one of the brave men- but the

 price was his socalled death

some from the book of William Cooper:

"Behold a Pale Horse"

his own reading from his book in txt and sound on youtube here


he was one of the first who fellowed his inner voice, conscience - and went out telling of the grotesque ufo-coverup because "they"/the hidden powerelite, knows that insight into this, will weaken their power and partly uncover their manipulation of the society.

picture from 2001 - taken just before he was shoot because of his leakings

and here another lecture of Cooper from feb.1991 - ca 10 years before he was shoot by CIA trying to silence him forever- they thought - but thru the www his revealings will go on forever- until the truth emerges
(as he came from a military family, he just joined the same, and soon got insight into the biggest secret they hide - THE TRUTH BEHIND THE UFOs.)

"In those days we were the elite of the Air Force and we knew it.
I received a Letter of Commendation for my work. In due time I was
awarded the National Defense Medal and the Air Force Good Conduct
Medal. (Actually, I think everyone was awarded the National Defense
Medal so that no one would be embarrassed standing in formation with
nothing on their chest.)

It was during this time that I met a couple of sergeants who kind of
adopted me. We went out to the clubs together and usually ended up
chasing women and drinking a lot of beer. They told me several stories
about being attached to a special unit that recovered crashed flying saucers.

Sgt. Meese told me that he had been on one operation that transported a
saucer so large that a special team went before them, lowering all telephone
poles and fence posts. Another team followed and replaced them. They
moved it only at night. It was kept parked and covered somewhere off the
road during the day. Since we were always half-tanked when these stories
came out, I never believed them sergeants were known to tell some tall
tales to younger guys like me.

picture to illustrate how they transported the crashed discs at night- but supposedly hidden below covering (rune-mix)


I began the unending task of
sweeping the horizon from bow to stern, then the sky from horizon to
zenith, and then back to the horizon from bow to stern. Again and again,
and then a pause to rest our eyes and chat for a few minutes. I asked
Ensign Ball to call for some hot coffee. As he bent over the 1MC, I turned,
raising my binoculars to my eyes just in time to see a huge disk rise from
beneath the ocean, water streaming from the air around it, tumble lazily on
its axis, and disappear into the clouds. My heart beat wildly. I tried to talk
but couldn't; then I changed my mind and decided I didn't want to say
that, anyway. I had seen a flying saucer the size of an aircraft carrier come
right out of the ocean and fly into the clouds. I looked around quickly to
see if anyone else had seen it. Ensign Ball was still bending over the IMC.
He was ordering coffee. Geronimo was looking down the starboard side

I was torn between my duty to report what I had seen and the knowledge
that if I did no one would believe me. As I looked out over the ocean
I saw only sky, clouds, and water.
It was as if nothing had happened. I almost thought I had dreamed it.
Ensign Ball straightened, turned toward Geronimo and said the coffee was
on the way up.

I looked back toward the spot, about 15 degrees relative off the port
bow, and about 2-1/2 nautical miles distant. Nothing, not even a hint of
what had happened. "Ensign Ball," I said, "I thought I saw something
about 15 degrees relative off the bow, but I lost it. Can you help me look
over that area?" Ensign Ball turned, raising his glasses to eye level. I didn't
know it at the time, but Geronimo had heard me and turned to look. He
was happy that something had broken the monotony.

I was just lifting the binoculars off my chest when I saw it. The giant
saucer shape plunged out of the clouds, tumbled, and, pushing the water
before it, opened up a hole in the ocean and disappeared from view. It was
incredible. This time I had seen it with my naked eyes, and its size in
comparison with the total view was nothing short of astounding. Ensign
Hall stood in shock, his binoculars in his hands, his mouth open. Geronimo
yelled, "Holy shit! What the hey! did you guys see that?" Ensign Ball
turned, and looking right at me with the most incredulous look on his face,
said in a low voice, "This had to happen on my watch!" He turned, quickly
pressing the override on the IMC and yelled, "Captain to the bridge,
Captain to the bridge." As an afterthought he pressed the switch again and
yelled, "Somebody get a camera up here."
The Captain surged up the ladder with the quartermaster on his heels.
Chief Quartermaster Quintero had the ship's 35-mm camera slung around
his neck. The Captain stood patiently while Ensign Ball tried to describe
what he had seen. He glanced at us and we both nodded in affirmation.
That was enough for the Captain. He called sonar, who during the excitement
had reported contact underwater at the same bearing. The Captain
announced into the 1MC, "This is the Captain. I have the conn." The reply
came back instantly from the helm, "Aye, Aye sir." I knew that the helmsman
was passing the word in the control room that the Captain had
personally taken control of the boat. I also knew that rumors were probably
flying through the vessel.

The Captain called down and ordered someone to closely monitor the
radar. His command was instantly acknowledged. As the five of us stood
gazing out over the sea the same ship or one exactly like it rose slowly,
turned in the air, tilted at an angle and then vanished. I saw the Chief
snapping pictures out of the corner of my eye.

This time I had three images from which to draw conclusions. It was
a metal machine, of that there was no doubt whatsoever. It was intelligently
controlled, of that I was equally sure. It was a dull color, kind of like
pewter. There were no lights. There was no glow. I thought I had seen a
row of what looked like portholes, but could not be certain. Radar reported
contact at the same bearing and gave us a range of 3 nautical miles. The
range was right on, as the craft had moved toward the general direction
that we were headed. We watched repeatedly as the strange craft reentered
the water and then subsequently rose into the clouds over and over again
until finally we knew that it was gone for good. The episode lasted about
10 minutes.

art-picture from a case where the ufo"darkend" the hangarship - el.power-quit

"Before leaving the bridge the Captain took the camera from the Chief
and instructed each of us not to talk to anyone about what we had seen. He
told us the incident was classified and we were not to discuss it, not even
amongst ourselves. We acknowledged his order. The Captain and the
Chief left the bridge. Ensign Ball stepped to the 1MC and, pressing the
override switch, announced, "This is Ensign Ball. The Captain has left the
bridge. I have the conn." The reply, "Aye aye sir," quickly followed.
Those of us who had witnessed the UFO were not allowed to go
ashore after we had berthed in Pearl. Even those of us who didn't have the
duty were told we had to stay aboard. After about two hours a commander
from the Office of Naval Intelligence boarded. He went directly to the
Captain's stateroom. It wasn't long before we were called to wait in the
passageway outside the Captain's door. Ensign Ball was called first. After
about 10 minutes he came out and went into the wardroom. He looked
shaken. I was next.

I attempted to leak information to a reporter after my discharge. I was
forced off a cliff by a black limo in the hills of Oakland. Two men got out
climbed down to where I lay covered in blood. One bent down and felt
my carotid pulse. The other asked if I was dead. The nearest man said,
No, but he will be." The other replied, "Good, then we don't have to do
anything else." They climbed up and drove off. I succeeded in climbing
the bank where I waited until found. A month later I was forced into
another accident by the same limo. This time I was to lose my leg. Two
men visited me in the hospital. They only wanted to know if I would shut
or if the next time should be final. I told them that I would be a very
good little boy and that they needn't worry about me anymore...."


anther extr

"From that point on, my Annie and I were followed and harassed.
Death threats began showing up on our answering machine. The phone
would ring several times during the night, but no one would reply when
we answered. Sometimes a man would deliver another death threat.
Government cars would park in front and well-dressed men watched the
house. The strangest people began to show up at our door, sometimes in
the middle of the night. I purchased a .380 automatic for Annie and a 9-mm
for me. I taught Annie how to shoot, and she will not hesitate to kill anyone
who attempts to harm me, her, or our little daughter.
Annie and Pooh (Dorothy's nickname) are the lights in my life...."

and here another lecture of Cooper from feb.1991 - ca 10 years before he was shoot by CIA trying to silence him forever- they thought - but thru the www his revealings will go on forever- until the truth emerges


his own reading from his book in txt and sound on youtube here


lecture of him in words | more | his book in pdf

Youtubevideo on how CIA overlooked and had a very close watch  at the meiercase, while ridiculing it outward- wendelle talking.