Part 2 of the IARGA- information

Philosophy given and transferred by the IARGA contactteam.


From the content:

The Gods of the far past

Their ufos

The Earth is a living organism

The body and a radios similarity in taking in the lifeforce

The "program" of life

How create freedom when you know the future

The soul and the ego-consciousness

man- the smallest particle of the consciousness of God

-AND carrying a particle of the consciousness of Satan (a demon).

 man is a demon carrying a particle of the consciousness of God

and much more




Book-editor's Note: The information in this Part 2(Philosophy part) is not for everyone. When it was originally transmitted, during many months following the initial contact, the witness was carefully instructed not to release any of it until he was given the time. As the first part of this edition of this book, the original contact story, was being typeset for printing, the Iargans re-contacted the witness and authorized him to release the second manuscript printed here as Part 2 of this book, which you are now about to read. Only those who are ready will understand. The others will find this uninteresting to them and will not continue reading it. (For internet-version is to remark that not all of the original material is brought here - but the most. Some words are translated into Norwegian given in( ) . And it is also to remark that since the author was a Catholic Christian - the material here brought is in a great part imprinted, distinguished by that in the way he here describes the fighting between light and darknes- or God and Satan as here expressed. R.Ø.remark.)

During the first visit aboard the spacecraft the witness was given some kind of conditioning which made him receptive to sights and sounds, something like the way it was done mechanically aboard the ship, and after that the Iargans could "tune him in" and transmit sounds and images with what seemed like 3-dimensional reality. The contacts continued and hundreds of pages of notes, sketches, and diagrams were made. These are collected in this section on Iargan philosophy.

These notes describe the origin of the Universe, both non-physical and physical, ours and theirs, and the origin and development of both spiritual and physical rational creatures, and how they are influenced. They also discuss the plurality of life and the great variety of intelligent creatures in this vast universe and their purpose.


This information was handed over by the crew of an Iargan spaceship with the intention to lift the cosmic isolation of humanity.

Here we go foreward to page 195 where the polarities of the mental forces - light and dark, love and hate, service to self and service to others - and the concrete beings behind these polarities is discussed. It may seem for many that it is used a form of account that may seem out of date - but everybody must judge the given material by ones own evaluation. It is to reamark also that the contactperson on earth was a catolic - and that may have impressed the way of expression used here. (R.Ø.remark )


A fantastic world of the Gods.

The gods who came to Earth had thus an invulnerable body, impervious (uimottagelig) to heat or cold, they had no need to eat or drink, and they knew no sickness or death. Nevertheless, they enjoyed all the pleasures of fine food and drink, lived in great castles in refined luxury, and travelled in fantastic conveyances to all the corners Oh the Earth. They had wonderful creative powers and talents, but their understanding was obscured, although this did not prevent them doing everything that their powers enabled them. They acted more or less as humans, and did the things that we would have done if we had had the same chance. They enjoyed life to the full, and in the beginning this also was just a game, carefree, as children, but this soon changed. The gods began to express themselves in terms of love and hate, and this people with dominant and aggressive characters became less peaceful.

Acts of revenge changed into complete battles which were fought with highly advanced weapons; according to the Sumerians, arrows clove the heavens on jets of fire and caused explosions that changed sand into glass (atomic rockets). Next to this there were monsters with deadly (radioactive) breath which make us think of laser weapons. They had ball and discus formed anti-gravity aircraft, and time transforming techniques that enabled them to travel through time, even into our time. This is why some UFO's are simply anti-gravity machines that do not come from space, but from Earth, and are manned by the gods of the past who come to look at their descendants. Time is also a creation that leaves the Nothing intact; it is the not really existing, so for beings that possess the power of mind over matter it is capable of boundless manipulation. They were really existing gods, first generation consciousness, and through this, living spirit.

Their mighty spirit made them capable of all these things; they had advanced sciences and the highest levels of technical development (no culture), far above ours. This is a surprising turn in the creation story, what was going on actually?

Seeing that the All-knowledge existed in all time, our science and technology can only be the rediscovery of what already existed, the only thing we can do is to repeat the past. In other words, the science that we can discover must be in our subconscious minds, all ready and waiting, but no more than it is intended that we should know.

These Gods were preparing the formation of man, not only the character, but also the knowledge. It was the dress rehearsal (prøve) for the appearance of man, all the powers, talents, and knowledge had to be ready for the opening night. The inclination to fight comes from the character of Earth, even with the most powerful weapons of destruction at his disposal, man always seeks the means of being able to fight bravely.

The modern man who is brought up in the conviction that a creating God does not exist, will have difficulty in accepting this story, and because of this, I omitted (unnlot) these passages from my original script. All too soon, a logic test discovered these omissions; if life is a reflection, and time is a creation that leaves Nothing intact, then life cannot have come about by chance, because then the cause of the life would have had to be chance. This is impossible because the cause is timeless and cannot be governed by chance. So we can see that an adapted life form must be consciously created, and if this must be dependent on chance, that the chance must be created by other means, planetary conditions, for example. To put it in a nutshell, chance plays no part in the cause of life; useless life does not exist anywhere in the universe, it only exists where the goal of that life will be reached; and this may be a solace (trøst) for many of us, we are in God's hands.


The preformation of man.

Let us return to the restless god-people; it is clear that they were in danger of creating an escalation of the violence which could lead to a repetition of the overpowering purification process, and this was not the object of the exercise. They could not reconcile (forsone) themselves because then they would have created the human version of the Father (theoretical), and not the partner. They had come to form a dualistic consciousness and to adapt to the Earth, nothing more, so Jahwe intervened, and the peace was restored (relatively).

On completion of this formation of the basic consciousness and knowledge of mankind, the second phase could begin; and this was the further division into absolute consciousness components, and the mixing of these by the addition of still smaller consciousnesses that again had to indulge themselves and become aware, just like children. In the stories of the mythology the impression is given that the god-children were born as the result of sexual relations between the gods, while in reality they came from the spirit, but that is not the point, they existed. The division and awakening process took a long time, and much could be written about it; happily, I do not have that task.

At last the minute consciousnesses appeared, the size of an individual man; and yet they were still gods, the smallest possible division of the All-consciousness, and therefore first generation, they were so changed as to be unrecognizable, but they were still gods.

The principal of this process was the formation of our individual soul. A soul is the configuration of indestructable absolute powers and talents that is capable of the reflection of the love-will. So, these gods were the smallest possible configurations of the absolute being, and all that had to happen now was the planting of these configurations into the body-ego of "real" people who would then become immortal. The whole spectacle was nothing more or less than the formation of the individual human soul, all that was needed now was the creation of the body of the "real" human.


The creation of the life.

It is amazing to see how thoroughly the creation of the new identity took place in man, we not only deny the existence of an almighty creator, but also the continued existence of man is becoming more doubtful and this only goes to show that man has lost all connection to his origin. Even the Bible words "thou art gods" can do nothing to change our ideas. However impressive this confirmation of the identity transformation process may be, it leaves me with the question of whether I will be able to carry out my commission of remaining credible with my story. As example, I can use my next task, trying to make it clear that death is not the end, and that it is not even a pause in a continuing existence, especially when this is valid for all life, including a blade of grass.

Life is a reflection in suitable organism, it is transmission of immaterial energy. What reflects is the infinite love-will, and the infinite is one, indivisible, immutable, and timelesss. It can never exist temporarily, only for always, in all past and in all future. Time is the not really existing, and can never accomplish any thing against the infinite.

How can the one infinite reflect in man and in a blade of grass, all at the same time? If we talk in terms of a radio, then the blade of grass is tuned to a different program than the man; each life form is tuned to its own program that is transmitted from the one station. The program is determined by the matter configuration of the receiver, the mixture of chemicals and codes that can be compared to a radio. In a radio, reflection of the resonance of the transistors, coils, condensors, resistors etc. Which I will call the copper web. What now is the "life" in a radio?

The "life" is not the material configuration of the copper web, but the resonance that occurs, the reflection of the transmitter. The web is just the means, the resonance is the life. In the radio, this vibration reflection takes place at the location of the copper web, also determined in space while the field of the transmitter is "everywhere

If we can imagine removing the copper web, the pattern of the vibration becomes an invisible duplicate of the web that can be seen as the vibration duplicate of the web. The reason that this is referred to separately is that the vibration duplicate of living things is not only LIFE, but that it has always existed by way of its timeless origin. The secret of life is that an infinite love-will - that is not bound by time and space - manifests itself in a material body or organism as the vibration duplicate that is bound by time and space.

The Earth is such a living organism. An unique combination of chemicals, atmosphere, and gravity, make it possible for this planet to reflect a certain program of life that is a part of the program of the All-character. The chance configuration determines the Earth character, and there is nothing to be done about it. The body of a lion cannot reflect the character of a robin(trost), or vise versa. The character is determined by the kind of body, because the body (the web-or we can call it the antenna)- determines the frequency of the program that is received.

We are lucky to have the robin, but the problem is that the vibration duplicate of a radio is completely different to that of a living organism; the last is of timeless origin and cannot exist temporarily. Even the vibration duplicate of a blade of grass is infinite, let alone that of man. The problem of the creation is that all life continues for ever, and that is in conflict with what most people think or believe.

The vibration duplicate of all things that have ever lived still exists, and only requires a gesture (handling) from a consciousness that has the power of mind over matter, to fill them in with that matter and recall them to life. The only difference being, that then simply an example of that life comes into being, and not a particular individual. Up till now we have spoken over the life program of the sort, and not of individuals; the sort survies, and not a particular individual, except in the sort in which an individual reflection is made possible by absolute powers and talents; Man. Only we have a reflection duplicate with a soul, and this is an addition that makes us as individuals immortal. The creation of life thus demands more than just the 'filling in' of already existing vibration duplicates with matter.


The chance creation of live.

Now it becomes confusing; a chance creation from already existing life-fields that are exact dupliates of living species? Then in fact, all the species already existed, so what is the point of evolution? Why not simply create the final result at once?

The creation had to be a chance creation. The first throw with billions of dice(terninger) at the same time was the creation of the universe with all its solar systems and planets. The second throw of the billions of dice was the origin of life, and the timeless God had designed a computer that kept throwing the dice, because He was not permitted to throw them Himself.

The system came about that caused the "chance" mutations of existing life forms which in turn created new life forms that were selected according to a certain system, over and over again until the goal of that life had been reached; MAN.

Man is then the product of chance planetary conditions (mulige planetære former) and therefore an expression of the chance Earth-charater.

This is the way it happened; chance upon chance. What are your objections? Do you think that God should have created the life fields that determine the physical aspects of the sort after He had created chance? What does it matter when time does not really exist; God is not concerned with the time. He simply "filled in" what chance(her: mulighetene) created; chance dictated, God followed; even though chance could not create life because it already existed, God handled it in such a way that chance could have thought that it had created something by itself. The principle is simply this: God refuses to determine the outcome, but carries out what chance dictates. (Other spiritual doctrines have another answer on this. R.Ø.remark)

What would happen if He were to ignore or destroy the useless whims of chance? He sees through time so He knows exactly what will turn out to be useless. Is the result still undetermined?

When a chance creation turns out to be useless, it can be destroyed without affecting the final result, this is the principle of intelligent selection through which increasingly higher forms of life exist. This selection was bound by strict rules in order to prevent the certainty of the result. What God did determine was the beauty of the living nature, the computer program ensured a functional harmony between the different living sorts. Obviously there were more predestinations in the life creation process, but they still obeyed the demand for chance creation.

The freedom of chance (mulighetens frihet(til valg)) is an iron-cast law of the cosmos, because from it comes the freedom of action, the free will of the partner. Indetermination of result can only exist in a world where chance rules, and only then can an intelligent being manipulate to change the result. The freedom of chance is necessary for the freedom of manipulation of the partner. You must realise that this freedom was one of the greatest problems of the creation; how can you create freedom when you already know the future? Here is the answer to this most difficult of questions.


The preformation of living species.

"The Word" determined that God Jahwe should create the garden of Eden, or the paradise, in a desert area on Earth. This creation must be seen as the creation of the vibration duplicates of all the living thing as far as they had been influenced by the planteary conditions. For example, gravity has no effect under water, so there it was possible for life to originate according to the "standard" formula that is valid for the whole universe. This is why fish on all the planets are just about the same. The life fields were "filled in" with matter so that all living sorts came into being as "first examples". Firstly Man and then all the animals and plants in reverse order of evolution. The reason for this is best explained in computer terms. A life field is a coded energy structure and can therefore be regarded as a program. These life fields were the programs which controlled the evolution of life, they were the sign boards (skilt) along the way, guiding an intelligent selection process that denied useless life forms the right to live simply because no life field or life principle was available.

The real creation of life took place in the paradise (planned/programmed on the higher spiritual lifeplanes as I see it. R.Ø.remark), and the evolution was programmed, but we may still talk of the chance origin of life during the evolution, because chance determined the future. God followed, and only corrected when this had no effect on the future. The truth often becomes so complicated that almost everyone turns out to be right.


The matter-conciousness of the solar system

Lets end this chapter with a short conclusion. Originally, our solar system had the "standard" matter-consciousness, and this is how it changed so much as to become unrecongnisable (uforsonlig) by adapting to planetary conditions in such a way that it became "human". Up till now it was just change in the sense of division, reorganization, and adaptation that did nothing to change the identity; this was still first generation consciousness, the new identity was not yet created.

All the animals and plants in the paradise, man included, were divisions and reorganizations of the ALL, and therefore had the identity of the Creator. Even the "real" life during the evolution up to and including man as living sort - was a manifestation of the Earth matter-consciousness. An expression of God of the green Earth.

Plants and animals cannot change their identity, they have no individual (godly) creative powers and talents; that is why they still have the identity of the first generation consciousness God. (because we still live on the "Godly programmed" instinct. R.Ø.remark) All this was just a preparation, the surroundings, the environment and the possibilities to prepare for the new identity: Man. It is essential to realise that in spite of these preparations, Man would have a character and nature that was solely determined by the chance conditions (mulige betingelser) on the planet, Mother Earth.




Earth Humanity

The origin of man

This title sounds strange, surely the previous chapter described this as the crowning of evolution here on Earth?

No, it is wrong to think that Man developed from an animal. The crowning of the evolution was an intelligent animal that was about the same as man, except for its facial expressions. This creature' was separated from man by an impassable barrier, because an animal can never become human. (on this - the cosmology of Martinus tells that the animal in principle will evolve to MAN. R.Ø.remark) No matter how long evolution had continued, they could never have become man with a Godly assignment. The real difference between man and animal is the individual creative power, the Godly talent in man; and this talent enables him to change the face of the Earth and subjugate (underlegge) all living things. How did the Godly talents enter the intelligent animal, turning it into man?

The somewhat degrading term 'intelligent animal' must no lead us to think that we are talking about some kind of inferior being, far from it, the meaning here is a first generation consciousness as that of plants and animals-complete, but not yet second identity. These primeval beings were much closer to God than we are, and had direct contact with Him. (The instinct has not yet degenerated. R.Ø.remark)

The Bible tells us that the sons of God saw that the daughter of man were beautiful, and took them for themselves, and the women became pregnant and bore children. It is a shame that the language of that time could find no other way of describing the occurrence, but the principle was correct.

Selected women became pregnant and their children were the descendents of the gods, inheriting one or more godly talents, the first 'humans. After a while, humanity existed partly out of real humans, and partly out of intelligent animals; so what next? A definite separation of the real humans from the animals.

The famous story of the flood is in fact the story of the destruction of unwanted genetic material. In the Lamechrol (Quamran, Dead sea scrolls) is told that the true father of humanity was Noah who looked like one of the sons of god but, according to his mother, was not. This is exactly as it was meant to be, Noah and his wife and children had to be pure human, and not a sort of half god. The flood was also a mentality selection, they were selected because of their noble characters and their obedience to God. It was a loving gesture from Jahwe to His people to lighten their handicap that came from the conditions on the planet. This selection was to lighten the suffering of mankind. In how far it is true that Noah and his familly were the only survivors of this catastrophy, is of no importance, what is important is the principle of the selection.


The new ego-consciousnes

And so man emerged. A talent, or absolute consciousness-component, was planted into the body-ego of the intelligent animal, and with it the reflective power that is indestructable (timeless), the individual soul. In fact, the human soul is the smallest possibe particle of the talents of the gods that lived during the formation, at the end of the divergence and division process. A soul is not something based on coincidence, but something created by an infinite God to exactly complement a coincidental creation; man. Our soul is immortal, but not yet perfected; that will come later. Now we are concerned with the new identity, is that here already?

No, not a sign of it. The body of man is the same as that of plants and animals, a first-generation consciousness - even though Satan expresses himself in it as a combination of first and second generation consciousness, it is still a life-form that reflects the infinite love-will, as did the gods. The new talent-ego is clearly first generation, and then of direct absolute origin. Originally (like a baby), man has the same identity as the gods, a first generation consciousness.

Is there then no difference between gods and men?

The first difference is the ego, the center of self-respect from which creative expression flows. The gods 'were' a fraction (a particle of an objective) of the absolute ego or character; they had an ego of the Spirit, and accepted their body-ego with its Satan component as ballast. They were "Spirit become flesh".

In man it is the exact opposite; we are originally body-ego, or the consciousness of the flesh, and we still have to create the spirit. We are "flesh becoming spirit".

This is the first phase of the transformation process through which the absolute identity will change itself into the new identity, a different ego. A transformation process contains a definite distinction between input and output or primary and secondary, and in this consciousness-terminology I have chosen the words 'transformation original' for the input, and 'transformation human' for the output.

To put it all in a nutshell, the last divergence (avvik) of the gods, the size of a man, was the smallest particle of the consciousness of God (an angel), carrying a particle of the consciousness of Satan (a demon). In contrast, man is a demon carrying a particle of the consciousness of God (an angel).

A baby or infant has only a body-ego; he yells when he is hungry or has a pain, or wants attention or protection, but within the child sleeps a godly talent fraction that has yet to develop. And what is that talent? It is the smallest particle of the absolute character of one of the Archangels. Jesus said in Matthew 18,10 that every child has an angel in heaven who "always beholds the face of my Father which is in heaven". See how one sentence can confirm pages of theory.


The new character.

In the previous chapter it was stated that the new character will be formed by mixing the smallest possible characterfractions of the Archangels, because this mixing produces something new. This demands the mixing of talents, the total mixing of absolute character-components which ensures perfect anonimity.

This creation process takes place every day, all around us. A child grows and becomes aware of himself. In the first place, this is an awareness of his body-ego in relation to his surroundings. Then comes a period of indulgence that consists of playing and learning until the age of about eight years when the game of life changes into a new period of development of the talent-ego. The child chooses, usually unconsciously, for certain things that he likes doing, and he neglects the things that do not attract him. In fact, he chooses for a certain direction that will develop his inborn talents, and the choice is strongly affected by his environment, the talents, and the mentality of others (his parents). (But most of all by the talents that he/she has taken with from the former existences or incarnations and the seeds of these experiences is gradual incarnated and repeated until the individual is about 30 years of age - (see below), ac. to the cosmology of the Danish "seer" Martinus. R.Ø.remark)

What it is really all about - is this second period of awakening - the learning of a trade, science, or skill. This is then followed by a second period of idulgence in which the things that have been learned are practiced, and which preferably result in creativity, his work. At about thirty years of age, the personality is formed, but this does not mean that the learning process stops; and it also does not mean that someone of eighteen years old cannot be formed as a personality. People who die young are very often formed at an early age. A soul is a timeless thing that was formed in the past, and is the 'filling' of a coincidence of today: a human being. The ages mentioned can therefore vary a great deal.

The point of this transformation process is the mixing of the talents. A person develops his latent absolute talent with the help of his intelligent body-ego; but he or she can only do this by using the talents of others. The Earth is an area that abounds (overflod-) with the godly talents of this, and all the previous generations. Our technical and scientific development started with the first weapon for hunting, the first fire, the first wheel, etc. Generation after generation, man has built a fabulous knowledge field that is preserved in books, papers, films, tapes, buildings, machines, roads, cars, aircraft, rockets, computers, and so on and so on; an ocean of knowledge surrounds a young person in his second period of awakenig. From this ocean, he picks up a packet of impulses and ideas, and uses them in conjunction with his inborn latent talent to form the choice for a particular branch of work or hobby. A skill does not exist in this versatile world for which someone can make use of his one talent alone, the talent is too small and too restricted because of the number of people over which the absolute talents are shared. It makes no difference whether it is carpentry or nursing, football or scientific work, all require more than one talent fraction.

Through his toils, man forms a new consciousness by the anchoring of his talent in the many other talents of other people, and this is a really new existence that is immortal. As the Bible says about the dead; they rest from their labours, their works accompany them. A new consciousness formation takes place through these - works a unique character mix that could only take place on Earth. With the help of a new ego, a new character is formed; is this then the new Partner Identity?

No, it is another intermediate form. As long as life is still a reflection and we are still holding the famous mirror in our hands, we cannot really love the Father. A new life and love principle are needed for a new Identity.


The quality of the talents.

Wherever man is engaged in the formation of a new character, it can be understood that the most valuable talents are those that were not present in the ABSOLUTE, those that could not manifest there. It is therefore desirable to list the three kinds of talents in order of importance.

1. The talents of the soul. These come from the love-power. They are new in the sense that they were unable to manifest in the ABSOLUTE (the infinite/ the unbounded SOMETHING BEHIND ALL), per definition. This is the will to care for others, -and is the highest form of a talent because it is positively polarized (it is unselfish). The non-organized care for husband, wife, child, the sick, aged, handicapped, lonely, etc; and then face to face. CARE. The negative polarization is the anti-care, profiteering and discrimination against others.

2. The mixed talents of the soul and spirit. These are also new -and contribute to the formation of the new character. It is taking the trouble to organize something for others or for oneself within the work situation. Work with head or hands; and under this we can gather most of the activities of man, from work in hospitals or schools to factories and offices, from manual skills to sport, from a piano to a typewriter. SKILL (ferdighet)

3. The talents of the spirit. These are not new, but they are adapted to the Earth environment, and as such Is indispensable (uunnværlig) as will be explained later. This is the thinking out of new things, designs, investigations, constructions, the determination of new strategies or procedures, leadership. COMPETENCE (dyktighet).

A soul is a configuration of absolute consciousness components that is described here as a mixture of talent fractions. If talents come exclusively from the soul, then what are talents of the spirit? With the word spirit we do not deny the role of the soul, but indicate the work terrain of the spirit, in knowledge and thought. Caring for someone manifests itself in the terrain of the love power, the soul. We can call the talents of mankind; care, skill and competence.


Confirmation from the Bible.

People exist that do not develop their talents - because they are intensely lazy, they do not take part in the talent mixing, and endeavour to live from others; these are the profiteers of our society, and live from exploitation (utnyttelse) of others, theft, or deceit (tyveri og bedrag). What happens to those who refuse to complete the transformation process?

Beware of those who are too lazy to work, but stick their nozes into everything, they are the epitomy (legemliggjørelsen) of failure, one of the talent-less beings who will one day scourge the Earth. They refuse to take part in the identity transformation process, and do not create an immortal soul, for the simple reason that they do not use the soul, and then it remains a first generation talent fraction that is not anchored in the (Earth) character of Man.

With their deaths, their original talent ego ceases to exist and they live on in their body ego (demonic). By not wishing to work they choose against life, because life is work, and they exclude themselves from the participation in the goal of creation. This conclusion is so profound (dyp) that it is desirable to seek some form of verification, all the more because the theory behind it is complex and seems mysterious.

Somewhat to my surprise, I found almost exact confirmation of this formation process in the Bible in the form of the parable of the ten pounds (luke. 19,11-27), and the parable of the talents (mat. 25,14-30). The master of the house left on a journey and gave each of his servants a pound, with the command to do business with it while he was away. On his return, he asked the servants to account for themselves: the first servant had earned nine extra pounds and was praised for his efforts; the second had earned four extra pounds and was also praised for his efforts. The third servant, in contrast, had buried his pound in the earth, and returned it to his master with the task denying argument that his master reaped what he had not sown, and demanded what he had not given. His master did not deny this, as God demands at least one more talent that we have earned all by ourselves. His master answered him by saying: Out of your own mouth I judge you wicked servant, you knew that I require more than I have given, and yet you refused to comply.

Most important here is that the servant did not WISH to comply with his masters orders; if he had said: I did my best, but I failed; he would not have been condemned as a worthless servant. The punishment is remarkable in itself; firstly, his one pound or talent is taken from him, and then it is given to the one who already had ten. To those who have shall be given in abundance, but those who do not have shall be taken away even that which they do have. And the worthless servant is cast out into outer darkness. And there shall be weeping and a gnashing of teeth. These are the only parables reputably from the mouth of Jesus that mention the exact reason for exclusion from participation: not wishing to take part because of inactivity. They are also the only parables in which the consciousness division is mentioned, the talent, a consciousness component, was taken from the lazy servant and given to another; in other words, the consciousness configurations were changed. The failure looses everything, and it is given to the one who has the most. Both actions come from the previous explanation. The failures will form the Satan Consciousness, because Satan is also talentless. The successful beings gain an absolute talent fraction because the goal is the mixing to prevent too much one-sidedness in the (human) talents gained. This means that a human being also has a divisible (delelig) consciousness that can be increased or decreased, and this principle is the basis of the final formation of humanity as will be explained later.


The first goal of our present existence.

We are now engaged in the creation of a new unique character from a new ego-consciousness, and the only thing that we still need in order to realize our goal in the new partner identity, is the new life and love-will with which we can create our new life. How will we ever be able to do this?

In just about the same way as the ALL-consciousness did it. There in the void existed ALL egos, bound into unity in the ALL-character. (i det som martinus kaller salighetsriket - mellom to kosmiske kretsløp. R.Ø.remark) The complete unanimity (enstemmighet) of all egos caused the almighty life and love-will, and through this they brought themselves to life. What we are doing now is to create a new kind of ALL-character, namely the all-character of the whole of humanity, which contains ALL human ego. We are also engaged in the formation of a new kind of perfect knowledge; the complete knowledge of humanity. The law of conservation retains all the knowledge and experience ever gained within the closed circuit of the Earth consciousness. Even the smallest thought can never be lost.

So, we are busy with a repetition of the situation as it was before the bounding, and up until now we seem to be doing alright; what are we still lacking? In the first place the ALL-might or a somewhat lesser power, that we need to be able to create our own love and life-will. Where will this come from?

If we are a transformation of the gods on Earth, of which Jahwe had the the all encompassing egoconsciousness; then a complete humanity must also have the egoconsciousness that is equal to that of Jahwe, and therefore equal to that of God: we shall then have the ALL-might that is prepared for us in the Word, the ALL-might of Jahwe. Even this is not too difficult. Are we then complete?

You can work the answer out for yourself. Life only exists where it is certain that it will reach its goal. If the coincidence MAN should appear to be capable of destroying all life by means of weapons of mass destruction, then in principle mankind must be complete so that such a calamity would not have any irreparable consequences.

This demands an explanation: the number of divergencies of the gods in finite, so it is obvious that at a certain moment all souls have become human and have anchored themselves by the mixing. As will be explained later, every transformation original (primary ego) lives many lives, so that the total number of beings is not sharply defined; a few hundred million more or less makes very little difference. As soon as total destruction threatens, the lowest number must have been reached so that this phase in our evolution can be terminated without serious consequences. We can therefore argue that we are now in' an end phase, the end of time.

Why are we not almighty then?

Because for almight, the complete unanimity(enstemmighet) of all mankind is needed, among other things.

The unanimity of all mankind? That's a laugh; everyone wants something different!

That is correct; that is why something will have to happen after this life to bring about this unanimity. You must realize that the same situation existed in the ABSOLUTE (where everybody lived in total unity/whole until "they" became fulled up with light. R.Ø.remark); everyone there wanted something different, and that is why nothing happened. It was the Spirit God, the Ego of the perfect knowledge, that created the unanimity, and He could do that because each of the Tens of Thousands had that knowledge as a personal memory. Only when everyone knows the same things, can everyone want the same things. To know everything is to understand (love) everything. So, that process will take place in the realm of the not yet living Spirit that brought itself to life, also a realm of the dead. The Absolute was the realm of the dead.

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