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Part 5

But the thoughts is transformed by Stefan Denaerde

(And it is also to remark that since the author was a Catholic Christian - the material brought here is in a great part imprinted, distinguished by that in the way he here describes the fighting between light and darknes- or God and Satan as here expressed. And other biblical descriptions. Some words translated R.Ø.remark.)


Other Cosmic Races


The Main Division

In the course of the story of creation the difference between the earthly cycle and the normal cycle has been pointed out more than once, so a more concrete description of the other cycles cannot be omitted.

As has been said, every life-supporting planet is a chance (mulig) creation on which life can develop to fit in with the unique conditions or characteristics of the planet. In the multitude of varying conditions gravity plays a large part because it is the love-power of matter, whereas in the multiplicity of chemical substances the element iron stimulates the aggressive character exponent. I have pushed this sort of assertion (hevdelse)with respect to the characteristics of planetary substances and conditions aside because they are uncontrollable, so I shall limit myself to their most primary and comprehensible effects.

To begin with, all life in the universe depends on the presence of water in liquid form on the greatest part of the planet at an average temperature between 18 and 650C (at high gas pressures). Gravity varies between 0.5 and 3G and the pressure between 0.8 and 9 bars. Within these very narrow borders life exists, but the number of solar systems which support planets is so incredibly large that the number of life-supporting planets runs to billions. Even between these narrow borders the number of variation possibilties is pretty well unlimited. There are small planets with low gravity, but also those with high gravity. There are large planets with both a low and high gravity. The thickness of the atmosphere appears to be totally unrelated to any laws. A thick atmosphere with a high pressure can be found just as well on a large as on a small planet-and the same goes for a thin atmosphere.

Yet all intelligent races without exception are humanoid, man-like with a heady, body, arms and legs in the usual places. In height they vary from 90 cm to 2.70, with the head about the same size as ours. In general, the inhabitants of planets with higher gravity are small, around one meter, and with low gravity they are bigger-around two meters. But there are exceptions to every rule. Thus, Iarga is a large planet with just about maximum gravity where you might expect humanoids of about 90 cm, but they are almost 1.50. The reason is that this race has developed out of the water and were forced as a handicap to live on land where originally they were not at all at home. Each planet has something extraordinary and no two are the same. The goal of the universe is actually to have the greatest possible variation.

One of the consequences of the chance creation is that on every planet which offers the possibility, life MUST come into existence unless the final form of that life will not be able to reach completion. In the latter case life is FORBIDDEN from coming into existence. What would be the point of chance creation if God had carried out a planetary selection, for then He would have determined the character of His Son. Therefore we must be prepared in advance to encounter life in the most bizarre situations, in comparison with which even our ravaged earth could be called a lovely dwelling-place.

From this it follows that there are planets with much misery, and in that we are certainly no exception. To continue, there are other planets where the races live under divine guidance in shining harmony with God and nature and where no war or other large-scale violence takes place. Can that be true?

We can be convinced of one thing; the story of creation is irreproachable. Honesty and justice are there to the nth degree.

The question as to whether the people on a harmonious planet are really so much happier seems to be irrelevant because there is a natural compensation mechanism. A person IS what he has done and experienced. In the Resurrection (on the astral plane. R.Ø.remark)  he IS the knowledge and experience of the past life. He then lives out of his old world of experience and goes through the happiness of the completion FROM his old situation. A blind person will experience an amazing 'charge' of happiness through the fact that he can see; a heavily handicapped person through the fact that he enjoys a fantastic freedom of movement, and a slave because he is free and equal with everyone else. It is true that the reward is the same for everyone, but each one expenences it in his own way.

Then it begins to seem that a person who has known much happiness and prosperity has, in fact, had bad luck, for this extra experience of happiness is eternal.

No, there is simply a complete compensation for all suffering and misery, accurately apportioned, following a natural mechanism and no more than that. In the course of time this extra experience of happiness through the process of unification will disappear into an even greater consciousness, or at least, will no longer be recognizable. The conclusion is that ultimately it seems that no one has had either good or bad luck.

This compensation mechanism makes it possible, on every planet with the potential for it, to let life exist, in spite of the misery which can come from it. Therefore the divine guidance of particular intelligent races is exclusively geared to the driving out of the malicious (onde) exponent of dualism. The natural result is the considerable reduction of suffering, but it is not the objective. God does not hinder suffering and sometimes He even inflicts it. In the Bible it says: He that I love, him do I punish and chastise. Suffering and happiness are still, for the moment, absolute opposites, the one does not exist without the other - but also the one not more than the other.

Here again it follows that on planets where the suffering is considerably less -the experience of happiness is also, on average, proportionally less. Life knows fewer low points but also fewer peaks. There the danger of monotony and lethargy arise - dynamism can be absent through the lack of challenge. If the challenge from planetary conditions is missing, then the Spirit of God has, through a real Intervention, built in the trigger for a particular - handicap in advance - consider the trigger in the earth's mechanism which will cause a shift of the poles. Although the latter is not a challenge but serves another purpose, the principle of external Intervention in advance is the same.

Each race will be either directly or indirectly guided without affecting the character structure. A challenge does not actually change a character but it forces it into manifestation.

After this general explanation of a number of conditions, we can now go on to a general discussion of several typical development processes.

There are three main types:

    1. The direct, uninterrupted divine guidance of the dwarf races which live on the great incubation planets (closed cycle, no Fall).
    2. . The interrrupted divine guidance of the middle races, the most usual cycle and to which Iarga also belongs (closed cycle, deferred (usatt) Fall).

3. The 'own boss' cycle without direct divine guidance of the long-legged races on cold planets such as Earth (open cycle, direct Fall).


The Dwarf Races

Planetary conditions: large planets with a thick atmosphere, gravity between 2 and 3G, atmospheric pressure over 5 bars, temperature over 400C. They are regarded as gigantic incubators (kuvøse) with a constant temperature and high humidity, little wind, calm seas and oceans, dim light through the thick cloud cover, hilly, heavily eroded, very monotonous. Many volcanoes bring things to life from time to time.

Everyting there grows and blossoms abundantly; a rich flora and fauna, a surfeit of food, a dusky paradise which guarantees a small group of people a comfortable life.

The Dwarves: from 90cm tall, they look very much like us but because of their large heads they look just like children, a graceful, lightly-built body, but wiry and strong, relatively large hands and feet.

They have big round eyes, bald heads, thin lips and are coldblooded. Their bodies are the same temperature as the surroundings, they look pale and peaky, few obvious sexual characteristics, scanty sexuality and slow propagation (forplantning). They are general naked-living nature folk who put on clothes only in extraordinary circumstances and then prefer white, high-necked garments, which do not suit their pale complexions. They live in the steaming white woods which borrow their name from the very light coloured tree trunks and branches, and white flecks and stripes on the otherwise green leaves.

In this rain forest there often hangs a thin layer of mist a little above the ground, which makes it even darker. They do not seem to have much trouble with the gravity which is three times higher than ours, but then they weigh only a third as much as we do . We would not get far there on foot. The trees don't seem to have any trouble with the gravity either for their trunks and branches are hardly any thicker than those on earth. The people look like children and they also behave like children, playful and carefree. They do not make themselves busy and the level of organization of their society is almost nil(null). For these children with their sharp, intelligent, faces, life is simply a big game, which you absolutely mustn't take seriously.

The women are a little more strongly built than the men and clearly have the whip hand(overtaket/styringen). It is a matriarchal society but that is not so much because the woman is dominant but because otherwise they would have nothng to eat. The men sit at home and, if they feel like it, prepare the food and take care of the children, whereas the women go hunting and collect the food. When they come back the men are set to work - otherwise they don't do a thing. This, in a few words, is a little of the atmosphere in which that happens. From this historic background the women later took the lead in the governing and production apparatus and also became the religious leaders of this race.

In all races with a closed cycle, where during the transformation phase a highly unselfish mentality is created, the women have the lead. Man seems unable to do that.


Their Development

Their development is incredibly slow; if their final total is almost reached after 10,000 years, then everything is still the same. A virgin planet which, from the air appears to be uninhabited, with a population of a few hundred million who are comfortably spread through the richly-forested paradise and who have developed no science or technology. A situation which seems worthless to an intelligent race. The reason lies in the fact that here the mental development will be completed first, in contrast to the earth where that happens last.

Their individuality is poorly developed, they exist by the grace of their group or tribal bond. Everything happens within a group of a few hundred people and they have an unbelievably high level of obedience (lydighet) - not only to the laws of the tribe but also to divine laws. Already since the beginning, they had such a highly unselfish level of mentality that they cross the threshold before the final contemplation. It seems as if they have no will of their own and are happy whenever something or someone tells them what they must do. As I have said, they are exactly like small children.

Through their contemplative faculties (tankefulle evner) they know and talk with God. Every person has (like we) a fractional part of the consciousness of God (an angel) and thus each one has a direct 'telephone line' to Him. It is a population of magicians with amazing spiritual powers, which from time to time demonstrate the power of mind over matter. They are capable of telekinesis, teleportation, clairvoyance, clairaudience and the laying on of hands, in which they heal the sick through the will of the group.

They are very exactly conscious of the cause of their dualism for they speak through their demon just as easily with Satan and they know which iron-hard formation is necessary to suppress the demon in oneself. Disobedience will be heavily punished and the indentification with Satan, which they clearly recognize, leads to condemnation to hard labour, a kind of slavery which is strongly enforced. They force these people to the development of skils and to work as the only way to save them. As soon as they really recognize one called by Satan, one of the 144,000 with a perverse love of evil, this person is required to be killed.

This makes sense because on this planet reincarnation selection exists. Satan is not blocked there and "he" goes round looking to see who he can devour. This happens literally in death. A failing man who has irrevocably identified himself with Satan has no immortal self-awareness. He has not fulfilled the transformation and if in death he loses his transformation-original, then he also loses his self-awareness. Their 'empty shell' is then taken oven by Satan and excluded from further incarnation.

Thus, on the one side through saving and on the other side exclusion they have a remarkably high mental level through which the Son could be called without problem, should it ever be necessary.

There is what seems to us a strange situation of an intelligent race which in number is more or less complete and which can achieve the completion without problems, but which is still in such a primitive state. They know God and the evil spirit, they know how to keep the later under control but know nothing of their origin or the purpose of their existence. They wait for the Son, and why does He not yet come?

He doesn't come yet because only the woman has fulfilled her task of creation. The man has remained lacking; it was not yet his turn. To bring him to action on such a planet he must first be forcibly shaken awake and challenged. For this there is an inbuilt trigger on the planet, which will be set off by the race itself. This can work out in many ways, but the principle (with a few exceptions) is universal.

Gravity is the self-love of the matter-consciousness. Altruism gives out, egoism pulls to itself. If the race is now complete and all individuals after many reincarnations are living, then this race should be almost almighty in its unity. They ARE the planetary matter-consciousness, the final form of it, and through their altruism they cause an opposing (motsettelse) effect to gravity. They also disturb the fragile (skjøre) balance of power in the planet itself, or in its orbit around their sun, which results in various destructive natural disasters. The destruction concerns, as a rule, the living environment and not the race itself. The white woods on which they have depended for their food, disappear, mainly as a result of dramatic climatic alterations. It could be, for instance, a graze (streif)from another planet which causes a large part of their atmosphere to disappear, the sea-level to drop or chemical substances to affect plant growth. It could be drought or a continual wind which destroys the woods, etc. In short, their protection falls away and they have to fight for their existence.

The first thing they will be confronted with is a shortage of food and through this, as already said, the most selfish instincts of man come to the surface. It is something that they have never been affected by before, so the effects are very powerful. Their tribal bond is strong enough to over-come internal conflict over food, but conflict does exist between the tribes. They have to organize agriculture and stock-raising and at the same time defend their harvest against the other tribes, who in their social naivete think they have a right to everything which grows and blossoms.

The real dwarf races go through this test splendidly. Through their extraordinary spiritual powers they see the new challenge through, and together with their high level of unselfishness, in a short time they find the way to a just division and an optimal approach to their new problems.

The man awakens, he no longer plays but uses his inventiveness and creative fantasy. Leadership born of necessity, plus a conscious use of his contemplative powers change him into a hard worker who takes care of his fellow man.

This wonder generally comes about in a short time. They create a highly organized society on the basis of three principles: freedom, justice and efficiency and they show the explosion of creativity which is reserved to all unselfish groups. They create highly scientific and technological levels and already in a few years (less than a hundred) they can fly with anti-gravity machines to fulfill important transportation tasks. They have suddenly found urgency(pressernde). They population growth also increases sharply, for they know now that they are on the eve of the coming of their 'King'.


The King of Love

Their 'Son of Man' will be, exactly as with us, born of a virgin from the conception of the spirit, but for these beings with their clairvoyant spirit this does not go unnoticed. This 'Son of Man' will have a great welcome prepared for him and his upbringing and development will be led in the most expert way possible, by an elite group with the power of mind over matter. He will be the King of Love who rules in the Kingdom of peace and justice over the whole planet. In all races with a closed cycle - thus also on Iarga, this happens in the same way. It is always a race with a high level of obedience and unselfishness, who are like children and who have already for a long time had the Kingdom in their hearts.

There is another big difference between the earth and these planets - there is no Resurrection there. When the King comes many hundreds of millions of people are living in a natural way and each of them has, by means of the wheel of rebirth, fulfilled perhaps hundreds of lives. Thus everyone is there because the convergence of individuality came about naturally, so there are already final individuals present.

Another point of difference is the kingdom of death - for it is empty.

Here there are no billions of dead sitting in the 'grandstand' (hovedtribune) awaiting the Resurrection (reincarntion? R.Ø.remark). In other words, the entire race are the chosen ones of the Kingdom - with the exception, of course of the disciples of Satan. The Kingdom of death has always been a waiting-room for the next life and not for the Resurrection, as with us. It was the same paradise in which the assimilation of former lives took place. There too there came into existence the same complementary consciousness component, the will to remedy or undergo what one had done to others -'karma', but no more than that. Their burden of guilt hinders the achievement of 'Nirvana', the expansion of consciousness, which developed through the inversion in the collective spirit. This Spirit was not so developed either, so that everything fitted together harmoniously.

They have a closed cycle without outside Intervention.There the Christus Unitas Universitatis - which absolves (fraløse) the total guilt for them did not come ever.

In other words, the Objective of this Kingdom is other than ours. The peace and justice already existed to the full and did not need to be created anew. This King led his people in the Realm of love AND knowledge, on the way to the inversion in the collective knowledge consciousness, the Spirit.

The first result of this inversion is that each individual becomes conscious of all previous lives and has the selfawareness of them. This collective Spirit is really a dualistic spirit and through this consciousness the spirit of Satan will also rise, but on this planet this is not a problem.

After this short explanation of a number of margins the explanation of this Kingdom can now follow. The Son here will become human under ideal conditions. The communication and possibilities for travel are optimal. After his realization of his identity and consciousness, the recognition and acknowledgement of his kingship follows swiftly as a shockwave, which washes over the whole race. Their clairvoyant powers often make this recognition before he actually manifests. When He is the focus of their love-power, He has the natural all-might of this (numerically) perfected humanity and a fantastic happening can occur. During a manifestation where the whole race is present, the equivalent of our Resurrection takes place in the blink of an eye. Suddenly all the people are transmuted to a materially 'filled in' life-field or vibration-double, with mind over matter. Children and the elderly then also live in the resurrected body, the 'glorified body' which no longer knows decline, sickness or death. Everyone will be conscious of his former lives and so too begins the inversion in the collective Spirit. Apart from that, a few who at that moment were dead, will rise in the same way as with us, but in principle this is the Resurrection of a living humanity and thus not a rising but a mutation.

At the same time, through the same natural all-might of the group, the spirit of Satan and his gang will be blocked until the appointed time. Here the situation is comparable with our own after the first Resurrection but with two fundamental differences: all real people are present and as final individuals -individuality convergences of hundreds of people, men and women, are therefore genderless. From this the necessity for the previously mentioned low sexual urge is again apparent because (if there was any) it will have to have been suppressed in former lives. Sex plays no part here in the great test. Everything fits together in harmony.

Here too, the incarnation of the Son takes place in the first instance in one person, after which he calls his first chosen ones and only at a later moment will His full Incarnation (the Marriage) take place. The principles are the same but there will be great differences in the way they are worked out. Here the King of Love rules over a race of saints in comparison with ourselves. Their mentality and capacity for love are already extensively developed, sometimes to such an extent that they are ready for the great temptation by Satan. The Kingdom there lasts a much shorter time than the thousand years on earth. Here the emphasis (hovedvekten) lies on the development of their knowledge and science and that again results in the unequaled explosion of creativity mentioned earlier. The speed with which this happens is much greater than with us because they do not need to repeat things. This last has bearing on their planet and all that stands on it. On Iarga for instance, they continue to use their living cylinders with the existing communication and transport systems as usual - it is all still there!

On these planets there is no total destruction of all human works, no cataclysmic bulldozer mows them down, so all happenings follow each other much more fluently and naturally. At the same time this removes the veil over why the Iargans strived after such a fantastic durability - living cylinders, roads and rail systems with lifetimes of up to a thousand years. Before the final period of their super-culture, they already prepared the Kingdom.


Their Completion

The son reigns here for only a short time, not longer which is allotted to Satan and that, according to our time-scale, means only a few years. Longer would be unnecessary; unselfish beings recognize the Son immediately because in fact they already have His identity. Here too he 'rises' with body and soul to heaven because he is now immortal, but he takes leave of his people for only a short time. Here too He must first leave before the Spirit of Truth can come and He names twelve apostles of which one will be his replacement. They are twelve masters in knowledge and science who receive the Spirit and in one of whom He will incarnate individually.

Then the intergration of the Spirit of Truth in the collective Spirit of the race becomes a fact, exactly as will happen during the Kingdom on earth. In this period they too are alone, no guiding God and no Son, they have to do it completely by themselves. They also decide the moment at which Satan and his gang will be let loose to let the great test begin. The second generation of archangels has the whip hand, they will create the new God.

Here the integration process of the Spirit will be fulfilled by living people, whereas on earth the development process will, for the most part, be in death during the Kingdom. From then on the differences become fewer: the purification, the atonement of Satan and the completion, including the destruction of their solar system, happen in exactly the same way.

In general terms it comes down to the fact that with all races with a closed cycle where no outside Intervention has taken place, the development in the Kingdom is effected as outlined above. This also applies to the closed cycle of Iarga of which this sketch is an essential part of their identification procedure, which I could not discuss within the framework of the first part of this book. The same goes for what follows.



The Second Category: The Middle-Cycle on Iarga

As I have said this is the most common cycle, to which the planet Iarga also belongs. The most fundamental difference with the dwarf races is that their obedience and love-polarization lie on a lower and more average level. Through the challenge of the planetary conditions or the inbuilt 'trigger', after an initial period of obedience, such a race lapses (forfaller)into sin, the knowledge of good and evil.

I cannot give a catergorical division into planetary conditions, because it could be literally everything. In general they are larger planets than earth, but smaller than those of the dwarf races. The chemical composition plays a big part in this. The size of these 'people' is between 1.20 and 1.60 m. with the marginal note that the difference in height is mainly in the length of the legs. Those who come from the land look very much like us but those who, as on Iarga, originate from the water have no resemblance to us a all - pariticularly in the face. The number of variations is very great so that my teachers did not venture to give a general description. They let an account of Iarga suffice as there is no typical middle-cycle planet.


insert picture here

This diagram represents the creation plan of three different kinds of evolutionary development of an unknown total number, and compares the cycle of Iarga with Earth and another upper cycle having a lesser degree of free will in evolution. Earth evolution is among those having the greatest degree of free will operative in its creatures in development.












Iarga as planet

Iarga is a silicon-manganate planet, in the same way as they call earth an iron planet, and is almost completely covered with water with a low salt content. In principle it is a big incubation planet with even temperatures and little wind. Yet it is not an abundant planet beause the soil of their few islands is very absorbent so that a lot of rain is necessary in order to support plant growth. Short periods of drought are devastating and change the landscape into an arid desert. Life, therefore, is mainly concentrated in the coastal areas and in particular in a small stretch along the water. Only fish and amphibians can sustain the fight for existence because at times only the water offers the chance for survival. One exception was the birds, which initially were there in great numbers - quite remarkable for a planet with a gravity of 3G. I forgot to ask how that was possible, but they were swift flyers with small wings, which could hang for hours in the air like gliders. Later they died out.

The Iargans developed from a life-form which probably never existed on earth, a sort of giant otter (oter) which could walk on four: legs and which, when swimming, held their two back legs pressed against each other, the whole body in a waving movement like a dolphin. The wide webbed 'feet' functioned as a tail and the front legs were folded against the body so that the webbed 'hands' worked as front fins. They were very fast swimmers which could glide, but could also walk on land. From this line of evolution the Iargan race eventually developed. They still swim in exactly the same way but they walk upright and have developed much stronger arms. In their faces one can still recognize something of the otter-type.

The first tribes lived completely amphibiously, partly from catching fish and partly from the naturally-growing fruits and plants which as far as climatic conditions allowed, grew along the coast. All transport was on or through the water, and they quickly developed a form of ship. Because of the calm seas, the first boats were a kind of pontoon, wide shallow craft which were propelled with the help of poles or paddles. Later they added a mast with proa-like sails which could catch the light trade winds.


Their old-fashioned motorboats

Let me not deny you an amusing detail. Already before the Fall (before the selfish powers inside took the dominance. R.Ø.remark), when the planet was still in a virgin state and there was still no technique of the importance of signals, motor boats went about on the almost still seas. Wooden ships, reminiscent of submarines with a sharp bow, small flat deck but with a fat belly, mostly under water. On top were masts with sails and a little behind these was a real funnel (skorsten)out of which came smoke! The principle of the engine was so primitive and simple that it is amazing that we have never discovered something like it. It was typically Iargan, without moving parts and what is more, reasonably efficient. There was a metal pot-belly (mage-) stove in which a fire was laid. The top consisted of a flat box into which water was poured from two pipes, one came from the bottom of the ship and the other ran to the back and was aimed backwards. The underpart of this flat box, which was heated by the fire, was made from two layers of different metals which were melted together, as I understand it a sort of bimetal.

Otherwise in the supply pipes there was a recoil valve(rekyl/enveisventil), that was all. The bottom plate worked as a membrane and constantly thudded up and down so that it functioned as a pump and forced the water backwards. Through this jet the ship moved forward, slowly but surely, making a sound like a slowly-turning single-cylinder diesel - plop, plop, plop.

A later development on larger ships had a whole row of stoves through which the pulsations strengthened each other and greater power was achieved. They made a lot of noise, chiefly in low frequencies, which the Iargans cannnot hear - but we can!

Let us now get back to the Iargan evolution. It now becomes clear that the handicap of this race was not just that they had little land but that apart from the stretch by the coast, little of it could be used, However slow the population growth was, there came the inescapable moment when there was too little space and food for the population and they were forced to become a highly organized society. Initially the conditions of a dwarf race - everything in abundance - and later scarcity.


The Deferred Fall 

(det utsatte "fallet") - (before the selfish powers inside took the dominance. R.Ø.remark)

In the beginning their mental development progressed according to the schedule of the dwarf races, the domination of the woman, strong group-bonding, a low level of individuality, a relatively high level of obedience and love-polarization, slow development in all aspects, including their mentality, and a more or less stationary situation without shocking occurrences. A peaceloving people without great conflicts, honest, friendly and easy-going.

Apart from these points of agreement there are also fundamental differences with the privileged dwarf races. Their level of unselfishness lies below the threshold of the final contemplation(ettertanke), they do not speak with God and do not know his demonic component either. On these planets - a Self-manifesting God rules, who sends his ambassadors to dictate the law to his people, so that in the beginning period the disobedient were harshly punished, especially when it concerned women. This is comprable with the manifestations of Jahveh and the appearance of Moses.

It is not a population of magicians and thus the domination of the woman is less. From the example of the motor boat it appears that the man is certainly busy with technological development, albeit slow. In the area of mental development they were already far advanced and thus they had weapons, although initially they were intended exclusively for hunting.

The end of their paradise came swiftly and abruptly when they had achieved the critical population density of their living and food area. A long period of drought (tørke) created a scarcity of food and thus these nature folk who lived without strife or competition were forced into organized work in order to survive. They had to organize agriculture and build pumping stations for irrigation.

Exactly as with the dwarf races - here also the man was awakened and changed into a hard worker and organizer for the survival of the tribe. Here too the harvest had to be protected against other tribes, rare elements such as iron and cooper had to be acquired at any cost, gold became a means of payment and so sorties of conquest, fratricide, exploitation and even slavery entered the picture. At a certain moment they were well on the way to creating an earth-type situation on Iarga.

At this low point of their history God steped in and a huge natural disaster took place, which they call the fire of sin; a mysterious fire in the atmosphere which created enormous increases in temperature and wind speed and as a result of which a large part of the life of the planet was destroyed. The survivors were divided over twelve islands and received a new divine Law which regulated their society much more strictly than before. It was the Law which prescribed freedom, justice and efficiency as the highest standard of their behavior; concepts which were described in detail during the identification. In this the woman received the executive power in the control of the observation of the Law.

The punishment which they received consisted of a continual strong wind in which no natural woods could exist any longer, so that they were forced into organized agriculture and stock breeding with artificial irrigation. The fire had actually destroyed part of their atmosphere, so that the pressure decreased and it became lighter. Because of this there were greater variations in temperature and in the wind along with a lower average rainfall. The immense forests between their living cylinders exist now exclusively from specially cultivated tree-species which can survive the strong wind pressure.

The constant wind is simultaneously a constant warning that divine Law cannot be disregarded without punishment. The shock, which the survivors have to process, seems strong enough to shield their successors from new disobedience; certainly the natural tendency of this race towards obedience is attributable to them.

Thus they set about bringing their low level of polarization in their all, through a lengthy process of mentality improvement to the level at which the final contemplation was possible. So they again found the link to the closed cycle in which the completion could come about in natural way.


Finally; The Race Which Is Its Own Boss

The third catergory of cosmic races live on the planets with great handicaps and in general have the dominant feature of self-will. They form only a small percentage and live as a rule on the cold planets with a low natural food-yield.

Although amphibian races occur here too, they are mainly people like ourselves with a height of 1.60 to 2.70. There are races among them who are so much like us that we would not recognize them as 'aliens' if we were to come across them in the street. They are also in various colours - white, brown and black, but still just a bit different from us if you know what to look for. There are also bluish and greenish variations and many are bald and have more pear-shaped heads. There was a picture there of what I called the deaths-head brigade; exactly like a human skull, which was covered with a pale greenish skin and from which two big eyes stared at me with almost black irises and pupils. Something for a chamber of horrors.

But in general the similarity was so striking that I began to ask how it could be in this chance creation - that at a distance of thousands of light-years, practically the same beings seem to exist. The answer was very simple. The Objective of the unregulated chance creation is to create the greatest possible variety of characters, not of physical forms. In the great convergence the physical form is unimportant because it is a convergence of consciousness, in which the body is no longer bound to a fixed shape. Each race possesses a unique character structure and in this the chemical structure of the body plays a part. The metabolic processes are as a rule drastically different and that shows, for instance, in the color of the blood - which seems to come in all colors of the rainbow: red, brown, green, yellow, white, blue and black with many intermediate colors. The concept 'humanoid' seems to include an unlimited number of variations. The aim is just character variation; our spiritual body in the completion will look somewhat different from the present one.

The development process of a race with an open cycle does not need to be described, because the earth is a typical example. Typical features are: low gravity, a thin atmosphere, stong light, long legs, sprinters in every aspect of the word, a fast cycle, quick population growth, fast development of science and technology, quick introduction of weapons of total destruction, etc. This last is especially remarkable - in the arms race we are far from unique. This arises from the cosmic law that a highly developed technological civilization destroys all discrimination on pain of self-destruction.

Also typical are the premature Incarnation of the Son and the number of external Interventions that arise as a result. Gradually the question comes up: in what way are we unique? But that is exactly the question which they would not answer. The cosmic journey of discovery is specifically set up for us to discover that. One thing is sure, we will find races who have struck it worse then we have, at least if we manage to prevent the premature destruction of mankind by nuclear or bacteriological arms....

The aim of this description of other intelligent races is first to acquire a better insight into the great Creation plan, and second in order to understand that we have the right of existence as a divine Creation in the midst of an inconceivable number of other races in which we will appear to be neither superior nor inferior.

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