result whenever we approach people like yourself, on your planet. It is hoped that we may plant the seeds of enlightenment within you that will uplift and illuminate your consciousness. This will encourage you to carefully examine your beliefs and your personal feelings about all that you come in contact with. We understand also that this new relationship may possibly have a negative impact upon you. Depending on how you conduct yourself and utilize the forthcoming information, in the form of answers and questions, you may find yourself put in a different light among your friends and relatives.”

After some more communication, the witness stood there speechless. Time had slipped by rapidly. He then asked Ron if he should not be getting off to school. It was after seven and the witness reluctantly agreed, but not before he asked what the symbol on the buckle meant. He told him that it was the symbol for his planet. Ron asked him if he was going to see him again. He indicated, yes, and said that it would be very soon indeed. Ron quickly asked when and where and he told him not to worry about it, for he would arrange everything. They said good-bye and the witness turned and ran back down the path to the highway. The witness managed to make it to school on time.


more on RON CARD 8 years later:

Location. Miami, Florida
Date: January 1970
Time: unknown
While attending college at the University of Miami Ron Card allegedly reported contacts with "extraterrestrials" purportedly from the planet Venus. A "Venusian" even picked Ron up in a rented mustang convertible as he came out of the college gate one time. He drove Ron to his landed ship and took him onboard and showed him around, and then handing Ron the keys told him to return to Mustang for him, as the charge was pre-paid. He told Ron that their group had taken a World War II Battleship in the Mid-Atlantic one time; an old English battleship leased to Brazil called "The Sao Paolo". According to reports the ship was being returned to England after service in the Brazilian Navy. It was being towed by two ocean going tugs, one fore and one aft with 4 hawsers attached and held taut by the tugs. The three ships sailed into a mysterious green fog at sea; the hawsers went slack and both tugs stopped to avoid collision in the dense fog. The fog cleared suddenly and the tugs could see other but not the Battleship. The 4" hawsers (ropes) were cut cleanly all the way through in one cut. The battleship was never found although the ocean bottom at the point of loss has been thoroughly searched.

HC addendum
Source: Wendelle Stevens
Type: G, Contact claim
High Strangeness Index: 8
Reliability of Source: 8
Comments: One of the last reported contacts with Venusians (I recall one in Brazil in 1987) or supposed Venusians. The story of the missing battleship is verifiable. I would like more information on the contacts though.

more on this

HC addendum
Source: Wendelle Stevens, Ron Card, “UFO Contact from the
Planet Venus”

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More on Al Bielek /Philadelphia Experiment.

Silent Weapons

Al Bielek Interview
Transfer of Energy...
Orion Technology
Cameron and Nichols
Al Bielek 1991



search on youtube for online videos on Al Bielek, Morris Jessup and Philadelphia Experiment - write one of those words/names in the searchwindow, and you have a much better alternative than watching those passive, stupid(making) ordinary tv-programs that the controlling force try to lull and glue you to.



Leading Edge Research Interviews Wendelle C. Stevens on Area51, timetravel and more

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more on "higher" life on venus/mars

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picture from the article on another "astral-venus contact"