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ET-education on a.o. ET/ufo-concern regarding cosmic catastrophes in our sun system and on nuclear bombs, Eisenhower's contact to the pleaidian group in the 50ths,  etc – given thru many astral-travels to pleiadian mothership in the 90ths.

 upreading from this book in mp3audio 

this following extracts -  is taken from a book made out of conscious -  with full memory - of nightly Astral journeys to alleged Pleiadean mothership, where she was educated and shown a lot of interesting things.  Much of this is claimed to have taken place from ca 1990 and forward. The books name is The Mothership Chronicles - A Wider World of Hope and Joy, and author is JANE EGAN,  and book published in 2001.



from Chapter 15

from this book ’Mothership Chronicles’


nuclear concern

One evening I had been thinking of Adros who was the commander of the mothership. I wondered what he would be doing. As I arrived up on the mothership I nearly bumped into him, just as I had done with Jaymeny, so long ago.  I was startled. It seemed by merely thinking of him I could reach out to him telepathically, and so very personally. Adros chuckled at my newfound understanding. Then he turned serious.

He said, “There is an important part of your country’s history which you need to know about, Katreiya. You have had time to learn quite a bit about us and about our life aboard the mothership. Now it is time that you learned something about one who was a President of your country during your lifetime. Come and see this video about events which most of the people of your country or the Earth know very little about.” He led me to a small private viewing room and invited me to sit with him.


The three dimensional video began. It was early in April of 1954 and President Eisenhower was just beginning to expand his official travels. This initially aroused a great deal of curiosity.

It was the detonation of the Atomic Bombs over Nagasaki and Hiroshima in Japan with their horrifying effects that had rung off alarm bells throughout the universe. The reverberations of these explosions had brought emissaries from other worlds in their starships to this solar system to keep watch over this small Planet that was the third planet from its sun.


The cosmic catastrophe in our solarsystem that disabled this macrobeing when it lost one organ/planet in its body

“There had been a disaster in this solar system thousands of years ago. Where the asteroid belt is now between the planets Mars and Jupiter, there had once been a planet populated by humans with a very high technology.  They understood the secrets of the atom as well as the secrets of gravity and electro­-magnetism. These areas of science are just now beginning to be understood by the scientists of Earth. However the people of this planet were not a spiritual people. They were totally wrapped up in their technology. Therein lay the root of Their future destination.

This planet was known by various names, the most popular name being Maldec.  Suffice it to say that the people of this planet in their arrogance and greed for power, managed to take control of certain forces of nature, that they had discovered including atomic energy. They did not realize the magnitude of the power they had in their hands. One day they were attempting to siphon of even more power from Earth to send to their own planet. In their ignorance they had blown their planet up. Maldec now exists only as meteors and asteroids. Earth passes through the Persied Meteor belt every August and there is a flue show of shooting stars then.

Just then the three dimensional video had us passing throngh this field of meteors. Brilliant lights streaked by on both sides. I flinched involuntarily.

It wasn't just the individual planet of Maldec that had been affected. When Maldec exploded it disturbed the orbits of other planets, Mars in particular, with Earth and Venus also being affected. Mars lost most of its atmosphere at this time as it rocked to and fro in its orbit. Its surface life was snuffed out.

Legends remain from various cultures on the Earth that tell of the recurring danger about every 50 years when Venus would nearly collide with Earth. Mayan astronomers had always kept careful records of the movement of Venus through the skies. Mars became known as the God of War.  This was because lightning bolts sometimes were exchanged between Mars and Earth when the two planets occasionally came too close together.

Therefore when mankind on Earth demonstrated that it had leaned to control the destructive power of the atom, the whole universe of populated planets became concerned. Mankind on Earth has always been allowed to have free will, but it had been determined that never again could any planets nor its residents be allowed to create havoc in the solar system. They would not be allowed to damage the future of Planet Earth and the solar system by a careless use of nuclear weapons. The effects of the ancient destruction of Maldec, still reverberated beyond our solar system.

I gripped the arms of the chair and shifted about as I began to understand the enormity of it all. More than that, I had read wisps of this information, some coming out of the Bible from the Old Testament. Then the priests had talked about dangers that recurred about every fifty years. Some information also had come from legends of ancient cultures.  The Maya calendar pointed out a crisis that came to Earth every fifty-two years. All fires were to be put out for a period of several days until the crisis was over. Then they had the ceremony of starting new fires.

Adros was watching me. He nodded his head wisely.

“Now, perhaps, you can understand the concern that those of us on the starships around the Earth have had about mankind on Planet Earth.” I nodded and shivered.


President Eisenhower meets the Pleiadeans

The video continued and a scene opened to President Eisenhower, who was in conference in a secure area in Washington D.C. He was discussing a conversation he had just received on his private telephone line.

One of the men who wore an Air Force Uniform said, “Yes, Mr. President, I can set it up for you. Give me about a week.”

The scene shifted to one of the deserts of California. Senior Officers in Air Force Blue were standing around looking at the sky. The third dimensional video was so very real that I could feel the heat of the desert, smell the sand, and even feel the air that Was drying out my nasal passages.

“Nobody from Washington ever came out here to this desert before, much less a President. Wonder what's so special about today?” grumbled one of the men.


“Quiet!” shushed the colonel wearing eagles wings.

A small plane appeared and set down on the runway. The door opened and the familiar smiling face of President Eisenhower could be seen as he walked down the steps from the aircraft. Six other men, who were aides and secret service men followed him.

President Eisenhower returned the salutes of all the men in blue. Then he turned around to look up at the sky. There were specks of silver shining in the sky that grew ever larger.

First two long cigar shaped craft without wings set down on the desert floor of what was known as Muroc Air Station. They landed about 100 yards away from the assemblage of people. The Air Force personnel were goggle-eyed, staring at the wingless craft. Then three round saucercraft, also without wings, set down between them. One was larger than the others.

There had been no sound when any of the craft landed. President Eisenhower and two of his aides were driven out in jeeps towards the middle saucercraft.  Four of the other men followed in another jeep.

As they arrived, a ladder was lowered out the bottom of the craft and a very tall man walked down the ladder.  He was wearing a gray robe with multi-colored embroidery around both the hem and neckline. His hair was long and nearly white, and well brushed back from his face. He had piercing eyes of blue and a sharp aquiline nose. He moved forward to shake hands with President Eisenhower.

As we moved closer to the scene, I realized with a shock that the commander of the saucercraft who stood on the ground with President Eisenhower was none other than Adros himself, commander of this mothership, and who was now present in the room with me.

I gasped and glanced over at him. He nodded again.

In the video Adros waved a gesture of welcome towards the ladder and Presideut Eisenhower and two of his aides climbed up the ladder into the wingless craft.

The Air Force men stood at a distance watching as their Commander in Chief disappeared inside the round craft. The ladder was withdrawn and there was a shimmer of energy waves as the power center in the saucercraft lifted it off the ground without a sound.

The Air Force Officers and the civilian secret service men who had arrived with the President, were left standing on the ground with their mouths hanging open.

“What happens now?” one of them asked.

“We wait!” said a senior officer.

In a short time there were other twin-engine military aircraft arriving. A smiling man with shaggy white hair and moustache stepped out and waved at the officers on the ground.  It was Albert Einstein, the great physicist. Behind him was a dapper man in a dark suit. He had dark hair slicked back in a European style haircut. I gasped again as I recognized Dr. Werner Von Braun.  I had seen him once in Germany but he had more recently appeared in photos with NASA planners. There were others coming off the plane whom I did not recognize.

The next plane to arrive was a civilian airplane which brought a lone passenger, who had a hawk like face, with darting piercing eyes. He bounded down the steps with a practiced air and joined the others.

“Hope I'm not too late for the big show,” he said.

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Up in the large saucercraft, Adros was showing President Eisenhower the view of Planet Earth. Puffy white clouds began to melt into streaks of the swirling weather systems. Adros pointed out a tight white swirl that was likely to bring severe weather to some part of the earth in days to come. The horizon Was now beginning to curve, and there was a haze that clung to this horizon.

“This haze is the very life energy of the Earth itself. Your people have never seen it before, although some of your Scientists suspect it exists. You see, the Earth is alive, a living being. As such she deserves our respect, said Adros.

 “Beautiful!” was all President Eisenhower could say.

The earth continued to retreat from view, but now the moon loomed large on the viewing screen. Adros directed the saucercraft around it to see an entirely different view of the moon than what is seen from Earth. They were now looking at the backside of the moon.  There was some kind of a huge machine with a large truckbed which appeared to run on a track. At the end of the track could be seen a hole into the side of a low hill.

“You see, Mr. President, your moon has had visitors from afar for a long time.  They have been mining the side of the moon that you cannot see.”

To Eisenhower's unspoken question, Adros said quietly “No, they are not from our starfleet.  They are from another star system whose goals are not the same as those of the Federation of Planets to which our Pleiadian fleet belongs.” Eisenhower was frowning a bit, trying to take it all in. They moved on towards the red planet of Mars. It appeared to have a quality of resting, of just waiting for something to take place.

More on http://www.disclose.tv/forum/president-eisenhower-met-with-ets-the-anunnaki-t83662.html





“Once upon a time, the surface of the planet Mars teemed with life not unlike your own on Earth. There were cities, and farms, and gardens, but they are all gone now. This was not something that the people of Mars did, but what its neighboring planet did. When its neighbor Maldec exploded, the atmosphere on the Planet Mars was pushed back and forth as the planet rocked with the blast. Every time the atmosphere pushed away from the planet, some of it was lost from the gravitational field of the planet and lost into space. After a certain length of time, there simply wasn't any atmosphere left on the surface. No air. No life-giving water.

“Some of the survivors on Mars were aware of what was happening. Some of them migrated to Earth in the spacecraft that they had. Others hurried down into the caves that opened into huge caverns inside the planet. While there was still time,  they closed up the entrances so that precious air could not escape to the surface.”

I wrinkled up my brow in puzzlement and looked at Adros. He nodded, saying, “Yes, there are a few colonies which exist inside of Planet Mars. They have been there snice the time of Maldec's explosion. These colonies could not exist on the airless surface.”

The video continued. “Next we will pass by the great planet you call Jupiter. We will not stop because its energies would consume you. We will not even attempt to go too close because its great gravitational force could pull us into it.”

Adros allowed a slight smile at this. The great red eye of Jupiter appeared off to the side. All aboard watched it boiling with energy and heat. Then the craft retreated to a respectful distance.


Back on the earth, the remaining presidential aides and the Air Force officers continued to stare at the strange aircraft parked on the California desert runway. A door to one of the Saucereraft opened from below, a man descended and walked toward the group. He was tall but not as tall as Adros. He was blond with a deeply tanned skin and wore a silvery colored uniform with an emblem on the left side. He had deep blue eyes, and a commanding presence.

“Would you like to see the inside of the craft? I can take you there but just two at a time.” He spoke perfect English but with a strange kind of accent.

“oh Yes. We certainly would like to see it,” and several Air Force Officers surged forward.

“Wait!” and the tall crewman held up his hand. He pointed to One of the men in civilian clothes, and then to the colonel who wore eagles wings. “Just one of each, military and civilian if you please.     The rest of you wait here. Come along.” The three of them walked back to the saucercraft parked on the ground.

There were gasps of amazement as they all entered the round craft.  The view was clean, hot cluttered up with the usual numbers of dials that the Air Force had in its own aircraft. There were several viewing screens. One seemed to have pictures of the weather systems that were hovering over that part of the earth.  Another screen showed President Eisenhower listening gravely to Adros as he explained something, but there was no sound of their conversation.

Another crewmember rose up out of his seat, “Here, try this seat, it is very comfortable.” The two men waited to take turns sitting in the crew seat.

“It feels like my favorite chair at home, the one I sit in after I've been on my feet all day. It knows me,” said the man in civilian clothes.

“Of course it does. It has a special adaptive capacity.” the crewman chuckled.

The Air Force Colonel eased into it. “Say, this would be great for us to have in our planes. Some of our pilots complain of back trouble after long flights.”

“We never have a problem with that. Of course most of the time we don't have to contend with the gravity field of Earth when we are in flight.”

“Ah, yes, Gravity. How do you get this – thing up in the air?' asked the colonel.

“Why it is anti-gravity as simple as that.” grinned the crewman.

“Huniph” and the colonel became noncommittal. He had heard talk about such things as anti-gravity swirling around some of the secret meetings of the scientific circles, but everyone seemed to have a different opinion of it.

“Shall we go back now and give your friends a chance to look over our craft too?” The crewman politely eased them out of the craft and back towards the group standing near the control tower of the air station.

Two more men, civilian and military, were taken aboard and shown around.  This was repeated until all the dignitaries, military and civilian men of Earth, had seen the saucercraft from the inside.


“Now we have a surprise for you, Mr. President,” said Adros. “We are going to travel outside of your solar system. Please sit comfortably in your seat as we travel beyond the speed of light. We will visit a star system that is what you call light years away' from Earth. Now this is a true statement in the way that your scientists measure distance from the Earth at the present time. However with our technology we can link up to another star system, by traveling on what we call a special energy highway through the universe. It will get us there in no time at all.  I repeat, that is no time at all.  We will all be suspended in time as the craft travels this highway through space.”

Eisenhower listened as his tour of the universe continued. It was beyond all sense of what he had kuown about the physical world up to this point. The video simply lapsed into showing pictures of the Milky Way galaxy.  Then the Milky Way disappeared and other galaxies beyond it came into view.  In truth no comment was possible about such an expanded view of the universe.

“Why do you show me this technology? Is there any way I can convince you to share it? It could be of great benefit to my country – and to the Earth,” he said.

Adros smiled. “We are ready to share much information with you – and the rest of the countries on Earth as well. With our technology, which you would call extra-terrestrial, free energy can be made available to all people, famine can be eliminated from the Earth and all people can live in peace. To do this we ask that you share what you have seen. We ask you to publicly tell the people of your country, and thus the people of the Earth, that we as Extra-Terrestrials exist and that we have come to help them, not to harm the people of Earth.” Adros paced excitedly up and down.

“Members of your government have known about Our existence even before the starcraft crash at your Roswell I New Mexico a number of years ago – as well as the one at Corona. They have used every method possible, including ridicule, to keep it secret. We have repeatedly tried to show ourselves in a friendly fashion to humanity many times since then.

“Most of the time your military personnel have acted like children. They have taken potshots at us as if we were our enemies.  This is not correct, as you must see by now.” He paused, watching President Eisenhower, who was distinctly uncomfortable at Adros' comment's.

Hearing nothing from  Eisenhower, he continued.  “I am Commander of a Mothership which is located high above the Earth's gravitational field.  I also represent the Federation of Planets who have come to help the Earth and her residents to pass through the difficult days and years ahead.

“We want you, Mr. President, to publicly tell the world that you have traveled on our starcraft. We want you to tell them that we are not here to harm mankind on Earth. We cannot come to help you if you allow your military to shoot at us.”  Adros moved directly in front of President Eisenhower.

“I have one more thing to ask of you before such technology can be shared.” Adros waited.

“You have to tell people that our starships have been here in the skies above the Earth for a long time and that we mean no harm. That is the only way we can come openly in your skies to help the people of Earth. They must be openly told.  We have much technology which could benefit all of the people of the Earth.”

“I just don't see how I can do this. I would have to admit publicly that we have kept your existence a secret for all of these years. Actually I would have to admit to the American people that their government has lied to them. That's an awful lot to ask of anyone.” Eisenhower shook his head and squirmed in his chair.

Adros was very serious, “However I must add that before we share this technology with your people, you must agree to give up these destructive experiments using the explosive power of the nuclear weapons. Your scientists are not aware of it as yet, but such experiments tear holes in the very fabric of space. We also ask that you destroy all of your nuclear weapons so that no nation need fear your atomic bombs.”

“oh, no, we can't do that,” Eisenhower shook his head. “There are other powers in the world, that I will not name, that have these weapons too. If we destroyed our nuclear capability we would be vulnerable to attack by them.”

“If you were to agree to destroy your nuclear weapons. Mr. President, I would go to the other powers, the ones you have not named. I would also meet with their leaders, as I meet with you today, and ask them to cease making the weapons of nuclear war just as I am asking you to do.

“I want to emphasize that it was nuclear weapons such as you presently possess that were responsible in part for the destruction of that other planet called Maldec in your solar system so many thousands of years ago. The solar system is still suffering from the effects of this planet's destruction. Third Dimensional Life, as you understand it, was snuffed out on two other planets at that time. They were Mars and Venus. Earth came very close to losing her entire human population as well. The effects of this explosion were felt throughout your solar system but they also extended far beyond it as well.  These negative effects have reverberated throughout the universe for thousands of years.

“We have come as emissaries of the Federation of Planets to ask you not to allow nuclear weapons to be used on the Earth. Their unrestrained use could cause the destruction of the entire Earth. This must not be allowed to happen again in this solar system. The effects of the destruction of Earth would just be too disastrous to contemplate throughout your solar system and Other universes as well.”

Again President Eisenhower was silent. He was trying to take in this expanded new information. Adros understood the enormity of what he had just been exposed to. He was silent for a long time.

'Please agree to our request that you will openly tell the people that we are here above the skies of your Earth and that we are really very friendly folk. You must also cease your atom bomb experiments and dismantle your atomic weapons. Then we can share the technology with you which we use all the time. It would make life on Earth so much easier for all the residents.” Adros spoke in a quiet but intense voice.

' I wish it were that easy,” said President Eisenhower. “We face the threat of nuclear annihilation from a potential enemy on the other side of our globe. No one in the United States would ever believe that they would give up their atomic bombs just because someone tells them that we would give up ours. The answer is No!  But we definitely would like to have the technology” Eisenhower said earnestly.

“We cannot make the technology available unless you tell the world about us and unless destroy your nuclear arsenals,” repeated Adros.


After the initial tours, the shining wingless craft were moved into the shelter of some hangars on earth. There they could be free from prying eyes. As time passed sonic jeeps came up to the hangars and discharged a variety of passengers.  The passengers were taken into the hangars to be given a briefing by the crews of the starcraft.  Some of their maneuvers were demonstrated. The small round craft rose slowly above the floor of the hangar and hovered noiselessly in the air about six feet off the ground. There was a faint shimmer at the bottom and around the edge of the craft. It remained there for about 10 minutes.

“This is the demonstration of the anti-gravity power system which we use in our craft all the time. We neither need your earth's gravity nor does it interfere with our power system. Now you will see something special.” The briefer smiled. In fact his eyes were twinkling. “Watch!”

The shimmer around the craft increased. Then the outlines of it began to slowly fade.  The struts of the hangar directly behind it could be clearly seen. The men knew' that the craft was still there but it had become invisible.

Once the gasps from the audience had died down, the briefer turned to the place where the craft had disappeared. In the blink of an eye, it reappeared, fully visible once again, hovering six feet off the floor.

One Air Force Officer who had come alone in his jeep had arrived late. Now he stumbled out of the briefing early. What he had just seen had shattered all the laws, the rules about physical matter upon which he had built his career. His face turned chalk white. His appearance frightened his driver who asked him what was wrong.

“I've seen nothing like it. Ever!” he said. “I thought all that talk about flying saucers was something to laugh at.”

“What?” asked the driver.

“on nothing. Never mind. Let's go.”

After the briefing, some of the Air Force Officers wandered outside the hangar. They had seen the inside of the saucercraft. They were getting ideas about the wingless noiseless craft that maneuvered at fantastic speeds.  After seeing some of the briefings they were even more anxious to obtain the technology. They stared at the shining craft sitting back inside the hangar.

“Seeing these craft makes us seem a little irrelevant out here doesn't it?” mused one officer out loud.  “Even with all the secret Air Force equipment that we have or are about ready to test, we don't have anything like what's sitting out on there on the tarmac in front of us.”

“Yeah, we've got nothing like that,” another agreed.

One of the Senior officers pulled another officer aside. “You know, we could capture those craft, if we rushed them. I could gather up a strike force that could move in on them just like that.”

“oh, but sir! The President of our country is up in that other saucercraft. An action like that could put him in danger. We can't do that!”

“It's not as bad as all that. There's always another person standing in the background in Washington to take over as President. Look at it this way. If we captured those saucercraft along with the cigar shaped craft, we could negotiate a trade off, call it ransom if you want, for the President.” He began pacing up and down.

“Yes, I'm going to do it! Those are fantastic aircraft and I want them!”


The crews in the two cigar shaped craft had been ever on the alert to such an eventuality. The Air Force personnel did not realize that their thoughts were being monitored telepathically. When the visiting starfleet crew members heard this, the commander of the first cigar-shaped craft sent a telepathic message to Adros aloft in the spacecraft immediately.

“We have a crew of hungry bears on the ground. They are starting to wake up.”

President Eisenhower and Adros overheard the plans of the officer to rush the craft on the ground as Adros replayed the video record of their conversation.  President Eisenhower mouth dropped open in shock.

“Move the timeline back and we will return in the instant' said Adros firm voice.

Adros' tour of the galaxies for the President had actually been going on for several days. More than a week of Earth tulle had passed on board the saucercraft as they traveled beyond our own Milky Way. Their tour of the galaxies was beyond the ability of most Earthlings to comprehend.  Now Adros was headed back to Earth again.

“Be sure you locate our insertion point in time correctly.” Adros said to the crew-members both on his ship and on the ground.

“on we've got it sir, I'm moving us back to the point which is 15 minutes before that conversation took place.”


“I hope you will reconsider my request, Mr. President. I ask you to tell the people openly. I ask you to please discontinue all nuclear experiments and dismantle the bombs that you have, Mr. President. Then and only then will we share our technology with you,” pressed Adros.

“No, it is not possible. We would be in too much danger,” and President Eisenhower shook his head. “The other countries involved are just too much of an unknown quantity.”


The Saucercraft was descending on the airfield. To the Air Force crew on the ground it seemed that it had been gone less than eight hours.  The door to the saucercraft opened and a stairway was lowered for President Eisenhower and his two aides to descend.

Adros stood at the top of the stairway, “We regret to hear of your decision, Mr. President. However this is the last time that representatives from the Federation of Planets will come to Earth to make this offer. We wish you would reconsider and accept our terms, Mr. President.  There must be no more nuclear weapons and you must make an open announcement about our presence around the Earth.”

Eisenhower stood at the foot of the stairway. “I am most grateful for the tour you have given us. It has been a real eye Opener, but I cannot agree to either of those terms. We would very much like to have the technology however.”

Adros looked very sad, “No, the release of our technology to you is not possible unless you agree to destroy all nuclear weapons.  It would be far too dangerous.  I am sorry beyond belief that you have decided not to agree to our requests. I state once again,  we will not return to Earth for  another meeting again.

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There was great sadness on Admos face as he turned away. The stairs were withdrawn into the saucercraft.

The other saucercraft took off and disappeared in the blink of an eye followed seconds later by the two large cigar-shaped craft.

“Those are some birds, aren't they, Mr. President?” said the senior Air Force officer as he saluted him.

“Right you are, colonel, they certainly are.” The President gave him a bug hard look.


A disembodied voice on the video continued, “Less than one mouth later, an atomic bomb that was a thousand times more powerful than the one that incinerated Hiroshima was detonated on Bimini atoll in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Its fallout even came down on an Atoll some 1 00 miles away to the east. Cesium 137 was left in the soil of that Atoll. Plants then absorbed this radioactive material that would be eaten by the people there.  This would make the Atoll uninhabitable for decades.”

The awful beauty of the orange red bloom of the nuclear explosion that demolished Bimini Atoll - gradually faded as the three dimensional video came to an end.

Muroc Air Station has now become Edwards Air Force Base.

In his farewell address on 17 January 1961 former U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower stated:

“In the councils of government we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted  influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex.

“The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.

“We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted.”

Adros was sitting there in the viewing room with me.

He looked at me with eyes of great sadness. “We tried so hard then to stop humanity from destroying itself on your beautiful planet of Earth.  Unfortunately there were other star fleets who contacted humanity on Earth shortly after this time.  They secretly proposed less noble exchanges in which some members of humanity would be exchanged for advanced technology.  The residents of Earth will be sorry it accepted these agreements but by the time they realize their mistake, they will have lost the ability to control the actions of these other starfleets.” His eyes had a faraway look.

“We have seen other planets at just such a stage of intellectual development that have plunged headlong into their own destruction by such a shortsighted approach.  Ever snice that time, we have never stopped trying to help the Earth. Perhaps, Katrieya, you can go back and tell some of the people on the Earth what we have not been able to make them understand.”

I heard a little voice inside my head, “Did you hear what he said? You have to tell the people of Planet Earth.” I shivered with the responsibility I have been given. But I also knew the price that our unawareness has already cost us on the Earth. I knew I had no choice but to take this information I had received from Adros and go public to all the residents of Earth.

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a worker on a pole saw the meeting- as told in this videoconferance



also the contactladies Asket  and SEMJASE  (Asket in  here) told of the destruction of Maldec as well as "Borealis" in - 54 and thru many other contact-persons thru the years.




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